Days Short Recap Thursday, December 29, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady confirmed the kidnapping plans with Eric on the phone. Kristen arrived and told Brady that she didn’t think she was going to the wedding. She saw John and Marlena leave and she didn’t want to leave Rachel alone. He let her know that Eric was going to watch her. Kristen thought he was going to a lot of trouble to get her to go to the wedding. He made it seem like he wanted people to see them together and that he wanted a future with her. Everyone was getting ready for Gabi and Li’s wedding. Kristen and Brady arrived for the wedding. They ran into Nicole and EJ. Kristen and EJ talked for a little while. She wanted to take a picture with Brady so she could send it to Rachel. Nicole and Rafe saw each other when he walked in the room with Jada. Li walked to Rafe and Jada to let them know that Gabi was late for the ceremony. Kristen started drinking and told Brady about Chloe being in Miami with Stefan. He informed her that she couldn’t keep them apart forever. She would have to accept it soon. Kristen wanted to know what that meant. Brady dismissed her concerns. More guests arrived for the ceremony. Rafe went to look for Gabi. Johnny talked to Wendy. He noticed that she was stressed out about the ceremony. Li announced that they were ready to begin the ceremony.

The guests saw Gabi arrive for the wedding. The Justice of the Peace started the ceremony. The Justice of the Peace wanted to know if anyone objected to the wedding. Wendy announced that she had something to say. She told Gabi she was happy to be getting her as a sister. Li was angry and told her that she could have said that at the reception. They continued with the ceremony. Gabi hesitated when it was her turn to say her vows. Memories of Stefan came flooding back to her. She went through with the ceremony and they were married. After the ceremony, Rafe welcomed Li into his family. Li’s phone rang. He thought he turned it off. Rafe wondered if it was Dr. Rolf again. Gabi was concerned when she heard that he talked to Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf left Li a message warning him about the CRS 17 could wear off in weeks with certain triggers. He hoped that didn’t happen with Gabi. At the reception, Rafe gave Gabi a drink. He asked her if she was okay. She flashed back to Dr. Rolf’s lab. She announced that Dr. Rolf brainwashed Stefan to hate her. Li tried to get Gabi out of the room, but she refused to move. Gabi remembered Dr. Rolf telling her that Kristen made him do it to keep Brady from Chloe. Brady got upset and looked at Kristen. She said if she was involved, it wasn’t her idea to do it. Gabi remembered Dr. Rolf saying it as Li’s idea to brainwash Stefan. Gabi glared at Li.

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