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Update written by Shane

Jordan phoned Mac and instructed him to secure Ava’s cooperation in their quest to locate Esme. Mac looked over at Kevin and Ava, at the Metro Court and made his way to their table. Mac told Ava that he needed her help in catching Esme. Kevin backed Mac up and said that they believed Ryan Chamberlain was likely to know Esme’s whereabouts. They both believed that if anyone was likely to somehow get Ryan to slip up and reveal information it would be Ava. Ava listened intently to their plan and agreed to it without the slightest hesitation. Mac told her to take some time to consider it and she said that she didn’t need any time.  She said she wanted to protect Trina from Esme and added that she wanted Esme to “rot.”

At General Hospital, T.J. told Diane and Jordan that Robert was “sleeping it off” although he was waiting for the results of the tox screen. Jordan said that she was convinced that Robert had been drugged, and T.J. ordered a rush on the tox screen. In his room, Robert awakened, and Diane was sitting with him. Diane refreshed his memory about the tequila shots and the reaction she believed he had to them.  She also filled him in on his strange behavior and the trip to his room with Holly. Diane added that she had given the WSB his message. Robert suddenly realized that his briefcase was gone and Diane confirmed that he had not been in possession of it when he stumbled off the elevator at the Metro Court. He said, “get Ashford in here……now.”  Diane rushed to get Jordan.

Dante paid a visit to Heather at Spring Ridge. As he was led into her cell, he found her painting. Heather asked Dante if he wanted to model for her. Dante revealed that he was there to question her about the transport crash. Heather offered to tell him for a price. Dante admitted that he couldn’t make a deal, but he thought that if she provided information, it would help her later.

Heather refused, and Dante told her she’d have plenty of time to perfect her painting in prison. He knocked on the door for the guard to let him out, and Heather frowned. She later banged on the door and requested a phone call.

Elsewhere at Spring Ridge, a caregiver attempted to read stories of interest from the newspaper to Ryan. He noted that there had been no new developments on the hook killer, and that Anna DeVane was still on the run.

Laura and Scott chatted while standing in Rice Plaza. They talked about family, and Laura noted her intention to locate Lucy’s real shooter to bring them to justice. Holly sat on a bench nearby and overheard their conversation. Laura and Scott made their way to the bench, and Holly said she had seen a woodchuck floating up into the air. She noted that she was waiting for a ride-share because she had business to tend to. She said she hadn’t expected to see so much activity around her.  Laura and Scott were perplexed that Holly would be working on the night before Thanksgiving. Scott received a phone call from Heather and walked off sounding annoyed.  Laura insisted that she drive Holly to her meeting with her contact rather than leave Holly alone waiting for a ride-share.  Laura said that she would not take no for an answer.  Holly reluctantly agreed. Laura and Holly couldn’t believe that Scott had taken the phone call from Heather and agreed it couldn’t be good. 

Esme let out a scream but quickly apologized to “Ace” in her locked room at Wyndemere. The door opened, and Elizabeth walked in. She announced that she was there to help Esme. She checked Esme’s vitals and told Esme that stress was bad for the baby. Elizabeth instructed Esme to take her pregnancy seriously and gave her some prenatal vitamins to take once a day. Esme begged Elizabeth to tell Nikolas to let her go.  Elizabeth said that living at Wyndemere was preferable to life behind bars at Pentonville, which is definitely where Esme would be headed if she were discovered.

After Elizabeth had gone, Esme wondered what her daddy would do. She had a vision of Ryan sitting on her bed, and she complained and argued about her situation. “Use the baby,” he said. He urged her to toss the vitamins out and refuse to take care of herself. Esme thought she could lose her leverage if she lost the baby, but Ryan assured her that the baby was her only leverage. Esme dumped most of the pills and figured that Elizabeth would bring her more. Downstairs, Nikolas left a phone message for Ava and told her he loved her. The doorbell rang, and Nikolas was irritated to see Victor standing there with all his luggage. Victor announced to Nikolas that tonight was the night he had decided to move in. Nikolas tried to tell him it wasn’t a good time, but Victor stated that there had been a development. He said he needed some extra security and he wanted to prepare the family for what was to come. Victor said that Nikolas and Spencer were the only ones he could trust, and he wanted Nikolas to “get his house in order.”

