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What I did to Uncle s Stephan, I have no idea what Wendy and I went to Jakarta. We found Dr. Rolf. What is Ralph doing in Jakarta? You know exactly what he’s doing there. He’s in a secret der funded lad that you shipped him off to, and he told us all about what you and Lee Adam do.

There’s no sense in life Before he tried to wipe our memories. Ralph told Johnny and me how you had him brainwash Stephan. That’s ridiculous. Which part? Okay. Let’s forget for the moment that what you’re talking about is impossible. Why would I do something like that? Because Ralph made Stephan forget all about his love for Gabby, so Gabby could love you instead.

Why are you looking at me like that? Sorry. I guess I am staring. I just

can’t get over how beautiful you are and how lucky I am that you’re in my life. Thank you. That’s, that’s really sweet. And I’m really lucky too that you’re in my life.

Sorry to interrupt then, don’t. Chloe and I are trying to enjoy a nice breakfast. Oh, this is only gonna take a minute. I need to know if you’re planning on coming to my wedding.

I know you’re feeling a little insecure right now about Eric. Is that so strange? He’s gonna have a baby with another woman, Brady, which was not intended. Look, I know it’s not the easiest situation. Okay? But the bottom line is you two belong to.

What? Oh, have you suddenly changed your mind about that as well? No, no, no. Of course not. It, I, I believe that actually I, I know that Eric has always wanted a child of his own. Now someone else is gonna make his dream come true.

What do you mean? There’s no baby? I mean that I’m not pregnant anymore.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives

helm. Rolf is a liar and a sociopath, yet you trust his word over your own. What possible reason would he have to implicate himself if it wasn’t true? Perhaps the good doctor presents the prominent role I now play in the DER family business. Or perhaps that prominent role, but you in a position to harness his twisted.

Admitted that you were the one who told him to brainwash stuff and Johnny taped the confession. And where’s that recording now? Ralph arrested and then he tried to do the same thing with our memories. Why would he do that if he was lying? What did that maniac do to you? What now you’re. Did he hurt you?

Jwe hurt me. That freak had a strap down to a table about to inject us with some experimental drug, like a couple of lab rats. Did you know he was going to do that?

So Rolf tried to reboot your memory. Yeah, mine and Wendy’s. Right after he confessed that you and Lee had a mess with your brother’s brain to make him forget all about his feelings for Gabby. I didn’t have anything to do with that. For God’s sake, Johnny, why on earth would I give a damn about that? You didn’t care about one thing.

Control. And you knew that if you could turn Stephan against Gabby, he’d vote for you and you could take the company back.

Yes, Gabby, we will be attending your wedding. I distinctly remember saying we wouldn’t dream of missing it. Right. Well, you didn’t RSVP and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so I need to get a precise headcount. Oh, okay. Well, we don’t exactly have the RSVP card on us. Well, I have another one right here.

I told you, Hey, I spoke to Eric. He is committed to being a father, but he’s also very much committed to you. Come on, Brady. Come on, come on. What? I heard Eric talk about the baby on Thanksgiving and, and he was, yeah. He was practically glowing about being a father. Well, yeah, he’d okay. He’s excited about being a father.

Why wouldn’t he be? I mean, it’s finally going to happen for him. He, Nick, it’s not an ideal situation and I understand you’re having some, you know, big feelings here. Big feelings. That’s all you could come up with. Look, what I’m trying to say is, you got this, you got this. You have been through too much with one another.

Think about how the challenges you, he was on the other end of the world for how many years. You still found your way back to one another, didn’t you? You can work it out and know that you can.

God, you, you had a miscarriage. I’m Jah. I’m so sorry. I I wish you would’ve called me. I didn’t have a miscarriage. I, I made the decision to terminate my pregnancy. I.

What? What are you saying?

I had an abortion.

Do you trust Eric? Of course I do. Okay, good. Then trust in what you have. Because historically, Nicole, uh, when you don’t do that, that’s when you get into trouble.

What are you saying, Brady? I’m saying don’t do anything that you will regret. Nicole, I hear you. Okay, but this isn’t just about giving Jada and Eric Space or whatever. I mean, she was really into him. What if she uses this baby to try and rekindle their relationship? Mm-hmm. Uh, she doesn’t seem like that kind of a person at all.

The kind of person who wants to be with the father of her child, Nicole. Just because you share a child with someone doesn’t mean you belong with them. Okay. Look, you have Holly. Eric is not the biological father. Right. But Daniel isn’t here to complicate things between Eric and me. Jada is

Jada. I don’t understand. You told me you wanted to have the baby. I changed my mind without telling me it’s my body, my choice. You said so yourself? Yes. Yes, I did. But I mean, I thought we had a plan. I told you how excited I was to be a father to our child. I thought you were excited about that too. Why wouldn’t you just at least talk to me about it?

