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Deacon: You want me to run away with you?

Sheila: Yes, I do, but we’re gonna have to leave soon. Okay, we’re gonna have to head north and we can’t take your car. We’re gonna need to get new identities.

Deacon: New identities? Slow down. I– I can’t just leave here.

Sheila: Yes, you can. You can. You don’t want to lose me from your life, do you? Not with the connection that we have.

Deacon: Listen to me. You know how I feel about you, but come on, I mean, you were here earlier gushing about your future with bill, showing off that rock. I mean, what am I supposed to think?

Sheila: No, but he– he betrayed me, okay? He was– he was using me. I thought we were going to get married and– and have a life together. You know, I… I always felt it was too good to be true and it was.

Bill: Stop blaming everyone else for what you’ve done! Now everyone knows. Everyone knows exactly how criminal and murderous you are. You confessed. First degree murder. No one comes back from that. You are going to prison for the rest of your life. You will never, never be a free woman again.

Sheila: No! That bastard was playing me this whole time.

Ridge: I can’t believe she’s getting away.

Bill: She won’T. We know she’s going to sharpe’S.

Ridge: We have it! We have her confession. We have everything we need to put sheila away. The only thing we don’t have is sheila! So bill, do me a favor. Go to deacon’s and find her!

Finn: Steffy.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Someone could–

Steffy: No one’s gonna see us. I made sure no one was here.

Finn: Well, I’m not complaining. It’s just that when you texted me that you had a surprise for me, I thought you meant when I got home.

Steffy: We’re still gonna have fun when we get home, but I thought I could just stop by and give you another kiss.

Finn: Well, I’m glad you drove over here and made it happen with me.

Steffy: Who else was I gonna make it happen with? Like another hot doctor?

Finn: Hm?

Steffy: Well.

Finn: Well, lucky me ’cause I’m always a big fan of your surprises.

Chen: Bill, wait for lapd. They’re the closest units.

Ridge: Don’t do anything until they make contact with them, okay?

Bill: This is it, boys. Sheila’s run straight to deacon’s, a place she won’t be able to hide.

Sheila: Bill told me everything when I confronted him. He said how it was a setup from the start, how ridge was a part of it, the fbi, they’ve been listening to everything.

Deacon: How the hell did the feds get involved? And you came here?

Sheila: Where else was I gonna go?

Deacon: Sheila, are they following you?

Sheila: Yes. That’s why we need to go. I’ve got a [Indistinct]. Please. Please, come with me. Help me escape. Deacon, please. My celebrity colorist?

Steffy: Well, I hope the rest of your night is filled with good surprises and not a single bad one.

Finn: Oh, like a visit from a certain biological parent, you mean.

Steffy: She does like to pop in unexpectedly.

Finn: I think I have successfully conveyed how unwelcome sheila is here or at home or anywhere near us.

Steffy: But sheila doesn’t listen to warning. She does her own thing. We can’t act like she’s not a threat.

Finn: Well, thanks to bill.

Steffy: Like, it blows my mind. I don’t even understand what he’s thinking.

Finn: That’s the problem. He’s not.

Steffy: You’re right. He isn’t thinking. The only thing he’s thinking about is sheila and her feelings. But this isn’t bill. Not bill at all. I’m really just hoping that bill just snaps out of it and somehow, some way, he comes to his senses and he just puts an end to sheila.

Chen: Okay, ridge.  Let’s do this.

Ridge: Bill, we’ll meet you there.

Bill: After all I’ve done, what I put into this, can’t wait to see it in person. Sheila taken into custody.

Sheila: Come with me and we– we can start fresh together and we’ll figure it out as we go along the way.

Deacon: You gotta give me a minute here to process this.

Sheila: We don’t have a minute.

Deacon: Sheila, what– what about my restaurant? What about my daughter? I can’t just leave. My future’s in L.A.

Sheila: And it can be again, eventually.

Deacon: You’re not hearing me.

Sheila: I want you to come with me. You’re the one person that I’ve been able to count on. You gave me a safe place to stay when I needed it. Nobody else would have done that. They would have slammed the door in my face and called the police, but you didn’t do that, deacon. You didn’t turn me in. Why?

Deacon: You know why, sheila.

Sheila: It’s because you love me. And I love you. I got caught up with bill, thinking that he was my ticket to freedom, that we were going to have a life together, but I swear, I swear, I never fell for him the way that I feel for you. You know– you know that that is true. The moments that we’ve shared, we risked everything to be together. Oh, baby, I’m never gonna find another man like you. Someone who understands me completely and I know that you feel the same way. You’ve already said it. You never met a woman like me.

Deacon: You got that right. And you’re not wrong about my feelings for you, sheila. You’re not, but I just– I just– I don’t wanna lose what we have. I don’t wanna lose you.

Sheila: Then don’T. Come with me.

Deacon: Listen to me. Maybe, just maybe, there’s another way. Just, let me think for a second. Okay. Just hear me out on this. What if… what if you just turned yourself in?

