Y&R Update Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Abby chatted at Society. He mentioned that his call to Chance went to voicemail, and she said it was probably because Chance got called into work. She told him about Dominic’s mini birthday party. He was disappointed she didn’t invite Dom’s favorite uncle. She promised they’d have a larger party with the whole family once things calmed down. He said she was crazy if she thought things would ever calm down with the Newmans. Her face fell, and he asked if she was okay.

Abby was okay, but she was worried about Nick. He said he was okay. She said that sounded a lot like the assurances Chance used to make when he came home from Spain, when he claimed he was fine, but he was having a hard time. Nick admitted things were weighing on him. She said he was justified in protecting their sister. He knew, but it was hard knowing he took a man’s life. Abby said Nick was a good person who did what he had to do. It made her angry that Ashland was still tormenting them from beyond the grave. He said their dad didn’t seem tortured with regret. She said that Victor didn’t second guess his decisions. She shared that Chance was struggling.

Abby said she’d hoped Chance would be able to put the guilt behind him, but it was still haunting him. Nick hated to hear that. Abby was trying hard to be supportive – Chance was all about integrity, but she saw integrity in what Chance did. She saw the value in family, but Chance saw it as a conflict of interest. She said Chance had to leave for work while they were hashing things out. That was probably good since things were getting tense. She said that it was clear to her that Chance did a good thing by standing by his family, but every time she brought it up, it hit a nerve. Nick suggested that Abby stop bringing it up. Abby didn’t understand why Chance didn’t see things her way. She worried about what would happen if Chance kept regretting this, or worse, if he reopened the case. Nick said he’d talk to Chance and try to ease his mind. She didn’t want him pressuring Chance. He said he wouldn’t. He understood where Abby was coming from. He and Phyllis had clashed whenever he showed loyalty to the family, especially Victor. He told Abby not to let this come between her and Chance. That was what worried her. He assured her it’d be okay, and they hugged.

Later, Abby handed Nick a bag of the Cuban shortbread cookies Christian liked. She thanked him for listening to her when he had so much on his plate. He talked about Victoria’s ambitious plans for Newman. Abby remembered what it was like working with their sister. That was why Abby liked running the restaurant so much. Nick said he was always there for Abby, day or night.

At the rooftop bar, Chelsea told Connor by phone that she loved and missed him. Once the call ended, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Chance walked up and checked on her. She dabbed at her eyes, and they admitted neither of them were good at hiding their emotions. He said that Abby always saw right through him. Chelsea thought Chance and Abby were lucky to have each other. The person Chance was there to see wasn’t here, so he asked to sit with Chelsea, and she said yes.

Chelsea said she’d get past this moment. She thought people made assumptions about her because she was in mental hospital once. Chance promised he wasn’t judging – he just noticed she seemed distressed, which happened to everyone. He was seeing a therapist for his own mental health issues. He said he got pushed into seeking mental help. She said she did too. He was glad he did because the therapist was really helping. She said her therapist had only been so-so. She was eager to hear some words of wisdom from Chance. He said things didn’t always work out the way you thought they should, even if you played by the rules. He added that you could either waste time and energy getting upset or accept that it was life and move on. It was easier said than done, he conceded. She said people kept telling her to put one foot in front of the other, but once she chose a path, it got cut off before she could travel down it. He understood and he said that once you’d started down the path, you couldn’t reverse course, because the way back was blocked. He looked for the tiny moments in life that gave you hope. Usually, it was something about his son. That was true for her too.

Chance admitted he didn’t have all the answers. Chelsea was impressed by how open Chance was about his struggles. She was going to get the next round of drinks, but the guy he was meeting showed up, so he excused himself. A curious Chelsea kept glancing over at Chance’s table. Later, the man left, and Chance went back to Chelsea. She couldn’t help asking if the guy was an informant. He wouldn’t go into detail, but he said that as of today, he’d close all of Rey’s cases. He said he could tell his buddy that he did it. Chelsea got choked up – she thought it was a special tribute to Rey. They both missed Rey.

Chelsea went home to her hotel suite and cried.

