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Nick: I wish I’d filmed that kid during christmas. Did you see how hard christian was trying to keep up with all the big kids?

Victoria: Yes, I did. From what I could tell, he did a fantastic job. You know when all the cousins get together, watch out.

Nick: After all the ice skating and snowball fights and the constant running around, by the time I got him home, he was talking to me — mid-sentence, he falls asleep.

Victoria: [ Chuckling ] You’re kidding me. Aw. Poor christian.

Nick: Yeah. It’s like somebody unplugged him. He was totally done. I don’t think he moved an inch the rest of the night.

Victoria: Well, I’m very glad that he had a good time.

Nick: Yeah. We all did. Uh, johnny and connor were inseparable. Seems like that’s going well.

Victoria: I’m proud of the way that johnny’s navigating the situation with chelsea since she took it upon herself to disclose that she’s his biological mother.

Nick: I think I’m more curious about how you’re dealing with it.

Victor: Hi.

Victoria: Is something wrong?

Victor: [ Sighs ] At christmastime, you asked me to have a conversation with mcfadden, right?

Victoria: Is everything okay?

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: I think she’s asking because it seems like maybe you didn’t get what you wanted for christmas.

Victor: I didn’T.

Nick: What’s wrong?

Victor: Nothing. Really.

Victoria: Oh, come on, dad. You can tell us.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ]

Nick: I feel real good about my gift choice for you.

Sally: Oh. Good. Me too. You’re really gonna love your coffee mug. It’s got a really funny quote on it. I would tell you what it says, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise, you know?

Nick: Yeah. Okay. Well, I know you’re just gonna love your book of sudoku. I mean, it’s hours of entertainment.

Sally: Ooh. It’s snowing.

Nick: Wow.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Seems like, uh, perfect timing.

Adam: Hey. Can you stand some company?

Sally: It’s the holidays, and I’m feeling generous.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] So, remind me — which holiday did you celebrate while, um, the rest of us merrymakers were sipping our eggnog?

Sally: How was your christmas?

Adam: Connor had a blast. Got a lot of gifts he wanted.

Sally: What about you?

Adam: I spent the day with my family, biting my tongue the whole time. But being with connor made it worth it.

Sally: Kids.

Adam: Mm-hmm. What about you? How was yours?

Sally: It was good. Quiet.

Adam: What is going on with you?

Jack: I just checked in on harrison. He is sound asleep.

Kyle: Yeah, long car rides always seem to knock him out.

Jack: So, where is summer?

Kyle: She went to wish phyllis a belated merry christmas.

Jack: So the three of us can talk. Look, as thrilled as I am you had a wonderful holiday gathering…

Kyle: Oh, it was incredible.

Jack: …I think we need to discuss your decision to come back to genoa city, diane. Whose crazy idea was this?

Diane: It was mine. Jack, I know the lengths you went to, creating a cover story and keeping it alive that I fled town because I was terrified of jeremy stark. But now I know that you’re not sure that he’s going to take the deal you offered him, how could I stay in hiding?

Jack: Look, we should have at least discussed this before you came back.

Diane: There wasn’t any time. We need to get the upper hand with this man now.

Jack: My deal with stark stands. I am following through with my part of the bargain. I offered to double my initial payoff. The money is ready.

Kyle: My mom has a different idea.

Diane: We don’t go to him. We make jeremy come to me. Can I return this love-hate relationship with cookies?

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[Swords clashing]

Jack: I don’t like it. There are too many variables, too many things that can go wrong, given how unpredictable stark is, especially if he disbelieves your claim that you had nothing to do with him being sent to prison.

Diane: I got away from him once before, and I will never let him control me again now that I have my family back.

Jack: I don’t see how this is gonna work out.

Diane: It’s our only option.

Jack: Kyle, reason with her, please.

Kyle: I did, all the way back from the cabin, but she has a point. You said yourself you didn’t believe stark would take the money and hold up his end of the deal to leave us all in peace. I’m with mom. We have to stop playing defense, and I think that she can pull this off…but not alone.

