Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jill: I’m here to see my son.

Esther: He’s not here at the moment.

Jill: Ah, well, then I will see Devon and Lily.

Esther: Lily’s here. Devon is not.

Jill: Well, where the hell is everybody? Never mind. I’ll find out for myself.

Esther: Jill.

Jill: Would you please explain to me why your entire c-suite appears to be out to lunch?

Lily: Jill, hello. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Jill: Oh, well, it’s not pleasure, it’s business.


Lily: Look, I know it’s been a trying time, but I can assure you that everything is being handled.

Jill: By you and you alone.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 7, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Lauren: Do you want to finally rethink your support of Diane and her return to Genoa City?

Michael: I’m withholding judgment until I know all the facts.

Lauren: How many more do you need? She lied. She colluded with Tucker in L.A. after swearing up and down she had no connection to him whatsoever.

Michael: Okay, okay, technically true, but context is everything.

Lauren: I’m sorry, but there is no context that’s going to change the truth.

Michael: There are gray areas.

Lauren: Ugh, your constant support of Diane Jenkins is just unbelievable. I don’t get it.


Devon: There you go. This playpen is a godsend, huh? Thank you.

Abby: Oh, Dominic loves it. Creates this whole home-away-from-home thing.


Devon: Well, I’m happy that both of you guys feel so comfortable here.

Abby: I’m sorry. Was I overstepping with my tea brewing? I feel like, since Dominic has two homes, I do, too, but that’s probably a bit presumptuous of me.

Devon: No, it’s not at all. Come on. You’re family. This is always your place.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 4, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Summer: Hey, dad.

Nick: Hey, yourself. Well, excellent job with the sunscreen. You got the perfect glow going on.

Summer: Well, I didn’t want to come back looking like a lobster, so…

Nick: So, you and Kyle had fun in Costa Rica?

Summer: Yeah, we had a great time. The villa was phenomenal. It was, honestly, the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

Nick: Okay, well, then I got to ask. You just got back from a wonderful honeymoon in a tropical paradise with the man you love. Why do you look miserable?

Summer: [Scoffs] Wow. Thanks for the compliment.

Nick: Not an insult, just an observation.

Summer: No, I mean, the trip was perfect in every way, both before and after Harrison joined us.

Nick: Did something happen after you came home? Because I know this face, and that’s not the “happy supergirl” face.

Summer: [Sighs] I don’t want to get into details, but it’s more drama with Diane.


Ashley: Tell me everything. About you, Diane in Los Angeles.

Tucker: Sure. I’m happy to tell you anything you want to know. Should we order our drink first?

Ashley: Why don’t we wait and see how forthcoming you are, and then I’ll decide how thirsty I am.

Tucker: Fair enough. Diane and I had a completely chance encounter in Los Angeles. And, of course, I was stunned. There she is, alive. But not only that, she actually looked happy and healthy and a far cry from the bitter and vengeful woman that we all thought was dead. So, naturally, I was curious about her story. I wanted to know how she pulled off her murder. She just seemed like a completely different person than the one I knew in Genoa City. So anyway, she tells me that her new mission in life is to try to find a way to get Kyle to forgive her, to reestablish their relationship.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 3, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: There you go.

Connor: Where’s mom? Don’t you have to work today?

Adam: Uh, I do. I didn’t realize that Walnut Grove was giving you guys a day off for a teachers’ professional development day. But I guess that makes sense, since most of you probably need to come down from your Halloween sugar hangover.

Connor: Funny, dad. We didn’t eat that much candy last night.

Adam: No, if I knew you had the day off from school, I might have let you stay at Beckett’s house.


Adam: You don’t have anything to make up to your mom, okay? You’re allowed to have feelings. And you are allowed to express them. But were you intentionally trying to hurt her?

Connor: No. I was just angry.

Adam: That’s understandable. You know, we all are like that sometimes. But I hope you know your mother’s love for you runs deep. And it will always lead back to forgiveness where you’re concerned, no matter what you do, Connor.

Connor: I get it.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: If this is your way of making things up to me —

Victoria: It’s my way of saying good morning to my COO.

Nick: Well, I’m not having a good morning. I still think it was a mistake firing Sally. It was completely unnecessary and heartless, and I don’t think the company should be run this way.


Nick: Have you recently instituted a non-fraternization rule?

Victoria: Not only would your relationship with Sally rob you of objectivity and decision-making…

Nick: That is insulting to her and to me.

Victoria: …It would also pit you against Adam. You might as well send him an engraved invitation to a family battle royale. And that’s the last thing that we need.

[Sighs] Look, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you know in your heart that it’s true, Nicholas. It’s exactly why you’re keeping this thing with Sally a secret.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Tessa: So, what kind of turnout can we expect?

Sharon: Well, it’s been a pretty rough year for a lot of folks, so I would be prepared for a big crowd.

Nick: Don’t worry about the food. New Hope’s got you covered there. There’s going to be mounds of it for the guests.

Mariah: Wow, look at that. Ashland Locke managed to do some good in this world despite himself.

Sharon: Well, that huge donation he made to New Hope in Rey’s honor, I will always be grateful for.


Victoria: Oh, excellent. Well, put us to work.

Nick: Looks like you’re short a couple hands. Where’s Katie?

Victoria: Oh, well, she actually decided to go to the ranch and help the cook with dinner there.

Johnny: I want to know what part she’s “helping” with before I eat it.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Diane: Kyle? Are you here?

Ashley: Oh, my god. You don’t even bother knocking anymore. Just you and me.

Diane: I’m looking for my son.

Ashley: I’m sure you are. Because you’re scared. And you need to find your very last ally before your lies come crashing down all around you, right?


Tucker: Would you care for a drink?

Jack: What do you say we skip the social pleasantries?

Tucker: What you call social pleasantries I call 18-year-old single malt.

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Days Short Recap Friday, November 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to the crash site to lay flowers on the ground. Rafe showed up and wanted to question him about what happened. He told Rafe what happened. Rafe believed there was more to the story. He warned EJ that he could arrest him for obstructing justice. He decided not to arrest him because he went through enough. EJ appreciated that and handed him the flask he had. Rafe took a sip from the flask. EJ was shocked that Rafe wanted to drink on the job. Rafe told him about him and Nicole getting a divorce. EJ wanted to know if Eric was the reason why they are getting divorced. Rafe confirmed EJ’s suspicions and told him that there was trouble in paradise. Rafe gets called back to work so he wanted EJ to come to the station the next day. EJ wanted to sit there and wallow. Rafe made him promise not to drive. Eric went to see Marlena and told her about the baby. Marlena thought it was good news, but Eric noticed she had hesitation in her voice. She wanted to know if he wanted the baby. He told her that he wanted it. He said he and Jada had to figure out how to co-parent together while he dated Nicole. he hoped Nicole didn’t feel threatened. Marlena advised him to talk to her.

Nicole went to see Jada. Nicole admitted that she overheard Eric talking about the baby. Nicole didn’t want to interrupt by telling everyone that Eric was breaking up with Jada to be with her. Jada told her that she had enough self-respect not to be with him when he’s in love with her. Nicole tried to apologize for what she and Eric did, but Jada didn’t care. She knew Nicole was happy that he got what she wanted. She told Nicole that her fake sympathy was making things worse. Jada talked about their situation. She told her that she was tied to a man who dumped her for his ex-wife. Nicole wanted to know why she would have a baby with Eric when he made her angry. Jada got upset. Nicole told her about the reality of having a baby. She told her everything that was going to happen when she had the baby. She also told Jada that she’s going to be in her life too. Jada wanted her to go because she had to decide if she really wanted to keep the baby. Nicole assured her that she was only trying to help. Jada threw her out. Later, Jada was at the police station. Rafe wanted to know why she was there. She noticed that he wasn’t wearing his ring. He told her that he and Nicole were getting divorced. He said they were breaking up even if Eric and Nicole don’t get together because of her baby. Jada said the baby wouldn’t be an issue. She would have had the baby, but she realized the impact it would have on her life. She decided that she didn’t want to keep the baby.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, November 24, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Gabi and Li what happened with Nicole. Gabi trashed Nicole for what she did to him. She told him that she will regret leaving him for Eric. Rafe told her that he threw out Nicole’s pie. She was proud of him. Li was disappointed because they didn’t have pie. Gabi continued to express how upset she was that Nicole was able to live happily with Eric. Rafe told her that it might not happen since Jada’s pregnant. Gabi loved the karma of it all, but Rafe didn’t want to gloat about it. He wanted to focus on happier things. Li wanted him to think about the wedding. Rafe agreed and made a toast. Nicole thought about Eric’s conversation about Jada and the baby. She walked away. Eric let Jada know that he was happy that she decided to keep the baby. She thought they would make it work and wondered how Nicole felt. He thought Nicole would support them. She told him that Nicole was insecure and territorial. She didn’t think Nicole would take the news well. He wanted Jada to trust him. She wanted to go upstairs to pack, but he asked her not to leave.