I know how much you wanted to have this baby, which is why I was afraid. I was afraid that if I told you about my decision, that you would try to talk me out of it.

Uh, Stephen, wait. Wait for what? Well, I know that, um, Stephan said that. You know, he wouldn’t dream of not going to your wedding, but we haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet. What’s there to talk about? Unless you guys aren’t in sync about this. Is that what it is? He wants to go, but you don’t. No, I didn’t say that.

No. Well, what are you saying? Because I need to know the verdict. I, I need to know. Okay, Gabby, the verdict is we will attend your wedding. Chloe is feeling a bit ambivalent at the moment, but. I will talk her into it because I know that we won’t have a wonderful time. So that’s a yes. Oh yeah. You know me, Gabby.

I love a good train wreck. I can’t wait to watch Lee Shin make the biggest mistake of his life. You actually think I instructed Dr. Rolf to strap you to a table and wipe your memory? I don’t know what to believe. The thought makes me. Doesn’t, because apparently this is the kind of thing he does considering he already made Steph and forget about his love for Gabby.

Well, this is the first I’m hearing of all this, and I promise you if I ever see Dr. Rolf again, I’ll deal with him. Actually, let me make some calls. Lee,

do you remember when. And we took father’s Bentley out for a toy ride. What about it? When father saw the scratch on the door the next day, he suspected what you had done. But when he confronted you about it, you looked him right in the eye and denied it. Didn’t it even blink? No. No. Of course, when I got you alone, I forced you to confess.

I. It seems to remember you kept poking me with a sharp stick. No, I wasn’t going to give up until you told me why you took the car , and then finally you admitted it was to impress some girl. Your point, even then you were romantic. You do anything to get the girl?

Maybe things haven’t changed.

I always tell when you were lying to me back then. Do I need to bring out the sharp stick?

You’re right. I was the one who asked Ralph to brainwash that in the mirror. Rolf told you I was party to this, that I ordered him to brainwash. He told me it was Lee, but I know that it was both of you. And how would you know that? Because Wendy overheard her brother talking to Aunt Kristen . Oh, now Vaz a reliable sauce.

Look, dad. I know you okay. You’re just like, no, no, you don’t leave anything up to chance. And when I just told you about Rolf, it’s pretty obvious you weren’t surprised about the news. So just come on after everything we’ve been through the last couple days. Can you just drop the act? Just be real for a second.

Okay. Yes. I’ve known for some time that Ralph conditioned your uncle to erase his connection to Gabby. I didn’t make that happen, but I did take full advantage of it. I used it to solidify Stefan’s connection to me and the family, and you should be glad I did it.

Now to be clear, I had nothing to do with Wolf’s brainwashing scheme. That was all Lee and Kristen. So you’re telling me you only learned about this after the fact? That’s right. And by then, and it was already a Fatto Ri Lee had his own personal reasons. I’m sure your new friend Wendy. Could cast more light on his motivations than I can.

Why would aren’t Kristin even want to do this? I’m sure that’s not that hard to figure out. What does she care about most in this world?

Brady. Brady, right. She was very interested in using Stephan to get Chloe Lane out of his life. Rolf swore to me that neither you nor Johnny would be hurt, so you admit that he was working for you. I discovered by accident that Rolf had saved Stephan’s life, that he was keeping him in a secret facility, and yes, I made a request.

I asked him to help me. Finally, some honesty, I don’t understand why this is so important to you. When I first got to Salem, I overheard you talking about keeping Gabby and Stephan apart, and then when I compared notes with Johnny Damara, it seemed like his father was also involved. Why did it matter? Well, honestly, I thought I could.

Use it as leverage to get you to gimme that promotion. I already gave you the job and I appreciate that. If you still wanted to hurt me, no, just the opposite. I love you. Okay. I was worried about you. Worried about me, how I was afraid this crazy scheme can blow up in your face. I mean, I’ve seen how hard you’ve fallen for Gabby, but if this isn’t real, please it.

Real. I love her. She loves me. Only me if you’re planning on coming to my wedding to cause trouble. No, no, Gabby, I will not be causing the trouble, but I certainly will enjoy observing it. Easy. Everybody knows what this wedding is about, and that is you holding onto power at. My family company. I know you think that everything is about you, but I am marrying Lee for the right reasons.

