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[ Wedding orchestral music ]

Ridge: Taylor. Everything okay?

Taylor: What?

Ridge: You look so beautiful. I know it’s been a while and it’s a wee overwhelming. What do you say? You want to do this?

Brooke: I’m so glad you’re here, dad. I’m so happy to finally meet lucy.

Stephen: Oh, it’s just our good luck that her flight was leaving from la.

Lucy: I wish the circumstances were better, considering.

Katie: It’s okay. We’re all here to support brooke.

Stephen: Well, I would have stayed longer if I had known that ridge was getting married. Why didn’t you tell me?

Brooke: Dad, I didn’t know. I didn’t want to believe it. I mean, I was holding out hope that he would change his mind. It’s too late now. I’m sure the wedding’s already started.

Donna: Look, sis, if you want to know what’s going on, I can go over to the house.

Brooke: No. I’d rather pretend this isn’t even happening. This is so wrong. I mean, ridge should be here with me, not marrying taylor.

Carter: Taylor. Are you ready? I’m sorry, ridge, I– um… I’m– I’m s– I’m sorry, everybody. I was late. I, um– you know, I woke up this morning and I was so excited about today. I knew that it was going to be perfect. And then… god, I just have so much going on in my head right now and– nice cufflinks. Like you said, this is– this is… overwhelming. For so many reasons. Just the fact that I am standing here with you right now. After I had given up hope that we could be together. And you came and you found me. And you told me that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. And that you would protect my heart from now on. Ridge, I have to tell you something. I’m ready. I am ready to marry the man who loves me.

Ridge: I think that’s your cue.

Carter: Everyone, please sit down. Thank you for being here. Welcome. Ridge and taylor are pleased to share this momentous occasion with you. One that, like taylor said, has been a long time coming. Even though the bride and groom didn’t give me much time to plan my remarks. But, so sorry. When two people pledge themselves to be married, they aren’t just committing to a future together, but declaring their love. Today, ridge and taylor are proclaiming their deep faith and trust in each other. Hi, I’m jill and I’ve lost 56 pounds on golo.

[ Relaxing music ]

Brooke: You really don’t have to leave.

Lucy: Oh, no. You need time with your father. Our flight’s in a few hours. Oh, brooke, I’m so sorry about everything.

Brooke: It’s okay.

Lucy: Oh, girls, just wonderful to have seen you face to face. I have to do it soon again.

Stephen: Okay.

Lucy: Honey, I’ll see you at the airport.

Stephen: Okay.

Katie: So, lucy’s sweet.

Donna: Uh huh.

Stephen: I think so. She’s very good for me.

Donna: Yes, she is. You know, I am going to order some food. How about that?

Katie: Okay.

Brooke: I’m not really hungry.

Stephen: Now, wait a minute. You have to take care of yourself, young lady.

Katie: And if you can’t, then we will.

Brooke: I really appreciate that, and I’m so happy you’re here, dad, but I don’t want tea, and I don’t want food. I just want ridge to come home and tell me he made a huge mistake and that he’s not marrying taylor.

Stephen: And if he doesn’t, he never deserved you.

Brooke: Oh, dad.

Stephen: No, no. I mean it. I mean, I’m so proud of you, girls. Girls. Women! I mean, you’re powerful, wonderful, intelligent women. You’ve made beautiful lives for yourselves, for your children, and you deserve to be happy, completely fulfilled. And instead, the men in your lives have just let you down. Myself included.

Brooke: No.

Donna: Dad, no.

Katie: Come on, that was a long time ago.

Stephen: No. I’m never going to stop wanting to make up for it. I’m determined to take away all the pain and the disappointment that you’ve ever felt. Promise.

Brooke: Well, I’m not sure if disappointment is the word that I would use for what I feel right now. It’s more like I– I just feel kind of empty, you know? I’m still in shock, actually.

Stephen: Well, then tell me what to do. What can I do? Okay, I’ll cancel my flight. No, I’ll go over to the house. I’ll stop that wedding if I have to. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I’ll do it for you. I will.

Brooke: Taylor and her kids, they finally have everything they want and she’s not going to let anybody stop her from saying “I do.”

Stephen: Oh, sweetheart.

Brooke: Oh, dad. I love you.

Carter: It’s no secret to anyone in this room how much ridge and taylor care for each other. How they’ve remained close over the years, even separated by oceans. How deeply moving it is to hear them put those feelings into words. Preparing today, taylor told me all the ways she loves ridge, as a friend, a partner, a lover. She did.

Ridge: Okay.

Carter: And dedicated father to their children. He is the family’s protector. And ridge calls taylor their heart. She is their compass. He also praises how beautiful she is and her sense of humor. But he mostly appreciates her honesty and loyalty. He never has to question her integrity and has complete faith in her sense of right and wrong. You are your family’s north star. Now, ridge and taylor, they did not just talk about each other. They talked about their kids. Now, if you want to see this guy glow with pride, ask him about his children.

[ Carter laughing ] It is so inspiring seeing ridge and steffy work side by side. How he puts his trust in her, has faith in her judgment. And he is so proud of his best man, his son. Thomas, you’ve grown so much as a designer, a father, a man. Now, I always say ridge should take some credit for that, but he would put it all down to their dedication and taylor’s positive influence.

