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Chanel questions Paulina about Sloan trashing her office and says she thought this nightmare was finally over. Chanel asks how they are ever supposed to be safe with Sloan continuing to come after them. Chanel asks if the police are going to take care of Sloan. Paulina responds that they better because if they don’t, she will.

Eric asks Rafe what has happened. Rafe says it doesn’t concern him. Sloan asks what it does concern. Jada says they will fill her in at the station. Sloan refuses to go anywhere unless they tell her what they are bringing her in for. Rafe informs Sloan that she has been accused by Paulina of breaking her in to her office and trashing the place. Sloan laughs off the idea of vandalism. Rafe asks if Sloan will come quietly or if they will have to arrest her here in her boyfriend’s restaurant.

EJ tells Li that he can’t be totally shocked that his wife is being unfaithful. Li asks why he’s so sure that Gabi and Stefan are together. EJ calls it the truth that Gabi is making a cuckold of him. Li asks if EJ has proof that Gabi lied about her business dinner with Nicole. EJ hands Li a keycard to the Salem Inn and instructs him to go to room 312 where he will find his wife in his brother’s bed.

Gabi and Stefan kiss in the room at the Salem Inn until Stefan stops and says something doesn’t feel right. Gabi thought he wanted this as much as she does. Stefan assures that he does so Gabi questions him hesitating and what the problem is. Gabi says they are about to make love for the first time in four years and points out that EJ and Nicole made this happen for them so she questions wasting this opportunity. Gabi kisses Stefan again until Stefan stops and says they can’t because they are being set up. Gabi questions what he means. Stefan explains that EJ and Nicole didn’t do this out of the goodness of their heart, but as part of a plan. Gabi asks how he knows that. Stefan says he’s been suspicious ever since they came up with the idea. Gabi admits she was too but Nicole swore that they were just doing this to help them. Stefan questions her not finding it odd that EJ has done everything in his power to keep them apart, but now suddenly does a 180. Gabi admits it does sound odd now that she thinks about it. Stefan believes that EJ wants Li to catch them together.

EJ questions what Li is waiting for when he holds the literal key to catching Gabi and reclaiming his shares. Li responds that Gabi is his wife. EJ says that’s in name only while her heart and soul belongs to Stefan, and as they speak, her body does as well. Li questions if EJ is enjoying this. EJ claims he’s just trying to be a friend and asks where his dignity is. Li questions if it would be dignified to go catch Gabi in the act. EJ warns that if he doesn’t, Gabi will walk away from his marriage with Stefan and a considerable block of DiMera shares. EJ doesn’t think even Li would allow that to happen. Li takes the key card so EJ says he knew he would come to his senses.

Sloan calls this outrageous that Paulina used her wealth and position to cover up Chanel murdering her mother and now she’s being brought in for questioning. Rafe points out that one has nothing to do with the other. Sloan questions being accused based on Paulina’s word. Rafe says they aren’t accusing her of anything yet. Eric asks about them bringing her in for questioning. Jada says they just want to ask her a few questions on the record and not do it the hard way. Eric offers to go with Sloan but she says she can handle it herself. Sloan tells Eric that she will text him when this farce is over as she kisses him.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and calls EJ, leaving him a message that everything is set up and Stefan and Gabi are where they are supposed to be. Nicole notes that Gabi didn’t trust her at first but in the end it all worked out. Nicole says to let her know how it goes with Li and hangs up. Jada and Rafe then walk out of the Pub with Sloan. Nicole excitedly asks if they are arresting her. Rafe tells Nicole to stay out of it. Nicole comments that you got to love it when a lawyer needs a lawyer. Nicole questions what Sloan is being brought in for. Jada threatens Nicole about getting in the way of a police investigation. Nicole says she won’t get in the way and mocks Sloan’s hair extensions. Sloan tells Nicole to go to Hell as Jada escorts Sloan away and Rafe follows. Nicole remarks that this night just keeps getting better and better.