I love him and he loves me. If you say so, guess we’ll find out New Year’s Eve. You sure As how Will and and Chloe, I hope you’re not too uncomfortable. I’m assuming you’re reluctant to accept my invitation because of Brady. What does Brady have to do with any of this? Well, you’ll be seeing him at my. I just hope you’ll be okay with that.

Hey, I shared child with Kristen. There’s no way in hell we’re getting back together. Uh, you kind of already did, huh? You, you claim to love Chloe, but if I’m not mistaken, you broke up with her and moved Kristen in. Oh, gosh. I was, I was just doing what I, I, yes. What, what is right for your. Yeah. Okay, so let me get this straight one more time.

You ended your current relationship, so you could be with Rachel’s mother. Why should I believe that Eric wouldn’t do the exact same thing? I would never put in pressure on you to do something you wouldn’t want to do. So what are you saying? If I would’ve called you, you would’ve just sat there and listened without judgment?

Yes, it’s easy to say now. I know things between us ended it badly and I know that it was my fault. Are you, are you about to ask me if I did this to punish you? No, I’m not saying that’s what I was thinking. I’m just trying to understand. This wasn’t an easy choice for me, but it was the right one. It had nothing to do with punishing you.

It had nothing to do with you, period.

Can I ask you a question, please? Thanksgiving day, you made it. You made it very clear about your decision to have the baby. I mean, what was it? What was it that changed your mind?

I thought it was what I wanted, but that was before I had time to process what it would really be. Being a single mom and a cop, it, it was just, just too much.

You weren’t gonna do this alone. We were gonna do this together. I’m you’re saying that now, and I’m sure you believe it. I believed it too, to the fact that even if we didn’t have a relationship, that this baby could still bring us joy and that we can make it.

I would, but then I, I spoke to,

You, you spoke to Nicole. She knows how it is to raise a child alone. She helped me realize that it’s gonna be a struggle. And even though I know you said you, you would share a part of that with me, but half of the time I would be alone. And another part of it, I, I just couldn’t take the pain of burying a child with whose father doesn’t love me and being tied to him for the rest of my life.

So when did you and Nicole have this conversation about the baby? She came here, the other. She came here to see you. She had walked in on Thanksgiving dinner and sauce together. Wait, she was here. Well, apparently she walked in and walked out. So when she came here to see you, what exactly did she say? She said a lot of things.

She asked me some questions like, why would I wanna have a baby that’s gonna connect me with you forever? What else did she say? She was just telling me how it was for her being a single mom, and she painted a very clear picture of what that would look like, and then she finished by reminding me that if I had this child, that she would be a part of my life forever.

She said on that? Yeah, she did. And I have to admit that I didn’t think about how hard it would be. There are so many women in this country with unwanted pregnancies that don’t have a choice, sadly, but I did.

It’s just the other day that this pregnancy wasn’t unwanted.

In your conversation with Cole changed. I don’t know if it was her intent, but her visit definitely helped me decide to not have this baby.

You need to trust me when I tell you that my situation with Kristen is nothing like Eric’s situation with Jada. Eric does not wanna be with Jada. Okay. He ended his relationship because he wants to be with you. Yeah, and I ended my marriage so that I could be with him, but that was before he found out about this baby.

Eric is gonna find a way to work this thing out with Jada. There is no reason why this child has to come between the two of you.

Why is Brady coming to your wedding? Lee invited him. Work politic. You know, and just so there aren’t any other surprises, we invited Brady with a plus one. I’m assuming he’s gonna bring Kristen. Anyway, I’m just gonna leave this RS repeat card with you guys. Can you please send it as soon as you can?

Fuck. I didn’t set out to do any of this. When I discovered that Rolf was keeping Stephan’s body on ice, I, I began to monitor the situation. I, I, I thought possibly I could use it for my advantage of the company, how

everyone still thought of me as just shin’s son. I thought if I could retrieve one of Stefano’s sons, He would help quicken my ascent up the corporate ladder. But then you fell for d i I tried to stuff my attraction down. I knew that Gabby and Stephen were married, but once my feelings passed the point of no return, he realized that bringing back Stephan would cause you to lose her.

And that was not a loss I was willing to accept. So you learned about what Rolf did, but you, you kept quiet about it because it wasn’t any of my business. None of your business. Hey Stephanie, is your brother mean? What if that happened to you? What? What if after your accident, somebody got inside your head and your heart and erased all the love you ever had from mom?

Honestly, I would sincerely thank that person. For doing me a favor, I don’t believe that believe what you want. Now. I am eternally grateful that we produced you and your little sister, but other than that, loving Samantha Brady has caused me nothing but humiliation and heartbreak. Ha ha. Oh, I see. So you were just doing your brother a favor and taking the company back from Gabby.

