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Update written by Shane

Alexis arrives home and T.J. and Molly are there.  She tells them she is really going to miss them now that they are moving out.  Molly says it is good that she has such an exciting new job to throw herself into, that will help with missing them.  Alexis tells Molly and T.J. that they don’t have to worry about her eating alone because Harmony will be moving in for a little bit until she can get her own place. Molly asks where Harmony has been staying and Alexis tells her that it’s none of her business. 

Harmony arrives at Charlie’s to speak to Phyllis.  Phyllis tells her it has to do with Nina.  Phyllis tells Harmony that she was tricked into giving Nina’s child away when Nina was her patient.  She tells her Nina has lost so much and that Harmony has a way with people.  Phyllis is sure that she can win over Michael and Willow and allow Nina to keep her visitation rights with Wiley.  Harmony is not at all pleased that Nina used Phyllis to manipulate her and she tells Phyllis to tell Nina that her request is still under consideration.

Scott runs into Nina at the Metro Court bar and although Nina is not happy to see him, he convinces her to sit with him while he waits for Leisl. She tells Scott that she is considering petitioning the courts for her visitation rights to Wiley. Scott offers his services to Nina.  But, Nina says she will be suing as a last ditch effort.  Scott wants to know why Nina is waiting to sue.  He hopes it is not because of her feelings for Sonny.  As Nina is talking to Scott it becomes clear that Leisl has set her up, telling her to meet her at the Metro Court bar so that she will meet Scott and they can have time to talk and foster some sort of reconciliation.  When Nina finds out she is irritated and Scott makes it worse by insinuating that Nina can not play hardball with Michael because she is in love with Sonny.  Scott tells her she can either have the kid (Wiley) or the gangster (Sonny).

Back at Charlie’s, Marshall demands to know what Curtis was doing speaking to Sonny.  Curtis tells him they were speaking about the run-in the two of them had at General Hospital.  Curtis tells Marshall that Sonny had told Curtis that Marshall is very hostile. Curtis explains to Marshall the many things that Sonny has done for members of the community including T.J. 

Esme asks Nikolas if she can stay with him at Wyndemere. Nikolas is very surprised and asks her again to make sure she sincerely wanted to stay at Wyndemere.  Esme says she knows it is a huge imposition but she will just need to stay until she gets on her feet.  Nikolas says that she has to understand that she and Spencer have broken up and allowing her to come and stay at his family home would put Nikolas in a very difficult position.  Nikolas says it will further strain his relationship with Spencer.  Esme says that she understands and that it is clear that Nikolas has turned his back on her too.  Esme says that Nikolas clearly believes all the horrible things that the people of Port Charles have been saying about her.  Nikolas explains that he is no stranger to unfair accusations.  Esme says that Trina has everyone fooled and that she is no saint.  Nikolas says that he does trust his wife’s instincts and she thinks very highly of Trina.  Nikolas tells Esme that he can not take sides in her disagreement with Spencer but that they will figure something out.  He leaves the table to take a phone call.  When he returns, he tells Esme he will arrange for her to live in the apartments above Kelly’s restaurant.  Esme thanks Nikolas and Nikolas says that he will check on her periodically to make sure she is doing O.K.

Portia and Taggert while having drinks at the Metro Court sneer at Esme and agree that Esme is behind the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Jordan is just pleased that Esme is no longer associating with the two of them.

Jordan brings Trina in for an “informal chat” regarding the video of Josslyn and Cameron.  She asks her if she has any idea how Esme could have planted the video.  She wants to understand the timing of the evening.  How long was Trina passed out in her room?  What time did Esme and Spencer leave? How does she think that Esme could have left the video camera or other recording device in Josslyn and Cameron’s room when she and Spencer left hours prior?  She questions Trina about the drinking and tells her while she does not condone under age drinking that she will not be asking her questions about that.  Trina says she is a lightweight when it comes to drinking.  She passed out after just one drink.  She is still unaware that Esme drugged her.  Jordan reminds Trina that she can call a parent or a legal advocate.  Trina says she doesn’t want to bother them and that she has nothing to hide.  Trina tells Jordan to go through her phone and that will prove her innocence but when Trina opens her purse Jordan finds two phones, Trina’s phone and the one that Esme planted in her purse while she was visiting with Spencer at Spring Ridge.  Jordan wants to know whose phone she is holding.  Trina says that she has no idea how that phone got into her bag and begs Jordan to believe her. Trina naively gives the phone to Jordan to examine.  After the police look at the phone, Jordan calls Curtis and lets him know what she has found out about Trina.  Curtis then immediately calls Portia and Taggert who rush to the P.C.P.D.  Taggert is furious that Trina would turn over anything without a warrant.  Portia tells Trina not to say another word until their lawyer arrives.  Portia says that she really isn’t sure what has happened but she tells Trina that whoever is behind it will pay. Jordan is made aware by Dante that the video of Josslyn and Cameron is on the phone that Trina voluntarily handed over. She later announces to everyone in the booking room that the phone in Trina’s bag is directly related to the dissemination of unlawfully taped, sexually explicit images.  Josslyn loses it, she says there is no way that Trina made that tape and that she is being framed. She lashes out at Dante and tells him that she specifically said in her statement that she believed that Esme was behind the tape. She asks Dante why Esme hasn’t been brought in for questioning.  Dante tells Josslyn that she has to either keep it together or leave.

Dante arrests Trina.  Trina cries while Dante reads her Miranda rights and escorts her to her cell.  Portia and Curtis embrace.

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