Sheila: What?

Deacon: Sheila, I got this gut feeling that if you keep running, eventually something really bad is gonna happen.

Sheila: You are… you are so, so sweet and so kind. I need you. I want to be with you, so please come with me. Please, but we’ve got to go. We’ve got to go now. We’ve got to go this instant.

Deacon: Sheila, please, baby, I’m begging you, just turn yourself in. Show them that you’re remorseful.

Sheila: Oh, yeah and what? I’m gonna get a slap on the wrist? This is murder one in addition to everything else. If I want a chance, if I want my freedom, I need to leave. I need to leave now and never come back. Please, don’t– don’t tell me I’m gonna do that on my own. Hey, we’ve got– we’ve got so much ahead of us. So much living to do, so why don’t we just do it together? Please. Say that you’ll join me for as long as you’re able. Maybe even a lifetime. Yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you. We gotta go. We gotta go.

Finn: I hate to say it, but my break’s almost over.

Steffy: But you don’t hate it. Dr. Finnegan loves his work. That is something I admire and respect about you. So devoted to your patients.

Finn: I can’t help it. It’s what attracted me to medicine in the first place. It’s to help people, heal them, save lives.

Steffy: Yeah, totally. It’s similar to what I do in the fashion industry.

Finn: Well, putting on a forrester gown, that makes people feel good. Like royalty even. No, I just– I just think it’s a different version of helping someone. You know, and we both had great role models growing up, inspiring us into our future careers. You know, you had your dad to look up to and I had my mom.

Steffy: A great role model. Obviously not talking about sheila carter.

Deacon: I don’t know where you think you can go.

Sheila: We. You mean we, right?

Deacon: Listen, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this. Please turn yourself in.

Sheila: No. Never. I am– I am never going back to prison.

Bill: Oh, I think you are.

Deacon: I’m sorry.

Sheila: Was– was any of this even real?

Deacon: Yeah. But I– I–

Sheila: No, it’s okay. I… I understand.

Ridge: Nice work, deacon.

Bill: You bought us just enough time.

Baker: I’ve been waiting to say this for years. Sheila carter, you’re under arrest for murder.

Baker: Lance day’s death, one of my first cases to be unsolved. Finally, after all these years, I get a chance to put you away.

Ridge: I think what he’s saying is thank you for confessing, sheila.

Bill: Finally going down for lance day, maybe dr. Jay garvin, not to mention your countless attempted murders.

Baker: You’re gonna spend the rest of your life behind bars, sheila. We got it from here.

Sheila: It’s okay. I will never forget everything that you did for me.

Bill: This is even more satisfying than I imagined it would be. After all the risks, all the planning, all the sacrifices getting here, knowing this animal will never hurt anyone again.

Sheila: No. You are the animals. You’re liars. You manipulated–

Ridge: Would you please shut up! You shot your own son. Didn’t call anyone to help him. You just turned around and shot my daughter. You left them both in the alley to die. Did you really think I was gonna just let that go? Really? Bill came up with a plan to put you away forever. Keep our families safe.

Bill: Now, we can look in your demon eyes and know that you’ll be spending the rest of your life in prison. Nowhere near our families, nowhere near our grandchildren, never free again. No one will remember you, speak your name, and certainly, no one will love you.

Sheila: My son will love me. Finn is my flesh!

Ridge: You don’t really think that just because you guys share dna, that that boy is gonna–

Sheila: This is because of steffy! None of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for her.

Ridge: Mention my daughter one more time.

Sheila: Okay, I will. Because you know exactly how she treated me. None of this would’ve happened if she could’ve even shown an ounce of kindness.

Deacon: Damn it, sheila. Stop, just stop. Please. You’re just making it worse. I’m sorry it had to end this way.

Sheila: It is not going to end this way.

Bill: Enough! Cuff her! Gag her while you’re at it! Get her the hell out of here!

Baker: Oh! Backup! Requesting backup!

[ Officers shouting ]

Finn: Try not to think about sheila, okay? I am gonna keep you safe from her. You and the kids. Look, you can count on it.

[ Sheila panting ]

[ Sirens blaring ]

[ Gunshot ]

Sheila: No! No! No!

[ Sirens blaring ] Ow!

[ Sheila grunting ]

Your reputation as a scheming, lying son of a bitch doesn’t even come close to what you are.

[ Bill chuckling ]

I thought you loved me.

Bill: You thought wrong. It would take one sick, twisted loser to love someone like you. How have you lived your whole life and not figured that out yet? Well, maybe it’ll finally sink in when you’re all alone in a 6×8 cell staring at a wall. And the ring, by the way, is fake. As fake as the feelings I pretended to have for you.

[ Sheila grunting ]

Sheila: You weren’t the only one pretending.

[ Bill chuckling ]

[ Sheila chuckling ] It might be the end of us, but it is not the end of me.

[ Both chuckling ]

[ Sheila groaning ]

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