Just a bonus. Must be good looking down at me from that high horse. If you care about your uncle’s feelings or even the ethics of what Dr. Rolf did to him, what are you saying? I’m saying that this isn’t about you defending someone’s right to love. They want, this isn’t about love at all. This is about resentment and revenge payback.

You swore that you would make me pay for the way I heard vital,

and now you have your chance.

Obviously Nicole didn’t tell you that she came here. I don’t want to talk about Nicole.

I wanna be here for you. For me. Yeah. I wanna be here for you. I, I’m, how are you feeling? I’m fine. Can I get you anything to eat? I’m not hungry. I, I just need to rest Of course. Yeah. Oh, you just let me know if you need anything. I mean, I can take you to your doctor for a follow up if you need. Uh, Eric, it’s, it’s, What

you’ve handled this as well as I could possibly imagine, and I I, and I’m sure that if I would’ve made a different decision, I know that you would’ve done the right thing and been a good father,

but you’re off the hook now. Oh, the hook. You and I are broken. I am not having your child, so there’s no reason for us to be in each other’s lives.

I, um, listen that, that, that was my polite way of saying to leave me alone. Next time. I can’t promise it. I’ll be so nice.

I just don’t see how Jada having this baby won’t come between Eric and me. Doesn’t have to. I said, look, hey, you brought Eric into Holly’s life, right? Holly adores him right? Yes, she does. Mm-hmm. . But Holly doesn’t have a father. This baby will have a mother. Mm-hmm. . And this baby is also gonna have a very cool stepmom.

You come on, you’re gonna be a great stepmom. And at one. And what? At one point when the time is right, you’re gonna go to Jayden, say, jf, I’m really excited about this. I’m gonna be very supportive of this blended family and I’m gonna love this child that you have with Eric. Just as much as I love my. Now say Brady, I can do that,

I suppose. No, no, no, no. Don’t suppose, I suppose wrong word. Do it. Go into this positively and let Jada know that you care enough about this to make this happen. I am urging you back for everyone’s sake. Don’t do anything to screw this up.

Uh, so you seem a bit determined to go to this wedding and you are hating the idea more and more. This Brady, uh, I just, you worried about being around him? I don’t love the idea of being around him on New Year’s Eve, especially if he’s with Kristen. I mean, the reason I took that promotion from Lee was to put some distance between us, you know?

No, I understand that. So look, if going to that ridiculous wedding is going to make you feel uncomfortable, screw. Forget about the wedding, really? Oh, you’re the best. Yeah. Look, I, I am sorry that I put any pressure on you whatsoever. It was just not worth it. But I do remember a place that you did want to go with me.

And where’s that? Miami. Really? You, you still want to go away? Yes. Yes. I, let’s forget about this sham of a wedding and ringing the new year together on the beach, huh? That sounds perfect. Does, doesn’t it? It does. All right. Okay. So

Damara, Chloe Lane will not attend. Regrets to the happy couple. Sounds like an excellent choice, and I will get this to a male box asap. Sounds good. And we will bring in the new year and start fresh. Put Gabby and Brady behind us for good.

Look, I get that. You want to hold on to Gabby, but you have to know that this isn’t fair to. Gabby loves me. I don’t doubt that, but I’ve seen Gabby with Stephan. It’s still painful to have him hate her like that. She’s over him. She wouldn’t be marrying me if she wasn’t. Okay. How do you think she’d react if she knew she’s about to marry the man who made her exs?

Stop loving her. I know all about Gabby and Stephen’s. They weren’t this perfect romantic ideal when they first met. They were bitter adversaries and then they ended up falling in love. And now Stephan has moved on with Chloe Lane. From what I hear, he was infatuated with her and before he ever got involved with Gabby, you really are doing some work to justify this.

I don’t care if you think what I did was wrong, I care about what you’re going to do now that you. What you mean? Am I going to tell anyone?

If you did, I’d lose my job. I’d lose Gabby. I could go to prison. Well, I know I don’t have the right to ask you this. But you left me no other choice.

I’m asking you. No, I’m, I’m begging you Jing one as my sister. Please keep quiet about this. Convince Johnny to do the same.

Yeah, you’re right, Brett. I was angry at you for the way that you treated Ava, and that’s why I started Investigat. I wanted to teach you a lesson,

and after the way Ava treated your grandmother, God rest her soul. Do you still feel the same way that you’d hurt your own father for her? No. No. What she did was horrible, unforgivable. I told you that woman was a menace and now she’s cost me my mother. Look, dad, I’m sorry. Okay. I I If, if, if me taking Ava’s side against you contributed in any way to, to have us losing Grandma.

