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 jordan: Holly sutton this is your last chance. Exit the premises with your hands visible. I don’t like this. Mac, give the order to move in. Let me — hold on a second. Let’s give her a chance to do the right thing. She’s had a chance. Multiple ones, in fact. Time’s up.

[ Explosion ] I got to get in there. This is commissioner ashford. She could be hurt! Robert! Robert! No! I need bomb squad and fire department asap! It’s not safe! Robert! Mm. Mnh-mnh. But, babe, I promised n’neka. No, no, no. N’neka gets plenty of pies and all kinds of things from her savoy suitors. No, no, no. This — this pie right here is for terry. This is raise-worthy pie, honey. I-I know.

[ Squeals ] I baked it. With my sweet potato pie recipe.

[ Sighs ] Right. Right. Okay. Tell you what. I will surrender that piece of pie in exchange for something just as sweet. Oh. Well, that sounds good. Mm! Sneaking out? I’m starving. Olivia will kill us if we hold everyone up. Let’s go. I don’t care. Brook lynn, look at me. Yeah. Were you ever going to tell me about the ccrb letter you never wrote? I’m sorry. What? My mind was on pizza. The letter dante asked you write. The one that might give me a fighting chance of getting my badge back. Um, uh, cosmo, please. Excuse me. My bad. How was your thanksgiving? It was good. It was great. I had avery. Uh, um, get this lovely woman, um — will you put her drinks on my tab, please?

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s not necessary, but very nice. Thank you. And, so, um, how was your holiday? Oh, it was amazing. It had highs, lows. My mother, cranberry from the can. It was very traditional. But now it’s time to get my groove on. One more box to check. Which is? A little somethin’-somethin’. Mr. Cassadine, happy thanksgiving. Oh, and to you. Did you enjoy a family celebration earlier? Uh, just my nephew. Uh, sadly, I couldn’t gather the other cassadines together for a celebration of turkey and conviviality.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I’m sorry. Oh, please, don’t shed any tears on my account. That’s all gonna be changing going forward. I hope soon to have the incentive my family needs to come together. Holly! Holly! I’m coming! I’m co– mate, you gotta let me go. Let me go! Hey! It’s okay. It’s okay, I got you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Robert! Robert, is she… it’s holly. Holly.

[ Sirens wailing in distance ] She… she… no!

[ Sirens wailing ] Secure the area. Extend the cordon at least one mile back. Canvass the cabins and find out if anyone saw or heard anything. Mac: Come on, let them do their job. Come on! Paramedic: Sir, we need you to move away. Let’s go. Stand up. Come on! Let me go! They’re taking care of her. Come on! You can’t help her like this! She needs me! Paramedic: We need to move her or she’s not gonna make it. Family can be so troublesome and ungrateful. I’ve been tempted to disavow myself of the whole lot.

[ Chuckles ] Not so easily done, I’m afraid. Biological imperative — it compels us to protect our clan, no matter how sorry a bunch they might be. It seems we have much in common, mr. Cassadine. May I call you victor? If I may call you selina. Well, victor, I’d like to continue our conversation. Perhaps we can compare notes. Well, I never associated thanksgiving with trysts.

[ Chuckles ] Most people just want to nap. Well, when you’re in my position, you carpe diem and carpe dictum. What position is that? Hard-up. I-I’ve been without since, um [Chuckles] Jason, and before him, there was one forgettable wham-bam with jax, and then a flingy-thing with your brother. I mean, I haven’t had relationship sex since… wow, um, oh, 2014 with your husband. I’m not surprised. I’m a tough act to follow. Right, ava? You! With me. So, what did you think of our first family thanksgiving?

[ Squeals ] Definitely deserving of high marks. Yeah? And the food, ugh, was fantastic.

[ Groans ] So good! Oh, and I even overheard your father telling stella that his son’s turkey was so good.

