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anna: It’s freezing cold. Well, it doesn’t look like your contact is here. Unless we’re meeting with that barista over there. We are not. Sure we’re not being set up? No, I told you, it’s not just a former colleague, it’s an old friend.

[ Door opens ] And here he is. Anna devane. It’s been far, far too long. Oh, hey, hello. Hi. Well, I guess this means I have plenty of room for clothes. Well, that was a lovely memorial for rory yesterday. It really was. Thank you for being there. Oh, of course. I’ll do anything to support you. You know that. Yeah, I know I can count on you. Well, my question is… can you count on spencer? Ah, spencer. Glad I caught you. Uncle victor, I was just on my way to — please, join me, won’t you? Promise I won’t keep you long, and then you can go off and join your friends for the new year’s celebrations. Although it is a little early, isn’t it? I have some things to get done before britt’s birthday party tonight. I have to say, I’m a little surprised you’re attending that. She was a very good friend to me when I was a kid, so luckily, we’ve remained friends. Ah, good. Well, anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you’ll be available tomorrow afternoon. I thought I’d get the family together for a nice brunch — you know, usher in the new year. Forgive me, uncle, but under no circumstances will I be having brunch with my father. I have every intention of turning 2023 into a fresh start for myself, which means that once I move out of wyndemere, I will hopefully never speak to or lay eyes on my father again. Definitely a fire hazard. Hm… now all I need… is the spark.

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Door opens ] Nikolas. What did I do to warrant a visit from my jailer?

[ Scoffs ] Your plan is not gonna work, esme. Thank you. Oh! There she is. Martin, thank god you’re alright. Baby sister. Oh, yeah, no worse for wear, at any rate. Well, I tell you, when you called me from a jail cell in ireland — oh! Oh, listen, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you riding to rescue, interceding on my behalf. Oh. Well, of course. That was very brave of you. Oh, no. Bravery had nothing to do with it, believe me. Nobody’s more surprised than I was. The last thing I expected when I flew over there was to fall on my sword so anna devane could get away.

[ Laughs ] Well, you know, I think you’re pretty lucky that the wsb let you get away with just a fine. Yeah. Something fishy about that. In any case, for all the good it’s done me — from one prison to another.

[ Sighs ] Well, at least you’re not behind bars in this one. Yeah. You know, you didn’t have to come. Oh, come on. After everything you just did for me, you think I was gonna let you face our wayward brother alone? What do you think he wants — sister! And is this my brother I see before me? What a lovely surprise. The lord has truly blessed me this day.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it? Obrecht: It’s your mutter. Open up. Uh — uh, just a second! No, no, no, no, no.

[ Knock on door ] Britta. Was tust du? Uh, just hang on!

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] What are you doing here? I thought I’d meet you at the party. And I thought you might need some help getting ready. Is that how you’re wearing your hair? Yes. I’ve decided brushing my hair is giving in to the patriarchy. Of course I’m not wearing my hair like this. Thank gott. Now, what will you be wearing? This. Goes with the coiffure. Aha! I have found your regalia. Oh, great. I can’t wait to hear what’s wrong with it.

[ Gasps ] Britta! It’s wunderbar! I’m so glad you like it. Though it’s just the tiniest bit wrinkled. Okay, it’s — it’s in a bag. We should hang it in the shower, you know, in the bathroom, and then we’ll turn it on and we’ll see what happens. Britta? What are you doing with the suitcase? Please, spencer. I thought you’d moved past this childish resentment for your father. Father continues to top his previous transgressions. It’s one thing to let your family think you’re dead. It’s quite another to knowingly take advantage of a vulnerable woman. Oh, come on, now, what nikolas did might be inexcusable, but to characterize esme as vulnerable? I’m not talking about esme. I’m talking about elizabeth baldwin. Oh. Oh, so you knew? Yes, I did. But when did you — does it matter? How can you be okay with this? Well, what is there to disapprove of?

[ Laughs in disbelief ] Your father and nurse baldwin are both consenting adults. Everyone knows that she’s been struggling. She checked herself into shadybrook. I’m sure that she turned to him for comfort and support, and he went ahead and he used her trust to get her into bed. Oh, you don’t know what happened between them. It’s disgusting! And I hope that cameron’s mother comes to her senses and kicks him out of her life for good. You have to be realistic, spencer. There’s no way elizabeth can cut ties with nikolas now. Why not? Which plan? I have so many. Demetrius informed me that you barely touched your lunch, and you still haven’T. Worried about me? The baby needs nourishment. I just wasn’t hungry, okay? Heartburn is a thing. Look it up. It’ll make your life a lot easier if you just accept your situation. What about my “situation” is acceptable? If you want something particular, tell demetrius, but I won’t tolerate a hunger strike. You eat your dinner or I’ll get you a feeding tube. Don’t push me. Oh, I’ll push you, nikolas — right off a cliff.