Diane: Look, I understand jeremy stark better than anyone. I know how his mind works and what he wants in and — and what he’s willing to do to get it. And I can use that knowledge to set my trap, and I’m confident that he will walk right into it.

Jack: He’s not gonna take anything you say at face value. His guard is up. He’s already suspicious.

Diane: Jack, I’m asking you to trust me that I can handle this.

Jack: I will. But kyle is right. We do this together.

Sally: Why would you think something’s going on with me?

Adam: On what planet do you drink herbal tea at this hour? I mean, usually it’s a triple espresso for the afternoon pick-me-up.

Sally: I’m starting early on my new year’s resolution.

Adam: Quitting caffeine?

Sally: It is for the best. Believe me, it has been making me jittery.

Adam: Hmm. Well, I guess that’s a good thing because I would never hire a jittery interior designer.

Sally: Why is that?

Adam: Uh, because it would appear they had something to hide. Anyway, what’s new on that front? Unless you don’t want to jinx it, that is. How’s the new company going?

Sally: Chloe and I are still crafting a business plan for our potential corporate clients, like chancellor-winters.

Adam: Well, I am sure they will jump at the chance to partner with you.

Sally: Mm. From your mouth to jill’s ears.

Adam: I wish you luck.

Chloe: Oh, she doesn’t need it. She has me. And we have work to do.

Adam: Then I will leave you to it.

Sally: We just ran into each other.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Nothing is ever simple with adam. And you, of all people, should know that by now.

Victor: I just ran into your brother. And it seems the goodwill he and I shared at the christmas party has vanished.

Victoria: Oh. Well, that’s hardly a surprise.

Victor: He was belligerent and argumentative, blamed the state of his life on everyone but himself.

Victoria: That’s what adam does. That’s who he is. I don’t know why you would expect anything different. Look, dad, I know that family is a point of pride for you and that you want adam to feel the same way, that there’s something that you could do or offer or say that would make him respond, but he’s so entrenched in playing the role of the misunderstood outsider.

Victor: What you don’t understand is that he’s my son, okay? And I will never give up hope.

Nick: But you keep setting yourself up for heartache by continuing to reach out to him.

Victoria: How many times is he gonna threaten to change his name and leave town and never look back?

Nick: Or how many times has he said he wants to be better, to earn our love and respect? I mean, yeah, there are times when he does the right thing. He saved faith’s life. I will never, ever forget that. But his transformations don’t last long.

Victor: Well, I guess I keep on hoping for a different outcome.

Nick: He’s never gonna change, dad. You need to let that dream go, and this is coming from someone who actually wanted to believe that change was possible.

Victor: This is coming from someone who has become his brother’s romantic rival.

Nick: Excuse me?

Victor: When the hell are you gonna stop cavorting around with sally spectra? Trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.

Nick: I understand you are upset about whatever it is adam has done, but I have done nothing but demonstrate my loyalty and commitment to this family.

Victor: And you make that sound as if it was a hardship.

Nick: I’ve had my reservations about joining the company, but I was able to overcome those because I wanted to put myself in a position where I can contribute on every level, where I can do everything I can to protect what you have worked so hard to achieve, and I will do that. You’ve given adam the same opportunities. What has he done with it? He throws it back in your face every single time. But you want to make this about sally? Okay. I’m not getting a lot of support over there.

Victoria: I think that dad has a point.

Victor: Son, if you won’t listen to me, listen to your sister, alright? There’s an inherent danger in getting involved with a woman of that ilk!

Nick: I won’t even dignify that with a response.

Victor: Did you even look at the dossier that I compiled about her?

Nick: I didn’t need to look at it. Sally gave me the highlights. She was willing to talk about as much as I wanted to.

Victor: Oh, come on.

Nick: But I’m getting sick and tired of you interfering in my personal life. And if you keep it up, watch what happens.

Victor: Be careful, son.

Nick: You know what? I look forward to spending even more time with sally so I can prove that the two of you are wrong about her.