Chance went to Sharon at Crimson Lights to tell her he’d closed Rey’s cases. She thanked him. He said it was an honor to work with her husband and finish what Rey started. He considered Rey a role model. Sharon said Rey had a lot of respect for Chance and he’d been happy to work with someone so honorable. They got a booth and reminisced about Rey. Sharon talked about getting to know Rey when she worked at the police station as a victim’s advocate. Every morning when she got to work, Rey was sharpening pencils. Chance was also aware of that part of Rey’s morning routine.

Allie and Noah basked in the afterglow in her bed. She told him that moving to Genoa City had more upsides than she ever expected. He asked if that included him, and she said yes. He stopped himself from making a lame joke because his attempts at humor almost tanked their relationship. She told him she’d acquired the taste for his sense of humor. He tickled her, and they went in for round two. Later, he held her, and she playfully told him she didn’t want to hear his lame joke anymore. He said that was good, so she wouldn’t lose respect for him. She asked if he killed his last relationship with one too many bad puns. Then she apologized. He said it was fine. She wanted to hear about his ex. He said he didn’t want to be the kind of guy who’d trash an ex to her. She understood, but she was still curious. He said he’d been really confused during his last relationship because he couldn’t ever predict how his ex would react to things. Sometimes topics that were fine one day would make his ex get angry the next day. Their relationship turned into a giant guessing game, and he never knew where he stood. Allie thought that sounded exhausting. Noah said things were really good in the beginning, but in the end, he felt like he was walking on eggshells. Allie asked if Noah loved this other woman. He’d thought he did, but in hindsight, it was a toxic relationship – one that you didn’t know how to handle, but you also didn’t know how to let it go. Allie said she hadn’t dated that many guys and the relationships she’d been in had mostly been awkward. Noah had awkward relationships too, that didn’t have a spark or passion. Allie said this relationship with Noah wasn’t like that. Noah wanted to focus on the future instead of the past. They kissed.

Allie and Noah got dressed and came downstairs kissing, and it was a little awkward because they ran into Traci. She chatted and Noah left. Allie was embarrassed. Traci said there was nothing to be embarrassed about – she said if Allie read any of her novels, she’d know it’d take more than that to make Traci blush. Traci said she thought they should have something to eat after all the strenuous activities of the day. Allie was blushing all over again, and she said Traci had a real wicked streak. Traci said she liked to keep it hidden to surprise people. Traci thought Allie and Noah were adorable, and she could see how much Allie cared about him. Allie said it was ridiculous how happy she was. Part of her wondered if it was too good to be true, because she was still in that infatuation stage. She wondered if she was setting herself up to be hurt and if it was smarter to be cautious.

Traci said Allie should enjoy every minute of this happy giddy phase. She said some lucky couples could find a way to make it last a lifetime, but for most people it moved into something deeper, and that was all the more reason to really enjoy the here and now. Traci said Allie had a difficult year – she lost her dad, sold her family home and moved across the country to live with the family she never knew she had. She thought it was so wonderful that life had evened out for Allie. Allie said she cared for Noah, she felt safe with him and it was never boring. She’d never experienced anything like this. Traci said to enjoy this for what it was, leave some room for what might become, and not to talk herself out of experiencing something rapturous in the name of caution. Allie promised to take this to heart. She said she needed to give herself permission to be happy. Traci asked if Allie was nervous because she’d had some bad relationships. Allie hadn’t dated much, and the relationships she did have were duds. Traci had known Noah from the day he was born, and she could vouch for him being an amazing young man.

Adam went to Jack’s office and accepted the co-CEO position. They talked about the contract, and Adam was happy with what he was being offered. He’d start tomorrow. Adam asked how the other Abbotts would react. He didn’t want to cause any difficulties for Jack. Jack said he’d convinced them this was a good idea. Adam commented that there were multiple people who needed convincing – he assumed it was Ashley, Kyle… Jack interjected that it was most of his relatives. He was just happy Adam didn’t take the other project, which he assumed had something to do with getting back at Victor. Adam said getting back at Victor was more of a hobby than a job. Jack thought it was past time for Adam to let go of that obsession. Billy dropped in hoping to go have a drink with his brother. He was unhappy when he realized he’d walked in on Jack hiring Adam. Billy suggested Jack could change his mind. Adam said that was true – Jack could still back out. Jack’s mind was made up.