Chanel argues that the last thing she wants is for Paulina to get in any more trouble because of Sloan. Paulina complains that Sloan started all this by accusing Chanel of murder and trying to ruin their lives because she couldn’t face the truth. Chanel tells Paulina to just let the police deal with Sloan. Paulina says that sometimes you have to take things in to your own hands. Talia agrees with Chanel and assures that her sister Jada and Rafe will take care of Sloan. Paulina argues that she doesn’t know that. Paulina then starts having chest pains and says she needs to sit down. Chanel begins to worry as Talia notes that she doesn’t look so well. Chanel questions what is happening. Paulina responds that she thinks she’s having a heart attack. Chanel says she’s calling an ambulance but can’t find her phone. Talia checks Paulina’s pulse and notes it’s elevating. Talia asks Paulina about her symptoms. Paulina mentions having trouble breathing. Chanel worries that they need to get her to the hospital. Talia tells her to hold on. Talia asks Paulina more about her symptoms while Chanel questions what is going on. Talia wants to try something and has Paulina close her eyes and breathe. Chanel questions what she’s doing while Talia assures that she’s got this. Talia tells Chanel to try it too. Paulina admits she feels much better. Chanel asks Talia what’s going on. Talia doesn’t think Paulina was having a heart attack and suggests it was a panic attack. Paulina says she’s never had one before and questions how Talia knows about this. Chanel reveals that Talia is a doctor which she confirms. Paulina is surprised and asks why the hell Talia quit medicine to work at a bakery.

Eric calls Justin and leaves a message to call him back as soon as he can as he has a friend who needs a good attorney. Eric hangs up as Nicole enters the Pub. Eric questions if she has something to say. Nicole remarks that it’s romantic that he’s hiring a lawyer for his gal pal. Nicole asks how Eric feels about sleeping with a criminal. Eric argues that she’s not a criminal and didn’t do it. Nicole asks what it is and why their exes hauled his new bed buddy down to the station. Eric tells Nicole that it’s none of her business and remarks that if he had a problem sleeping with a criminal, he never would’ve shared his bed with Nicole because she has a rap sheet just as long as her boyfriend EJ’s.

EJ listens to Nicole’s voicemail after leaving the apartment. EJ remarks that he hopes Stefan enjoys his time with Gabi because it won’t be long before her husband arrives to catch them in the act.

Stefan tells Gabi that if Li busts in and catches them in the act, then Gabi will forfeit her DiMera shares and EJ won’t have to worry about them teaming up to take back the company. Gabi asks if he’s not being paranoid. Stefan says he wouldn’t put anything past EJ and mentions Nicole being quite a schemer back in the day. Gabi can’t believe she didn’t see through Nicole pretending to be her friend and guesses she just wanted to believe so bad that this was real. Stefan assures that they are real but Nicole and EJ are not their friends. Gabi can’t believe they would play with their lives like this and says they are going to pay. Stefan says he’s sorry as there’s nothing he wanted more than to spend the night with her in bed. Gabi suggests maybe they can have a quickie since something is better than nothing. Stefan hates to say no but says they can’t risk it because there’s too much at stake. Gabi agrees. Stefan promises they will find a way to be together. Gabi asks what they do now. Stefan responds that he has an idea.

Talia brings a latte for Chanel and a calming tea for Paulina. Paulina credits Talia for saving her life and admits she’s feeling better. Paulina hopes she doesn’t mind her prying about her career change. Talia admits it’s a radical change to jump from medicine to a bakery. Paulina calls it a substantial pay cut as well. Talia knows a lot of people would think it’s crazy but says she needed a change. Paulina wonders how her parents felt. Talia admits there was an adjustment period since her mother loved calling her a doctor but in the end, she wanted to see her happy. Paulina asks if she is happy. Talia says she mostly is. Paulina is glad that she remembered all her skills when it came to stopping her panic attack. Talia is happy to help but still wants her to follow up with her physician. Talia suggests a therapist as well since it seems she’s under a lot of stress lately. Paulina states that all her anxiety will melt away when Sloan is behind bars.