Victor poured drinks and handed Nikolas a glass. He told Nikolas that he would pick out his suite in the north tower. “No!” Nikolas shouted. He quickly told his uncle that the ongoing renovations were nowhere near complete and that Victor would have to stay in the south tower. Victor complained about the views in the south tower, left the room and closed the doors. “What the hell, Nikolas?” Elizabeth said. She wondered if Nikolas was trying to get caught. Elizabeth told Nikolas that Esme was doing well, even though she should have had prenatal care. Victor returned to the room and Elizabeth departed because being there with Victor obviously gave her the creeps.

Nikolas claimed that Elizabeth had shown up to talk because she’d had a rough time. Victor didn’t believe Nikolas and said that he was at least pleased to see Nikolas acting like a single man again. Victor then received a message and left to make a call. He was angry to hear that Holly had vanished.

Scott visited Heather, and she cried about Franco’s death. She said that Dante had stopped by to question her, so she knew that she was valuable. She added that she knew who had helped Anna to escape.  Heather wanted to make a deal with Scott.  He would help her get paroled from the prison and then she would sue Port Charles for millions claiming the prisoner transport crash had caused permanent damage to her neck.

Scott assured Heather that no judge would ever grant her release and that no one would ever take her seriously because she was a “crackpot.”  Heather implored him to think twice because she never forgot her friends, or her enemies.  “Neither do I,” Scott replied and he knocked on the door to be released.

Ava and Mac bumped into Dante at Spring Ridge when they arrived to see Ryan, and they gave Dante an update. Ava spotted Ryan and headed over to him. She told Ryan that Esme had been her attacker. “The audacity!” she exclaimed. She wondered if Ryan would like to help her get back at Esme for trying to take what was his.

Back at General Hospital, Robert tried to unhook his I.V. and other lines while T.J. sat with him. Robert was in a full-on panic because he had lost the necklace and was worried for Holly’s safety. T.J. told Robert that he couldn’t leave. Diane and Jordan arrived, and Jordan announced that some footage from Metro Court had been reviewed, and Holly appeared to be fine. She asked why Holly would do such a thing. Robert appeared to want to say something, but Jordan received a phone call and left. Diane surmised that Holly had stolen the necklace and drugged him. She added that she knew he was in trouble. Robert denied everything and Diane begged him not to let Holly drag him down with her.

In the car, Laura and Holly discussed her mother and the fact that Kevin was working. She thought that Holly’s memory would return, and she asked what agency Holly was working for. Holly responded that it was classified. Laura received a phone call from Jordan, but before she could tell Jordan who she was with, Jordan began to talk over the speakerphone. Jordan said that Robert had been attacked and that the attacker had the missing necklace in Robert’s briefcase. Laura realized what was happening but before she could react, Holly disconnected the call and held Laura at gunpoint.

Laura admitted that she had suspected all along that Holly and Deputy Mayor Ashby were on Victor’s payroll. When Holly told Laura to exit the freeway Laura refused to follow any of Holly’s commands.

Later, Holly and Laura were shown standing on the side of the road by an exit sign. While Holly held her gun in Laura’s direction, she grabbed Laura’s phone and called Kevin. She tossed the phone on the ground and ran. Laura picked up the phone and told Kevin where she was. She told Kevin that Holly had stolen her car and advised him to tell Jordan that Holly was armed and dangerous.