Nicole ran into Abe and Paulina in the town square. She told them what happened with Eric, Rafe and Jada. Abe told her to let Eric explain what’s going on. He thought she might have misunderstood what she heard. She was certain that she was out, and Jada was in Eric’s life. Abe told her to talk to Eric. Paulina advised her to fight for her man. EJ erased Rafe’s message about making a statement. Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion and tried to make him feel better about what happened. EJ told her that Johnny didn’t know what happened to Susan yet because he’s out of town. He didn’t know how to tell him because it’s his own fault. He told her what he did to Ava. He blamed Susan’s and Abby’s deaths on himself because he needed control. He said he let down the one person who love him unconditionally. He broke down and started crying. Marlena continued to make him feel better about what happened. She told him that he was the love of her life. He mentioned how she was scared of her own shadow, but she was fierce when it came to her family. They continued to talk about Susan.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric told Roman about his situation with Jada, the baby and Nicole. Eric said he wanted to be with Nicole, but they were going to have to have a conversation about how their relationship would work if Jada kept the baby. He said he wanted to be a father, but he supported her right to choose. He said he also understood why she wouldn’t want to have a baby with a man who left her for his ex-wife. Jada was packing her things when Kate came to see her. Jada told her she was moving out because Eric and Nicole were together. She said she was pregnant. Kate told her not to give up on Eric since he and Kate broke up so easily in the past. Jada said Eric made his decision. She said she had to make her decision about the baby. She said if Nicole weren’t a factor, she would be happy to raise a baby with Eric. She said she wasn’t prepared to be a single mother. She thanked Kate for listening. Kate invited her to dinner. She told Jada that it was her life, body and decision. Roman asked Eric if he would want to raise the baby with Jada if Nicole wasn’t in the picture. Eric said he would, but he loved Nicole. He said that was why it was a big mess. Kate showed up and didn’t care for his comment. Jada showed up and said Kate helped her. She said she made her decision about the baby.

Nicole went to Rafe’s house. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she came to get her things. They talked about Ava and EJ. She wanted to make the dessert she promised to make for Thanksgiving. He didn’t want it at first. He agreed to it because of Arianna. He told her he didn’t want to drag out the divorce. He thought they should get lawyers. He said he wouldn’t fight her on it considering she was with Eric. He said they would call it irreconcilable differences. When she finished the pie, she apologized to him. He thought he deserved what happened after what he did to Ava. Nicole said he wished they could be friends the way they were before. He said it wasn’t possible, at least not right now. She said goodbye.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf called Li from Wendy’s phone. Rolf told Li about what happened with Johnny and Li. Rolf said he had them restrained. Rolf wanted to take their vocal chords for an experiment he was working on. Li said he had a better idea. Gabi walked in and heard Li say he wanted Wendy back empty handed. Gabi questioned him about what he was talking about. He lied to her about what he was talking about. He said he wanted Wendy back in Salem. He said when she got back he was going to fire her. Gabi defended Wendy to Li. She said Wendy and Johnny were cute together. Li said Johnny was a spoiled brat. Gabi said he should let them enjoy their vacation. He said there were consequences. Johnny and Wendy woke up in restraints. Rolf showed up and destroyed the recording Johnny made. Rolf got the syringe ready. He said he was giving Johnny the same injection he gave Gabi. He said when they got to Salem, they would have forgotten why they came. Rolf prepared the syringe for Wendy, but Johnny stopped him. Johnny argued with Rolf. Wendy knocked Rolf out from behind. They restrained him on the gurney and threatened to expose what he did to Stefan. They left him in the lab.

While Rafe was at the airstrip, he called an APB out on Ava. Ava drove Susan on a slick road. EJ followed them in his car. Charlie told Ave to drive off a cliff with Susan. EJ went to the edge and yelled out for his mother. Rafe said he called the FBI since a member of the DiMera family was kidnapped by a Vitalli. While he was talking to the FBI, he got a call about the crash. Rafe showed up where EJ was. He stopped EJ from going down to the cliff. The car exploded. EJ wanted to go to his mother. Rafe followed him. Rafe sat with EJ until the rescue team showed up. A firefighter told EJ there was no one way Susan could have survived the fire. Rafe wanted to take him to the police station to get his statement about Susan’s kidnapping. EJ said it wouldn’t bring him back. Rafe wanted to put it on record. EJ said he didn’t want to relive that again. He left.

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Days Short Recap Monday, November 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Alex found Bonnie in the shed. She told them how she ended up in the shed. They took her to the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie told Sarah and Maggie what happened to her. Rafe showed up to question Bonnie. She said it was a person in a clown mask wearing a blue suit. She said his build was more of a strongman than a clown. Susan kept talking to Xander. She kept trying to get him to let her go free. She wanted to know where they were going. He said he was taking her home. Charlie kept convincing Ava to kill Susan. He said she could prove that she was a Vitalli. He said she could stick it to EJ. Xander came in the crypt with Susan. Ava pulled Xander to the side and yelled at him about bringing Susan there. She had an idea. She told him while she went to get the money, he would stay behind and kill Susan. He said he didn’t sign up for that. She said they needed to take something from EJ he couldn’t replace. Xander said she lost it. He told Susan that he was taking her home. Ava took off his mask. Susan was shocked.

Ava told Xander that he didn’t have a choice but to do what he needed to do. She gave Xander a gun and left to meet with EJ. Susan begged Xander not to kill her. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone that he was involved. She said she wouldn’t tell EJ either. Xander apologized to her, but the stakes were too high. He said Sarah would never understand this. He said he had to do it. Susan said she wouldn’t say anything. He said Ava would say something if he didn’t do what she wanted. He pointed a gun at her. EJ told Tony that he would do whatever Ava wanted to make sure his mother got home safely. He said he spoke to the banker and the money was ready to go. He said he had to deal with Ava. He pulled out a gun. He said Ava wanted to meet with him at the airfield. EJ told Tony that the gun was for show. Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion so he could talk to EJ. Tony told him where he was. Ava met with EJ. She told him to give her the money or she would put a bullet in his mother’s head. EJ sent her the money. Once she got the money, she told him she would get Susan’s body back. She told him his mother was dead. He pulled out his gun and threatened her. She told him to pull the trigger. She said she would gladly go to her grave knowing that she beat him. Susan ran in front of them. Susan told him to put the gun down. Ava grabbed Susan with her own gun. Ava dragged Susan to the car.

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Interview with Jane Seymour and Joe Lando

TV Interview!

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in "A Christmas Spark" on Lifetime

Interview with Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in “A Christmas Spark” on Lifetime by Suzanne 11/7/22

It was great fun to see these two together again and speak with them. I’m a huge fan of both actors, and not just for their partnership in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”  I’m sure their fans will be happy to see them in this cute holiday movie that airs 11/27 on Lifetime.

MORE INFO: Trailer

"A Christmas Spark" key art

Recently widowed Molly (Jane Seymour) has lost her zest for life and given up on ever finding love again.  But when she decides to visit her daughter for Christmas, she has no idea what holiday magic is in store for her.  A former drama teacher, Molly reluctantly takes on the job of directing the town’s Christmas pageant and soon finds herself falling for her leading man, Hank (Joe Lando), the town’s most eligible bachelor.  As Molly and the irrepressible Hank fall in love, she rediscovers her inner free spirit and finds a new lease on life.  And when the star of the pageant loses her voice moments before the show, it will be up to Molly to step into the spotlight and shine brightly for the first time in her life.

A Christmas Spark is produced by Lighthouse Pictures and is being distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Toni Braxton, Stephen Bulka, and Jamie Goehring are executive producing. Rhonda Baraka directs from a script by Eirene Tran Donohue.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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A scene from "A Christmas Spark" starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando.

Interview with Kelsey and Spencer Grammer

TV Interview!

