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Diane: I should do the world a favor and strangle you to death!

Jack: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! What is going on?!

Kyle: Hey! Hey!

Phyllis: Oh, my god!

[ Breathing heavily ] What do you think’s going on here? She’s trying to kill me! You saw it. You saw her trying to kill me. Oh, this is unbelievable.

[ Breathing heavily ] Unbelievable. You — you stay away from me. You hear me?

[ Coughing ]

Chelsea: You really picked the right girl to go to the gala with. I know how to live it up.

Billy: Seems like a perfect night to me.

Chelsea: Overdressed, sipping earl grey at the coffee house?

Billy: The only thing that would make this night better would be if I was in my slippers ’cause I’m ready to ditch the tux.

Chelsea: But you look so good in that tux. Don’t let it go to waste. Honestly, go back to the party. All your friends, all your family are there.

Billy: I see those people all the time. Too much, actually. This is exactly where I want to be.

[ Soft jazz music playing ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Daniel: You know, I’m glad things have finally taken a turn for the better between you and devon.

Lily: Yeah, me too. And thank you for being so supportive through the lawsuit. I know it was a lot.

[ Chuckles ]

Daniel: That’s what friends are for.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] And I promise I will share all of the details of what happened. I just — I really want to enjoy this moment right now.

Daniel: I’m all for that.

Lily: I don’t know. I finally feel like everything is not falling apart anymore. You know? I finally feel…like, hopeful.

Summer: It’s just you and me right now. Tell me what was really going on in there.

Phyllis: Isn’t that clear? Diane was trying to kill me. It’s not obvious to you?!

Summer: I’m just trying to understand what led up to that. Like, why have you been acting so weird tonight? One minute you’re giving me this speech about how proud you are of me…

Phyllis: What? That’s weird to you, that I’m proud of my daughter?

Summer: Well, the next thing I know, you’re in some secret hotel room fighting with diane. I — I’m just trying to figure out why the two of you were in there to begin with.

Phyllis: I have worked so hard.

[ Laughs ] I’ve worked so hard. Oh, god. I’m working so hard to convince everybody who diane really is and no one’s believed me and I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost my children. I’ve lost my job. I’ve lost everything. I-I — I’m tired. I’m so tired.

Summer: Okay.

Phyllis: Oh, my god.

Summer: That doesn’t explain why you were in there with her.

Phyllis: I wanted to work things out with her. Oh, summer, I wanted to work things out with her. I saw her walking upstairs. I wanted to pull her in to a suite so we could talk. And look at you, looking at me with suspicion. That breaks my heart. But I have wanted to work things out with diane because I saw how crazy it’s gotten. I wanted to clean the slate with her, that’s all.

Summer: So, what went wrong?

Phyllis: I don’t know. It was her. She has this power, this false power now, you know, that she’s living at the abbott mansion and she’s close to my daughter and she’s the one who can’t stand that I know who she really is.

She’s the one who has hatred with me!

Summer: Mom, stop! (Terrie) if you’re a smoker.

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Summer: I can’t listen to this again. It is the same story over and over. It’s like you think if you tell it enough times that it’ll become true, but — I want to believe you. I wish that I could.

Phyllis: You never will. You’ll never believe me.

Summer: Mom, wait.

Phyllis: No. You stay away from me. Okay?

Jack: Are you alright? At least physically?

Diane: I-I-I think so.

Jack: What the hell did we just walk in on?

Diane: Phyllis tricked me into coming up here. She said that kyle was — was really sick a-and that he was asking for me and then when i got in here, she just kind of attacked me in some sort of fit of rage.

Kyle: What would make phyllis go off like that?

Diane: I mean, who knows? She’s psychotic. My mere presence sets her off.

Jack: Okay, whatever happened, it was clearly traumatic, and we have to deal with this situation. First of all, I don’t think we should announce our engagement tonight.

