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Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I, I can’t do this. It was you, you told Ralph to brainwash seven. You’re hallucinating that she must be, imagine you doing something underhanded. The question is, why would you do this to Stephan? It’s because, uh, it’s because. Kristen, why she was hoping, so did step Chloe. He would come between her and Brady.

She could have Brady alter herself. Oh my God. It’s because she wanted to break up you and Chloe. Ask a stupid question and your believer, you can’t claim it’s outta character. You know what I’ll admit, I was at Rolf’s lab when Stephan woke up, but uh, if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t my idea. And whose was it?

Yes, that’s what she wanted. Wait, what does that mean? Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe, but your fiance wanted to protect his investment with Lee, the . He knew everything. He knew all along. I had stuff on ice. I put the brainwashing . It was his idea,

Gabby. Oh my God. It was you. This was your idea. You did this.

I’m, I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. Don’t be, it wasn’t fair to you. Chloe, here’s a fun thing that we have in common. All right. Listen, you and I, we both just had our lives turned upside down, right? I’m not dead anymore, at least I don’t think so. And you’re not with Brady. We would be idiots. To expect ourselves to be rational or, or fair or in any way, shape, or form predictable.

I was never really rational to begin with. Still, what I mean is when you pulled back just a minute ago, that wasn’t a conscious choice, right? No. Okay, so then maybe both of us should just let it go. It doesn’t matter. There’s only one thing that matters to me right now. And What’s that?

Me? What are you talking about? Don’t lie to me anymore. Okay. I, I remember, I know Wolf admitted that this was all your.

So you’re right. Ste was brainwashed. That’s why he hated me because Ralph made him hate me. He admitted it, but that doesn’t make any sense. Why would he incriminate himself like that? Because I had a scalpel to his throat and he admitted that it was all your idea. Gabby, you’re mistaken. He had to say that to keep you from killing.

I could never do something like that to you. Please believe me. I could never betray you like that. No. No. Lee wouldn’t do that. Come now, do you think he’s too high minded? No, he wouldn’t do that to me. But he did do that to you. He wants you to himself. He did want to risk losing you to Stephan to the extent that he tried to murder him in his sleep.


You didn’t just try to brainwash Stephan, you, you tried to kill him. What? Yes. Rolf admitted that too, that you tried to kill Stephan in his sleep. You tried to murder the man that I love.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives,

man. He never learns. I know what’s wrong, but I understand why that coyote hates that. Mommy said he should get his explosives from another company. Yeah, she would know. Okay. Open your mouth. A bigger pardon? Let’s see if I can get this in your mouth. Take your best shot. Come on. That’s the wrong direction.

You’re in a good mood, Uhhuh. I still miss mommy and daddy, but now I know they’re getting back together. Why would you think that? Because they went to a party tonight, sweetheart. Just because your mommy and daddy are hanging out together doesn’t mean they’re gonna get back together. I don’t know that that’s what daddy says, but it’s New Year’s Eve, so So that means at midnight they’ll have to kiss.

And when Rolf wouldn’t let you kill him, you took over his mind and you knew I loved him and you lied to me over and over and over. They say the first five minutes are the hardest. You okay? You want to go home? Rolf told me what you tried to do to Stephan. He was just lying in that bed defenseless, Gabby, you can’t believe I do something like that.

It must be some kind of false memory. How could it be false? Because you told me yourself when you came back from seeing Wolf, you told me he told you that he, he hadn’t brainwashed stuff and then you believed him. Ra, you were there. She, that’s what she said, isn’t it? Yeah. And it seemed weird to me is why would anyone, especially Gabby ever believe anything that RAW says something?

I don’t know. Something happened, so. Must have because that didn’t happen. I didn’t try to murder Stephan, and if I really did, why didn’t you remember before now?

Okay. Okay. Look, I I can’t think about all of that right now. Right now, what is important is for you to, to take it back. Look brainwashing. Oh, funny you should say that as it happens, I’ve already created an antidote in that box. Wouldn’t it have been ironic in your fury you had destroyed it too?

And Stephan will be back to normal.

What you do?

What was that?

Because he injected me with something. What something that made me forget what you did to Stephan, but I remember now. I remember all of it.

I just wanna make sure that we can remain friends. Are you kidding? Of course. And Steph and I am, I’m so grateful to you for everything and for Pull this evening out of the fire . And I guess it’s gonna sound a bit odd in this moment, but I was really having a good time and I didn’t wanna spoil the evening.

Hey, you didn’t. All right. Look, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I came on too strong. You know, I’m not a fast No, uh, Uhuh. No. If I can’t be sorry, then you can’t either. A no fault kind of friendship then Sounds good to me.