Rafe and Jada bring Sloan to the interrogation room where she denies having anything to do with the remodeling of Paulina’s tacky office. Melinda Trask walks in and questions what is going on in here. Sloan complains that Rafe and Jada are trying to railroad her for a crime she didn’t commit. Rafe states that they are just asking her a few questions. Melinda asks for a word with Rafe and exits the room. Rafe tells Jada to carry on and he’ll be right back as he exits. Melinda asks Rafe why he’s questioning a prominent defense attorney in her police station. Rafe informs her that she is a suspect in a crime because someone broke in to Paulina’s office and ransacked the place. Melinda asks what makes him suspect Sloan. Rafe points out that her animosity with Paulina is well documented. Rafe questions what the problem is. Melinda explains that Sloan has been a thorn in her side so if he sends this case to prosecute, it better be iron clad because she can’t be accused of using her office to go after a professional rival. Melinda gets a text and says she has somewhere to be. Melinda warns Rafe to not blow it this time as she then exits the station. Rafe goes back in to the interrogation room. Sloan guesses that Melinda told him to let her go. Rafe says he doesn’t take orders from the district attorney. Sloan points out that Melinda will be the one to try the flimsy case against her in court and she already humiliated her once, so she doubts that Melinda wants to go through that again. Jada asks if Sloan is all about winning or losing. Sloan asks what else is there. Jada calls it interesting that Sloan is 0 for 2 in going after Paulina and Chanel. Rafe points out that both her criminal and civil cases were thrown out, so that must have upset Sloan. Jada notes that would make her want to even the score. Sloan asks if their bad cop routine really works out for them and calls it boring. Sloan mocks that this is why criminals are running around Salem because they are in charge. Rafe asks where Sloan was last night. Sloan says she was home. Jada asks if she can verify that, because if not, it doesn’t count as an alibi. Rafe questions if Sloan was alone or if someone can vouch for the fact that she was home at the time Paulina’s office was broken in to.

Eric tells Nicole to save it as he doesn’t have the time or energy. Nicole says she doesn’t relish fighting with him, especially since he’s gotten so good at hitting below the belt. Eric responds that there’s only so much one can take before fighting back. Nicole argues that Eric used to preach turning the other cheek. Eric says that guy lost his calling, his baby, his mom, his aunt, his stepmom, and the woman he loved. Eric says after facing all that, there’s no cheek left to turn. EJ then enters the Pub and asks if he’s interrupting something.

Li goes to the Salem Inn, hoping that Gabi is not in the room. Li then enters Room 312 and finds Stefan in bed with who he believes is Gabi. Li screams at Stefan about being with another man’s wife and expresses his outrage at Gabi to come out and face him, but Li is shocked when it’s revealed to be Melinda that was in bed with Stefan! Li says he doesn’t understand while Stefan points out that he’s the one who burst in the room. Melinda asks how Li got in anyway. Li questions if the people of Salem know that Melinda is sleeping with a member of the DiMera crime family. Stefan laughs at that while Melinda says what she does off the clock is her business and he is the last person to be casting stones, since he used the DiMera’s mad scientist to brainwash a man away from his wife. Stefan adds that Li still hasn’t explained why he walked in screaming at Gabi and questions why he thought his wife would be in here. Stefan reminds Li that he’s responsible for keeping them apart. Melinda still wonders how Li got a copy of the room key and suggests looking in to that when she’s back on the clock. Melinda tells Li that until then, she’d like to get back to enjoying her evening. They question Li just standing there. Li remarks that he didn’t even know they knew each other. Melinda claims she’s had her eye on Stefan for quite some time, then they bumped in to each other and sparks flew. Melinda says a woman has needs and she’s a sucker for a powerful man. Stefan tells Li that he’s made it impossible for he and Gabi to reunite, so he figured he might as well move on. Melinda threatens to throw Li out, so he agrees to leave and then exits the room. Melinda tells Stefan that he’s welcome.

