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Tripp and Wendy visit with Steve and Kayla at their home. Kayla mentions that it’s too bad Stephanie had to go to a meeting or they all could’ve been together before Tripp and Wendy leave. Tripp assures that they will say goodbye and keep in touch via video chat. Wendy adds that Stephanie encouraged them to take the trip to Hong Kong. Steve thinks it’s great that they are getting away for awhile. Steve bets Wendy’s parents are happy about it too, which she confirms. Kayla jokes about them not coming back, so Tripp promises they will be back.

Brady and Rachel eat breakfast together at the Brady Pub. Ava approaches and greets them. Rachel tells her that they are going to the aquarium. Brady explains that he’s chaperoning. Ava says that sounds like fun. They laugh together until John enters the Pub. Ava then tells them to have a great time and quickly exits the Pub. John joins Brady and Rachel, exciting Rachel as they hug.

Theresa prepares breakfast and dresses in her nightgown as she calls for Alex to wake up but there’s no response. Theresa guesses she will be Alex’s alarm clock then and goes to his room.

Alex and Kristen kiss in bed in Kristen’s room at the DiMera Mansion.

Kayla asks if Tripp plans to learn Mandarin while in Hong Kong. Wendy says she has taught him a little. Tripp mentions that he does plan on taking some classes and volunteering at a clinic in Hong Kong. Kayla tells Tripp that she will miss him at the hospital but she’s happy for them to get away from Salem for a bit. Wendy goes with Kayla to help with breakfast. Steve tells Tripp that he knows he’s intelligent with great instincts, but warns that the culture in China is very different. Tripp says that Wendy has already been giving him the do’s and don’ts. Steve brings up Tripp and Wendy’s impromptu wedding right before they were rescued. Tripp explains that they thought they were going to die and only had a few minutes left, so they decided to get unofficially married, but once they were rescued, they decided to talk about it and there was no need to rush things. Steve suggests maybe someday. Steve tells Tripp that he’s so glad that he found somebody who makes him happy and says he’s so proud of the man he’s become. Steve says he just wants the best for him because he deserves it. Tripp thanks him as they hug.

John asks Rachel about school. Rachel tells him that she won the spelling bee last week. Rachel sees one of her friends and asks if she can go say hi. Brady agrees and tells her to just stay where he can see her. John tells Brady that it’s so good to see his granddaughter again. Brady admits that it’s been a rough couple months with Kristen having full custody, but she is encouraging him to see more of Rachel and been surprisingly supportive of that. John doesn’t mean to overstep but asks if Brady has asked himself why he thinks that is.

Kristen and Alex continue kissing in bed. They talk about starting in bed and ending up in the shower. Kristen says she would love to go another round but Rachel is going to be there any minute. Alex starts to get up but Kristen reminds him that this was the plan for Rachel to see them together and then tell Brady about it. Alex and Kristen then resume kissing.

Theresa comments on it being weird that Alex’s bed was made and there’s no piles of clothes on the floor. Theresa wonders if Alex already left for work and sends him a text message. Konstantin then shows up at her door and tells her that he needs her help. Theresa asks if Maggie figured out that he’s just after her money. Konstantin reveals that Maggie had him sign a prenup. Theresa calls that smart and guesses Konstantin is screwed and can’t steal Victor’s money now. Konstantin declares that he will get it one way or another because he did not come all this way just to lose what he came for.

Wendy talks to Kayla about her parents being excited for her to come home and says that her mom can’t wait to meet Tripp. Kayla tells her that she’s so happy that they found each other, noting that Tripp really is crazy about her. Wendy says she feels the same. Kayla thinks the time away from Salem will be great for them and assures that they always have a home here.

Alex puts on a robe as he and Kristen have coffee and talk about selling the idea to Rachel that they slept together. Alex doesn’t think it will be a tough sell and kisses Kristen. Kristen calls it funny as she thought for awhile that Brady was the only man she had eyes for. Alex feels the same with Theresa. Kristen knows their plan to make their partners jealous took a slight detour, but she’s not complaining as they continue kissing.

Brady tells John that maybe Kristen is finally mellowing and realizing that Rachel needs a father in her life. John hopes that’s true for his sake. John adds that he hates to be a cynic but he’s pretty sure that Kristen being open to Brady spending more time with Rachel is just another ploy to reel him back in. Brady agrees that he’s probably right but says she’d be wasting her time because there’s no way he’d ever get back with her. Brady says Kristen will have to give him up, much like she had to give John up. John argues that the big difference is that he and Kristen never had a child together. Brady states that unfortunately, he’s always going to have Kristen in his life.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she’s puzzled how he didn’t see this coming. Konstantin repeats that he needs her help. Theresa argues that if she even mentions it to Maggie, she will figure out they were in cahoots and he already signed it. Konstantin yells at her to find another way. Theresa asks if he wants her to make the prenup disappear, which Konstantin confirms.

