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Good morning. Hey, good morning. How you doing? Good. Just working away. What’s. Well, I just wanted to check in, see how you’re doing since our talk last night. I’m fine. Yes. Jada, having your baby is unexpected, but that’s not gonna change anything between us, just like you said. Right? Yeah. And I, I meant, I know.

So she’s really going through with a pregnancy, huh? Of course, she’s, why wouldn’t she? No reason. I, I was just asking. Oh gosh. That’s my, my other line. I gotta run. Okay. I look Nicole.

Oh, hi. To make up for the one we didn’t have yesterday. Oh, thank you so much. Um, that means a lot. I definitely missed this Thanksgiving without dessert. Not the same. . Well, we could, uh, have a slice for breakfast if you haven’t eaten already. Don’t you have to get to work? No, my schedule’s pretty open this morning.

Okay. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Come on in then. So, uh, speaking of work, have you heard from your sister? No. I guess she’s still out of town with Johnny Damara.

Hello El. Anybody home?

Nobody here. Good. We can talk, just start off by saying that we freaking rock Jakarta was a success. Yeah. Things got a little dicey, but we got the information we needed from Dr. Ross. Now we have to decide who to confront with it first. My brother or your dad.

Go away. How? I don’t wanna be the disturbs. This my sleep.

Bloody How? How didn’t you hear me? I said go away.

I am not Harold,

like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Yes, you, uh, you no realize, mum, I’m hallucinating. Uh, I’m seeing things that aren’t there. Just like at the crash site, you aren’t seeing things then just like you’re not seeing things. Now I am real.

And so is this, this, it’s my imagination. I, I, I, I, I hit my head last night. Tony and Chad brought me back here. Yeah, your brothers may have saved you last night, but. You all be so lucky tonight. I have a wait, say hello to your mother in how,

oh, Oh,

I wish we had that damn recording of Ralph admitting that he brainwashed Stephan on my brother’s orders. Yeah, that would definitely make things easier. Yeah, I mean, I, I can’t believe he nuked the tape. That was the hard evidence that we needed. Now my dad’s just gonna, you know, deny any involvement, brother probably will too.

But we know, I mean, we, we know they. And they shipped Ralph out of the country to cover up their tracks, and I still can’t believe my brother would do something so horrible. I mean, I know how much he loves Gabby, but this is way over the line. Look, it’s very possible that the brainwashing was my dad’s idea.

It’s totally his. With Stephan by his side, he’s got all the shares he needs to ous Gabby become c e o again, he’s exactly where he wants to be. Oh, so is my brother. A part of me thinks, just drop it now, let him get married and live happily ever after. But, I can’t do it. I can’t stay silent knowing what I know.

I have to confront him.

Okay. He’s not logged in at work yet. He must be with Gabby Jing went at better show at the office today. If, if she misses one more day of work, I swear it. Ah, relax. Enjoy your breakfast.


Oh, hmm. Delicious. You know, when rave tossed the pie in the trash that Nicole made, I thought, man, he must really be done with her. Yeah, I haven’t seen him this Ben outta shape since Sammy cheated on him with ej. Just, I, I don’t get it if all the women in this town just keep stopping all over Brave’s heart.

I thought that Nicole would be different. They were friends before they got married, right? Close friends. I liked her. I liked her for my brother. I even was rooting for them to get back together when he was dating that horrendous mafia Princess. I’m not gonna miss that bitch. No, it’s true though. I’m not, you know?

Yeah. well, I’m sorry for what happened to Rafe. Yeah, me too. I’m just, I’m surprised. You know, who knew that Nicole would hurt my brother worse than Ava? Absolutely. James. I’ll have marketing get that to you today. Okay, bye.

No, not none. Well, well, well look who’s here. Did you get lost on your way to the executives? Huh? You’re very funny. I brought you an almond latte. Oh, thank you. Chloe’s my favorite. Of course. Well, I mean, with your big new job, I’m surprised you had time to stop by. Well, actually, with my big new job at Damer Corporate, um, one of the things I have to do is now oversee basic black.

