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So if you ask me, I would say that he is more imp

welcome home. I have never been so happy to see this place, except you should be coming home to the balloons and banners and fireworks. No, no, no, no, no, no. There was no time for all that. I know, I know, I know. But still, it calls for a celebration. There’s gonna be one real soon. You know, doc, I just, I just wish the entire family could be here right now just to, to feel the relief that I feel and to share in this.

My God, this incredible miracle. I’m just so happy to be home. And it’s perfect. Except that. Except that except once, sweetie. Except that there was none of this.

You’re back.

I have you cuffed to the bed. At least I’m not, uh, trapped in a last cage. I just spoke to you, doctor, physician or shrink? Both actually. They’re still determining whether or not, whether or not I’m too dangerous to be set free.

Patch back already. Taylor us. Go around, leave you unsatisfied. Can’t hear you. I’m going to have to speak up. Whoa, that was not nice. You know why you’re in that cage, Megan. It’s not to keep people safe from you. It’s keep you safe from me, but apparently not from your ties. Some questions, I’m out of patience.

So unless you’re up for some enhanced interrogation techniques, you better quit stonewall and tell me where I can find my wife.

Come on. We’re here. This, this is what we want. That horrendous never ending journey for Not bad. Hey, not bad, Bo. I, I’m, I’m exhausted. I’m filthy. I’m, I’m completely clueless because if your refusal tell me what you have planned. So here you say, we’re here. Where the hell are we?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You are no longer a threat or a danger to anyone. You’ve been completely deprogrammed. Yeah, hopefully. But after all the terrible things I did, the ISA is not gonna take any chances then I can’t possibly think. You’re still under M’S control. You’re the one who told us where to find her. Still for them cutting me loose.

It’s a gamble. The safest move is to make me disappear. Oh, I’m not gonna let that

are you?

I can’t even believe this. The God you’re really here. What you must have gone through thinking you’d lost me. Oh sweetheart. The heartbreak was everybody was just so devastated, especially the kids.

Maybe it’s time to share the good news. Hmm.

I know I’m new to the whole PR thing, but, uh, I know a thing or two about rehabbing a public image, and I think, I think this is gonna be all run for Paulina. Yeah, totally. Sounds great. Yeah. Which part, part about the All Night Rave at Julie’s place, or the Naked Streakers with Price. Price Baby on their.

What? You didn’t know what I said, did you? Sorry. Um, what did I miss? No, I was just giving you my rundown for, uh, my, my strategy about how I think we could keep generating positive press for polling.

Something’s obviously on your mind now. What’s going on? Um, I’m just waiting for an update from my dad. You haven’t heard from him since he left? No. Which could just mean that he’s super focused, but I mean, he is trying to bring my mother’s killer to justice. You should call him. I have 20 times. He’s not picking up.

Okay. One 20 one’s always been a winner for me.

Did your sweetness ever tell you that you’re kind of sexy when you’re. I’m not here to play games. Where’s Kayla? I don’t know. And that’s the God’s honest truth. But you know who has her, who took her off that island of yours? Perhaps stop wasting my time and give me a name. Well, it’s not as if you’re going to find them a name.

Damn it. Fine. If you must know,

aren’t you gonna answer it? It’s important. They’ll call back, say what you’re about to say. Wow. It’s obviously important. Take it. I’ll be here when you get back.

Hey Stephanie, finally, you picked up Papa. I’ve been so worried about you. Are you okay? I’m fine. Thank God and Megan’s in ISA custody. I’m questioning her now. That’s great.

And I have, um, I have some other news. It’s about your mother. What is it? She’s alive, baby girl. Your mom is alive.

You still haven’t answered my question. Well, we had to get the supplies. Oh, you mean all this crap? That we had to drag from the rickety little boat to the broken down car that you, that you drove over on dirt roads through the better part of a day until we dead ended at a swamp, which we then had to wade through with snakes and everything until we got here and had to trek up this mountain.

Okay? Yes. It was a rough trip, but worth it. Worth it. Oh, you made me abandon my friend Marlena on that island to bring me to this crap shack. It’s much more than that. Oh really? Yeah. Oh really? Well, I’ll tell you, all I’ve seen here are, are goats and flies. So, you know, after everything that you’ve put me through, maybe you could do me the favor and tell me what you have planned.

