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John brings Marlena home. Marlena says she’s never been so happy to see the place. John wishes she had balloons and fireworks. Marlena understands there was no time for all that. John assures that there will be a celebration soon. John wishes the entire family could be there to share his relief and this incredible miracle. Marlena repeats that she’s just so happy to be home. Marlena calls it perfect as she kisses John.

At the ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland. Harris remains handcuffed to his hospital bed. Hope enters his room and informs him that his doctors are still determining whether or not he’s too dangerous to be set free.

Steve goes back to Megan, who is in ISA custody, and talks to her through the glass. Steve tells her to quit stonewalling and tell him where he can find his wife.

Bo brings Kayla to a cabin. Kayla complains that she’s exhausted and filthy as she questions Bo’s plan and where the hell they are.

Hope assures that Harris is not a threat or a danger to anyone as he’s been completely deprogrammed. Harris states that after all the terrible things he did, the ISA is not going to take any chances. Hope argues that they can’t possibly think he’s still under Megan’s control since he is the one who told them where to find her. Harris understands it’s still a gamble for them, so the safest move is to make him disappear. Hope says she won’t let that happen as Andrew enters the room. Hope asks if he’s going to let that happen.

John tells Marlena that he can’t believe that she’s really here. Marlena talks about what he must have gone through, thinking that he lost her. John says everybody was just so devastated, especially their kids. Marlena suggests it’s time to share the good news.

Chad and Stephanie sit together in the town square. Chad talks about their PR to successfully rehab Paulina’s image but Stephanie is distracted and looking through her phone. Chad jokes with her about not hearing him as she apologizes and asks what she missed. Chad says he was just going over the strategy for Paulina but says something is obviously on her mind and asks what’s wrong. Stephanie says she’s just waiting for an update from her dad as she hasn’t heard from him since he left which could just mean he’s super focused on trying to bring her mother’s killer to justice. Chad suggests calling him. Stephanie says she has 20 times but he’s not picking up. Chad suggests trying one more time.

Megan tells Steve that she honestly doesn’t know where Kayla is. Steve asks who took her off the island and tells her to stop wasting his time. Megan argues that he’s not going to find them. Steve demands a name. Megan says fine if he must know but Steve’s phone rings. Megan questions him not answering it and says it must be important. Steve then exits to answer the call from Stephanie. Stephanie tells him that she’s been so worried about him and asks if he’s okay. Steve says he’s fine and Megan is in ISA custody, so he’s questioning her now. Steve adds that he has some other news about her mother. Stephanie asks what it is. Steve then reveals to her that her mom is alive.

Kayla tells Bo that he still hasn’t answered her question as they bring bags of supplies inside. Kayla complains about the boat ride, ending up at a swamp, and then trekking up this mountain. Bo acknowledges that it was a rough trip but says it was worth it. Kayla argues that he made her abandon Marlena on the island and calls this a crap shack. Bo says it’s much more than that. Kayla asks what he has planned. Bo appreciates her putting up with the difficult trip, so he will let her know what his plan is. Bo then informs Kayla that she is standing in the home of Victor Kiriakis as this is where he grew up. Bo then reveals that they are in Greece.

Steve asks if Stephanie is still there. Stephanie is in shock and says she can’t believe that Kayla is really alive. Steve confirms that she is. Stephanie asks how that can be and if he’s sure. Steve repeats that her mom is alive. Stephanie asks to talk to her so she can hear her voice. Steve says she will real soon. Stephanie asks why not now. Steve explains that he’s not with her just yet. Stephanie asks if he’s not sure then. Steve assures that Kayla is definitely alive as Marlena confirmed it. Steve reveals that Marlena is alive too and John took her back to Salem from the island they were held on. Steve adds that before he could get to Kayla, one of Megan’s people took her but he assures he will not rest until he finds her and brings her home.

Bo tells Kayla that Victor’s family lost everything in the Depression, so when he was a child, he didn’t have much but that motivated him and he swore to one day get everything he desired. Bo talks about Victor dreaming of everything he would achieve and then when he got enough money, he bought this place and left it exactly as is as a reminder of where he came from. Kayla questions why they are here. Bo responds that this is where his father began to make his dreams reality, so this is where it begins for him too. Bo declares that his father built an empire, so he’s going to build one too.

Hope tells Andrew that it’s good to see him and thanks him for letting Ciara in the other day. Andrew reveals that the information that Harris gave them checked out and Megan is now in custody. Hope is excited that John and Steve found her. Andrew adds that Megan is not the only person they found.