You got Kristen’s job? Mm-hmm. . And she got my man.

What does a guy have to do to get some breakfast around here? Hello, brother. Hey. What? Cigars? Cigars? Yeah. I hear congratulations are definitely in order. ? Yeah. My mother told you about the baby. No, no, no, no. Nicole. Oh, well hey, she is one of my best friends here. Yeah, of course she is. And I’m glad you two can talk.

I mean, this baby is a blessing, obviously, and mm-hmm. , gosh. I mean it’s uh, it’s very exciting. Yeah. It’s throwing us for a loop a little bit. It clearly complicates your reunion with Nicole. What’s the deal with Jada? I mean, where does that stand? Well, it’s over. I bet Chad has decided to keep the baby, which I’m really happy about.

I mean, we can co. Yeah. Okay. So, um, it’s gonna be you, Nicole, her kid, and Jada plus your kid. Yeah, yeah. . Okay. It’s gonna be a little more complicated than I’m sure you wish, but you and Nicole, you guys will work it out. Yeah.

So you really don’t want me to come with you to confront your brother? I’ll be fine. What if he panics and what hurts me? They would never do that. How can you be so sure after Rolf tried to drug us and Jakarta? Okay. We don’t know if he was ordered to do that. You could have gone rogue. Well, I intend to find out, so why don’t we just both go see my dad first.

Connie, we. That we’d have a better chance of getting information if we split out. Yeah, I know, but stick to the plan. Divide and conquer.

Would you rather have a coffee I a dog and I’m over.

I think I might still be drunk considering the amount of fine single mal put away yesterday. Where was this?

And my mother’s crash site.

Brave was with me for a bit. Took a swig of my flask. If you can leave that and then a bit later on I saw Ava Fatali. Sorry, when I was hallucinating, obviously. Fact, she devil is running hell for what she did to my mother.

I’m so sorry. I can’t begin to imagine the pain that you’re going through right now and just know if there’s anything. That you need. I’m, I’m here. I appreciate your guidance, brother. You and Chloe were there for me tonight. It happened

what night in my life. It was a great comfort. I’m glad. Oh, and uh, please offer my gratitude to Chloe as well. I’ll tell her, see her in a bit. So I’ll let her know. You two seem to be getting closer.

We are. God, you must be seating. Oh. Just finding any opportunity to throw her wedding blands in my face. Is that right? It’s one pathetic attempt after another to make me jealous. You know, I wish she would just stop wasting her energy and get it into her head that Chloe is the only woman in my mind.

I know this situation with Brady Suck. But imagine the look on Kristen’s face when she finds out that you’re still part of Basic Black. I mean, that’s a little consolation, isn’t it? Yeah, I know right? . Uh, but Brady insists that he thinks that Kristen put Lee up to offering me this promotion. What do you think?

Well, I was just more curious if Stephan had anything to do with it. But I asked Lee and he insists that it was up to him and ej. Hmm. And what about Kristen? Apparently Kristen no longer works at Dera, so to prove that I was given oversight of basic Black. But you’re still suspicious of Kristen Always. I still can’t believe Brady broke up with you and moved Kristen into his home.

Mm. He thinks that’s what’s best for Rachel. So living under the same roof as a total lunatic. Well, that total lunatic happens to be Rachel’s mom. Listen, Brady has clearly moved on and so have I. You know how those two raised their child? It’s. It’s no longer my concern.

We do realize that Jada and I are not the first former couple to give co-parenting a shot. I know that. Mm-hmm. , look at us. We come from the most successful blended family. I know. Exactly. You know, and I don’t care about half or step. I justm really blessed to have you all in my life. We got emerging families, you know, you know, raising a kid with an ex, you know, it’s not for.