Victoria: So, you’re going to continue to see her just to prove a point? That’s very mature.

Nick: I think I understand why adam is the way he is, why he turns down all of your offers at face value — because they always come with strings attached. I’ve stayed away from this company because of that, because of your incessant need to manipulate the lives of everyone in this family.

Chloe: Are you sure you don’t want something to eat?

Sally: No, I’m good, thanks.

[ Clears throat ] Um, as I was saying, if we could round out this pitch, then maybe we can give jill a taste of…

Chloe: A taste of what our interior design could do for chancellor-winters’ properties.

Sally: What is — what is that smell? I-I can’t quite — [ Sniffs ] I can’t quite place it.

Chloe: Well, it’s probably this. Do you want some? I mean, look at this ooey, gooey deliciousness. I mean, get a smell.

Sally: No. Really. I’m good. Thanks. I’m —

Chloe: Really? You want a piece?

Sally: I’m really full. Thank you.

Chloe: Okay. Okay, so, uh, where were we? Okay. Right. So, we have to walk in there and knock her off her feet with our design experience. And how do we do that?

Sally: I don’t know.

Chloe: Okay, I’m thinking that we do a mock-up online of a couple of rooms — an office, a hotel suite, a spa, a lobby. And that way, we can show and tell how our company can seamlessly reinvent any environment, from, you know, the — the textiles and the furnishings. And then we can show a number of color stories, you know, how, like, we’re loving, like, that warm honey, vanilla, and exotic ambers and — oh! — Like, a bright grapefruit. You get the idea.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Chloe: Okay, out with it.

Sally: Out with what?

Chloe: Whatever it is that you’re not saying. Do you not like my ideas?

Sally: No, I — I love them.

Chloe: I mean, are you having second thoughts about launching this new company and starting a new career? Is it freaking you out?

Sally: Nope.

Chloe: Okay, so, then it must be adam that’s got you thrown, which is all the more incentive for us to get this company off the ground and get an actual office. And then you won’t have to worry about running into someone who’s gonna make you sick all the time.

Sally: I — excuse me.

Chloe: What is…

[ Sighs ]

Summer: Hi, mom.

Phyllis: Hey. Ooh. Hey. Merry christmas.

Summer: Merry christmas. Uh, I’m so sorry that we didn’t get to spend any time together. I know that that was our plan.

Phyllis: Oh, you know, plans change.

Summer: It’s just that kyle and I — we were so busy trying to make the holiday special for harrison. It was his first one with the abbotts.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. Wow. Well, I’m sure you made it unforgettable for him.

Summer: I bet yours was special, too, getting to spend the day with daniel.

Phyllis: It was really great. Yeah. It was, uh, filled with surprises. There were a couple significant surprises, um…

Summer: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, the first one is danny came into town to spend it with daniel.

Summer: Oh, my gosh, that’s fantastic.

Phyllis: Yeah, on the holiday. Yeah.

Summer: Wow. How long is he here for?

Phyllis: Um, I don’t know. You know, he — he tours all the time, so…

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: I hope he gets a chance to squeeze me in.

Phyllis: Me too. You have a lot of family obligations, so hopefully he can — you can see him.

Summer: What was the other surprise?

Phyllis: Um — ah. Well, you know, the other surprise is, uh… daniel offered me a job.

Summer: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Wow.

Phyllis: It’s really cool. Yeah. It’s, um… you know, he — he is heading up the — the gaming division at chancellor-winters.

Summer: At chancellor-winters. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was telling me about that. He didn’t get a chance to give me all the details, but — wow.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Cool.

Phyllis: It’S… I can only reveal a little bit, of course. I’ll be, um, leading —

[ Chuckles ] I’ll be leading, um, the team of tech specialists, so…

Summer: That is so great, mom.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Wow.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. It’s really cool. I’m beyond flattered, of course. It’s a dream come true to work with my son.

Summer: So, what did you tell him?

Phyllis: Well, um… tentatively, I said yes.

