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[ Thunder crackling ]

Bill: You two aren’t the only ones who’ve been shot.

Sheila: But we know who did that, don’t we steffy? Your mother.

Finn: Steffy.

Steffy: How could you do this?

Bill: I’m not doing anything. The choice is yours. If you prosecute sheila, she won’t be the only one behind bars.

Liam: Dad. Dad, you here? Daddy-O. Dad. Dad?

Wyatt: Hi.

Liam: Mother– what the– what is wrong with you?

Wyatt: You should’ve seen your face.

Liam: This is fun for you? Are you– are you having a good time? Terrifying your brother?

Wyatt: Yeah. Beats a board meeting any day.

Liam: What are you even doing here?

Wyatt: I was checking on dad. He’s not here.

Liam: Maybe he’s at the office.

Wyatt: Nope, just came from there. And because he’s all alone now, I got a little concerned.

Liam: Yeah, me too. I mean, I’ve been calling him over and over. It just goes to voice mail.

Wyatt: Really?

Liam: So, if he’s not here and he’s not at the office.

Wyatt: Where could he be?

Wyatt: I mean, we shouldn’t be worried, though, right? Dad can take care of himself.

Liam: I mean, yeah. Well, normally, yeah, but I don’t know. I mean, he’s been acting so strange lately, and plus, this storm is insane.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Liam: And he’s nowhere to be found.

Steffy: Bill, what is wrong with you? I can’t believe what you’re suggesting.

Bill: If sheila goes to jail, taylor goes to jail.

Finn: Steffy, what’s going on?

Sheila: My son asked you a question.

Steffy: A few years ago, bill was shot. There were a number of suspects, but the police never found who pulled the trigger.

Bill: Because I never told them. It was taylor. She tried to kill me.

Finn: I don’t understand. Why would your mom shoot bill?

Steffy: It was an awful night. One I’ll always regret. How could you do this, bill? I thought you cared about me, my family.

Bill: You know I do.

Steffy: Then why are you doing this? Don’t you realize what she’s done? She’s dangerous! You can’t defend her.

Bill: That is exactly what I’m doing.

Liam: Yeah, no, it shouldn’t be too much longer. I will stay safe. Give the kids a kiss for me. All right, I love you.

Wyatt: Hope checking in?

Liam: Yeah. We’ve got kelly over at our place tonight, so she, hope, beth and douglas, they’re all doing, like, a slumber party thing in the living room.

Wyatt: Instead of being with your family, you’re out looking for our old man during a thunderstorm.

Liam: Well, what else from his favorite son?

Wyatt: What? Get out of here. You’re not his favorite son.

Liam and wyatt: Will is!

[ Wyatt laughing ]

Wyatt: Well, I’ve seen dad angry, but this is– this is different.

Liam: Yeah, no, you’re right. This isn’t angry. This is hurt. This is betrayed.

Wyatt: So what are you saying? He’s the victim in all this?

Liam: No, I’m saying– I’m saying perception’s a hell of a thing, right? I mean, justin’s over at forrester, katie’s moved on. Brooke probably won’t even look in his direction.

Wyatt: So, what are we, chopped liver?

Liam: It’s not that. It’s not that we’re chopped liver. It’s just that you and I both have our own lives. And besides, nobody was closer to him than katie and justin anyway.

Wyatt: Come on. He’s the one who pushed them away.

Liam: I know that, and you know that, but we’re not dealing with logic and reason here. Something inside dad has changed.

Wyatt: I can’t believe he put that necklace back on. I thought that chapter was closed.

Liam: Yeah, me too.

Wyatt: And I know what you’re saying about us having our own lives and everything, but if he’s that lonely, why is he pushing us away? I mean, we both reached out to him about dinner, and he turned us down. As a matter of fact, I showed up here the other night, and he wouldn’t even let me in.

Liam: You serious?

Wyatt: Now, for a guy that lonely, why is he pushing us away? I don’t know, man. I– I think there’s something else going on here.

Liam: Like what, you think?

Wyatt: No idea, but I feel like he’s hiding something.

