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– We never should have let eileen leave here without wearing a wire. – It’s not like we had a choice. She refused to go otherwise. I mean, all she had to do was drop off the counterfeit necklace and get out of there. – Well, she pushed her luck, and now she’s dead. – Assuming victor killed her. – Well, I don’t think the deputy mayor went swimming fully clothed for the hell of it. And the real question is, how much information did she give up before he killed her? – Maybe she told victor where we are, but she didn’t really know. – Either way, you cannot stay here. It is not safe. – We’ve got to get out of here. – You leave now, you’ll be signing your death warrant.

– We’re here live

at the metro court hotel,

where in just a matter

of a few hours,

the curtain will rise

on port charles’s benefit

of the year, the annual general hospital nurses’ ball.

And adding to the significance

of this year’s ball is the fact that general hospital will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Safe to say,

tonight is a can’t-miss event. – I’m missing the can’t-miss event.

– With us now is the co-chair

of the nurses’ ball planning

committee, maxie jones.

Maxie, what’s it like

being a part

of this spectacular event? – Hi, george. It’s been an honor helping plan tonight’s festivities. The nurses’ ball is known for philanthropy and entertainment. Our tribute to gh’s 60 years of caring for the community will be talked about for years to come. – So how has it been organizing this big event without the guidance of the late lucy coe, who was known, of course, as the force behind previous balls?

– Lucy is irreplaceable, and tonight is dedicated to her.

I believe she’s with us

in spirit, trusting me and my co-chair, bobbie spencer, to make her proud.

– Well, on that note,

there has been

some backstage buzz. What do you think miss coe would make of the talk that there’s been a hiccup with one of tonight’s acts? – What? Hiccup? What? What hiccup? – Thank you for meeting me. – Anything for you, my boy. So am I to understand from this that you are finally willing to do what needs to be done? – Well, I’m not willing to sit back and let esme call the shots. She was, um, less than cooperative when we took ace to the hospital. – Hospital? Is anything wrong with the baby? – According to the doctor, ace has colic. It’s nothing serious. – Oh. – Grandmother thinks that we should be patient, exercise caution, and gain esme’s trust. I’m done waiting. – I need to hear you say it. I need to hear you say the actual words. – Let’s move forward with your plan. Esme must be dealt with. – Esme. Hello. Miss jerome, I haven’t seen you since, um– – since the night your lovely parents held me hostage. – I was going to say since the night I went into labor, and gave birth to this guy. – What’s his name? – Ace. – He looks like his father– my husband. – Answer me, please! Will, answer me! – What’s happening? What the hell happened?

[Dramatic music]

– George, there are always hiccups for any live performance. And our performers and team members behind the scenes at the nurses’ ball are committed to executing tonight flawlessly and delivering a performance that’s worthy of its legendary reputation. – Ok. But have you found a replacement for the dancer who dropped out of the popular magic wands act? – Dex heller has agreed to step in, and he’s going to be great. – Oh, I’m sure. But maxie, I was referring to the latest vacancy, the one yet to be filled. – Who dropped out? I don’t even know who’s in! The nurses’ ball is toast. – I– I don’t know where you’re getting your backstage buzz. But I guarantee that tonight’s nurses’ ball will be the best yet. Thank you for your time. You look very nice. – Thank you.