Summer: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah. I just wanted to go over everything with you before I — I made it definite.

Summer: Ah. In case I wanted to reconsider firing you from marchetti. Welcome to my digestive system.

Summer: Mom, I hate that things have gotten so tense between us.

Phyllis: Oh, so do I.

[ Chuckles ]

Summer: I hate that it even got to the point where I felt like I had to fire you from marchetti.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, listen, summer. Um, listen. I, uh, loved working with you. I loved it. I loved contributing to your dream and this incredible company that you’re building.

Summer: I know. That’s why this is so difficult to say. I still think it’s for the best.

Phyllis: I don’t — I don’t really understand that, because diane is gone.

Summer: But this new opportunity with daniel — i mean, that’s the perfect fit, mom. You get to put your computer skills and your gaming knowledge to use. I mean, this is — this is good.

Phyllis: Is it?

Summer: Yes. To get away from the place where things got so complicated? Yes.

Phyllis: I’ve lost you, haven’t I?

Summer: No, you haven’t, mom.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, I have. I’ve lost you. I don’t know what happened. I was so excited when you came back into town and, um [Sighs] Decided to put down roots here and we could work together. It was like I had my soul companion, you know, my — my fierce defender and the one person who understood me when nobody else in this town seems to, and — like mother, like daughters, you know?

Summer: Mom, you know how much I love you.

Phyllis: I-I-I don’t understand. It’s like you and your husband are still blaming me for what happened with diane. I don’t get it.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Mom, y-you don’t understand.

Phyllis: No, I don’T. I don’T.

[ Voice breaking ] Help me understand, summer. See, because this is the one thing I was afraid of. Let me tell you something. And I want you to remember this. Diane was chased out of town because of her past and her past alone. Has nothing to do with me. You turned your back on me. You break my heart.

Summer: Mom —

Phyllis: You break my heart.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Jeremy: [ Scoffs ] What a lovely surprise to hear from you, taylor. Oh. I mean diane. Old habits die hard, don’t they? Tell me — have you changed your name yet again?

Diane: I am sure you know the answer to that.

Jeremy: No. You haven’t had enough time. Or maybe you have a bag stashed, packed and ready to go in the dead of night, a secret escape plan for when this day came.

Diane: But is there anywhere I could go that you wouldn’t eventually find me?

Jeremy: You know me too well. So, why’d you call? What do you want?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Seeing you again brought back a lot of memories.

Jeremy: So you ran away?

Diane: I was afraid.

Jeremy: Of me?

Diane: Who else? You came to town believing that I was responsible for sending you to prison, but — you know, actually, um, this isn’t something that I want to talk about on the phone. Why don’t we continue this conversation in person and I can tell you what I have in mind?

Jeremy: Hmm. So, you’re here? Come to my hotel room.

Diane: That’s too risky. Uh, let’s meet in public.

Jeremy: Okay. Whatever makes you comfortable. Name the place.

Diane: Society?

Jeremy: Sounds good.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] It’s on.

Kyle: I’m going with you.

Diane: No.

Jack: It’s kyle or it’s me.

Diane: You guys, that would wreck everything I’m trying to accomplish. This first meeting has to be one-on-one. And jeremy is too smart to try anything while we’re in public. And I think he’s enjoying this too much to let it end so soon. But I’ll be safe. And if he takes the bait, we’ll — we’ll all be involved.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: Okay. Thanks a lot. Yeah. We’ll talk soon. Sorry. Sorry about the interruption, daddy. Where were we?

Victor: I was asking if you had abandoned your plan to acquire chancellor-winters.

Victoria: I have lost my inside source, the element of surprise, and not to mention leverage, now that I no longer have the shares that nate was going to provide us.

Victor: Interesting how you’re avoiding the question.

Victoria: Are you asking me if I still stay awake at night dreaming about ways to gain the majority share of chancellor-winters? Well, what kind of ceo would i be if I didn’t?

Victor: It was a good plan, you know. But now your plan fell through, my baby, for reasons beyond your control. So you must learn to let things go.

