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T.J. Holmes. That’s dr. Ashton, that’s emily, sasha, gloria. For all of us here at abc news, have yourself a great monday. Very pleasant, this one. We’ll miss her when her rehab’s complete. Really? Thank you. Well, hello again, detective handsome.

[ Chuckles ] Wanna model for me? How’s my brother? Tj’s in with robert now. I should be with him, too. I’ve got this, mac. I need you to stay on task. You know how important this is. I’m on it. Okay. I’m officially all yours. I appreciate you meeting so last minute. I wouldn’t have called if it weren’t important. Hmm. Well, it sounded that way on the phone. What’s up? I’ll have mac explain. Hmm! Mac? Mac, hello. Wow. Now, I’m — I’m doubly intrigued. What could the chief of detectives and G.H.’S top psychiatrist possibly want with me? Your help. Catching esme prince.

[ Screams, gasps ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Sorry about that, ace. Didn’t mean to wake you up. That felt like a nice stretch.

[ Chuckles ] I still can’t believe you’re…moving around.

[ Door opens ] What are you doing here? I’m here to help you. Nikolas: Ava, I love you. I’m thinking of you.

[ Doorbell rings ] Uncle victor. Uh, tonight is not a good night for a visit. I…really wish that you would call first. Oh, this isn’t a visit, dear boy. Would you have demetrius pick up the rest of my bags from the launch? What’s this? Hmm? What does it look like? I’m finally moving in tonight. Uh, liesl just begged off. She was gonna bring the — she’s with britt. I don’t know. Something came up. Well, it’s nice that liesl can spend the holiday with britt. What about you and kevin? You gonna go see, uh, lulu? No, not this thanksgiving. I don’t see how we can with everything that’s going on. Besides, I don’t want to leave my brother martin alone right now. Yeah, yeah, that poor guy. Scott, I know this has affected you, too, and I want you to know that I won’t rest until I have found lucy’s real shooter and brought them to justice.

U know, you were verymisleading, nurse baldwin. I believed that you were here to help me. I am helping you. Your blood pressure is fine. But stop with the screaming. The stress hormones are really bad for you and the baby. Look around. I am locked in a tower. You are covering for nikolas. That is not help. I am doing the best I can to help you have a healthy pregnancy. I gather you haven’t had any prenatal care. I don’t want to scare you, but you should take pregnancy seriously. There could be complications. If it’s so dangerous, shouldn’t I be under the care of a doctor and not under house arrest? I guess you’re gonna have to make do with me. But don’t worry. I totally know what I’m doing. How could I not worry? I am trapped in here with no idea of what’s to become of me. Please, elizabeth, you have to convince nikolas to let me go. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think nikolas would listen, not after you attacked him. He’s making that up! He didn’t make up you attacking me. I-I was in “fight or flight” mode. Nor did he make up you filming and distributing revenge porn, victimizing josslyn and my son. You remember doing that? So, that’s it. You’re committed to being nikolas’ accomplice. Would you rather have your baby in prison? This is a prison with no oversight or chance of parole. And what happens to me after I give birth? Did nikolas tell you that? As a matter of fact, he did. You’ll be taken to greece, where you’ll live a life of luxury on cassadine island. Do you really believe that nikolas is gonna take care of me for the rest of my life? I want esme to rot. But I’ve already told the cops everything I can think of. I-I haven’t seen her in months. We know esme was back in port charles. Unfortunately, her trail went cold when she crossed with elizabeth baldwin on the docks. Well, if I knew where she was, I would serve her up, head on a platter. Well, figuratively speaking, of course. We don’t think you’d know how to find her. We think you know someone who does. Axel: Sorry, mr. Chamberlain, I don’t see any new articles about the hook killer. Huh. How about this? “Prisoner anna devane remains at large after escaping a prison transport.” Okay. That’s a no. How about sports? There’s football, basketball.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, look. They’ve got pickleball. So, how about it, detective dashing? Mind if I…investigate your firepower? Whoa.