And we’re supposed to be honest with each other, right? Yeah. Okay. Well then, um, this might sound a little bit strange also because it is strange, but, um, I was wondering if we could have that dessert now.

Woman after my own heart.

How could you do this to me? I, I trusted you. I believed you when you told me you love me. I married you for God’s sake. Kathy, let’s just go somewhere. We can talk. Don’t touch. Okay, fine. But we can’t talk about this here with all these people. Okay. Come on. We can work this out, please. I’m not going anywhere.

Neither are you. Miss Damira.

You got us three

here. I win. What again?

I owe you $342,000. Cleric. Hmm. Why are you here? What do you mean I’m babysitting you? Didn’t you wanna go to a party too? Wouldn’t you be more fun than playing Go fish here with me.

I know it sounds crazy, but you imagine you showing up with a shit devil on your altar and I kidnap the thing that she loves the most. Her daughter, she can’t fail. You know, it’s funny you should ask, I was gonna ask you if you’d like to join me on an a. What kind of adventure? Well, it’s kind of top secret.

What do you think you’re doing? My job, you know, this is ludicrous. She’s right. You were really gonna arrest us. Yeah. Based solely on the recovered, perhaps fabricated memory of clearly an unstable woman. I mean, come on, look at her dress. I mean, it alone proves I thought she’s not in her right mind. I’d be careful the way you talk to my sister and to me.

Well, I refuse. Your choice. Of course not whether you’re going to the station, but how

you want me to read you your rights or do you have them memorized from all your other Salem weddings?

Ra ra. Hey, come on. Is this really necessary? Oh, I think it’s best. We both do this by the book. You be okay? Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just get him out of my sight.

Uh, Brady. Sweetheart, are you coming for the water?

That was delicious. Hmm. And what do you say we get outta here? You mean back to Salem? No, I mean, let’s go out, get crazy. Stefan, you’re being really sweet, but you don’t have to pretend. I know that Chloe, I did not bring you to Miami to sleep with you. I brought you here to start the new year together.

There’s still a few hours left. Miami has some of the best nightclubs in the world, so what do you say? Let’s go dancing. Huh? Wait, you dance. I hope that’s not a rhetorical question. Science, you’re obviously dressed for it. You sure you wanna go? Absolut? But look, if you’d rather stay here, watch the ball drop.

I am more than okay with that. I just want to be with you. Shall we? We shall. Ah. Oh wait. We do not wanna waste this. All right. Okay. Hey, happy New Year. All right for you. Thank you. You’re welcome. And for me

to the new year, aren’t we supposed to wait till midnight to say that close enough? Besides new beginning, can’t come soon enough.

I don’t, please don’t try to tell me that I’m wrong about your brother. That I don’t know what I know I wasn’t going to, oh, oh, you probably don’t believe me actually. I do Really, I mean, I just, I I just said your brother tried to murder somebody. I, I’m, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Your brother will sort that out.

You let me get you home. No, I need to find Stephan. I need, dude, do you still have my phone? Yeah.

Says here, Miami gets crazy on New Year’s Eve. You ready for crazy? I mean, I am from Salem, aren’t I? ? Touche. That place looks good,

so I can’t tell anybody. Not even. Well, we can tell her afterwards. It’s kind of like a surprise for her. Hey. Hey. Where are you? Mom’s place. Okay, good. You haven’t left yet. I’m listening about the plan. Hey, ready to calm down? Everything’s fine. We we’re about ready to go. Yeah. Listen, we need to put the brakes.

Hey, this is not the time we get cold feet. No. Listen. It’s not that there’s been an unexpected development. Kristen’s been arrested.

Brave. Don’t you think you should be seeing about Gabby instead of throwing your weight around? She’s falling apart. Oh, she’s not falling apart. She upset. Oh yeah. Hell yeah. Because the man she just married tried to play God with her life. Oh, so now you are the cop, the judge, and the jury. All right. I have been listening to you very closely, and you have not said one word about lawyers because there haven’t been any charges.

This is just a preliminary investigation, although there have been some very serious charges about both of you, so we need to do a follow up and as a means. To that end, you are gonna write down your entire history with Dr. Rolfe and everything that you have done to Stefan Dira. You too. Hmm. Well that will be a very short essay as I have done nothing but rejoice in his returned from the dead.

I concur with Mr. Mera. Let along bet you do well. I don’t need to concur with Mr. Shin. I need to confer with my lawyer and I know technically you don’t have to read me my rights, but I do have the right to demand legal representation. As do I sweetheart. Is there any way a girl can get a drink around here?

Ready? Yeah. Thank you. Let’s go.

