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Billy: I’m not trying to be harsh, but you’re overstepping.

Chelsea: [ Breathing heavily ]

Chance: Victor. Good to see you. How you doing?

Victor: What’d you do to my daughter?

Nate: Hey. I’ve been meaning to give you a call. I haven’t seen you around here much since I started.

Nick: Yeah, I’ve been working on other projects.

Nate: I would love to hear about them. Why don’t we get together for lunch?

Nick: I can’t today.

Nate: It doesn’t have to be today.

Nick: I’m booked solid, nate.

Nate: Okay. What can I do for you?

Nick: Look, we’ve known each other a long time. We’ve always been on good terms. I can’t say I was a fan of what you tried to pull at chancellor-winters, but I’m glad you were able to get another job. I’m not pleased with my sister that it was this job, though. If it were up to me, sally spectra would still be ceo of newman media.

[ Door opens ]

Chloe: I’ve been doing some research into ways we can jump-start our new fashion line. You are going to love this.

Sally: Chloe —

Chloe: With your talent and my business acumen and nick’s funding, we’re too good to fail.

Sally: That is what he said.

Chloe: See? Then it must be true.

Sally: Right before I turned down his offer of a loan. Find your beat

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Victoria: Your goal is to weasel your way into my son’s life, even after billy obviously told you he wants nothing to do with you. So, if you happen to see him, don’t say anything. Don’t approach him. Just walk away.

Chelsea: [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Billy: Chelsea? Hey. Chelsea. Hey. Hi.

Chelsea: What are you doing here?

Billy: It’s okay. It’s alright.

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: Just take a breath. Just take a deep breath.

Chelsea: [ Sniffles ]

Billy: You okay? I knocked. I don’t — I don’t know if you heard it or not. But your door was open, so i just, uh… I wanted to check up on you.

Chelsea: [ Exhales sharply ]

Billy: You okay? You — you seem a little upset.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah. You know, laundry.

Billy: Yeah. Not high on my list, either.

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: I just wanted to come and say hi, see — see if everything was alright. You know, I didn’t see you yesterday for thanksgiving dessert.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. Um…

[ Breathes deeply ] Um, I — I spent some time with connor and, um, adam, and then i didn’t feel like doing any more of the holiday, you know?

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: But I’m good. I’m okay. Really.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: You know, you don’t have to pretend with me. You know? We can — we can just sit here and talk,

w some fresh air. We can go downstairs and grab a tea, or I can help you sort through your laundry. But you don’t have to push me away.

Chelsea: Okay. I don’t know. I was just sitting here and all these dark thoughts started coming and — and I-I didn’t have anyplace for them to go.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Billy: So you told me what you thought I wanted to hear.

Chelsea: Why won’t these painful thoughts go away?

Chloe: I can’t believe you turned down nick’s loan without consulting me.

Sally: Well, you know I never felt good about it. I promised I’d consider it, and I did. But in the end, it just really didn’t feel like the right move.

Chloe: I get it. I — I do. I really do, but you have to understand that —

Sally: Okay, no, I know. And also, in the interest of full disclosure, there’s something else that you should know. I don’t want to start a fashion line.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Um… what do you want to do?

Sally: Well, I have an idea. But I do not want to get in the way of your career goals. You’re brilliant. You’re driven. I love working with you, and anyone would be so lucky to have you as a partner.

Chloe: What is this? Wait, are you breaking up with me?

Sally: [ Stammers ] That is up to you. I totally understand if you want to walk away. But I really hope that you continue working with me while we conquer a brand-new field.

Nate: You’ve been honest about how you felt about my predecessor. It’s only fair I do the same.

Nick: I appreciate that.

Nate: Based on everything I’ve seen since I’ve started here, sally was kind of a visionary. I looked at the policies she implemented, the way she was trying to bring different threads of the company together. I got to say, I was impressed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for this opportunity. But from what I observed, sally didn’t deserve to be let go. That was victoria’s call, not mine. And like I told sally, I didn’t come looking for this job.

Nick: Yeah. You were aiming to run chancellor-winters. But this job fell in your lap because you were willing to sacrifice your family’s legacy to help my sister… and yourself.

Abby: I packed some of his favorite toys in here.

Devon: Thank you very much.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Appreciate it.