[Phone ringing] – Maxie, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. – Hi. You’ve reached maxie jones. Sorry, I can’t take your call. But if you leave me your name and number, I’ll get back to you. – Maxie, this is not what we said we’d do. This is not what we planned. You better answer the phone! – Willow felt weak, and i was asking her if she needed me to call an ambulance. – No, I’m fine, really. – What are you doing here? – I was dropping off a care package of deception products for willow, and I was putting it at the front door. And she asked me in. – To tell her that the bone marrow transplant’s a go. – Yeah, I heard it from my aunt liesl, but hearing it from you directly was really wonderful. – Willow is very generous. – Yeah, she is very generous. And she doesn’t need you jumping to the wrong conclusions about me. – I think I’m in a better position to know what willow needs than you. – I heard you divorced nikolas. – He was my husband when you conceived your child. – Look, I don’t regret having ace, but I am sorry about what happened. – And what about everything else you did? Setting fire to my car, leaving behind a hospital id belonging to my late daughter, framing trina robinson– do those things just happen? – If the allegations are true, then the old esme committed some truly awful acts. – Referring to yourself in the third person– how grandiose! – I am no longer that esme prince. Do you think it’s easy constantly apologizing for some person that I used to be? Maybe you know nothing about that. – We are all judged by our worst mistakes. It can feel impossible to overcome them. – Have you ever tried living with someone who constantly reminds you of all the wrong things you’ve done? Spencer thinks that he can’t forgive my past, and he thinks that I’m a liar, and that nikolas is some deadbeat runaway dad. – Spencer can only base his impressions on his experience. And his father is not here for him, or for your baby. I am truly sorry that nikolas isn’t here to help you raise your child. – I’m not. As far as I am concerned, he can stay gone. – The last time we met to discuss the esme dilemma, you were loathe to employ alternative tactics. What changed your mind? – Esme mentioned getting a job. And once she has a little bit of money saved up, she’s going to move out– maybe even move on. And I don’t know that we can stop her from leaving the country, but I’m pretty sure that she can legally leave the state. And I do not love the idea of my brother being 2,000 miles away from me. – You may not have a choice, not if esme manages to acquire a veneer of respectability. – Veneer or not, a judge might buy it, and look on esme favorably when deciding custody of her son. – Her son? – He’s my brother. – Hence, your willingness to try this, um, less than orthodox route. Listen, spencer, you– you shouldn’t hesitate for a second to prioritize the welfare of your baby brother. So should we talk about broad strokes? – Here? – Yeah. You have a problem? – I’m used to meeting you at the metro court. – Yes. Well, that’s not possible. – Why not? Why are we meeting here? – It’s too risky to make a move now. – It’s too risky to stay here. Victor’s already left the metro court. He could be on his way here. – Give me time to make arrangements for a new place. As soon as it’s safe, I’ll come get you. We only want to relocate once. – Anna and I know how to disappear, sonny. – But we have lucy with us! – And eileen definitely does not know the location of this place. – I– I don’t know, drew. I mean, we were not stupid about this. We took every precaution. She was blindfolded. They drove her different routes to get here. The phone was switched off. I mean, I don’t know what to say. – It’s not impossible that she picked up some information that she could give to victor to help him find our location. I mean, are we willing to risk our lives that we can find my father before he finds us? – It’s always great to see you, george. – You, too, maxie. Good luck tonight. – Thank you. – Ok. – And thanks for all the nurses’ ball support. – Congratulations. You really kept your cool with that reporter. – Yeah. Well, lucy always says, never let them see you sweat. – How did they even know there was another magic wands dropout? – Before I did? I don’t know! I wish I knew who was blabbing backstage. Who am I kidding? Of course, it’s amy driscoll. That girl is so sweet and has a killer voice, but she couldn’t be discreet to save her life. – Well, you have bigger problems, like finding a magic wand replacement.

[Phone rings] – Yeah, yeah, and maintaining my sanity. – Maxie, look. I know you sent my call right to voicemail, and that was not the deal we had. Ok? Never mind. Why do I even bother? Ok. Deep breath. And eat a gummy. Deep breath. And eat a gummy. Mmm. Ok. You’re overreacting. Mm-hmm. So bobby and maxie are going to be just fine, aren’t they? Mm-hmm. They know exactly what they’re doing, and the nurses’ ball is fine. It’s in good hands. It’s not. You are the only one that has the connections. You’re the one with the imagination. And they need you. Hey! Oh, hi. Listen, I need a car. And you can just put it on the deception cosmetics account. Mm-hmm. Right. Oh, no! You know what? You really don’t need an address. Just have the driver meet me at the corner of marigold and chestnut. Mm-hmm. Let them know I will be the striking woman in a fake fur coat. Right. And tell them to hurry, please. Ok. Ta!

