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Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan asks if she wants to. Chloe nods, so Stefan begins undressing her as they kiss until Chloe stops and says she can’t do this.

Gabi confronts Kristen and accuses her of telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Kristen responds that she’s hallucinating. Brady comments on the idea of Kristen doing something underhanded. Brady questions why Kristen would do this to Stefan. Gabi continues remembering further and reveals it was because Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe. Kristen asks if Brady believes her. Brady argues that she can’t claim it’s out of character. Kristen stands up and admits that she was at Dr. Rolf’s lab when Stefan woke up, but declares that if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t her idea. Brady asks whose idea it was then. Gabi continues remembering further, revealing that Li knew all along about Stefan and that the brainwashing was his idea. Gabi then turns back to Li and declares that it was his idea. Gabi shouts that Li did this as everyone watches in shock.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan and says it wasn’t fair to him. Stefan tells her that they both just had their lives turned upside down, so they would be idiots to expect to be rational, fair, or predictable. Stefan says that Chloe pulling back wasn’t a conscious choice, so maybe they should both let it go because it doesn’t matter. Stefan declares that there is only thing that matters to him right now.

Li questions what Gabi is talking about. Gabi tells him not to lie to her anymore as she remembers Dr. Rolf admitting that this was all Li’s idea. Rafe realizes Gabi was right that Stefan was brainwashed. Gabi argues that Dr. Rolf made Stefan hate her. Li argues that it doesn’t make any sense as to why Dr. Rolf would incriminate himself like that. Gabi reveals that she had a scalpel to Rolf’s throat and he admitted it was all Li’s idea. Li claims that she’s mistaken and that Dr. Rolf had to say that to prevent her from killing him. Li says he could never do something like that to her and he could never betray her like that. Gabi continues flashing back to her confrontation with Dr. Rolf where Rolf added that Li tried to murder Stefan in his sleep. Gabi then declares to everyone that Dr. Rolf admitted that Li tried to kill Stefan in his sleep which Rafe questions. Gabi announces that Li tried to murder the man that she loves.

Eric watches cartoons with Rachel as they eat popcorn together at John and Marlena’s. Eric comments on Rachel’s good mood. Rachel says she still misses her mom and dad but now she knows they are getting back together. Eric questions why she would think that. Rachel says it’s because they went to a party tonight. Eric says that doesn’t mean they are getting back together. Rachel knows that’s what Brady says, but she points out that it’s New Year’s Eve which means at midnight, they will have to kiss.

Gabi argues that when Dr. Rolf wouldn’t let Li kill Stefan, he took over his mind. Gabi complains that Li knew she loved Stefan and he lied to her over and over and over. Kristen remarks to Brady that they say the first five minutes are the hardest. Rafe asks if Gabi wants to go home. Gabi questions what Li tried to do to Stefan while he was in a bed, defenseless. Li argues that she can’t believe he would do something like that and that it must be some kind of false memory. Li reminds Gabi that she told him that Dr. Rolf said he hadn’t brainwashed Stefan and that she believed him. Rafe admits that seemed weird to him and questions why anyone would believe what Dr. Rolf says. Li insists that something happened because he didn’t try to murder Stefan. Li questions Gabi not rememberring before now. Gabi’s flashbacks continue and remembers Dr. Rolf injecting her with a drug. Gabi then reveals that Dr. Rolf injected her with something that made her forget what Li did to Stefan, but now she remembers all of it.

Stefan wants to make sure that he and Chloe can remain friends. Chloe says of course and that she’s so grateful to him for everything. Chloe assures that she was really having a good time and didn’t want to spoil the evening. Stefan insists that she didn’t and wonders if it was his fault for coming on too strong, but they agree that neither of them should be sorry. Chloe then asks if they can have their dessert now.

Gabi asks how Li could do this to her when she trusted and believed in him. Li asks if they can go somewhere to talk but she yells at him not to touch her. Li argues that they can’t talk about this here in front of all these people and insists they can work this out. Rafe declares that Li is not going anywhere and neither is Kristen.

Eric and Rachel play Go Fish together. Rachel wins the game and then asks Eric why he is here. Rachel questions if he didn’t want to go to the party too and if that wouldn’t be more fun than playing Go Fish with her. Eric thinks back to he and Brady’s plan to fake kidnap Rachel. Eric then tells Rachel that he was going to ask her if she’d like to join him on a top secret adventure.