[ Door locks ] Anna, you didn’t tell me that your contact was the esteemed dr. Maddox. If I had known you’d be here, I might not have showed. Okay, so here’s the thing — uh, I have to clear my name, and we also want to bring down victor. So all of that is more important than any past conflicts. I need your help. I need yours. And you can call me selfish, but that’s what we’re gonna focus on. Okay? Absolutely, anna. Anything I can do to help. Thank you. I’m sure andre’s intentions are sterling. I just don’t see how a doctor… psychiatrist. …Can help us. I was thinking the same thing. What do you think I can do? Well, I asked for your help not because of who you are now, but who you used to be. Praise god, for he has softened my brother’s heart enough to grant me this visit. God hadn’t softened anything. Oh, brother, I-I understand your anger. And that’s great. Now, the warden told me that you wanted to see me. So what do you want? To warn you of the serpent in your garden. Can we skip the biblical metaphors and just tell me the name of the snake? Strings were pulled in order to arrange your grandson, spencer’s, early release. Early release usually requires some kind of string-pulling. Well, unfortunately, these strings all lead directly back to you, sister.

I’ve decidedto go on a little vacation. Where are you going? When are you leaving? Why don’t I have your itinerary? A whole bunch of places I will send you postcards from as soon as I get there. And to answer your remaining question, I am flying out tonight, right after the party. Why is this the first I’ve heard of this vacation? It was a spur of the moment idea. I got a good deal. I also don’t need your permission. I’m a grown woman. Even though tonight will be my first birthday party ever. By the way, thank you for that. I didn’t have parties when I was growing up, so I never threw any for you. I thought you were better off — that doing without such trivialities would make you stronger. I didn’t realize what you were missing. Okay, first of all, I was just kidding. I know I wasn’t the warmest mother when you were growing up, but I knew the world was tough, and I needed you to be tougher. So I — I pushed you. It’s a miracle you grew into the magnificent woman you are. You are my miracle. Do you think for one second that I wouldn’t have the drive, the strength and, yes, the vastly superior skills that I have if you didn’t drill all that into me? A mother should be someone who inspires you, not someone you have to survive. We are who we are, and we’ve both changed for the better, and that’s good enough. I’m afraid I haven’t changed enough. What did you do? Who did you kidnap this time? What I’ve done is far worse than a simple abduction. I have betrayed your trust. I know that, before rory died, you were struggling with your feelings for spencer. The last thing rory said to me is that he meant it when he told me he loved me, and I was planning to break up with him. Well, honey, you can’t control how you feel. I think choosing to tell rory about it was very brave of you. Yeah, but it feels kind of the opposite. Well, what about spencer? Have you told him about your feelings? Oh, god, no. And I-I certainly can’t now. You know something? I think that’s probably for the best. Just for now, you know? You’re grieving, and you need to give yourself all the time that you need to heal. I can’t heal until rory’s killer is caught. This has to end. Esme needs to be stopped. I worry for your political future if your constituents think you interfered with spencer’s sentence. Okay. First of all, you don’t give a damn about my political future. Oh. And second of all, you know that I had nothing to do with the early release because spencer told me that you were here with him when victor came to pick him up. So obviously, victor is the one who arranged for the early release. And the three of us may know the truth. We also know that, in politics, appearances can be more damning than the facts. So you think that somehow victor’s trying to frame laura with all of this? Victor has a lot of sway here in pentonville. It’s obvious from the way he was able to meet with spencer in the prison library. We also know that victor never gets his own hands dirty. One of his agents did the actual work to get spencer’s release. So… and this agent also works for you. I’m sorry to tell you, dear sister, that you have a mole in the mayor’s office. You mean along with the snake? I feel it’s my duty, as your brother, to warn you that your deputy mayor, eileen ashby, is working for victor. The research I was doing was for the wsb. I only later discovered it was corrupted by the cassadines. Specifically victor and helena. Yes, as well as your old nemesis, liesl obrecht. I’m more interested in your interactions with the cassadines. In particular, obviously, victor. I had to give the occasional progress report on our various dealings. Did you need me to be more specific? No, not with the dealings, no, but with the communication, yes. Did they come to you or did you go to them? I went to them — always the same place. You think victor may be using the same location? Well, the wsb, they never were able to find that particular base of operations. And victor, he doesn’t have any reason to risk moving that location because no one really remembers it… except you, andre. So where is it? Why shouldn’t elizabeth walk away? Why shouldn’t she run? Look, regardless of what happened, your father and elizabeth are bound together, and you should support them. Well, I certainly hope that elizabeth snaps out of whatever has led her to this lamentable lapse in judgment. But regardless, my father is no longer my concern. But he is your family, spencer! You can’t just walk away. Why not? He doesn’t want anything to do with me. Now, that’s not true. No! Then why, when I told him about my plans to leave not just this house, but him, did he tell me that he was proud of me for being my own man? No, no, you must have misunderstood. Nikolas: No, spencer is right. I think it’s best if he leaves wyndemere. Well, now, that’s a pretty ludicrous thing to say. The two of you talk it out. Like I said, it’s no longer my concern.

