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Willow, do you realize you’re only two days out from your procedure? I tried to tell her to stay home and rest. Later. Right now, this is exactly where I need to be. (Sighing) oh, I’m so glad to see you. Come in. Oh, come here! Hi, grandma! I’m officially cleared to donate my bone marrow to willow. That is such good news, such good news! God knows that we could use them, especially a day like today. You going to the memorial? Really? I couldn’t stand that people who’d openly wished britta ill attended her service. Aunt liesl, you are many, many things, but hypocrite is not one of them. Epiphany and I did nothing but butt heads. I’m not happy she’s gone, but I’m glad she died honorably. Just like britt. We should all be so lucky.

[Sighs] Boss. Want some company?

How are you doing, marshall? It doesn’t make sense that she’s gone. Well, unfortunately, pop, a lot of things in life just don’t make sense. You know, hanging out with epiphany was often the highlight of my work shift.

[Laughter] Yeah, I’m sure it was. We laughed so much when I was helping her prep for the mcats. I mean, I’m surprised we got anything done. But she pulled through, didn’t she? With your encouragement, marshall. You’re not just a nurse. You are epiphany johnson. You’ve been up to the crack of dawn studying for these mcats, girl, you got this. Thank you for the encouragement. Hey, I’m just stating facts. What if I don’t pass? So what? A valiant effort is not a failure. Far from it. It’s brave. Epiphany, it’s courageous. And it makes me so very proud of you. Right before epiphany took her mcats, she was scared. And she said that this was all my fault. And she was right. If it wasn’t for me, epiphany would still be here. I just want to see how you’re holding up. What do you think, does this look right here? Because I could put it over there. I think it’s perfect. The fact that you pulled this all together on such short notice-it’s impressive, to say the least. It’s not like you really had a choice. Epiphany had it in her will that I would get to organize her celebration. Still bossing around from the afterlife, I see. Yeah.

[Chuckles] Although that was before everything had to come out about what I had done. She must have been so disappointed in me. I just wish she could have focused on being at johns hopkins and her future and not-hey. Hey, epiphany was driving home. And there was an accident on the side of the road, and she jumped in to help, just like you’d expect her to. Yeah. Yeah, she was being the epiphany we all knew and loved. I just wish I could have made it right with her. I had a feeling I’d find you here. Back when we were sort of, almost, kind of dating, you’d always wallow in here when you’re sad. I’ve earned a right to a little wallowing. Don’t you think? Epiphany was my friend. This vital presence, and now, she’s just gone. (Voiceover) now, I also understand that she’s not the only patient that you snapped at lately. You snap at people all the time. Well, that’s different. Why? Because I said so. Now, I want an explanation. Is there something going on with you? Ok, I may have been down in the dumps ever since things went so spectacularly south with brad. You can do better. I’m sorry for bringing that stuff to work. Wait. What’d you say? I said, you can do better. No, she’s not. No one’s ever really gone, as long as you hold onto her. In here.

[Cries] Look at this place-caring for the people of port charles for 60 years. Can you believe it? These walls-they’ve seen everything. Yeah. And I’m afraid today is going to be a hard one. General hospital’s lost one of its best. I couldn’t agree more. But here we are. We’re still standing. [Chuckles] Sometimes barely. Still something to be grateful for. And we have to keep going until we can’t anymore. I believe epiphany would want that. Diane! Hello, laura. Hi, robert. I didn’t think I’d be seeing you today. Well, epiphany asked me to be the executor of her will. I just have one final thing to do before the memorial. Yeah. A grind never stops, does it? (Laughing) no. I actually can’t stay very long either. I have to fill in for the deputy mayor while she’s indisposed. Is there any update on her whereabouts? Uh, well, I acquired some assistance the other night and diane helped me. Did I ever.

[Chuckles] Oh, yeah, she can be trusted. She’s a friend. High praise. Right. Well, I’d better get inside. I’ll see you in there. I look forward to it. Well.

[Laughs] You seem a little happier than you were before. Does this have something to do with diane? Hmm? Well.