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GH Update Thursday, April 14, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At the gym, Austin offered to spot Chase during his workout, but Chase refused. Spinelli approached and went off on Austin for disrespecting Maxie until Maxie and Brook Lynn arrived. Maxie pulled Spinelli aside and asked him to go easy on Austin. She explained they had become good friends and that he had done a lot for her. Left alone, Chase commended Brook Lynn on Deception’s success, and he said he felt bad about letting her down about singing the song. Brook Lynn abruptly said that she didn’t want to jeopardize him getting off his suspension, and then walked away.

Austin approached Chase and asked if he wanted to talk, but Chase refused. Austin talked about how he regretted taking advantage of Chase’s situation with Willow. He insisted that it wasn’t behavior he wanted to repeat. Chase briefly opened up to Austin and explained that he’d accidentally insulted Brook Lynn, and he feared that she was done with him.

At Charlie’s, two armed men burst inside to attempt a robbery. Sonny explained that the money had already been taken to the bank. He insisted that nothing needed to happen because they were masked and Sonny and Nina couldn’t identify them.  One of the masked men demanded that Sonny and Nina surrender the till and their wallets and jewelry. Nina immediately handed over her purse. Sonny informed the masked man following him behind the bar that the day’s profits had already been taken to the bank, so there wasn’t much cash. Outside the bar, Brando and Sasha were approaching the entrance to Charlie’s, stopped short and saw the scene unfolding inside Charlie’s. Brando told Sasha to call the police as he eased inside the door and attacked one of the robbers causing him to drop his gun, which Nina grabbed.  The ensuing confusion gave Sonny the chance to take out the second robber.

At the Metro Court bar, Sam noticed while Dante was away from his phone that he received a report from the PCPD and she opened it forwarded the email to herself. Dante returned and asked what she was doing. As she admitted to Dante what she was doing, Carly overheard and approached to explain that it was her fault. Drew arrived and pulled Carly away and out of the restaurant. Dante felt betrayed and angry with Sam and never though he would have to guard his phone from Sam.

Dante’s phone went off, and he told the caller that he would be right there. He left without saying anything to Sam. A few minutes later, Spinelli arrived and saw Sam sitting at the bar alone. Sam told Spinelli what had happened and that she thought the situation may have ruined their relationship. Spinelli advised Sam to simply let Dante know that he came first. Her interest in the information was simply because she believed in Trina’s innocence.

Carly told Drew that she had caused the situation with Sam by asking for information regarding Trina’s case. They spoke about the way in which anger and revenge can consume you. Carly admitted she had been putting her energy into “anything and everything” to avoid thinking about the end of her marriage with Sonny.  A few minutes later, Carly and Drew had beers, and he toasted to resilience, something that they had in common.

Brando stood outside Charlie’s with a shaken Sasha as the cops escorted the gunmen out in handcuffs. Sasha demanded that Brando not make doing that sort of thing a habit, and he promised. Inside, Nina thanked Sonny for protecting her, and he promised to always protect her. Dante approached and wondered if the two were up to answering questions. As they talked, Sasha and Brando entered so that Brando could talk to Dante. Sasha dug in her purse and swallowed the pill that she retrieved. Nina walked over, and Sasha couldn’t imagine how terrified Nina had been. Nina related that they’d wanted her necklace but it is the one thing she has of her daughter. Sasha insisted that a mother’s love could never be stolen.

Sonny thanked Brando for coming to Sonny and Nina’s aid. He was very glad that Brando had returned, but he wondered why. Brando answered that he and Sasha had forgotten to invite Sonny to their reception. Sonny couldn’t wait to celebrate the couple.

Nina observed that Sasha seemed to be even more shaken up than she was. Sasha replied that, after losing Liam, she wouldn’t survive losing Brando, too. Dante’s phone went off, and it was a text from Sam. She said, “I messed up. I’m sorry and I promise to do better.”

Brando confided in Sonny about some chatter he had heard about the garage. He said that the word was that Sonny’s “base of power” wasn’t what it used to be, so “up-and-comers” sensed an opening. Sonny admitted that his operation was stretched thin, so everyone would think it was open season. Brando inquired as to what Sonny planned to do. “Remind everyone that I’m the boss,” he said.