Eric goes to John and Marlena’s and greets Belle. Belle asks what he’s doing here. Eric says that John asked him to come over. Belle assumes it’s about the search for Megan Hathaway. Eric wonders if the lead that John and Steve had didn’t pan out. Belle is surprised he cares, given how self-absorbed he’s been lately. Eric tells her to get over Sloan. Belle argues that Sloan trashed Paulina’s office and she can’t believe Eric is defending her. Eric says that Sloan said she didn’t do it and he believes her. Belle calls him delusional and brings up that after she got the civil suit thrown out, Sloan went ballistic on Chanel and Paulina in the middle of the town square. Eric argues that was because Sloan was very upset. Belle points out that Sloan threatened them and said she didn’t need court to get her revenge. Belle calls trashing Paulina’s office her first step in whatever plan she has. Eric points out that the cops questioned her and let her go because they had no evidence that she did anything wrong. John interrupts and asks what the hell is going on here. Belle says they were just having a disagreement. John tells them to knock it off. Eric asks why he called them over. John announces that they found Megan Hathaway and she’s in ISA custody. Eric says that’s great so now she can pay for killing their mom but John says actually, she can’t. Belle questions why not. Marlena then enters the room and announces that it’s because she’s alive. Eric and Belle are shocked. Belle says she doesn’t understand as Eric asks how it’s even possible. Marlena calls it a long story, but in a nutshell, Megan took her body from the hospital and had Dr. Rolf create a serum that saved her life. John states that Megan is the one who took the orchid. Marlena says she was on an island somewhere until John found her and brought her home. Marlena asks if they are going to stand there or give her mother a hug. Belle and Eric then hug Marlena, calling it incredible and a miracle.

Andrew informs Hope that Kayla and Marlena are alive. Hope excitedly hugs him and asks if they are alright and where they are. Andrew reveals that John took Marlena back to Salem but Kayla’s whereabouts are still unknown as apparently someone took her from the island, but they don’t know who since Megan refused to tell them anything but they are confident in finding a way to make her talk.

Steve tells Stephanie that’s all the information he has on Kayla but promises to get answers out of Megan. Stephanie tells Steve that he has to find her. Steve assures that he will and he will call her when he knows more. Stephanie says she loves him so much and tells him to be careful. Steve says he loves her too as they hang up. Steve goes back in to face Megan, who notes his call took awhile so she thought maybe he left. Steve says he’s not going anywhere until she tells him what he wants to know. Megan responds that she wants to make a deal. Megan says she can’t tell him where Kayla is because she doesn’t know, but she can tell him who has her after he gives her what she wants.

Bo tells Kayla that he’s going to follow in his father’s footsteps because he’s a Kiriakis and it’s what he was born to do. Kayla argues that this is all crazy talk from Megan brainwashing him. Kayla says they need to go back to Salem so he can get his head on straight. Bo argues that he’s never seen things more clear as he’s been wiped clean and gets to start over again. Bo says he gets to go down the path he was destined to go down. Bo adds that Victor came from humble beginnings, so he will too. Kayla argues that he already did when they grew up but Bo says that was her story, not his. Bo declares that he’s going to make himself from nothing like Victor did. Kayla argues that he has a history, family, and a home. Bo says this is his history and home. Kayla argues that the Kiriakis empire was a crime syndicate. Bo talks about Victor escaping poverty and becoming a giant, asking how you cannot admire that. Kayla talks about it becoming pure hate after Victor escaped. Bo talks about Victor having everything; money, power, and freedom. Kayla points out that Victor’s heart was ice cold and he’s a vengeful, vicious, ruthless man. Kayla thinks Victor is more impoverished now than ever. Kayla argues that their family may not have had much but they were rich in love and she thinks deep down he knows that. Kayla says Bo has been away for a long time but he knows that love is the most valuable thing in life. Kayla adds that if Bo could clear the confusion out of his head, he would know that she’s right and that they need to go home to the people that love them.