What are you talking about? Hmm? What’s your fault? I pushed epiphany to go into med school. That’s a good thing, pop. If she hadn’t taken mcats, if she hadn’t gotten into johns hopkins, she wouldn’t have been on the road the other night, and she wouldn’t have seen that accident. And she’d still be here with us. No. No, no. Marshall, you reignited her dream, and she attained her dream. She got to prove to herself that all those people were wrong all those years ago who said that she couldn’t do it, and she did it! She actually did it! Think about how amazing that is and how many people really get to have that kind of satisfaction. Before epiphany passed, any semblance of self-doubt, of regret, that she had been carrying around for decades-that lifted off of her. And I’m gonna tell you right now, that’s a gift. And if I know epiphany, I know in my heart that she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

[Sobbing] It’s good to see you, milo. You, too, boss. I wish it was under different circumstances. Man, uh, epiphany was one of a kind. I’m so lucky I got to have her in my life. You know what? Epiphany was lucky, too. (Voiceover) you think I’m trying to change you? Aren’t you? Not even close. I took you the protein shack because it’s where I like to go. It never occurred to me to try anywhere else. But if I made you feel that you’re not good enough for me, I am so sorry. It’s just the opposite. I worry all the time if I’m good enough for you. And as for the way you look, you are beautiful inside and out, epiphany. That’s why I asked you out. I wouldn’t change a thing. You ok? (Crying) yeah. I’m just grateful for all the memories. What about you, boss? How’s everything going? You mean the business? You know, things are a little dicey. I’m happy to step in again if you need more help, you know, more hands on deck, just for old time’s sake. I appreciate that, but you’re one of the rare ones that got out-and lived. Let’s keep it that way. Dr. Obrecht, just the person I was looking for. May I help you? Indeed. As the executor for epiphany johnson’s will, I’ve been given a specific set of instructions for you. They are time-sensitive and must be completed today. By me? Yes. But nurse johnson and I despised one another. Well, be that as it may, epiphany johnson apparently felt you were the only one to be trusted with this job. Aunt liesl, what does it say? Epiphany was important to me. I understand that, willow. It’s just-without her support, I may never have gone into nursing. I’m considering applying to the nursing program. I’d still be able to work with kids, and maybe some of my experience as a teacher would translate. Hmm, well, the world always needs more good nurses. But you have to go back to school start from scratch. Oh, I know that. I didn’t think there would be any shortcuts. I’m just kind of at a crossroads. I’ll tell you what. If you still want to talk about it, you know where to find me. I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated that. I just want to attend the service and light a candle for my friend. And then, I will head straight back home. Promise. Can I count on you to help me do this? Oh, my gosh. You can count on us for anything. Always. We’re with you all the way. How come you’re here? I just want to see you before heading to epiphany’s memorial. Oh, gosh! Mom and dad really wanted to come, but sadly, they couldn’t get away from work. Of course not. Doctors, they’re always so busy trying to save people’s lives, right? Right. Anyways, I decided just because they kind of fly out didn’t mean that I couldn’T. So this young lady booked herself a flight. Of course she did. Wow. I can’t believe you’re sitting here right in front of me. Happy surprise? Oh, it’s the absolute happiest. Oh, come here.

Diane! Oh, my gosh. How long has it been? Too dang long. Come here. How’s max? He’s doing good. And how are you? Pretty sad today. I’m so sorry about epiphany. Thank you, diane. It’s nice to see you. I know I said this when we spoke, but I’m really, really sorry for your loss. I know that you and epiphany had a very special relationship. It really hit home how precious life can be and how it can be gone like that. That’s why we have to be careful. It’s funny, because when I think of life like that, the impermanence of it all, it makes me want to stay close to the people that I love. I know we can’t spend a lot of time together until things settle down, sonny, but if you want company to the memorial, I would love to go with you. I’d like that very much. I think the readings are a mistake. If I cut them, then it leaves more room for people to speak. Hey, elizabeth, this whole service, this celebration, whatever you want to call it, it’s beautiful. But it needs to be perfect. Perfect. I need to make it up to her. I just wish I knew what she was thinking at the end. Maybe I can help with that. Were you a friend of hers? More like she was my guardian angel. Your dear friend epiphany died saving my life.