[ Laughing ] Artistically, of course. Ah, look, I’m here to ask you some questions about the prison transport crash. That old news? Old n– that’s — that’s an ongoing investigation. That’s not old. All business, huh? Not even a, “hi. How are you?” Hi. How are you, ms. Webber? Call me heather. Heather. Thank you. I’m here on official police business, but if you don’t want to cooperate, then I’ll, uh — I’ll go and leave you to it.

[ Scoffs ] Cool your jets, mr. Serious. I’ll tell you everything you wanna know. For a price.

[ As hannibal lecter ]

Quid pro quo, clarice.

[ Laughs ] Robert’s stable. He’s sleeping it off. Can I see him? Mm-hmm. Jordan: You said sleeping it off. Do you really think robert had too much to drink? Could be. We ran a tox screen, but we’re waiting for the results. What are you thinking? That the D.A. Was drugged. Why the urgency? Why did you need to move in tonight? There’s been a development in my plans. Plans that necessitate you hiding out on a secure island? Well, it had better be secure. I need to prepare my family for what’s to come. It seems you and spencer are the only cassadines I can trust right now. Although, of course, the snail’s pace of your divorce from ava is a continuing cause of concern. Now, more than ever, nikolas, you need to get your house in order. If you’re moving in to ensure my cooperation, you needn’t bother. I already told you I agree to your terms. Well, forgive me, but I need a little more assurance than your word. Well, the house is still undergoing renovations, and it isn’t prepared for you yet. Then prepare it. Tonight, the tide turns for this family. I just saw an enormous woodchuck floating up into the sky. Wow, yeah, you probably haven’t seen a parade for a while.

[ Chuckles ] You know something? The mayor gets priority seating in the staging area. You’re welcome to join us, if you like. That sounds lovely, but I have somewhere to be. I booked my rideshare to pick me up in the plaza. I wasn’t expecting this. You have plans with robert? Not tonight. Uh, it’s business, not pleasure. Ohh. I didn’t know you had a job. The night before thanksgiving? What kind of business?

I’m not authorized to make you a deal. But if I were you, I’d want to assist us. Who knows how that could work out for you down the line? Sweetheart… mm-hmm? …You want my help, come back with someone who can make a deal. Okay. Good luck with the painting. You’ll have plenty of time to get good at it.

[ Door closes ] Hello, craig. Thank you so much for letting that charming detective in to visit me. Would you be an absolute dear and escort me so I could make a teeny-weeny phone call? I won’t know anything until I look at the tox screen. Right. I put a rush on it. Thanks, honey. Keep me posted. Will do.

[ Groans ] Oh, good. Oh, robert, you’re up.

[ Exhales heavily ] Oh. Where am I? Looks like a hospital. You don’t remember? I remember — I remember tequila. Ohh.

[ Chuckling ] Tequila, yes, yes. You and holly shared some tequila shots. You had a bad reaction. She took you back to your room, and she asked me to give your wsb contact the message. Ohh. Where is she? Holly? She’s — where — where’s my briefcase? You didn’t have it on you when you stumbled off of the elevator. A-a-and holly? I haven’t seen her since the two of you left the metro court and went back to your room. Get ashford here, now! I realize it’s counterintuitive to be working over the holidays, but unfortunately some work won’t wait. I’m sure, as mayor, that’s something that you understand more than most. Oh, I absolutely do. With the ongoing hunt for anna and the continuing search for lucy’s real shooter, I imagine I’ll be working tonight, too. I will, however, find some time to spend with my brother, martin, because we both… saw our holidays going very differently.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah. Scott baldwin here. Heather: Scotty!

