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Oh, yes. I finally got the all clear from Kayla. Not a trace of radiation left in my system. None at all. Yes, it’s a big relief. I adore you too, Abraham. See you tonight.

Judd. Hello. Mayor Price. What, what brings you here? Did we have an appointment? Uh, no. Actually, I, I just, uh, was passing through and thought I’d take a chance on, uh, meeting with you. But, uh, now’s not a good time, honestly. I could come back. It’s fine, fine. I got a few minutes. Please, please. Sit down. So what can I do for you?

Um, I got a tip from someone and, uh, and I wanted to discuss it with you. Okay.

Look, this person claims that you abused your power as mayor and, um, put the public health at risk. Excuse me, abused my power. So, where did you get this tip, Chad? Who in the hell told you that?

Everett, you’re safe. You’re safe

right now. Nobody’s going to hurt you. No. I’m not. I’m not safe.

Hello, Everett. Dr. Evans. Good to see you. You too. Would you mind if I join you? You know what, um, I’m just, I’m finishing up an article, so I’m, I’m a little busy. Well, it won’t take long. Okay, sit right down.

Last time we spoke You said you did not want to continue hypnosis. Yes, that’s correct. And did you change your mind? No.

Why did you lie to Stephanie?


Stephanie, I am so sorry. I’m late. No problem. Is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah. I just slept through my alarm this morning and I was the only one on the schedule to open. Hey. You’re here now. Okay. Only because I drove like a bat out of hell to get her here. Aww. Okay, um, I can’t even believe that I slept through my alarm, but whatever you want, I will give you a discount, okay?

Why? Why? I was only here two minutes. I just wanted to pick up some pastries for a prospective client. Oh, they’re not for you. No. No. I already had breakfast at my mom and dad’s. We had a little farewell gathering for Tripp and Wendy. Okay. Okay. I had to leave early, unfortunately. And they’re, uh, they’re already about two hours into their flight.

A flight? Where? What are you talking about? Constantine.

And since you’re here, I assume You assumed correctly. Uh, Kayla has given me the all clear and no more isolation and no radiation in my system. Oh, Julie. Oh, that’s such a relief. Oh, more than a relief. I’m, I’m, I’m elated. And Doug is elated, too, and he’s been very clingy today. Well, I could imagine. Well, I’ve been clinging myself.

Maggie, I feel so guilty that I, that I didn’t go to the cabin with him. I thought I would just be away for one night and it turned out, because of radiation, to be days and days and, you know, at this time of our lives. Every day together is so precious. Well, we took good care of him when you went around.

Yes, he told me. He said you were great, and I thank you so much. Well listen, the isolation, it didn’t drive you stir crazy? No, and in that beautiful guest house that you arranged for me? No, I read a lot and I meditated and And I really tried to figure out how to open grandpa’s time capsule, but To no avail.

Oh no, how frustrating. Yeah, frustrating. And I just know that my grandparents are having a good chuckle over my distress. Yes, I’m sure they are. Well, now that you’re back, I have some news for you, Julie. Ah, I’m listening. Well, before word gets out, I wanted to tell you myself. Constantine and I are getting married.


Now listen closely to every word I say, because I have an extremely important mission for you. What’s my mission? Magi, Kiriakos, and I are engaged to be married, but there is just one problem. And you, my obedient pawn, need to serve it.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I thought you knew. Trip and Wendy decided to spend some time with Wendy’s family in Hong Kong. No, no, didn’t even know they were thinking about it. Um, when are they coming back? I’m not sure. I think it’s kind of open ended. Wow, uh, I can’t believe Wendy would have left without saying goodbye. Stephanie, uh, you can help yourself to whatever you want.

Everything is on me. Why? I, I, Chanel, I only got here two minutes ago, okay? I’m happy to pay for my pastries. How about you just grab what you want and then we can argue about it after. No arguments.

Johnny, would you help me set up a display table? I wanted to give out some cookies to the kids for May Day. Um, and I know it’s kind of old fashioned, but Everything okay? Huh? Are you okay? Uh, yeah, yeah, no, I’m fine. What’d you say you needed?

So, Uh, Did you get this tip from your D. A. brother? Because it happens to be almost exactly what came out of his mouth yesterday. Did E. J. ask you to publish a hit piece on me? I haven’t spoken to him in quite some time. You sure he didn’t send you an email about it then? A text? Look, Mary Price, I came to see you because I wanted to get ahead of the gossip and find out what really happened at Smith Island.

What really happened was there was a snowstorm and my daughter went missing. And you left the hospital against your doctor’s advice and illegally commandeered a snowplow to try to find her.

