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Update written by Shane

Dex stood waiting for someone on the pier.  Michael descended the stairs to meet Dex on the lower level.  Dex drew his gun, prompting Michael to say, “it’s just me.”  Michael and Dex spoke on the dock. Dex told Michael all about Sonny’s meeting with Pikeman Security Group. Michael knew of Pikeman and their shady reputation for shipping military weapons to private security people.  Dex told Michael that Pikeman was notorious for supplying weapons to people who probably shouldn’t have access to those weapons. Dex said that during his time in the military, Pikeman was a constant headache. Michael stated that this move by Sonny would easily get him indicted for aiding terrorists.  “This is how we bring Sonny down,” Michael stated. Dex warned that things could get “messy” if Pikeman were ever able to tie the evidence back to Michael. Michael didn’t seem too concerned about that fact and believed that he could get the evidence into the right hands without exposing himself as the source. Dex wondered if Michael was prepared for Sonny to go to prison forever. But Michael, who was unswayed by Dex’s advice on the amount of time that Sonny would be facing if convicted, said that this was a new low (even for Sonny).  MIchael said that he didn’t want Sonny around his family. “Forever is fine with me,” Michael said.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth gave Nikolas a list of things Esme needed, and he said he appreciated her. “I’m not doing it for you,” she said, and headed upstairs.  The doorbell rang and Nikolas answered it to find Laura waiting outside. He told her it wasn’t a good time, but she entered, anyway. She told him about visiting Cyrus, and learning some information from him had made her wonder what else she didn’t know, especially about Nikolas. Laura was tired of being kept in the dark and wanted to know what Nikolas had done to alienate Spencer.  

Elizabeth entered Esme’s room, and Esme wasn’t happy to see her. As Elizabeth examined Esme, Esme begged Elizabeth to help her get out of Wyndemere, as she feared that Nikolas would kill her after she gave birth. Elizabeth insisted that she wouldn’t let anything happen to Esme or the baby. Esme was concerned about complications, and Elizabeth said her pregnancy was progressing normally. She said that she would ask Nikolas for a portable ultrasound machine so Esme could have a picture of the baby. Elizabeth again urged Esme not to worry, and she left the room.

A short while later, Demetrius served Esme with a candlelight dinner. When she was done eating, she expressed how sorry she was that Demetrius couldn’t join her, but she toasted to his kindness. She wished him a happy New Year, and he took the tray and left. She pulled one match out of her pocket and said, “Happy New Year to us.”

“I’m leaving now!” Elizabeth called out as she arrived downstairs. Laura greeted her and proposed that they catch up soon, and Elizabeth agreed. Laura sensed the awkwardness between Elizabeth and Nikolas until Elizabeth left. “Tell me it wasn’t Elizabeth,” Laura begged, and she scolded her son. Nikolas told Laura that he had an affair with Elizabeth.  Laura was shocked and said that Elizabeth was like family and now she understood why Spencer was so displeased with his father.  Laura’s inquiries finally drew a rebuke from Nikolas as he told her that there would be no baby, because Elizabeth had suffered a miscarriage. Laura apologized for the loss of his child. However, she was still worried about Spencer, and Nikolas informed her that Spencer’s release was contingent on Victor’s guardianship. A shocked Laura knew that Victor would try to use Spencer, and she vowed to do anything she could to take Victor down. Nikolas pleaded with her not to, he said that if she took down Victor, she would also take him down in the process. 

Trina arrived on the deck of the Haunted Star for Britt’s party, and Spencer said she looked beautiful. He said that they should take a selfie and suggested they could post throughout the night to drive Esme crazy. Sonny and Nina arrived, and Sonny was disappointed that Spencer hadn’t visited him since his release. Spencer apologized to Sonny for not coming to see him following his release.  Sonny said that he was only kidding that he knew Spencer had a lot on his plate. Nina expressed her sympathy for Trina’s loss, and they talked about what a good man Rory had been.

When Sonny and Nina were gone, Spencer took his coat off and put it on Trina, and she reminded him that no one was watching. Trina feared that the Hook killer could be someone they’d never expected, but Spencer thought that Esme was the likeliest suspect. Trina apologized for telling Spencer that they weren’t friends and insisted that she hadn’t meant it. Spencer was glad to hear it, as he had few. He talked about how Britt had always stuck by him, and how much they had in common, like pushing people away when they needed them most. She suggested that they go in, but he asked for five more minutes. As they got closer, they invented a story about how they’d gone out for air, and old feelings had resurfaced.

Terry arrived at the party and waded through the people to find Finn. She joked that the party didn’t seem like his scene. 

Britt and Liesl made their entrance. Liesl went to see Scott as Maxie and Brad approached. Britt expressed how great of a job they’d done with her party. Austin walked over, and Maxie excused herself and Brad to check on Britt’s next surprise. Austin reiterated that it wasn’t a good idea for Britt to run away and that she had time to rethink the plan. 

Sonny and Nina entered, and Nina thanked him for accompanying her to the party. Nina commented on the huge toll that being with her had taken on his life. 

Maxie and Brad wheeled someone heavily covered up into the middle of the dance floor, and the person shook off the clothing to reveal the master of ceremonies for The Britch Fest, a drag queen. The drag queen called Britt to the center of the floor, and everyone began to dance. 

Terry asked Finn if Elizabeth was all right, but he told her that he was the wrong person to be asking. He told Terry that he and Elizabeth had broken up. 

Liesl got Britt off the dance floor and advised her not to overdo it, she said that dancing took a toll on your body. Britt told Liesl to stop worrying and have fun. 

Just then, the drag queen got up onstage and announced that Britt and Brad’s favorite pastime was karaoke, and she called them up to the stage. A song began to play, and Britt and Brad sang “I Knew You Were Waiting” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. They finished the song to a huge ovation. 

The drag queen asked the “boys” to show Britt what they had. They emerged from the back in a line with cake and flatware. Maxie knew that Britt hated the birthday song, but she wanted Britt to make a birthday wish. Britt made her wish and glanced over at Liesl. Britt looked around the room, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

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