– Ok. Well, you know about the transplant, and you’ve dropped off the care package. As you can see, willow is really weak. – It took me forever to settle amelia for her nap. – I’m sure it did. Maybe now you should rest. – I will when michael and wiley come back from the store. They’re getting us snacks for while we watch the nurses’ ball pre-show. – Ok. Why don’t you nap until then? I can show nina out, and I can wait for michael and wiley. – Isn’t that for willow to decide? – I have to make a couple of calls. Robert is going to know by now that eileen is dead, and he’ll come to his own conclusions. But felicia may not be aware. – Tell them to stay away. And after drew and I leave, no more visitors. – Sonny’s right. What’s most important now is not risking any more exposure. – Spring has sprung, spencer, in all its glory. Don’t you appreciate the fresh air? – Yeah. I should have brought my binoculars so that we could birdwatch. – Oh, come on, spencer! You must be relieved to finally leave the stultifying atmosphere of your grandmother’s apartment. – Victor cassadine, nature enthusiast– will wonders never cease? – You can mock. But I really appreciate this planet and all that it has to offer. Besides, it’s a lot more secure here than the metro court, particularly now that it’s teeming with guests for the nurses’ ball. – Yeah. Well, I still think that we probably could have met in your suite, but, um, what are the next steps in terms of getting my brother away from esme? – Well, we need to find damning evidence in all the dormant cases against esme, evidence compelling enough to force the district attorney to finally prosecute her. – Ok. What do you need from me? – Nothing. Just– just sit still. Leave it to me. If only your father trusted me, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess now, would we? – You’re not upset that nikolas is out of the picture? I mean, at the very least, he could have helped you out financially. – Oh, nikolas didn’t want to help. He actually tried getting me to sign away my rights to my son. – What? – Yeah. Nikolas came to spring ridge, all smiles and sweet words, and paperwork to legally strip me of my parental rights. Ace and I are better off without him. And as far as I can see, so are you. – You don’t know anything about my marriage to nikolas. I know that he slept with me while married to you. – Don’t you mean he slept with the old esme? – Touché. Look, I know that I sound insane trying to distance myself from, well, my– myself. But I have changed. And I intend to do what I can make up for the things that I’ve done. – I’m happy to hear it. So… how do you plan to make it up to me?

– How are preparations for the ball going? Are maxie and bobby losing their minds? – Well, they insist that everything is under control. But I just got a text from josslyn, and she says it’s unorganized chaos, which is no one’s fault, really, because even if lucy were still with us, she’d have a lot less time to prepare. I mean, the ball is usually the last week of june or the second week of september. – Yeah, olivia and I had to do a lot of juggling to clear the ballroom at such short notice. – I’m sure you did. – Oh, careful. Are you– are you all right? – Hey. Are you ok? – I’m fine. I’m fine. I just remembered I have to do a little prep for our showtime snacks. – I can do that. – Thanks, but it’s hardly anything. I will get a start, and michael and wiley will do the rest. Please. – If you need me, I’m here. – I will be sure to yell. – That breaks my heart to see her try to appear normal. – Yeah. I pray that the bone marrow transplant goes well and that it’s a success. Willow deserves all good things. – Wouldn’t it help to put aside our personal feelings towards each other, carly, and present a united front for willow? – Mom, what about the ginger, the one that works with mac, with the amazing arms? – Oh, yeah. He moved to las vegas two months ago to dance in an all-male revue.

[Phone ringing] – I should have been a career counselor.

[Phone ringing] – Oh, honey, I have to take this. Don’t worry. We’ll think of someone. – Ok. – Oh! – No, no.

