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Update written by Shane

Carly arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and Drew told her that she looked absolutely beautiful.  She responded by saying that Drew looked pretty handsome himself.  Before they could continue the conversation, Willow and Michael arrived and Carly and Drew greeted both of them. Michael and Willow were pleased when they learned that Carly intended to help Drew with the search for Willow’s birth parents.

Olivia would not hear of any talk about the Quartermaine’s jaded Thanksgiving past and was determined that this year the Quartermaine family would have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  She informed Ned and Michael that she had ordered it herself from a farm with a French name, in Port Charles. But Olivia clearly doesn’t know French that well or she would have figured out that they were sending her a real, live turkey.  When it arrived, both Michael and Ned made fun of Olivia for not realizing that she was being sent a live turkey.  Michael suggested that they prepare the bird themselves when Olivia’s plan to bribe the Quartermaine chef to prepare the bird, failed miserably.  Ned said that preparing the turkey had been part of Thanksgiving since the dawn of the holiday.  Michael agreed and said that he would grab Drew and Chase to assist.

Leo was thrilled to see the turkey but did not like the idea of Ned and Michael prepping it and cooking it, so he set it free inside the house and then proceeded to run room to room screaming for everyone to get out of the house because there was a turkey on the loose.

Sonny hosted his own Thanksgiving dinner but found time for romance beforehand by giving Nina a pair of diamond earrings. Sam and Dante were the first guests to arrive. When they shared a private moment, Sam voiced her concerns about Cody, and Dante shrugged them off. Sam said she appreciated Dante defending his friend but she was curious if Cody was up to something concerning the Ice Princess.  Dante said that the necklace might actually be Cody’s property and he said that having come from nothing, it was perfectly natural for Cody to defend his interests in the necklace.

The conversation between Dante and Sam was brought to a screeching halt when they heard Gladys tear into Alexis from the other room for publishing the fact that Esme might be the prime suspect in the Hook killings. She felt she should have been the first to know, seeing how Brando was one of the killer’s victims. Nina was confused and asked Gladys if she had not been informed that Esme was a suspect. Gladys responded by saying she had not. Dante told them all that this was because the PCPD did not have a prime suspect because the investigation was ongoing and it was important that the press not release information prematurely.  Alexis glared at them all, knowing that she had already authorized the story to be printed.  Sonny asked everyone to remain calm and reminded them that Thanksgiving was about family.  Gladys reminded Sonny that Brando was her family.  Her only family.  Alexis then apologized for releasing the information.  She said that she thought that Gladys would be pleased with her decision because she was turning up the heat on the investigation at a time when it appeared to have run cold.  Gladys, however, was having no part of Alexis’ apology and retreated from the room.

Laura, Robert, Mac and Jordan gathered to track down Holly. They finally got a lead on her. But before they began discussions, Laura dispatched the duplicitous Deputy Mayor Ashby elsewhere, before she could overhear the details of the search.

Meanwhile, Holly modeled the Ice Princess necklace while hiding out in an abandoned cabin in the woods. She made herself a fire to keep warm without noticing that gas had been leaked onto the floor. When the authorities arrived, Robert begged her to give up and come out of the cabin. Holly asked if Laura was all right and told Robert to apologize to her for her actions.

Back at the PCPD, Felicia had brought everyone Thanksgiving dinner because she knew that they would be working. Felicia asked Laura how she was doing with everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.  Laura replied that she was fine.  Felicia said that she couldn’t believe that Holly would steal Laura’s car and leave her on the side of the road all for a necklace.  Laura told Felicia she believed the matter was far more complicated than just “a necklace.” Felicia said that she agreed, but that she still could not believe the events that had transpired.

The Q’s looked on in horror from the back windows of the mansion’s kitchen as the turkey tore the room apart. Brook Lynn congratulated Olivia on her valiant effort to create a perfect Thanksgiving for the family. She then named all the wonderful women who had tried and failed in the past to set the Quartermaine Thanksgiving curse right (including her grandmother, Lila Quartermaine). But, she said that at some point you have to accept tradition, as it is. Olivia agreed, but was out of ideas for what they would all eat.  The entire group said in unison, “Luigi’s.”  The pizza arrived, the Quartermaine’s sang, and once again, all appeared right with the world. 

Sasha stared out of the windows of Sonny’s penthouse, while she recalled the events of her wedding to Brando. Sonny came in and asked how she was doing. They spoke briefly and Sonny told her she was always welcome at his house.  Sasha thanked him and he then asked her if Gladys was still exercising her responsibilities as guardian with a “hands-on” attitude.  Sasha said that she believed that she and Gladys finally understood each other.  

Gladys, on the other hand, said that she had to make a call and excused herself.  She called the Savoy, told them she was having a bad day and needed some fun.  She then booked herself a seat at Selina Wu’s next poker game. 

Back at the cabin, Jordan instructed Mac to move in with armed police units as Robert begged her to give Holly more time to do the right thing.  Jordan said that Holly had already had enough time; but before she could finish her statement there was a large explosion in the cabin which nearly knocked everyone to the ground.  Shortly after, a woman, who appeared to be Holly burst through the front door, completely consumed by flames.


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