Victoria: Is that what you would do if you were in my place?

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] You didn’t leave after seeing me here.

Nick: Maybe I’m looking for a fight.

Adam: Is there something you want to get off your chest?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Nah. Just some office stuff.

Adam: Mm. Over the holidays. That sucks.

Nick: Yeah. How are things at jabot?

Adam: Job’s fine. I go in, I do my thing, I leave. But sometimes I feel like I’ll never fit in there. You know, this is where the king of dad jokes should say something like, “adam, you will never fit in anywhere.”

Nick: First off, that’s not a dad joke. Second, that’s just too easy for me. And third… where’s the bartender?

Adam: No. Come on. What were you gonna say?

Nick: Alright. Uh…

[ Chuckles ] Actually, I was gonna say that i thought you did an excellent job at newman media. A lot of the things sally was able to accomplish are due to the groundwork that you put in place.

Adam: That — that sounded like a compliment. I-I assume that there’s a dig coming?

Nick: No. I meant it.

Adam: Alright. Well, um, what the hell happened to make you say something like that?

Nick: I don’t know.

Adam: Office stuff?

Nick: [ Sighs heavily ] Yeah. Uh… you know how dad does that, uh, manipulation thing, where he feels like he needs his fingerprints on every part of your life?

Adam: No. No, I have no idea what you’re talking about, nicholas.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Well, I’m beginning to understand why you got fed up and walked away.

Adam: Let me guess. Victor wants you to cut sally loose.

Sally: Sorry about that.

[ Clears throat ] Um, where were we?

Chloe: Ohh. You’re really not feeling well.

Sally: I’m the picture of health.

Chloe: A scary picture. I mean, is it serious? I mean, can you keep anything down? Is the room spinning? Wait. Do you smell burnt toast?

Sally: Do you smell burnt toast?

Chloe: Are you hungover? No judgments. Look, I hate sounding like everybody’s mom, but we have a lot riding on this interior design deal, and any little slip-up is… wait, sally. Is there a possibility you might be…?

Sally: Oh, my god. No. Look, don’t be ridiculous, okay? Can — can we just get down to work?

[ Sighs ]

[ Wrapper crinkling ] When you’re ready to go, but static says “whoa.”

Adam: So, let me just make sure that I’m following along. You feel we have a certain kinship because victor asked you to stop seeing the woman that i proposed to. If you’re looking for someone to commiserate about the old man meddling in your personal life, I think you’ve come to the wrong place, nick.

Nick: Clearly.

Adam: Mm-hmm. You know, I actually agree with victor on this one. You don’t belong with sally. You’ll never love her the way i do.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] You know what, adam? I’m actually sorry that things didn’t work out with you and sally, but that was her choice. And that has no bearing whatsoever on my feelings for her ’cause I like her. I like her a lot. I like spending time with her. And there isn’t anything that anybody is gonna say that’s gonna change that.

Adam: Well, I wish I could believe you, but my instincts tell me that you’re gonna break her heart.

Nick: And by “instincts,” we’re talking about your jealous streak or your never-ending desire to compete with me, right?

Adam: Oh, yeah. Of course you would reduce this to a contest.

Nick: Hey, you’re the one who said I’m only with her to get back at you. Mm-hmm. Sally told me that. And you’re wrong, by the way.

Adam: I know you, nick. See, I see what’s under the “aww shucks” good guy demeanor, just so diplomatic, without a whiff of passion or desire. “I like sally. I like spending time with her.”

Nick: Is there something wrong with that?

Adam: Yeah. You like your doctor or your neighbor. But a woman like sally! I mean, what did you tell her? You guys shouldn’t rush it? Should get to know each other a little better? I mean, I’m sure you said all the appropriate things, making her think that you two have a future together, that she’s the one. But we both know she never will be, that that’ll never happen.

Nick: Well, what are you gonna do now? Bring up my history with sharon?

Adam: [ Laughs ] I didn’t have to.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sally: I am not hungover or physically ill from seeing adam, okay? Come on. Really?