[Screams] – Lucy! – Shush, shush. – Oh! What are you doing here? – What I was born to do. – Oh. – Eileen’s dead? – Yeah. So as you can imagine, we’re re-evaluating our safety measures. – But eileen couldn’t have told victor your location because she didn’t know it. We were extremely careful. She was– had a blindfold, and she had a bag over her head every single time we took her to the safe house. We even confiscated her devices. – I know! But we have to err on the side of caution. We have to assume that eileen told victor that we’re all working together. To that end, no one can come to the safe house for the next few days. – In case we’re being followed. – The case against esme will solve our problem, particularly as she’s basically friendless and without resources. You don’t look convinced. – When esme goes to prison, she can take my brother with her. – Only the first 18 months. Or would you rather wait until the boy’s too old to go with her to prison? But then you run the risk of her just suddenly deciding to take him with her to another state, or changing her name, and both of them disappearing. It’s still my first choice to take esme out of consideration altogether. – No. My friends need to see justice done in the form of a trial and a guilty verdict. – All right. All right, fine then. We just have to find good enough evidence before esme decides to leave town. – Fine. Let’s do that. – All right. But spencer, if our evidence is not enough to convince the da to re-arrest esme, then I’m going to go with my first instinct. Whatever happens to esme, baby cassadine will remain in the family fold. – I don’t understand what you mean. How can I make it up to you? – The change in you has to be genuine. – It is! – And permanent. – I– I can’t say that my memories will never come back. – That’s why you can’t be trusted. I do believe that you truly lost your memory. And I’m sorry for the ordeal that your monstrous parents put you through. I think you even care about your little baby. – But you still don’t trust me. – I’ll never forget what you did, esme. And I believe the old you, the one who delighted in inflicting pain on others, is still inside you. And I believe one day she will come back. I don’t wish on you, but the moment you remember who you really are, I will recognize it, and I will finish what you started.

– Hi. I feel like I’m interrupting. Am I interrupting something? – No, no, no. Esme and I have– have said all we need to say to each other. – Is that for me? – It sure is. Here, it’s some samples of the formula that we talked about, the probiotics. So yeah, give me a call if it’s not working, or if you have any other questions, just call. – Thank you, dr. Gatlin-holt, for treating my son after… everything that happened. – My pleasure. – I know you and spencer don’t believe me, but I have changed for good. All I want is what’s best for my baby. – What do you think? Do you believe that, that people can change? – Yeah, I do, for the worse. Look at us. – What do you mean? We’re covering up a crime. – Oh, that. – We’re colluding. Criminal, extortionist– – I know it’s frightening for you, ava. – –So he doesn’t turn us in. – You know, I have a confession for you, ava. I don’t always recycle.