Mayor Price, I, I would like to get your side of the story. On the record. If we can do that.

You say you have a problem you need me to solve. I do. You see, Maggie Kiriakis is marrying me in name only. Well that I can live with. But she also wants to keep me from getting what I came to Salem for. I do. Victor’s fortune. And that I cannot live with. So what do you need me for?

Look, I, um I know Stephanie’s a huge fan of yours, so I didn’t want to make you out to be a quack in front of her. A quack? A quack. I know that must sound harsh, but, I mean, you must know, uh, hypnosis is a pseudoscience. It’s, it’s barely a step up from a carnival act, in my opinion. Besides which, uh, the divorce papers that I’ve been so relentlessly pursued to sign are now signed.

So the court is cut from Jada and I’m ready to move on with my life. Well, I’m glad about that for you. And, uh, in spite of your disdain for hypnosis, I think you would still benefit from therapy. And if you don’t want to continue seeing me, a quack, as you say, you might want to find a different therapist.

Thank you for the recommendation. Um, I take it to heart, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing therapy with you or with anyone else. As I said, I’m ready to move on, so if you’ll excuse me. Chad,

wherever, whoever you got this tip from, I can guarantee you it’s, it’s all been blown out of proportion. Really? Because I heard the firefighters had to wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from the dangers of the radiation. Because they were ill informed. It was an overreaction. Look, Mayor Price, I’ve checked it out.

Okay, I know the facts. I know that you were warned against the risks of being in close proximity with people before your numbers were down. They weren’t down. The firefighters checked it out too. You were in a hazmat suit when they transported you back. My numbers were going down. I felt the risk was minimal.

Okay, then why didn’t you notify anyone you were leaving the hospital?

I got quotes from the public works guy, too, who you strong armed the snowplow from. I mean, where’d you even learn to drive a snowplow? I used to own a construction company in Miami. I learned how to drive heavy equipment. Driving a snow plow is no different than driving a bulldozer.

So then you don’t deny that it happened.

Constantine has lost so much in his life. And he’s told me so many times how it’s been a tremendous comfort for him to stay in Salem. And, you know, for me, his presence, it’s a comfort to me. I know that, yes. Um, well, Julie, he can’t stay in this country unless he becomes a citizen through marriage. So, I decided to make that happen for him.

You probably think I’m crazy. No, no. I don’t think you’re crazy. I think it is, uh, an example of your enormous generosity. You want to help the man. Julie, thank you for understanding. Well, I know that you have thought this through. You know what you want. You know what you need. I do. And I think it’s a positive thing for me.

Cool. To have Konstantin stay here, his, his friendship and, and companionship.

Yes, of course. I just,

I hope you’re going to protect yourself going into this marriage, Maggie. I assume you mean financially. Yes. Yes, I am. Um, I knew it was wise for me to have a prenup. He signed it immediately. No resistance at all. He knows if I, um, predecease him, that the entire Kiriakis fortune goes to Victor’s children.

You have been very wise, and I support you in this decision completely. Oh, Julie. Thank you so much for understanding. And for your friendship. Oh. My future wife insisted that I sign a prenuptial agreement. She locked it in the wall safe in the study of the Kiriakis mansion. I need you to break into that safe and steal that prenup.

Ask who it is. Who is it? John, it’s me. Is everything okay? Tell her everything is just fine. Everything is just fine. Why is the door locked?

Look, Chad, I know there are a few malcontents out there who are Eager to slander me. Mainly D. A. DiMera, since I called him out on his questionable behavior. I’m sorry, but this isn’t about D. A. DiMera or, or anyone else trying to be vindictive. Mayor Price, no one is eager to slander you. The fact is, the fact is, is that you left the hospital against medical advice and you, and you hijacked a snowplow.

Now someone could have been seriously hurt. I know you say you have experience, uh, uh, uh, on how to operate, you know, that kind of vehicle, but you were in no shape to do so at that time. Not to mention, you don’t have a license. Okay. And there was no guarantee you were going to find Chanel. Mayor Price, you could have been seriously hurt.

Or died trying to find her. But it didn’t turn out that way, did it? Chanel is safe and I’m doing just fine. And for that, we are all very relieved. And grateful. But come on, Mayor Price. You know that it’s dangerous to be in close proximity to people while, while, while radioactive. You know how risky that is.

Chad, there is not a parent in the world who would not have done the same thing that I did, and you know it. Now, what if a What if it were your children that were missing? Wouldn’t you, wouldn’t you have gone to any lengths to try to find them? Empress, it’s not a fair question. It’s only not fair because you know very well you would do the exact same thing I did, regardless of whether or not you put others at risk.

