Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria is upset with Nick because he told Nate that he would have to work hard to gain his trust. Victoria tells Nick that as her CIO he has to support her decisions. Nick tells Victoria that he is worried that Nate is power hungry and will do anything to get her job. Victoria isn’t threatened by Nate’s ambition and she knows he will do a good job.

Adam tells Sally he loves her and wants to marry her because she is the only who has ever understood him and accepted him. Sally asks Adam to stop torturing her by proposing to her so many times.

Chelsea continues to struggle with depressing thoughts and wakes up startled because of those thoughts. Billy tells Lily he hasn’t had time to think about what he wants to do for his career because he wants to make sure that Chelsea is okay before he thinks about himself.

Sally tells Adam that she doesn’t want to be with him because he hurt her deeply and everything that people told her about him is true. Adam thinks that Sally is with Nick because she wants safety, but Adam is confident that Sally will come to her senses and they will be together again.

Sally tells Nick she is excited about the ideas she has for her new interior design business.

Elena agrees to think about Nate’s offer to do a podcast for Newman Media and leave Chancellor Winters. Elena accepts Nate’s invitation to go with him on his business trip to Los Angeles.

Chelsea and Lily have a talk and Lily tells Chelsea to rely on other people for support because Billy can’t support her 24/7. Lily tells Billy everything she and Chelsea talked about except the part where she told Chelsea Billy can’t support her all the \time. Chelsea sends a call from Billy to her voice mail.

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