I appreciate you putting up with this difficult trip and, okay. Right, right. I’ll let you know what my plan is. Oh, oh good. I’m listening. Okay. You are standing in the home of Victor Kakkis. This is where my father grew up, so you’re You got it. Welcome to,

You still there baby?

I can’t believe it. Mom’s really alive. Yes, she really is. But how can that be? Papa? Are you sure? I mean, did I hear you right? Yes. You heard me, right? Your mom is alive. Please let me talk to her. Put her on. I have to hear her voice. You will. Um, you will Real soon for, why not now? Why can’t I talk to her now?

Well, the thing is, I am not with her just yet. Sue, you’re actually not sure about this. No, no. I am sure she’s definitely alive. Marlena confirmed it. Marlena, she’s alive too. John took her back to Salem from that island. They were being held on. But before I could get to your mom, one of Megan’s people, Oh my God.

Now don’t you worry. I won’t rest until I find her and bring her home. Victor’s family lost everything in the depression, so when he was a child, didn’t have much. Most nights, he and his brother would go to bed hungry, but he didn’t feel sorry for himself. I think that that hunger motivated. He swore that someday he would get everything his heart desired when he fell asleep here in this home, he dreamt of everything that he would achieve.

When he got enough money together, he bought this place and left it exactly as it is. As a reminder of where he came from, why are we here? This is where my father began to make his dreams a reality. This is where it begins for me too, where what begins My father built an empire. I’m gonna build one too,

Andrew. So good to see you. Likewise. And thank you for letting Sierra and the other day to visit. It was such a, a really nice surprise. Oh, anything from my cousin and I came to let you know that the information Commander Michaels gave us checked out, but Megan Hathaway is now in our custody. Oh hell. Lu John and Steve, founder.

She’s not the only person they found.

Hey, hey. What are you doing here? John asked me to come over. Yeah, me too. He said he had news. I’m assuming it’s about the search for Megan hath. So I’m taking it that lead that he and Steve had didn’t pan out. Huh? Surprised. You care given how self-absorbed you’ve been lately, what is that supposed to mean?

You know exactly what it means. Sloan, again, Phil, you really need to get over it. God, that’s psycho trash Paulina’s office. You know what? I can’t even believe you’re defending her because she said she didn’t do it. You believe her? I do. Oh my God, you’re even more delusional than I thought. You know, after I got that skank civil suit thrown out, she went ballistic on Paul and Chanel in the middle of the square.

God, yes, because she was apparently very, She threatened them. Eric, she said she wasn’t done with them and didn’t need court to get her revenge. Obviously, ransacking, Paul’s office was just the first step in whatever diluted plan your little bed buddies got all cooked on. No, no, no. The cops questioned her and let her go.

Why? Because they didn’t have one trip. Once they, she did anything wrong? The hell’s going on here. Eric and I were just having a, A disagreement. Yeah. We’ll knock it off. I didn’t call you two over here to play referee. I’m sorry. Why did you call us over here? We found Megan Hathaway. She’s in ISA custody.

It’s great. Now she can pay for killing mom. No, actually she can’t. What? Why not? Because I’m alive.

Mom. My God, I don’t, I don’t understand. How is this even possible? Well, it’s a rather long story. I, I will catch you up sometime. But in a nutshell, Megan took my body from the hospital and had Ralph create a serum. I actually saved my life. It turns out that Megan is the one who took the orchid. I, I was on an island somewhere and John found me and brought me home.

What? What? Are you gonna stand there? Are you gonna give your mother a hug?

Ah, man.

Kayla and Marlena are alive. They’re, my God, they’re right. Where? Where, where are they? John brought Marlena back to Salem, but Kayla’s whereabouts, they’re still unknown. Apparently someone took her from the island who we don’t know. Megan refuses to tell us anything, but we are confident that we can find a way to make her talk.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information I have on your mom, but I will get some answers outta Megan. I promise. Please. You have to find her. I will. I’ll call you as soon as I know more. I love you, Papa. I love you so much. Be careful. Okay? I will. I love you too. Little sweetness.

