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security sweep is complete. We’re all clear, boss. – Thank you. I need competent people around me during these times. – Hopefully we’ll find who’s targeting you soon. – Oh, I’m going to find them. No one’s going to interfere with the pikeman deal. – Think she’ll deliver? – [Sighs] – Haven’t you told your people? I always bring the goods.

[Dramatic music] – [Breathing heavily] – Ok, cool. Let’s go again. – [Sighs] We’ve done this, like, five times already. We got this. – Practice can’t hurt. – Ugh. Unless I pass out from dehydration. – [Scoffs] Ok. Five minutes. – Thank you. – Don’t call me back until it’s done. What– what are you two doing in here? – We’re, uh, practicing our performance. – The show is tonight, and you two still need to practice? Oh. Ok, this nurses’ ball is going to hell in a handbasket. – You guys have been such a big help. – We’ll finish, aunt elizabeth.

[Doorbell rings] We’ll make it gucci. – [Laughs] That means– – no, I know what that means. – Ok. – Hi. Come in. – Hey. Sorry I’m late. There was kind of a lot of traffic, and I– – no, no, no. You’re right on time. – Oh, good. Oh, how are you doing, sweetheart? – Cam’s coming. – Ok. Come here. – Hey, did I just hear the doorbell?

[Together] Surprise! – Oh, my goodness. Hey! Oh, thank you. What’s going on? I thought we were just having breakfast, the four of us. – You didn’t think we’d let you leave for california without a proper sendoff from your family, did you? – Wow. I feel like the luckiest guy right now.

[Laughter] – I called ahead and said that I’d be coming in with my son. – I’ll need his name and date of birth to check you in. Who’s his pediatrician? – Um, we don’t have a regular one yet. I gave birth outside the hospital. Is dr. Portia robinson around? – Uh, dr. Robinson is not available. But um, just fill these out while we get you set up. – Please, my son is sick. He needs to be seen right away. – Thank you. Hounding the nurse is not going to do ace any favors. – I don’t care. Ace needs medical attention. And I will fight for him no matter what. – It’s not going to do any good to pick a fight with the wrong person, esme. The best way to get him treatment is to fill out these forms. – What– what are you even doing here? I didn’t want you here. So if you’re not on my side, you can leave now. – This isn’t about you or sides, esme. This is about ace. And I’m not leaving you alone with my baby brother.

[Tense music]

[Gun clicks] – Something I should know? – What? Oh, I’m just making sure I’m prepped. This situation is deteriorating. – You know, something happened to make eileen bolt. Now victor’s after her. He’ll more than likely find her. – She can’t outrun victor. She knows too much– enough to bring this whole thing crashing down.

[Knock at door]

[Tense music]


[Dramatic music]

– Did you guys know there’s a 10% chance of rain tonight? Water stains silk. Rain deflates hair. And what if the ground gets slippery? One slip or fall could end up all over social media. Five or six are a catastrophe. – 10% is not much. – And the llama has the nerve to be running late. Now you two are telling me that you’re also not ready? – Maxie. Maxie, me and trina are doing just fine, ok? We were just doing some run-throughs and adding on some finishing touches. – Yeah, we’re beyond ready. – Ok. Ok, that’s great. Um, but you’ll need to leave when the wands get here. It’s a closed set. – Got it. – We’re out. – No! I said silk bow ties! – [Laughs] – And I thought you were intense. – Yeah. After that, I promise to relax. – So a six-minute break? – Ok, fine. The nurses’ ball is about having fun after all. – And that’s my plan. I’m all about fun tonight. – Mm. With spencer? – You wouldn’t happen to remember ace’s weight when he was born, would you? – Yes. And I remember his length and his apgar score from when they checked him out when we first got to the hospital.

[Sighs] Ace is sick, and if filling out this stupid form will get him seen, that’s all I care about. Oh. Hey, if you want to make yourself useful, why don’t you fill out this part where they, uh, ask about payment. I don’t think we have insurance.