Diane: No. No, phyllis is not going to take this from me. She is not going to ruin tonight. Jack — jack, I’m — I’m fine. I’m — I’m better than fine. I’m — I’m fantastic. So, just, um — just let me fix myself up and then I’ll meet you downstairs and we can announce our love to the world. Okay?

Audra: Excuse me. Oh. Uh, excuse me? Okay. Uh, hello? Hi. Um, could I — okay.

[ Cellphone vibrating ] Um… hmm.

[ Soft jazz music playing ]

Abby: You alright?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah. I am.

Abby: What’s going on? Are you having second thoughts about dropping the lawsuit?

Devon: No. No, not at all. It was the right thing to do. I’m just overwhelmed by this whole night, really. In a good way.

Abby: I understand.

Devon: Yeah. I was thinking about taking off, though, and heading home.

Abby: Oh. Well, I’ll go with you.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: I know you like parties like this.

Abby: Yeah, but I would rather be with you.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: And besides, I want to hear what brought on this truce between you and lily — if you want to talk about it.

Kyle: That was…

Jack: I know. I know.

Kyle: Look, phyllis is always the one stirring up trouble, but mom was out for blood.

Jack: Yeah, that’s why i wanted to call it a night. What we just saw is a version of diane I thought was long gone. It’s unsettling.

Kyle: Look, are you having second thoughts about the engagement?

Jack: I don’t know what i think. Look, I love your mother. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I worry this is all going too quickly and the stress is too much for her.

Kyle: Yeah, she was definitely enraged. Look, on the other hand, if phyllis used my son as some kind of ploy to get me alone, I would flip, too, especially if i thought harrison was sick or in trouble. Look, mom was rushing to that suite because she was worried about me. Her adrenaline was pumping, and phyllis ambushed her. That’s enough to send anyone over the edge.

Jack: Right. Migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy

Devon: Just seeing this jazz club being dedicated to neil is what changed everything for me. And you did that. You have no idea how much it meant to me and lily. It’s what’s reunited us more than anything else. So, thank you.

Abby: Well, it was a very tough secret to keep, but knowing that it brought you and lily together…

Devon: It means everything.

You mean everything.

Nick: So, how are you feeling?

Sally: Uh, fine. Yep. Great.

Nick: Yeah?

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Because you are clutching that mask like it’s some kind of shield.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Any chance the shield will fend off these questions?

Nick: Nah. No way. Talk to me.

Sharon: Here you go.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

Sharon: I haven’t had this much fun in a while.

Adam: Yeah, it’s a great party.

Sharon: Yeah?

Adam: No.

Sharon: You know, you’re gonna to have to get used to looking at nick and sally. But it can’t be that bad. You’re holding a glass of champagne in your hand and you have a very pretty date — moi.

[ Both chuckle ]

Adam: I know. Thank you for coming, sharon. You know, I’m grateful that you accepted. I’m lucky to know you. I-I — to have you in my life for as long as I have, even when I have made some decisions that make me a difficult man to know.

Sharon: What is going on in that mind of yours now?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Uh, what you’re hearing is the sound of crashing of waves and waves of regret.

Sharon: For what?

Adam: For being a jackass for most of my life. For putting myself in a position where people that I care about can’t stand me. Except you. For some reason, you still put up with me. Why?

Diane: Okay, I’ve pulled myself together and I’m ready to enjoy the rest of the evening with my favorite fellas. So, let’s get this train back on the tracks.

[ Sighs ] Look, I — I know that that was ugly upstairs, and I do apologize, but I am just — I’m ready to move forward.

[ Sighs ] I see you’re not.

Kyle: I’m relieved you and phyllis walked away unscathed, but we still aren’t really clear what led to the fight

Diane: Kyle, I texted you to see if you were okay before i went up there. And then the fact that you didn’t answer made me think that what phyllis had said was actually true.

Kyle: What? You texted me?

Diane: Yes.

Kyle: I didn’t get a text.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: What?