Very minimal risk. Minimal? Are you sure about that?

In the end, no one was affected by my being in close proximity to them. Julie, Johnny, or Chanel, everyone is doing just fine. So, if you want to write a fair and balanced article about all this, why don’t you ask my daughter Chanel if she’d rather been left to freeze to death in that snow?

Hey, I, um, I wanted to ask you, uh, since you’re probably gonna be too busy to go apartment hunting today, did you want me to go ahead, scope some stuff out, or you wanna wait till we can both go together? Oh! Uh, sure, if you want to go alone, then, yeah, you could do that. I, I’m exhausted, and, um, if you wanted to do some of the legwork on your own, then, um, that would be awesome.

Okay, then, that’s what I will do. Oh, I gotta say, it’s always just a little awkward. When the leasing agent asks about employment, you know, trust fund 20 something isn’t exactly an occupation. Oh, stop. They don’t care how you get the money as long as you have it and you can pay the rent. And plus the bakery is doing really good right now, so we’re good.

Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I just, I’ve kind of been thinking maybe I should have given my dad’s offer a little more thought. What? No. Working for DiMera Enterprises has never been your dream. Yeah, I know, but I should probably have some kind of job, right? Okay, then pursue what actually is your dream. You’ve always wanted to make movies.

Yeah, I have, but there’s no opportunities for things like that in Salem. I mean, I need to be in L. A., you know, or New York. And I would never ask you to leave your mom or your bakery. You should know your whole life is here. My whole life is here. You sure about that? Yeah, of course I am. Hey, I know

you got a lot going on these days, but what was with your 180 earlier? Excuse me? You wouldn’t give me the time of day outside, and then you were all Mr. Friendly when I came in. What’s up with that? I, um, I didn’t know I did that. Maybe I was distracted. Seemed you were evasive with Jada, too. I mean, you signed the divorce paper, so why don’t you give them to her and be done with it?

Did you change your mind or something? Sorry. Um, I gotta go.

Hey there. Hey. Hey. Chat around? I have something I wanted to drop off for Thomas and Charlotte. Ah, right. Um, no. She’s, uh, took off out of here to do an interview. I’m writing an article about May Day, which is as fascinating as it sounds. That explains the mood. I have rewritten the first paragraph like 28 times.

It’s brilliant. That sucks. But I’m kind of glad that that’s why you’re in a bad mood. I was worried it might have something to do with you giving Jayda the signed divorce papers. I don’t know. No. No. It’s, uh, nothing to do with that. Jada was relieved. Obviously.

I, I assume you are too?


Hi there. Why was the door locked? I didn’t know it was. Oh, uh, so am I interrupting something?

No, we were just, uh, I came by to invite you and John to my wedding. Your wedding? Oh, Maggie has not told you? No. No, she hasn’t said a word. Well, then that is my fault. I am sorry. Would you mind when Maggie does invite you that you pretend this is the first time you’re hearing it? No, I wouldn’t mind that, actually.

But I, uh, I mean, I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t mind you telling us.

Well, excuse me. I should be going. I will be in touch.

A wedding? My God, what is Maggie thinking? John, what did he say? Well, he, he said that, um, I don’t know. You don’t know? How can you not know? He, he was just here. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. This is just so strange. I think he, he said something. About Maggie, I can’t remember exactly. Did he talk about anything else?

No. No, at least I, I don’t think he did not. Yes. Yes, I remember that we were both talking. What the? I can’t recall when we were talking about it, damn it all. This isn’t the first time this has happened. What do you mean? It just hit me a couple of weeks ago when I met Constantine in the park. The exact same thing happened.

Oh my god. Doc, what the hell is going on with me, honey? That’s a very good question.

You, you are totally right. You’re totally right. Why, why would I have misgivings about divorcing Jada? You know, I don’t even know the woman. I want nothing to do with her. I think the only reason that I was hesitant to sign those papers is, it’s because it seemed like it would be forgery, you know, just to sign as, as Robert Stein.

No, I, I know. I know that. But thanks to you, I, I got over that, that reluctance. I’m glad that you did. For Jada’s sake. And yours. Yeah. I’m glad I did too. You really helped me realize that I needed to do that in order to put all this behind me. It’s great.