Abby: [ Sighs heavily ] So, um, is it just me, or does this feel a little…

Devon: A little awkward?

Abby: Yeah. I mean, I know we’ve done this drop-off thing, like, a hundred times, but for some reason, this feels a little weird.

Devon: Yeah, it does a little bit, huh?

Abby: Yeah. So, what do we do? Do we stick to talking about strictly childcare? Or do we talk about how our lives are going off the rails?

Devon: We should probably talk about us, right? Hi, I’m darlene

Billy: You know, I don’t have a definitive answer for why you’re having these feelings or these thoughts. But I do know that you haven’t had an easy life. You know, you haven’t had a lot of people in your life that are reliable or stable. You had to run all those cons, you know? You had obstacles to overcome. And your brain is reacting to the life that — that you’ve lived. In a way, it’s — it’s, you know, creating these tools to help you survive.

Chelsea: Yeah. I guess that makes sense.

Billy: And, look, I’m no therapist. We know that. So take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt. But I would imagine that your brain still thinks that you’re living on the edge. And it’s telling you that you’re in danger, and you’re in self-preservation mode.

Chelsea: That does sound familiar.

Billy: You know, it’s almost like a fire alarm. It’s — it’s — it’s going off, and it’s blaring, but there’s no smoke and there’s no fire. You’re not really in danger, but it’s telling you that you are. And it just does not stop. The sound — it’s annoying, and it just becomes really exhausting.

Chelsea: The worst. It’s like you know exactly what I’m going through.

Billy: Unfortunately, right now, it just — it is what it is. You know, you’re dealing with an illness right now, and it’s not gonna be easy to get past it. You know, that depression — it can come on fast, it can come on hard, and it can change your feelings and your behaviors. But I think what’s important is that you — you try really hard not to let it take your power. You got to not let the pain and the fear lead. You got to push through that.

Chelsea: It’s easier said than done, billy.

Chance: I’m sorry. What exactly have you been told?

Victor: What’s going on in your marriage to abby?

Chance: Look, victor, our marriage is a private matter. If abby would like to confide in you, she can. That’s fine. But I don’t feel comfortable sharing that information with you.

Victor: Now, chance, if neither you nor abby will me what’s going on… I’m going to ask devon.

Chance: Devon?

Victor: Last night I saw abby at society. She was very upset. Then suddenly devon came in. She greeted him rather warmly. Felt very comfortable with him. What’s going on?

Nate: It’s easy to judge the players after watching five minutes of what’s happening on the field. But you’re missing a lot that transpired in that locker room way before you showed up.

Nick: Well, you could also say in times of crisis we show our true colors. What you tried to pull with chancellor-winters goes against everything I ever thought I knew about you.

Nate: Then I look forward to proving to you that I am still a decent person.

Nick: Good luck with that. I mean it. I’ve seen this kind of transformation before. I experienced it myself when i started dark horse. That kind of power can be addictive and dangerous. But here’s the thing, nate. Getting the big chair — it rarely is as satisfying as you think it’s going to be because there is simply no endgame. You always want more. Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Nate: I appreciate the warning, nick. But there’s a world of difference between the two of us. I wasn’t raised to lead a billion-dollar empire from the moment I drew my first breath. I never wanted power. All I wanted was knowledge.

Nick: So, you didn’t feel powerful when you knew you were the only person in the world who could save a patient’s life?

Nate: I got into medicine because I wanted to help people. This position is just another way for me to find purpose and do some good.

Nick: You can keep telling yourself that, nate, but I’m telling you, you can become addicted to that rush of power. And like any addiction, the high feels great. Until it consumes you, and then you crash and take everyone down with you.

Nate: Oh, come on, nick. Nothing like that is going to happen.

Nick: Well, we’ll see, won’t we? But unfortunately I just don’t think I can trust the man you’ve become, and I think that’s sad.

Chloe: Okay, I’m waiting for the punch line. You haven’t told me what you want to do, you have absolutely no funding, and you want me to be your ride-or-die on this insane adventure.

Sally: Yeah. We’re good together.

Chloe: Yeah, I love working with you, too.

Sally: Okay. So…you on board?

Chloe: I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… but yes. Before we move forward, I just want to know one thing. How did nick take the rejection?

Sally: He understands.

Chloe: Of course he did. The amazing nick newman understands everything.