Kristen questions what Rafe thinks he’s doing. Rafe says it’s his job. Li asks if he’s really going to arrest them while Kristen argues that it’s on recovered memories from a clearly unstable woman. Kristen remarks that Gabi’s dress alone proves she’s not in her right mind. Rafe warns Kristen to watch how she talks to him or his sister. Kristen says she’s refusing to go. Rafe then calls Jada over and Jada then handcuffs Kristen. Jada asks if Kristen wants her to read her rights or if she has it memorized by now. Rafe then handcuffs Li, who questions if this is really necessary. Rafe thinks it’s best to do this by the book. Rafe asks if Gabi will be okay. Gabi instructs Rafe to just get Li out of her sight. Kristen asks Brady if he’s coming. Brady responds that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Rafe and Jada escort Kristen and Li out in handcuffs while Brady follows out after them.

Stefan and Chloe finish their dessert together. Stefan suggests they go out and get crazy. Chloe says he’s being really sweet but he doesn’t have to pretend. Stefan assures that he didn’t bring her to Miami to sleep with her, but to bring in the New Year with her. Stefan points out that there’s still a few hours left and suggests they go dancing at a nightclub. Chloe questions if he’s sure he wants to go. Stefan says if she’d rather stay in and watch the ball drop, that’s okay too as he just wants to be with her. Chloe decides they will go out. Stefan pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to the New Year. Chloe asks if they’re supposed to wait until midnight. Stefan decides it’s close enough and a new beginning can’t come soon enough.

Wendy asks if Gabi is alright. Gabi asks her not to try to tell her that she’s wrong about her brother. Wendy says she wasn’t going to. Gabi guesses Wendy doesn’t believe her but Wendy reveals that she does. Gabi questions that even though she just accused Li of trying to murder someone. Wendy responds that Rafe will sort that all out. Wendy asks if Gabi wants to go home, but Gabi says she needs to find Stefan. Gabi gets her phone to call Stefan.

Stefan asks Chloe if she’s ready to get crazy in Miami for New Year’s Eve while his phone rings nearby on vibrate with Gabi’s call.

Rachel asks about Eric saying they can’t tell anyone about their adventure, including her mom. Eric says they can tell her after and claims it’s like a surprise for her. Eric then gets a call from Brady, who asks where he is. Eric responds that he’s at Marlena’s. Brady says it’s good that he hasn’t left yet. Eric says everything is fine and they are about ready to go. Brady says they need to put the brakes on that. Eric argues that this is not the time to get cold feet. Brady reveals that there has been an unexpected development as Kristen has been arrested.

Rafe and Jada bring Li and Kristen in to the interrogation room. Li argues that Rafe should be with Gabi instead of throwing his weight around because she’s falling apart. Rafe disagrees and says Gabi is upset because the man she just married tried to play God with her life. Kristen questions Rafe being the cop, judge, and jury. Kristen argues that Rafe hasn’t said a word about lawyers. Rafe says that’s because there hasn’t been any charges yet and this is just preliminary. Rafe adds that they will have to do a follow up. Rafe orders Li and Kristen to write down their entire history with Dr. Rolf and everything they have done to Stefan DiMera. Kristen remarks that it will be short because she’s done nothing but rejoice in his return from the dead. Li says he concurs with Kristen. Kristen wants to confer with her lawyer and demands legal representation. Li says the same. Kristen questions if she can get a drink around here.

Stefan and Chloe exit their hotel room together. Stefan leaves his phone behind.

Gabi’s call goes to voicemail and tells Stefan to call her because she swears it’s urgent. EJ tells Johnny that it’s only a matter of time before Stefan learns the truth. EJ points out that it seems Dr. Rolf didn’t tell Gabi that he knew everything, so he doesn’t think there’s any reason for Gabi to find that out. Johnny mocks the idea of doing what’s best for Gabi. EJ says it’s up to Johnny if he thinks it’s necessary and declares that his fate is in Johnny’s hands. Johnny states that Li is the one who started all of this, so he doesn’t see a reason for EJ to be arrested too. EJ thanks him. Gabi complains that she can’t just stand around and she has to go find Stefan. Johnny offers to take her to the DiMera Mansion but Gabi points out that he’s not there as he went to Miami with Chloe. Gabi asks Nicole if Chloe told her where she is staying. Nicole admits that she’s at the Fountainhead Hotel. Gabi thanks her and says she has to go to the airport. Johnny decides they will drive her. Gabi calls Sonny to let him know that she’s going to Miami as she hurries out of the room. Nicole remarks to EJ that Chloe is going to have one heck of a New Year’s.

