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Alex works from home at the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin walks in and questions why he’s not at the office. Alex informs him that Maggie banned him from the office, because she thinks his black eye would be a distraction to clients. Justin questions it being an image issue and not because he went behind Maggie’s back to Victor. Justin asks if Alex hasn’t been in the family long enough to know that was really stupid thing to do. Justin adds that it was also a really crappy thing to do.

At the Titan office, Maggie gives Xander some lemon bars to thank him for the profile on her that he ran for the Spectator. Maggie mentions that it impressed some of their investors. Xander says he just printed the truth. Maggie brings up Xander being responsible for Alex’s black eye. Xander confirms they had a bit of a disagreement. Maggie wants to know what it was about.

Gwen wakes Leo up in their room at the Salem Inn. Leo complains about finally being able to sleep in his own bed because of her. Gwen apologizes but Leo says if he was her, he’d be with Alex 24/7 too. Leo then asks why Gwen was solo last night.

Kristen sits in prison with Rachel’s drawing and talks about how much she misses her. The guard announces that Kristen has a visitor which turns out to be Rachel, surprising Kristen.

Chloe goes to the Brady Pub and sees Brady reading his tablet. Chloe begins to panic as she thinks back to Leo posting his gossip column about her calling Rachel a deranged monster like her mother. Chloe approaches Brady and asks if he’s reading the Spectator. Brady confirms he was just reading the latest gossip column and he can’t believe Leo would print this crap. Chloe apologizes as she asks Brady not to hate her and says she can explain.

Kristen hugs Rachel and says she can’t believe she’s there as she didn’t know it would be so soon. Kristen asks where Brady is but Rachel says he’s not there and reveals that he doesn’t know she is here.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s so sorry. Brady questions why since Leo is the one spreading rumors about Victor, saying that he’s going senile, so Chloe had nothing to do with this. Chloe asks if that’s all Leo wrote. Brady notes that there is something about Alex being in a fist fight and Stefan being spotted with Melinda. Chloe asks to see it so Brady shows her and asks if she was expecting something else. Chloe says no, so Brady questions why she told him not to hate her. Chloe explains that she ran in to Leo yesterday and he asked why they weren’t together and she didn’t give him any details, but then he said he was going to write about it. Brady guesses that Leo changed his mind.

Leo asks Gwen why Alex didn’t sleep over last night. Gwen says she was busy working and it’s not like they are a couple. Leo argues that they don’t want to lose momentum as he assumed Gwen was using Alex to make Xander jealous. Leo mentions hearing Alex and Xander fighting over her and ending with Xander giving Alex a hell of a black eye.

Justin gives Alex an ice bag to put on his black eye. Justin asks if Xander looks as bad. Alex argues that Xander had an unfair advantage. Justin suspects this fight was personal. Alex guesses it was. Justin questions what they were fighting about. Alex explains that Xander doesn’t like that he’s sleeping with Gwen. Justin questions Alex sleeping with Gwen voluntarily. Alex argues that Gwen is a beautiful and smart woman. Justin jokes that maybe Xander wasn’t mad at him, but trying to knock some sense in to his thick skull.

Tripp has his headphones in and his shirt off as he dances around the apartment while making a bowl of cereal. Wendy comes in and sees him. Wendy then taps him on the shoulder and startles him, causing him to spill his cereal. Tripp tells her that he thought he was alone and asks why she isn’t at work. Wendy explains that she had vacation days to use so she took the day off. Wendy jokes about interrupting his underwear dance party. Tripp acknowledges that he’s a terrible dancer and says that Allie and Chanel both tried to teach him but he still sucks. Wendy brings up that he was a pretty good slow dancer in Hong Kong. Tripp says anyone can do that. They decide they will clean up the mess but they end up getting close with one another until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Wendy answers the door and it’s Johnny, who says he’s sorry he didn’t call first. Johnny then sees Tripp shirtless inside and says he hopes he’s not interrupting anything.

