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I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Sheila, keeping your secret doesn’t feel right and will you just write it out because it’s a means to an end. Thomas, what you did is despicable switching champagne labels to get Brooke drunk. She’s an alcoholic, but you knew that you did it anyway. You traded Brook’s Sobriety for a future with your.

Come on this. This is, this has a lot more to do when with just Finn, I did this for you, for your parents. I don’t wanna hear that, Sheila, that you did this for me and my mom and my sister. Like this is some selfless act. It’s not. You wanted a family with your son and what about Brooke? What about Brooke and my dad?

Don’t they deserve to know the truth? Brooke would not have kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve if she wasn’t wasted. And the only reason for that is because you orchestrated the whole thing. I want you to think very carefully about this, Thomas. You say a word to anyone and you can kiss your family’s future.

Goodbye. What good is reuniting my family? If it’s built on a packet of lies,

you gotta stop. I can’t stop rich. This is consuming me. You’ve gotta stop beating yourself up. I need to know why I dranked that night. I can’t move forward with my life until.

Got a bad night. Yeah. You want yourself, I don’t even know who that person was. You don’t have to know. You’re never gonna meet her. . That’s why you have sponsors. That’s why you go to meetings. Leave the past in the past. Stop torturing yourself, please. I’m afraid to look into the future without you in it.

Logan Bridge. We’ve overcome so much. We’ve come so far. So why would I do this? Why would I hurt and try to destroy our marriage like that? I wouldn’t do that. Don’t you see? Come on. There’s something going on here. Something else. I don’t know what it is, but I have this feeling it’s something or someone working against us.

It’s already done. Thomas, we’re at the finish line. Just bite your tongue. It’s not already done. This is a lie by omission. Okay. And lies eat you from the inside out. Yeah. Well, there’s something else you need to know, Thomas, about our little meeting in the alley. Uh, I, um, actually can’t talk right now. I gotta go, okay.

You better doesn’t want everything for me. I not lose my relationship with my son,

Finn. How good I thought you might be down with a patient. This is a nice surprise. I’m expect to see my gorgeous. What something wrong? I don’t, no, I, I don’t, I don’t even know what to say. No. The kids, the kids are fine. I just, I don’t even know where we begin. What, what happened? It’s your mother, Sheila.

She’s back to her old manipulative ways.

Are you sure that you weren’t just trying to see dad again? . I’m kidding. I’m not actually, I’m not . Ugh. You and stuff. We just want you to be happy. I know that you wanna see us together and you want that too, right? Of course, of course. If, if the circumstances were right, but at the moment, they’re, they’re not.


You’ve made Dad so happy and you guys seem perfect together, and his relationship with Brooke, it’s never been the healthiest. I mean, it is. Toxic almost since day one. She’s heard him over and over again. I’m not just talking about the most recent incident, I’m talking about all the things that she did in the past.

Oh, I know. This has gone on for such a long time. And this most recent situation, you know, Brooke, kissing Deacon and Deacon sleeping over and her lying about the whole night. It was, it was Brooke defending Deacon that sent her dad over the edge. and a as it stands, you know, even though your dad says that he wants to come home, Brooke is your father’s wife.

You and I had disagreements about Deacon when he came back into our lives. I thought we reached a middle ground and we were doing it for hope. For my daughter, for her sake. But then of course I messed up and I did what I did and I, I didn’t realize how weak and pathetic I, you’re not any of those things.

You’re one of the strongest people I know. And as far as that night, I think that is something that both of us would like to disappear, but it won’t. No, it won’t. We just have to move forward and we can do that because we were happy. We were content with our lives rich. We had everything we ever wanted.

And then this feeling just kind of started creeping in this feeling of evil. I don’t even know how to describe. This force that started taking over, and I’m telling you, my gut kept saying, well, I was screaming at me actually to keep digging, keep on searching for the answers, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

You know, no matter how hard you try, you’re never gonna be able to clean up that mess. That is your life. Okay? In the spirit of brevity, what’s going on? I’ve been so patient, deacon, coming to la, staying in that hotel, I hoping for a real relationship with my son, a, a chance to connect with my son and my grandson being what they want me to be.

What’s getting. You know, I, I remember this woman, she looked a lot like you who said, I always get what I want. And what happened to that plucky, albeit evil genius, where did she go? you two make me laugh, but things aren’t going quite as planned, and I’m really starting to wonder if I’m even gonna have a future with Finn as long as he’s married to.

What are you talking about? My suspicions about Thomas, right? Yeah. You said he’s not acting like himself. Yeah, and then I found him talking to Sheila in the alley behind El Jino. Uh, Stephanie, I think he’s just being, he’s being protective. He’s trying to look out for you guy. No, that’s not what it’s about.

It’s not that he wasn’t telling Sheila to keep her distance from us. Okay. Then what were they doing? I mean, what? What are you getting at? I knew it. I knew something was going on that Sheila was stirring the pod, trying to become BFFs with my mom showing up at her work. I told her to stop doing that. It’s like she’s been plotting this the whole time.

Finn, I even want to know your mom attacked Brooke. What? Yeah, Brooks, new Year’s Eve, the booze, kissing deacon, inviting deacon into my father’s bed. That was all set in motion by your mother.