Four Hours Later…

EJ and Nicole return home to the DiMera Mansion and drink champagne. EJ comments that tonight shows that in Salem, making it through the vows does not mean you’re home free. Nicole notes that EJ seems to be taking this in stride. EJ responds that disastrous weddings are par for the course in this town. Nicole says she means that EJ doesn’t seem very taken back by the fact that Li had his brother brainwashed. EJ states that when one’s father is turned in to a computer chip, one develops a bit of imperturbability. EJ adds that the police is handling it and questions what else he can do. Nicole suggests that EJ fire Li. EJ points out that Li’s father is chairman of the board. Nicole argues that this is EJ’s family’s company and Li tried to murder a member of the family, so she doesn’t think it’s a hard sell to send him packing. Nicole questions if EJ isn’t angry and wanting to take Li down. EJ repeats that it’s not that simple which Nicole questions. Nicole says that’s unless it’s because Li could take EJ down with him.

Jada asks Rafe about Kristen and Li’s lawyer not being in with them yet. Rafe reveals he hasn’t let them call their lawyer yet. Jada points out that they demanded legal representation but Rafe remarks that you can’t always get what you want.

Kristen tells Li to just relax because Rafe is going to keep them as long as possible but he will have to let them call their lawyers. Kristen says it will probably be all night and that Rafe is going to play hard ball because Li wronged his sister. Li argues that he loves Gabi and declares that he has to get back to her.

Johnny comments on Wendy shivering and says she must be freezing. Wendy says at least Gabi made her flight and there was no stopping her. Wendy wonders what the hell is going to happen when she gets there.

Gabi arrives in Miami and knocks on Stefan and Chloe’s hotel room, saying she knows Stefan is with Chloe but they need to talk. When there’s no answer, Gabi declares that one way or another she is going to get in that room and walks away.

EJ questions why Nicole would say Li could bring him down too. Nicole responds that EJ is just like his father and nothing goes on in the family without him knowing about it. Nicole guesses that when EJ went over to Johnny, they weren’t talking about Gabi. EJ admits that she knows him too well. Nicole questions what he did and asks if he held Stefan down while Dr. Rolf went to work. EJ clarifies that he didn’t do anything and he had no idea what Li was up to until after the fact, but he chose to keep quiet which Nicole questions. EJ points out that he didn’t know until tonight that Li had tried to kill Stefan. EJ then explains that they had already redirected Stefan’s affections from Gabi to Chloe and admits he wanted Stefan on his side to get his votes so they could oust Gabi from DiMera. EJ guesses Nicole thinks he’s a terrible person now.

Johnny understands that Wendy has a lot to process. Wendy talks about feeling horrible all this time for not telling Gabi what Li had done, but it all came out anyway. Johnny points out that at least they didn’t have to be the ones to say it. Johnny then guesses that Wendy almost did and that she was about to stop the whole wedding. Wendy confirms that she was because when she saw Gabi about to marry a man who had lied to and manipulated her, she didn’t know if she could live with herself if she let it take place, but then she saw Li’s face and how much he loves Gabi and she couldn’t go through with it. Wendy repeats that it all came out anyway and even more than they knew. Wendy asks if Johnny really thinks Li tried to murder Stefan in his sleep. Johnny admits he doesn’t know. Wendy prays for it not to be true. Johnny holds her hand to comfort her.

Li tells Kristen that when Wendy interrupted the wedding, he thought it was all over then, but for some reason she changed her mind. Kristen remarks that she probably realized what it would do to the Shin family fortune. Li calls her completely cynical. Kristen says Wendy was protecting him but none of it matters since the fact that Gabi remembered her encounter with Dr. Rolf. Li complains that it doesn’t make any sense and questions how her memory could come back like that. Li then remembers that Dr. Rolf kept calling him but he couldn’t talk because Rafe was there, so he wonders if Rolf was trying to warn him. Kristen asks if it would’ve made a difference because Gabi’s memory came back and Rafe is the police commissioner, who is very fierce about his family.