Interview with Kelsey and Spencer Grammer of "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" on Lifetime

Interview with Kelsey and Spencer Grammer of “The 12 Days of Christmas Eve” on Lifetime by Suzanne 11/7/22

It was truly an honor to speak with Kelsey Grammer because he’s such a great actor. As I told him, “Frasier” is one of my favorite shows. I was in college when he was on “Cheers,” and then I kept watching him on “Frasier” (which was even funnier than “Cheers,” in my opinion), until the end. He was also amazing later in the drama “Boss.” His daughter, Spencer, who stars in this with him (as his daughter, natch), is also a really good actress in her own right. Daytime fans may recognize from when she played Lucy on “As The World Turns,” before she went on to primetime success. Anyway, this is a really good holiday movie. It’s a sort of mash-up between “Groundhog Day” and “A Christmas Carol,” but it’s got a modern spin and a lot of humor. Grammer plays Brian, the head of a Radio Shack-like company who has to mend fences with his daughter, Michelle, and granddaughter, and find the true meaning of Christmas, in 12 days.  Grammer handles both the drama and comedy in the movie easily. Uschi Umscheid plays Spencer’s daughter, Harkin, who’s just precious and a good actress (especially for her age). Diana Toshiko is a lot of fun as a zany startup woman, Nina, who wants to buy Brian’s company. Mitch Poulos does a wonderful job as Santa. I hope you enjoy the movie and this interview! You can’t help but be touched by the affection displayed by Kelsey and Spencer Grammer for each other.

MORE INFO: Lifetime Site

"The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" on Lifetime key art

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve is the story of Brian Conway (Kelsey Grammer), a successful businessman whose relationships with those around him have really suffered.  While this Christmas season has been the most successful for his business, he’s divorced, his relationship with his daughter Michelle (Spencer Grammer) is strained and he doesn’t have a meaningful connection with his only granddaughter.  After Brian gets into a car accident on Christmas Eve, Santa gives him twelve chances to re-do the day and repair the relationships in his life to find the true meaning of Christmas. For Brian, these twelve days are a journey of self-realization about life, love and happiness as he attempts to right the wrongs of his life in pursuit of the Christmas spirit.

The concept for The 12 Days of Christmas Eve originated from Kelsey Grammer’s production company, Grammnet NH Productions, and developed in house by Lifetime.  Grammnet NH Productions produced alongside Johnson Production Group.  Kelsey Grammer, Tom Russo (Frasier, Light as a Feather, The Game) and Jordan McMahon (The Game) are executive producers. The script is written by Eirene Tran Donahue (A Sugar & Spice Holiday) and directed by Dustin Rikert (Two Tickets to Paradise).

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Kelsey Grammer, Spencer Grammer and Uschi Umscheid in "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" on Lifetime

Days Update Friday, November 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ brings flowers to the cliff where Susan died. EJ paces and holds back tears as he looks over the cliff. EJ then pulls out a flask from his jacket and begins drinking. EJ remains sitting at the cliff in to the night until Rafe arrives and says he thought he might find him here.

Eric goes to see Marlena at her home. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Eric comes in and asks about the doll on the mantle. Marlena explains that it was a gift from Susan as she was just thinking about her. Eric says he’s sorry to hear the news as he knows they were close. Marlena is sorry she couldn’t host Thanksgiving today but she just didn’t feel like it. Eric says he had a good time at the Pub and he wanted to share some news that he’s very thankful for. Eric then announces to Marlena that he’s going to be a dad which surprises her.

Nicole goes to Jada’s room. Jada tells her that if she’s looking for Eric, he’s out. Nicole responds that she actually came to see her.

Maggie goes to Sarah and Xander’s hotel room to bring them Thanksgiving leftovers. Maggie hoped they might join them for dinner. Sarah says she did too but Xander wasn’t feeling well and stayed in bed all day. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that and asks where Xander is.

Xander goes to see Gwen at the Horton House. Gwen assures that they are alone since Jack is in New York, visiting Jennifer and Chad took the kids to go see them while Doug and Julie have been asleep for hours. Gwen comments that Xander looks terrible. Xander says he feels terrible and doesn’t know what to do as he feels like his whole life is going to go up in smoke. Gwen asks him to calm down and tell her the whole story.

Marlena tells Eric that she knows how much he’s always wanted a child of his own and calls it wonderful news. Eric questions her hesitation and says it’s okay as he knows she’s thinking that he and Jada hardly know each other and it wasn’t planned which is all true, but she has decided to keep the baby. Marlena asks if he’s okay with that decision. Eric calls it complicated and adds that Kate, of all people, helped Jada with the decision. Marlena questions Eric saying it’s complicated. Eric responds that it’s because of Nicole.

Jada tells Nicole that it’s been a long day and she’s pretty tired. Nicole brings up Jada being in her first trimester and comments that it looked like she was having a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Jada questions how she knows. Nicole admits that she stopped by earlier and saw them, but couldn’t help overhear that Eric said they were going to raise the baby together. Jada questions why Nicole didn’t say anything. Nicole says she didn’t want to interrupt and she was afraid that she would spoil the heartwarming moment by bringing up that Eric broke up with Jada a few days ago to be with her.

Rafe tells EJ that he went by his home and the staff said he had gone out and since he’s been ignoring his calls, he figured he would try to track him down. EJ mocks his detective skills. Rafe reminds him that he’s going to need his statement. EJ comments on Ava and Susan going over the rail and perishing in a rage of fire. EJ adds that Rafe already knows most of it. EJ explains that when he met up with Ava to pay the ransom, she lied and said that Susan was dead but then Susan turned up at the airstrip. EJ says Ava grabbed Susan and dragged her off at gunpoint, so he pursued in his car but Ava swerved hard and now his mother is gone and dead.

Eric tells Marlena that he never meant to lead Jada on. Marlena agrees that’s not who he is. Eric brings up that Jada saw he and Nicole kissing which is why she decided that she wanted to end their relationship. Marlena asks how he feels about it. Eric says he doesn’t blame her and never told her what to do about the pregnancy. Marlena asks if Eric wants the baby. Eric says of course he does and points out that people co-parent without living together all the time, so they just have to figure out a way to make it work together. Eric states that he and Nicole can be together like they want but he and Jada have to figure out how to raise this child. Eric hopes that Nicole can understand.

Jada questions if Nicole is here to give her hell about ruining her happily ever after with Eric. Nicole says no. Jada asks if she’s here to make sure she understands that her co-parenting with Eric will never lead to anything else. Jada argues that she has enough self-respect to not want to be with a man who is in love with someone else and Eric knows that. Jada assumes Eric’s intentions towards Nicole hasn’t changed but she’ll have to take that up with him. Nicole apologizes and says she and Eric never meant for this to happen or for Jada and Rafe to get hurt. Jada then cuts her off and tells her to shut the hell up.

Rafe asks why he gets the feeling that EJ is still not telling him the whole story. EJ claims he doesn’t know. Rafe says this feels extreme even for Ava. EJ feels whatever drove Ava this far is more than a deal she made with EJ to leave town. EJ asks who knows what drives a lunatic like Ava. Rafe complains that EJ is hindering his investigation, so he could arrest him for obstructing justice but he won’t after everything he’s been through. EJ tells Rafe that he appreciates that and offers him a drink from his flask which Rafe accepts.

Xander assumes Gwen has heard the news about Ava and Susan. Gwen confirms that she has and that the Spectator is all over it. Xander says it all went horribly wrong. Xander explains how Bonnie stumbled upon where he was keeping Susan and then Justin came home, so he knew it was only a matter of time before Justin found them. Xander says he should’ve taken that as a sign and ended the whole thing but he wanted his pay day, so he managed to move Susan right before they found Bonnie. Xander states that Bonnie is alright, but Susan wasn’t nearly as lucky.

Sarah tells Maggie that Xander went out for air and hopefully he’ll be back soon and feel like eating. Maggie points out there were a lot of leftovers since no one had much of an appetite tonight. Sarah asks how come. Maggie reminds her of the drama with Bonnie. Maggie is thankful Bonnie is alright but points out how upset she got when Rafe was questioning her. Sarah guesses Victor got on Bonnie’s case and ruined Thanksgiving. Maggie explains that as soon as they sat down, Bonnie was having flashbacks of the creepy clown and got startled, so she spilled her wine in to the gravy and it was all downhill from there. Sarah asks if the police have any leads on Ava’s accomplice. Maggie responds that all they have is Bonnie’s description of a muscle bound man in a clown mask and a blue business suit. Sarah points out the blue business suit part and then picks up Xander’s suit, asking if it was kind of like this one.

EJ didn’t expect Rafe to take a drink, joking that he’s drinking on the job. Rafe responds that it’s been a hell of a rough week. Rafe says it’s nothing compared to what EJ is going through, but he and Nicole are getting divorced. EJ says he’s sorry to hear that. Rafe thought EJ would be gloating since he hates them. EJ guesses he’s not in the gloating mood and asks what happened. EJ then stops and guesses it has something to do with Eric.