[ Laughs ] You can’t blame the man for having good taste. I mean, it’s true. It’s true. I’ll give you that. You know, I’m just so grateful that — I’m grateful that I have a father to fuss with, you know? Mm. Tommy never got that chance. And I intend to make the most of mine. Just in case this disease tries to take my father away from me again. What are the chances it rears back up? Did you pull guard duty? I’m just sitting here minding my own business, cleaning my clarinet. In the cold? I’m wearing a sweater. Curtis busted my chops every time I came near the kitchen and strongly suggested I could keep you company. I figured boredom would drive you out here sooner or later. Hm. And I thought curtis and i were making progress. Yeah, he means well. I know, but it’s not like I’m out here asking to be attacked by a freak with a hook. I just need to breathe. I’m climbing the walls being shut up most of the time. I know the feeling. Been there, done that. Dante told you about the letter? Yeah, he assumed I knew. Figured you looped me in. Just hadn’t found the time to get it written yet, what, with making music and scamming linc. Well, we’ve been crazy busy, right? Mm-hmm.I mean, every day, all day I am hustling for every hour that you perform, setting up interviews and — and promos. I mean, I can barely even breathe. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. You’ve really thrown yourself into it. Yeah. You know, letting all my responsibilities at deception slide. So maybe you wanted to. And you just couldn’t find the time. Or maybe you thought you — you did tell me. Or maybe you even drafted the letter, but you didn’t want to spring it on me until it was perfect. Huh? I mean, I’d — I’d understand anything, brook lynn. Just tell me. When were you gonna let me know that dante asked you to write a letter to the civilian complaint review board recommending that I get my badge back? Never?

Look, I meant to tell you once we got linc. That’s not a sure thing. Well, neither is my letter. Dante said your account of my run-ins with valentin and linc would go a long way at getting me right with the board. But what was to stop linc from having his say? I mean, that liar could deny everything. Look, your best shot at getting your badge back is after we beat linc and expose him for the skeeze that he is. Once we prove that he has no credibility, that’s when you could march into the ccrb with my letter and — and prove that you never gave up on law and order just because law and order gave up on you. That timetable doesn’t work, which I could have told you if you would have let me in on what was happening. But you didn’T. Chase. I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t just tell me. There’s only one good reason! The only reason that i needed. Us. I didn’t mean to compare being shut up at home with family to what you went through when you were hospitalized. Let’s see. You can’t leave when you want to. Your mother and curtis watch your every move. You can’t see the man in your life — officer cabrera. We share enough similarities to make us understand one another. I don’t think I could ever really understand what you went through. And I hope you never do. You don’t talk about it much. You know, um… right. Having schizophrenia. Why dwell on yesterday when today is so rich and tomorrow so bright? Honey, I-I can’t tell you if marshall is gonna have another schizophrenic episode. I’m not a psychiatrist. I-I’m not even — I’m not even up on the latest science, really. Marshall said that he never had an episode. Well, not since the arrest, which led him to be institutionalized in the first place. Maybe he caught a break. Like me, dodging the genetic markers my father has. You two are so cute. Look at you, all coupled up. Wedded bliss.

[ Chuckles ] Aren’t we, though? I saw your mother s-somewhere over there, britt. My mother says marriage is for the bourgeois. I don’t know. I-I think it would be kinda nice if my significant other knew what toppings I liked on my hot dog, or took the wine glass out of my hand when I fell asleep on the couch. Someone who would throw me a birthday party and serve my favorite cake. Or just say “happy birthday.” You never had a birthday party?

[ Chuckles ] No. No birthday party, no husband. There — there’s still time, britt. Yeah. Yeah. Ain’t it the truth? Yeah. Uh, will you get me and my friends another round? Your nephew appears occupied with his wife.

[ Sighs ] Soon-to-be ex-wife. I’m sorry to hear that. Oh, please don’t be. It was an imprudent match from the beginning. Harmful to both of them and never meant to last. Love rarely is. But that alone never stopped anyone fighting for it. I’m here, holly. I love you, baby. Just hang in there. How bad? She has obvious second- and third-degree burns over 75% of her body. The burn unit at G.H. — Is good, but she needs better. We’re taking her to an airfield. Radioed ahead for a medevac. But… I’m coming with you. No, no, no. You’ll crowd the paramedics. I’ll drive you to the field. Get out of my way before I belt you one. No. Robert! Go. What? But — this is a crime scene. I need my chief of detectives. Robert, move.

Her,you’re lucky, no matter what the reason is. And I just hope some of that luck rubs off on trina.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I can’t wait for esme to be brought to justice. Me too. Speaking of trina, where is she?