[ Door opens, closes ] Why aren’t you fighting for your son? You don’t understand.

[Laughing] Oh, I understand a lot better than you think I do. Do you really imagine that a new baby will give you a second chance?

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Esme, you really do need to eat. I guess I’m just… sad. Do you have any requests for dinner? Anything. How about a steak, huh? You trust me with a knife? I’ll bring it to you pre-cut. Whatever. I’ll have the chef prepare something special, hmm? You’ve been so nice to me, but what I want doesn’t matter. Nikolas has made that perfectly clear. Okay. Demetrius? Actually, there — there is something I’d like.

Where in paris? The 11th. I can’t tell you exactly where. Unfortunately, I was always blindfolded every time I was taken there. Of course. But maybe there was a detail — something, a sound that you heard. Uh, the place was like a fortress. Security everywhere. I can’t give you the exact location, but the route was always the same. And I got the sense that we turned off a main boulevard, not a side street. Okay. Good place to start. If I may ask, what has victor done now? We think — [ Sighs ] I mean, we hope that this is maybe where he’s holding lucy coe, because he faked her murder and then framed me for it. So any help you can give us is so greatly appreciated. So is it the wsb who’s looking for this base? No, we’re working on our own. So the two of you are going to infiltrate victor cassadine’s top secret base by yourselves? Piece of cake. It was not my intention. I swear it wasn’T. But scott was away, and I was left alone with my fears. Oh. Oh, god, will you just spit it out? I told nina about your condition. Well, I mean, I’d rather you didn’T. [ Scoffs ] But she is family. And sonny. Britta, I am so sorry. You told sonny corinthos my deepest and most personal secret? Not really.

[ Sighs ] I told nina, and sonny just happened to be there. It has been so difficult, keeping this terrible secret. It’s my secret! And you are my daughter. And no matter what kind of a mother I was, the mother I am now cannot tolerate your suffering. For what it’s worth, they promised not to tell anyone. Now you tell me — do you hate me? Whatever you want, I’m certain the chef can provide it. A steak, medium rare, does sound delicious, but what I really want is some company. Is there any way you could join me for dinner? How did you find out about the baby? Ava told me. Ava?! What exactly did she say? That you are not only having an affair with elizabeth baldwin, but she was also about to furnish you with a new heir. Oh, congratulations, by the way. No matter the circumstances, another cassadine is always a blessing. Elizabeth had a miscarriage. Oh, no. Ava mustn’t have heard when you spoke, but she knows now. Oh, nikolas, I — I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you. But what I want to know is why were you talking to ava in the first place? Ava: I understand how much you want justice for rory. And for you and diane and brando, even oz haggerty. If it wasn’t for him, I might be in prison right now. I know the police are doing everything they can to find his killer, whether it’s esme or somebody else. All I have to do is lure esme out of hiding, and it’ll work because I’ll be prepared this time. No, you’re not putting a bullseye on yourself! She is not going to have the element of surprise. Tell me that you think that this is a good idea. It has potential. Thank you. But it’s missing one key factor. What? Me. Trina, what are you thinking? That I’m gonna follow my heart and do what’s right. I have no doubt. Just remember while you’re following your heart to also protect it, okay? Trina. I’m glad I ran into you. Me, too. And thanks again for being so supportive at the memorial. I’m glad I could be there. Well, I should be on my way. Actually, if you wouldn’t mind waiting a moment, ava, I’d like to speak to you alone. So if eileen is working with victor, why do you care? You already knew this. You’re using ashby against victor. That is a bold move. You still haven’t answered my question. If it becomes public knowledge that the deputy mayor arranged for spencer’s release, ashby could easily say that she was acting on your behalf. And why does that sound like a threat? Because you don’t trust me. And while that saddens me, I do understand. But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. You best get comfortable. You’re gonna be waiting a long time.