Well, that took a while. I thought you might have forgotten about me and left. I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what I want to know. So while you were on your call, I did some thinking and I would like to make a deal. What kind of deal? As I said, I can’t tell you where Kayla is because I don’t know, but.

I can tell you who has her. After you give me what I want. This is the answer to all my questions. I’m just, I’m gonna follow in my father’s footsteps and build an empire. I’m a kk what I was born to do. Okay. Okay. Well, but listen to me. You need to listen to. This is all just crazy talk and, and you’re just saying these things because Megan brainwashed, stop, stop.

No, no, no. Listen, we need to go back to Salem and you need to get your head on straight so that you can think clearly. I have never been more clear about anything in my life. My slate has been wiped clean. I, I get to start over again. I get to go down the path I was destined to go down. Victor came from these humble beginnings, so I You already have your humble beginnings.

Oh, boa, come on. Our parents owned a junkyard. We lived above a fish market. That’s your story, Kayla. It was never mine. Victor had nothing. I have nothing. I’m going to build a life for myself like he did. What are you talking about? What do you mean you have nothing? You, you have a history of family, a home.

You’re right. This is my history, my family. This is where the Kakkis Empire was. The Keri is Empire is a crime syndicate through sheer force of will and determination. My father escaped from poverty and became a giant. How could you not admire that? Because after Victor escaped, A different force happened.

It became pure hate. What my father achieved is inspiring. I mean, he had everything. He had money, power, and most important, he had freedom and his heart was ice cold. Bo Victor is a vengeful, vicious, ruthless man. So if you ask me, I would say that he is more impoverished now, more than ever. Come on, Bo. Our family, our family may not have had much, but you know what?

We really had? We were so rich. We were rich in love. And, and, and I, and I think deep down, you know that, I mean, you’ve been away from us for a long time. You’ve been away from this love, but you know that that has the most valuable thing in life. And if you could just, if you could just clear all this confusion out of your head and see straight, you would know I’m right.

That you don’t belong here. That we need to go home and we need to go. We need to go. The people who love us.

Your mother’s alive. Chad, I feel like I’m dreamy. I’m not, am I? No, not, not, not that I know of. I wanna see her. I wanna, I wanna hold her in my arms and I wanna tell her. I wouldn’t tell her everything I never got to before and tell her how much I love her. Now you get to, which means to me, you get to tell her all of that.

Now you,

oh my God, I’m so happy. Oh no, he’s not even the word for it. There are no words.

Oh, Chad, I’m sorry you, sorry. It’s just you and your family suffered such a terrible loss. And now if, if I’m not dreaming my family, we’ve been given this miracle stop. No, don’t, don’t, don’t do that. Don’t you have no reason to apologize? What are you talking about? Look at me. Your mother is alive. That’s, that’s a, that’s amazing.

That’s incredible. What are you talking about? I’m so happy for you. Thank you so, Okay, so what? Megan, Megan Hathaway was keeping your, your mom captive on an island. What? And, and someone took her, my dad’s trying to find out who it was, but right now he doesn’t know much of anything. Okay. Look, all you need to know is your, your dad’s gonna bring your mom home, right?

And Chad, there’s more. Marlene is alive too. So what? John brought her back to Salem.

I can’t. I can’t, I don’t. I can’t even process any of this. Me neither. So Kate. Kate, is Kate alive?

I don’t think you’re in a position to make demands. Do you wanna find. I will find Kayla wonderful. Off you go.

All right, Megan, what is it that you want? Full immunity from everything dream on. Oh, come on. I know you have pull with Director Donovan. I know for a fact that you and John were given a pass from what you did in Hong Kong last summer. We only did that because you brainwashed us. Well, small detail. So are you going to speak to Shane or not?

Even if I did, I can tell you there’s no chance you’re getting immunity. Hmm. Okay, then I wanna go home. I just told you, you can’t go home. You can’t. I mean, I want to go back to Salem. If you can arrange for me to be at Statesville, forget it. I will serve my time, but I will not do. In a ISA Black site where I will cease to exist, I wanna be in a regular prison with a cellmate and a yard and a crappy little library, not in some clandestine torture chamber, which you won’t find on any map.