Anything voicemail. Uh, Stefan, it’s Gabby. Call me. It’s urgent. I swear to,

well, now the Gabby’s remembered. It’s only a matter of time. False. Stephan learns the truth. Yeah, I don’t see Gabby keeping this to herself

from what she was saying. Ralph told her about Lee and Kristin. She doesn’t seem to know that then she knew everything. That’s right. I’ve given everything that’s crashing down on her. I don’t think there’s any need for her to find that out. Of course, we just wanna do what’s best for Gabby. Don’t me. I mean, that’s why you want me to keep quiet for Gabby obvious.

Obviously I don’t want anyone to know, especially Stephan, but if you think it’s necessary, all that’s up to you. My fate, as they say, is in your hands. I bet you hate that quite a bit.

Wendy’s brother is the one who started all this. I, I don’t see a reason for you to be arrested to Thank you.

I can’t just stand around waiting. I, I have to find Stephan. I’ll take you to the mansion. No, he’s not there. He went to Miami with Chloe. Wait, Nicole, you’re friends with Chloe. Did she tell you where she was staying?

She’s at the Fountain Head Hotel. Only remember, cuz she sent me pictures. Thank you. I just, I have to go to the airport. We’ll, we’ll drive you. We’ll drive. Okay. I have to call son. Um, Hey listen, I’m on the way to the airport. I’m gonna be in Miami.

Chloe is gonna have one heck of a new.

You know, tonight it just goes to show that in Salem making it through the vows does not mean you are home free. You seem to be taking this since tried disastrous weddings apart for the course in this town. I am mean. You don’t seem very taken aback that Lee had. Your brother brainwashed. When one’s father is turned into a computer chip one develops a certain level of Imperturbability.

That’s hard to say. Yeah. Anyway, police are handling it. What else can I do? Fire Lee. He had your brother brainwashed after he didn’t succeed in killing him according to Gabby. Anyway, the question is moot. His father is chairman of the board. This is your family’s company, and Lee tried to murder a member of that family.

I don’t think it’s a hard sell to send and packing. It’s not that simple. Aren’t you angry? Don’t you wanna take him? As I said, it’s not that simple. Why not?

Unless it’s because he could take you down with him.

Kristen has chance lawyering with them? Not yet. Really. I know it’s a holiday, but I figured with their money in history, they’d have hot and cold running. They do. I haven’t let ’em call ’em. Really? They clearly said they wanted representation. I know, but can’t always get what you want.

How long are they gonna keep us waiting? Just relax. Would you? I mean, grave is gonna keep us here as long as possible, but he knows he needs to let us call our lawyers. You think he’s gonna keep us here all night? Yeah, probably. Hey, you do understand that uh, he’s gonna play hardball. You are wrong. His sister, I love his.

Damn it. I, I, I have to get outta here. I have to get to Gabby

The third is, fuck,

you’re shivering. Must be freezing. We’re in such a hurry. I didn’t even have a chance to put it on. Gabby made her flight. Yeah, with, uh, seconds to spare, there was no stopping her. What the hell’s gonna happen when she gets there?

Step open up. Look, I know you’re in there and I know you’re with Chloe, but we have to talk

one way or another. I

Why would you say that? Because you’re just like your father. And nothing goes on in this family, whether it be business or personal that you don’t know about. So when you went over to Johnny after Gabby made her big announcement, you weren’t talking about the canopies.

You know me so well. Mm-hmm. . So what’d you do? Did you hold down Stephan while Ralph went to work? I didn’t do anything. I had no idea what Lee was up to until after the fact, but I, I chose to keep quiet after what Lee did to your brother. You chose to keep quiet. Why? Well, I didn’t know until tonight that Lee tried to kill him and they had already, um, redirected Stephan’s affections from Gabby to Chloe, so it was a moot.

And I wanted Stephan on my side, so I would have enough votes to ask Gabby from Damira.

You probably think I’m a terrible person now, don’t you?

Sorry. Take, uh, take your time. Okay. You. Got a lot to process.

Well, this time feeling horrible about not telling Tappy Whitley had done, but it all came out anyway. Yeah. Hey, at least we didn’t have to be the ones to say it.

You almost did, didn’t you? You were about to stop the whole. I was, because when I saw a Gabby standing there about to marry a man who was lied to her, manipulated her, I didn’t know if I could live with myself if I speak up. Then I saw my brother’s face and I realized how much he loves Gabby and I, I, I couldn’t go through with it.


But just as I said, it all came out anyway even more than we knew.

Do you think it’s true? But we really did try to murder stuff. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Please God, don’t let a.

You know, winching when told the justice of the peace that she had something to say, thought it was all over then, but for some reason she changed her mind. Hmm. Probably realized what outing you would do to the Shin Dynasty Fortune Truth that would cost her Cold Hawk cash. You’re completely cynical, aren’t you?