[Baby whimpering] It’s ok, sweetie. – Grandmother doesn’t seem to think that it’s anything serious. – Mommy knows that something’s not right. – How long do you think that you’re going to be able to keep up this angelic mother act, esme? – Would you get over yourself? I am sick of trying to prove to you that I am not the person I used to be. I need to be a good mother to ace. He is what matters, not you. – Well, it seems that you’ve lost your memory but not your personality, esme. You’re not going to be able to hide behind ace forever. – I can’t believe that you guys went all out for this. Thank you. Aiden, are those banana chocolate chip muffins? – My best batch yet. – Wow. – I know how much you like them. – I made the toast. – Fantastic! I love toast. – That’s all that daddy would let me make. – Well, you can move on to things that involve a flame when you’re a little older. – I can teach her some easy dishes now. – Yeah? – I’d love that. – You’d better take him up on it, because I’ve had your dad’s spaghetti. – Hey. – This is so very cool of everyone. I don’t even know what to say. – Uh, how about let’s eat? – Oh, ok. I see where jake’s priorities are. You just keep him well-fed, you know. He’ll forget that I’m even gone. – I think jake’s right, and we should eat all this delicious food while it’s still warm. – I’ll get the orange juice.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Sighs] – Hey. Anything you need? – I don’t want to bring down the mood. Been an intense few days. – I get it. I’m here, whatever you need. – Just t he strength to saygoodbye to my firstborn.

[Tense music]

– How are you holding up? – Uh, I’m ok. I’m hanging in there. A lot has come to light, hasn’t it? – Yeah. How do you feel about all of it? – You know, I wasn’t entirely surprised that esme turned out to be ryan and heather’s daughter. You know, the girl is just as twisted as they are. But finding out that ryan was colluding with her to destroy my life, that– that shook me up a bit. – Fortunately, we don’t ever have to deal with ryan again. – Ah, thanks to your husband. That esme, though– she has yet to pay. – Felicia sent me. – Why? Where is she? – Maxie needed her help, so she told me how to get here. I was not followed. I took every precaution. – What’s happened? – Victor disappeared.

– Were you able to learn anything about the contractor who tried to kill me? – As I suspected, no one in my organization frequents the highsider, nor did anybody recognize the gunman. However, I sent li to make inquiries with the staff at the highsider. He had a very interesting conversation with the bartender. – Did you get an id on the shooter or not, selina?

– I feel like there’s no need to compare them, you know? They’re both so different. – Yeah, I– – …almost iconic. – It is iconic. I’ll grant you that, I’ll grant you that. – I knew this was going to be hard, but it just got real all of a sudden. – I wish there was something i could say that would magically make you feel better. But this is hard sending your kids out into the world. And cam’s your first, and that is a very particular kind of pain. – I’m so happy for him and proud. But I already feel like a part of me is missing, and he’s not even gone yet. – Yeah, I know, but that’s the sad part. But remember, there’s– there’s wonderment and joy in watching your– your children forge their own paths, become adults, live full lives. It’s all a blessing, trust me. And you will always be his mother. – You got a little something on your shirt there. Oh, oh! I had to get you one last time before I left. – Yeah. You didn’t get me. – Good job, sweetie. You gained two pounds and grew almost an inch. That’s good, right? – Right on target. The doctor will be in shortly. – Thank you. – Mm-hmm. – Nurse seems to think that he’s ok. Better than ok. – Yeah. Um, look, spencer. I know, um, we both have our reasons for not trusting each other, but it’s all in the past. – Is it? – Can it be? I mean, ace is my present and my future, and whether I like it or not, you’re his brother. We need to get along for his sake. – Everything that you’ve done to me, to my friends– it’s not exactly something that I can easily forgive, esme. – Well, can you try? I mean, I’d hate to see you miss out on knowing ace because of it. – Is that a threat? – What? No. It’s just not good for ace if we’re fighting all of the time. And the longer you keep seeing me as my old self, the more damage it’s going to do to him. – I guess I don’t see it like that. – Sorry to keep you waiting. I know you. – I know you too. You’re the man that my mother tried to kill the night my son was born. – Spencer and I will see each other at the ball, but we’re not going together. – What’s going on with you guys? I mean, last time I heard, you kissed. Did something happen? – No, no. I mean, we’re fine. We’re definitely more than friends. It’s just complicated. – Yeah. Well, that’s spencer. It’s complicated. – No, it’s not just him, ok?