Jack had to take a call, so Billy and Adam left the office. Billy didn’t know what Adam was planning, but he was going to be watching him. Adam didn’t know why Billy cared who Jack hired, when Billy hadn’t worked at Jabot in years. Billy said this was his family company and his father’s legacy. Billy stated that Adam destroyed everything he touched. Adam said if Jabot could survive Billy, it could survive anything. Jack walked out and said legal was drawing up the paperwork. He wanted to take Adam for a drink, and he invited Billy, who said he’d rather have a root canal.

Adam and Jack went to Society and told Abby and Nick their news. Abby congratulated Adam and asked how long this had been in the works. Jack said it took him awhile to talk Adam into this. Jack said he conducted a nationwide search to find a replacement for Kyle, and it turned out he already knew the right candidate for the job. Nick knew Summer was excited to work with her husband again. Nick asked if Adam had this position in mind when they talked earlier. Adam said no. Jack said he sprung this on Adam a few days ago, and Adam turned him down flat. Adam said he was reluctant at first, but he realized this was a beneficial move. Jack felt Jabot was lucky to have Adam. Nick said Adam would’ve had more autonomy if he’d stayed on as CEO of Newman Media. Adam asked if anyone had autonomy working under Victor Newman. Nick recalled Adam saying he’d been planning to go in a different direction. Jack said he and Adam had talked about breaking old patterns. Nick thought a move like this would be driven by rage and resentment – to give up what Adam had at Newman Media and take a lesser position at a different company. Nick meant no offense to Jack. Jack didn’t take any. He called Newman Media’s loss his gain. Nick shook his head in disapproval.

Nick went to Crimson Lights and found Chance. Sharon stepped away so they could talk. Nick said Adam apparently had a change of heart about holding the investigation over their heads, and he’d taken a job with Jack. Nick said maybe Adam was sincere. Chance hoped so. All of this was getting to him. Nick said he talked to Abby, and it didn’t seem like she knew about Adam’s vendetta. Chance saw no point in stressing Abby out about it. Nick said Abby was very worried, and Chance needed to talk to her. Chance thanked Nick for the heads up and left. Later, Noah went to Crimson Lights and saw his parents sitting together. He told them he was falling in love.

Chance went to Society and got Abby’s attention through the window. She went outside, and he told her he was sorry for how he spoke to her earlier and for just leaving. Nothing was more important to him than her and Dominic and their family. He said he’d do everything he could not to lose sight of that again. She accepted the apology and they kissed.

Jack and Adam went back to Jabot. Jack was expecting Adam’s contract to be on the desk, but it wasn’t. Jack went to legal and left Adam in the office. Adam tried out the CEO’s seat.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Victoria’s office, and she was glad to see him so they could strategize about Adam. Sally recently told Victoria that Adam tried to get a story published on Victor’s cover up of Ashland’s death. Nick said he and Victor just ran into Adam, and he was on the warpath. Victoria was worried Adam would take the story to another media outlet. Victoria didn’t have a full plan worked out yet, but she thought Sally was the key. She said they could have Sally tell Adam she was going to publish the article and make him believe she was on his side. Nick told Victoria that they were absolutely not going to use Sally as a pawn. Nick didn’t think it was fair to enlist Sally in a Newman family fight. He’d had a heart to heart with Sally earlier, and she’d been loyal to the family and the company, plus she was still dealing with her heartache from the breakup with Adam. Victoria realized Nick was right. Victoria said they had to protect Nick and Victor by making sure the truth about Ashland’s death never came out.

