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Bill: This is even more satisfying than I imagined it would be. This animal will never hurt anyone again.

Sheila: You’re liars. You manipulated–

Ridge: Will you please shut up! Bill came up with a plan to put you away forever.

Bill: No one will remember you, speak your name, and certainly no one will love you.

Sheila: My son will love me.

Bill: Enough! Cuff her, and gag her while you’re at it. Get her the hell outta here.

Dep. Chief baker: Back up. Call for back up. Surround the perimeter.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Sheila breathing shakily ]

Sheila: I thought you loved me.

Bill: You thought wrong. And the ring, by the way, it’s fake. As fake as the feelings I pretended to have for you.

[ Sheila hyperventilating ]

[ Door opens ]

Ridge: What did you do? What happened?

Deacon: Sheila, why is she on the ground?

Bill: Faking a heart attack.

Ridge: Get up!

Deacon: Sheila, hey. Hey.

Bill: You think this little performance is gonna keep you from going to jail?

Dep. Chief baker: All right, fellas, we got this.

[ Police radio chatters ]

Bill: All right, let’s go celebrate. Excuse me. her. See if she’s has any weapons.

Steffy: I think I’m having a- a little pain right here.

Finn: Yeah? How’s that? You know what? I think the– I think the other side–

Steffy: Oh, really? Okay.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. You have good instincts.

[ Laughs ]

Finn: Is that better?

Steffy: Much better. Gosh, dr. Finnegan, your lips have some magical properties.

Finn: Yeah. Well, I took an oath to act in my patient’s best interests and my wife’S.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ] Well, taking care of people runs in your family.

Finn: Well, thankfully I didn’t inherit any of my birth mother’s characteristics.

Steffy: You are the exact opposite of sheila.

Finn: Maybe there’ll come a time when we don’t have to worry about her anymore.

Steffy: That would be so nice.

Stephen: Hello, honey.

Donna: Daddy! Oh, what a treat. It’s so good to see you.

Eric: It’s been quite some time, stephen.

Stephen: Eric, it’s good to see you.

Eric: And you must be lucy.

Lucy: Oh, it’s so lovely to finally meet you.

Eric: Thank you. I’ve heard only wonderful things. Come in.

Donna: Oh, lu– lucy is the best. A wonderful addition to the family. Now we jus did ridge tell any of you why he wanted us to meet here?

Eric: No. No. He just sent me a text. He asked me to get everybody together and that’s what we’ve done.

Taylor: Hi. Yeah. I-I got the same text. Does anybody know what’s going on?

Brooke: I guess that means ridge is back in town.

Stephen: Well, it took him long enough, didn’t it? I mean, there’s no excuse for abandoning your family at a critical time like this. Not with sheila carter on the loose.

Bill: Sheila was totally fine on the alley until she realized I had her cornered. Then it was the heart attack show, clutching the chest. Falling to the ground, the whole bit.

Deacon: Yeah.

Ridge: Well, phony heart attack or not, she’s going down for murder one.

Bill: We finally got her.

[ Beer bottles clank ] We can move on with our lives.

Ridge: So I texted dad, told him to bring everyone over to the house. I want them to know what you did. What you went through to make sure this family doesn’t have to deal with sheila any longer. Why give your family just any eggs

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah.

Stephen: Typical ridge. He jumps ship when he doesn’t get his way.

Taylor: Well, relationships. Sure. Look, he’s been out there doing some much needed soul searching. That’s gonna take some time.

Donna: Yeah, but I don’t think he meant this long.

Eric: I’m sure ridge has his reasons.

Lucy: Maybe the extra time was necessary to unravel all the old patterns I’ve been hearing so much about.

Stephen: Yeah. Well, honey, that could take years. Decades maybe.

Brooke: Dad, it’s not like ridge has been completely mia. He has been calling in to the office from time to time.

Taylor: He has. Yes. He’s been checking in. I’ve heard from him a few times. So has brooke.

Stephen: He’s not here, taylor. He’s not protecting his family. He’s moping somewhere licking his wounds.

Katie: Eric. Oh.

Eric: Hey, carter. Come in.

Carter: Yeah, we got your text.

Katie: Yeah. Apparently, everyone did. Dad, hi.

Carter: Ridge wanted to see everybody?

Eric: Yeah.

Taylor: Yeah. And we don’t know why. We are just as confused as you are.

Katie: Where is he?

Ridge: It’s time they found out I was in los angeles this whole time, working alongside the two of you.