It’s your old pal,

heather. Oh, heather, for crying out loud. Come on. Come on. What do you want? Now, don’t be a grouch. Come to spring ridge and visit me and find out. I promise you, it’ll be worth your while. Esme: Think about it. I get whisked away and holed up on some foreign island. No one to bother to look for me. Do you really believe that nikolas will just keep me around indefinitely? Once I give birth to his child, I’ll be completely disposable. What you’re suggesting won’t happen. But, you know, nikolas is loyal to the people he cares about. So my advice — make sure he cares about you. Like he was loyal to his son? You’re behind on your blood work. I’ll make sure to do it next time I’m here. Which is when? I’ll come every couple of days until you deliver. Take these. One a day. Prenatal vitamins. I’m guessing you didn’t take any during your first trimester? I’ve been a little busy. Well, now you’ve got the time. They’ll make your baby grow healthy and strong. You know, getting out of this room would work wonders in that regard. Take your vitamins, esme. You’re not getting out of here any time soon.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Ava: Well, why are you wasting time talking to me if you know somebody who can lead you to esme? You’re a pivotal part to our plan. And you have the right to refuse. Refu– refuse? What, exactly? Esme is cunning and dangerous. We questioned everyone she’s had a relationship with in port charles. Except one. Well, don’t keep me in suspense. Who? My brother. Despite my best efforts, esme managed to forge a connection with ryan while she was interning at spring ridge. Ryan will know how to find esme. He refused to communicate with kevin. It’s unlikely he’ll cooperate with the police. We thought if we gave him some incentive to cooperate… right. You… you want to use me as bait.

of what I’m asking you to do. This is completely up to you. You’re the one person that ryan is likely to communicate with, but it’s not worth it if it will only cause you more trauma. Say no more. I’m in. Take some time to think about it. You don’t need to rush into this. We don’t have time. Esme terrorized this town long before she started her murderous rampage. We have to get to her before she gets to trina. That’s the theory, right? It is. That esme is the killer and that the ultimate target is trina. It is. Well, then we have to find esme and stop her. And — and if I have to go see ryan to get that done, then so be it. I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever you ask. When do you need me? Right now. Ugh! Come on, think! What would daddy do? Ryan: Thought you’d never ask. Did you hear elizabeth? Oh, god. She calls herself a nurse. She didn’t even help me. She’s too busy holding a grudge because of that stupid sex tape. I told you — don’t get distracted by spencer and his insipid friends. You know, I-I don’t have time for “I tu old yoso”S. Help me figure a way out of here. Ugh. I get so tired of repeating myself. Use the baby. How? Well, the baby’s health is dependent on you, right? You saw how frightened nikolas was when he thought you were in distress. Mm-hmm, until nurse baldwin threatened to perform a c-section without anesthesia. Yeah, she called your bluff, alright. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t build on a successful tactic. How? Those vitamins she gave you. Throw them out. What good would that do? Refuse to take care of yourself. If your health suffers, the baby suffers. But if I harm the baby… then I could lose, um… …I could lose my only leverage. The baby is your only leverage. You don’t have another option. Make sure that nikolas knows what’s at stake.

[ Gasps ] Scotty. Oh! It’s so good of you to come. Aww. Okay. Hiya, heather. Listen, uh, I’m here because you’re franco’s mother. So…what do you want? Our boy was such a beautiful soul, honey.

[ Sniffles ] I just hate that he was taken in such a violent, cruel way. Yeah, yeah, I-I-I know. I know. I know. So, uh, what are you — what are you, uh… still painting, huh? Yeah. Well, that’s what franco and I shared in common. Oh, look what I just did. You know, I like that, though. These works, though — they just lack my usual depth.

[ Sighs ] How can you tell? It’s because of my neck. What’s wrong with your neck? Didn’t you hear? My prison transport crashed horribly. My neck’s just been in agony ever since. I-I can hardly paint.

[ Sighs ] Well, for crying out loud, heather, that — that’s why you’re here in — in rehab. I have half a mind to sue the city of port charles and the pcpd for physical and emotional distress. Isn’t that your area of expertise? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No judge is ever gonna sign off on an institutionalized crackpot. But what if I was a free woman? Who’s gonna let you out?