Rafe tells Sloan that they don’t have all night and questions if anyone can confirm her alibi or not. Sloan states that she was at home alone. Jada points out there’s no alibi. Sloan is sorry that she doesn’t have a witness to being in her apartment but points out that they don’t have any evidence. Sloan says there’s no fingerprints or DNA because she wasn’t there and didn’t vandalize Paulina’s office. Jada brings up Sloan vandalizing the bakery before. Sloan argues that they have no proof of her committing any crime so Rafe agrees that she’s free to go. Sloan thanks them for wasting her time. Rafe warns Sloan that if she is harassing Paulina and Chanel, it ends now as she is on their radar and they will be watching her every move. Jada adds that if Sloan even cuts off Paulina or Chanel in traffic, she will be back here. Rafe says next time, they’ll press charges. Sloan calls this harassment so they better hope there’s not a next time. Sloan warns that if they continue to use the station to harass her on behalf of Abe, then she will make it her life’s mission to make sure they can’t even work security at the Salem mall. Sloan then exits the room.

Talia tells Paulina that in her experience, once panic attacks start, they don’t usually go away on their own. Paulina talks about going through an abusive husband, giving up her first child, and any other trauma, so she can get through this. Chanel tells Paulina that she doesn’t have to act tough. Paulina assures that she’ll deal with it and she’s fine. Talia encourages her not to think she has to be strong all the time. Chanel says she will make sure that Paulina follows up even if she has to make the appointment and drive her, herself.

Eric questions if there’s a reason why EJ and Nicole keep showing up in his family’s restaurant. EJ asks if that’s any way to treat paying customers. Eric doesn’t care as sometimes the customers aren’t worth the trouble. Eric then gets a text from Sloan that she’s out and tells him to come over. Eric then says he has somewhere to be. EJ questions him not taking their order and sarcastically claims he came for clam chowder. Eric says he’ll send over one of his servers and tells them to leave a nice tip as he storms out of the Pub. EJ doesn’t think he’s sending over a server and asks Nicole what he missed. Nicole calls it nothing important and asks if he heard from Li. EJ says not yet but he thinks he’s licking his wounds after finding Stefan on top of Gabi. EJ adds that now that Li is reclaiming his shares from Gabi, she will never be a threat to his reign at DiMera again.

Li returns home to find Gabi watching TV. Gabi asks him what’s the matter as he seems surprised to see her. Gabi asks if he’s okay as he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Li says he just wasn’t expecting to see her and figured she’d still be out with Nicole. Li asks about her business dinner. Gabi says that Nicole had no intention of discussing potential fashion partnerships and that the whole thing was a setup.

Stefan thinks back to sneaking Gabi out of the room and telling her about the plan with Melinda. Stefan thanks Melinda again for doing this. Melinda calls it kind of fun and says it reminded her of being in theater in school. Melinda says anything to help bring down EJ as he deserves to suffer after helping Kristen evade justice. Stefan acknowledges that his family really does make her life more difficult. Melinda doesn’t know how he stands them. Melinda talks about his brother pretending to want to help him and Gabi be together, only to set him up. Stefan jokes that’s how the DiMeras roll. Melinda notes that Gabi is not her favorite person in the world but that’s just vile. Stefan agrees and says thanks to her, EJ was the big loser tonight. Stefan wishes he could be there when EJ realizes they got the better of him.

EJ and Nicole have dinner at the Pub. EJ toasts to Stefan and Gabi’s reunion solidifying his hold on DiMera for generations to come.