Kyle: I lost my phone. Again.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Audra: Uh, sorry for the interruption. Hi. Um… yeah, so, uh, you know, I — you know, I — I was wondering if you know who this phone belongs to because it keeps ringing and the bartender is too swamped to try and find its owner.

Ashley: Audra charles, right? Ashley abbott. But then I’m sure you already know that. This is kind of fun. Isn’t it, tucker? I finally get to meet your co-conspirator.

Audra: [ Chuckles ] I do indeed know quite a bit about you.

Ashley: I’m sure you do. And still, that’s not even half of it.

Tucker: Uh, I don’t know whose phone that is. Do you, ashley?

Audra: Fair enough. I will continue my rounds as a good samaritan.

Ashley: Actually, that is my nephew kyle’s phone.

Audra: Oh, great. Yeah. Thanks. Um, I will get it to him. I’ve actually been looking for a reason to make kyle abbott’s acquaintance.

Ashley: Huh. Bye. Gee, I don’t know why, tucker, but I just — I just don’t trust her.

Traci: Oh, you look fabulous!

Michael: Ah!

Lauren: Okay, my turn!

Gina: You do, too, sweetheart.

Lauren: My turn, my turn, my turn! Oh, I’m so glad you came for this. And had I known, I would have — hi, darling — I would have had you cater the entire event.

Gina: Can you believe it? I’ve been here 30 seconds and she wants to put me to work already.

Lauren: Of course.

[ Laughs ]

And that’s because the last time I was in los angeles, I ate at your restaurant.

[ Gasps ] The food was to die for.

Gina: Okay, well, then that settles it. The next reunion is gonna be at my place out west.

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: Ooh!

Lauren: Yes, yes! [ Laughs ]

Gina: I’m just glad that we both could be here for this.

Danny: Yeah. Whenever the opportunity to get the old band back together comes a-knockin’, guess what. I answer the door!

Leanna: Did genoa city’s homegrown rock star just hint at a reunion tour?

Michael: Oh. Leanna. Is eavesdropping what counts for journalism these days?

Leanna: Well, keeping my ear to the ground is definitely part of it. Care to comment on the rumors?

Danny: Uh…I would not.

Leanna: You know, I-I hate to bring this conversation to a screeching halt, but could somebody tell me what’s going on between my nephew and lily winters? I can see the sparks from here.

Daniel: You know, you were never gonna lose everything. At least, not me.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] You have no idea how comforting it is to know that you always have my back.

Daniel: You always have mine. You helped bring me back from one of the darkest points in my life.

Lily: Well, I am thankful that we’ve been able to be there for each other.

Daniel: You know, you are one of the strongest and most vibrant people I have ever known. I don’t think I ever want to live a life in which you’re not a part of it. My advice, in this one very specific case

Danny: Hi, bud.

[ Laughs ]

Daniel: Dad. Hey!

Danny: Hey.

Daniel: Hey!

Lily: Hi.

Danny: Hi.

Lily: Welcome home.

Danny: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Daniel: Are you cutting in?

Danny: Oh, uh, well, kind of. Can I borrow my son for a second?

Lily: Uh, yes, of course. I will get some champagne.

Daniel: Thank you.

Sharon: I put up with you because it’s easier now that there are no lingering feelings and no expectations or disappointments. We’re just free to enjoy our friendship with one another. Having a child with someone is, um, a lot different. It’s very, very complicated. You end up having to rely on each other in a lot of different ways, and I know you ran into some difficulties in co-parenting with chelsea.

Adam: Yeah. Especially recently. I mean, before her incident.

Sharon: But you overcame those difficulties because of your mutual love for connor, and I think that that will extend to your respect and care for each other.

Adam: It, uh — it did. It does for chelsea, but that doesn’t mean the same thing’s gonna happen with me and sally.

Sally: Well, once your baby’s born, I think your connection will get stronger because you have your child’s best interests at heart. You’ll share that in common. At least, that’s what’s happened in my experience.

Adam: Well, I hope you are right. But I’m not sure that anything’s gonna change for sally.