You are. Well, think of the perks, nikolas. This way, you won’t have to be spending thanksgiving alone. Don’t expect a turkey dinner. I’m not really in a celebratory mood this year. Oh, is that because of spencer? Or ava? Or both? Among other things. Oh, I’m sorry, nikolas. I don’t remember you telling me you had company. I do recall saying it wasn’t a good time. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Oh, no, please. You’re not interrupting. The staff is moving me in. I’m afraid I’m the one interrupting. You’re moving in? Tonight? Ah. How cozy. Yes, well, I just got sick and tired of living out of suitcases. I found myself craving family.

[ Chuckles ] But listen, why don’t I start getting unpacked and, uh, not detract from your evening any further? I’ll, uh — I’ll pick out a suite on the north tower. No!

[ Sighs ] The repairs aren’t finished yet. It is not safe. Y-you’re gonna have to stay in the south tower. Aw. That’s a pity. Mm. Views are so much nicer in the north tower. Well, it was, uh — it was a delight to see you, elizabeth. What the hell, nikolas? He’s living here now? Are you trying to get caught? Gavin? Yeah, I just arrived on spoon island. What have you found out about the necklace? And where the hell is holly sutton? I can’t believe scott went to see heather webber. I mean, whatever she’s up to, it can’t be good. Now I need to be going, too. I wonder what’s happened to my rideshare. Where are you going? Oh, my meeting’s out of town.

[ Chuckles ] You’re taking a rideshare out of town tonight, the night before thanksgiving? You know it’s gonna cost you a fortune. Why didn’t robert take you? Robert doesn’t know. I’m going back to doing some contract work for government agencies, and I know that he won’t approve. Because of my memory issues and — and also because of how my last assignment ended. But I am as sharp as ever. I am. And I — I need a purpose. Good for you. I’d be happy to take you wherever you’re going. Oh, no, I couldn’t trouble you with — oh, no, no, no. I insist. I-I won’t take “no” for an answer. Robert is a very good friend of mine, and I know he wouldn’t want you taking a rideshare out of town tonight. I mean, unless, of course, you want to call him. No. [ Chuckles ] No. Thank you. I would love a ride. No thanks necessary. It’ll give us a chance to talk.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. My car’s just over here.

How are esme and the baby? Fine for now. But she’s had no prenatal care. She needs tests done, and I don’t know how we’re gonna accomplish that with your uncle living here. It’s only a matter of time before he figures out you’re holding esme prisoner. The north tower is gonna be locked at all times. I have demetrius keeping an eye on it. I’m gonna put my uncle in the south tower. It’s the opposite side of the house, and I’ve even soundproofed esme’s room, okay? Don’t worry. Hey. I have it all under control. This whole thing is gonna blow up in our faces. It’s bad enough what we’re doing, and now victor’s looking around? Alright. We’re just gonna have to deal with him.

[ Door opens ] I was just on my way out. It was really good to see you both. I will walk you out. Oh. [ Chuckles ] No need. Happy thanksgiving.

[ Glass clinks ]

[ Door closes ] Elizabeth’s going through a tough time. She came over to talk. Stop lying to me, nikolas. I know exactly what’s going on. Thanks for coming. I wanted extra backup. Did your conversation with heather webber pan out? Not really. But we can talk about that later. What’s this all about? Ava’s agreed to speak with ryan. I wish kevin could be here. Me too. But kevin was right. Ryan might not communicate in his presence. And there he is.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Are you sure you want to do this? We can do this another time. It’s okay. No time like the present. You, uh — you sure about this? Hello, ryan. You still locked in? He says yes. One blink is “yes,” two is “no.” I’m familiar. You his new caregiver? One of them. He says — oh, I don’t care what he’s blinking. I’ll do the talking. Ryan. Do you remember your little friend esme? Your protégé? Well, it turns out she’s the one who attacked me. The audacity. Well, how would you like the chance to get back at her for trying to take what’s yours? What makes you think I can get you out? Well, it would behoove you to do so. Once I’m a free woman, a judge will find me more credible when I sue the pants off the pcpd and the city. They’ll find me a victim of gross negligence and not some loon. It’ll be ka-ching, ka-ching for you and me, scotty-boy. No, no, no, no. Heather, heather, I got a little news flash here for you. There’s a lot of details involved. I mean, I-I don’t know why you think I can get you sprung. Oh. That?