As a matter of fact, sometimes frankly it can just not make any sense at all. Yeah. Like you and Kristen,

if, I don’t know why I have to keep saying this, but I will. The only reason I moved Kristen in is because it’s what’s best for our daughter, and you’re honestly telling me that there’s no better options than moving Kristen under the same roof as our. What would you have me do? I know. I know. I’ll move ’em all into granddad’s house.

If Kristen could have another stab at it, of course, because I’d prefer that than her going after my mom again, listen, Hey, you don’t have to worry about your mother because I’m gluing everything in my power to make sure that Kristen doesn’t hurt. Marlena. Hear me? Okay. But anyway, , we shouldn’t even be talking about me.

We should be talking about you. You’re gonna be a father . You know how much is, this is gonna change your life, man. Yes, I know. I’m scared, but I’m happy and be honest. I can’t stop thinking about it. You know, just the idea. Hold little baby boy or even a baby girl, and I know. Under the circumstances sits a little crazy, obviously, but I’m really happy Brady

Do you think maybe you and s Stephan are moving a little fast? Who are you? My mother . She asked me the same thing actually, but in her defense, she’s Team Brady all the way. Mm. That makes two of us. Mm. Well, you’re gonna have to get off of it. Okay. Cause I’m not gonna sit here and pine after some dude who’s insisting on playing house with a bride of Chucky

You know what? S Stephan and I, we like each other and we’re excited to see where things go. Okay. Well if that’s the case, then I am happy for you. Thank you. Well, it looks like we’re both starting new chapters in our lives. You’re dating Stephan and I got back together with Eric. I’m sorry, what?

So Nicole’s leaving rave to go back to our ex-husband. Not surprising, Eric’s the love of her life, but. Their marriage was over and done with a long time ago. No. Why would you wanna go backwards? Rehash relationship that’s already run its course, especially when she’s made a commitment to someone else.

Are we still talking about my brother or are we talking about you, me and Stephan

to answer my question. Okay, fine. Yeah. I can’t help but see the parallel. Nicole couldn’t stop obsessing over her ex after he got back either. Come on. Okay. They are nothing alike. Eric came back to town. Stephen came back from the dead. Okay. And and you think I’m obsessing? I mean, once I got over the shock that Stefan was alive and not interested in me, I moved on with you.

Come here. Look, trust me, I’m, I am not gonna make the same mistake that Nicole is making. Seven is my past and you are my future.

Okay. I, um, still have some extra time before I have to go back to work. Uh, wanna show me your childhood bedroom? Although I’m not allowed to have boys in there, you know, it’s no one’s homes, so maybe.

Hold. Hold that thought. Hold on,

J Wayne, you’re back. Oh, I might find you here. Is everything okay? I need to talk to my brother. It’s important.

The more time Chloe and I spend together telling you the better it gets.

I see a real future with her and I think she feels the same way,

which is wonderful to hear. Stephan, I’m glad someone in his family has finally found happiness again. Hmm. She does make me happy. You know, she’s a strong, independent woman, which I love, but she’s also very kind and compassionate as you saw firsthand, which is a huge improvement over that. Dreadful Gabby Hernandez.

Hmm. When I think about the lengths that conniving Snake went to, to retain control of father’s company, I just, and just how far would you go for control?

Well, dad, aren’t you gonna answer my question?

Wendy, would you like some pie? I’m not hungry. Let me guess. You ate on the plan. I really need to talk to you alone. You’re being very rude, Lee. That’s fine. No, it’s not. Okay. This is Gabby’s home. You come in here unannounced, barely even say hello and ask her to leave Gabby, I’m sorry. This is really important and you can’t wait say bitching one.

Gabby already knows everything she does. Oh yes. I told her exactly what you and Johnny Deir have been up to.

Joey. Thank God you were here, son. I’ve been trying to reach you for days. Is that right? Yes. I, uh, I have something I need to tell you. Interesting. I have something I need to tell you too, dad. You’ll need to wait. This is, this is important. And what I’m going to give you two, some privacy. Uncle Stephan, don’t feel like you have to leave because of me.