Paulina finishes a call with Rafe, angrily thanking him for nothing. Chanel asks what happened. Paulina informs her that Rafe and Jada let Sloan walk right out of the police station with no charges, so she’s free to terrorize them. Chanel urges her to stay calm so she doesn’t have another panic attack. Talia agrees and reminds Paulina to breathe. Paulina says she’s going to grab a few things in her office. Chanel offers to drive her but Paulina insists that she’s fine and has a driver. Paulina thanks Talia for all her help and tells them to have a nice evening as she walks away.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment and asks if she’s okay and what happened at the station. Sloan calls it a complete waste of her time and that she pointed out that they had no evidence, so they had to let her go. Eric asks if they believe she didn’t do it. Sloan thinks they still believe she’s guilty. Eric then asks if she is guilty of doing it.

Gabi informs Li that Nicole took her out, tried to act all friendly, and even said she would sneak her in to the Salem Inn for a secret rendezvous with Stefan. Gabi claims that she refused and said she was married to Li. Gabi adds that she believes Nicole is working with EJ and hoping that she would take the bait, so they could catch her cheating and rat her out to Li. Gabi claims she would not risk all his DiMera shares for some roll in the hay. Li questions if she wasn’t tempted. Gabi claims that she is his committed and faithful wife until the end of their agreed term. Gabi decides she is heading to bed and says she’ll see him in the morning.

Melinda tells Stefan that she better get going and adds that Gabi owes her one. Stefan says they both do. Melinda adds that she intends on calling it in the second they are in control of DiMera. Stefan asks what she’s looking for. Melinda suggests a seat on the board or a sizable donation to her fund in her daughter’s honor. Stefan tells her that whatever she wants is hers. Melinda warns him to be careful what he offers and jokes that she wasn’t lying when she said she had her eye on him for some time. Stefan calls that flattering but says he belongs to Gabi. Melinda hopes she knows how lucky she is. Stefan feels he’s the lucky one. Melinda brings up that Gabi is kind of a trainwreck at relationships, so if things don’t work out for them, he knows where to find her. Melinda then exits the room.

Nicole tells EJ that when Li bursts in, Stefan has to know that they set him up, so he won’t be happy with them but EJ is his brother. EJ argues that he’ll get over it and he’s willing to sacrifice their brotherly bond to make sure Gabi never gets her fingers on anything else of his. EJ asks if Nicole is going to tell him why Eric had his knickers in a twist earlier. Nicole responds that it’s no surprise but it turns out Sloan is as crooked as her clients.

Sloan questions Eric thinking she trashed Paulina’s office. Eric argues that he’s not saying she did it with her own hands but she could’ve hired someone to do it. Sloan calls him unbelievable. Eric says he’s not judging her but when he thinks about those responsible for taking away his mother, there’s no telling how much he wants them to suffer. Sloan assures Eric that she didn’t trash Paulina’s office, she didn’t pay someone to do it, and she’s innocent. Eric says he believes her and hugs her.

Jada goes over papers at her desk. Rafe suggests she go on home. Jada says she will but she was going over papers from Paulina’s file. Jada really wanted to find something to nail Sloan. Rafe says she should’ve heard Paulina on the phone when he told her they had to release Sloan. Jada encourages that they will get her next time. Rafe asks if Jada has big plans tonight. Jada jokes about going home and having leftover pizza and chicken. Rafe jokes about doing the same but with pop tarts. They say goodnight to each other as Jada then leaves the station.

Chanel thanks Talia for being so good with her mom earlier. Talia acknowledges that Paulina doesn’t like listening. Chanel says she did gain their trust. Talia is just glad Paulina is okay and notes Chanel worrying about her. Chanel says she can tell this mess with Sloan is really starting to get to Paulina, so she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Paulina goes to her office and complains about the mess, saying only an animal would do something like this. Paulina finds an envelope that wasn’t there before. Paulina opens the envelope to find a paper with pasted on letters saying “This Isn’t Over Bitch”

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