[ Chuckles ] Detective falconeri was just here. He wanted to interview me about the crash and the prisoner escape. So? So, clearly, my eyewitness testimony is very valuable to them. Well, now, that depends on the testimony. What if I could identify who helped anna devane escape? I’ve gotta get out of here! Mr. Scorpio, I appreciate your urgency in wanting to leave, but that is just not possible right now. You — you don’t understand. Holly’s missing. She could be hurt. There’s a $35-million necklace out there, and I gotta make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. He still giving you a hard time? Have you found holly? Have you found the neck– necklace? S-somebody m-might have — might have hurt her. I wouldn’t worry. We reviewed the security camera footage from the metro court, and holly appears to be fine. Did you see who took my briefcase?

[ Monitor beeping ] Yes. And it’s someone you know very well. So, my mother’s new place is near the center of town, which is great because it’s close to all her favorite cafés and restaurants. Oh, I feel awful. You’ve only just come back, and here I am keeping you away from kevin. Kevin is working tonight. Besides, it gives us a chance to catch up. We didn’t get much opportunity, did we?

[ Sighs ] Without memories, there won’t be much catch-up from my end, I’m afraid. Try not to worry about that so much, holly. I’m sure that it will come back. So, what agency did you say you were meeting with tonight? Laura, you know that that’s classified.

[ Laughs ] Well, I-I never assume. I like to keep my mind open to all the possibilities. The mark of an effective mayor.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Ah! And duty calls. Hi, jordan. I’m sorry. I can’t really talk right now. I’m sitting here with –jordan: Laura. It’s important you know robert scorpio was mugged tonight.

He’s alright, but the attacker

stole a briefcase containing a necklace made of diamonds cut from the ice princess. I see.

The suspect is —

[ Line disconnects ] No more questions, laura. I’m so sorry it’s come to this.

Axel: He wants to know,what’s in it for him?

[ Chuckles ] Well, ryan… for every interview you give, I’ll be there, too. So you can bask in my presence while you give law enforcement the information they need to take that wretched esme down. So, you get my company and the credit for doing a public service for once in your life. Axel: Maybe he doesn’t understand. No, he understands, alright. He’s just toying with me. Aren’t you, ryan? Just imagine how much more toying you could do with me and a captive audience. Alright, ryan, enough stalling. Do we have a deal or not? I read the papers. Everyone is hot to trot to find anna, from the wsb to the pcpd. And who’s the only one who can put them on the right trail? Hmm. Little ol’ me. Strike this bargain, scott. Free me, and we can squeeze the city for a tidy sum. I-I doubt anybody’s gonna make that deal. You never know till you try. Don’t you want a windfall to help ease your grief? Anna killed lucy coe, the woman who was a mother to the only child you have left. You can get revenge and strike it rich all at the same time. Come on. What do you say, scotty? No! No! No! Nein! How about nein? My — my german girlfriend taught me that —

nein. I can– I cannot believe that scott baldwin is turning down the chance to make a fast buck. Yeah. I-I got a full life right now. I-I’m not gonna let you screw it up. Ooh. Is this all because of this new girlfriend? Why did you even come here if you weren’t gonna help me? I’ll tell you why, heather. Because I wanted to see if you were up to anything crazy so that I could tell the cops. How about that?

[ Exhales sharply ] Think this through, scott. I never forget my friends

or my enemies. Neither do I. Guard, let me out of this nuthouse!

