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. Hello. I, I thought that you were having Thanksgiving in New York with, uh, Chad and the children. I was. Jennifer’s brother, Mike and Nancy Miller had us all over for dinner. Nancy Miller, uh, Craig’s ex-wife. That’s right. Apparently she and Mike are seeing each other now, and that’s a good thing. Well, Mike’s a good guy.

Certainly a step up from Clyde Weston. But then it wouldn’t be.

I’m glad that you were able to be with family today. I imagine that the holidays have been especially painful this year. That’s why I decided to come back to work, see what’s going on at The Spectator. Checking up on me. Are you? You are working away. When I came in, big story. Could be you snapped that laptop shot as soon as you saw me, almost like you didn’t want me to see what you were writing.

You’re joking, right? No, this is a serious question. Did you kidnap Bonnie and Susan?

Oh, aj, it’s me again. Listen, will you call me back when you get this? I know you wanna be alone, but I’m just worried about you. I just hope you’re not doing anything. Oh, I hear the door. Maybe that’s you. Oh, Chad. Sorry. Disappoint. I know. Not at all. I was just happy you were Hij. I’m just worried about him.

Mother. Is that you?

Do you need any holler? It’s not your mother you dumb clock.

Yes, again.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

The article’s about pulling a price. The governor elect’s daughter has been charged with murder. Every news organization in the country is covering this. Would you rather The Spectator didn’t? Are you kidding? It’s happening right here in Salem. You have access to the inside story. You can scoop every newspaper in the country.

I’m hardly what you’d call a seasoned reporter. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Are you afraid that you are not up to writing this story? Is that why you wouldn’t let me look at your draft? No, I mean, . Yes. I mean, there’s something more too. What are you not telling me? Chad doesn’t want me to write about Paulina and Chanel.

Chad, Chad has no business telling you what to write or not to write. I I’ll take care of this right now. Please. Yeah, there’s, there’s, there’s more. Okay. I’ve told Chad that I would do what he wants.

So how come you dropped by, I thought you were gonna spend the holiday in new. Uh, I was, and actually Thomas and Charlotte are still there. Jennifer promised to take ’em for all the holiday fun they can handle. Sir, you didn’t want to join them? I did, but I figured I should come and check on ej. I heard what happened to Susan.

You think I kidnapped two women? Well, I remember what you told me after you quit your job. That your boss wanted you to do something illegal and you decided that meant kidnapping. Yeah. Well, you wouldn’t tell me what she asked you to do, and when I tried to press you on it, you gave me a very vague answer, baby, I know you.

I know that you’re holding something back and it’s big. When you came into the room, when I was watching that news report about the kidnapping, I saw the look on your face. I know Susan Bonnie. I was. What’s your boss ask you to do? I told you Rednecks, who’s a small drug company, right? Whether had to bring a new painkiller to market and they’re gonna claim that it’s not addictive, but it’s a lie.

I don’t wanna be a part of an operation like that. Well, you didn’t tell me that. I mean, my God’s did. Or I’m a doctor. That company has to be stopped. Well, I need you’d say that, which is why I didn’t tell you. But if they’re trying to get people addictive, she dunno who my boss is, what she does to people that crossing.

And you do how her talk. Hmm. That doesn’t sound like an executive of a drug company. That sounds like Ava Vitali.

Are you really here or am I that drunk? Of course I’m here. Did you think you could get rid of me that easily? So you are really here, but your, your car went off the embankment. The petrol tank exploded. A fireman told me that no one could make it our alive. Huh? Well then I guess that means I’m dead.

Yeah. It’s not that bad. Actually. Maybe you’d like to join me.

I can’t believe that Chad would ask you to bury a story this big, and I can’t believe that you would agree to do it. Yeah, well that’s because my main source is my dodgy ex former lawyer, Sloane Peterson. She said she had all the dirt on Chanel’s arrest, and she promised me an exclusive. And did she deliver?

I’ll say she showed me all the evidence that she sent over to the DA, and it looks pretty damning. But Chad said, if I do not fact check every word that Sloan gave, The spectator could be open to a liable suit and it could be put out of business. So you decided not to print it? Well, not exactly. I’m still in the process of getting it vetted.

See, the thing is, I, I don’t wanna cost the, the spectator this exclusive story of the year, but then I don’t wanna put my byline on on something that could be a lie. So, Tell me what should I do?

I don’t know about you, but these chairs I don’t think are very comfortable. I’m lucky for us, this is a very big house with a whole lot of rooms, and a lot of those rooms do have beds in them. So , I really appreciate your attempt at Sty. Is that a. You are impossible.