[ Sighs ] You have a way of putting things in perspective. Oh. Everybody has their burdens, but no one carries it with grace such as yours. Hey, pop, the game’s coming on. I know you don’t want to miss it. Uh… [ Chuckles ] Sure, sure. I guess you’re gonna watch the game with me? Oh, oh, yes. I’m definitely watching. And enjoy the pie. The pie? Is that the last piece of pie? I don’t believe this. Portia: [ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. Your loss. I just thought it would take the edge off after being caught in my net. You kept me in the dark about my best chance of getting my badge back… for us? Chase. You and me… I have never had this before. I mean, I’ve been with other guys and not exactly snow white, but…true intimacy? Not once. I was starting to think I wasn’t capable of a true connection, and then — then you came along, and I realized that not only is intimacy possible, but it is here… …between me and you. And since the first day we started working together, it has only gotten deeper and stronger. Look, if — if I don’t get linc, if I never get my songs back, if I never expose him as the creep that he is, I-I’d be okay. I’d be frustrated and disappointed, but… I’d still be okay, because the true gift is every minute I get closer to you. And I thought that you felt the same way. I do. Well, that’s why I didn’t tell you about the letter. I-I thought that — that everything we were doing together was better than anything we’ve done alone. I thought that, given enough time, you’d forget about the badge and just… …what you always wanted would be here with me.

[ Voice breaking ] Just tell me I’m right. I thought we were getting along better. Am I still in a hole for punching scott? I was moved by your apology, as well as britta’s endorsement of you. My feelings for you are immaterial. Only britta’s matter. She’s a fundamentally lonely person yearning for what she’s never had… someone to rely on. And now is no time to look for a substitute. She cannot do with a romantic distraction. She needs her mother. I acknowledge, however, that britta’s headstrong. You — you and I both know she behaves contrary to wisdom and you, mr. Bell, are persistent. So… if it’s money you want, it’s money you shall have. Hey, um… be my wingmen. You know, help me scope out the sponge-worthy. Whoa, hey. Are you okay? Why don’t we sit down, huh? Is there a problem? No, I’m — I’m fine. I just slipped. Have you been overserved? I had one drink! Come with me. Don’t — don’t touch me. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, up! And off we go. I got you. I got you. Come on. Here we go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Ambulance doors open ] We’re here. Got the all-clear?

[ Groans ]

[ Gasps ] You all right? Right as rain! All fired up!

[ Laughs ]

This singing thinghas been a pleasant surprise. I’ve — I’ve had fun, more than I thought I would. And it’s not just the — the performing or the — the celebrity — it’s — it’s you. I never would have even tried to be chase the singer with anyone else. Well, you’ve got me, so there’s no problem. No, the problem is I am not chase the singer. That’s just some — some face I was wearing. It’s not — it’s not mine. But it could be! Look, I’ve seen you when you get up on stage. You come alive. You’re so in the moment when you sing. And right when I’m done, I’m checking my news feed. I have this weird fantasy that I’m the one who finds brando’s killer. That I could still do some good at the pcpd. Look, you can. I never expected you to give up the cop forever. Just put him on mute for a little while. Until I forget the sound of my voice altogether? You know what? Maybe — maybe you’re right. I can forget being a cop, focus all my energy on singing, given enough time. It could happen. But it would have to be my own choice. Do you get that? And you took that away from me. I thought we had an understanding after we discussed boundaries. And I thought I’d given you a wide berth. Doesn’t really feel that way. We agreed that I wouldn’t go behind your back and butt into your life. I did that. I even refrained from butting in from the front. You know, I’m up for a nobel peace prize.

[ Scoffs ] Which you’ll lose after assigning your father to guard me. Hey, all I did was set up a watch to keep eyes on esme prince. You know, a man is allowed to protect his castle and all who reside in it. Trina’s not going anywhere. Okay. [ Chuckles ] She’s just feeling — feeling hemmed in. Well, thank you for talking to her and helping her get some of that out. Hey.

[ Chuckles ] I was gonna ask you a question. Would you mind possibly playing for us tonight? Sure, sure! If you like. I-I would. Yeah, I-I actually would.

[ Chuckles ] Good. Does your illness ever, I don’t know, get in the way of your playing? Marshall, I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to keep going down this road. No. No. That’s my fault. I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. That’s okay. No one’s — no one’s ever asked. The only way schizophrenia got in between me and my music is when I had to go underground… mm. …To protect my family from the stigma. So…it never inhibited your performance? Nah. Nah, just my ambitions. Mm. Well…

[ Chuckles ] Why all the questions? Still no go-ahead from the firefighters to enter the cabin. Any idea what caused the explosion? The preliminary theory is a faulty stove. I need to get my people inside. Hopefully there’s some evidence to explain holly’s strange behavior. Maybe this will help. The firefighters pulled it out. What is it? The remains of robert’s briefcase. The one he put the necklace in. So where’s the necklace? Mm. Thanks for the clothes. Oh, great. I see I got the sizes right. Oh, and I have your new passport and your international driver’s license. You feel better? Yeah. Just a little singed around the edges. Now, that was something. Mm. I’m just sorry that you and mac had to see that. I can imagine what it looked like. The danger was minimal. Holly and I had worked it out to a tee. And thank you for that.