Okay. She was protecting her big brother who she adores. Does that sound better to you? None of it matters. Since the fact that, uh, your little bride remembered her encounter with the man that you hired to dry clean her husband’s brain, it, it doesn’t make any sense. H h h how could her memory come back like that?

And, and why didn’t Ralph get what? Ralph kept calling. I couldn’t talk to him. Ra was there. I I, I, I had to hang up on him. Do you think he was trying to warn me? I mean, would it have made a difference? , come on, Lee Gabby’s memory came back and your brother-in-law is the police commissioner and he’s very fierce about his family.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. The only thing we have right now is what Gabby said she remembered. And the longer we hold them here without just cause and more likely we’ll have their attorney screaming false. Cause Paul Kings can go up and smoke. That’s right. It is. Mm-hmm. . We’re gonna have to let ’em go.

So why the delay? Well, think about it from their point of view. They’re in there thinking that we’re out here feverishly scrambling to get a. And when we let ’em go, they’re gonna think that we weren’t able to make the case that we backed down and the leave here with a false sense of purity. Yeah. Hmm.

Although, uh, as dramatic as it was, I wish Gabby hadn’t been so public with her accusations that Lee and Kristen still think that they had gotten away with everything. At least we’re able to nail down the warrant.

Well, I would say that they have been in there long enough. First thing, tomorrow morning, I start building a case against Mr. Lee Shin. Put him away for a very, very long time.

So what is going on? We’re letting them go. You and Miss America can still ring in the new year together. It’s enjoy.

Eric hates me. The plan’s back on

Okay. I gotta admit that is some of the most fun I’ve had in a really long time. Right. I agree. Mike, thank you for picking up the ride share, by the way. I can’t believe I forgot my, keep kidding me. Don’t worry about.

There’s something wrong

Message from Gabby

ej Aaron, wait. What you did doesn’t change my impression of you in any. I’ve always thought you were a terrible person.

Well, I think that I’m a terrible person too, so maybe that’s why we get along so well. We do, don’t we? You and I don’t have to maintain any illusions of anything at all. Yeah, . But we’re not really the same. In your very own perverse, opaque way, you’re actually a very decent person. None of my other ex-husbands would agree with you on that.

Well, none of your other ex-husbands deserved you. Aw. It’s your humility that melts my heart. EJ . So how long has Johnny known.

Are you cla vo ? Uh, well, I’m no genius, but as Gabby spilled the beans, you went straight to Johnny. No. Sounds like damage control to me. He knew that I knew. I asked him not to give me away and he promise not to say anything, but none of it matters anyway. It’s only a matter of time before Stephan finds out everything and not much time at that.

Since I told Gabby where he and Chloe are staying, I, oh, I’m so sorry.

Something funny . I was just thinking. Miami is going to see some real fireworks tonight.

I keep thinking fine. Not all of what Lee did couldn’t have kept a secret, but now

gwe, I I thought you were at the police station. They let me go. Do, do you know where Gabby is? I have to talk to her. You. Who took us to the airport? She went to Miami to find stuff. Why would Gabby be calling you don’t know. Don’t care. Probably a gloat about the wedding.

All right. It’s getting late. I’m gonna go downstairs, check about booking another room. You don’t have to do that, Chloe. Seriously, I, I don’t. No, I wanna stay. Really, really, I had a really amazing night with you, and I don’t want this night to end.

She went to Miami. I imagine she feels that s Stephan has a right to know what happened to. What do you to Tim? I, I, I don’t think we have anything to talk about Lee. And for the record, from now on, you’re on your own.

You were a busy girl in 2022 coming. When you actually decided to screw with Stephan’s head, your brother’s head, did that bother you at all? I did it to be with you and Rachel, and this is before I knew anything about the orchid, right? So Stephan was just, uh, collateral damage. You know, I’m afraid that you’re gonna have to be self-righteous alone.

I’m exhausted. I’m gonna go give Rachel a kiss goodnight, and then I’m gonna head to bed myself. Tip the sitter generously. Eric’s been outta work, so, uh, I think we can use.

Want me to take you home? Yeah, thanks. Okay.

And guess what? It’s uh, it’s almost.

It’s just about midnight. One, two. Watch the countdown. Uh, yeah. Why not?

Well, for the bitter end, it’s been one hell of a year. Yeah. Next year has to be better. No way to go but up.

Happy year. Happy New Year.

It’s midnight. Happy New Year, Jada. Happy New Year, Ray.

Uh, happy New Year. Happy new.

I have to say I like the way this New Year’s starting out. Me too. That seems like you were more ready to move on from Brady than you thought. Huh? Brady? Who?

Brady, Rachel’s gone.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

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