Oh, sorry. Hey, I didn’t know the two of you were in here. , Maggie. Hi. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, it’s so good to see you too. So good. We’re just having a little Thanksgiving dinner. Again. Yeah. Hey, my parents are in Seattle with Trip and Joey, so Alex invited me over to Share Your Leftovers. Oh. Trip. He must be having a miserable holiday after what happened with Ava.

Yeah. That’s why mom and dad stayed out there. Yeah. You know, it must be so hard trying to be a good son to a mother like her. I still can’t believe what she did. Yeah. Or Susan Banks. She was such an innocent, she, she shouldn’t have died the way she did. I can’t help wondering if it was all a terrible accident or if Ava drove her car off of that embankment on purpose.

What do you think you’re doing? Boy, you must be loaded. Thought it was fairly obvious. Oh, but for all you know. I’m not really here. I’m just your version of a pink elephant hurt. You calling for your mommy feeling a little guilty. Are you suggesting that you are my conscience? Well, you are the reason all this happened.

You could have just given me the money and taken your mother home, but no, no. You had to prove that you were smarter than me, that you were better than me. And so what did you do? You took. The only son that I had left and kidnapped him didn’t really work out the way you planned, did it? No, because my boy is alive and well.

And your mother, what’s left of her? That’s right. She’s down there. How do I know about for sure? Anina. What? For sure. You’re forgetting one very important detail. I don’t have a conscience. So you are here in the flesh and you made it out of that crash alive. So perhaps my mother did too.

How’s EJ doing? This is probably a stupid question. I’m sure he is devastated. He is. He blames himself. Assistance Jeff. Now he’s convinced himself that he deserves to suffer because of it. Well, he didn’t prove that Ava’s marriage to Jake was a fraud and force her out of. Although I can’t imagine he expected her to retaliate like that.

Well, actually, actually what? I’m afraid that’s not all he did

you think I’d work for the likes of Rav retaliate? I don’t think that you would want to, but you were so desperate to make money and get us out of here. And the more I started to think about that, the more things started to add up, we’ll sings. Okay. Bonnie said that the guy who grabbed her was wearing a blue suit.

You have a blue suit. I love blokes too. She said that she could tell that there were major muscles under that suit. A lot of OC are well built. My mom said that the kidnapper texted her from Bonnie’s phone saying not to worry because she’d be with Mimi. Do a lot of blokes know Bonnie’s life so well that they can mention her daughter by name?

Would a lot of blokes know how to keep two women prisoner in the kiya as shed because they used to work there as the gardener. He, my wife, are the da. I am the wife who loves you and doesn’t want to believe that you did this even though a lot of the pieces fit. Sandra, if you had something to do with this, you have to tell me now.

EJ kidnapped Trip Johnson? Not personally, but he gave the order. Well, I don’t think he intended to harm the young man. I just think he just wanted to be able to trade him for Susan. Oh yeah. That makes it better. Well, let me guess. He, he, he, he figured that if he just kidnapped the poor kid, he could save himself 30 million bucks.

Well, that was only part of the reason. I think he did it primarily for, for leverage. What Leverage well, can, can, victims are killed sometimes, but mu ransom is paid. But you know that I think he was just trying to keep his mother alive. Yeah, I guess I can see that. Listen, I devoted this to you because you’re my brother and I trust.

But there’s one thing that troubles me. You work with Trip sister Stephanie? I don’t work with her. I work for her. But you do consider her as a friend? Yeah. So, so I need you to tell me that you won’t tell her that EJ had anything to do with her brother’s kidnapping. Both of our families have been through a real ordeal.

Thank God. Tripp is safe and Bonnie’s gonna be okay. Yes, she will be. Eventually, what does that mean? I told you she wasn’t in great shape at dinner. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s hard to recover from being afraid for your life, but she will get better once they catch that clown that did that to her. Right

on. Maggie, do you know something about this guy? I just left Sarah and, uh, she has a theory about what happened. It sounded kind of farfetched to me. Hmm. Can you tell us what she said?

You have to keep it to yourself. We will.

Well, she’s afraid that the man in the clown mask. Might have been zander.

I can appreciate that You want to make the most ethically sound decision. Well, you know, I don’t really have a reputation for truth telling. We both know that, and if any report is gonna be accused of slander, it’s. . So you have to be careful with what you write, but you have been, well, that’s only cause I have you teaching me and backing me up.

Look, the public is a right to know what’s going on in Paulina’s life. So you think I should ignore what Chad wants? Chad is a good guy, but look, he’s working for a Pauline’s PR team. He may have been doing her bidding when he asked you to bury the story. Yeah, I know. I thought of that too, but, I just don’t wanna hurt or upset him anymore than I have.