Eric tells Marlena that he thought he had come to terms with not becoming a father and then there was the heartbreaking loss of Mackenzie. Eric knows he has nieces, nephews, and Holly but he feels like fate has intervened and says it’s not too much to hope that all things can work out. Marlena guesses Eric hasn’t told Nicole yet about Jada wanting to keep the baby. Eric confirms he hasn’t and knows it’s a sensitive subject since he and Nicole wanted to have a baby together, but Nicole can’t have children. Eric hopes that Nicole doesn’t feel threatened by this baby.

Jada argues that Nicole is not sorry as she got exactly what she wanted. Jada tells Nicole not to pretend to feel bad for her or like she cares about her since her fake sympathy just makes it worse. Nicole says she’s sorry. Jada tells Nicole to imagine being in her shoes where she just moved to town and meets a man who is divorced like she is and his ex-wife is seemingly happily remarried. Jada talks about how it seemed like Eric really liked her and she really liked him so she thinks everything is great but then suddenly, his ex-wife keeps finding reasons to show up at his door and even gives him a job while swearing there’s nothing going on between them until one day, she shows up at his office and sees him locking lips with his ex. Jada cries that later that day, she finds out she’s pregnant with his baby, so she’s tied to him for life. Nicole notes that she seems really angry. Jada asks why the hell she wouldn’t be. Nicole admits she would be too. Nicole questions why Jada would want to have a baby that ties her to Eric forever if this is how she feels.

Xander tells Gwen that so many times he could’ve ended it but he was greedy and cowardly. Gwen understands that Ava can be extremely scare. Xander tells Gwen that Ava is insane as she was working out of the DiMera Crypt. Xander says he went in there yesterday and caught her talking to the walls. Xander adds that it only got worse from there as Ava finally lost it and ordered him to kill Susan which shocks Gwen, who asks what he said to that. Xander says he refused but then Ava ripped his mask off to give him more incentive so that everyone would know what he had done if he didn’t kill Susan. Xander states that he couldn’t bring himself to disappoint Sarah yet again, so he let Susan go. Gwen asks what happened then. Xander doesn’t know as somehow Ava got Susan back, the ransom hand off went bad and turned in to a a car chase as Ava ended up driving off a cliff. Gwen insists that this is not Xander’s fault as he tried to help Susan escape, pointing out that he was not driving the car. Xander argues that it is his fault for agreeing to take Susan because if he hadn’t, she would still be alive.

Maggie questions what Sarah is talking about. Sarah points out that Xander’s suit is blue and says a lot of things are starting to add up which Maggie questions. Sarah informs her that last night, Xander told her that he quit his job because his boss asked him to do something that was very wrong. Sarah adds that he was vague but he did say his boss was a woman. Maggie questions if she thinks that Xander was working for Ava. Sarah notes that Xander’s sickness came on suddenly as soon as heard Susan and Ava had died. Sarah says she loves Xander but he was under a lot of pressure to get this job and he is the type of person that Ava would hire to do something like this. Maggie argues that Xander is not that man anymore. Sarah says she didn’t think so either. Maggie questions her suspicion all of a sudden. Sarah says it just doesn’t feel right. Maggie doesn’t think it sounds so strange to her. Sarah asks what about the fact that the kidnapper had Bonnie and Susan in the Kiriakis shed where Xander used to work. Sarah adds that Victor said he never heard of the company Xander was working for, so maybe he made it up because he was working for Ava Vitali.

Rafe confirms to EJ that he and Nicole are getting divorced because of Eric and asks how he knew. EJ responds that everyone knew Nicole and Eric were destined to be together as it seemed like every time they separated, they always found a way to come back to each other. EJ adds that he once thought he and Sami had that kind of connection, but clearly he was mistaken. Rafe is not sure how unbreakable Nicole and Eric’s connection is since it seems like there is already trouble in paradise…

Marlena tells Eric that the baby complicates things between he and Nicole, so she thinks he has to address this with her very soon. Eric confirms that’s where he was heading next. Marlena knows it will be a difficult conversation to have and it could get complicated, but encourages that they have been through so much together and they love each other, so she knows they will find a way to work this out together. Eric thanks her as they hug.

Jada cannot believe Nicole questioned her keeping the baby. Nicole knows she resents her and says she’s just trying to give her some perspective. Nicole says she has been a single mother for years and her daughter was a surprise but she loves her with her whole heart. Nicole argues that she wouldn’t want to go in to parenting with a negative attitude. Jada argues that she didn’t ask for her perspective. Nicole wishes someone had warned her or painted a realistic picture of motherhood for her. Jada questions what the hell that’s supposed to mean. Nicole warns Jada that babies change your life forever, so she needs to decide before it’s too late if she’s ready for this change and somethings he really wants. Nicole asks if Jada has even considered how this would affect her career. Jada responds that Rafe told her that she can take leave any time she wants. Nicole questions how much of that leave will be paid and points out that before she has the baby, she’ll be spending a lot of time behind a desk which has to be a set back for a young, ambitious detective. Jada tells her that’s enough. Nicole adds that when Jada does go back to work, she willl be exhausted all the time and crying over guilt from trying to put her whole heart in to both work and the baby which will leave her feeling bitter and depressed. Nicole acknowledges that Eric will be there for her, but even with that support, she calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done. Nicole points out that she’s going to be in Eric’s life now, which means she’s going to be in Jada’s life, so she’s trying to figure out a way to work this out and help her. Jada yells at her to get out and opens the door so Nicole exits.

Gwen repeats to Xander that this was not his fault since Ava promised that Susan would not get hurt. Xander feels stupid for believing her. Gwen argues that she knew Ava, so she thinks that Ava was telling the truth when she hired him, but it took a horrible turn and if Xander knew how it would turn out, he never would have taken the job. Xander admits when he let Susan go, he thought there was a chance that she would go straight to the cops, so he almost confessed to Sarah but then he remembered when Susan was begging for her life, she promised to keep her mouth shut so he thought by some miracle, she might not say anything so he didn’t tell Sarah. Xander says he just told Sarah that he quit his job, but then he saw the news and he got his miracle since Susan will never talk to anyone ever again. Gwen insists that Xander didn’t want Susan to die and he let her go. Xander complains that he still grabbed her, tied her up, and drugged her, so he’s not a changed man. Xander declares that he’s the same worthless piece of garbage that he’s always been. Gwen disagrees since his intentions were good and honorable as this was about him being a good husband and provider. Xander worries that he has no choice but to tell the truth. Gwen reminds him that Ava and Susan are dead while Bonnie never saw it was him and she’s not going to say anything. Xander asks if she means that. Gwen points out that she could have given him up the other night, but she didn’t and she won’t. Xander brings up everything they have been through. Gwen tells him that she still cares about him and she understands him probably better than anyone which she’s pretty sure is why he is here. Gwen points out that he trusted her with his secret, so she promises his secret is safe with her.

Maggie admits to Sarah that she was skeptical about Xander’s honesty when he first got this job because he wasn’t giving any details. Sarah questions just believing him now. Maggie thinks Sarah is letting her imagination run wild in this case. Maggie says that Xander has a blue suit but so does a million other men. Maggie adds that Ava was in the mafia, so she’s sure she had a dozen muscle bound enforcers on her payroll. Maggie brings up that she’s been married to a changed man for a very long time. Maggie never likes when people plant seeds of doubt regarding Victor’s behavior or honesty. Maggie encourages that the key to the truth is to trust her husband is being honest with her, unless she has overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sarah asks if Maggie thinks Xander is being honest. Maggie responds that she thinks Xander loves her more than anything and now that he has her back, she doesn’t think he would do anything to risk losing her again. Maggie decides she needs to get home to Victor. Sarah thanks her for the food as they hug. Maggie promises that everything will be alright as she exits.

EJ questions Rafe saying there’s trouble in paradise between Eric and Nicole. They get interrupted as Rafe gets a phone call, so he answers and says he’ll be right there. Rafe informs EJ that he has to get back to the station and asks if he can persuade him to come with him. EJ agrees to go tomorrow, but tonight he’s going to sit here and wallow. Rafe asks EJ to promise he won’t get behind the wheel. EJ assures that his driver is parked nearby. Rafe advises EJ to be careful of the turn. EJ remarks that he doesn’t want to end up like his mother. Rafe then walks away.

Rafe goes to the police station where Jada is working. Rafe questions what Jada is doing there since she didn’t have the holiday shift. Jada responds that she wanted to catch up on paper work and clear her head. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada says it’s just been a day. Jada notices that Rafe is not wearing his wedding ring. Rafe informs her that he and Nicole are getting divorced. Jada says she’s sorry. Rafe figured there’s no point in dragging it out, even if Nicole doesn’t go back to Eric because of Jada’s pregnancy. Jada assures that her pregnancy will not be an issue..