Sally: [ Scoffs ]

Chloe: Look, I’m joking, but

[Sighs] Aren’t you glad you chose the brother who’s capable of honest, human emotion?

Sally: Okay, adam has emotions. He just has a different way of showing them.

Chloe: Don’t tell me that you’re waffling.

Sally: No, I’m just saying that adam is…human. Okay, but there’s no way that he could care more about me than he does about his own ego and his need to win.

Chloe: Great. Because I am going to need all of your attention devising an entirely new business plan from scratch.

Sally: Well, I wouldn’t say from scratch. Like I said, I… have an idea.

Chance: Well, I’m glad she has someone to lean on right now ’cause we are having a difficult time.

Victor: Well, for your information, I don’t know of a marriage that isn’t going through a difficult time, you know? In that case, you just pull it together, work things out.

Chance: Yeah. Wish it was that simple.

Victor: So, what’s the problem?

Chance: Well, your daughter… she thought that I was putting work over family. I think it’s been a long time coming, actually. In retrospect, we got married too soon, spent too much time apart.

Victor: Whoa. I had no idea. You love her?

Chance: Yeah, I do, and i probably always will. But I have to accept that the most loving thing to do right now is to let her before things get worse.

Victor: What are you not telling me?

Abby: How’s dom?

Devon: He is sleeping like a champ. How are you? How you doing?

Abby: [ Sighs heavily ] Thanksgiving was challenging. And it was weird not spending the day with chance, like, as a family. And after I left society, I was supposed to go over to the ranch, but I just — I didn’t feel up to it. So dominic and I spent the evening alone.

Devon: Spent it alone. Why didn’t you come over here? You know you could have.

Abby: You were spending the day with your family. And besides, I knew there would be questions, questions that i am…not ready to answer yet.

Devon: Have you and chance talked at all?

Abby: He doesn’t want to talk to me. He sends messages through the nanny, dom-related issues only.

Devon: I mean, he’s understandably upset. So it’s gonna take him some time to come around.

Abby: That doesn’t mean he’s gonna wantco

Devon: No, but it doesn’t mean he’s not, either. I don’t believe that he’s just gonna throw away your marriage, abby.

Abby: I keep trying to convince chance of that, but he is adamant.

Devon: Yeah, I know what that’s like. Well, listen. Even if you guys don’t get back together — and that’s still a big “if” — I know the two of you will figure out how to co-parent because you guys love dominic so much.

Abby: Thank you for saying that. I’m just really happy that we can still be open and honest with each other because if i lost that on top of everything else, I don’t know what I would do.

Devon: Abby, you will never lose that. I promise you. Even though we can’t take back what we did, we can make sure that it doesn’t ruin our friendship… or the way we raise our son.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Billy: You know, chels, learning to take control, it’s — it’s not easy. It’s, uh… I mean, it’s a process. And it’s baby steps. I mean, for instance, you know, take yesterday with johnny, right? I mean…I don’t know if he’s ready to build a relationship with you, but you two had a great conversation, right?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: Right, and that was all him. Nobody — nobody told him to do that. That was him, and that was a conversation that, you know, a week ago, you would have never dreamed of happening.

Chelsea: It was great.

Billy: Right.

Chelsea: For me. But was victoria upset?

Billy: Victoria’s gonna have to take her baby steps, too, but I will tell you th w

Chelsea: Did you tell her about me? Where I was? What I almost did?

Billy: I told her some of it, yeah. But to be honest, I don’t know exactly what connor told johnny. I thought it was fair that victoria know what he was reacting to.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: You know, we’re really proud of him for taking those steps on his own. And you’re gonna do the same. I believe in you. And no matter what your brain is trying to tell you right now, you do have the ability to develop healthy ways to push through.

Chelsea: Yeah.

[ Sighs heavily ] I’m okay.

Billy: Good. And no matter what anybody tells me, or you for instance, I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m gonna be here for you, whether it’s downstairs for a scone or a quick little phone call, okay? My point is…

[ Cellphone pings ] One second. Hold on.

Chelsea: Everything okay?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I’m just meeting lily for a coffee. But before I go, let me say this. I think your brain is trying to protect you by telling you to push people away, but you got to override the system because there are a lot of people that love you and care about you and want to help you. And there is one person in particular that is vital to your team right now.

Chelsea: Who?