Look, journalists and PR teams have been fighting since the beginning. I’m telling you right now, you’re gonna have to make a judgment call. Yeah, judgment isn’t really my best event.

The past I would agree,

but I can appreciate. The hard work that you’ve been putting in and how determined you are to be a good reporter really, really makes me feel better about not hiring Xander.

Will you please say something, Sarah? I just feel, I dunno if so hurts because of me. What? I said, look, I went out and I got what I thought was a good job so. Pay off all our debts and moves into a real home. And you said you believed in me. You have no idea what that meant to me. That, that you think I’m a changed man now?

Seems like you think I did something that, but led to two women getting killed. I didn’t want to say that. I just felt like I had to because of a blue suit and some muscles. No, it was more than that. That company that you said you worked for, redneck Victor said he’d never heard of it. I told you it’s a startup one that’s about to market a new pain medication according to you.

So there shouldn’t be any problem looking it up, right? He talking. Well, it’s had to have been around long enough to have a website. Oh, so my, so my word’s not good. You’re seriously gonna look it up. What’s wrong with that? Fine. If you don’t believe me. Go ahead.

Oh, Susan is definitely dead. And you are the soul of honesty. I made sure of it. You wore. Who do you think yanked the steering wheel and drove us off the cliff? He deliberately did that. Of course I did. It was the only way to get even with you. God, I actually believed.

Actually believe that you just ran off the road. Come on. We both know that 30 million didn’t mean anything to you. I wanted to cause you the maximum amount of pain and suffering,

and I realized I could do that with one hard turn to the right.

So you can go ahead, search all you want, search through the brush, search through the wreckage. You’re never gonna find her. So how are you alive? Because I jumped out of the car before it rolled into the embankment. Susan,

Susan was definitely in it when it blew up.

Your mommy is dead

and now it’s your turn.

You are glad you didn’t hire Xander for the job. What does that mean? Xander asked me for a job at The Spectator when, right after your accident, Y I was in the hospital waiting for you to be discharged, and Xander came up and asked me right there. I had no idea. I had just offered you the job. I knew how you still felt about Xander, so I decided right then and there, it was not a good idea for the two of you to be working closely together.

And so you turned him down. I turned him down, and now you seem to be thriving at the Spectator, so I could see it was a good idea. It is a good idea for the two of you to keep a great deal of distance from each other. Uh, actually we haven’t been doing that.

Look, Sarah and um, I. The company’s website, it’s right here.

You think I would rat out my own brother? So after what happened to Abi Girl getting that so far-fetched? No. But then Clyde Wesson tried to kill me. EJ showed up and he saved my life. Not to mention he just lost his mother and I know how much he loved her. I’m not gonna play along, so you won’t say anything to Stephanie.

Thank you. I’m worry about ej. Carol tells me that he’s been gone for hours. God knows where he is ended up. Don’t worry, ej, I’m about to put you outta your misery.

You and Xander have been seeing each other? No. No. Nothing like that. I mean, we’ve just, just been bumping into each other every now and then. I’m, it was a bit awkward at first. I can imagine. But now I’m just glad I, I, I think we can be friends. Are you being straight with me? Yeah. I, I, I, I just saw him the other day actually, and he told me about his new job.

I told him about my job, you know, like that just, it’s all friendly. Honestly, I’m just glad that he doesn’t hate me anymore. Are you sure that that’s all it is? Because I remember how in love with him, you.

And now he’s married to Sarah. I don’t wanna see you hurt anymore. I appreciate that. But really this has all just forced me to take a really hard look at the reality of my life. And the reality is that sand doesn’t love me. He loves Sarah and he’s very committed to their life together, and he’s happy. So I’m happy.

Because he is my friend now and I want, I want what’s best for him.

Oh, God. I, I don’t, I don’t know what to say. I. I mean, I should have known that you wouldn’t make up some complicated lie about where you were working, and I can’t believe that I accused you of kidnapping Bonnie and Susan. What is wrong with me? Nothing, absolutely nothing wrong. You’re perfect. You swore that you would never go back to the life that you were living before and I didn’t believe you.

I’m so sorry. You have nothing to apologize.

I mean, look, there’s even a posting for your job. There it, yeah, right here. Vice president in charge of sales. Wasted no time putting that up. Yeah. Would they must have realized what a loss you were. My mom even told me that. You taught this out with Maggie? Yeah. Well, and I’m gonna call her and tell her what a huge mistake I made.

I’m, you ever forgive me.