Stephanie informs Chad that her mother is alive, which shocks him. Stephanie says she feels like she’s dreaming. Stephanie wants to see Kayla and hold her to tell her everything that she never got to. Chad encourages that she gets to tell her all of that now as he hugs her. Stephanie says she’s so happy and she has no words for it. Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry since he and his family suffered a terrible loss while her family has been given this miracle. Chad assures she has no reason to apologize and exclaims that it’s amazing and incredible that her mother is alive, so he’s so happy for her. Stephanie thanks him. Chad asks if Megan was keeping Kayla captive on an island and then someone took her. Stephanie confirms that Steve is trying to find out who but he doesn’t know much of anything. Chad encourages that Steve is going to bring Kayla home. Stephanie adds that there is more and reveals that Marlena is alive too and that John brought her back to Salem. Chad is shocked and says he can’t even process any of this. Chad then asks if Kate is alive too.

Steve tells Megan that she’s not in a position to make demands. Megan asks if he wants to find Kayla. Steve assures that he will find Kayla. Megan says off he goes then. Steve stops and asks what she wants. Megan wants full immunity from everything. Steve tells her to dream on. Megan argues that he has pull with Shane and that he and John were given a pass for what they did in Hong Kong last summer. Megan asks if he will speak to Shane or not. Steve says even if he did, there’s no chance she gets immunity. Megan says she wants to go home then and she means back to Salem. Megan asks him to arrange for her to be in Statesville, then she will serve her time but she will not do it in an ISA black site where she will cease to exist. Megan wants to be in a regular prison with a cellmate, yard, and library not in a torture chamber that isn’t on a map. Megan tells Steve to make it happen because if they drop her in to the abyss, she promises that he will never see Kayla again.

Hope tells Andrew that she’ll get Megan to talk. Andrew says that Steve is interrogating her now. Hope points out that he hasn’t gotten any answers so she asks for five minutes with her. Andrew doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Hope argues that Megan can’t stand her and wants her dead, so just seeing her would make her short circuit. Harris agrees that Hope gets under Megan’s skin like nobody else. Hope says she will use that. Hope asks Andrew if his uncle Bo would be asking permission to be in on this interrogation and says he would blow by anyone to get the answers he needs. Hope says Bo isn’t here to help bring his sister home, but she is, so she has to do this for Bo.

Bo tells Kayla that she’s wrong as his childhood wasn’t full of love, but full of lies. Kayla asks what he’s talking about. Bo talks about his mom letting him grow up thinking he was a Brady despite knowing Shawn was not his father. Bo says he was the rebel and black sheep of the family. Bo says Kayla calls Victor a criminal but questions what she calls people who denies a child to be or even know who he really is. Kayla says this isn’t real. Bo calls it his reality and she knows that. Bo declares that he’s done being controlled by other people and their attempts to mold him in to what they want him to be. Bo adds that he decides who he will be, not Megan or Kayla and her memories. Bo argues that everything that came before this is in the rear view mirror. Kayla asks about all the people at home and his kids. Bo says this is his family and history, not her white washed Brady crap. Kayla declares that she’s done with this if he wants to go parading around like young Victor, he can go ahead. Kayla tries to leave but Bo stops her and says he can’t let her do that because he needs her.

Belle cries that there’s no words and says they’ve all just missed Marlena so much. Marlena feels the same while Eric adds that they’ve all been kind of lost without her. Marlena says that’s nice to hear but she doesn’t believe it’s true. Marlena says she was lost without her family. Belle asks if anyone told Sami. John confirms he left her a message and one for Brady as well. Belle can’t wait to tell Claire. Eric says Will too and the whole family will be walking on air. Marlena asks what about them. Belle says they are ecstatic. Marlena brings up that before she came in, she heard their raised voices. Eric apologizes. Marlena wants them to know how painful it is to hear them at each others’ throats, so she’d like them to find a way to make up and be at peace. Marlena asks if they can do that for her. Belle supposes they can put their differences aside, at least for today. Eric agrees for Marlena’s sake. Marlena says it’s not the reconciliation she was hoping for but guesses she has to accept that. John offers them tea. Eric wants to hear about this island. Belle notes that Marlena said she would tell them another time and what matters is that she’s here and alive as she hugs her. Belle asks if this means Kayla is alive too. Marlena confirms it does. John says there were complications but Steve is trying to bring her home as they speak. Eric asks if Kate is alive too.

Chad asks Stephanie if Kate didn’t make it. Stephanie says she’s so sorry as she knows how close they were. Chad questions what happened. Stephanie says she doesn’t know. Chad argues that Kate is one the toughest people he knows. Stephanie suggests maybe Kate was trying to help Kayla and Marlena and sacrificed herself so that they could escape and make it back home. Chad tells Stephanie that her mom is going to come home. Stephanie agrees that she will fight like hell to get back here and whoever has her doesn’t stand a chance.

