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In the Netherlands, Anna and Valentin meet with a former colleague of Anna’s, Andre Maddox. Andre is thrilled to see Anna and the two share a hug, while Valentin casts an envious glare. Andre tells Anna that it has been far too long since they have seen each other and Anna insists she needs his help in clearing her name. Valentin doesn’t understand how Andre can help them, as he is a psychiatrist. Andre agrees. Anna states that she is interested in any interactions he may have had with Victor during the time Victor was working on his projects involving the mapping of the mind.

Anna asks how he and Victor communicated during this time period and Andrew states that there was a secret base in Paris.  It was deep below the city and he was always blindfolded when they took him there, but he does remember accessing it via elevator and it was bunker-like, well below the city.

After Andre leaves, Valentin tells Anna he still doesn’t trust him. He also doesn’t understand why he would put himself at risk to help them. Anna says Andre has plenty of reasons to hate the Cassadines and to want to see Victor dealt with permanently.

At the Metro Court, Britt packs a suitcase to make her exit after her party. Liesl knocks on the door. She lets her mother in, and Liesl says that she thought she would help Britt get ready for the party. Liesl sees the dress Britt is going to wear and absolutely loves it. Liesl asks Britt what is with the suitcase. Britt explains she’s decided to take an extended vacation and is headed out right after the party.

Liesl begins to cry and tells Britt that she has betrayed her trust by telling not only Nina about her Huntington’s disease but Sonny too. Liesl says that keeping the secret had broken her. She didn’t anticipate that keeping the secret would be so hard on her. Britt apologizes for dropping that secret on her mother and says that it has been an honor and an adventure to be her daughter. Liesl takes a selfie of them to remember the moment.

At Wyndemere, Victor tells Spencer he was hoping they could have New Year’s Day brunch. Spencer stops him right there and says that he is kidding himself if he thinks that he will ever sit down at a brunch or any other event with his father.  

Meanwhile, Nikolas checks on Esme, he finds that she is still not eating and tells her that her scheme is not going to work. 

Nikolas then heads to the living room to find Spencer and Victor fighting over Spencer wanting to leave Wyndemere. Nikolas agrees it’s best that Spencer leaves. Spencer storms out, and Victor doesn’t know why Nikolas is not fighting for his son. 

Back in Esme’s room, Demetrius checks on her and pleads with her to eat. He says he’ll have the chef make her anything she wants, even a steak if she wishes. 

Trina meets with Ava at Kelly’s, and Trina mentions that she can always count on Ava. Ava shows her the photo of her and Spencer in the paper and wonders if she can count on him. Trina admits she still has feelings for Spencer, and she was on her way to break up with Rory when he was attacked. Trina feels she can’t tell Spencer any of this now. Ava tries to comfort her, but Trina vents that nothing will be okay until Esme is brought to justice.

Spencer enters, and Ava starts to exit. However, Spencer asks if he can speak to Ava in private and then wants to speak with Trina about Britt’s party.

Trina leaves them, and Ava begins saying that she doesn’t want to discuss his trust fund. Spencer tells her to shut up because he’s trying to apologize. Ava is floored. Spencer says that he put Ava through hell because he didn’t believe she was good enough for his father.  But, he confesses that now he believes the opposite is true.

Ava leaves after her conversation with Spencer.  Trina and Spencer then begin discussing how they can use Britt’s party as a way to put their plan into motion to catch Esme and bring her to justice.  

Laura meets up with Martin at Pentonville. Martin thanks her for helping him in Ireland. Laura tells him that he didn’t have to come to Pentonville, but he wouldn’t let her face Cyrus alone. Cyrus enters the room and says that a visit from both of his siblings is a gift from God.

Laura asks Cyrus why he wanted to see her. Cyrus warns of a “serpent in her garden”, and then informs her outright that Deputy Mayor Ashby is on Victor’s payroll. It was she who pulled strings to get Spencer released, and that could look bad for Laura if the information is leaked to the press. Laura doesn’t seem shocked at all and Cyrus realizes that Laura was already on to Deputy Mayor Ashford. He suggests the two of them can work together to take down Victor. Laura gets up to leave, and Cyrus tells her that he’ll be here when she needs him.



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