Bill: Yeah. Sure. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Deacon: Yeah. You wanna check my underwear too, bill?

Bill: If I thought you ever washed them, maybe.

Ridge: We’re not sure when this started, but we know there’s something going on between you and sheila.

Bill: You got two choices. Keep making pizzas or go to jail. I would go with cooperating with the authorities and helping us bring sheila to justice.

Deacon: All right. What do I have to do?

Ridge: You came through for us. Still don’t get all the details between you and sheila. I mean, that’s–

Bill: Yeah. Don’t– don’t– don’t need the details. I have enough of my own horrible visuals, don’t need–

Ridge: All right. But obviously, somewhere along the way he fell for her. Can’t understand why, but you did.

Bill: You gotta have regrets. No? Well, whatever. You helped us bring her down so we will keep your little romance between the three of us.

Ridge: That’s fair. We’re not gonna tell brooke or hope.

Deacon: Thank you. I appreciate that. I- I don’t wanna lose my daughter. That’s why I did this.

Bill: You should have thought of that before. Stuck to massaging the pizza dough instead of that lunatic.

Paramedic 1: Where do you want her?

Nurse tina: Get her in e3. Thank you. I’ll get [Indistinct] Ready. Oh, dr. Finnegan, the patient is right in here.

Li: What have we got?

Paramedic 1: Hypertensive and unconscious female. Ecg confirmed heart attack. A hundred milligrams of gt administered.

Li: Vitals.

Paramedic 2: Ep 190/120. Pulse ox 85. Abnormal sinus rhythm.

Li: How long has she been– sheila? Sheila carter?

Katie: Well, this is suspenseful.

Carter: You gotta love ridge for keeping us waiting.

Katie: Yeah.

Donna: Any updates?

Eric: No. No.

Katie: I just don’t understand why he wants us to meet here. I mean, I could get why he would wanna talk to brooke and taylor. He certainly owes you both an explanation, but why… me, carter, donna, dad, lucy.

Stephen: Yeah. Well, he knows he’s in the dog house with me already.

Brooke: Dad’s not so happy with ridge these days.

Katie: Really? I, um… didn’t pick up on that.

Stephen: Well, can you blame me? He treats my daughter’s heart like it’s a chew toy.

Brooke: Okay. Dad, I appreciate your concern. I do. But let’s just let ridge explain.

[ Door opens ]

Stephen: Oh, well. Speak of the devil.

Brooke: Ridge.

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Hi. Hi, everyone. Um… I missed you guys. Missed you both.

Taylor: Okay. Everybody missed you too. What– what is going on?

Brooke: Yeah. Why are you here?

Taylor: Come on, ridge. Why– why did you call us all here? Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Deacon: I imagine you’re pretty eager to get over to eric’S.

Bill: Yes, I am. Ridge wanted to… shut it up first. I just want to let everybody know what was going on. I put them through so much. The lies.

Deacon: No, credit where credit’s due. You absolutely deserve a victory lap. I mean, what you and ridge did, you– you put your whole lives on hold for this sting.

Bill: Without ridge’s dedication and his vigilance, sheila never would’ve been taken to custody.

Deacon: Well, no doubt. But I mean, spencer, your sacrifice, you pissed off everyone in your life to protect them from sheila.

Bill: Oh, with the outcome, it was worth it.

Deacon: Well, get ready. Katie, brooke, they’re all gonna hail you as a hero. Hell, the whole damn town will probably throw you a ticker tape parade.

Bill: I don’t give a damn about any of that. I’m– I’m just glad everyone is safe and I was able to rid our lives of sheila.

Deacon: She ain’t getting out of this one.

Bill: I despise that bitch. I wish she had a real heart attack.

Finn: Okay, well, kiss the kids goodnight. And make sure you–

Nurse tina: Dr. Finnegan? Your mother is with a patient who suffered a heart attack. Apparently, she knows her.

Finn: And she knows my mom? What’s the patient’s name?

Nurse tina: Sheila carter.

Taylor: So, what is going on, ridge? Why– why did you call us all here?

Brooke: We encouraged you to stay away, but not for this long.

Taylor: The kids needed you. We needed you.

Brooke: So gathering all of us here has to do with us?

Ridge: It has everything to do with you. Our kids, their kids, our families. I’m looking at you guys. I– I missed you both. I really did.

Brooke: Well, then why did you stay away so long?