Kayla tells Bo that there is no way she’s staying here as she is going home to her husband and her kids. Kayla says Bo might no longer care about the people in Salem, but she does. Bo says he really does need her help. Kayla asks if he’s going to shoot her like he shot Kate. Kayla doesn’t know what he expects her to do. Bo says he will show her and reveals the Orchid. Bo says she already knows about it’s life saving powers but Megan believes it can reverse the aging process. Kayla recalls Dr. Rolf talking about developing a serum to turn back the clock. Bo says it’s still in the testing phase. Bo reveals that he also brought Dr. Rolf’s notes. Kayla doesn’t see how she can help him. Bo explains that he needs someone brilliant, who knows science and medicine, that he can trust. Kayla questions him planning to build an empire on a flower. Bo says she keeps talking about the importance of family, so he asks who better than his sister to help him out with this. Bo acknowledges that they are tired and hungry so he’ll fix something to eat and then they will talk, eat, and figure something out. Bo warns Kayla not to bother trying to leave because she won’t get too far.

Hope confronts Megan. They comment on thinking the other was dead. Hope informs her that Harris gave them her location and whatever hold she had on him is now gone, so now Harris is back to being the courageous and heroic good man he was before meeting her. Megan guesses Hope is falling for Harris. Megan asks if she thinks she can have something real now. Hope says she’s not here to discuss her personal life. Megan questions if she’s sure that Harris is the one for her and if she’s really ready to give up on everyone else to give her heart to Harris. Hope questions what that means.

Belle questions if Megan shot Kate. John says she insists that she didn’t. Eric asks if they didn’t see it happen. Marlena confirms they just heard the gunshot. Belle remarks that someone pulled that trigger. Marlena says it’s most likely the person that has Kayla.

Bo tells Kayla that soup will be ready in a bit and suggests she take a look at Dr. Rolf’s notes. Kayla says that’s okay. Bo argues that he knows she’s curious, so Kayla then takes a look.

Hope asks what Megan wants her to know and what she’s hinting at. Megan claims it’s nothing and she just thought she was moving a little fast. Megan states that life is short, so if she really thinks Harris is the one, she should go for it. Megan remarks that she is actually rooting for them to make it.

Harris tells Andrew that it was a smart move to let Hope take a run at Megan. Andrew jokes that he had no choice. Harris tells him to feel free to check in on Hope because he’s not going anywhere. Andrew thanks Harris on behalf of the agency since they are aware that he went through a potentially fatal treatment in order to undo what Megan did to him. Andrew notes that his act of valor no doubt saved lives, so they are all in his debt. Harris says he appreciates that but assures he did it for himself first because he wants his life back. Harris adds that he wants his career back but he understands if that’s not in the cards because of the terrible things he’s done that he has to answer for. Andrew says not necessarily and explains that the ISA is putting him through all of these tests to determine if the deprogramming was a success and if he is who he was before Megan’s influence, a highly respected officer who served his country with honor. Andrew adds that if the tests show that Harris is no longer under Megan’s control, he might just walk out a free man.

Megan tells Hope that she meant what she said and that Hope doesn’t have any other prospects, so when happiness shows up, she might as well grab it. Steve returns and informs Megan that Shane signed off on her deal for 20 years in Statesville with no chance of parole, if the information she gives them leads to the safe return of Kayla. Steve hands her the papers to sign. Megan asks what’s 20 years when she’s been gone twice as long. Steve feels it’s not long enough. Megan chooses to look on the bright side and says by the time she gets out, someone may have used the orchid to create a fountain of youth so they can all relive their younger days. Megan remarks that perhaps next time, things will turn out differently. After signing the papers, Steve demands that Megan tell them who has Kayla.

Bo asks Kayla what he thinks of Dr. Rolf’s notes. Kayla calls genius and madness. Bo is sure that she can sort out what’s useful and what’s not. Bo repeats that food will be ready soon as he goes back to the kitchen. Kayla then searches Bo’s bag and finds a cell phone. Kayla calls Steve.

Steve warns Megan that she has five seconds to give them a name or the deal is off. Megan tells him to relax and agrees to hold up her end of the bargain and tell him who it is.

Kayla complains that her call to Steve did not go through.

Chad tells Stephanie that she can check her phone again if she wants. Stephanie decides obsessing won’t make him call any faster and that he will call when he has news. Stephanie then gets a call but it’s an unknown caller. She answers and is surprised that it’s Kayla.

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