Susan, I’m sorry

I didn’t blame you. So

I dunno. You know, I just feel like. If I would’ve done things differently, grandma Susan might still be alive.

I really am sorry, dad. It’s okay. It’s,

we both did things that we wish we could take back, but if there is, one thing I do know is that your grandmother would want us to put all of this behind us and be a family. Yeah, I want that too. But if we’re gonna move forward, and Uncle Stephan has a right to know what was done to him.

Sing one.

You know what it was like growing up in our house, the pressure father put on me.

I finally have everything I could ever want. Position of respect

the woman of my dreams.

But my life is in your hands. You never told father about the penalty. Please don’t tell Gabby about this. Tell me about what,

no, no, no. Jonah, you can’t tell s Stephan what was done to him. He’s got a right to know Dad, please. You need to think about it, Johnny, if you tell him, not only could I lose Dira Enterprises, but I could also go back to prison for my complicity. Please. I just lost my mother. Please don’t take anything else away from me.

Uh, we were just talking about gen who my hers first Love. Oh, would what can’t I know about Lee’s first left? I didn’t want you to be jealous, even though you’d have no reason to be. You sure about that? Because when I walked in, you had a pretty guilty look on your face. Oh, you misread my look. I was just glad to see your beautiful face.

That’s what I was him. That you don’t have to worry about my brother’s feelings for you, Gabby. You see, I can confirm that he would do anything to keep your heart. Good to know. Um, anyway, before I left, things were pretty heated between the two of you. Is everything okay? Probably was a little upset with me.

The most important thing is that Jing Wen and I have come to an understanding, I get why she took the jet and we’re ready to put this whole episode behind. Right. This,

what’s going on? Uh, my dad just told me about Grandma Susan. I can’t believe it. Very sorry for your loss, Johnny. Thank you. I thought I heard a tense conversation. Tense, Johnny, it sounded like you were blaming your dad for Susan’s death almost as if what happened was his fault. Oh, is that what you heard?

Just caught the tail end of it. I already told you. I’m guilty. I felt, aj, you don’t need to feel guilty. It’s abundantly clear that Ava was outta control. This whole mess is her fault. Johnny. Don’t blame your father. He needs you right now.

You’re right, you’re right. I’ve, uh, I’ve, I’ve been too hard on him. What’s done has done, and I know that he only wants what’s best for this family.

I admit, I, um, I went to a dark place there for a minute.

I do trust Eric and yes, Polly and Eric and I, and, and this baby on the way will be a family.

We’ll make it work. Eric, ready, have you speak to Nicole alone?

This is not how I imagined any of this going. I mean, we got what we wanted, right? My father and your brother admitted their complicity in the brainwashing of Stephan by Dr. Rolf. If we don’t keep quiet about it, my brother will lose everything. Yeah, my God. Lose everything too. And he’s. Uh, he’s already lost his mom.

My grandma, she died in the most awful way. Johnny, I’m so sorry about your grandma, especially her dying that way. It’s awful, like you said. Yeah, she was just, uh, she was such a sweet, caring person and just. Yeah, to think about, uh, what our last moments must have been like. Uh, it’s just, it’s so sad.

So we both agree we have to keep their secrets. Your dads and my brothers. Gabby and s Stephan can now you feel okay with that? No, not really. Me neither.

Did that kiss, Nick, you forget about Chan who? Chan who?

Pass. Doesn’t matter. Kevin, what matters is. Here us, there’s you and only you. I feel the same. The only thing that matters is us You.

So sorry for what you’re going through, rj.

It’s, it’s all this anger. I don’t know how to deal with it. Of course, you’re angry to lose your mother in that horrific and senseless way.

I know I mentioned this before, but I am here for you, brother. Whatever you need. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. If it happened to me, if somebody I loved deeply was taken from me, I know you do the same.

Oh, hi. Uh, sorry, I’m just on my way to the mailbox. Yeah. Oh, is that, uh, is that Lee and Cab’s RSVP card? Yeah. Uh, s Stephen and I will not be attending. See, yeah, we’re going away for the weekend, so there’s more room on the dance floor for you. And Kristen, I’m just assuming she’s your plus one. You know what?

Nevermind. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. Do you know if Nicole’s at Basic Black, I need to run something by her? I, I would, I would wait a bit. Actually, I just came from the office and Eric was there to talk with her. Oh, is everything okay? I don’t know, but I got the sense that he was definitely upset about something.

What is going on? How could you, how could I What? What did you say to Jada? Jada? Tell me the truth. Nicole. Did you encourage Jada to have an abortion?

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