[ Sighs ] I promise you, laura, this is not a threat. It’s a warning. Okay. But why would you warn me? I reached out to you because we are family. Victor cassadine interfered with my family, and I have no intention of turning the other cheek.

What can you tell us about security? Any specific defenses other than armed guards? We entered the building via a secured elevator underground. Despite being in the center of the city, the place is like a bunker. We’ve gotten into tougher places than that. We have? Well, we’ve certainly got out of them. I’m just figuring that getting in will be easier, no? Maybe I should go with you. I might remember something when I’m back in the general vicinity. Thanks. You’ve been very helpful as it is. I wasn’t asking you. Come on, anna. Can you really trust this guy? I know you would never betray my trust on purpose. I swear, it all just spilled out. And [Sighs] I’m sorry, I — I didn’t realize keeping my huntington’s a secret was taking such a toll on you. I am the mutter, and you are mein kind. I may not have been there for you when you were a child… oh, you were there.

[ Sighs ] You know what I mean. But I am here now. Still, I’m sorry… for all the pain that I’ve caused. No, britta. I am the one who should be sorry. But any pain I’m feeling is worth it. It’s worth anything to have you as my daughter. Ava wanted to discuss the terms of your divorce. With you? Well, after finding out that you had strayed not only with esme, but with elizabeth as well, can you blame ava for wanting to come to me for advice? Word of warning — don’t give your soon-to-be-ex wife any more ammunition. Ava is out for blood. If you wouldn’t mind giving us a moment alone, and then I’d like to talk to you about britt’s party. W-what about britt’s party? I’ll explain if you’ll listen. Okay. I’ll go check in with joss. Thank you. Yeah. Ava, I know that things between us — I assume this is about the trust fund, spencer. You want $10,000? No, this is not about money. This is about something entirely different. This is about you — well, if you were expecting any help from me about trina — no, this has nothing to do with trina. This —

[ Laughs ] If it were up to me, you wouldn’t have anything — ava, if you would just shut up, I’m trying to apologize to you right now. I’m your guard, esme. It wouldn’t be right. I understand. It’s just, you know, I’m so lonely up here in this tower, and, you know, it’s new year’s eve. You know, my favorite new year’s eve memory was when spencer surprised me with a romantic dinner — candles, a single rose adorning the table. It made me feel so special.

[ Sighs ] Mr. Cassadine would not like it. Probably not. But it is your duty to guard me. And what better way to ensure that I’m eating than to be in the same room as we enjoy a candlelit dinner?

[ Sighs ] I understand. I know that’s probably not how you would choose to spend your evening. No, no, no, no. It’s not that. You mean you’ll consider it? I — I — [ Sighs ] I will. Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

You want to apologize to me? If you’ll ever let me get around to it. I put you through hell because you broke a promise to me. I thought that you weren’t good enough for my father. But it turns out that my father is not the man that I thought that he was. And I’m sorry, because I never should have targeted you. No one deserves to be put through what I put you through. I know that we’re not gonna be friends or anything like that. No. Certainly not. Spencer, nikolas let us both down. So what is this about, um, britt’s party? Trina’s going with me. I figure it’s better than her sitting at home alone, missing rory. I just want to help her get through this. Well, then you’re gonna have to be a much better man than your father. If you let her down in any way — I know. I will answer to you. You got that right. Nikolas: I know ava will never forgive me. Actually, I think elizabeth would make a better match for you than ava. She seems to be more malleable.

[ Laughs ] Clearly, you don’t know elizabeth. Sure, she’s got her vulnerabilities, but she’s no pushover. Well, even better. All you need to know is that I trust her. Yes. Well, just don’t make the same mistake with her as you did with ava — don’t trust her with any cassadine family secrets, hm? We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

[ Chuckles ] And yes, there have been nicer, warmer, and fuzzier mothers.

[ Chuckles ] But there’s no one like you. And I mean that in the best way. There is no one more fierce, more protective, more loyal, more brilliant and hilarious and extraordinary. And to be here with you — to celebrate and mourn with you, to forgive and be forgiven by you, to evolve with you… I mean, it’s no surprise why you’ve always been so protective of your heart, because there is no one I have ever met that — that feels as deeply and as passionately as you do. It is an honor and an adventure…

[ Laughs ] …To be your daughter. It’s a thrill ride. And I am so glad you are my mom. And I’m so proud to be blessed with such a strong, acerbically witty, beautiful, brilliant daughter. Not only a doctor, just like her mutter, but chief of staff, also just like her mutter.

