GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Blaze’s mom Natalia goes to talk to Maxie about Brook Lynn who she thinks is flighty and irresponsible who shouldn’t be managing Blades music career. Maxie tells Natalia that Brook Lynn is very responsible and good at her job because she loves the music business.

Drew and Nina have hate sex again but, this time, in Drew’s office. Nina makes Drew promise that they won’t have sex again.

Willow accepts Drew’s job offer to work for the non-profit that promotes bone marrow donation. Willow tells Nina that if Drew can forgive her for sending him to jail then maybe it’s time she let go of her grudge against her. Nina realizes that Drew could be the key to her having a relationship with Willow so she must find a way to stay in his good graces.

Sasha gets the job as the Quartermaine’s cook after the family enjoys the chicken tetrazzini she made for them. Sasha is so happy she kisses Cody.

Dex tells Jason he saw Hume talking to Valentin on the day someone tried to kill Sonny at the Metro Court pool. Jason later tells Anna that Hume has a very high position at Pikeman and Dex saw Hume talking to Valentin the day someone tried to kill Sonny at the Metro Court pool. Anna decides to get close to Valentin again to find out if he works for Pikeman.

Dex is officially accepted into the Police Academy.

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