[Laughs] – Oh, no. See, normally, I’d think that was funny, but nothing is normal right now, is it? We’re constantly lying, looking over our shoulders, and there’s no end in sight. I just lied through my teeth to the wife of the chief of detectives. – How? How did you get here? – The same way I got here the other night. I just climbed out the window, walked– I don’t know, about half a mile, then took a car. – Only cats have nine lives, lucy. Every time you escape the safe house, you increase your chance of getting caught. And you heard what anna said. If victor cassadine finds out, he’s not going to pretend to shoot you. He’s going to really shoot you. – Ok! But if you had just answered my text, answered my phone calls, taken an email from me, I wouldn’t have had to risk my life. – Why are you here? – Well, (whispering) I was watching the tv, and I saw you talking to that reporter. And I came up with the perfect solution to your magic wand conundrum. – Ladies. Ah. – Hi, sir. Um, how can I help you? – I, um– I have lunch plans with my niece, and the garden patio’s deserted. – Oh, the garden patio is closed today for a special event. But the metro court restaurant upstairs is open. And, oh, my mom. Mom! Hey, could you show this nice gentleman up to the metro court restaurant? – Oh, sure. I can do that. It’s on the top floor. – Thank you. – If you’ve never been up there before, you’re in for quite a treat. – Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! That was so close. What if felicia had seen me and known it was me? – Oh! Well, she would have notified anna that you had gone rogue again. But that is the least of our worries. All of the people coming to the nurses’ ball know who you are. You have to leave now! – Wait a minute. I am not leaving now, not until you hear me out. Listen. I do have the perfect suggestion for the magic wand. This is a man who’s used to coming to the rescue. Come on! – I have no intention of letting my feelings about you impact willow. – Again? – Didn’t you just suggest to play nice? – I promise to do better, if you will. – Uh, it must be disappointing for donna not to be able to spend nights at sonny’s right now. – Donna is fine. I just explained to her that her father is busy, and she won’t be visiting sonny for a little while. – It must be hard for a child to understand. – It’s life with sonny, nina– constant conflict and danger. You’re a long way from nixon falls, aren’t you? – As long as we are in possession of the necklace, victor is dead in the water. He’s got the decryption key, but nothing to use it on. – Which is only going to make him more desperate. If he wasn’t following laura, robert, and felicia before, he will be now. – We need to find victor before he finds us. – The man is not an island. I don’t get it. Somebody’s got to know where he is. Who is he close to in port charles? – His great nephew, right? Your nephew, sonny. – I will speak to spencer and see if he’s heard from victor. – Assuming spencer will cooperate. Victor cassadine is a master manipulator. Spencer’s young. He’s no match for my father. – Spencer’s made a lot of mistakes. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. He’ll do the right thing. – Esme is probably wondering where I am. I’m supposed to pick up her and ace from the hospital. – I’ll put our plan in motion. When I have an update, I’ll give you a time and location to meet. Watkins will supply you with a number to reach me. I’m– I’m going to dispose of my old phone. – You’re avoiding the metro court, setting new meeting locations. Now you’re changing phones? You’re really ramping up security, aren’t you? – Well, I can’t be too careful. – Thank you, uncle victor. I owe you one, and I won’t forget it. – Oh, I’m counting on that. – You didn’t tell him you’ll be leaving port charles. – Well, my intentions are always on a need to know. That’s more imperative now than ever. – And your nephew’s custody fight? – It’ll soon be irrelevant. My great nephew is giving himself all kinds of anguish over something that will never see the light of day. If he knew the truth of my real plan, then he’d never go along with it. If I have to keep lying to the lad, then so be it. I need spencer on board.

– wait just a second. You want me to ask mac to perform with the magic wands? – Mm-hmm. I can’t very well do it, can I? – Because you’re dead! – Mm-hmm. But think about it. Mac is such a well-respected, well-known member of the community. And to be perfectly honest, he is a fox, too. You know, I’ve often wondered what’s underneath those button downs he wears. – No, no, no, no, no. Stop, stop. Mac is my step dad. – He is a daddy, all right. – That is so inappropriate. – Ok. Why couldn’t you just text me your request instead of risking your life and coming down here to ask me in person? – I tried! (Whispering) listen to me. You– you could thank me instead of yelling at me. You could say, thank you, lucy, for saving the nurses’ ball. – Why can’t you stay away? Is this about your need to control? Or does it go deeper? And don’t hide behind some inappropriate remark or dumb excuse. – Ok. Look, I do realize– really realize how everybody sees me, including my current roommates, that I’m vapid, and silly, and selfish. You know what? The nurses’ ball, when I’m putting on that show, that’s the one time of year that everybody takes me seriously, despite all my business success. When I’m running that show, I feel like I have a purpose, like I’m fulfilled, like I’m needed, and I’m useful. You know, it’s magic. And it’s so incredible that every single person in port charles is somehow putting on the show, or performing in the show, or donating to our cause. It’s like that one moment we all come together. You know there is nothing– nothing else like it. – The nurses’ ball is very special, lucy. And that’s mostly due to you. – Thank you. – So mac? – What part of mac is my stepdad do you not understand? – What part do you not understand that the show must go on? – I know who would be a perfect fit. – Really? Ok. Who? – Is your car waiting for you? – Well, duh, yeah, of course. Who? – I’ll tell you– – who’s the substitute? – –On your way to your car. – Wait. Tell me. Just, maxie, who? – I’ll let you know when I find a new safe house. I’ll have my people come and get you. – Thank you, sonny. Thank you for everything. – You know, luke– luke spencer was my great friend. I loved him. I respected him. Victor is going to pay for his debt. We’ve got to stop him before he does any more damage to spencer. And I’m going to make sure of that. Ok. – I know who sonny is and what he does. – Intellectually, sure. But when you were so eager to have sonny all to yourself, did you stop and think about what you’d have to give up? – I’m not going to discuss my relationship with you. – You don’t have to. I can see it in your eyes. And eventually, sonny will, too. You bit off more than you can chew, and you are not the first. – I’m going to say goodbye to willow. I have to get back to the hotel and oversee preparations for tonight. – Look, I’m only going to say this because sonny is the father of my kids. And if you’re going to be with him, there’s something you need to know. Sonny needs to be with someone who knows the good, bad, and ugly about him and his business, who will stand beside him, no matter how dirty things get. Now, does he share his entire life with you? Or does he shelter you? – Sonny and I, we have an understanding that works for us. It’s not the same relationship you had with him, carly. And that’s what appeals to sonny. – You didn’t want mike to know his real identity when he was in nixon falls. And now that sonny’s back, you want to turn a blind eye to his business. Ignorance isn’t always bliss. And in this case, it looks like it’s the beginning of the end.