Steffy: So, you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to hurt my mother, my family.

Bill: No. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to cause you and finn any pain. I just– I just want mine to stop.

Steffy: Bill, sheila can’t help you. She’s a monster.

Bill: Maybe it takes a monster to help a monster.

Steffy: You are not a monster.

Bill: I am. And I’m reminded of it every day. When I was shot, no one cared. You all wished I was dead.

Steffy: That is not true.

Bill: It’s true. I would lie there in that hospital bed fighting for my life and I would imagine my own funeral. No one was there. I didn’t want to die alone, so… I decided that I would work. I would work so hard to bury the old bill. To be kind to you, to brooke, to katie. Katie, the mother of my child. How was I repaid? By being labelled a pariah. Not worthy, certainly not worthy of being loved, appreciated.

Steffy: Bill, if you want to be better, then be better. What you’re doing right now–

Bill: What I am doing? What I’m doing is siding with the one person who sees me for exactly who I am and doesn’t balk.

Sheila: You all act like you’re– you’re better than him. Just like me. You know what, maybe you are. He’s not perfect, but neither are you. Neither am I. Neither is your mother.

Steffy: I can’t believe what I’m hearing right now. You’re siding with the devil. And for what? Revenge?

Bill: No.

Steffy: Then what is it?

Bill: It’s not about revenge.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Liam: What can dad possibly be hiding?

Wyatt: I don’t know, but how else do you explain him keeping us away? Like he’s not even really coming to work that much anymore, and he’s isolating himself here. It’s just, it’s weird.

Liam: That could just be, like, an ego thing, not some secret he’s keeping.

Wyatt: I assume you’re the last one to speak to him, right? But not like just the one-word answers he gives me. Like, really talk to him. So, how did he seem?

Liam: Honestly? Hopeful, manic even. He had invited katie over and he was going to try to convince her to get back together, which worried me. And he kept telling me that I didn’t have to worry, but that’s how cocky he was about it.

Wyatt: Yeah, we know how that turned out.

Liam: Yeah, not well. And– and if what I saw during christmas over at eric’s is any indication, katie and carter are getting pretty close.

Wyatt: Right, I heard. And you said that brooke doesn’t want anything to do with him either, right?

Liam: Right. Which makes both of them having rejected him.

Wyatt: Oh, man. Okay, well. I mean, I don’t mean to sound like the jerk here, but are we really that surprised?

Liam: Fortunately, no.

Wyatt: I mean, come on, the guy did it to himself. He’s– he’s come between brooke and katie before, but at the end of the day, they’re sisters.

Liam: I know. I know. I mean, what– in dad’s defence, I believe him when he says he genuinely loves both of them. I just think he figured on ending up with one.

Wyatt: So, dad is alone. He’s acting strange and for the people that are trying to get close to him–

Liam: He shuts them out. Yeah, the isolation, the sword necklace, all of it. It’s just– it’s a recipe for self-destruction.

Wyatt: And we know, dad, he doesn’t implode. He explodes and destroys everything in his path.

Finn: But bill, father to father, don’t do this. The longer sheila’s free, the longer my family’s in danger.

Sheila: I am your family. You don’t get to choose who your mother is.

Bill: Maybe if you’d given her a fair shot with you, none of this would’ve happened.

Steffy: You’re insane.

Bill: I considered that. But no, I am just so tired of living in this darkness alone, of having my heart broken too many times.

Steffy: You act like this pain was something that just happened. You’ve hurt people, bill.

Bill: You’re right, I have. I’ve hurt so many people, maybe katie and brooke worst of all. And they’ve made it clear that they want nothing to do with me.

Sheila: You know, he’s opened up to me and he knows he’s not a victim and he’s not mad at them for not wanting him. I– the person that he was, the way he treated them. He doesn’t want to be that man any longer. I commend him for that.

Finn: I don’t know you well. Whatever you were. That’s not the bill that I come to know. What you did for my family, for me, saving my mom, reuniting steffy and me. You’re not a monster. Bill, you’re not the enemy.