Nick didn’t need protecting – that was what got them here in the first place. He said all this talk about protecting him was making him start to understand Adam. Victoria wanted Nick to explain. Nick understood Adam’s frustrations with Victor’s constant interference. Victoria thought Adam took things too personally and it made him look weak, and that was why he’d never succeed at business. Nick wasn’t defending Adam, but he understood what motivated him. Nick said he didn’t want Victor’s help, but it was forced on him. He said Victoria had been in the same position. Victoria scoffed – she said she and Nick were nothing like Adam. She told him not to insinuate that this would unite them against Victor. That wasn’t what Nick meant. Nick planned to handle this very differently than Adam would. Nick didn’t agree with what Adam was doing, but he understood. Nick thought it was too bad Adam regressed, because he was starting to become cool with the new Adam. Victoria snapped that Adam tried to publish slander about their father. Nick said it wasn’t slander – it was true. Victoria said it was an accident, and the case was closed. Victor walked in and agreed that this was all over. Victor was happy Nick and Victoria were working together. Victor planned to take care of the threats from Adam. Victor wanted to celebrate putting this chapter behind them.

Chelsea and Adam went to Crimson Lights for coffee after the park. Sally apparently followed them there. Chelsea said Adam set her straight about her podcast career and managed to cheer her up a little. Adam said Chelsea made him reconsider how to handle his father and made him realize he should give more thought to Jack’s offer. Sally walked up and complimented Chelsea on the podcast, musing that Chelsea and Billy had great chemistry. Adam asked Sally what was going on. Chelsea also thought it was suspicious. Sally said she was just trying to be polite, which was apparently a foreign concept for Adam and Chelsea. She walked away. Adam apologized to Chelsea, who said Sally didn’t scare her. He smiled and recalled how tough Chelsea could be. He thanked her again for the talk at the park and left. Sally sat down at Chelsea’s booth.

Sally said Chelsea didn’t waste any time. Chelsea said Sally was acting jealous and possessive. Chelsea thought it was clear that Sally and Adam’s relationship was based on lust, given how quickly it crashed and burned. Sally said what she and Adam had was very special. Chelsea thought it was only special to Sally. “What Adam and I have has lasted for years,” Chelsea stated. She added that she and Adam had a child together, and whatever was going on between them, friendship or otherwise, was none of Sally’s business. Chelsea left. Sharon walked up and told Sally it was hard to let go.

Sally was humiliated after getting dressed down by Chelsea. She was trying so hard to let Adam go. Sharon called herself living proof that it could be done. Sally said Adam finally admitted he broke up with her so she could keep the job, but the confirmation didn’t make her feel any better. Sally said it hurt her more to know for sure that he was willing to purposely hurt her in a misguided attempt to protect her. Sharon said that was an unfortunate Newman trait. Sally said Adam hurt her so much there was no going back, and he’d also made it clear he didn’t trust her enough to take her on his new path. Sharon asked what new path. Sally said Adam was out to get his father. Sharon said Adam telling Sally he didn’t trust her could just be another way of protecting her from the nasty father/son battle. Sally said maybe Adam was looking out for her, but it didn’t matter, because she’d realized Victor would always be Adam’s primary relationship.

Sharon once thought Sally’s relationship with Adam could survive his father, but now Adam was alone again, looking to fight Victor. Sally said she was alone again too, and she’d never been a fan. She asked how Sharon handled the loneliness. Sally realized that was insensitive and apologized. Sally had asked because she knew Rey recently died. Sharon said it was fine. She stated that there was a difference between being alone and being lonely. Sharon wasn’t in a romance, but she was surrounded by people she loved most in the world. After surviving cancer, Sharon realized she didn’t want to waste time feeling sorry for herself, and she cherished time by herself. Sally loved that outlook and said she might get there one day. Sharon said life could change in an instant, and might make one feel worried, but the people she was surrounded by made her feel safe. Sally assumed Nick was one of those people. Sharon confirmed it. Sally said it must be nice ahving an ex who wasn’t an enemy. Sharon said it hadn’t all been rosy, but Nick was a good man and she was lucky to have him in her life.

Adam called Jack and left a message that he was reconsidering Jack’s offer. Adam was outside Society, and he saw Victor, Nick and Victor inside celebrating. Victoria said the company was on track to be stronger than ever, not because Ashland was gone but because Nick had joined them. They all toasted to the Newmans. Victor said the various division heads felt confident having the company in the hands of the Newman family. He loved their family running Newman. They all drank to that. He also toasted to Ashland being history, but Nick looked uncomfortable. Adam walked in, and Victor invited him to sit, but he declined. Adam said he’d pay their bill to show there were no hard feelings. Victoria asked why Adam decided to drag the family into another fight. He said he just bought them lunch and a very expensive bottle of champagne. Someone close to Adam helped him have an epiphany on his life, and he’d decided not to seek revenge. He was going to focus on his own life, and not fall into traps usually set by their father. Adam walked away.