Sally: Okay, so, I almost feel like a part of genoa city, but then I’m here like this.

Nick: Yeah. Gorgeous. I get it. It is quite a burden.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] No, the baby bump. I feel like everyone is staring, and I can’t have a drink. And to be completely honest with you, I am absolutely starving.

Nick: Then let’s get out of here, go grab a cheeseburger.

Sally: Okay, you’ve never been hotter.

[ Both laugh ] But I don’t think there’s any way we can sneak out of here without anyone noticing, so i will stick it out a little bit longer. But just so you know, I am gonna be thinking about that cheeseburger the whole time.

Audra: Excuse me? Uh, kyle abbott? I found this on the bar. Your aunt told me it was yours.

Kyle: I just realized I had lost it. Thank you…?

Audra: Audra charles.

Kyle: Nice to meet you.

Audra: Likewise.

Summer: Hi. What’s going on here?

Kyle: Uh, this is audra. She found my phone.

Summer: Yeah, I know who she is. You’re the woman who emotionally destroyed my brother.

Audra: [ Stammers ] Noah and I, um… it was a complicated situation.

Summer: Thanks for the phone.

Kyle: Uh… [ Sighs ] I did get your text.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: I’m sorry I doubted you.

Diane: Tensions were high. I — I understand.

Jack: I owe you an apology, too. You walked right into phyllis’s lion’s den thinking you were protecting kyle. And I let my fear lead me to doubt your intentions. And I’m — I’m sorry. And it won’t happen again.

Daniel: It’s okay.

Jack: If you can find it in yourself to forgive me, I’d like to announce our engagement tonight.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] No forgiveness necessary.

Jack: Excuse me, everyone. Could I have your attention, please? Could you all find your way to the lounge? I have some fun news I want to share with you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Jack: I can’t find the ring.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Compliments on your little scuffle with diane. From what I heard, it was a masterful performance.

[ Door closes ]

Phyllis: Did you hold up your end of the bargain?

Jeremy: You know, growing up in the streets of cleveland, you learn a lot of tricks. And pickpocketing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Phyllis: You’re an artful dodger, right?

Jeremy: Whew. It is a beauty, isn’t it? Huh.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is beautiful.

[ Scoffs ] It’s stunning.

Jeremy: You okay?

Phyllis: Yeah. I’m fine.

Jeremy: Good. Now comes the hardest but most important part. Are you ready?

Phyllis: Yeah. I’m ready. There’s no turning back now. Hey, man. You could save hundreds

“The young and the restless”

will continue.


Jack: We’ll be right there.

Diane: You can’t find the ring?

Jack: I put it in this pocket. It’s not there anymore.

Diane: Well, it must have fallen out. Maybe we can retrace your steps.

Traci: Hey! So, is this it, the big announcement?

Jack: Gina romalotti.

Gina: Ohh!

Jack: So good to see you!

Gina: As handsome and as debonair as ever.

Diane: Mm. Well, unfortunately for women everywhere, he’s officially about to be off the market.

Gina: Oh, so, this is that kind of an announcement? Oh, I see. Well, you’re finally gonna finish what you started all those years ago at gina’s place.

[ Both laugh ]

Diane: You know, we had so many amazing moments there, it’s really fitting that you’re here to share it with us.

Gina: Well, I’m — I’m honored.

Jack: You know, the plan was to make the announcement, but I —

Traci: No, no, no, no, no! No “buts,” no “buts.” I’m just so proud of you for — for accepting growth and change and finding love again. And you have come so far. In a world that mostly favors darkness, the two of you have found a ray of sunshine in each other.

Gina: Love wins. And let nothing stand in its way. You understand?

Traci: [ Laughs ] Come on. Let’s get on with it.

[ Chuckles ]

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Yeah, why are we worried about a ring? It’ll show up. If it doesn’t, I’ll get you another one.

Diane: Well, I’m sure it was really expensive.

Jack: The ring is a symbol. What we have is what matters. I just promised the whole town a big announcement. I’d like to come through for them.

