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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan called Leo to ask about Eric’s job at the Spectator. She said he wouldn’t be seeing her money if she didn’t have money to pay rent. Leo said he would work on it. While they were talking, Chad walked in the room. Leo got off the phone. Chad wanted to know if the article was ready to go online. Leo hinted that they needed a backup photographer. He suggested Eric work for them. Eric looked through Sloan’s charges. He assumed she was having an affair. Sloan called Melinda and told her Dimitri was set to be released from prison. She was concerned that he would say something about Jude. Eric called the bank to dispute Sloan’s charges. Chad told Leo that he would consider Eric, but he wasn’t hiring him right away. He asked Leo to do the job, but Leo turned it down. Paulina talked to Abe about EJ. She talked about the things EJ did wrong. Paulina wanted to put a stop to what he’s been doing. Abe warned her that people trying to stop EJ didn’t succeed. EJ asked Johnny to work for him at DiMera Enterprises. He wanted Johnny to think about it. Johnny didn’t want to do it. EJ said priorities changed now that he was married. Chanel told EJ she didn’t want Johnny to do what didn’t feel right. EJ told him he had the option to change his mind. Paulina called EJ so she could see him in her office. When he told her it was late, she warned him to be in her office.

Nicole went to the Spectator to apply for a reporter job. Chad asked her about her experience, but she didn’t have any. EJ showed up at Paulina’s office. Paulina ripped into EJ for what he did for Stefan. She reminded him that he worked for her and told him his actions had to stop now. Sloan called Leo again. She said they needed to talk and was on her way. Eric showed up at Leo’s room. Chad told Nicole that she had the job, but he gave her the ground rules. EJ reminded Paulina that she exposed others to radiation. She said her daughter was missing and needed to find her. EJ said no one was happy about her decision. Paulina said she didn’t regret what she did. Eric asked Leo if Sloan was paying for his room. Leo told him to ask Sloan. Eric said he thought she was having an affair, but he realized he was wrong. When Sloan knocked on the door, Leo told her to leave. Sloan told him Dimitri was going to be released from prison. She walked in his room and saw Eric. He asked her about the charges in her account. Sloan was upset that he opened her mail. Eric wanted her to tell him the truth. Sloan told him that she was giving Leo money. Leo said Eric thought they were having an affair. Eric asked why Sloan was still paying Leo when he had a job. Sloan said she felt sorry for him. Leo told Sloan that he would pay her back. He apologized to her for leaning on her so much. Eric told Sloan that she wasn’t going to help Leo anymore.

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