Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Li woke up from a nightmare that he was exposed by Stefan. Kristen walked in the room and he jolted. She assured him that Stefan wouldn’t find out the truth from her. She told him that Johnny and Wendy didn’t find out anything either. Li corrected her, but he told her they weren’t going to say anything. She warned him that it will be worse for him if they didn’t keep quiet. Gabi was with Rafe. He thought Li was the right man for her. She couldn’t believe he was questioning that on her wedding day. She changed the subject and talked about his love life. She wondered how he felt about Jada. He reminded her that she was just a co-worker. He told her that he couldn’t date someone who wasn’t on the same level as him. Gabi didn’t think rules applied. She wanted him to invite Jada to go to the wedding with him. She was about to do it herself, but he took the phone from her. Li went to see Johnny to make sure that he kept quiet about the brainwashing. Johnny thought he was a terrible brother for what he was doing to Wendy. He told him that he was starting his marriage off with a lie. He advised Li to tell Gabi the truth or he would regret it.

Eric let Brady know that it was time to put their plan into action. They wanted to do it while Kristen was at the wedding. Eric thought Brady should take Kristen as his date so she wouldn’t leave early. Jada saw Eric and wondered if he was trying to avoid her. He assured him that he wasn’t avoiding her. He gave Brady a look. Jada went to a different table. Eric and Brady talked about getting Rachel from John and Marlena. Brady walked out so Eric went to Jada’s table. He assured her that he wasn’t avoiding her. He said he wasn’t staying there since he was arrested. She knew about his arrest and made a comment about Sloan. He wanted to be friends with her again. He apologized for not being honest with her about Nicole. She thanked him for that, but she needed time before they could be friends again. Brady pretended to bump into Kristen. He suggested they go to the wedding together. She wondered why he would ask her. He thought she would blackmail him into asking her so he wanted to do it on his own. She agreed to go with him. She wanted to take Rachel, but he told her that John and Marlena were already watching her. He thought Rachel would have more fun with them. Eric called John and Marlena to let them know that he would take over babysitting Rachel.

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