[Scoffs] I feel like we’re some kind of cosmic joke. Just when I thought, oh, finally, like, we’re going to finally– both of our lives blew up. The night we kissed, I’d just found out that my mother lied to me about my father. Then ryan chamberlain and heather webber showed up on spoon island, nearly killing ava. Then esme had her baby. Now esme and her baby are living with spencer in his grandmother’s apartment. – Because of the baby. – And I totally understand that spencer wants to be close to his baby brother. But it’s just– it just feels weird that he and esme and the baby are living together, like some pseudo family.

[Sighs] I really want to be with spencer. But now it just feels like I should take it slow. – Slow sounds like the right idea. – It doesn’t feel that way.

[Sighs] But what about you? – Me? – I mean, it’s been months since you broke up with cam, and now he’s leaving for california. Are you ready to get back out there? – The bartender recognized the gunman. – Did you get a name? – Unfortunately, no. The bartender said the gunman came in only once and paid in cash. But he recalled that the man was staying at a nearby hotel, so I sent my men to search the establishment. The shooter’s belongings were relegated to storage when he didn’t return. We were able to acquire them. – I appreciate that. – I hope this restores your faith in me. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. – Looks like we found the guy. Now we have to find out who hired him. – When did victor disappear? – Within the last 24 hours. Look, ever since robert searched victor’s hotel room, we’ve had the metro court under surveillance. He has not returned. I even decided to search his room myself in case that somehow he slipped by us. – How did you go about doing that? – I asked olivia for access. – What, no. – You involved olivia in this? – Come on. – Time was my main concern, valentin, ok? And I knew olivia wasn’t going to ask any questions. It doesn’t matter anyway, because she said victor checked out. Although I can tell you he did not do it personally. – This can only mean one thing. – Victor’s onto us.

– Has it been months? It feels more like minutes. – Ah. Uh-uh. No, no, no, no, no. No fair. You do not get to grill me on my love life and give me nothing back. – Trina, I switched to pre-med, ok? I’ve been swamped with classes. I have no time for dating. – Are you sure it’s a time thing? Look, ok. Breakups are hard, but you can’t let it paralyze you. You got to put yourself back out there. Hey, you know nolan. – Water polo nolan? What about him? – Yeah, he’s in my renaissance art class. We’re pretty cool. Maybe I can set you two up or something. – Thanks, but no. – Joss, he’s one of the hottest guys on campus. You can’t even just, like, have coffee with him? – Trina, what would we even talk about? – You’re jocks. You can, I don’t know, swap stories of the thrill of victory or something. – Ok, ok. We need to get back to rehearsing– – joss, we know these steps cold. We do not need the practice. Are you not interested in nolan because you’re already seeing someone? – Scott is still stuck at court. – Oh, that’s too bad. I know he wanted to be here. – He did say that he was due a visit to the west coast soon, so… – and he means it, too. You are very important to him. – I feel very grateful having you and scott as my grandparents. – And I know that I speak for both of us when I say it’s been a privilege for us to watch you grow into the fine young man that you have become. – I owe a lot of it to you. – [Gasps] – It’s true. I mean, you– you have always supported me, even when things were great or terrible. – [Laughs] – Thank you, grandmother. – I love you so much. My heart is just bursting with pride right now. Really. I can’t wait to see what you do next. It’s going to be great. – I love you, grandmother. – I love you too, sweetheart. – Ava, are you planning on making esme pay? – Oh, no. No, no. Don’t worry about that. I will leave it to the authorities. Although I was not happy to hear that your brother-in-law is not going to prosecute her. – Well, timing is everything. – Mm-hmm. What about all those months that she terrorized me, that she made me fear for my daughter’s life? She destroyed my marriage. I’m not trying to excuse nikolas’s actions, but we were building a life together before she showed up. And to find out that she manipulated the entire situation– she’s just as rotten as her father, may he rot in hell. Now all I have left is that big old empty, drafty castle. – Well, you’re not completely alone. – You know, I have avery. But not all the time, you know? I share custody. – Well, what about austin? – What– what about him? – Well, he was there the night that ryan and heather made their appearance. And wasn’t he also there when dante and the police officers were searching for nikolas? – You told me that nikolas was dead. – He was. – Did you take a pulse? – No, I just took my chances. Of course I checked his pulse. – Ok, so–

