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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Steve talked about Konstantin’s ex. He didn’t understand how she disappeared without a trace. John felt like Konstantin had something to do with her disappearance. Steve thought he could hurt Maggie too. He was glad that his visa expired. They thought he would get out of Maggie’s life. Maggie told Xander and Sarah about Konstantin’s visa expiring. Xander was relieved that he was leaving. Sarah knew Maggie enjoyed his company. She was sorry she wouldn’t have his company anymore. Maggie said that she would. She felt responsible to help Konstantin stay because of Victor’s role in what happened to his daughter. Maggie told them she proposed to Konstantin and he accepted. John and Steve continued to talk about Konstantin. John felt like fate was telling them to leave things alone. He felt like Konstantin was going to take things to the next level with Maggie. Steve didn’t think they should let their guards down. Xander and Sarah were surprised Maggie wanted to get married so soon after Victor’s death. He refused to let her marry Konstantin. Kristen called Brady and asked him to chaperone Rachel’s school trip. He felt like she was up to something. Brady thought she didn’t trust him alone with Rachel. She reminded him about the custody arrangement. He finally caved and agreed to go on the field trip. Kristen thought Rachel would be happy to be on the trip with him. Alex arrived at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander was happy that Maggie was returning to the company. Maggie let him know she was getting married. Konstantin and Theresa ran into each other at the park. He told her that he’s getting married. Konstantin thought they should have a double wedding. Theresa informed him that she was doing her best to drive Alex crazy. He felt like she could make her next move. Maggie informed Alex that her marriage was in name only. Alex didn’t react the way she wanted. He informed her that no one is thrilled that she’s marrying Konstantin. Alex told her that he didn’t approve, but she didn’t care how he felt. She wanted him to leave so Xander showed him to the door. Sarah told Maggie that she couldn’t fault Alex and Xander for how they felt about Konstantin. Maggie said she did everything she could to keep Konstantin in the country. Sarah wanted to protect her heart.

Kristen talked to Rachel about Brady being on the trip with her. She didn’t see why Brady had to go. Kristen explained the situation. Rachel suggested that Kristen go on the trip with them. John believed that Konstantin forgave him. Steve wondered if Konstantin really forgave him after hating him for years. Konstantin arrived. Konstantin said it wasn’t John’s fault it happened. He blamed Steve for what happened to his daughter. Kristen explained that she and Brady didn’t always get along. She wanted Rachel to understand her point. Kristen thought it was supportive for them to be together. She confided in Rachel that she has a boyfriend. Kristen told her about Alex. Alex and Xander talked about being worried about Maggie marrying Konstantin. Xander planned to do everything he could to stop the wedding. Steve didn’t understand how Katarina’s death was his fault. Konstantin told him that he kept what happened to his daughter in the dark. He walked away. Steve wanted to know if John believed what he was saying. John looked at Konstantin when he walked away. Maggie talked to Konstantin about the wedding. She told him about the prenup. He was surprised by that. Konstantin read the agreement and signed the papers. Maggie put the prenup in the safe. He watched her put the combination in for the safe. Xander continued to express his disapproval over Maggie’s proposal. Sarah reminded him that she was helping Konstantin stay in the country. She expressed why Maggie needed Konstantin around.

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