Xander informs Maggie that Alex is sleeping with Gwen which shocks her. Maggie questions if Alex has forgotten what Gwen did to Sarah, Abigail, Laura, Jennifer, Jack, and all the children. Xander doesn’t think Alex was looking for a soulmate. Maggie asks what it is about Gwen that makes men so stupid. Xander knows how Maggie feels about Gwen but worries that Alex is going to hurt her. Maggie mocks the idea of Xander looking out for her. Maggie argues that men punch other men because they are jealous.

Gwen admits to Leo that Alex and Xander got in to a fight but not because Xander was jealous, but because he was being a wanker about her sleeping with Alex. Leo argues that is the definition of jealousy. Leo believes Gwen is screwing Alex to screw with Xander because she likes getting under his skin. Gwen admits that maybe a little true but she’s not proud of it. Leo encourages that screwing with people is her best event. Gwen is fully aware that she still has feelings for Xander but not enough to play second fiddle to Sarah, so she doesn’t want him back. Leo says there’s nothing wrong with making him suffer a little and she’s so good at it.

Brady apologizes to Chloe because he went to see Kristen yesterday and she said she called Chloe and made digs about her breakup with Stefan. Brady says she shouldn’t have to deal with that. Chloe says she shouldn’t let Kristen get under her skin like that. Brady hates that Kristen does everything she can to make her life miserable, but he may have found a way to neutralize her. Brady reveals that he made Kristen write a letter to Rachel, saying that she needed to accept their relationship. Chloe questions how he managed that. Brady admits he played a little dirty but Kristen wrote the letter and he gave it to Rachel last night. Chloe asks how Rachel reacted. Brady says that Rachel didn’t say much, but they both know Kristen has serious sway with Rachel.

Kristen questions Rachel using Brady’s phone to take an uber by herself and warns that it’s dangerous. Rachel assures that the driver was really nice. Kristen questions how she got in without the guards stopping her. Rachel explains that they tried but she faked crying. Kristen asks why she went to all this trouble and if something is wrong. Rachel presents the letter Kristen wrote and questions what it is about.

Tripp goes to get dressed while Johnny says he doesn’t have to on his account. Wendy guesses he has questions. Johnny asks if he Tripp usually parades around the apartment in his underwear. Wendy explains that Tripp thought he was alone and was startled when he saw her. Wendy then asks what Johnny is doing here. Johnny says he called her office but they said she took the day off, so he thought they could hang out if she is willing to forgive him.

Alex tells Justin that he knows Gwen has done some messed up things. Justin says it’s a little more than messed up and brings up what she did to Abigail and Sarah. Alex doesn’t mean to shock him but says it’s not Gwen’s character that he’s interested in and says they are using each other. Alex explains that Gwen is helping him get over Stephanie and he’s helping her get over Xander. Alex adds that he can’t understand why Gwen is hung up on Xander because he’s a total douchebag.

Xander tells Maggie that he’s not jealous then admits that maybe he is a little bit. Xander adds that he has no right to be jealous since he told Gwen that he’s not over Sarah. Xander complains that he thinks about Sarah all the time and asks if Maggie has heard from her. Maggie confirms that she loves her new job at the hospital. Xander asks if Sarah and Rex are dating now then says he doesn’t mean to pry. Maggie tells Xander that Sarah is enjoying her new life in Chicago and not looking back, so she doesn’t think he should look back either. Maggie says there must be someone out there for Xander. Maggie knows it hurt to lose Sarah but says he needs to follow her lead, move on, and let Gwen move on.

Leo opens his laptop and says he expected more than one comment after running a story about Chloe calling Brady’s daughter a deranged monster. Leo then looks it over and finds that everything about Chloe was completely cut from his column. Gwen asks if he forgot to put it in. Leo says of course not and that it was his lead story, so he questions what the hell happened.