Nicole runs in to Eric in the town square. Eric hugs her and says he’s so happy to see her as he was just trying to call her about meeting up. Eric wanted to tell her that Jada has decided to have the baby, but insists it won’t change anything between them. Nicole asks if he’s sure. Eric knows it’s a lot and it’s all happening at once, but assures that they can handle it as they always find a way to make things work. Eric states that he and Jada’s relationship is over and they are going to co-parent but that’s it. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her and only her. Eric promises it will be okay as he hugs her.

Rafe asks if Jada has made a decision about the baby. Jada responds that she was going to go through with the pregnancy until she had time to think about it and consider what her life would really be like if she did. Jada reveals that she’s realized that she can’t do it after all.

Xander goes home to Sarah, who asks if he is feeling better. Xander responds that he is and the fresh air did him good. Sarah is glad and notes that he was out in the cold for so long that he must be freezing. Xander notes that something smells good. Sarah informs him that Maggie brought them leftovers if he has his appetite. Xander confirms that he is starving and says he will get things unpacked. Sarah comments on Xander’s blue suit, so he asks if something is wrong. Sarah says she was just thinking that maybe over dinner, he could tell her if he was the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

Marlena sits at home reading a book and is startled when her doll from Susan suddenly falls off the mantle. Marlena picks the doll up and calls it strange, wondering how that happened.

EJ finishes drinking at the cliff and gets up to walk away when he hears a noise. EJ calls out for his mother as he looks in the direction of the sound.

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Interview with Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer

TV Interview!

Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer of "Steppin' into the Holiday" on Lifetime

Interview with Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer of “Steppin’ into the Holiday” on Lifetime by Suzanne 11/7/22

This is a fun Christmas movie with a lot of dancing. I’ve spoke with Jana before, but not Mario. It was nice to chat with them both, of course. This is a better movie than the last one I saw him in. I didn’t realize that he got his start dancing when he was very young. I also didn’t realize that he’s from Chula Vista, which is right near where I grew up! It sounds a little bit like he had a cold during the interview because he was sounding congested and drinking a lot of water. I hope he feels better!  Anyway, you should check out this festive movie. Two trailers below and then the interview.

MORE INFO: Trailer

Steppin' Into the Holiday key art

Former Broadway star Billy Holiday (Mario Lopez) returns to his hometown for Christmas after being abruptly fired as the host-producer-judge of the hit TV series “Celebrity Dance Off.”  While there, he encounters Rae (Jana Kramer), the charismatic owner of the local dance studio, where Billy’s 12-year-old nephew is her standout student. This Christmas, Rae is planning a dance recital fundraiser with the goal of taking her students to see a Broadway show in New York City. Billy volunteers to help Rae with the recital by reviving the town’s traditional Christmas Eve show, which was once a showcase for local talent. With Billy’s knack for producing and Rae’s knowledge of all things local, their collaboration clicks and romantic sparks start flying!

Cheri Oteri stars as Dallas, Billy’s high-powered, fast-talking, Hollywood agent. Dallas scrambles to find Billy work after he is fired by his boss, Wayne, played by Mario Cantone, a network executive who is equal parts charming and ruthless! Courtney Lopez , Mario’s real-life wife, also appears in the film as Joanna, the charismatic host of “Celebrity Dance Off,” who is tapped to replace Billy (her former fling) as executive producer and head judge after his popularity hits the skids.

Steppin’ Into the Holiday is produced by Via Mar and Roberts Media, LLC. in association with Motion Content Group.  Jeff Stearns, Mark Roberts, Mario Lopez, Jana Kramer, Richard Foster and Chet Fenster serving as Executive Producers. David Kendall directs from a script by Aliza Murrieta and Peter Murrieta.

Mario Lopez is an American actor and television host. He has appeared on several television series, in films, and on Broadway. He is known for his portrayal of A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell, Saved by the Bell: The College Years, and the 2020 sequel series. He has appeared in numerous projects since, including the third season of Dancing with the Stars and as host for the syndicated entertainment news magazine shows Extra and Access Hollywood. He has also hosted America’s Best Dance Crew for MTV. In 2012, he co-hosted the second season of the American version of The X Factor with Khloé Kardashian, and was the sole host for the third and final season.

Jana Rae Kramer is an American country music singer and actress. She is known for her role as Alex Dupre on the television series One Tree Hill. Kramer began her musical career in 2012 and has released two albums: Jana Kramer (2012) and Thirty One (2015). The albums produced seven charted singles on Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay, including the top 10 hits “Why Ya Wanna” and “I Got the Boy”. She competed on season 23 of Dancing with the Stars, finishing in fourth place. (These two biographies are from Wikipedia)

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer dancing in "Steppin' into the Holiday" on Lifetime

Days Transcript Friday, November 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Thought I might find you here.

Happy Thanksgiving, honey. Same to you. Mom.

Come in. Thank you.

Is that new? Oh no, that was, uh, that was a, a gift from Susan Banks. I was, I was just thinking about her. I heard the news and I’m sorry. I know you two were close. Well, I’m sorry that I couldn’t host today. I just didn’t really feel like it. But did you have a nice time at the pub? I did. . And I wanted to share some news that I’m very thankful for.

Oh, I’m gonna be a dad.

If you’re looking for Eric, he’s out. Actually, uh, I came here to see you

Leftovers for you and Zander. Thank you, mom. I was hoping you would join us for dinner. Yes. So was I, but Xander wasn’t feeling well. I thought he might rally, but he stayed in bed all day. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Um, so where is he?

Here you are. You sure we’re right? Yes. I told you Jack in New York with Jennifer and Chad’s taken the children out there to be with them for the holiday from the old bat and her husband have been asleep for hours.

God, you look terrible. I feel terrible. Look quite, I dunno what I’m gonna do. I feel like my whole life is gonna go up and smoke. Okay. Look, we’ll just let’s calm down and, and just tell me the whole story. Yeah.

Like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Eric, I know how much you’ve always wanted a child of your own. It’s just, it’s wonderful news. I heard that you heard what? The hesitation No, I, I wasn’t. I, I didn’t. It’s okay. . I know what you’re thinking. Really? What am I thinking? Jada and I hardly know each other, and it probably wasn’t planned, which is all true.

But she did decide to keep the baby. Oh, and And you’re fine with that decision. It is complicated, but, but Kate of all people helped her with her decision and, uh, not that I know what Kate said to her. Okay. But, uh, uh, darling, you said it was complicated. What does that mean because of Nicole?

It’s been a long day, Nicole, and I’m pretty tired, so Yeah, of course. You’re tired. You’re, you’re in your first trimester and not to mention the triptofen. It looks like you were really having a nice Thanksgiving dinner. How would you know that? I stopped by earlier and I saw y’all sitting around the table sharing what you were grateful for, and I couldn’t help.

But over here at Eric say that you two were gonna raise the baby together. So if you were there, why didn’t you say anything? I didn’t wanna interrupt. So you just left. Well, I, I was afraid that I would spoil the heartwarming moment by bringing up the fact that Eric broke up with you a few days ago to be with me.

I went by your place, Steph said you’d gone out. Since you’ve been ignoring my calls, I figured I’d try and track you down. Well done Hernandez, putting those crack detective skills to work

I’m gonna need that statement about how my mother and Ava Lata wound up crashing through that guardrail and perishing and a raging in front.

You already know most of it. When I met up with Ava to pay the ransom, she lied and said my mother was dead. But then she turned up at the stra. Susan did

that. Psychotic bitch grabbed her and dragged her off a gunpoint. I pursued in my. He was swerved hard and

it’s just never meant to lead Jada on, of course, not. That isn’t who you are, mom. Jada saw Nicole and I kiss him. That’s why she decided that she wanted to end our relationship. Oh, how do you feel about that? I understand. I don’t blame her. I mean, but that doesn’t mean I’m walking away from my responsibility and I never told her what I thought she should do about the p.

Do you want the baby? Of course I do. I mean, people do it all the time, right? Co-parenting without living together, I mean, we just gotta figure a way to make it work together. Nicole and I can be together and that’s what we want. It’s just TA and I have to figure out how to raise this child. I just hope Nicole understands that and she’s okay about it.

So you’re here to what? Give me hell for ruining your little happily ever after. With Eric? No, Jada. I’m not here to give you hell. I I’m here to fight. To what? To make sure I understand that my co-parenting with Eric will never lead to anything else to make sure that we’ll be very business-like about it.