Billy: Chloe. Hi, my name is tony cooper. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plan you choose, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All of these plans include a healthy options allowance. Depending on the plans available in your area, you could get up to $1800 a year to help pay for essentials like eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care and over-the-counter items. Like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. Other benefits on these plans may include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You could pay nothing for covered prescriptions all year long. Most plans have dental coverage, which includes 2 free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more. They also have vision coverage, including eye exams and eyeglasses. And hearing coverage, which includes hearing tests and hearing aids. You could also get many no-cost vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, at in-network retail pharmacies. Plus, your doctor, hospital and pharmacy may already be part of our large humana network. So, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. You may be able to enroll in one of our plans several times throughout the year. Wouldn’t you love benefits like up to $1800 a year to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care, and over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible, they can even help enroll you over the phone in a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. So, call now. Better care begins with listening. Humana. A more human way to healthcare. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chelsea: Hi.

[ Sighs ]

Chloe: I am glad that you texted. It has been way too long.

Chelsea: Yeah. A lot has happened. Come on in.

Chloe: I know. We have so much to catch up on, starting with, how did you end up living in this place?

Chelsea: Uh, well [Clears throat] Moving here was a byproduct of some… pretty major events.

Chloe: Oh, nothing bad, i hope? I ran into adam. He was looking for you. HeI spent thanksgiving with him and connor, actually.

Chloe: Oh. That’s nice.

Chelsea: Yeah, it was. There reason he was having trouble finding me is that I was in the hospital.

Chloe: Were you sick? Did you get in an accident?

Chelsea: I was there for some mental-health issues.

Chloe: What? What happened?

Chelsea: Um…over the past few months, I’ve been just spiraling down a very dark, very deep hole, and I couldn’t find my way out of it.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know, when you ended our partnership, I knew that you were struggling, but I didn’t know it was this serious. I haven’t been there for you. I’m so sorry. I feel so guilty.

Chelsea: Don’T. I hid this from everyone until it finally just exploded. I wish I had thought to confide in my best friend. I mean, no one would have understood better than you.

Chloe: Absolutely. I’m so sorry. I should have checked in with you more and reminded you that, even though our partnership ended, that our friendship was still solid.

Chelsea: The truth is, I just felt weaker than you. Because you’ve been through so much more than I have and you’ve always been able to persevere.

Chloe: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: Hi. Sorry I’m late. I got held up.

Lily: No. Uh, you left the apartment really early this morning.

Billy: Yeah, I, uh — I went to the gym, and then I went by to check on chelsea and make sure that everything was okay there.

Lily: Yeah, I figured that’s where you were.

Billy: Yeah, well, she didn’t join us for thanksgiving yesterday, so I just wanted to see if there was anything she needed.

Lily: Okay. Well, now that she’s okay, there’s something that I need.

Billy: Sure. What is it?

Lily: You.

Billy: Of course. I’m all yours. You know that.

Lily: Well, I used to, but… I don’t know. We just haven’t really had a chance to talk lately. You know, I’ve had work. You’ve had…other things. And I was chatting with devon about how delicate relationships are and how, if you’re not careful, it’s like there’s this distance that kind of grows between you, and then you just…

[ Cellphone thuds ] Something with chelsea, i assume?

Billy: Chelsea’s meeting with chloe to, you know, fill her in on everything that she’s been going through, and I just, uh, want to make sure just in case she needs something.

Lily: Yeah, well, I hope having chloe in the mix doesn’t interfere with your new life’s mission.

Billy: And what exactly do you mean by that?

Nate: Nick, look —

Victoria: Gentlemen.

[ Sighs ] What’s new at newman media? All well, I trust?

Nate: Couldn’t be better. Nick here was just offering some friendly career advice, which i will take to heart. I am grateful for any and all words of wisdom you have to offer. You clearly have a lot to teach me.

Nick: I’m glad you appreciate it.

Victoria: I’ll see you at the morning meeting.

Nick: I’ll be there.

Abby: Thank you. And you’re right. Dominic is the most important thing. And I know that chance loves him. I’ve never doubted that. But I have to face the facts. My marriage is over.

Devon: Abby. Abby, you can’t say that so soon. It’s too soon. You guys haven’t talked. You have to give him time.

Abby: What if chance is right? I mean, what if he can’t give mee everything that I need? What if I am trying to turn him into something that he isn’t?