Josslyn arrived at the gallery and asked Trina what had happened. Trina told Josslyn about Spencer’s visit and how much his betrayal hurt. A short while later, the two arrived outside Kelly’s, but Trina was unsure about going in. Josslyn reasoned that hiding would make things worse, and she thought it would be good for Trina’s case for them to be seen together, anyway. Once inside and with food, the girls talked about how to “nail” Esme and how Josslyn and Cameron would make it through the rough patch.

Josslyn noticed a strange man staring at them from the counter. She stormed over and demanded to know what he was staring at. He insisted that it wasn’t what she thought, and Trina approached and confirmed that she knew him. He apologized for staring. Trina introduced Josslyn to Rory, the new cop at the PCPD who had been very kind to her during her arrest. Josslyn apologized for yelling at him, but he was glad that Trina had friends looking out for her.

Rory advised Trina to keep her chin up, and he paid his bill and left. Trina thanked an extremely embarrassed Josslyn for making her feel normal again. Josslyn thought that Spencer didn’t deserve friendship from either of them and that Cameron would agree. She went on that her loyalty was to Trina, and her days of enabling Spencer were over.

“What do you want?” Cameron demanded when he opened his front door to Spencer. Spencer was in need of a friend, but Cameron replied that Spencer was in the wrong place for that. Spencer knew that he’d said hurtful things to Trina, but he insisted that it was complicated. Cameron blew up at Spencer and insisted that he wanted nothing to do with Spencer after how Spencer had treated Trina. “I know Esme did it!” Spencer yelled suddenly. Spencer explained that he’d always believed in Trina’s innocence, but he was trying to lower Esme’s guard so he could get concrete evidence to exonerate Trina. Cameron thought that Spencer should tell Trina that. Spencer said he feared that Trina would tell Scott or Ava, and it would get back to Esme. Cameron apologized for screaming at Spencer but Spencer conceded that he deserved it. Spencer told Cameron that Josslyn couldn’t know about what he was doing.  The secret had to remain between the two of them.

Cameron protested, but Spencer made him swear to keep it secret. Cameron reluctantly agreed, but he warned that Spencer had better find something on Esme that would exonerate Trina. He added that it would be the last time he would back Spencer.

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GH Update Monday, March 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

Alexis arrives home and T.J. and Molly are there.  She tells them she is really going to miss them now that they are moving out.  Molly says it is good that she has such an exciting new job to throw herself into, that will help with missing them.  Alexis tells Molly and T.J. that they don’t have to worry about her eating alone because Harmony will be moving in for a little bit until she can get her own place. Molly asks where Harmony has been staying and Alexis tells her that it’s none of her business. 

Harmony arrives at Charlie’s to speak to Phyllis.  Phyllis tells her it has to do with Nina.  Phyllis tells Harmony that she was tricked into giving Nina’s child away when Nina was her patient.  She tells her Nina has lost so much and that Harmony has a way with people.  Phyllis is sure that she can win over Michael and Willow and allow Nina to keep her visitation rights with Wiley.  Harmony is not at all pleased that Nina used Phyllis to manipulate her and she tells Phyllis to tell Nina that her request is still under consideration.

Scott runs into Nina at the Metro Court bar and although Nina is not happy to see him, he convinces her to sit with him while he waits for Leisl. She tells Scott that she is considering petitioning the courts for her visitation rights to Wiley. Scott offers his services to Nina.  But, Nina says she will be suing as a last ditch effort.  Scott wants to know why Nina is waiting to sue.  He hopes it is not because of her feelings for Sonny.  As Nina is talking to Scott it becomes clear that Leisl has set her up, telling her to meet her at the Metro Court bar so that she will meet Scott and they can have time to talk and foster some sort of reconciliation.  When Nina finds out she is irritated and Scott makes it worse by insinuating that Nina can not play hardball with Michael because she is in love with Sonny.  Scott tells her she can either have the kid (Wiley) or the gangster (Sonny).