It’s, it’s best we talk. Ste. Thank you for your understanding. Of course.

You sure we’re in a hurry to, uh, get Stefan out of there. Why was that something you don’t want your brother to know? Stefan already knows, and now unfortunately, I have to tell you. Okay, fine. Fine. What is it? What’s, what’s so important? I’m afraid I have some distressing use. About your grandma Susan.

Grandma Susan. What? She okay.

Your grandmother is dead.

So how was Nicole when you. A little on edge. She told me that when you told her that Jada was pregnant, she stormed off and the two of you hadn’t spoken since. I assume that’s changed. I just spoke to her on the phone and, you know, I just was following up for our conversation last night after I told her that Jada decided to have the baby.

Mm-hmm. , I, how’d she take it? I, I assured her that nothing’s gonna change between, Jada and I are going to be sharing a baby together, but she is the woman that I love, that I want to be with. I’ll always have my heart. So you ended your marriage with Rafe and decided to get back together with Eric? Well, not exactly in that order.

You know, you. Telling me from us that I either need to commit to my marriage or end it. And, and I tried to commit Chloe. I really did. Oh, honey, I’m not judging you. Trust me. It’s just that when, when Eric came back into town, so did our connection. I don’t think it ever left, but I was with Rave. I really messed up.

Instead of being brave and honest, I was a coward. and I knew I was still in love with Eric and a married Rafe anyway. And now he’s, he’s hurt and he’s humiliated and beyond angry and, and he has every right to be. Well, you didn’t exactly set out to hurt Rafe, and you know Eric didn’t set out to hurt Jada, but at least they’re not married.

So that breakup will be a lot easier. Not necessarily. What does that mean? Jada’s pregnant. Oh my God, seriously? Yeah, so I’m not such a clean break. Oh wow. Is she keeping the baby? I think so. However, I am. I might have advised her not to.

You told Jada to have an abortion. ? No, of course not. I would never do that. Then what exactly did you say? Well, I just pointed out that motherhood is a full-time job and being tied to a man who’s in love with someone else is really difficult. Former couples raise kids all the time, but it’s not easy. I didn’t say that, but it is possible.

Well, just because it’s possible doesn’t mean you should. and you felt like it was your place to inform Jada of this? Well, if I were in her shoes, I would want someone to inform me to be straight with me, that having kids in some temporary arrangement that you could just bail on when things get hard, you are in this for the rest of your life.

Yeah, but it’s, it’s not your life, Nicole. It’s Jada. I know I was just trying to help and encourage her to decide if this is something that she really wants. Okay, so no agenda, you’re just offering her some food for thought. Oh, come on Chloe. We both know how hard it is to be single mothers juggling a child and a career and, and Jada may have to deal with the stress of co-parenting with a man who broke up with her to be with a woman that she can’t.

People make it work. I know, but damn it, Chloe, I will not lose Eric again. So that’s what this is. We’re afraid that that baby’s gonna threaten your relationship with Eric.

Wouldn’t you be? I mean, look how Kristen used Rachel to come between you and Brady. Jada’s. No, Kristen. I know. Fuck God. I’m sorry. It’s just that Eric and I have been through so much and we finally got back together again. Yeah. But when he found out about the baby, he didn’t decide to stay with Jada. Right.

And I’m pretty sure that’s what she wants as well. Assuming she knows how he feels about you. Yeah, Jay did say that she wasn’t gonna fight for this relationship. Eric said, this baby isn’t gonna change anything between us, and I wanna believe that I really do. I wanna be secure about me and us, and that nothing is gonna come between us again.

But you know what? No matter what Eric promises or no matter. How he intends for this to go. The truth is, it’s when that baby is born, Jada and Eric are gonna fall in love with it. Yeah. But. Not with each other. Eric loves you. He always has, and he always will.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to Jada.