You and I better try to find dj. Any ideas where to start? Yes. as good as any, oh, it’s. Hello? Hey, this is Tony. Yes. Chat now. We’re just gonna go out to find him. You did where? Thank you. We’ll be right there. Pray knows where he is. Okay. This seems to be drowning his horn, neither our site. You know where that is.

Right, right, right. Let’s go.

I am glad that you and Zander have gotten to a good place. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

I’m proud of you.

I didn’t expect to hear those words from you ever again.

You’ve earned it. So, uh, why don’t we see what you’ve got from Sloan. Give me all the words and we’ll see if we can come up with a slap for your story. Well, right now. Yeah, sure. What star Thanksgiving.

I, I think it would feel good to be advising a daughter mine again. Oh, Chuck,

why don’t you call me dad and, uh, not just occasionally,

I’m gonna get my things. Take him upstairs, get unpacked. We’ll get down here. We’re good to work. Okay. How can I have him repay you?

Make me a Turkey sandwich.

Sarah really thinks that Xander kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. You have to keep this quiet, Alex, if Victor finds out, I just don’t know what he’ll do. I mean so much for this new leaf that Xander supposedly turned over. From what you’ve told us, Sarah doesn’t have much to go on. Maybe she. Overreacting. That’s what I said.

I, I mean, this guy would’ve to be out of his mind to do something like that to dad’s wife. I mean, Xander’s a member of the family. Yes. But he’s desperate to get his hands on some money. But he has to know how Sarah would feel if he committed a crime to get it. Sarah, I know would be done with him, and it seems to me that he really does love her.

Oh, he does. That’s why I don’t see how he would jeopardize what they have together, not after everything they’ve been through with Kristen and Gwe.

Darling night, I don’t blame you for being suspicious, given the life I’ve led. That was years ago. I should have known that you wouldn’t do something like that. Yeah, I made you feel terrible. Must survive. I dunno what to. Let’s not talk about it. Why don’t we, uh, just scoff down the, or the leftovers, your mum over.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I have so much thankful for. We both do.


there’s nothing left in this fast.

Oh, my head is sw. Ah yeah. Hey, hey. Ava. Ava, she was here. Djj. That’s not possible. She had a gun. I tried to take it from her and I fell okay. I thought, I thought she was gonna kill me. Listen you, you drank a boat load. Sure. You really saw her. I’m telling you, she was here. She pointed a gun at me. If she was here and she meant to kill you, stopped her.

We gotta get into the hospital. No, I’m not going to any hospital. Listen, you fell down, you hit your head, you were unconscious. That cut. Bear cut’s gonna need stitches. Don’t you understand? I fell when I was fighting aver and she got away. We need to find her. Okay? You too. You have to be quiet about what Sarah said to me now.

Mm-hmm. . You bet. Okay. Well, I’m gonna check on Victor and make sure he, he isn’t raiding the fridge. It gives him indigestion. Oh yes, you too. Night, Maggie. Good night.

Now what were we talking about right before Maggie showed up? Oh, I remember. I remember. Slow down tiger. Why? I think. It is a good thing that Maggie showed up when she did. You weren’t having a good time. Oh, I was having a good time. And what’s the problem? I, I just, I just have this feeling that even I should take things one step at a time.

I hate doing that. I know. But think about how much we’ll both be looking forward to our next date. So there’s gonna be a next date. Mm-hmm. . I think the odds are excellent. Well then in that case,

may I walk you out? I would like that.

Thank you.

My mom’s outta everything. It’s even a bottle of wine in here. Ooh, this is the good stuff. Hmm. It needs to be chilled. Yeah. You think so? Hmm, definitely. Maybe the, uh, ice machine is working today. Oh. We can only help. I will find a cork screw, um, here.

I ever think that he would make up an entire company.

Thank God he’s so understanding.

You are phoning me on Thanksgiving. You wouldn’t believe what just happened. Tell me. Well, I got back to our room and Sarah accused me of being behind the kidnapping. Why? She figured out the whole thing. I, for God’s sake, what did you do? I stood there like a fool and tried to deny it. So are you in trouble?

No, because Sarah decided to prove that Rednecks was a fake company by looking for a website, and she found one. How did you know that? Because I built it and I put it online. I’ve never done one before, so it’s a bit simplistic, but um, I thought it would. Doing a pinch. Oh my God, you saved my. I dunno to thank you.

It’s no need to thank me. That’s what friends are for. You don’t believe me? You don’t think she was Willy here? I’m sure she seemed real to you. I talk to me. That rubbish. She hates you. You passed out on the ground. Why didn’t she finish you off? I, I can’t answer that. Okay. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go.

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