Chloe asks if Brady really thinks Kristen’s letter to Rachel will work. Brady doesn’t think it will be long before Chloe and Rachel are best friends and maybe they can finally just be together again. Brady says he’s missed her so damn much. Chloe admits she has missed him. Brady suggests they get started on this and he’ll pick Rachel up from school, then they can hang out which Chloe agrees with. Brady says he has to go do some work but he will call her later. Brady kisses Chloe goodbye and then exits the Pub.

Kristen tells Rachel that she wrote the letter herself. Rachel asks if she’s really okay with Brady being with Chloe then. Kristen thinks back to Brady ordering her to write the letter or else she would never see Rachel again. Kristen then tells Rachel that it’s complicated, but she’s a big girl now so she deserves to know the truth.

Johnny tells Wendy that he knows he really screwed up by swiping Tripp’s hospital card but he tried to make things right which she acknowledges. Johnny asks if that means she’s willing to give him a second chance. Wendy jokes about it being hard to say no to him when he acts sad. Wendy asks what he had in mind for today. Johnny suggests streaming movies and starting with “In the Mood for Love”. Tripp comes out of his room, so Wendy invites him to join their movie marathon. Tripp declines and says he’s going for a run and tells them to have fun. Tripp then exits as Johnny and Wendy sit together to watch movies.

Justin tells Alex that he could see it being hard to get over a woman like Stephanie, but he wonders if it would be more effective to try and get over her with someone who is vaguely like her instead of an unhinged psychopath. Alex asks if he’s messing things up. Justin says he’s just thinking out loud. Alex says if he met someone vaguely like Stephanie, he might fall in love again and that can’t happen because falling in love sucks. Justin points out that many songs disagree. Alex insists that sex works best when it’s casual. Justin says maybe someday, he’ll grow up and think differently about it. Justin asks Alex if Gwen knows that she’s only a relief player. Alex wouldn’t put it that way but assumes she does. Justin says he’d feel better if he nails that down and warns him about Gwen being a woman scorned. Justin then exits.

Gwen finishes a call with the Spectator office about Leo’s column. Leo asks if there was some sort of mix up but Gwen reveals that it was cut on purpose so Leo questions who the hell did that.

Chloe leaves the Brady Pub and runs in to Xander. Chloe says she’s glad she ran in to him. Xander jokes that he doesn’t hear that often since usually people see him and run the other way which hurts his feelings. Chloe asks if he’s tried not being an obnoxious jerk. Xander says this took a turn. Chloe apologizes but brings up that he did abandon her in Mexico with a psychotic drug lord so it’s hard to forget the grudge. Xander says that begs the question of why she’s glad to see him. Chloe wanted to ask about Leo’s column with what she said about Rachel since she thought Brady would want to kill her, but that didn’t end up in the story, so she asks if he knows what happened to it. Xander reveals that he cut it.

Gwen informs Leo that it was Xander. Leo questions why Xander would cut the best part of his column and complains that it undermines all the work he did to double cross Chloe. Gwen asks what he means. Leo explains that he asked Chloe to get him free clothes from Basic Black’s men’s line and said he wouldn’t print it but then he was going to anyway and now Chloe is going to think he held up his end of the bargain. Leo complains that Xander took all the fun out of it, so he’s going to give him a piece of his mind and storms out.

Tripp finishes his run in the park and stops on the bench. Tripp thinks back to earlier and imagines kissing Wendy. Tripp tells himself it’s not going to happen and pours water on his head.

Johnny and Wendy talk about the movie they are watching. Johnny asks if it has her in the mood for love which she laughs at. Wendy tells him that she’s really glad he came over as they kiss.