Bill: You can say that because you don’t know me. I just– I just– I just want a fresh start. I just want a brand new future.

Steffy: With sheila? How can you say you want to be the man who doesn’t hurt people, but yet you want to be with a dangerous criminal?

Bill: She’s flawed, just like me.

Finn: I nearly died, bill. She shot her own son.

Bill: I understand sheila. I know what it’s like to hurt the people that you love and just want a chance to make it right.

Steffy: This isn’t making it right.

Bill: Yes, it is. Don’t you see? This is the one person that I can’t hurt. This is the one person in the world that I can’t break. She can take care of herself. I don’t wanna hurt anybody else. I don’t want to make another woman cry again.

Steffy: Sheila can’t cry. She’s not even human. Sheila is pure evil. Bill, you’re devoting yourself to her.

Liam: Still nothing?

Wyatt: No. Voicemail. What? What are you doing?

Liam: What’s it look like I’m doing? We think our father’s hiding something. I’m looking for clues.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. What? What do you expect to find here, scoob? The whereabouts of our father are not going to be buried in some couch cushions. What the hell is that? What’s that, an earring? Katie’s?

Liam: You’re the jewelry expert. You tell me.

Wyatt: No, brooke?

Liam: I don’t see her stepping foot in here.

Wyatt: So dad has a new mystery woman.

Liam: Let me see it again.

Wyatt: What, really? I mean, I don’t even understand.

Liam: Are you kidding me?

Wyatt: I don’t even understand how you’re my brother.

Liam: You’re going to blame me for your crap throw?

Wyatt: I threw right at you.

Liam: You did not throw it right at me, you– whoa.

Wyatt: What? What? Whoa. Okay, what is that?

Liam: Well, wyatt, it appears to be a wig.

Wyatt: I know that, dummy. Why is there a wig underneath dad’s couch?

Liam: I don’t know why is there’s a wig under dad’s couch. I’m just saying I found it– wait a second.

Wyatt: What is it, part of your personal collection? I don’t understand. Don’T. I’m not touching that!

Liam: Steffy texted me a photograph of sheila in a disguise. Check that out.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. So, sheila carter was here with dad. Do you think she could’ve kidnapped him?

Liam: I’m just as freaked out as you are, but I don’t think that means that she actually–

Wyatt: What are you talking about? Dad is missing. Sheila carter was in this house. What else could it mean?

Sheila: Look, I know how upsetting this is for you, devastating, even. But bill, he just– he just wants a chance at peace. He wants a chance at happiness.

Steffy: By blackmailing my mother.

Sheila: I love your mother. Your mother gave me a chance. She’s the one person that did that for me. We don’t want to see her go to jail. I saved your mother’s life, steffy.

Steffy: Saved my mother’s life? You tried to take it years ago when you shot her.

Bill: Just like taylor shot me.

Finn: Think about what you’re doing.

Steffy: I can’t believe you’re actually– you’re turning your back on your family. Kelly is your granddaughter. I– I– I thought you were one of us.

Bill: One of you? Brooke has no use for me. Katie wants nothing to do with me. And even you, steffy. You don’t want me anywhere near you.

Steffy: Bill, please. Please don’t do this.

Bill: I’m moving on with my life. I finally found a woman who is just like me. You don’t have to understand it, you don’t have to agree with it, but you do have to accept it. I will not let you take her from me. I will not be alone again.

Steffy: God, do you hear yourself? Oh, my god, you’re blackmailing me. You’re threatening my mother’s happiness and freedom. Sheila terrorized my mother. She left finn and me to die! Your granddaughter could have been motherless and yet, here you are defending her. My god.

Sheila: I never meant to hurt either one of you.

Steffy: You shut it. You shut your mouth. You are dangerous and you are out of your mind. And so are you if you think I’m actually going to let her get away with this? I am pressing charges.

Bill: No, you’re not. No, you’re not.

Steffy: Yes.

Bill: You’re not pressing charges. Your mother will spend her life in prison unless sheila spends the rest of her days as a free woman. That is my deal. Take it or leave it. . .

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