Ridge: I do. This is not the time–

Carter: We’re not at that part yet. No. We still have some business.

Ridge: Sorry.

Carter: If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be unified in lawful matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Steffy: I do. I object. Your heart is the beat of life.

Katie: Let’s just hold off on ordering food.

Donna: I missed a text from eric and uh… the wedding started. I’m– I’m so sorry.

Brooke: No. I am. Look, dad’s here, and he doesn’t have much time with us before he leaves. And I don’t want our time together be about me feeling sorry for myself. So.

Katie: Brooke, you’re in mourning. You have suffered an unexpected loss. You can’t just push it out of your head.

Stephen: No, honey. I need to– so his mind is just– just made up?

Katie: His mind was made up for him.

Brooke: You know, when carter came over here with the annulment papers, I really thought that there was hope. Because I thought if ridge really wanted to end things, he would have come over here and done it himself. Instead, he proposed to taylor.

Stephen: It’s not like you to just give up.

Brooke: Dad. I haven’t given up. I love ridge and all of our precious memories together and our history. Everything we’ve been through. It’s all right here. And it will always be there no matter what. I will always love ridge. Even if he marries taylor today.

Ridge: What are you doing? Object to what?

Steffy: Not to you and mom getting married. I want that more than anything.

Ridge: You wanted that forever.

Steffy: It’s complicated, dad. And I– I want you to hear this, but I’m not trying to hurt you in any way. I don’t want to ruin things for you. But you need to hear what happened.

Ridge: Hear what happened? With what?

Steffy: You need to know the truth about what’s going on. Thomas, tell him.

Thomas: The truth. You know what? He proposed to mom. He loves her. He wants to be with her, and she’s going to make him happy. That’s the truth.

Steffy: If dad ended his marriage to brooke because he felt betrayed, because of the cps call–

Ridge: Why are we bringing this up now?

Steffy: I just found out about this, dad. Don’t listen to thomas. He’s trying to protect himself.

Ridge: Protect himself from what? What are you talking about?

Thomas: Don’t you want them to be together?

Steffy: Of course I do.

Thomas: Then stop!

Steffy: I can’t! If you two can’t go on with this until… until everything is out in the open. Dad, brooke didn’t hide anything from you. And I know that you gave her chance after chance to open up and confess and you wonder why she didn’T. But you deserve to know the truth. The truth about the cps call.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Stephen: You– you should be furious with ridge. I am.

Brooke: Well, I’m not, dad. I’m just hurt. And I’m heartbroken. Mostly, I’m just confused.

Stephen: That’s what makes me so angry. Ridge ended your marriage without giving you a reason, without giving you an opportunity to save it. Maybe he thinks he’s doing the right thing. But to leave you with these questions. Honey, it’s– it’s cruel. You say he still loves you, but if he knew what this was doing to you, I–

Donna: Does he?

Brooke: He knows I didn’t want this. He knows I didn’t want an annulment or for him to marry taylor. And I just signed those annulment papers because I didn’t know what else to do. I just couldn’t get through to him. I will always love him, dad. I will. And in spite of everything, I know that he still loves me.

Stephen: Oh, honey.

Finn: You mind taking them to the kitchen?

Li: Yeah, of course. Let’s go.

Finn: I’ll be right there with you, okay?

Ridge: Why? Why are we talking about brook and the cps call on my wedding day to your mother?

Thomas: You know, I think douglas should go with li and kelly.

Steffy: Stop trying to cover it up, thomas.

Ridge: Somebody tell me what’s going on here.

Steffy: It’s about the call to child protective services. You think it was brooke.

Ridge: I know it was brooke.

Steffy: Because you heard that recording. You thought it was brooke, but it wasn’T.

Ridge: What?

Steffy: No, dad.

Ridge: No, it was her. I listened to it and she said her name.

Steffy: She didn’t make that recording.

Ridge: Okay. Then who did?

Steffy: Thomas. Thomas made that recording.

Ridge: Thomas, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense.

Brooke’s voice: Hello. I’d like to report a child in danger.

Ridge: Where’s that coming from?

Brooke’s voice: His name is douglas forrester. He’s at 369 willow hill road, los angeles. His father, thomas forrester, is unstable. He has a knife.

Ridge: Douglas, why do you have that–

Steffy: Dad! Stop! Stop. Let him finish. It’s okay, douglas, go ahead.

Thomas: Hello. I’d like to report a child in danger. His name is douglas forrester. He’s at 369 willow hill road, los angeles. His father, thomas forrester, is unstable. He has a knife.

Ridge: I don’t understand.

Douglas: It’s an app on my phone. You record your voice and you can make it sound like someone else’S.

Ridge: You did this? You called child services on yourself?

Thomas: You promised mom you wanted to marry her because you love her. It had nothing to do with brooke, the cps thing. It’s not the point.

Ridge: It’s not the point? You’re playing with my life, with brooke’s life, your mom. What are you doing?

Thoams: Trying to make you happy.

Ridge: Do I look happy to you? You set up brooke because you know exactly what I would do if somebody attacked my family. My son who’s turned his life around. You destroyed my marriage! My boy, my son. You did this!

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