Back at Charlie’s, Marshall demands to know what Curtis was doing speaking to Sonny.  Curtis tells him they were speaking about the run-in the two of them had at General Hospital.  Curtis tells Marshall that Sonny had told Curtis that Marshall is very hostile. Curtis explains to Marshall the many things that Sonny has done for members of the community including T.J. 

Esme asks Nikolas if she can stay with him at Wyndemere. Nikolas is very surprised and asks her again to make sure she sincerely wanted to stay at Wyndemere.  Esme says she knows it is a huge imposition but she will just need to stay until she gets on her feet.  Nikolas says that she has to understand that she and Spencer have broken up and allowing her to come and stay at his family home would put Nikolas in a very difficult position.  Nikolas says it will further strain his relationship with Spencer.  Esme says that she understands and that it is clear that Nikolas has turned his back on her too.  Esme says that Nikolas clearly believes all the horrible things that the people of Port Charles have been saying about her.  Nikolas explains that he is no stranger to unfair accusations.  Esme says that Trina has everyone fooled and that she is no saint.  Nikolas says that he does trust his wife’s instincts and she thinks very highly of Trina.  Nikolas tells Esme that he can not take sides in her disagreement with Spencer but that they will figure something out.  He leaves the table to take a phone call.  When he returns, he tells Esme he will arrange for her to live in the apartments above Kelly’s restaurant.  Esme thanks Nikolas and Nikolas says that he will check on her periodically to make sure she is doing O.K.

Portia and Taggert while having drinks at the Metro Court sneer at Esme and agree that Esme is behind the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Jordan is just pleased that Esme is no longer associating with the two of them.

Jordan brings Trina in for an “informal chat” regarding the video of Josslyn and Cameron.  She asks her if she has any idea how Esme could have planted the video.  She wants to understand the timing of the evening.  How long was Trina passed out in her room?  What time did Esme and Spencer leave? How does she think that Esme could have left the video camera or other recording device in Josslyn and Cameron’s room when she and Spencer left hours prior?  She questions Trina about the drinking and tells her while she does not condone under age drinking that she will not be asking her questions about that.  Trina says she is a lightweight when it comes to drinking.  She passed out after just one drink.  She is still unaware that Esme drugged her.  Jordan reminds Trina that she can call a parent or a legal advocate.  Trina says she doesn’t want to bother them and that she has nothing to hide.  Trina tells Jordan to go through her phone and that will prove her innocence but when Trina opens her purse Jordan finds two phones, Trina’s phone and the one that Esme planted in her purse while she was visiting with Spencer at Spring Ridge.  Jordan wants to know whose phone she is holding.  Trina says that she has no idea how that phone got into her bag and begs Jordan to believe her. Trina naively gives the phone to Jordan to examine.  After the police look at the phone, Jordan calls Curtis and lets him know what she has found out about Trina.  Curtis then immediately calls Portia and Taggert who rush to the P.C.P.D.  Taggert is furious that Trina would turn over anything without a warrant.  Portia tells Trina not to say another word until their lawyer arrives.  Portia says that she really isn’t sure what has happened but she tells Trina that whoever is behind it will pay. Jordan is made aware by Dante that the video of Josslyn and Cameron is on the phone that Trina voluntarily handed over. She later announces to everyone in the booking room that the phone in Trina’s bag is directly related to the dissemination of unlawfully taped, sexually explicit images.  Josslyn loses it, she says there is no way that Trina made that tape and that she is being framed. She lashes out at Dante and tells him that she specifically said in her statement that she believed that Esme was behind the tape. She asks Dante why Esme hasn’t been brought in for questioning.  Dante tells Josslyn that she has to either keep it together or leave.

Dante arrests Trina.  Trina cries while Dante reads her Miranda rights and escorts her to her cell.  Portia and Curtis embrace.

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