[ Laughs ] Co-chief. Only because monica quartermaine is an idiot. Well, monica is a savvy and brilliant woman. And if you ever repeat that… I could never. Not without choking. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do this job much longer. When you falter, I will be there to see that you soar again. That is my promise to you. You will not go through this alone. I will be by your side through everything.

Ich liebe dich, mama.

[ Chuckles ] I love you, too,

mein britta. You’re not, uh, questioning my motives, are you, andre? You are a cassadine. Helena used to talk about you all the time. You were the one person she seemed really afraid of. Now you’re flattering me. Not at all. I’m simply stating I know your reputation. I know how dangerous you are. You have no idea. Okay. Valentin’s dangerous. You’re dangerous, andre. I’m dangerous. The three of us are threats to the common good. But we’re all trying to be better, aren’t we? I trust andre’s intel. I trust valentin with my life. So you want to take victor down? Sure you do. Only one bully per playground, right, cy? I want to protect my family. I will be an enemy to your enemies and oppose those who oppose you. Oh, yeah. I knew you’d circle around the old testament sooner or later. So what are you suggesting here? That we work together? I think that together, we’re stronger. I have resources that you don’t, can do things that you can’T. You mean that I won’t? You’re a fair person, laura! Don’t you think it’s fair that victor pay for luke spencer’s death?

I don’t trust that guy. I told you, I vouch for him. I don’t trust anyone who’s willing to get involved with the cassadines. Do you want to run that by me again? You know what I mean. I didn’t have any choice. I was born into this family. Tell me again — why is andre willing to help us? Well, I’m sure he has reasons to hate the cassadines. Besides, wouldn’t you want to help someone that said that they were going to bring down victor? I would if it was you. I’d do it in a heartbeat. Not very fancy, but oh so flammable. Well, ace, I only need one more thing to make my escape, and demetrius is going to provide it. Don’t worry. I won’t share any of my cassadine secrets with elizabeth. Well, good. Elizabeth may be a loyal friend, but she’s not family.

[ Sighs ] Don’t let her too close. That’s not gonna happen. Oh, and, um, I think from now on, it’s best that I deal with ava with regards to your divorce. We, um — we seem to have developed a — a kind of rapport. That’s fine by me. I have my hands full enough. Anything I can help you with? I’m just trying to figure out the mess I’ve made of my life. Oh, nikolas. I know it seems like you’re on a long road right now, but from where I stand, it — it looks like you’re headed in the right direction. And soon, your marriage to ava will be behind you. Well, I can’t pretend to be happy about that. Just remember, you are meant for much better things. So is ava. Happy new year. Happy new year. And you be good. Mm.

[ Sighs ] Thanks for telling ava about the party. I was working up to telling her, but I just — well, there’s no reason for you to have to suffer through her questions and judgment when I’m here to take the brunt. Mm-hmm. How gallant. Besides, the whole reason that we’re doing this is to get people to talk. Wherever esme is hiding out, she’ll be furious if she thinks that we’re together. Unless, of course, you’ve changed her mind. Then I can go back to my original plan of trying to lure esme out of hiding by myself. No. We said we’re going to do this together. “We?” Actually, you said that. I just knew better than to argue with you. I’m glad you’re finally learning. Just as long as you know that I can handle it. You don’t have to help me. Yes, I do. Even if that means pretending to enjoy your company. And when esme does come after us, we’ll be ready.

[ Gasps ] Britta! You look absolutely

umwerfend! I look underfed?

No, umwerfend.

Umwerfend! Stunning. Oh. [ Laughs ] You’re right. I do, don’t I? I am always right, especially when it comes to your beauty. Come, let’s take a picture to remember the moment. I don’t need a picture to remember. Come. Come. Say “happy birthday.” Together: Happy birthday. I am offering you justice for the father of your children. You’re talking about vengeance. And what if I am? Aren’t you entitled to that as well? Is it deuteronomy or romans where the lord sayeth, “vengeance is mine?” Both. You know, I don’t think this is about justice or vengeance. I think you want to use me to get rid of victor. The lord will fight for you. You need only be still. But vengeance isn’t yours, cyrus. Because you’re not god. I really enjoyed our little family reunion. Happy new year, sister. I’ll be right here when you need me. Barb:Huh. Two cute guys, 7:00. Oh. That sounds dirty. Let’s rent that.Where is that? 7:00. What? Oh! Oh. There they are. Oh, g– oh, my god,they’re coming this way.

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