You know, the thing is, given the circumstances, I just think it’s best for everyone. If there’s no baby,

you and Nicole, you’ll figure this out. You’ll work it out. You always do. Yeah. I know Nicole and I can be together, and Jayden and I, we can co-parent. We can all raise a healthy, happy child who’s part of a family who’s gonna love him or her. Uncon conditioned. Absolutely. And here’s the baby mama right now.

Mike. Oh, hey Jada. Hey, you and my brother Brady. Uh, yeah. Nice to see you again. Nice to see you as well. And congratulations. Um, My daughter Rachel, by the way, can’t wait to meet her new cousin. I plan to be a very doty uncle. So if you need anything, uh, after the birth, before the birth, uh, after the baby’s not a baby and it’s driving you bananas, just gimme a call.

I’m your guy. Okay, thanks. Sure. Uh, Eric, can I talk to you? Uh, yeah, of course. Okay. Uh, that’s my cue. Um, congratulations again and um, I will talk to you soon. Yeah.

Oh, Brady’s obviously very excited. It’s fine. So what do you wanna talk about? Is everything okay?

Okay, sir. Uh, I, I, uh, I, I, I just, I, I can’t believe Grandma Susan’s dead. She’s dead. It’s inconceivable. Anna know. Uh, have you, have you told Sydnee? I am. I called her a school this morning, needless to say, a little sister. How did this happen?

Mother was kidnapped and held for ransom. I managed to, I managed to track down the purpose, and we agreed to meet at the airfield where I would wire her ransom money and she would release your grandmother. But as soon as the transfer went through, she turn the tables on me. How? How she grabbed Susan, dragged her off by gunpoint and threw in the car.

I, of course gave Chase, and she, she, she drove off the road. You keep saying she, she, it’s a, it’s a woman. A woman who did this. Who? That’s right. Who, who was it? It was Ava Vital.

You seem surpris. I am. I didn’t think you’d want Gabby to know about this. Well, my fiance and I have no secrets. I told her what you were up to the minute I found out you did. Yes. So what do you have to say for yourself?

Lee don’t, don’t be so hard on your sister. So she played okay with the A boy. It’s no big deal. No big deal. She begs me for a promotion, finally gets one, and before HR even finishes processing the paperwork takes off from parts unknown with Johnny Damara on the company Jet. Hey, listen, you said you weren’t gonna overreact, okay?

What you did was outrageous, disrespectful, and in incredibly irresponsible pretending you’re telecommuting, ignoring my calls, blowing off your new jobu. When? How could you, I had a very good reason. Oh, well, this ought to be memorable. You’re certain the drug will only erase their. It won’t hurt them.

Okay, then do it. Ralph, the minister, the drug.

Go ahead, tell us your. Good reason for gallivanting to end Indonesia with that ditton playboy. And why shouldn’t fire you on the spot? Wait, calm down. Calm down. Father is gonna go ballistic when he hears about this. You know, I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna head out to the square. I’m gonna get some of that nice relaxing herbal tea that you like so much.

And, uh, at the time I get back, hopefully things will be straightened up.

You know what? I know you and Gabby have this girl power thing going, but if you think she can save you from what you have coming, oh, I’m not the one who needs to be worried about what’s coming. What are you talking about Gabby? Stephan and what they’re going to do when they find out what you did to keep them apart.

Sova did. Yeah. It’s terrible. Why? Why would she, why would she even want to kidnap grandma? Who knows what motivated that woman to do anything. She was psychotic

damage on Roman. I tried to warn you. What are you trying to say? This is my fault. You knew she was in the mafia? Yeah. She left that behind her. Apparently not. Apparently she was more than capable of committing vicious, violent, homicidal acts.

But how would you know that you would take it that far? No, no.

I, I was, uh, I was stubborn. I was stupid. And even after she defrauded our family, I. I still wouldn’t listen, and you vanished her from Salem to protect me, and I fought you on it. I defended her, and then she kidnapped my grandma. That had nothing to do with you. It was all about getting revenge on me. Had nothing to do with you if I hadn’t gotten involved with they in the first place.