Make it happen. Because if they drop me into the abyss, I promise you, you will never see your beloved sweetness again.

You want Megan a talk? I’ll get her to talk. Uncle Steve’s interrogating her now, but you just said she hadn’t told him anything. Just Andrew. Five minutes. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Megan Hathaway hates my guts. She’d love to see me. Just seeing me would completely short circuit her. That’s true.

Hope gets under Megan’s skin like nobody else, and I’ll use that.

If you’re Uncle Bo alive, do you think he’d be asking permission to be eaten on that interrogation? No, he would not. He’d blow by anyone who tried to stop and he, Megan, and to get the answers he needs. Well, he’s not here to help bring your sister home, but I am Andrew. I have to do this bur you’re wrong.

Kay. My childhood wasn’t full of love. It was full of lies. What are you talking about? Mom knew that Sean wasn’t my father, and she let me grow up thinking I was a Brady. You are a Brady, all right. Like that, that rebel, that bad. The black sheep of the family, Kayla. There was a reason for all that tension and conflict, and that reason was kept from me.

You call my father a criminal. Tell me,

what do you call people who deny a child to be or even know who he really is? I’m not even gonna answer that because, because this isn’t real. It’s my reality, Kayla, and you know that I’m done being controlled by other people. I’m done with their lies. And their attempts to mold me into who they think I should be.

I decide who I’m gonna be, not Megan, not you, and your memories. I decide everything that came before this moment is in the rear view mirror. But what about all the people at home? What about, what about Sierra? What about Sean Douglass? What about them? They’re your family, both. No, this is my family. This is my history.

You could take your whitewashed Brady crap and sell it to wherever you want

in. You know what?

I’m done with this. If you wanna go parading around here, like. Young little Victor, you go, right?

Can’t let you do that. Why not?

Because I need you,

mom. Yeah. Yeah. There’s just no words. We’ve just missed you so much. Oh my. How? I’ve missed you. I just missed you. We’ve all been kind of lost without you. Wow. That’s nice to hear. I don’t think, I believe it’s true, but I was so lost without my family. Did anyone call Sammy? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I did. She’s over the moon and I left a message for, for Brady also.

Oh God. I can’t wait to tell Claire. Yeah. And will, I mean, the whole family’s gonna be walking on air. What about the two of you? What? What do you mean we’re I don’t mean that I’m alive. I mean that before I came. I heard some raised voices from the two of you. I’m sorry, mom, that was, uh, no. No. It doesn’t matter what it was.

I wanna tell you what is, I want you to know how painful it is when you love someone. As much as I love you both, and as much as you love each other. To hear you at each other’s throats like that. So I’d like you to find a way to make up to be at peace. Do you think you can do that for me?

I suppose that we could put our differences aside, at least for today. Sure. For your sake. Well, not the reconciliation I was hoping for, but I guess I’ll have to accept that.

You know, I was gonna, I was gonna make do some tea. She really wasn’t interested. Are you kids? Would you like something? And then what? Actually, I’d like to hear about this remote island. Mom said that she would tell us another time, what matters is that you’re here, you’re alive. God, mom,

sweet girl. Wait, does this mean that that Kayla. Yes it does. Yeah. There, but there were, uh, there were some complications, but, uh, but Steve’s, uh, trying to bring her home as we speak and, and cadence you like too.

It’s, Kate didn’t make it. Chad, I’m so sorry. I know how close you two were. What ha what, what happened? I don’t know. She, that doesn’t. Kate was, Kate was one of the toughest people. I I, I know. If she didn’t survive, Chad, it, it could be because she was trying to help my mom and Marlena. Maybe she sacrificed herself so that they could escape and make it back home.

Yeah. Yeah. Maybe

your mom’s gonna come home. Okay. She’s as tough as they come. You’re right about that. She will fight like hell to get back here. Yeah, she, whoever has her chance.

There’s no way I’m staying here. I am going home to my husband and my kids. Maybe you no longer care about the people in Salem, but I do.