Devon: You know that, um, amanda came back to tell me that she was planning to spend a lot more time in virginia with her family.

Abby: You started growing away from each other.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Yeah. Distance does that. I don’t know, though. I don’t know if… because she’s needed by her family so much now, maybe it was just a matter of time before we split up. Some things are inevitable.

Abby: [ Sighs ] When cold symptoms keep you up,

Abby: You can say that your breakup was inevitable, and i can say I was asking too much of chance, but, I mean, maybe we’re just making excuses so we don’t feel as guilty about what we did. Because the truth is, if we hadn’t slept together, maybe we could have worked out the problems that we were having in our relationships. But what we did — it was unforgivable.

Devon: We weren’t trying to hurt anybody, though.

Abby: But that was the outcome. We hurt people that we claim to love the most.

Devon: I regret making anybody feel that way. But I meant what I said before. Part of me doeeg happened between us just ’cause in the moment, it made all the sense in the world.

[ Dominic crying ]

Chance: I wish I could tell you more, victor. That’s up to her. I am sorry that she’s hurting, though.

Victor: That’s all you can say, that you’re sorry she’s hurting?

Chance: I hope you know I am hurting, as well.

Victor: Well, then do something about it.

Chance: Not everything can be fixed.

Victor: You’ll do nothing?

Chance: Sometimes the best way to heal, victor, is just to leave things alone.

Victor: [ Exhales heavily ] Do I need to remind you, chance, that when you came back from your overseas assignment in spain, you promised me that you would put my daughter on a pedestal, that she would be more important than anything else? Are you not a man of your word? Because one thing I promise you — as you get older, you realize that family is everything, everything worth fighting for. Don’t you forget it.

Chelsea: I wish I had your strength. I don’t know how you managed to go on after you lost delia. So, compared to your struggles, I don’t know how to justify my pain.

Chloe: Ohh. [ Sighs ] Pain is not a competitive sport. I mean, losing delia was my own personal hell, but you have your own losses. We all do.

Chelsea: I know, but —

Chloe: No, trying to compare pain is — it’s disrespectful to our own personal journey. That doesn’t make it any less real.

Chelsea: Thanks for getting it.

Chloe: I’m your best friend. We get each other. But I know the last time that you were hospitalized, you weren’t getting the help that you needed, and I hope you are now.

Chelsea: I am. I want and I need real help. I don’t have a choice anymore. Because I was literally on the edge.

Chloe: Wait, you… I mean, what do you mean? What…?

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ] It could have gone all very, very, very wrong, incredibly wrong, forever wrong if it wasn’t for billy. He stopped me. He saved my life.

Lily: I think that you are distracting yourself with this new mission to save chelsea as a way to feel better about leaving chancellor-winters.

Billy: You got to be kidding me.

Lily: Billy, you said that you were quitting to find your passion and your calling, but you’ve done anything but.

Billy: Lily, are you hearing yourself right now?

Lily: Um, do you see yourself? Because chelsea has a lot of people around her who can support her, but yet you feel like she can’t function without your constant presence and attention.

Billy: I honestly can’t believe that you’re going there.

Lily: Okay, you know what? If you want to feel like you’re doing some noble gesture by sacrificing every bit of your day and night for her, that’s fine, but what you’re really doing is you’re not letting yourself take responsibility for anything.

Billy: Okay. There it is. Now you’re actually telling the truth.

Lily: Okay, you know what? Forget it.

Billy: No, no, please go ahead. Have at it.

Lily: I worry, billy, okay? I worry about you and chelsea because you don’t know what you’re playing at with this.

Billy: No, you’re right. I’m not a therapist. I never claimed to be a therapist, but I know where she’s coming from.

Lily: Just because you’ve been in dark places doesn’t mean that you can lead her through something like this. How is she gonna develop any sense of normalcy or independence or — or rebuild meaningful relationships in her life if she’s always navigating around you?

Billy: I think it’s important that she has support from her family and friends, lily.

Lily: She has other people, billy, okay? She has sharon, who has a degree in psychology, who works downstairs. She has chloe, who’s been stepping up. Adam — connor’s dad — he’s also been stepping up, right?

Billy: Yeah, he has, but that’s not the point, is it?

Lily: No. The point is that instead of owning your own limitations, you’re using chelsea’s traumatic experience to run away.