I must have done something right in this life to have raised such wonderful kids. You’ve always been there for us. And if there’s a chance that we could do something for you, I’m sure Stephanie would agree, I we would do anything for you. Thomas, you have grown into such a wonderful, caring, honest young man.

I love you and dad so much, and I, I just want to do what’s best for you. I hate to see you like, I thought you’d be better off without me, but I was wrong. I, I miss you all the time. I’m concerned about you. Oh, I can’t get rid of this feeling. You know, it’s kind of like a loop going round and around my head 24 hours a day, and I just can’t stop thinking about what I did to you and how I hurt you.

Can you do me a favor? Can you try not to lose sight of who you are in all this things you’ve done in your life? Things you’ve accomplished, but my life means nothing to me without you in it. You have to know that I’m not gonna give up on this rich, I want you to come home. I never should have said you free.

I never should have said that I was gonna give you a divorce. We will survive this some. Some way we will find our way back to each other.

Sheila Sabotage, Brooke, just slow down. Okay. What does my mom have to do with New Year’s Eve? Sheila changed the labels on the bottles. Brooke thought she was having non-alcoholic champagne, but she was actually drinking the real stuff, and I think that’s what caused her to start doing shots of vodka.

Brooke, who’s an alcoholic, like obviously I’m not the biggest fan of Brooke, but what your mother did is sick and evil, and that just proves that she hasn’t changed. Who told you? I like, how do you even know that this is true? I overheard Thomas talking to Sheila on the phone. I, I don’t know how he found out, but he’s been keeping this a secret and I, I think that he wanted to tell my dad in Brooke, but Sheila is trying to get him to stay silent.

Okay. This, this is sounding insane. I, why would Sheila do that? To br for what purpose? I, I, I’m not sure. All I know is that, She wants to be part of your life. She wants to be welcomed in her family, but that is not happening now. We have to stay away from her. This just proves that Sheila cannot be trusted.

Have you talked to your brother about this? No. No. I I was eavesdropping. He was still on the phone with was Sheila when I left. Okay. Look, I, I have a patient being rushed to the icu. Stephanie, look, you have every reason to be upset, and I’m hoping that this is just some big misunderstanding and that you’re wrong about Sheila.

I mean, I love you.

Stuffy. Are you available to. Well, it depends. Are you ready to show your mother-in-law a little respect? Because our last conversation was anything but but fuzzy and and inviting. I need to speak with you. It’s important. Where are you?

I’m at El Zinos. As a matter of fact, I’ll be right there.

Yeah. You and dad have been, uh, apart for all the wrong reasons. You’ve been separated for too long. We’re just, we’re finding each other again. It’s been, it’s been really nice though, you know, spending time with him and the grandkids making breakfast together. Yeah. Well, we are always gonna have that, though.

You’re always gonna have our family together. You, you have your kids, right. And our kids. , you want more right now. Your dad needs to heal. You know? So whatever, whatever happens is, is gonna happen. Um, now you have the opportunity to be a couple again, and if things keep going the way they are, well then you can end up together and have the life you’ve always wanted.

Yeah. And we will just see how everything works out, won’t we? Thank you for believing in us.

I can’t imagine that there’s anything in the world that you wouldn’t do to make sure your father and I end up together.

I will prove my loyalty to you, rich. I’m gonna show you that I’m not that woman that I turned into that night. I wanna be somebody that you could be proud of.

If you could see yourself the way that I see you, even for one second, you are and always will be the love of my life. There’s no way I’m ever gonna let anybody or anything come between us.

Yeah, I made a mess with us, but I also believe that I have the power to fix. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna hold onto.

Just keep quiet and you’re going to have the happily ever after the family that you have always dreamed of. Grandma loves you sweetheart.

I warn for not to come between me and my son, I will be in Finn’s life for many more years to come. What’s that? Oh, nothing. Can I get you another Uhuh?

Stuffy. I’m, I’m really happy that you reached out to me again. I, if you reconsidered I did you find a, a small place in that big heart of yours for me? You know, Sheila, the whole drive over here. I was thinking about what I wanted to say to you. The question of you being part of our lives. I know that’s something that you’ve wanted since returning to Los Angeles, more than you will ever know, and it will be really nice for my kids to be close to their grandmother for Finn to have a real connection to his roots.

You say that you are a different person now. Everything that I do now is for the greater good. I had a hard time believing that in the.

And I still do because now I see you are worse than ever. Oh my gosh. Are we really doing this again? No more games. I know what you did.

I’m done with this. I’m not done with you

alone. God, you’re not going anywhere. You both of me. What the hell do you think you’re doing? You claim to be this reformed woman. You said you put your devious ways behind you. I have. No you haven’t. You are the same twisted sociopath You have always been. Attacking Brooke on New Year’s Eve. She is an alcoholic.

You got her a drink without her knowledge. I know all about your dirty little secret. You don’t change, Sheila. You just find new ways to hurt people. There’s no hope for you. You’re never getting better. Everyone’s gonna know what you did, everyone, and you will never have a place in our lives. Not ever.

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