Diane: Gosh, I love you.

Jack: Oh, good.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

Jack: ‘Cause I love you.

Diane: Aww.

Jack: Come on.

Diane: Let’s do it.

Chelsea: I’m still trying to figure out my impulses, you know, both good and bad, how I react to things. It takes me a minute to even know how I’m feeling.

Billy: You know, I could tell that you were struggling. I just didn’t know exactly what was going on in your head.

Chelsea: Yeah, you and me both.

[ Sighs ] You know, it’s not like it’s all mental, either. It becomes physical. Like, in that room, I could feel my cheeks burning and my — my shoulders got really tense.

[ Sighs ] I just saw a lot of voices and i saw a lot of faces and I didn’t know who to look at or who to listen to. And then it all becomes very ungrounding. I go into fight-or-flight mode. Not like I would physically fight, you know? I’m just saying, I…

[ Breathes deeply ] Tonight, flight won.

Billy: I get it. Look, at least we know now that this is a thing for you. And we can be prepared for it the next time. You know, the positive is we don’t go to a gala every day of our lives. So, there’s that.

Chelsea: Isn’t it a requirement of living in genoa city?

Billy: From now on, you got a get-out-of-gala free card.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Look, chels, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. And if there is something that you want to do and the fear and the anxiety starts to rise, well, then we acknowledge it and we figure it out together.

Chelsea: You are not the man I knew even five years ago.

Billy: I hope that’s a good thing.

Chelsea: It’s a good thing.

Billy: Well, you’re not the woman I met all those years ago, either.

Chelsea: That’s definitely a good thing.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] I’m really glad that we get the chance to get to know each other all over again, as the people we are now.

Daniel: What? What is that look on your face? You know what? Never mind. I-I already know. I’ve seen it before.

Danny: Look, I am worried about what’s going on with you and lily, okay?

Daniel: Well, I love you, dad, but I didn’t ask for your advice.

Danny: Well, unfortunately, it’s part of my fatherly duty to give it.

Daniel: [ Chuckles ]

Danny: Look, you told both your mother and me that you were going through a rough patch. Ending things with heather was hard. And I know you and lily have been close for a long time. It’s sometimes easy to find comfort in a reliable place. But let me tell you something. The fallout isn’t worth the aftermath.

Daniel: Says the rock star.

Danny: Exactly.

Daniel: Well, this is different.

Danny: Look, I’m just telling you — why don’t you put all your energy into yourself? You know, your goals, your dreams, the video game, the music we’re working on together. And if things are meant to go deeper with lily, you’ll have this foundation based on friendship, alright? But first, you’ve got to work on your own foundation. Do you understand? Hi, I’m jill and I’ve lost 56 pounds on golo.

Daniel: Listen, I appreciate your input when it comes to lily. I know it’s coming from the right place, but when it comes to my personal life, I got to make my own decisions.

Danny: Fair enough. I’ve said my piece. I will butt out now. Hey, what do I know anyway? I’m just, you know, your old man, right?

Daniel: Well, thank you. Thank you for butting out. It’d be a shame if I had to avoid both my parents.

Danny: I know that phyllis can be overbearing at times.

Gina: Now, that’s an understatement.

Daniel: Oh, my god. Hi! Hi.

Gina: You see, he’s realized that the best way to handle phyllis is with total avoidance. He is so wise, daniel.

Danny: Okay, one last piece of advice from the wisest of the romalottis — that would be me.

Gina: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: Okay.

Danny: Life is too short for grudges, especially against people we love and people who love us back. You understand?

Daniel: I spoke with her earlier. She did seem different.

Danny: I’m sure she’s feeling pretty lost right now, being on the outs with both you and summer. I just really hope you can find a way to get past this because at some point you’re gonna have to accept her for the way she is, the same way that you want to be accepted.

Daniel: Okay, I will talk to her. I will sit down, and we will figure this all out, just not tonight. But soon, okay?

Danny: That’s all I ask.

