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Michael comforted a pregnant Willow, who wasn’t feeling well. Wiley wanted to go sledding, but Willow said that she and Michael had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Wiley said “that’s all you ever do is go to the doctor.” As Carly and Drew walked in, they heard Wiley yell at Willow.

Michael took Wiley upstairs and told him never to speak to his mother that way again. Carly and Drew were there to babysit, and Michael and Willow left for the hospital. Michael instructed Carly and Drew that Wiley’s was in time out for at least 30 minutes.

Drew had stacks of files of men who might be “Josiah,” the man that Drew is looking for.  Carly pretended that it was all like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Drew’s phone rang and he left the room.  Carly continued the search for Josiah.  After flipping through one file, she came across the man Drew was looking for.  She said, “Hello Josiah.”  After glaring at the photograph, Carly was certain that she was looking at Willow’s birth father.  Carly then sneaked the file and the photo into her purse so that Drew would never find it.  Drew entered the room while Carly still had her hand in her purse.  She claimed she was retrieving her lip balm. Drew said that he had thought her lips felt very soft earlier when they shared a kiss. Carly was flattered but she said that she and Drew couldn’t be caught by Wiley in a compromising situation.  

Drew returned to the subject of Willow’s parents, and he couldn’t believe that the man who had lost his child had not filed multiple reports and had not come looking for Willow.  He said that if it were him in the same situation, he would move mountains to find his child. 

Carly left the room to check on Wiley.  Drew made a call and told the person on the other end,  “I wasn’t able to determine Josiah’s identity, so I’m going to need you to question every Josiah in the area. And do not stop until you find the right one,” Drew said forcefully.

Later, Willow and Michael appeared outside the newborn unit at the hospital. Michael told Willow that he loved her, and that pretty soon they would have a new little girl of their own.  He said they were going to have many more memories and happy times with their new family of four.

In Britt’s office at the hospital, Cody walked in. Britt said she wanted nothing to do with Cody, but agreed to listen to him, after he insisted that he had lied and he had to set things straight. Cody admitted that his intentions toward Britt were not on the up and up when they had first met at the Metro Court pool. Cody admitted that he had known that Faison had once been associated with Leopold and that it was the reason Cody had initially wanted to know Britt. Cody added that he had blackmailed Spinelli into matching Cody and Britt through Society Setups. Britt said that she wasn’t surprised by any of his shady dealings.

Cody hoped that Britt would give him another chance. Britt admitted that a part of her wanted to get back whatever she and Cody had lost, but she kept saying, “I can’t.” Cody demanded that she tell him what was keeping them from being together.

Britt said that she appreciated Cody coming to see her and she began to cry.  She said that it meant a lot to her that he had made the effort, but that it was simply too late for them.  She said, “Goodbye, Cody,” and she walked out of her office.

At the nurses’ station at the hospital, Brook Lynn told Maxie that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to be seen ASAP. On a bench nearby, Maxie asked Brook Lynn about her symptoms. Brook Lynn said that she had lost interest in things she had previously loved, had tightness in her chest and had a general sense of malaise about everything. Brook Lynn added that she also was having random crying spells. “You’re not sick, Brook Lynn. You’re in love,” Maxie said.

Brook Lynn offered no contest regarding being in love with Chase. Brook Lynn said she didn’t know the signs of being in love because she had never been in love before. Brook Lynn wondered if Chase had been in love with her, too. Maxie said that if he wasn’t in love with Brook Lynn he at least cared deeply for her.  “If you really love Chase, you’ve got to win him back,” Maxie said.

At the Metro Court, Sasha told Gladys about how Britt had helped deliver the “miracle baby” at the Quartermaine mansion on Christmas. Sasha thanked Gladys for helping her get through Brando’s death and by stepping up to be her guardian. Chase dropped by to say hello to Sasha, and Gladys told Chase that she caught his performance at the Gingerbread Jam and said she had downloaded the new single that very night. Sasha asked Chase what it was like to be newly famous.

Chase asked how the holidays had been for Sasha. Sasha admitted that her first Christmas without Brando had been a struggle, but she added that she had felt blessed to have been surrounded with friends and family like Sonny, Gladys and Nina.. Chase said that he was also one of Sasha’s friends. Sasha thanked Chase for saying that. Chase offered to be there for Sasha if she ever needed to talk.

Chase added that Sasha seemed to be doing so much better. Chase asked if Sasha’s guardianship would be over soon. Sasha was hopeful that the guardianship would end soon, but she admitted that Gladys had done “such a good job” as a guardian and that it had brought them closer than ever.

Chase was happy for Sasha. Sasha put her hand on Chase’s arm, and said she was always in his corner. “Right back at you,” Chase said, and the two smiled at one another.

After Gladys left, Selina appeared. Selina asked Gladys how she planned to repay the money she owed her. She said that she had dug herself in quite deep and she would have to work herself out. Selina wanted to know when Gladys planned on paying her the money she owes her. Gladys offered Selina a pair of diamond earrings that Sasha had paid for and said they should cover a good portion of the debt. After making a crack about them possibly being cubic zirconia, Selina agreed to grant Gladys a one-time line of credit to help her try to win her way out of the debt she had run up at Selina’s poker game.

Afterwards, Gladys rejoined Sasha at their table. Sasha excuse herself and after Sasha left, a waitress brought the check for Sasha and Gladys’ lunch. Gladys opened her purse, which contained a credit card with Sasha’s name on it. She paid for their meal with the credit card.

Also at the Metro Court, Britt met Selina in the lounge area. She asked Selina if she had everything she needed.  She said that if she had brought everything, she promised that after the following night, Britt would never see Brad again. “You’ve given me your word before, and you’ve gone back on it. How do I know that won’t happen again?” Selina asked. Britt explained that if she were to double cross Selina, then Selina was free to release the information that she had on Britt. Selina then handed Britt a small folder, and she remarked that it contained everything Britt had asked for. Britt opened the folder, and she found a passport and driver’s license under the name Rita Jenkins. “All the documents you need…to disappear,” Selina said.

In a suite at Metro Court, Sonny, Dex, and Frank met a middle-aged man with graying hair named Roman Hume. Dex was intrigued that Roman Hume had come alone to this meeting when even Sonny had brought two guards. Sonny told Roman that no one did business in Port Charles without following his rules. Sonny told him the two rules were discretion (which Mr. Hume had said was an absolute necessity for Pikeman Security Group) and the second rule was that no innocent civilians would be harmed in any way.  Sonny said that if they could agree on those terms then they could do business.  Mr. Hume agreed. 

Sonny said that he also needed certain assurances.  Mr. Hume produced a huge briefcase filled with large sums of cash, his movements made Dex nervous and Dex briefly gripped his gun while the contents of the briefcase were revealed. Sonny gave the briefcase to Frank, who left the room. Alone in the room with Sonny, Dex remarked that he had noticed that Roman was ex-military. Sonny asked how Dex had known. Dex replied that he knew ex-military members when he saw them. Sonny remarked that the company Roman worked for, Pikeman, dabbled in military contracts. Dex asked if Pikeman was short for Pikeman Security Group. Sonny was impressed that Dex knew about the company. Dex shared that the company was a group that Dex and his unit had learned to steer clear of. “You worried about me, Dex? Don’t be. We’re gonna get everything under control, and the payoff is gonna be huge. You’ll see,” Sonny told Dex, who seemed unsettled.

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