Felicia was waiting

for me when I arrived

at the cabin last night… come on in.

…With fireproof

garments… special headpiece. Right. Right.

…And fire-retardant gel

to make the ruse look real. Put it on your face. And you don’t have hair spray?


brought instructions

on how to rig the stove

at the appointed time…

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

…Et voil! Holly flambé! I just can’t believe that you were able to work this out as fast as you did. No choice. We were operating on victor’s timetable, but I couldn’t just hand him over the necklace. But you couldn’t defy him, either. No. Ethan would have paid the price. Robert and i faked his “drugging” so I would have the opportunity to “steal” the necklace and then lead a trail to the cabin for the pcpd to follow. See, it only works when you’ve got a credible witness to her injuries. Ethan’s only chance of survival is if victor believes I’m of no more use to him.

[ Chuckles ] You’re willing to pay me to stay away from britt? I’m prepared to offer you six figures. I don’t want your money, liesl. I just want what, by right, should belong to me. Dominique’s inheritance. Yeah. Then I wanted something else. Not something, someone. My daughter. I thought I could have both. But, man, did I misjudge that situation. Now it looks like I can’t have either. Maybe all I really want is britt. But you’ll be happy to know, liesl, that I blew it big time. Your daughter wants nothing to do with me. Perhaps britta has learned some wisdom, after all. But you can tell britt that I can take “no” for an answer. And I can take living hand to mouth. So you can keep your money. And don’t worry about my dogging britt. I’m not gonna go where I’m not wanted. Yeah. I’ll make sure she knows that. I’m sure you will. One more thing. What’s wrong with britt? Why are you willing to go broke just to keep me away from her? Sorry. Answers were never on offer. Here we go. All right. Get off! I’m gonna call your mother. Leave her out of this! Leave me alone! I’m getting you a cab. No. I — this is ridiculous. I had one drink. Yeah, not counting the drinks you had on the way over here. I can handle my liquor. But you can’t even stand up straight unaided. Oh, wait a minute. This… this isn’t alcohol, is it? You’re sick.

Your uncle victor won’t be very pleased… seeing you consorting with the enemy. How many times do I have to tell you? I have no intention of divorcing you. Well… I had no intention of becoming bait for the pcpd, but sometimes one never knows what the day may bring. What are you talking about? Mac scorpio. He thinks that ryan chamberlain can lead the cops to esme if I convince him to. Faison’s legacy has — oh, shut up about that!

[ Grunts ] Touch my daughter and I’ll kill you. Everyone, calm down! You touch me once more… all right. Let’s take a walk, big fella. He’s gonna –he’s gonna tell people. Victor wouldn’t dare. There’s a special place in hell for men like that. The ninth circle. I’ve heard it said. Robert: The car’s untraceable. Drive it across the border into canada, and with your new I.D., You’ll disappear. Victor will follow up. Well, witnesses will recall that there was a woman placed in a medevac. Yours truly. They’ll drop me off outside port charles. And then flight plans will indicate that holly sutton was transferred to a plane transporting her to a burn clinic halfway across the world. Very private, very secure. Reports will have you comatose with a long, difficult recovery. And victor, he’ll probably lose interest, leaving you free to rescue your son. I won’t squander your efforts. I promise. I — we know that. Thank you for all that you’ve done on my behalf and my son’S. I just wish we hadn’t had to leave mac in the dark. Well, this way he can’t lie to jordan about you. Besides, he would be the first one to agree that you’re worth it.