Victoria didn’t buy Adam’s change of heart – why would he get the police report if he wasn’t going to use it. She asked what Nick thought. Victor interjected that he was going to deal with it. After the others had gone, Nick approached Adam and asked if his epiphany was for real. Adam said he had a vision for how he wanted his life to go, and it didn’t include wreaking havoc at Newman. Nick asked if they were supposed to just take Adam’s word for it. Adam said they could believe what they wanted to. Adam didn’t have an issue with or animosity toward Nick, who’d been nothing but honest and fair since Faith’s accident. All of Adam’s problems were with Victor. Nick said that he’d get hurt if Adam weaponized what he knew about Ashland. Adam said Nick was back in the fold now, but if he made a wrong move, Victor would turn on him too. “You think I don’t know what Dad’s capable of?,” Nick asked. Nick didn’t like how Victor handled things that night. Adam asked if Nick meant the night he killed Ashland. Nick said that it was an accident – Victoria was in danger. Adam could believe Nick didn’t have a choice, and he was also glad Nick was there to protect Victoria. Nick said that it showed how far Victor would go for all of them, Adam included.

Nick wished Adam could drop some of his resentment toward Victor. Adam wished he could too, but he wasn’t sure it’d happen. Nick thought it was low for Adam to even consider using Victor’s devotion to his children against him. Nick pointed out that Adam had needed the police to look past something he did many times. Adam swore he wanted to find a new path. Nick hoped so. Adam said as much as Victor’s instinct was to protect them by covering up AJ and Ashland’s death, it prevented Adam and Nick from processing the consequence of their actions. Adam said both were accidents and self defense, but he and Nick never had to publicly face what happened, because Victor covered it up. Adam said that meant he had to bury all these feelings about killing a man in the deepest part of his psyche. Nick said Adam was just a kid. Adam knew Victor thought he was helping, but he did the opposite – what Victor essentially said was Adam did something wrong and Victor fixed it, so forget about it and move on. Adam said he suppressed what he did in Kansas for a long time, and it turned him into the man he was today. “Is that what you want, Nick?,” Adam asked. He walked out.

At the office, Victoria admitted she was feeling a little buzzed from the champagne. Victor confessed he’d felt that way at the office too sometimes. She was grateful he risked so much for her and Nick that night. She’d never forget it. They hugged. Victor adored Victoria. He wished her brothers felt the same way as she did. She thought Nick did, deep down, but she wasn’t sure what was going on with Adam. Victor said he’d do whatever he could to protect their family, even if it meant protecting them from another Newman.

Chelsea went to the rooftop bar. She got a text from Billy with the link to the new podcast. She sighed and called Connor and said she missed him.

The park was decked out in decorations and presents for Dominic’s first birthday. Dom was on Mariah’s lap, and Tessa sat nearby. Mariah called Devon Daddy Warbucks and talked about the money this must’ve cost. Chance lightly noted that the invitation said no presents. Mariah said no one ever followed that instruction, especially not when Daddy Warbucks, Devon, was invited. Devon said he’d restrained himself, and everyone laughed. Abby walked up and said they were going to make a time capsule of memories of Dominic’s first year. She was going to have Dom open them on his first birthday. Mariah said she and Tessa were going to steal that for their future kids.

Chance wandered off into a private area and looked deep in thought. Abby asked everyone to read their memories, and Chance returned to the group. Mariah wrote about the positive pregnancy test, and Tessa discussed first seeing Dom on an ultrasound. Devon talked about the delivery. Mariah laughed and noticed Devon left out the part about the psycho who kidnapped her. Abby wrote that her favorite memory of Dominic’s first year was when Chance came home and met Dom for the first time.

Mariah and Tessa privately talked about some other things in their notes. Mariah wrote that she hoped Dominic found unconditional love. Tessa wrote that she hoped Dom found his passion. Mariah had addressed her note to Bowie. She wondered if that nickname would make sense in the future. Tessa thought so. Devon, Tessa and Mariah had to leave for work. Devon told Chance and Abby that they did a great job with the party.

