B&B Short Recap Monday, April 29, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn and Deacon go inside the building that the homeless man, Tom, told them about (where he saw Sheila entering). Eventually, they find Sheila, unconscious and dirty, under a pile of boards and other things.  Finn calls her, “Mom.”

Brooke, Ridge and Steffy are in a meeting in Forrester. Steffy is predoccupied, worrying about Finn because he hasn’t said much in the past day or two. When Ridge talks about how RJ and Zende make a great team, Brooke doesn’t say much, but we know she’s thinking about the drama involving the two men and Luna. Steffy’s worry turns to talk about Sheila. She has another flashback to stabbing her.

Bill and Liam have lunch at Il Giardino again. Liam wonders why Deacon isn’t there for the lunch rush. They have a nice chat, mostly about how Liam is focusing on his kids and work now. Bill wonders if Liam and Hope might get back together. When Liam mentions that he’s a bit ashamed of his past waffling between Hope and Steffy, Bill doesn’t agree. They discuss the two women more.


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