Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Kyle: What was your dream about, buddy?

Harrison: About the witch lady. She was mean.

Kyle: Jordan will never be able to hurt you again.

Summer: And neither will Claire.

Harrison: Claire didn’t hurt me.

Kyle: She didn’t?

Harrison: The witch hurt her.

Summer: What do you mean, sweetie?

Harrison: Claire’s in trouble, mommy. We have to save her.


Jordan: You bastard.

Victor: I’ve been called much worse.

Jordan: Help! Help! Get me out of here! Help!

Victor: You can yell all you want. No one can hear you. I have seen to that many years ago.

Jordan: You can’t do this to me.

Victor: I can. I have. There’s no way out for you. No poison to take. No fire to set. No way out. Except through me. Now, you tell me where I find my granddaughter.


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