[ Chuckles ] How can I ever repay you? Get your son back. And get victor! Working on it. Selina: Interesting. Satisfied? I’d prefer the entire necklace. That’s all that’s available. And only in exchange for a guarantee that victor cassadine ingests this. Can it be done? I see him at the savoy on occasion, but I can’t have the club associated with a death. If I wanted victor dead, he’d be dead. But he’ll only feel the effects of this drug if the circumstances arise or don’T. What did victor do to earn your animosity? He fancies himself a family man whilst he’s holding my son a hostage. I’ll never get ethan back if victor is dead. But in the meantime, a dose of this will pay him back in kind. There’s a special place in hell for such men. The ninth circle. Will you do it? You have my word. On her. And my word is my bond. You’re not my prisoner, trina. I just want to make sure that you are safe and sound while you’re here at home. If you don’t like my rules… they’re only temporary. But I do need you to respect them just as I respect your boundaries. And while I hope this doesn’t compromise the friendship that we decided to try out, I’ll understand if it does. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress. Fork? Fork. Yes. Hey. But don’t squander that progress.

[ Chuckles ] I made that pie. From my mom’s recipe.

[ Both laugh ] I guess I’m just curious

[Chuckles] That none of your previous doctors even suggested genetic counseling or screening like curtis had. This stuff wasn’t around when I was in the hospital. Yeah, but nowadays, things like that are pretty much commonplace. Ha ve you ever — you know, maybe, have you ever considered it? Was the point? I already have a diagnosis. What would “genetic counseling” tell me that I don’t already know? The only way that I could ever become “the singer” is if I decided that for myself. But you never gave me that option. I thought you wanted it as much as I did. What? To take down linc? Sure. But you knew how bad I wanted to return to the pcpd. So when dante asked you to write the letter, you didn’t tell me because you knew I’d be all for it! I never thought of it like that. Yeah, I know. But I’ve been where you are — making decisions for others, and personal experience showed me just how wrong I was. I did it with willow. Okay, so that’s it? You’re hanging up the mic? Okay, I get it. No, no, no, you don’T. It is not just the mic. It’s us! Yes, my singing career is over, but so are we!

You can’t put yourself in ryan’s presence. He is too dangerous. Ryan is a turnip. And a-any danger would be worth protecting trina. Nikolas, if esme is out there killing people, I have to do whatever I can do to try to stop her. Even if it means I — I pay the price for her going over the parapet. Or you do. What would be the benefit after all these years to get confirmation of what I already know?

[ Door opens ]

[ Both chuckles ] Oh, well, look at this.

[ Laughs ] Somebody enjoyed the pie I see. Yeah, that I barely got to taste. Aw. Hey, pop, you ready to watch some football? Let’s do this. Curtis: Yes. No. Chase, think about what you’re saying. You’re the most exciting person I’ve ever met. You made me feel like the luckiest guy alive. You made me feel the same way. But then we went in on this plan to expose linc and it muddied things up for the both of us. I mean, we should have just set boundaries. Either work together as singer and manager, or just two people that couldn’t get enough of each other. But not both. Because now we don’t work as anything. Look, that’s not true. We can work this out. Brook lynn, you lied to me! You kept me from the thing that makes me who I am. There’s nothing to work out, all right? It’s over!

[ Sobbing ] Everything’s fine. I could swallow my drink, but then suddenly my feet went out from under me. I’m so sorry, liebchen. Let’s go home, hm? W-why haven’t you ever thrown me a birthday party? I did. I m– I must have some time. No. No? No, you didn’T. I’m gonna throw myself the birthday party to end all parties. If I’m going down, I’m going down dancing. Even if I’m dancing on my own. So, this is…goodbye? I’m sorry. For everything. Most of all, I’m sorry for coming back to you, only to leave again. If there was any other way… there isn’T. This isn’t our moment.

[ Chuckles ] Never is. I recall a cer– goodbye, robert. Um, aren’t you forgetting something? Mm. Hmm. Mm. I actually meant something else. Oh? The necklace. None of the firefighters report seeing a necklace. Call csu. We need them to conduct their own search. We need to make sure nobody walked out with it. You know, it’s possible holly ditched the necklace or handed it off to victor before holding up. Or she had it on her when she left with the paramedics. I’ll checked with robert.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s possible the necklace got destroyed in the fire. A diamond necklace? A hot enough fire could turn diamond to ash. The necklace might be gone for good. The wsb’s gonna be pissed.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh.

[ Chuckles ] The necklace. Oh. Almost forgot. Why did victor want this so badly? What is so special about it? It came from the ice princess itself. And I think it’s got something to do with the diamonds. The ice princess has a bad habit of destroying those who covet it. Be careful. I’m always careful, love. Except with your heart. Be seeing you.

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