Well, let me be clear, Nicole. I have enough self-respect to not want to be with a man who’s in love with someone. And Eric knows that. I see. I’m assuming his intentions towards you haven’t changed, but you allowed to take that up with him. Dude, I, I’m so sorry. Eric and I never meant for this to happen. We never meant for you or RA to get hurt.

Oh, please just shut the hell. Excuse me. You heard me?

Why do I get the feeling? Because you’re still not telling me the whole story. I know. Detective White dude.

Well, this feels extreme. Even for Ava. I would ever drove her this far. I’ve got a hunch that it was more than some deal she made with you to leave town.

Who knows what drives a lunatic like Angel Vital. I guess I should say drove.

You’re hindering my investigation. Ej, I could arrest you for obstructing justice.

I won’t. Not after everything that you’ve been.

I appreciate that.

I see you’ve heard the news about Ava and Susie, the car wreck. Yeah, the spectators all over it. Right. You’re reporting. I went horribly wrong. How so? Oh, first that nosy body, Bonnie Keaker, she stumbled onto the shed, Ross Hole in Susan and Justin came home and I knew it was just a matter of time until he figured out that Bonnie was missing and they found both her and Susan.

I just, I should have taken that as a sign and ended the whole thing. Asco. But you wanted your payday. Yeah, exactly. So I managed to move Susan right before they rescued Bonnie. Well, so much for that. And Bonnie, she’s, she’s all right. Is she? It’s all right. As she Good, I suppose. But obviously Susan wasn’t Neely as lucky.

Uh, Xander went out to get some air. Hopefully he’ll be back soon and maybe then he’ll finally feel like eating something. Well, there were a lot of leftovers. No one, um, had much of an appetite tonight. How come? Oh, you know, the drama with Bonnie, I mean, I mean, thank God she’s all right. But you saw how upset she got when Rafe was questioning her.

Let me guess. Victor got on her case and ruined Thanksgiving dinner. Listen, as soon as we sat down to the table, poor Bonnie started having these flashbacks of this creepy clown holding her hostage and she got startled by the cork popping and, and her wine glass knocked into the gravy boat and it was just, oh God, it was downhill from there.

Or Bonnie, do the police have any leads on Ava’s accomplice? , as far as I know, all they have is Bonnie’s description of a muscle bound man and a clown mask. Blue business suit,

a blue business suit

kind of like this one.

What you offered. I didn’t expect you to take it. Commissioner Dudley do right? Drinking on the job,

Oh, what can I say? He’s spent a hell of a week. Rough one, huh? Yeah. I mean, obviously nothing compared to what you were going through, but

Nicole and I are getting divorced.

I’m sorry to hear that.

What thought? Considering how much you hate the two of us, he’d be gloating right now. I guess I’m not in the gloating mood.

So what happened? Wait, let me guess. It has something to do with Samantha’s twin brother.

And then I thought I’d come to terms with, uh, becoming a. And then there was a heartbreaking loss of McKenzie. I mean, I know I have nieces and nephews and, and Holly, it’s kind of where I feel that fate has intervened. It’s not too much to hope that all things can work out. Right, right. No, of course not.

You, you said that you’re hoping that Nicole will understand. So I guess you haven’t yet told her that Jada is pregnant and wants to keep the baby. No, I haven’t. And I know it’s a sensitive subject. Of course it’s because you, because you in a call want her to have a baby together. Yeah. And as you know, Nicole can’t have children cuz she can’t care to turn.

I just hope she didn’t feel threatened by this. How dare you? How dare I tell you? I’m sorry, . You’re not sorry. You got exactly what you wanted. So don’t pretend to feel bad for me or that you even care about me because you’re fake sympathy. It just makes it all worse. I’m sorry. I.

Imagine you’re me. I’m new to Salem. I meet this guy. He’s divorced. I’m divorced. His ex-wife seems to be happily remarried. This guy and I, we go on a few dates and we click, we have real chemistry. I be sure it moves, moves pretty fast. I’m, I’m living next door to him. We see each other every day, but. From what I can tell, he, he really likes me and I definitely like him, and so I, I think everything’s great.

But then all of a sudden, his, his, his ex-wife keeps coming around, keeps finding reasons to show up at his door. She even gives him a job. And she swears, she swears that there’s nothing going on between them. And then one day I show up at his office to pay him a visit, and I, I see him locking lifts with his ex, and then later that day, I find out that I’m pregnant with his baby.

So at the same time that he’s, he’s cutting me loose. I find out that I’m tied to this man for the rest of my life.

Really angry. Why the hell wouldn’t I be? Well, I would be too. So I, I, I hope you don’t mind me asking if this is how you feel, if this is how this guy makes you feel, then why would you wanna have a baby that ties you to him forever?

So many times I could have ended it. Greedy, cowardly. Look, Ava can be extremely scary. She’s insane. You know, she was operating outta the Dara crypt. I walked in there yesterday and I caught her talking to the walls. Goodness just got worse from there. And she finally lost it and ordered me to kill Susan.

What? What did you say? I refused, of course, but I was about to take Susan back up to the house when Ava ripped my mask off in front of Susan to give me more, I. In other words, if you didn’t kill Susan, Evan would know what you’d done. Sarah would know. In the end, I just,

I couldn’t bring myself to disappoint her yet again, and I, and I just, I let Susan, then what happened? I. Somehow Ava got Susan back and apparently the ransom handoff went bad. They got into a car chasing, driving off a cliff.

Zander, Zander. This is not your fault. You tried to save Susan. You, you helped her escape. You were not the one behind the wheel of that car. Of course, it was my fault. Agreeing to snatch Susan in the first place. If I hadn’t, Susan would still be alive.

So what are you talking to him about? That’s Sanders suit, his blue suit. Well, surely you don’t think that, I don’t know, mom. I mean, a lot of things are starting to add. Such as last night, Xander told me that he quit his job because his boss asked him to do something that was very wrong. So what was it? He was vague, but he did say that his boss was a woman.

Oh, come on. You don’t think the Xander is working for Ava mom? This sickness came on suddenly, as soon as he heard that Susan and Ava had died. You know that I love Xander and I, I want to believe in him, but he was under a lot of pressure to get this job, and he is the type of person that Ava would hire to do something like this.

Xander’s, not that man anymore. I didn’t think so either. Share why All the suspicion all of a sudden, because it, it doesn’t feel right. And an ethical boss feeling ill after hearing about a terrible tragedy. That doesn’t sound so strange to me. Okay. Then what about the fact that the kidnapper was keeping Bonnie and Susan in the Kiki shed?

Which is where Xander worked when he was the gardener. He knows the grounds. He knows how to get around unnoticed. And remember that Victor said that he had never heard of the company that Xander claimed he worked for. It was a startup, or maybe it doesn’t exist. Maybe Xander made up this job because he was working for Ava Vitali.

Yes, Cole and I are getting divorced because of Eric.

How’d you know? Now the two of them were destined to be together. Everyone knew,

it seemed like every time those two separated, they always ended up finding a way. Come back to each other.

I once thought Samantha and I had that kind of connection. Clearly I was mistaken.

Well, I’m not sure how unbreakable Nicole and Eric’s connection is. Seems like there’s already trouble in paradise.

Eric, this baby complicates things between you and Cole. I think you have to address this with her honey, and I think you’ve gotta do that very soon. Oh, mom, that’s where I was heading next actually. Good, good. Look, this will be. A difficult conversation to have and it could get complicated, but you know what?

You and Nicole have been through so much together and you love each other, so I, I just know you’ll find a way to work this out together.

I cannot believe you just asked me that. Well, it’s, it’s a legitimate. Look, Jada, I know you’re resentful of me. That’s putting it wildly, and I, I, I don’t blame you. I’m just trying to give you some perspective here. Okay. Look, I have been a single mother for years and believe me, my daughter was a surprise and I love her with my whole heart.

But you, you don’t wanna go into parenting with a negative attitude. I cannot ask for your perspective. Okay, that’s fine. I just wish someone had warned me. I’m sorry. Warned, this is the wrong word. I wish someone had painted a realistic picture of motherhood for me. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

It means it’s true what they say about babies. They change your life forever and you need to decide. Before it’s too late. If you’re ready for this change. If, if this is something that you really want, I mean, for example, have you even considered how this would affect your career? Brave told me that I can take leave anytime I want.

Okay, that’s wonderful. But how much of that leave will be paid? And not to mention before you have the baby, you’ll be sitting behind a desk for a. And for an ambitious young detective, that’s gotta be a big setback. Okay? Enough. And when you do go back to work, you’re gonna be exhausted and torn and, and crying all the time, and not just because of your hormones.