Abby asked if Chance didn’t like her time capsule idea and the reminder that he missed part of Dominic’s first year. Chance said he’d done enough therapy to stop being upset about the lost time with Dominic. He really enjoyed the party. She asked why he was so quiet then. He was still worried about shutting down the investigation into Ashland’s death. She thought he had to stop second guessing himself. She said he made the right decision and her family was grateful. He was struggling to talk about this with her since she was so sure he didn’t do anything wrong. He said he couldn’t tell anyone else his father in law committed a crime and he was having trouble letting it go.

Abby said she never meant to influence Chance. She said the Newmans were her family, but they were his family too. She asked if he was having second thoughts. He told her not to worry about it. He got called into work for one of Rey’s cases. This was Rey’s final case, and once Chance closed it, he’d be done. Abby didn’t want Chance walking away in the middle of their important talk, but he said he had to do this for his partner. She asked if their family of three could get away for awhile, even if they took a weekend vacation. He said he’d think about it. Abby and Dom waved goodbye.

Later, after Dom fell asleep in his stroller, Abby dreamed of the day he’d grow up and open the notes from everyone. Devon returned – he forgot his tablet. He noticed something was bothering Abby. She said she’d hoped to have some time with Chance, just him her and Dom, but he got called away on a case. She felt like Chance was fixated on his cases lately. She knew she’d sound like a terrible person, but if someone was so consumed by work, didn’t that mean something was wrong? For her, family was first, and that was how it was in her mom’s family and her dad’s. Devon said Neil put his family first too, and Devon missed him every day. Devon thought Chance was crazy about Abby and Dom. Abby said Chance had put family first in some recent situations, but there were other times when he didn’t. Devon said Chance’s sense of right and wrong and his commitment to his job was a big part of who he was, and it might be as important to him as family. Devon said even though Chance’s priorities might shift from day to day, he still cared about both things. Abby was taught family was first and everything else came second. She said her dad always put family first, sometimes at the expense of everything else. Devon said Chance wasn’t like Victor, but he loved Abby and Dom, and they were his first priority. Abby hugged Devon.

Mariah and Tessa went to Crimson Lights after going to Marchetti. Tessa had done a few test shoots for modeling, and she’d had a lot of fun. Mariah said the best part of the day was Dominic’s birthday. It made Tessa and Mariah realize they wanted to dive back into the adoption process now. Sharon was excited for them. They had a group hug.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Nick loved Sally and Chloe’s plans for Newman Media. Nick and Sally discussed the truth about Ashland’s death and Adam’s need for revenge. Sally had a hard time understanding Adam’s attitude toward his family. Nick was grateful Sally warned Victoria about Adam. Part of Sally still had feelings for Adam, and she could relate to his vengeful side, but she’d changed, thanks to people like Nick giving her a chance. Nick wanted to believe Adam could change too. Chelsea and Adam had a friendly conversation and encouraged each other to make good choices. Adam told Chelsea how Ashland really died and about his plans to expose Victor. Chelsea urged Adam not to seek revenge against Victor. Adam still struggled with Victor covering up him killing AJ. Adam admitted he’d break the law to protect Connor, and he’d do the same for Chelsea too. Adam and Chelsea were glad they could emotionally support each other. Sally walked up and saw Adam and Chelsea hugging. Noah got the lease at the Grand Phoenix to open his club. Jack and Traci took Noah and Allie out to celebrate. Diane was suspicious when Nikki was so nice to her. Nikki said she was just going to sit back and wait for Diane to implode her own life, but Diane was sure Nikki and Phyllis had teamed up to plot against her. Jack misread the situation between Diane and Nikki. He thought Nikki was verbally attacking Diane, and he came to Diane’s defense. Jack invited Diane to join the celebration, but she had to go back to work. Traci commented on Jack wanting to spend time with Diane. Allie and Noah had a passionate kiss and headed toward the bedroom. Phyllis told Talia that she and Nikki had a plan and that Diane was going to get herself in trouble at work. Phyllis offered to give Talia some dirt on Diane to publish in an article while Talia worked on investigating Diane’s time in LA.

