Days Opinions For The Week Of April 22, 2024

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by Michele & Cheryl

Paulina from Days

Why was everyone judging Paulina for risking her life to save Chanel? They would have done the same thing she did to save their children. Steve risked going to prison to help break Clyde out of prison to save his son. The people in Salem should have understood why Paulina would leave the hospital to save her daughter. Paulina did risk her life, but Chanel wouldn’t have been rescued if it weren’t for her.

It took long enough for Eric to find out what was going on between Sloan and Leo. We’re not surprised it finally happened since Sloan never stops talking about it. It was only a matter of time before Eric got a clue and realized something was going on between Sloan and Leo. We guess Eric’s obsessiveness over her money paid off.

Brady cares about Kristen more than he’s letting on. If he didn’t care, why did he listen to her telling him about Alex and his relationship with Rachel? He wasted time talking to her when he could have left the mansion sooner. Brady does a bad job of showing that he doesn’t care about Kristen. He needs to stay away from her if he doesn’t have feelings for her. Brady is clearly torn between Kristen and Theresa.

Speaking of Brady, he and Nicole made up this week. It’s better to see them getting along as friends the way they used to. We enjoyed their friendship and missed seeing them getting along with each other. They didn’t work as a couple, but they do have a good friendship. We will see how long their friendship lasts before something else comes between them.

Why did Stephanie give herself credit for why Everett signed the divorce papers? She made Jada think she talked Everett into signing the papers. Stephanie could have told her Everett decided on his own because he wanted to have a chance with her. Clearly, she wanted to keep that bit of information to herself so Jada wouldn’t be upset with her.

Eric assumed Sloan was having an affair when he saw her charges. If she was having an affair, it would serve him right. He doesn’t treat Sloan right and puts Nicole ahead of her. Why wouldn’t Sloan have an affair? We know she’s not cheating on him, but he would deserve it if she were cheating. Also, why did Eric feel as if he could check into her bank account? It’s her account so he had no right investigating charges from her account.


Stephanie from Days

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