Billy: Oh, my god. Run away from what?

Lily: From the company. From supporting me, okay? This is you being who you’ve always been, billy. It’s you chasing the next high. And the next high now is you being billy the savior.

Music (“I swear”) plays

Billy: I honestly can’t believe how judgmental and petty you’re being, and I’m just gonna stop right there so I don’t say something that I regret.

Lily: Like what?

Billy: Like the truth. I mean, it seems like we’re both having a problem with that right now.

Lily: Sorry. What am I not being honest about?

Billy: About me leaving chancellor-winters. I mean, you expect 100% transparency from everyone you work with, except you’re not being honest about how you really feel about me leaving the company. And now — now what? You’re gonna bring chelsea into the middle of this?

Lily: You’re the one who’s made her the center of everything.

Billy: Honestly, lily, i I expected you to recognize that I am simply trying to help someone else in need.

Lily: Are you really gonna turn this around on me and make me the villain?

Billy: Come on. Let’s just be honest. We both know that it was the right time for me to walk away. I asked you a million times, and you said yes. I asked if I should stick around. You insisted that it was time for me to resign. And now what? You’re holding a grudge?

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Why is that? Are you upset that my goals aren’t the same as your goals? Are you upset that I’m finding purpose outside the corporate world, outside of working for you?

Lily: Of course not.

Billy: I mean, did you like me better when I was solely in service of you, where I depended on you, and then you would rein me in every once in a while? I mean, maybe — maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re the one that has the savior complex.

Lily: Careful, billy.

Billy: If I don’t need saving anymore, lily, where does that leave you?

Victoria: So, what was really going on between you and nick?

Nate: Oh, nothing much. He just dropped by to see how i was settling in.

Victoria: Then why did things seem so tense?

Nate: Well, he mentioned that because of everything that went down at chancellor-winters he doesn’t trust me.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] He shouldn’t have said that.

Nate: No, it’s alright. I’ll just have to work hard to prove myself to him.

Victoria: You know what? Forget about nick.Talk aut you.

Nate: Uh-oh. Something tells me I’m about to get an earful.

Victoria: No, no, no. It’s all good. Every single e-mail that I have gotten has been something along the lines of, “just met nate. Great hire. Nice guy. Looking forward to working with him.”

Nate: I promise you, I am not paying for those reviews.

Victoria: Oh, trust me, i have considered all of the sources, and those people have been here a long time. They’ve seen a lot of changes. And for them to sit up and takef the new guy and take time to mention him, they’re very impressed.

Nate: Wow. That’s a real compliment, given how talented everyone around here seems to be.

Victoria: You are off to a wonderful start. I want you to meet our executive team in our california offices. I’d like for you to accompany me to a meeting in los angeles next week.

Nate: Mm. Looking forward to it. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Chloe: Billy saved you? What… were you thinking… were you thinking about dying?

Chelsea: I was. But now I am so thankful that i didn’t do it.

Chloe: So am I. I can’t imagine a world without my best friend.

Chelsea: Neither can I. After I pushed you away, it felt like a piece of me was missing.

Chloe: I am so proud of you for doing all the hard work you need to do to get well.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: And you’re gonna get the right help this time. You’re going to listen to everything that your doctors tell you to do.

Chelsea: Yeah, all of them.

Chloe: And I’m gonna be here for you, whatever you need, because I love you. You’re like my sister. We’re supposed to grow old together.

[ Both laugh ] Play pickleball and wear our matching tracksuits.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

[ Sniffles ]

Chloe: And there are gonna be some crappy days, but you got to stick around for the good parts, okay?

Chelsea: That’s the plan.

Chloe: [ Exhales sharply ]

Chelsea: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Abby: Hi.

Chance: I just had a very interesting conversation with your father.

Abby: I hope you didn’t tell him.

Chance: No, I didn’t tell him. I kept your secret, just like you asked, took all the blame. I hope you know I have no intention of embarrassing you by telling your family or anybody else what happened.

Abby: Thank you. That’s very generous of you.

Chance: Protect and serve.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Anyways, this conversation with your father got me thinking about this whole situation.

Abby: Yeah?

Chance: Yeah. And I think there’s one thing that we can both agree on. It would be a monumental mistake to drag this out any further. I think the best thing for everyone involved is that we move forward with the divorce immediately.

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