Stephen: Yeah. Enough of this selfishness. I mean, really. You should have trusted brooke. You should have trusted your marriage. But instead, you gave up on her and you ran to taylor like you always do. But then you left her too like you always do. You left at your own wedding. What kind of a man does that?

Eric: All right, stephen, come on. That it enough. That’s enough.

Ridge: Dad, it’s all right. No, get it out.

Stephen: Meanwhile, and the whole time that you were out gallivanting around, sheila carter has been on the loose, thanks to bill spencer. But now you come back. Oh, hallelujah. You show up and you summon us here. Well, I hope you have a damn good reason.

Ridge: I do.

Stephen: No. No. There’s no good reason for leaving your family. For barely talking to them. You should have spent a lot of time here, doing everything in your power to watch over them.

Ridge: Well, you know what? I agree with you. And I thought that’s what I was doing.

Donna: How can you say that when you were thousands of miles away? The girls have been looking over their shoulders.

Katie: Hiring extra security.

Brooke: Waiting for sheila to make her next move.

Taylor: While you were off doing whatever it is you were doing.

Katie: Yeah. It might be nice, you know, to not have to run into sheila wherever you go.

Taylor: You know what? It just… it feels like you– like you just kinda checked out. Like you don’t care.

Ridge: Huh?

Brooke: We’ve had to put up with sheila ever since bill went to the dark side.

Taylor: Yeah. Sheila is a danger to all of us because of bill.

[ Door opens ]

Eric: Oh no, bill. No, no. You’re– you’re not welcome in this house. You don’t come here. Go home to sheila.

Ridge: Please, dad. Dad… I invited him here because there’s something I wanna say to everyone. Four delicious pieces of chocolate.

Eric: Bill, you have to go.

Brooke: Go, bill. Now.

Taylor: Why are you just standing there? Leave. We don’t want you here. The lengths that you’ve gone to to keep sheila out of prison is sickening.

Katie: We don’t understand why you would put all of us at risk for her, for that monster.

Eric: You understand better than anyone the– the potential for danger here.

Brooke: God forbid it could be one of the children.

Donna: Whoa, whoa. Don’t you tell me that sheila’s outside right now.

Eric: Oh, she’s not welcome in this house either. She’s given this family more trouble for the last years. You know that.

Taylor: Yeah, he does know that, right? Yeah. You know that, but you still choose to trust her.

Katie: We just wanna know what’s going on with you.

Carter: What explanation could there be for you to think it’s okay to be here?

Ridge: Well, if you just give us a moment.

Taylor: Us?

Stephen: There’s nothing anybody can say here to justify–

Ridge: What– what– what is– what is with you? What– I– do you need to eat? Are you hungry? I’m– I’m trying to explain something. It may sound unbelievable, but it– it’s true.

Brooke: Okay. What is it, ridge? What are you talking about?

Ridge: All of us, we– we can take a big sigh of relief because… of what bill has done.

Brooke: What?

Stephen: What bill has done?

Taylor: What bill has done? Bill is with sheila. He’s in love with her. He is the reason that we’re all in danger.

Bill: All right. All right. I understand you all hate me. I have alienated everyone because sheila has wreaked havoc on each and every one of your lives, one way or another. But she won’t any longer.

Brooke: Oh, god. We have heard this promise before. You promising to keep sheila out of our lives.

Ridge: Yes. And she is.

Katie: How can you say that?

Ridge: Because it’s true. Sheila is out of our lives because of bill.

Steffy: Sheila suffered a heart attack?

Nurse tina: Yes. She’s in critical condition.

Finn: What room?

Nurse tina: E3.

Finn: Okay. Hey, come on.

Steffy: Okay.

[ Monitor beeps ]

Sheila: What– what–

what is this?

What have you done?

Li: You need to leave, now.

Sheila: Finn’s alive.

My son is alive.

Li: Yes.

I’ve been caring for him

as a mother should.

Unlike you,

shooting him

and leaving him for dead.

His real mother stepped in

and saved him.

I saved him.

[ Door opens ]

Finn: Nurse tina has told us sheila had a heart attack. Wait, her vitals. Wait, she’s in bad shape.

[ Flatline beeps ] Wait, mother, she’s your patient. Why aren’t you doing anything?

Li: After everything sheila did to you and steffy, shot you both, left for dead.

Finn: What are you saying? Mother?

Li: Let her die. Let sheila carter die.

Nurse tina: I’m here. Ready to clear, dr. Finnegan? Dr. Finnegan.

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