Jada tells Rafe that she’s not sure this is a good idea since all they have is what Gabi says she remembers and the longer they hold them, the more their attorny could claim false cause and the whole case could go up in smoke. Rafe says that’s right which Jada questions. Rafe acknowledges that they are going to have to let them go. Jada asks why the delay then. Rafe explains that Li and Kristen are in there thinking that they are scrambling to get a warrant and when they let them go, they will think they don’t have a case and that they backed down. Jada realizes they will leave with a false sense of security. Rafe wishes Gabi hadn’t been so public with her accusations since Li and Kristen would still think they got away with everything. Rafe says at least they got the warrant and decides Li and Kristen have been in there long enough. Rafe declares that tomorrow morning, he starts building a case against Li Shin to put him away for a very long time. Brady comes over and asks what’s going on. Jada announces that they are letting them go, so Brady and Kristen can still ring in the New Year together. Rafe tells him to enjoy as he and Jada head back to the interrogation room. Brady then calls Eric back and declares the plan is back on.

Stefan and Chloe return to their hotel room. Chloe calls it the most fun she’s had in a long time. Stefan checks his phone and Chloe asks if something is wrong. Stefan responds that there’s a message from Gabi.

Nicole tells EJ that hearing what he did doesn’t change her impression of him in any way and jokes that she always thought he was a terrible person. Nicole then adds that she thinks she’s a terrible person too, so maybe that’s why they get along so well. Nicole says they don’t have to maintain any illusions. EJ says they aren’t really the same, since in her own way, she’s a very decent person. Nicole responds that none of her other ex-husbands would agree with him. EJ states that none of her other ex-husbands deserved her. Nicole then stops and asks how long Johnny has known. EJ asks if she’s clairvoyant. Nicole points out that after Gabi spilled the beans, EJ went straight to Johnny which looked like damage control to her. EJ explains that Johnny knew that he knew, but promised not to say anything. EJ says none of it matters anyway since it’s only a matter of time before Stefan finds out everything. Nicole says there won’t be much time since she told Gabi where Stefan and Chloe are staying. EJ laughs and declares that Miami is going to see some real fireworks tonight.

Wendy and Johnny walk through the town square. Wendy talks about what Li did. Li approaches them. Wendy thought he was at the police station. Li says they let him go and asks where Gabi is because he needs to talk to her. Wendy reveals that he can’t because they took her to the airport and she went to Miami to find Stefan.

Chloe questions why Gabi would be calling Stefan. Stefan responds that he doesn’t know or care and that she probably wants to gloat about the wedding. Stefan says he will go downstairs to check about getting another room but Chloe says he doesn’t have to because she wants to stay. Chloe tells Stefan that she had a really amazing night with him and she doesn’t want it to end as she then kisses him.

Wendy imagines Gabi feels that Stefan has a right to know what happened to him and what Li did to him. Wendy tells Li that they have nothing to talk about and declares that from now on, he’s on his own.

Brady brings Kristen home and remarks that she’s been a busy girl in 2022. Brady asks if it bothered her at all to mess with her brother’s head. Kristen argues that she did it to be with him and Rachel and it was before she knew about the Orchid. Brady guesses Stefan was just collateral damage. Kristen tells him to be self-righteous alone because she’s exhausted. Kristen says she’s going to kiss Rachel goodnight and then go to bed herself. Kristen remarks that Brady can tip the babysitter generously since Eric’s been out of work, so he can use it.

Johnny and Wendy sit together in the town square. Johnny offers to take her home, so she thanks him. Johnny points out that it’s almost midnight.

EJ informs Nicole that it’s just about midnight and suggests they watch the countdown. They sit on the couch as EJ turns on the TV.

Rafe and Jada walk past the Brady Pub. Jada comments that until the bitter end, it’s been one hell of a year. Rafe agrees and declares that next year has to be better as there’s no way to go but up.

EJ and Nicole wish each other a Happy New Year as they then kiss.

Rafe and Jada watch the fireworks at midnight and wish each other a Happy New Year.

Johnny and Wendy watch the fireworks and wish each other a Happy New Year and then they kiss.

Li returns to his hotel room alone and watches the fireworks out the window with tears in his eyes. Li looks down at his wedding ring.

Stefan and Chloe, now with their clothes off, kiss in bed together and agree that they like the way the New Year is starting out. Stefan comments that Chloe was more ready to move on from Brady than she thought as they continue kissing.

Kristen returns to the living room and frantically tells Brady that Rachel is gone.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing in bed until Gabi barges in to the room.

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