Tripp and Wendy talk about going to visit a friend of Wendy’s in China. Ava shows up at the door. Steve answers the door and says they weren’t expecting her. Tripp explains that he invited her but wasn’t sure she would come. Ava admits she wasn’t sure either but decided it was important to spend this time with all of them and she hopes that’s okay. Kayla looks unhappy but Steve invites her in. Tripp hugs Ava and says he’s glad she made it. Ava respond that she’s happy she could be at her son’s farewell.

Kristen tells Alex that Rachel was supposed to come in and wonders if Brady didn’t show up or what’s going on. Alex suggests maybe Rachel overslept but Kristen insists that Rachel was too excited for her field trip. Alex says maybe Brady stopped by, picked her up and signed the permission slip but Kristen argues that Brady can’t do that as a non custodial parent. Kristen decides she’s going to find out what’s going on and gets out of bed to get her phone.

Brady talks to John about he and Kristen sharing a child as he then gets a call from Kristen, who questions where he is. Brady informs her that he’s at the Pub with John and Rachel as they are about to go on the field trip. Kristen is shocked to learn that Brady already picked her up. Kristen tells Brady that he needs to get back there because she never signed the permission slip. Brady informs her that Rachel said that she did. Brady then asks Rachel about it and Rachel reveals that she signed the permission slip herself which shocks Brady. Rachel asks if Brady is going to tell her teacher.

Tripp says they have a few errands to run before heading to the airport. Steve asks if he’s sure they can’t give them a ride. They assure they’ve already booked their rideshare. Ava offers to go with them on their errands which Wendy agrees to. Tripp tells Steve and Kayla that he guesses this is goodbye for now as Steve hugs him. Steve tells Tripp that he’s really going to miss him. Tripp says the same. Steve jokes with Wendy to make sure that Tripp doesn’t get in to too much trouble. Ava tells Wendy that their hearts are with her parents for all they have been through and they are so lucky to have her as a daughter. Wendy knows Tripp feels the same about them. Wendy knows the huge sacrifice it is for Tripp to come with her. Tripp assures that he wants to go with her and get to know her friends and family to feel closer to her. Tripp adds that they’ll be back here a lot. Kayla tells Tripp that she loves him and how proud of him she is at the hospital. Tripp jokes that he’s proud to be related to the chief of staff. Tripp repeats that they’ll video chat and talk on the phone a lot. Steve suggests maybe they’ll take a visit to Hong Kong to visit them. Wendy assures they will always have a place with her parents. Ava asks if they are ready. Tripp says yes and thanks Kayla and Steve again for breakfast. Steve and Kayla hug Tripp goodbye and then hug Wendy as well. Tripp and Wendy then exit with Ava as Steve and Kayla tearfully wave goodbye. Kayla comments on Tripp having her heart and reminding her so much of Steve.

Alex asks Kristen what happened. Kristen informs him that Rachel is with Brady and she forged her signature on the permission slip. Alex jokes that she’s a chip off the old block. Kristen says now that Rachel is with Brady, they’ll be off to the field trip. Alex guesses they missed the opportunity for Rachel to see them cuddling and report back to Brady. Alex asks if that means all this cuddling was for nothing. Kristen says just because their plan didn’t serve a purpose, it’s never for nothing when they had a fantastic time. Kristen points out that Rachel won’t be there for awhile and asks if Alex is in any rush. Alex assures her that his morning happens to be wide open.

Brady tells Rachel that it’s wrong to forge a signature and questions where she learned to do that. Rachel responds that she practiced. Brady informs her that forging a signature is a crime. Rachel asks even if you don’t get caught. Brady comments on her sounding like her mother and brings up Kristen being in prison. Brady talks to her about not forging signatures or doing things just because she doesn’t get caught. Rachel tells him that he doesn’t have to get mad. Brady feels he does to make sure that she doesn’t do those things. John decides he needs to get back to the office. John advises Rachel to listen to Brady because he wants what’s best for her. John says he’ll see them soon as he exits the Pub. Brady instructs Rachel to finish her breakfast. Rachel first asks Brady if he has a girlfriend.

Theresa questions Konstantin wanting her to break in to the Kiriakis safe. Konstantin encourages that she will find a way. Theresa argues that there’s probably a digital copy of the prenup on Maggie’s hard drive but Konstantin assures that there isn’t since he signed it in pen and he saw Maggie put the only copy into the safe. Theresa refuses to help Konstantin with this part. Konstantin argues that in that case, securing Victor’s fortune goes up in smoke along with their entire plan which means she loses the money, Alex, Brady, and the respect of her son. Konstantin hopes she understands what is at stake for her and warns that she’d be well advised to never say no to him again as he then storms out of the apartment.

