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Update written by Barbara

At Newman Enterprises, Nick is in Victoria’s office telling her all about how well Christian did with his older cousins on Christmas Day at the ranch. Nick gives her props for how she is handling the situation with Johnny and Chelsea. Victor comes into the office, sits down at Victoria’s desk and tells her and Nick that he ran into Adam earlier and the conversation was disheartening. He mentions that the goodwill he and Adam had at the Christmas Day party is gone.

Nick tells Victor that Adam will never change. Victor snaps at Nick, saying that this is coming from someone who has become his brother’s romantic rival. He asks Nick when the hell he is going to stop cavorting around with Sally Spector. Nick becomes frustrated, says that he’s had enough of the conversation and walks out.

After Nick leaves, Victor asks Victoria if she is still attempting to acquire Chancellor-Winters.  Victoria informs him that she no longer has her inside source of information and has lost the element of surprise, along with her leverage.  He also mentions that he wants her to learn how to let things go and step back when situations arise that necessitate it.

At Crimson Lights, Sally is sipping herbal tea while flashing back to her date with Nick and being  sick to her stomach. Adam comes into the coffeehouse and saunters over. He sits down with her, sees that there’s something bothering her and asks what’s wrong.  He asks her since when does she drink herbal tea at this time of day when she has triple espresso for her afternoon pick-me-up.

Chloe comes by to talk with Sally about their fledgling interior design business so Adam excuses himself and gets a coffee to go. Surprisingly, like Adam, Chloe notices that Sally is drinking herbal tea.  Chloe chomps on a huge cinnamon roll that she offers to share with Sally, who turns it down and looks queasy.

As the women start preparing their business proposal for Chancellor-Winters, Chloe becomes concerned, observing that Sally is not feeling well. She wonders if Adam is upsetting her. Sally can’t answer because she has to get and up to run to the bathroom.

At Society, Summer and Phyllis talk about recent happenings in their lives. Phyllis tells Summer that Danny is in town and Summer is thrilled. She says that she hopes he’ll have time for a visit with her.

Phyllis lets Summer know that Daniel has offered her a job, then hesitates to say anything further. Summer can tell that this is because Phyllis has been hoping that Summer will change her mind about firing her. Instead, Summer tells Phyllis she thinks Daniel’s job offer is  a perfect fit for Phyllis, given her computer skills and gaming experience.

Summer says that Daniel’s job offer is great and urges her to go through with her tentative acceptance of it. Phyllis tears up and becomes very emotional, crying about how she has lost her daughter. Summer tries to reassure her this is not the case, but Phyllis isn’t having it. She leaves in a state of distress.

At the Abbott house, Jack, Kyle and Diane strategize about Jeremy and how they can get rid of him. Jack does not like that Diane left the cabin and returned to Genoa City with Kyle, Summer and Harrison. Diane counters that it’s of no matter because they must stop Jeremy. To asuage Jack’s concern, Diane reminds him that she got away from Jeremy once before, so she could do it again if she needed to.

In his suite, Jeremy looks at the briefcase full of cash that Jack left and flips through a roll of bills. His phone rings and it’s Diane. She starts setting a trap by telling him she wants to talk to him, but not over the phone, it has to be in person. Jeremy wants her to come over to his hotel room, but Diane says that it’s too risky, opting for a public place. Jeremy agrees to meet her at Society. Jack is not in favor of this but Diane is confident that Jeremy will take the bait and Kyle says that he thinks his mother will be able to pull it off.

Adam is sitting at the bar in Society when Nick comes in. Nick gives Adam props for doing an excellent job at Newman Media and setting a solid foundation there for Sally. The men share beers and talk about tricky things that are part of being a Newman, with their father feeling he has to put his fingerprint on every part of their lives. Later, Adam goes for a walk in the park and flashes back to his conversation with Victor and how Victor told him that he’s nothing.

Over at Crimson Lights, Sally apologizes to Chloe for having to leave and get to the bathroom. Chloe leans in and asks Sally if she could be … and stops her sentence. Sally knows what Chloe is implying and tells her there is no way she could be.

Diane meets with Jeremy at Society and immediately starts fake flirting with him. Jack lurks near the entrance to the kitchen watching with an expression of grave concern on his face.

When Sally returns to her suite feeling sick, she takes out her phone to look at the calendar, and becomes deep in thought. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Nick arriving for their date. He reminds her that they’re supposed to have drinks. Sally tells him she can’t make it because she’s feeling under the weather.

Jeremy is seated at Society, looking at his phone when Diane comes in and joins him. She tells him she is there to broker a truce and she can do something to settle her debt and wipe the slate clean. Jeremy asks her what that would be, as Jack lurks near the hall leading to the restaurant’s kitchen.

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