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Recap written by Eva

Esme plans to use Dimitrius the bodyguard that Nikolas has guarding her to prevent her escape. Esme tells Dimitrius that she wants to have a candlelight dinner with him on New Year’s Eve. Esme plans to use the candles to set fire to some flowers that are on the table where she eats her meals.

Spencer apologizes to Ava for everything he has done to her because he was trying to defend Nikolas who wasn’t the person that he thought he was because Nikolas let down both of them. Spencer tells Ava he is taking Trina to Britt’s party. Spencer and Trina begin to pretend to date to draw Esme out of hiding because they think, she is the hook killer.

Liesl helps Britt get ready for her birthday party, and Pixel tells Britt how blessed and proud, she is to be her mother. Britt tells Liesl how proud she is to be her daughter and then they hug and tell each other they love each other. Liesl takes a picture with Britt to remember the moment with Britt in her beautiful dress

Anna and Valentin meet with Dr. Andre Mattox who tells them that when he worked for the WSB. He met with Victor somewhere in Paris and offers to go with them and try to remember the location since he was blindfolded when he was taken to meet Victor. He hoped that being in Paris will help him remember the location, so they can see if Victor is holding Lucy there.

Laura and Martin visit Cyrus in Pentonville because Cyrus wants to help her bring down Victor. Laura turns down Cyrus offer of help because she thinks Cyrus wants to get revenge on Victor.

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