Wendy, Tripp, and Ava walk through the town square. Wendy stops and says she’s going to get some luggage trackers before they go, so she walks away. Ava asks Tripp if there’s anything she can do for him before he goes. Tripp says he’s good and thanks her. Ava tells Tripp that she’s going to miss him. Tripp assures that he’ll be back. Ava says even though Tripp was taken away from her as a baby, he’s always been such a big part of her heart. Ava says coming back, making amends, and having him in her life has been her greatest joy. Ava tells Tripp that she loves him. Ava adds that she’s so sorry for the harm that she caused him as she knows it wasn’t easy for him to find out that he was the son of a mafia princess. Tripp insists that he’s really proud of her for leaving that life behind. Ava feels she doesn’t deserve him to be proud of her. Ava tells Tripp that she loves and respects him. Ava adds that all she ever wanted was for him to be happy and at peace. Tripp says that’s all he wanted for her too. Tripp asks her to stay out of trouble for him while he’s gone. Ava promises she will as they hug.

Brady questions Rachel asking if he has a girlfriend. Rachel says it’s because Kristen has a boyfriend. Brady acknowledges Alex and asks how she feels about that. Rachel says she doesn’t know but that Alex seems nice. Brady knows she wants he and Kristen to be together and even though they aren’t right for each other, that has nothing to do with her. Brady tells Rachel that no matter what he and Kristen are going through, they love her. Brady calls Rachel the most important thing to him.

Alex goes home where Theresa greets him. Theresa realizes Alex is in the same clothes as yesterday which he admits. Theresa points out that Alex didn’t come home last night which he confirms.

Steve tells Kayla that the plane hasn’t taken off and he’s already missing Tripp. Kayla feels the same but she thinks Tripp made the best decision for himself and that he and Wendy will have a wonderful time. Steve decides that with everything going on in his life lately, maybe Tripp would be better off not being around him. Kayla questions what he’s talking about. Steve says it’s Konstantin blaming him for taking the Pawn to Aria and for his daughter’s death. Steve can’t shake the feeling that John bought into it and he doesn’t blame him because if he hadn’t taken that job with Victor and been strong enough to say no, that young woman would be alive right now, but she isn’t.

John works at Black Patch until Konstantin shows up. John asks what he can do for him.

Tripp and Wendy go over making sure they have their passports and their ride is two minutes away. They hug as Wendy asks if he’s ready to do this. Tripp says that with her, he’s ready for anything as he loves her so much. Wendy says she loves him too as they kiss. Wendy asks how many movies they can watch before their plane lands and goes over her suggestions. They then hold hands and walk off together.

Theresa questions where Alex was. Alex asks why she cares since they are just roommates. Theresa asks him please not to tell her that he was with Kristen. Alex doesn’t know why that’s relevant and calls it none of her business. Theresa questions him being with Kristen and asks how he could do that after everything Kristen has done and put her through. Alex says he’s not getting in to this with her and says it’s on her because she said she wanted to keep things platonic, so she got it. Alex declares that his love life is his business alone. Theresa admits she said that, so she shouldn’t feel angry or jealous but admits that she does. Alex gets a call from Kristen but ignores it. Alex tells Theresa that he has to shower and get to the office as he has a huge meeting. Alex says maybe they can get in to this after as he leaves the room.

Kristen leaves Alex a message, saying she’s just lying in bed thinking about him and his gorgeous body and how he just takes control. Kristen says she had a marvelous time and thinks they are on the same page. Kristen admits their plan didn’t go as they hoped, but she thinks it went a lot better. Kristen adds that she’d like to see Alex again and again and again.

Brady and Rachel exit the Pub. Rachel tells Brady that she’s really happy he’s coming on the field trip with her. Brady responds that he’s happy to do anything with her anytime as they walk off together.

Kayla acknowledges that Steve is very upset and suggests he call John to let him know his take on the accusation from Konstantin and being responsible for the loss of his daughter, which she knows is not true. Kayla urges Steve to call John and clear the air. Steve guesses he can do that and let John know how he feels about all of this.

Konstantin tells John that he’s looking for Steve and asks if he’s around. John informs him that Steve took the morning off to spend time with his family. Konstantin decides he’ll be on his way then but John gets a call from Steve. Konstantin then rushes back to John and shows his card in his face to take control of John as the Pawn. Konstantin orders John to listen to every word he says because he has an extremely important mission for him.

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