Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 29, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily tells Billy that she thinks the only thing they had in common was work, and once they didn’t work together anymore that is why they started having problems. Lily thinks that they should take some time apart to figure out if they still have a relationship worth saving.

Billy decides to accept the invitation from Chelsea and Connor to have hot chocolate and help Connor work on his egg drop device project together. Connor wants Billy to help persuade Chelsea to let him turn in the egg drop device that he and Chelsea worked on yesterday which he knows works.

Sally tells Chloe that there is a possibility that she could be pregnant since she may have forgotten to take her pill sometimes since she has been under a lot of stress lately. Sally tells Chloe that if she is pregnant, Adam or Nick could be the father of the baby.

Danny catches up with Lauren, Michael, and Traci.

Diane tells Jeremy she wants to work with him on a way to get the money she owes him because she misses the excitement she felt when she worked with him. Jeremy tells Diane that he will think about her idea and talk to her later. Diane is touched that Jack followed her to Society to make sure Jeremy wouldn’t harm her. Diane tells Jack that she likes the person she is when she is with him. Jack tells Diane he likes the person he is when he is with her.

Danny, Lauren, and Traci and Michael toast the new year. Danny, Lauren and Traci sing Auld Lang Syne as the audience sees Lily sad and alone. The audience also sees Adam dinking alone at the Grand Phoenix. Chloe waits outside the bathroom door of Sally’s bedroom waiting for her to come out and tell her the results of the pregnancy test. Jack wishes Diane a happy new year and they share a kiss.

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