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At the PCPD, Chase looks at his old desk with longing.  Dante says, “Well look who it is.”  Dante asks Chase if he is glad to be back (even though his suspension is not over just yet) and Chase says he really misses the place.  Dante asks him if he is going to cry and Chase says no.  Chase says he is just there because he is helping to organize this year’s softball team.  Dante says if it were up to him, he would have reinstated Chase simply for what he did for Maxie’s baby. Chase says he just had a small role and that Brook Lynn is the real hero.  Dante has nothing nice to say about Brook Lynn and Chase calls him out on it, saying that Brook Lynn has changed.  Dante asks Chase where this is all coming from.  Chase replies that he has spent a lot of time with Brook Lynn lately and he knows that she is loving and kind.  Dante says that it is clear that Chase has developed feelings for Brook Lynn.  Chase just chalks it up to the fact that he and Brook Lynn were trapped in an extremely emotional situation with Bailey for so long.

In the interrogation room at the PCPD, Spencer grills Trina on why she made the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Trina can’t believe what she is hearing. Trina tells Spencer she is not capable of doing anything like posting that video. Spencer says he thought so at first, but now there is evidence and it points to Trina. Spencer acts as though he is convinced that Trina is guilty.  He then tells Trina that Esme may be pregnant.  Trina flashes a look of absolute disgust.  She tells Spencer she understands now why he has to look past all of the flaws in Esme’s personality and can now concentrate on every single flaw she has. Trina tells Spencer that if he can’t look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn’t believe she is capable of making the video that their friendship is over. When he can’t do so, Trina screams at him to get out and the guard in the interrogation room escorts Spencer out.  Spencer loiters around in the lobby of the PCPD and when Portia gets there she sees him.  She says that he has some nerve showing his face.  Portia tells Spencer that she will deal with him later, that she is there for her daughter.

At Deception, Lucy, Maxie and Brook Lynn hand off the final documents that will allow Deception to go public.  Lucy asked Brook Lynn why she did not get Chase to commit to sing for their IPO party.  Brook Lynn at first says she doesn’t want Chase to sing for the party, but when Chase shows up at Deception, Brook Lynn asks Chase if he would sing for the party.  She even reminds him it was one of her songs he really liked.  He says his suspension is very close to being rescinded and that he doesn’t want anything to come in the way of that and he isn’t sure that singing for a cosmetics company party would be good optics for him at this moment in time.  Brook Lynn says fine and that it is no big deal.  She is obviously hurt and she tells Chase she has to get back to work and to please shut the door on his way out.  Chase says fine and that he will see her later.

At the Metro Court, Sasha and Brando arrive for lunch.  They speak about their time away and how much they enjoyed it and then they share an intimate kiss. They run into Gladys and she wants to know all about the honeymoon. Lucy and Maxie soon join them and announce that they are planning a wedding party for the newlyweds.  Sasha looks overwhelmed and excuses herself.  Sasha is later overheard in the ladies room on the phone with her dealer trying to score more drugs. 

Portia worries that the fact that the attorney is late might be an indicator that he is not the right fit for Trina.  Curtis calms her nerves, telling her that Laura hooked them up and he is sure that they can trust her instincts.  Scott Baldwin shows up and announces that he is Trina’s attorney. Scott said that he has reviewed the case and that it is a strong one.  However, he says there are plenty of opportunities for the defense to poke holes in the prosecution’s case to cast doubt on key parts.  He reminds Portia and Curtis that in this case the burden of proof lies solely on the prosecution.  After discussing the case in detail, Scott departs for the courtroom and Portia and Curtis head to meet Trina at the PCPD jail.

At Charlie’s, Victor enters looking for Nikolas and immediately locates him.  He tells Nikolas they need to talk and Nikolas abruptly cuts him off and asks if he saw Esme.  Victor said yes he had seen her outside in the backseat of a departing car.  Nikolas quizzes Victor on who was driving, which way did the car go, what kind of car was it?  Victor didn’t notice any of this information and asks Nikolas why it is so important.  Nikolas says he had the feeling that Esme was about to share something with him, something she had previously been holding back. Victor tells him that Esme could be carrying the next Cassadine heir.  Nikolas and Victor quickly figure out that Sonny has Esme and they leave Charlie’s. Nikolas attempts to call Esme’s phone but finds it on the ground outside. 

At Sonny’s office, Sonny really turns up the heat on Esme. He tells Esme that she knows what she did and she is going to make it right.  Esme tells Sonny that the police have already arrested someone for that.  Sonny tells Esme he has very good connections at the PCPD and that he knows about Trina’s arrest. But, Sonny says that Esme is a known liar and that he hasn’t forgotten about it.  Sonny tells Esme to save everyone a lot of time and just admit that she made the video. Esme continues to fake innocence.  Which just makes Sonny more irritated. Sonny tells Esme that if she comes clean right now and makes amends to the people she has harmed, eventually people will forgive her and forget the entire situation.  

Nikolas and Victor arrive at Sonny’s office and they are stopped by Sonny’s guard but when Esme hears them talking in the restaurant she screams for Nikolas.  At that point, Esme runs out of Sonny’s office and into Nikolas’ arms. She pretends that the entire situation of being questioned by Sonny was excruciating.  Victor tells Sonny that he is putting him on notice, Sonny is not to harm any member of his family.  Victor tells Sonny that the Cassadine’s always come out on top.  Sonny tells Victor that he has gone up against dozens of men far more intimidating than him so if Victor wants to go to war, he should take the first shot. Sonny stares at Victor with deep seated hatred.

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