It’s just none of this. None of this would’ve, uh, none of it would’ve happy make. Son, look at me. Look at me. This is not your fault.

I am so sorry. Thank you. I’m sorry. Thank you.

Your grandmother was a very special person and we will find a special way to honor.

All the things that she did to make our lives better.

Yeah. She, uh, man, that, uh, that gift to hers was, uh, something, uh, something special. Yeah. Yeah. She was the first person who realized I was possessed. The devil raised our memory.

Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like you wanted Dr. Roth to do to me and Jakarta.

Wow. Gorgeous. You and Eric are literally the perfect couple. Well, I mean, I guess these pictures turned out pretty well. Pretty well, they’re amazing. Bella Magazine is gonna sell out at the stands and it’s gonna break the internet. . Okay? You’ve been spending way too much time with Alex Kriyas. , what’s this?

It’s a man moving in on my woman. You’re a woman. What century are you in? Apologies to my strong, independent, consensual companion. Ah, that’s more like it. Uh, how’d you know I was here? Your assistant? Are you too busy to let me take you to breakfast? Mm. I might be able to squeeze you in Uhhuh, . All right, Nicole, you wanna join?

Oh. Oh, no thanks. You, you too. Go. Are you sure? Uh, yeah, I, uh, I have a lot of work to catch up on. Okay, well I love you. I’ll call you later. Love you. Bye bye.

How to get back to leave before he goes nuclear and his sister.

So how’s PJ doing? Not well. He got drunk yesterday at the site where his mother was killed. Thought he saw Ava. Oh, well I heard no one could have survived that. No, he did say he thought he was hallucinating. Mm. Poor guy. Johnny was with him when I left the house, and Johnny had just gotten back from a trip overseas.

Mm-hmm. . Well, hopefully it was a big comfort to him to have his son nearby. Hope you’re right. I tell you, your grandmother died in a horrific crash, and you take that as an opportunity to hold ridiculous accusations against me. I’m sorry about grandma. Look, I, I, I’m, I’m more than sorry. I’m in shock, but that still doesn’t change what you tried to do to me and.

Wendy, Wendy Lee, sister, what the hell does she have to do with this? She came with me to Jakarta. We went there together to track down Dr. Roth, and guess what? We found him and we know everything. What is it you think you know? And you told Dr. Roth to inject us with some kind of memory erasing drug, but he didn’t cuz we stopped him.

Are you sure you didn’t take any drugs in Indonesia? Because that sounds preposterous. It’s. Okay, you can stop pretending because we know what you tried to do to Uncle Stephan.

You sure you’re feeling okay? Jet lag can cause confusion. You did it didn’t you? Did what? Ordered Dr. Rolf to inject me and Johnny with a memory erasing drug.

Do you hear yourself? That ? That’s absurd. Oh yeah. Almost as absurd as you telling Rolf to brainwash Stephan the Marin to hating Gabby so you could have her for yourself. Yeah, that’s right brother. Despite your best efforts, Johnny and I still remember everything Ralph told us. And from the look on your face, it’s clear he was telling the truth.

I thought I’d find you . Well, where else would I be? I don’t have a home and that’s no one’s fault but my own. Your home is with Eric? Yeah, sure. Right next door to his baby mama. I know that that can be awkward. Have you talked to him? Yeah, I just came from the pub and, and, and he, uh, loves you more than anything in the.

And he is over the moon that you two are back together and he’s also over the moon. That Jada’s keeping the baby Nicole. He is looking forward to becoming a father. I know that’s hard for you. It’s reality. I guess. It’s something that I have to get used to.

So decaf is supposedly better for the baby. Eric, I went a little nuts and I went online and I bought six books and I wanna know everything that I can. Things they’ve been a little complicated and I wanted to tell you again how excited I am that you decided to keep this baby because there’s nothing I wanted more than to be a good father, Eric.

Stop. You need to listen to me. There is no baby.

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