Gina: Okay, now that we’re done with this conversation, how about me? I want to talk about daniel…

Daniel: You want to talk —

Gina: …And lucy.

Daniel: Oh!

Gina: And I want some photographs.

Daniel: Oh, well, we’ve got photographs.

Gina: Let me see.

Daniel: I mean, photographs? You came to the right place for photographs.

Gina: It’s about time.

Daniel: Yeah.

Devon: Are you sure you don’t want to stick around for jack’s announcement?

Abby: No, no, that’s okay. I’m sure I’ll hear about it soon. I am related to pretty much everyone in that room, and word travels fast around here.

Amanda: It certainly does.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Victor: What the hell is this all about?

Nikki: Oh, who knows. Looks like diane is trying to play the part of the first lady.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Thank you all for giving me a couple of minutes of your time. First, I want you to join me in thanking my sister, traci abbott, nikki newman, lauren fenmore-baldwin, and michael baldwin for putting together this spectacular event.

[ Cheers and applause ] Who says the people of this town can’t work together, especially when it’s to create such a wonderful moment, a celebration of the place we all call home? Genoa city is where my parents chose to live their lives, where I have lived my entire life, where I raised my son kyle. And I could not be happier that kyle and his beautiful wife, summer, have chosen to raise their son, harrison, here as well. It is my dearest hope that my grandson will learn to cherish family and community, as generations of abbotts have before him.

[ Applause ] Now, let me be clear. Just as with all families, with all communities, it hasn’t always been simple. It hasn’t always been easy. We have definitely had our ups and downs, both as collaborators and competitors, as friend and foe. But make no mistake. The people of genoa city have more in common than they don’T. We all share the same blood. We all manage wisconsin winters.

[ Laughter ] We all have the same distinctly midwest value for hard work and kindness. We share a humanity, same loves and losses, the same heartache and hope. And we choose to live in this town together. And I am forever grateful for that.

[ Applause ] The people of genoa city know that in this town, you can grow, you can change, you can transform despite your mistakes, your flaws, your foibles. We all know we have the opportunity to live our very best lives. Every day I see the very best in the woman standing next to me. I know some of you don’t see what I do, but perhaps everyone is not meant to. But I know from the life I have lived, happiness can be elusive. When you find it, grab it and don’t let go. That is what I have done. That is what we have done. We have chosen happiness. We have chosen love. And we have chosen this evening to share our great news with you because we know, perhaps better than most, there’s nothing this town loves more than gossip.

[ Laughter ] So we are happy to provide it. Consider it a party favor. I am in love with diane jenkins. I have asked her to marry me.

[ Crowd gasping ] And she said yes.

[ Applause ] Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Chelsea: Well, I think i turned into a pumpkin an hour ago. I’m gonna head upstairs. Here you go.

Billy: Thank you. Well…sweet dreams.

Chelsea: Good night.

Billy: Chels, one more thing, just in case. Did I forget to tell you that you look beautiful?

Chelsea: I think you did.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You look beautiful.

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ] Wow. It was even better the second time.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nick: You okay?

Sally: Yeah. It’s just, seeing someone so certain. That’s real love.

Victor: Just amazing, you know? To watch jack abbott commit one mistake after the other. It won’t be long because he and diane jenkins will blow up in some spectacular fashion. I promise you.

Nikki: Well, apparently i spent months putting this event together as an opportunity for them to steal the show.

Victor: Ohh. Well, and kind of funny, i think it is.

Nikki: Yeah. Ha ha.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Ashley: I think I’m gonna be sick to my stomach.

Tucker: Well, let’s get the hell out of here then.

Ashley: Oh, my god. You’re so right. Let’s go.

Tucker: Yeah.

Phyllis: Whoo! Yes! Yes!

[ Chuckles ] Let’s hear it for love! Whoo! Come on! Come on! Come on! Love! It’s me! Hi! Hey!

[ Sighs ] Well, let’s hear it for the future mr. And mrs. Jack abbott. Come on!

[ Applause ]

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