Hi. Hey, Chad. Um, I have something for the kids. That’s why, that’s why I’m here. Oh, that’s very sweet. Uh, Everett said that you were doing an interview? Yes, I am. Uh, I just came by to grab this. Oh. Um, I’m not sure if it’s going to pan out, but if it does, I’ll loop you in. Okay. Well, um, here. I passed by a toy store and I couldn’t resist.

Just another teddy bear for Charlotte and some action figures for Thomas. Oh, look, it really doesn’t matter what it is because, you know, if it comes from you, they’re gonna love it. Uh, well, I’m gonna run home and grab lunch before my next interview and, uh, Oh, um, Thomas keeps asking when you’re gonna come over and play cards.

Oh, tell him soon. I’d love to see Charlotte too. Yeah. This weekend? Sure, just let me know. Uh, I’ll reach out to you later? Yeah. Everett,

before Chad came in, you were talking about putting it all behind you. Yeah. What exactly did you mean by that? I mean exactly that. I think it’s time to forget about Bobby Stein and Move on with my life. Haha. Hmm. Yes, it is. How are you?

How are you, sweetie? Um, you know what? I am grateful to be indoors, and I think I might have sprained my ankle. Oh, oh, I’m sorry about the ankle, but this is such a relief. Who found you? She was stuck out by that big rock area. Yeah. I was headed there when I saw the snowplow, Paulina. I drove it across the bridge to rescue Chanel.

Told you I was gonna find my girl. Well, well, we’re all very grateful, I’m sure, but you should have stayed in isolation. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m still radioactive, but I just Paulina! You exposed all of us! I just hope to God you haven’t done more harm than good.

Oh, how are two of my very favorite people doing on this fine day? Hi, Mama. Hey, baby. Paulina, you’re looking great. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Paula. Feeling great, too. Um, and well, um, I do have a favor to ask of my new son in law. Well, you just go ahead and name it. Um, the spectator has been sniffing around, um, my office asking about my leaving isolation at the hospital and going to Smith Island.

And after the disagreement, the DA and I had last night. Uh, I have no doubt he’s behind it. You’re talking about my dad? Yes, I am. And, well, Johnny, you know, I don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position. Uh, but um, I think your papa’s out to get me. What do you think you can do to help? Ah, Julie! What a pleasant surprise!

Released from isolation, huh? Yes, I am, and I understand congratulations are in order. Maggie told you that we are engaged to be married, huh? Yes, she did, and I’m very happy for you that you will get to stay in this country, and happy for Maggie, because I know how much she enjoys your company. Not as much as I enjoy hers.

So, when is this big day? Oh, well, that’s something we’re still discussing. I see. Okay, well, I’m sure when you know, I will know. We will. And if you two will excuse me now, I’ve got to get some breakfast for Doug and myself. Yes, see you later, Judith. Yes, see you later. Yes, you will.

You changed your shirt. Oh, I’m always spilling coffee. Something tells me that Julie is concerned about this marriage. Well, actually, she was very supportive of my decision. I hope you told her about the prenup because I want her to know that all I want is to be here in Salem close to you and nothing more.

I told her about the prenup, yes. And that your lease expires at the end of the month. Well, I suppose that means we should tie the knot as soon as possible, yes? Don’t worry. I’m not going to let the deadline pass. I’ll make sure you don’t have to leave Salem.

I suspect that when you’re with Constantine, a part of you shuts down. It’s a way of trying to, well, forget the memories of what he put you through. Your subconscious is trying to Protect itself. So you think that’s why I can’t remember any of my conversation with him just now? Well, I think that’s one explanation, but But not the only one, right?

So you had a disagreement with my dad last night? That’s putting it mildly. And then, um, his brother, your Uncle Chad, shows up at my office this morning asking all these questions and twisting around what actually happened. And it, it sounded almost exactly like what your father said to me last night.

Paulina, I’m so sorry. Yeah, me too, Mama. And as I said, Johnny, I, you know, I hate putting you in the middle of all of this. Um, but, uh, Could you possibly put in a, a good word for me with, you know, with Chad? Yeah, of course. I will. I will. I will. I’ll, uh, I will. Thank you. Thank you, honey. And you know, tell him how I saved Chanel and I told, how I told everybody to stay away from me.

And I was trying to be as responsible as possible. You both know that, don’t you? Yeah, yeah, of course. I, uh, I, Hey, man. Everything okay? Yeah, I just suddenly feltqueasy. Oh, man.

Chad! Hey, there. Oh, hey. Nice to see you, Chubb. Yes, um, you too. Uh, I just came by to drop off some gifts that Stephanie got for the kids and, uh, I don’t know, grab a little bite to eat. Oh, well, cook. He made a marvelous chicken pot pie. And I’m sure there’s some left. Yeah? Yeah. Uh, I meant to ask you, did you, did you Final thing that you were looking for?