Kristen tells Rachel that she and Brady have things they don’t agree on. Brady arrives and questions what Rachel is doing here when she’s supposed to be in school. Rachel says she came to see her mom. Brady complains that her principal called to tell him that she wasn’t in school and he had to use his phone to track her down. Brady questions how she got here. Kristen informs him that Rachel used his phone to call an uber. Brady argues that Rachel stole his phone and asks if Kristen put her up to it. Kristen assures that she didn’t and had no idea that she was coming. Brady questions Kristen not calling him to let him know that she hadn’t been kidnapped. Kristen insists that she was going to call him but Rachel was so upset that she needed to comfort her. Brady asks why she was so upset. Kristen responds that Rachel wanted to know if what she wrote in the letter was true and if she is okay with Brady and Chloe being together. Brady asks what she said to her. Kristen claims that before Brady burst in, she was about to tell Rachel that she meant every word she wrote. Kristen tells Rachel that she just wants Brady to be happy and if that means being with Chloe, so be it.

Chloe questions Xander killing Leo’s story and asks how he made that happen. Xander calls it a perk of being a publisher and says it wasn’t a fit in his opinion. Chloe says she’s beyond grateful but asks if that’s not exactly the type of story that the Spectator wants. Xander admits he saw how upset Chloe was and it didn’t seem right. Chloe asks if he did it out of the goodness of his heart. Xander adds that he didn’t want to give Kristen any armor after what she did to Sarah and that Leo could use a reminder that he’s in charge. Xander admits he mostly did it to be petty. Chloe thanks him because things have been so complicated for her and Brady that she’s not sure they would have survived Leo printing that story.

Alex goes to Gwen’s room. Gwen notices his black eye and says she wasn’t expecting him. Alex says he just wanted to come by and clear some things up about everything between them. Alex explains that he sees it as a fun, no strings kind of thing and he’s not exactly looking for a relationship. Gwen says she’s not either and she’s very happy with meaningless sex. Alex says that’s great then and guesses he’ll take off. Gwen points out that he came all the way over and asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to engage in more of that meaningless sex right now. Gwen says there’s no time like the present as they start kissing.

Johnny and Wendy kiss on the couch until Tripp comes home. Wendy asks how his run was. Tripp says it was good and asks about the movie. Johnny says it was great. Tripp then heads to the shower. Wendy jokes that she feels like she almost got caught by her parents. Johnny asks how long Tripp will be in the shower. Wendy says not long enough and suggests getting back to the movie which they do.

Justin goes to see Maggie at Titan. Justin mentions that Alex told him they were having some issues. Maggie asks if Alex sent him to smooth things over. Justin says that Alex doesn’t know he’s here and that this is a solo mission. Justin assures Maggie that Alex knows he messed up and he wants this arrangement to work. Maggie says she wants it to work too but she doesn’t know if Alex will ever accept the fact that she’s in charge. Justin encourages her to give Alex a chance to prove himself to her.

Alex and Gwen lay in bed after having sex. Alex comments that working from home definitely has it’s benefits. Gwen asks about him not going back to the office. Alex explains that Maggie doesn’t want him there until his eye heals up. Gwen says she’s so sorry about that. Alex says it’s not her fault and adds that he’s already on Maggie’s bad side since going to Victor made it worse. Alex adds that he just has to find a way to get in Maggie’s good graces.

The prison guard calls Kristen for her shift in the laundry room. Kristen hugs Rachel and tells her how wonderful it was to see her. Kristen makes Rachel promise not to come again by herself. Kristen tells her that she loves her and then exits. Brady tells Rachel that she scared him today and he doesn’t want her to ever pull a stunt like this again. Rachel apologizes to him. Brady says he’s going to take her back to school and then afterwards, they will hang out with Chloe. Rachel complains but Brady reminds her that Kristen said she’s fine with it and wants her to give Chloe a chance. Brady makes Rachel promise to try and then they leave the prison but Rachel had her fingers crossed behind her back.

Xander asks Chloe if he’s made up for the whole leaving her in the clutches of a psychotic drug lord thing. Chloe says no, but she is sincerely grateful for what he did. Chloe then hugs Xander as Leo walks up and sees them. Leo then takes photos of Chloe and Xander hugging.

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