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] I don’t know what you think is going on, but, uh… what? You — you mean the loaded looks, the, uh, hesitation of me moving in? Oh, come on, nikolas. I wasn’t born yesterday. But I’m not shocked. Matter of fact, I’m rather relieved to see you behaving like a single man again.

[ Sighs ] No, it’s not — it’s not what you think. Elizabeth and i are just friends. She’s been going through some things. Ah. Well, it’s so nice you can comfort each other. Look, I-I won’t cramp your style. W-would you just do me a favor? Ava cannot know that elizabeth has been coming over. Oh, no, no, of course not. No need to make this divorce any more complicated than you made it by sleeping with spencer’s girlfriend. Thank you for your discretion. Oh, come on. I’m on your side. All the more reason to put an end to this marriage once and for all. Do as I ask, and no harm will come to you. Like no harm came to robert? I knew you weren’t to be trusted, and I hate that I was right. I don’t want to hurt you, laura.

[ Scoffs ] You got a funny way of showing it, holly. Please put the gun down. I wish I could. You can. You can. Just do it. Take the next exit. No. We have a long history, but that will not save you. I have no choice about this, you know. You always have a choice, always, holly. No, I don’T. And I will do what I have to do. Why? Is it because you’re working for victor cassadine? Is that what this is all about? Is that why you were whispering with eileen ashby? Is — is that why you stole robert’s briefcase? Here’s the exit. It’s now or never.

We have a “be on the lookout” on holly sutton. I thought you and holly were friends. Why would she do something like this? You tell me. Robert, if there’s something I should know, now’s the time to tell me.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I need to take this. It seemed like you wanted to say something to the commissioner. Why didn’t you?

[ Sighs ] Oh, come on. What do you mean? I’m an open book. Oh, come on, robert. Okay, fine, holly is your ex-wife, but it’s pretty obvious that she stole that necklace and she drugged you. Well, I haven’t had any tequila for quite a while. You are about to be in real trouble with the wsb. I can handle them. Uh-huh. Said every cocky defendant I have ever represented. Well, I hope you won’t mind being one of them. But my rates are exorbitant. Look, I hope whatever holly has got herself into doesn’t drag you down, as well. We’ve been through this, uncle. I will divorce ava. It’s complicated. I need some time. That’s enough, nikolas! You are wearing my patience thin. I will to do what I must! I know what’s at stake.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, I hope for your sake that’s true. We’re already on the launchpad, nikolas. Alright, gavin. Talk to me. What’s the status? What do you mean, she’s disappeared? You can stop there. So, what, is this the end of the line? You’re gonna kill me and leave me on the side of the road? There’s been enough deaths. Perfect. Recent calls. What are you doing? Your family needs you.

[ Line ringing ] Kevin: Hello? Kevin?


[ Car door closes ] Kevin?

Hello? Oh, my god. Help me, please. I — I’m on route 31. I’m on the side of the road. I-I’m near mile marker 35. Call jordan. Tell her that holly sutton stole my car and she left me on the side of the road. Tell her that she is armed and dangerous. Axel: Mr. Chamberlain says, “I can’t wait to see you again, my love.” Tell mr. Chamberlain we’ll be in touch to schedule the first interview. Come on, let’s go. He wasn’t done. He said, “never fear, ava. We’ll find esme together.”

[ Sighs ] Alright. That’s that. Don’t worry, ace. Elizabeth will be back soon. We’ll tell her we trashed the vitamins, and she’ll bring us more before these run out. All we have to do is scare her.

[ Sighs ] Show her and nikolas that we can’t be steamrolled. I know what your grandfather would say, but… I can’t risk hurting you. I’d be at nikolas’ mercy. And I’ll do whatever it takes to survive. Ohh! God. I’m so sorry!

[ Chuckling ] Clumsy me.

[ Gasps ] Do you two know each other? Everyone knows… ryan chamberlain. Guess the same could be said of you… heather webber.

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