GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Gladys and Jordan are both upset with Alexis for publishing the letter the Hook Attacker sent to her in The Invader. Jordan is very upset that Alexis wrote that the prime suspect in the hook attacks is Esme Prince. Gladys is upset that as family of a victim she wasn’t told that Esme was a suspect in the hook attacks. Gladys calls the phone number that Selina Wu gave her to ask for a seat at the next poker game.

Sasha has memories of Brandon as she spends her first Thanksgiving without him. Chase finally asks Brook Lynn why she never wrote the letter to the police review board to help him get back his job.

The Quartermaine’s Thanksgiving bad luck continues as Olivia thinks she ordered a ready to eat turkey from a French company but what she ordered is a live turkey. Leo won’t let them kill Mr. Waddle so the Quartermaine’s once again order pizza for their traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Mac and Robert think Holly is at a trapping cabin on the Canadian border. Holly doesn’t want to surrender to the police and she accidentally knocks over lantern which rolls by the fireplace and catches fire and after a few minutes the entire cabin erupts into flames. The audience sees someone get out of the cabin. The person is engulfed in flames and flaying their arms trying to extinguish the flames on their body. Robert cries because he has lost Holly again.

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