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Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina: I swear Kayla. Only you can make a haz mat suit look chic.

Roman: You’re back from the monastery.
Kate: Words I bet you never thought you would say to me.
Roman: No, I didn’t.

(about Chanel’s ankle)
Chanel: It hurts when I put pressure on it.
Johnny: Maybe you shouldn’t do that.
Chanel: Why didn’t I think of that?

(to Stefan about being a bartender)
Ava: America loves its riches to rags story.

(to Stefan)
Ava: You’re lucky you have a brother who is the D.A. Those get-out-of-jail-free cards come in handy.

Stefan: I’m unarmed just so you know.
Harris: I’m not just so you know.

(to EJ)
Kristen: Wouldn’t it be entertaining to watch Stefan work?

(about Theresa going to Maggie about the magazine closing)
Theresa: I didn’t not run to Maggie.
Alex: Oh. So you drove there.

(about Tate)
Sophia: He is such a snacky snack. I wish he was on the menu.

(to Stefan)
Kristen: I would give you a nasty look, but you already have one.

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