[Clears throat] One time in medical school, they told me that a dead body doesn’t just up and walk away. – I was in shock, right? I mean, I’m sure I was in shock. But I can tell you one thing for certain. Nikolas’s heart was not beating. I’m sure of it. – Then, ava, where the hell is he? – Austin seems to be with you a lot. – You have to believe me; I didn’t even know that that woman was my mother. Please don’t hold her actions against my son. Ace is innocent. – Ace? That’s his name? Oh, that’s great. I love that. – [Scoffs] – You’re not mad? – No. Why would I be mad? I certainly wouldn’t be mad at you or at ace. So I’m dr. Gatlin-holt. – I– I’m esme prince. – Nice to meet you under better circumstances. Mr. Cassadine. – Spencer’s fine. We actually saw each other not long ago in passing. – Right, nice to see you. So what’s, uh– what’s going on with baby ace? – Um, I noticed that he’s been much fussier than usual, crying even when he’s not hungry and doesn’t need a changing. I kept track of the episodes, but I also noticed that he’s been flushing. I have some pictures if– if you need. – Wow. I wish all my first-time moms were this organized. – You want me to examine the contents? – No. Take it back to the office to, uh– we’ll look through it there. I’m going to have frank bring the car around. – Boss, there’s a body in the water. – What? – Victor suspects laura and robert are working together. I know that because she told me the other day he accused her of making a move against him. – Ok. Well, victor will already realize that the necklace is fake. He’ll assume that robert knew, gave it to eileen to hand off to him. – Would eileen give you up? – If victor pressured her? In a heartbeat. – I mean, god. She was just supposed to go in and deliver the necklace and then get out. But instead, she decided to take it on herself to make a play for the decryption key. And then something happened. Something spooked her enough for her to get out of town. – No, eileen ashby is definitely gone, but she did not leave on her own.

[Tense music]

– You’re seeing someone, aren’t you? Don’t lie. – I don’t want to lie to you.

[Sighs] Yes, I am. – Joss, that’s great. But, um, how long has this been going on? – Um, a few months. – Ooh. So not long after you broke up with cam. – No. – Is that why you didn’t tell me? You felt like I was going to judge you for it? – No. – Because I never– you told me last fall that you were starting to feel distance between you and cam, and things just weren’t working out. So I mean, that’s– that’s fair. – I just don’t want you in the middle. Cam is your friend too, and spencer definitely felt a way about me breaking up with him. – Ok, yeah. That’s– that’s on spencer, though. Of course I felt bad for cam. He was hurting, and I– I think he’s such a great guy. But things worked out. Cam is going to play soccer at stanford. He’s starting this major new phase in his life. And even if he wasn’t, you’re my girl, joss. You know I want the best for you. I want the best for both of you. – Thank you. – So who is it? Someone I know? – No, not really. – Do you have a picture? – Trina, I’m really sorry. I can’t tell you who it is right now. – Why not? – Because there could be really serious consequences if it became public knowledge. – Thanks for coming, and bringing violet. – Just try keeping her away. She loves her cousins. I’m really glad they can still be a part of each other’s lives. – It’s the connections you make that matter the most. That’s what epiphany used to say. – What you said about her at the memorial yesterday, it was really beautiful. – Yeah, I hope it’s what she would have wanted. And as devastated as I am, one burden has been lifted. – Hmm? – I found out that she did write a letter to the ethics committee and intended to deliver it herself. – I knew she stuck by you. – I was so afraid that I had disappointed her. It really weighed on me thinking that I’d let down my mentor, my friend. I’m just incredibly grateful that wasn’t the case. – Cam. We got you something. – Oh yeah? – Jake, now. – I did the drawing. Aiden and violet pasted on the cutouts. – So you can take us with you to california. Do you like it? – I’m not sure like is the word to use here. I love it. Come here. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. – What is it? Just– just tell me what’s wrong. – Uh, nothing’s wrong at all. Ace is a totally healthy baby. – Oh my god. – What we have here is what we call a classic case of colic. – I’ve read about that. But is ace in pain, or– – well, he’s got gas, so probably more uncomfortable than in pain. And he’s just crying because he doesn’t know how to tell you, because he can’t talk yet. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to send you home with a list of soothing techniques and some samples of some formula that might be easier on his stomach. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. We’re going to start him on a probiotic, you know, if the change in diet doesn’t help him immediately. – And the probiotic is safe for infants? – Oh yeah, absolutely. Ace is fine. Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it. You’re doing a great job, mom. I’ll be back. – Did you hear that, sweetie? You’re gonna be ok. – Yeah, we’re going to get you fixed up, buddy. – Austin and I have something significant in common. After all, nothing forges a bond like being victims of the same lunatic. – Mm-hmm, I know.