It’s guilt. It’s guilt because you love your job and you love your baby, and you try to put your whole heart into both and it’s impossible. And it, and it leaves you feeling bitter and, and not to mention depressed. And yes. We’ll be there for you a hundred percent, but even with that support, Jayda is, is the hardest thing I have ever done.

And of course, I’m, I’m gonna be in Eric’s life now, which means I’m gonna be in yours meant I am just trying to figure out a way to, to work this out, get. I am trying to help Jada. I’m just trying to help get out.

I am going to keep telling you this until you hear me. Zander, this was not your fault. Okay? Ava promised that Susan would not get hurt. Yeah, and I was stupid enough to believe her. I, I know Ava. Ava, and I think that when she hired you, she was telling the truth. This was supposed to be a simple kidnapping, but like you said, it took a horrible turn.

And if you would’ve known how this would’ve turned out, you never would’ve taken that job. You know, when I let Susan go, I, and I thought there’s a good chance she’d run straight to the cops and tell them that you were the one who took her. I almost confessed to Sarah, but then I remembered when Susan.

Begging for her life, she swore to keep her mask shut. But I thought, what if life, by some miracle, she doesn’t say anything. So you didn’t tell Sarah?

I just told her I quit my job and then I saw the news and I got my miracle. Susan will never say anything. Ever again. You didn’t want Susan to die and you did not kill her. Ah, but I, I terrorized her. I, I grabbed her, I drugged her. I tied her up. I I’m not a changed man, Gwen, and the same worthless piece of garbage I’ve always been.

Hi, Hey. That’s not true. Your intentions were good and honorable. This was about you being a supportive husband, a provider. I thing I’ve ever provided Sarah with his pain. I should just tell the truth. No, no. I have to. I This is no choice. No. Yeah. Hell, you don’t have a choice of snow. But Eva is dead and Susan is dead.

Bonnie never saw your face and I’m certainly not gonna bloody say anything. What do you mean that

I could have given you up the other night? I didn’t. I. Even after everything we’ve been through,

like I said to you before, Xander, I still care about you.

I understand you probably better than anyone. Which, um, I’m pretty sure is why you are here.

You trusted me with your secret, and I promise you is.

Sarah. Hmm, darling, when Zander first got his job at the pharmaceutical company, I was skeptical of his honesty at first because he, he wasn’t giving you any details. But now, now what? You, you think I should just believe him no matter what? I think then in this case, you. Letting your imagination run wild.

Xander has a blue suit, so do a million other men. I know. I know. No Lava Vitali was in the mafia. Okay. I’m sure she had a dozen. Muscle bowel enforcers on her payroll.

Honey, I’ve been married to a change man for a very long time, as you know, in spite of what I said to you the other day, which now I regret because. I never like it when people plant seeds of doubt with me regarding Victor’s behavior, artist honesty.

Anyway, the key is truth. To trust that your husband is being honest with you, unless you have overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you think that Xander’s being honest? Yeah, I think Xander loves you more than anything, and now that he has you. I don’t think he’d do anything to risk losing you again.

And now I need to get home to Victor . Okay. Thank you for the food. Oh, you are most welcome. Yeah. And everything is gonna be all right, sweetheart. I promise.

Have you, I love you more

travel and Paradise between St. Eric and her ex-wife to tell, yeah. Excuse me.

Yeah. Colin, what’s up? All right, I’ll be right there. Well, I’ve gotta head back to the station. Sure. I can’t persuade you to come with me. Maybe tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow fine. Okay. But tonight I’m going to sit here with my single malt and wallow just. Promise me you won’t get buying the wheel. My driver’s parked just down there.

All good. Good. And uh, be careful. It’s a blind turn right? Don’t wanna end up like my mother.


What are you doing here? I didn’t draw a holiday shift. I wanted to catch up on some paperwork and, uh, clear my head. You okay? Yeah, it’s just, it’s been a day. Yeah. I hear ya. You’re not wearing your wedding ring. Yeah. Well, Nicole and I talked earlier. We had divorced. I’m sorry. Just figured no point in dragging it out now, even if.

Nicole doesn’t end up going back to her cuz of your pregnancy. My pregnancy will not be an issue.

Nicole. Hey, my God. Oh, I’m, oh, I’m so happy to see you. I was just trying to call you to see if we can meet up. I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner. Yeah. Uh, same. I just wanted to tell you. Jed has decided to have the baby. Oh yeah. But it won’t change anything between us. Ah, are you sure?

I know it’s alive and it’s all happening at once, but we can handle it. We always have whatever life throws at us, we always find a way to make it work. . Listen, Jada and I, our relationship is over and we’re gonna co-parent, and that’s it. I love you and only you,

I promise it’s gonna be okay.

Have you made a decision about the.

I have,

I was gonna go through with a pregnancy until I’ve had time to think about it, to consider what my life would really. Be like, if I did

and I realized,

realized what?

I can’t do it after all.

You feeling better? I, I am. Yeah. The fresh air me good. Good. I’m glad you were out in the cold for such a long time. You must be freezing. Not as bad as I thought. . , something smells good. What better than sweaty gym socks, that’s for sure. Yes. Mom brought us a bunch of leftovers so we can dig in if you have your appetite back.

Uh, I do, and I am starving. Just let me unpack this really quick. Before the cockroaches or any though, why is it right and I will just move your blue suit so we have somewhere to sit, something wrong with. I was just, uh, thinking that maybe over dinner you could tell me if you were the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

That’s strange that happened.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 21, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: Are you kidding me? With that dress? We are hitting the town.

Sally: Well, terrific, although I do feel kind of bad because you have to be up at the office bright and early, and I don’t have anything on my schedule tomorrow until a mani-pedi at 2:00.

Nick: Don’t worry about me. I operate on minimal sleep. Besides, we have a lot to celebrate.

Sally: Yeah. What are we celebrating, me signing up for unemployment?


Elena: I’m good. Good to see you two.

Billy: What do you say? Should we share a table?

Devon: I’m going to go ahead and pass, just because she’s here to meet with our favorite cousin. So, I’m going to keep my distance at the bar, if you don’t mind.

Elena: Yeah, I understand if you want your privacy, but you’re both more than welcome to join Nate and I.

Lily: Yeah, that’s going to be a no for me.

Billy: Yeah. Separate tables it is.

Lily: Yes. But I would love to catch up with you sometime soon, just the two of us.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 18, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: I would like to propose a toast.

Tucker: To what?

Phyllis: You. And, uh, the interesting tidbit you gave to Ashley about Diane and her activity in Los Angeles with Jeremy Stark.

Tucker: I hope you can put it to good use.

Phyllis: Absolutely. No stone unturned.

Tucker: Glad to hear it.

Phyllis: I’m not done. I have another stone.

Tucker: What stone’s that?

Phyllis: You. Why are you here, Tucker? What are you doing back in this town? What do you plan to get out of all of this?


Chelsea: As your mom, i always want to be honest with you. And I want this sadness to stop. I really do. But it’s an illness. It’s not like a physical one, like a — like a cold or an infection, but a mental one. So, I need help from my doctors to learn how to manage it and how to make it go away. But unfortunately, these things take time.

Connor: But if it isn’t physical, how bad did it have to be for you to know you had to go to the hospital?

Chelsea: [Sighs] Um… it was very bad. It hurt very intensely on the inside. Even if people couldn’t see it on the outside, the — the pain was unbearable. And I — I just wanted it to stop.

Connor: Was it so bad you wanted to die? .

Connor: Hey, you guys, I’m not a kid anymore. I know what it means to un-alive yourself.

Chelsea: What?

Adam: Un-alive yourself? Where did you hear that?

Connor: [Sighs] It’s what they call it online. When someone doesn’t want to live anymore, they un-alive themselves. You can’t use other words for it without getting into trouble on some sites.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I-I-I do not love that you’re seeing those kinds of things online. But, um — ugh. But…yes. There was a moment when my head told me the pain would go away if I wasn’t here anymore. Not because there aren’t wonderful things in my life — because there are. It’s just the pain was so heavy, I couldn’t feel those wonderful things through all the sadness. It was a scary, terrible time for me. I was feeling desperate and alone with nowhere to turn. But the point is, I don’t feel that way anymore. And I promise I am going to work so hard so I never feel that way, again

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 17, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Sally: Hello, Adam.

Adam: Mm. How lucky I am I that I am here at the precise moment when the two of you are meeting up for — what, drinks? Nice dinner? You guys fueling up for another round of hot sex?