I really do need your help. Oh. Oh, so what they gotta shoot me though, like you shot Kate. You know, I really don’t know what you expect me to do. Okay, I’ll show you

the orchid you already know about. Its life saving powers. Megan believes it can reverse the aging process. Ralph told me he was developing a serum that would turn back the clock. As you remember, he wanted to use it on me. Mm-hmm. But it’s still in the testing phase.

I also brought Ross’s notes. I don’t really see how I could help you.

Well, I need someone who. Brilliant. And who knows science and medicine, someone I can trust. So you are planning to build an empire on a flower. You keep talking about the importance of family. Um, who better than my sister to help me out with this? Okay, we are tired and hungry. I’ll fix us something to eat, then we’ll talk, eat, figure something out.

Oh, and. Don’t bother trying to leave. You won’t get too far.

Oh, that was quick.

Megan. Hello. Frowny face. I thought they put you out to pastor and I thought you were. So I guess we’re even,

Harris gave us your location, so I heard. Mm-hmm. So then you know that whatever hold you had on him is now gone. Harris is back to being the courageous, heroic. Good man. He was before he met you and you are falling for him, aren’t you?

Back in Montreal it was just cat and mouse. But you think. That now that it’s been deprogrammed, you can have something real.

I’m not here to discuss my personal life. No. I just wonder, are you sure that he’s the one for you? Are you really ready to give up on everyone? And give your heart to Michaels. What does that mean, Megan?

So Megan did this. She’s the one who shot Kate. Well, she insists she didn’t, you didn’t see it happen? No, I, I just heard the. Someone pulled that trigger. Most likely the person that has Kayla.

Okay. Super. Be ready in a, in a bit. Why don’t you take a look at Ralph’s notes now. That’s okay. Uh, come on. I know you’re curious.

What do you want me to know? What are you hinting at? Nothing. What do I know about Laos? For someone who doesn’t know a lot about it, you have a lot to say. I thought you were moving a little fast That. But life is short. If you really think that Michael’s is the one, go for it. Leave it or not. I am actually rooting for the two of you to make it.

Well, that was a smart move. Letting hope take a run at Megan as if she gave him any choice. I mean, if you want to head over there and see if she’s making any headway. Feel free, I’m not going anywhere. First of all, I wanna thank you, commander Michaels on behalf of the agency. The powers that be are fully aware that you volunteered to undergo a potentially fatal treatment in an effort to reverse what Ms.

Hathaway did to you. That act of valor not only led to her apprehension, but no doubt, save lives. We are all in your dead. Bye. Uh, I appreciate that, but I did it for myself first and foremost, so I want my life back. I don’t want my career, bud. I understand that’s probably not in the cards, so I’ve done some horrible things that I am gonna have to answer for, not necessarily.

The ISA is putting you through all of these tests to determine if the deprogramming was a success. In other words, if you’re back to being who you were before you fell under Megan’s influence, a highly respected officer who served his country with honor.

Okay? So if the test show, I’m no longer under Megan’s control, you just might walk outta here free. Man.

I meant what I said about you and Michaels. You don’t have any other prospects. When happiness shows up, we might as well grab it right.

All right, Shane signed off on your deal 20 years in Statesville. No possibility of parole provided. The information you give us leads us to the safe return of my wife.

Sign here.

What’s 20 years when you’ve been gone twice that long? Not long enough. If you ask me, I’m choosing to look on the bright side. Who knows? By the time I get out, someone may have used the orchid to create a fountain of youth and that we can all live our younger days. Perhaps next time and hope everything will turn out differently.

Now tell us who has Kayla.

So what do you think? Wow, it’s either genius or madness. Probably a little of both. Yeah. Well, I’m, I’m sure you can sort what’s useful from what’s not food. Are we ready soon?

This will be useful.

Come on, Steve. Pick up. You have five seconds to give us a name where the deal’s off. Relax, pat, you held up your end of the bargain and I’ll do the. I’ll tell you who he is.

Damn the call through.

You should check your phone again if you want. No, obsessing isn’t gonna make my father call me faster. He’ll be in touch when he has.

Maybe that’s him.

Unknown caller.

This is Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie, oh my god, mom.

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