Oh, yes, I did. Thank you very much. Well, I know that you were really shaken up about it. You know, actually, it was a playing card that Constantine misplaced. And the reason I was shaken up is because it was symbolic of something that was It is too complicated to get into now, but suffice to say, it reminded me of my daughter, who I lost, as you know.

Yeah, I know. Well, I’m uh, really glad you found your card. Okay, see you later. Okay, enjoy the pot pie.

But Everett, you still don’t really understand what happened in your past. There are still so many unanswered questions. About Bobby Stein, your marriage to Jada. I just, I don’t want to talk about that anymore. I’m tired of deep diving the past looking for answers that frankly may or may not exist. I think it’s a waste of precious time.

Honestly. How can it be a waste of time? I mean, don’t you have to understand your past to be able to live fully now? I don’t know. Do you? I feel like that could just be a bunch of psychobabble. You know what I mean? I feel perfectly capable of living my life now, knowing what I know. And I feel fine. You can’t live your life in the past.

You’ve got to be in the here and now. Carpe diem, baby. Okay, those are, those are helpful bromides, Everett. But in your case? I know. My case is Complicated. Obviously, it’s complicated. I know that. I totally know that. But I really feel like I’m, I feel like I’m turning this corner right now. No more ruminating about things that may or may not have happened in the past that don’t have anything to do with my life right now.

No more being shrunk. It’s a waste of time, like I said. Really? A waste of time? Well, Dr. Evans must agree. In my case, because she actually discharged me from therapy.

Everett, why would you be discharged from therapy? I thought you were making progress. I was. And now I just I think I’ve gotten everything I could possibly get out of my sessions with Dr. Evans. You know, the fact of the matter is I might. Never get access to those memories that she was trying so hard for me to access.

So, she and I agreed that the best use of my time, and hers, would be for me to focus on the here and the now. Moving forward. I see. I think I told you this before, but After the accident, after I regained consciousness, the specialists all told me that my memories over the past few years Might be permanently erased.

So I, I’ve just learned to live with that. You’re making progress. Like I said. Until you freaked out during hypnosis. Yeah, well Marlena said that that’s actually pretty common. To freak out, um, during hypnosis. That happens to a lot of people. And actually she considered it a breakthrough. Of sorts. So, I know, it’s crazy, but I trust your judgment.

Honestly, I’m excited. I’m excited to start making new memories. Hopefully with you.

So, is there any news on when we can go home? Well, I was able to get a hold of the contractor and he said everything’s going beautifully. Wouldn’t it be wonderful when we can go home again? Oh, it’s going to be amazing. Um, I have to go to an appointment, but I was hoping I could ask you about your experience at the cabin, if you have time.

Oh, of course I do ask away. Well, um, how do you feel about Mayor Price exposing you to radiation? Um, I understand completely her compulsion to find her missing daughter. And I’m still very upset that everybody had to go into days and days of isolation because of her rash behavior. She is the mayor of the town.

I would think she should be protecting her people rather than putting their lives at risk. Right. So then you do feel like she put your lives at risk? It’s not a feeling, darling. It’s what happened. Because she did not stay in her isolation room at the hospital, Chanel and Johnny and I all could have become very ill.

I just thank God that we didn’t.

Hey, is uh, everything okay? Uh, yeah, uh, not, not really, but I’m not feeling well. Oh, honey, uh, can I get you anything? Water? Juice? Oh, uh, no, um, I already called Lauren. She’s gonna come in. She lives about five minutes away, so she should be here soon. You know, you were tired yesterday and this morning. Yeah, well, there’s stuff going around.

I know there is, but look, I don’t mean to scare you. It’s just Kayla said we should look out for any symptoms of radiation poisoning, like fatigue. Oh, no. Oh, my God, Janelle. Okay, Mama, Mama, it’s okay. It’s okay. No, no, no, it’s not, it’s not okay. Not if you’re feeling sick. No, I, I think we should just, let’s get you to the hospital right away.

Get you checked out. No, please, please, please, no. I just want to get some rest and then we’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow morning. No, no, we are not playing around with this. Now, let’s get you checked. Alright, I’m gonna pull the car around, okay? Alright. Something’s not right here, Doc. I don’t know what the hell it is, but I’m

glad you showed up when you did. How do you feel right now? Not good. Disoriented. Yeah. Okay. Let’s get you home.

It was not meant to be. Not today.

But don’t worry. I will get what I want. Next time.

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