Sally: Okay. That was out of line.

Nick: Watch your mouth.

Adam: Well, unlike you, I’m not in the mood to plaster a smile on my face. I’m just keeping it real.

Sally: Okay, I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but that’s no excuse to be crude, okay? After our last conversation, i thought maybe we were in a good place, that maybe we actually got to the point where we could be friends.


Sally: You couldn’t trust me. So you broke up with me and you claimed it was for my own good. Do you know how humiliated i felt?

Adam: And I have apologized for that repeatedly, Sally.

Sally: And yet somehow you’re the wounded party. I’m sorry. It doesn’t work like that.

Nick: Well, it does for a narcissist. Everything always happens to you. It’s never because of you. Does that sound about right?

Adam: Don’t get your hopes up thinking he will make you happy, Sally. He will never love you ’cause he can’t. ‘Cause the only woman he’s ever loved is Sharon. You’re just the latest substitute.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sally: I invite you to brainstorm, and you bring me a bucket? And it is not even filled with muffins or a nice pumpkin chai.

Chloe: Miles left it in the sandbox. But we are going to fill it with positive things until it is overflowing with goodness.

Sally: You first.

Chloe: Okay. Um, first, we’re going to fill it with money…

[Coins clatter] …That we will be making very soon. And now our résumés will gleam now that we can add CEO and coo to our list of accomplishments.

Sally: And we have a wealth of knowledge and experience as fashion creators.

Chloe: Oh, not to mention all of the people that have worked for us. Our leadership skills are through the roof.


Chloe: Okay, when Sally came to town, like any true star, she just wanted to shine. And she didn’t allow for the fact that there is room for one more star in the galaxy, but she regrets getting off on the wrong foot with summer. Sally has changed. She has learned to focus her energies in a positive direction. And I know that summer doesn’t trust her, but I do. And summer trusts me. And she is the creative director of the hottest fashion house in town. So, all you need to do is convince summer that sally needs a second chance.

Sally: Chloe. Dial it back to zero now.

Chloe: [ Chuckles nervously ]

Sally: [ Sighs ] Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

Sally: Chloe, I told you we aren’t doing this.

Chloe: What? The worst thing he can say is no.

Sally: I don’t want anyone’s help. And, look, I’m sorry that she put you on the spot like that. I would never ask you to intervene and try and get us a job with Summer at Marchetti ever. And it’s nothing against summer, of course. You know, I would be very lucky to work with her, but Chloe was right. I was awful to her and to kyle, and I really feel terrible about that.

Nick: I know you do.

Chloe: But you also know that we would be an asset to marchetti. And with sally’s unique sense of style and my finger in the zeitgeist, I mean, we just — we just mix all of that up, and we could turn it into gold.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You’ve been an excellent mole.

Audra: Uh, I prefer liaison. I can feed you information, but I’m not going to get any access to any shares of the stock. And Nate knows vastly more about the inner workings of the company than I do. He could still give Newman an upper hand.

Tucker: Yes, but we do have a plan.

Audra: Right.

Tucker: [Chuckles] Your optimism is invigorating. So, what about Jabot? Did you get any intel on their financials?

Audra: Not yet.

Tucker: Uh-huh.

[Clicks tongue] I’ve given you plenty of time to do that.

[Sighs] Is there a problem? Something I don’t know about? Because I’ve done my part to pave the way for this strategy. Should all be coming together by now.


Phyllis: We just want to have a pleasant conversation with you.

Diane: Oh, okay. Sure. Um, what’s the topic? Oh. Me.

Phyllis: Uh, well, yeah, you. Uh, but the other topic is convicted felon Jeremy Stark.

Nikki: See, we know that you moved money around the world for him illegally. The fact that you didn’t go to prison alongside him is really quite the mystery.

Ashley: It is. And now that he’s about to be released from prison, I bet he’s thinking, “gee, I wonder whatever happened to my old accomplice, Diane Jenkins?”

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Diane: Is it possible that you ladies are actually getting worse at this? I mean, I almost have to laugh at the absurdity of your latest ploy.

Nikki: Hey, good idea. Why don’t you laugh yourself right out of town?

Diane: Uh-huh. I don’t know where you’re getting your story from, but the only connection I had to Jeremy Stark was that we went out on a couple of dates. The idea that he — wait, what was it? — That I was moving money illegally around the world for him is ridiculous. Oh! Wait. Tucker told you this story, didn’t he? Oh, my gosh, the three of you are even more gullible than i thought.

Ashley: Well, what difference does it make where it came from, as long as it’s the truth?

Diane: Well, Tucker has clearly decided he doesn’t have use for me anymore. He no longer needs me to tell him where you are or who you’re dating because he has a direct line to you now. And I — I guess you’re falling for his manipulations again. I mean, haven’t you learned your lesson?

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 14, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Kyle: Okay, mom, what is it?

Diane: [Scoffs] I hate that “what now?” tone. I’m worried that I lost some of the ground that I gained with you and the Abbotts when you learned what I did in Los Angeles, what I had to do in order to survive. I feel like I’m back at square one.

Kyle: I already told you —

Diane: I know you told me you understand why I did what I did, but I still feel like it’s changed the dynamic between us. I mean, look at the way you’re speaking to me right now, like you’re just — like you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Kyle: Maybe you should look at this latest confession from my point of view. It’s only natural that this news would make us feel guarded when it comes to you and your past. Yet, even after hearing about it, I’ve again given you the benefit of the doubt.


Amanda: I believe you when you say that you and Abby, whatever happened, it was spontaneous and unexpected.

Devon: Well, I appreciate that ’cause it’s the truth.

Amanda: But at any time from that first kiss, anything that followed, you could’ve stopped yourself, but you didn’t. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot. Why didn’t either one of you pull back? What would possibly carry you through to the ultimate betrayal? And I’ve come up with the only possible conclusion. Because you are a good man, Devon. You have a big heart and you are a thoughtful friend and you’ve been all of those things to me, and I really — when I came home from Virginia, I thought that you would be those things for me now.

Devon: And I’m sorry that I let you down.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: Four weeks’ vacation. That sounds about right.

[Clears throat] Yeah. Oh, and you should know that Newman also has a very generous health plan — vision, dental, mental-health services, et cetera.

Nate: I’d expect nothing less.

Victoria: Okay. Well, I think that covers everything. I will send these deal memos off to legal.

Nate: You mean you’ll base a contract on the notes you scribbled on a cocktail napkin.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Well, it won’t be the first time they’ve seen something like this. The lawyers will work up a draft, and then we can take it from there.

Nate: Oh, one more thing — parking.

Victoria: Parking? Oh. Well, don’t you live like a couple of blocks from Newman towers?


Lily: I am sure Billy didn’t upset Chelsea. He was worried about her, so I’m sure he was being sensitive and thoughtful.

Adam: Look, I-I understand why you want to think the best of your boyfriend, but you didn’t see Chelsea. I did, and she was really upset.

Lily: That doesn’t mean it was Billy’s fault.

Adam: I-I want to know what happened up on that rooftop.

Lily: Well, why didn’t you ask them when you saw them?

Adam: I did, and Billy shut me down. He hurried Chelsea out of there like he didn’t want to hear from me at all. Okay, Lily, something is going on, and I would like to know what it is. This is the mother of my child. I have a right to know.

Lily: I don’t know what you want from me, Adam. I don’t control Billy.

Adam: Have you heard from him since he left here?

Lily: No, I haven’t.

Adam: Do you have any idea where he could have gone?

Lily: No, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.

Adam: Why not?

Lily: Because I don’t trust you. After the debacle at ChanceCom that you pulled?

Adam: Lily, Lily, that was business! This is the mother of my child, okay? My intentions are good. If she’s in trouble, I want to help her.

Lily: I know what you’re doing, okay? You’re trying to get information out of me, and it’s not gonna happen.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, October 31, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Lily: What do you think about getting out of here and going back to our place?

Billy: I knew it.

Lily: You knew what?

Billy: Well, you were gonna get me on the dance floor and you were gonna want to take me home.

Lily: Oh, really? Or maybe I just want to take you home so you can stop embarrassing yourself.

Billy: “Potayto,” “potahtoe.”


Nate: Trick or treat.


Victoria: Nate. Happy Halloween.

[Chuckles] Come on in.

Nate: Thanks. You know, I almost forgot it was Halloween until I saw your security guard downstairs dressed as

Victoria: Oh, yes, that’s — that’s Donny. The only problem is he dresses that way year-round.

Nate: Well, it’s good to see someone with holiday spirit. I’ve been wrapped up in my own head lately.

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GH cast animated GIF