Grandpa? [Stammering] My little girl! I don’t mean to intrude. I just read about epiphany’s memorial service, and I just-I don’t even know what I was hoping to find. I just jumped in my car, and here I am. You were with her when she passed? We’ve been trying to piece together all the details. It was late. I was driving home after a double shift. I’m a nurse as well. The roads were a mess and visibility was even worse. And I didn’t even see the downed power line before i was practically on it. And I swerved to get out of the way, and then I crashed into a utility pole. It was so much smoke and fire. I was terrified. I can imagine. I managed to get out of the car, but I was in so much pain, and it was so much blood and-then I saw the headlights. Epiphany? She pulled over and she just ran to me. She was barking orders at 911 the entire way. That sounds about right. Epiphany knew that if she moved me, I would bleed out, so she just-she put pressure on my wounds, and she just-she just talked to me in that soothing voice that she had. And she said to me, she said, I promise you I will not leave your side until the paramedics are here. And she didn’T. If it wasn’t for your friend-I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. So I asked my colleagues at the hospital what happened, and they said that she collapsed at the site. They said she had some problem. There was so much smoke, that she had some kind of complications or-she had a pre-existing heart condition. And she didn’t even think twice about risking her own life to save a stranger? That was her. Epiphany was a true healer. Epiphany was a hero. Sorry for your loss. We all lost her, sonny. So did you. Oh, this is milo giambetti. It’s nice to meet you, mr. Ashford. I’ve heard great things. Epiphany spoke very highly of you. Thank you. Thank you for saying that. Sonny, you should head to the chapel. Milo, he said? Yeah. What a nice young man. How did he know epiphany? That’s epiphany’s ex-boyfriend. Yeah. She was full of surprises. Wow. Thank you for sharing with us. It means everything. And we’re-we’re very, very glad that you’re all right. Only because of epiphany. It’s comforting, knowing she left this world doing what she loved. Well, it looks to be about that time. All right. You’ll stay for the service, right? Oh, no, I should probably get going. I just-I just wanted epiphany’s loved ones to know what a brave and wonderful person she truly was. We already knew that. Look, please, stay. You drove all this way. Epiphany would want you here. You sure? Positive. Ok, I’ll stay. Who was that? Just one of the countless people who owe their life to epiphany.

thank you all for being here. How do you sum up the life of a person who has touched so many people in so many different ways? People fall into different categories. He’s the heart of the hospital. She’s the brains of the operation. The soul, the glue, the entertainer, the comforter-but not epiphany. No, ’cause she was all of those things wrapped up into one magnificent human being. She was firm and tender. She was a pragmatist, a dreamer. She was a taskmaster. And yet, she told her nurses to take as many mental health days as necessary. There’s a whole host of contradictions that, for some reason, never really seemed to conflict with each other. Fitting that today is just another one of those contradictions. It’s a celebration of her life while our hearts collectively break, mourning a woman who was a mentor, a best friend, someone we all considered family. So what are your plans for tonight? Well, franco has this session and-I didn’t ask you what franco’s plans were. I asked you what your plans were. What are you, the bride-to-be, going to be doing on the night before her wedding? Well, I was going to treat myself to a bubble bath and watch the last two episodes-oh, wrong, wrong, wrong. You’re going out with me for a drink. I’m going to miss her. But I am also flooded with gratitude, because who’s luckier than us to have known and loved and been loved by epiphany? No one’s luckier. Epiphany had a gift for connecting people, for telling them the truth, even when the truth was scary. When I first became a nurse, I was afraid of caring for terminal patients. I didn’t know how to be with them. Tiffany showed me by example. She got me to push past my fear, so I could help those who need me. She was generous with her time, her spirit, and our wisdom. I had my credentials when I got here, but it was epiphany who taught me how to be a nurse. I didn’t know epiphany as long as a lot of people in this room. But the impact that she had on my life-it was indescribable. We were work colleagues. We got along great. She got along great with everyone. But there was a time when she risked everything to protect my daughter and her father. And I think that that speaks to her character. We became great friends after that. And eventually-eventually, she-she became a part of my family. My father once told me, it’s the people who show up at your darkest moments-those are your real friends. God knows I’ve been through some dark moments. You know how much I hate being in this chair, right? Now, it’s time to take it to the next level. I’ll be the judge of that. Just watch. Hold my hand. You stubborn son of a bitch! Look at you! Look at you! If that’s the measure of true friendship, then epiphany was my best friend. It’s hard to imagine general hospital without epiphany. She’s certainly been here for as long as I can remember. It won’t be the same without her. Epiphany was a truthteller. If she liked someone, then they were worth having them in your life, but if she didn’t, it was probably best to avoid them. But epiphany allowed for growth. I think that was one of her best qualities in my opinion, because she believed people could change. They could get stronger, wiser, just better. And that’s a good thing, because i was one of those people. Epiphany ran to my rescue so many times-a lot of people’s rescue.

