B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon and Finn are shocked to find an unconscious Sheila, alive, in a dirty, smelly old building, under a bunch of boxes, boards, etc. Deacon takes her sock off to see that she is missing a toe. Finn calls her name (Mom) but can’t revive her. He checks her pulse as Deacon awaits anxiously. One of Sheila’s feet is chained to the wall. She opens her eyes and asks for help. Deacon gets her water at Finn’s request.

In her office, Steffy worries about Finn. She phones and leaves him a message. Hope shows up with some work business. Steffy has a flashback about seeing Finn this morning when he was somewhat distracted. Hope and Steffy for a minute, and then Steffy asks how Hope is doing. Hope realizes that Steffy is hoping that she and Liam get back together. Hope suggests that Steffy concentrate on her own life.

After having lunch with Bill, Liam waits at Il Giardino for Ivy to show up. She’s just in town briefly, but he hopes she can stay. They flirt a lot and catch up on what’s going on. She kisses him.


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