[Chuckles] I hope that both you and austin have some peace of mind now that heather’s been locked up. – I will have peace once esme is dealt with. I really have to run. It’s been a pleasure. – Will I see you at the nurses’ ball later? – Oh. Oh, I wouldn’t miss it. Something big always happens at the nurses’ ball. – Oh, yeah. – I went to eileen’s apartment after victor went missing. I wanted to question her since she may have been the last person to see him. There were– there were no signs whatsoever that she had made any preparations to run with or without victor. – Quick escapes don’t leave a lot of time to collect belongings. – Pet owners never leave their dog without making some provisions. – I didn’t know she had a dog. – She had a very hungry, very thirsty dog that was barking even before i walked up to the door. This dog had not been cared for in some time. I took him to the q’S. The dog’s doing fine. The point is, is, she loved him. He was well-groomed. He had beds and treats and the whole thing, toys. There’s no way that she would abandon him willingly. – No. She’s not cold-blooded. You’re right. Eileen left under duress. Something really bad happened after she hung up that phone.

[Radio chatter] – Imagine my surprise when I heard you were the one who reported this. – Can you imagine how surprised I was when I came across her? – Talk to me, sonny. How are you involved in this? – I was just– I was taking a walk. I saw someone in the water. And I went to check it out, and it was the deputy mayor. – So you were casually taking a stroll alone on the docks– – yeah. – –And a body just happened to wash up right by you? That is some timing. – Ok, I told you everything that happened. If you want to take it any further, I’m going to have to call diane, and then it’s going to be a waste of everybody’s time. I don’t think you want to do that. – I came as soon as I heard. Is it true? Is that eileen? – I’m sorry, mayor collins.

[Phone rings] Commissioner ashford. – Ohh. Oh, eileen.

[Gasping] Do you know what happened? – No. But my guess is victor cassadine. – The coroner’s en route to take the body. – I’ll have to prepare a statement for the press. I have to deal with this. If it’s victor, then anna, valentin, and lucy are all in danger. They have to be warned. – I’ll check it out. Take care, ok? – [Sobbing]

– You have to trust me. I promise I’ll tell you when I can. But right now, the stakes are just too high.

