Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Traci talks to Alan Laurent, Ashley’s psychologist friend, who came for a visit from Paris. Traci explains Ashley’s behavior to Alan and also tells Alan that Billy suspects that she may have dissociative identity disorder because Billy went through a similar experience. Alan tells Traci he is retired and he can’t practice in the United States. Alan does agree to try and persuade Ashley to get some professional help if she does have DID.

Ashley’s alter ego, Belle, is determined to make Ashley fall in love with Alan so she can forget about Tucker.

Cole and Victori find Claire locked in a storage unit with the body of a dead woman on top of her. Once Claire is home, Victor tells Claire Jordan is dead and won’t hurt anyone again. Jordan is frustrated because she can’t get out of the jail cell Victor has her in and she vows to make Victor pay for what he has done to her.

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