– So much for our united front. – Hey! – Hi. – Hi. – Snack preparation finished. Is everything ok? – Yeah. Yeah, it’s good. I was– I was telling carly that i have to get back to the hotel and get ready for the ball. You’re going to be ok? How are you feeling about tomorrow? – A little nervous. The nurses’ ball will be a nice distraction. Still, I can’t stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. What if the transplant doesn’t take? What if liesl’s bone marrow isn’t compatible with mine after all? – I would be feeling the same way if I were you. That doesn’t mean any of that is likely, though. – You’ve gone way too far to be disappointed. And if success is guaranteed by sheer will, carly and I have got you covered. – Absolutely. Tomorrow is a fresh start. – And you won’t be alone. – It’s all going wrong, valentin. – Every operation has its fair share of unknowables. – I enlisted another civilian as an asset, and it is too dangerous. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. – Listen. I don’t know, but I know you tried to steer lucy clear of this, and she wouldn’t go. Eileen ashby was on borrowed time the moment she started working for victor cassadine. You know that. In fact, I think we gave her her best chance of survival. She just had to follow instructions. She couldn’t do that. This isn’t your fault. – It is my fault. – Don’t do that. – No. – There’s only one person who’s going to pay for all of this. He’s my father. And he will. Somehow. – Oh my gosh! There you are! You– you’ve been gone forever. – Oh, not quite that long. Your mother’s a very impatient woman, ace. Did you get what you needed from the doctor? – Yes. Dr. Gatlin-holt was very helpful. But I mean, we’ve been waiting for a while. You said you’d be back. – Well, here I am. – Much later. – Yeah, I had to take care of something. – What is more important than your brother? – Nothing. Come on. Let’s go.

[Elevator bell chiming] – Tell me about this conversation you had with felicia. – She was asking what you were doing out on spoon island the night that esme and ryan and heather showed up. – Ok. – We need an explanation for your presence there, a good one, one that we can sell. – Any idea what that explanation might be? – Maybe. Do you own a tux? – Unforgivable, maxie! You shoved me in that car before you even told me who the replacement for magic wand was. I bet you don’t even know who your replacement is. The nurses’ ball is going to fail. – Why did I ever agree to plan the nurses’ ball? – Because you are the best event planner in new york state. And nobody handles a crisis better than you. We will find a suitable replacement for the magic wand act. – Oh! I had an idea for a replacement. And it’s better than the alternative. – Alternative? – Um, that’s a story for another day. Hopefully, it never comes to that. – Ok. – You have something for me? – I tailed felicia scorpio to the metro court. You’ll never guess who showed up in the lobby. – Do tell. – Lucy coe. She left here 20 minutes ago in a luxury sedan. Hire car, judging from the stickers. – Thank you. I’ll take it from here. So once again lucy coe proves herself invaluable. I’ve got them! Anna and valentin can hide no more.

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