– What’s your problem? – My problem? Um, I don’t like him. – Are you five? – And I also don’t like the way that you defend him. – I’d defend anyone this way. You can’t just roll up and start yelling at sonny’s employees. – That’s interesting. Are you telling me that you would be this defensive, this upset over just another one of sonny’s goons? – It sounds so serious. – Look. One day, hopefully very soon, I won’t have to keep this from you. But until then, will you just please forget about it? – [Sighs] Ok. But only if you promise that if you’re ever in trouble you’ll come to me. – I promise. – Josslyn, trina. – I’m going to take off. – You’re going to leave us here? – Yeah, I have something to do. Uh, you still have to stay here, though, and wait for the doctor to get back. – You’re our ride. – Yeah, I’m not going to be long. – [Sighs] Whatever. I can’t count on anyone except for myself. – What’s that supposed to mean? – I can’t keep relying on you and laura. I need to handle things for myself. I’m going to look for a job. – Oh. Doing what? You’ve never worked a day in your life. – I’ll figure it out. I had an internship, right? – That you orchestrated so that you could spend some time scheming with your deranged father, that’s correct. – When I was a person I don’t even remember. I mean, I’m a mom now. I need to be able to provide for my son on my own. – The idea of you being a working single mother is ludicrous to me. I just offered to pay for ace’s medical bills. Face it, you have no idea what to do now that you are out of prison. – Which was all your doing. Cameron told me how you all orchestrated my release. I’m sure this is just part of your plan to take ace away from me, but it’s backfired. I will never give up my son. – Esme, I– – just go. – Good luck in california, cam. You’re a good man. – Thank you for being here, finn, and for everything you’ve done for this family. Can I ask you one last favor? – Name it. – My mom will need her friends when I’m gone. – You can count on me. – Some extra muffins for the road. – Thank you. – Bye. – Bye. – Tell the guys, too. – I will. I’ll see you, peanut. – You ok? You ready? Bye. – Bye. – Are they gone? – Yeah. She just said goodbye to you guys. – Oh. So uh, how often do you think you’ll be back to visit? I was thinking of turning your room into an art studio. – Oh, you just can’t wait for me to leave, huh? I’ll visit as much as I can. – Well, I’ll miss you. Even though I was sometimes a pain, you always stood up for me. – You’re a great big brother, cam. And just so you know, I’ll do my best to pick up where you left off. I’m going to be there for aiden and mom. – Guys, I– I’m going to be gone, but not for good. Look, I’m still your brother, all right? If you need anything, you just call me, ok? – I know. It just won’t be the same. – Come on, guys.

[Sighs] I love you guys so much. – Love you too. – Love you, cam. – Victor and eileen both disappear on the same night they meet. That’s not a coincidence. – All right. Well, best-case scenario is that she figured out a way to escape, and she got out of there and ran as fast as she could. – Or victor found out that eileen was compromised, which is more likely. – Then she would have told him everything she knows, in which case, victor will know we’re alive and lucy. – And that the real necklace still exists. – Mm-hmm. Um, puts everyone at risk– robert, laura, felicia. He’ll figure out that we were all working together to stop him. – Eileen never knew about me and carly. And did she know how to find this place? – No. No. That is at least something in our favor.

[Knock at door] – Anna, it’s me. It’s good to see you. – Hi. What are you doing here? – Uh, laura got caught up in an emergency. Eileen ashby’s dead.

[Tense music]

– Sorry to interrupt. I was told to come here for rehearsal. – Oh. Are you the new magic wand? – I am. Maxie talked me into it. – Oh. Go, maxie. – You guys are performing, right? – Yeah, we’ve been rehearsing all morning. – There you are. Wardrobe needs you for a final fitting. Come on. – [Laughs] What? – No one I know, huh? – It’s a great picture. Really captures the four of you. – Mom, I can’t leave. – Yes, you can. – Aiden and jake, they still need me. You still need me. – What I need is to know that you’re pursuing your dreams. – Are you sure? – Cameron, it’s been you and me since the very beginning. You’ve been my rock, and jake and aiden’s too. You’ve always stepped up for us, and now it’s time to step up for yourself. – It just– it feels so selfish just leaving. – My love, you have such a big heart, and you are so loving. And it has been the greatest gift of my life having you as my son. You’ve given so much of yourself to me and your brothers, and now it’s your turn. So go out there, live your best life, and we’ll be here cheering you on. – I love you, mom. – I love you. – I wonder how much longer it will take dr. Gatlin-holt to get back to us, huh? What do you say we take a quick trip to the vending machines? Yeah? Sound good?


[Indistinct chatter]

[Bell dings]

[Dramatic music]

– What really happened here? – [Sighs] We won’t know until we get the me’s official report. – You know something. Did she drown? – The me will check for water in her lungs. – But? – The coroner said she had multiple broken bones, including her spine. He suspects eileen died from a fall. Do you have any reason to believe eileen would take her own life? – No. Eileen was all about survival. – Jordan gave laura the information. Laura wanted me to come here and warn you. – You have to assume you’re blown. – Victor got eileen to give up the info, then he disposed of her. – He’ll come after us now.

[Tense music]

– Thank you for meeting me. – Anything for you, my boy. Am I to understand from this that you are finally willing to do what needs to be done?

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