Chloe: It’s happened to me. I thought it was a thing.

Sally: There’s a stomach bug going around, okay? It’s no big deal.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Sally: Look, we’ve already spent too much time talking about it, okay? And I-I-I refuse to let anything slow us down. We have a company to build. Are you with me?

Chloe: Every step.

Sally: Okay, so, let’s get down to the task at hand, alright? We need to know what impact supply-chain issues are gonna have on the materials and furnishings that we’re gonna need for an undertaking this enormous.

Chloe: Alright. Well, what’s more exciting than supply-chain considerations? Am I right?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] I have some numbers here.

[ Clears throat ]

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Come here.

Summer: That was so hard.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: My mom hates me.

Kyle: No, phyllis could never hate you.

Summer: Yeah. She does. And I don’t blame her.

Kyle: Okay, tell me what happened.

Summer: Well, daniel offered her a job at the gaming division that he’s launching.

Kyle: That sounds like good news.

Summer: Yeah, but when she told me about it, it was like she was hoping that I would ask her not to take it — because what she really wants is to come back and work at marchetti.

Kyle: You’re supposed to forget that she’s the one who contacted jeremy stark and told him my mom was the one who turned them into the feds?

Summer: [ Sighs ] Which, you know, diane did.

Kyle: Yeah, but phyllis didn’t know that.

Summer: Kyle, she’s my mom. I don’t want things to be like this. And what makes it even worse is I can’t even tell her what’s actually going on with diane. And now she thinks I’m punishing her.

Kyle: Okay, did it occur to her that maybe she should face the consequences of her own actions?

Summer: [ Scoffs ]

Kyle: Listen. I’m sorry. I know you want to find a way to heal this rift, but look at the way she’s turning all of this around, making you feel guilty, as if she was let go for no good reason and as if it was all up to you and my dad didn’t want her gone. And I feel the same way.

Summer: Still, I can’t help but feel responsible.

Kyle: Hey, you have nothing to apologize for. And the fact that Phyllis is making you feel like you’ve done something wrong, after everything she’s engineered, it proves we made the right decision.

Jeremy: Diane. I’d forgotten what a pleasure it is to watch you walk into a room. Please.

Diane: I hope you’ll feel the same way when you hear what I’ve come to say.

[Lock whirs, disengages]

Sally: [ Exhales sharply] [Sighs] [Breathing heavily] [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Sally: Nick.

Nick: Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. I was pretty convinced I was unforgettable.

Sally: [Stammers] Of course. I remember.

Nick: We were supposed to have drinks.

Sally: Um… I can’t. I’m sorry.

Nick: Oh, it’s okay. Everything alright?

Sally: Yeah, I’m just a little under the weather. I think it’s just something I ate, probably.

Nick: I’m sorry to hear that.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Nick: That’s okay. But I know just the thing for you.

Adam: [Breathes deeply]

Victor: You’re your own worst enemy, son. All the hurdles in your path have been created by you. What other than your son do you have? You have nothing, son. Nothing! And it’s your own damn fault.

Victor: Far be it from me to tell you how to run this company. You have done a hell of a job, I got to tell you. I’m proud of you.  We have grown, made bigger profits.

Victoria: Yes. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for saying that.

Victor: But — but take a step back every so often. Take a deep breath. Look at what you’ve accomplished, alright?  And your next move — I promise you – will, whether you like it or not, reveal itself.

Victoria: Well, you know waiting has never been my forte.

Victor: I know. I know. I know. You’re my daughter. You want to go after the big fish, no matter how treacherous the waters are, right?

Victoria: Yes. It’s in my DNA.

Victor:  I know whereof you speak. But I’m telling you sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back, alright?

Victori:  Don’t allow that restlessness to prompt you to make foolish decisions.

Diane: I’m here to broker a truce.

Jeremy: And what would that involve?

Diane: Something I could do for you. Something that would settle my debt and wipe the slate clean.

Jeremy: Mm, something I would find, um… desirable?

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