ladies and gentlemen-gentlemen, before we all rush away, one last piece of business. When I agreed to be epiphany’s executor for her will, she gave me a small but very specific set of instructions for today, but chief among them being that I escort you all to the roof. So please, will you all follow me? You coming? Yeah, I’ll be up in a minute. I have a note for all of us from epiphany. I have to imagine some nice things were said about me today, and tears were probably shed, which I can appreciate, of course. But you know that’s not how I lived my life, even in the darkest of times. I held on to the joy whenever I could, so be sad if you need to be. Safe travels, my worthy adversary. But I would much rather go out with a bang.

[Explosions] No way! Oh, my god. Leave it to epiphany. It’s beautiful. Go out with a bang, you did. Um, boss? Yeah? Correct me if I’m wrong, but these fireworks are-highly illegal, yes. I couldn’t hear that. The fireworks were so loud.

[Laughter] Monica? Am I disturbing the memorial? No, no, no. It just ended. Are you all right? Ugh, I’m fine. I’m just terribly disappointed I couldn’t be at epiphany’s memorial. If I hadn’t been the keynote speaker, I would have backed out. Well, epiphany of all people would appreciate you keeping your commitment. I imagine she would, which brings me to why I’m calling. Diane miller paid me a visit just before I left, and she dropped off a sealed letter that was written by epiphany a few days ago-one she intended to hand-deliver to the review board on your behalf. So she did write a letter of support? I just finished reading it, and i had to share it with you. “Elizabeth baldwin is an extremely talented and dedicated nurse. And watching her grow from a rookie to the leader amongst her peers has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. Her commitment to healing knows no bounds. And part of that commitment requires making snap judgments in the moment, assessing tricky situations, and deciding in real time how best to handle them. I believe that’s what elizabeth was doing when she made the choice to treat esme prince while in captivity. Was that choice the right one? Ultimately, no, as is often the case with snap decisions like that. But the thing that separates the good healers from the great ones is accountability. Elizabeth didn’t run from her responsibility. She ran towards it, which makes her the best of us. In fact, it had always been my intention to recommend she be named head nurse when I depart for medical school this fall. I stand by that recommendation now more than ever. Elizabeth has always made me proud, and she’ll make general hospital proud, too.” Elizabeth? Are you still there? Yeah, I’m still here. Well, that’s quite a recommendation, if you ask me. And who am I to deny epiphany’s last wish? Wait, are you saying that-I plan to present the idea to the board at the end of the month. Having another hardy-slash-march from the 10th floor sounds right, don’t you think? Thank you, monica. Thank you. Don’t thank me. Thank epiphany. You take care, elizabeth. Thank you, epiphany. For everything. I love you. You’re not alone you’re not alone anymore you’re not alone you’re not alone anymore I know you think there’s no way out like you’ve been living in the dark but you don’t have to feel alone I know you’re reaching up for the sky and you keep searching for that but you don’t have to search anymore we’ll be the hands to hold you up we’ll be the eyes to help you see we are here we are now we are one you are the strength inside our hearts you are the reason we believe we are here we are now we are one you know who I am? My patient.

[Laughs] Magic milo, you disappoint me. Gotta leave something to the imagination.

[Chuckles] Oh, I’ll be imagining. Are you asking me out on a date? Are we going to sing karaoke on that date? No. I have a boyfriend. Good ones do. And he’s not too hard on the eyes either. Don’t you mess with the nurse’s ball. You wouldn’T. Wouldn’t I? Did I or did I not assign you to bedpan duty? Yeah, but-but what? No running. Jason was someone I respected. He respected you, too. I never doubted that.

[Laughter] I’d go a long way to protect the people that I love, and you, my sweet, are on that list. We are here, we are now we are one you are the strength inside our hearts you are the reason we believe we are here we are now we are one you’re not alone you’re not alone anymore you’re not alone you’re not alone anymore

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