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Y&R Update Monday, August 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nick was at Sally’s office, where Sally and Chloe pitched the idea to do talk shows aimed at an international audience. Nick liked what he heard, and he thought Sally and Chloe made a strong team. He asked about their process. Chloe said they both brought their own ideas to the table, but Sally was the fearless leader. Nick asked to speak to Sally alone, so Chloe left. Nick said Victoria told him about Adam trying to get Sally to publish an article on Ashland’s death. Sally said she knew the truth, and she understood why Nick was so sick over it. Nick said that Sally was burdened with that secret, thanks to Adam. Sally promised she’d never tell anyone about it. He said she’d proven she could be trusted. She was sorry things were so difficult. He said he was protecting his sister. She said that if everyone found out what happened, they’d probably give Nick the key to the city. He wasn’t so sure. She said brave people were usually modest. She said the Newmans could be intimidating, but they really went to the mat for each other. The more time she spent with the Newmans, the less she understood Adam’s attitude toward his family. Nick was genuinely appreciative Sally turned Adam down and gave Victoria a head’s up. Sally said that the Newmans should be on guard about Adam, because he was in pursuit of one thing – revenge.

Nick appreciated the warning, but this wasn’t the first time Adam tried to get revenge on their family. Nick had hoped Adam would turn the corner after he gave Faith a kidney, but he was wrong. Sally thought that was sad. Nick said it was reality. Nick assumed Sally had only seen Adam at his best, but he and his family had dealt with Adam at his best and worst. He hated to say this, because he knew she cared about Adam, but he thought Sally was better off not being in a relationship with Adam. As many times as Sally told herself things were over with Adam and that it was for the best, but part of her still had feelings for him. She said she could relate to the bad parts of Adam, because she’d lived in his shoes – she’d felt burned by people and determined to make them regret it. Nick was aware of some of Sally’s stunts, and he’d like to think she’d left that behind. Sally liked to believe that too, but she did sometimes feel the urge to deliver a dose of payback to those who wronged her. He thought they’d all been there, some more than others. She said that she hadn’t acted on those impulses for a long time, and the tide may have turned because people, like Nick, had faith in her and gave her a chance. He wanted to believe Adam could change, so he could have a brother that he could bond with, but unfortunately, Adam had proved his turnarounds didn’t last very long.

Sally was worried about Adam, and that was why she couldn’t keep quiet about him. Nick said he and Victoria were grateful. Sally thought it was best for everyone, including Adam, that people knew what he was doing. Sally never wanted to go down the road of seeking revenge again. Nick thought Sally had come a long way.

At the park, Chelsea and Adam had a chipper discussion about the text he got earlier. He said it was good news. They both quickly admitted they were too tired to keep up the cheery act and just tell each other what was going on. She said she recorded her final podcast episode with Billy. Adam thought Chelsea should to get a co-host who wasn’t a jerk. She said Billy wasn’t a jerk, and he’d suggested she do the same thing. Chelsea had decided against that, and she didn’t understand why she couldn’t find a job that she could handle and something that wouldn’t get yanked away from her. Adam knew the feeling – he’d had the perfect job at Newman dangled in front of him, then yanked away. Chelsea had seen Adam in this state before, and she said it was pure rage.

Adam said Chelsea knew rage was his baseline emotion. Right now he was at a 2, and it could get worse. That was what Chelsea was afraid of. She saw him walking around all calm, but she knew something was burning under the surface. She knew the side of him that wanted vengeance was back. She thought he gave her good advice earlier, so she asked if there was any way she could talk him off the ledge. He thanked her, but he said she couldn’t help – this was between him and his dad. He said he let Victor use him yet again and toss him aside. Chelsea said that tossing Adam aside for Victoria was wrong, but classic Victor. Adam told Chelsea the truth about Ashland’s death. Chelsea realized that was why Victoria was so tense when they saw each other the other day. Adam grumbled that Victor covered it up. Chelsea saw the parallels between Ashland’s death and AJ Montalvo’s. Adam griped about it, and Chelsea said she thought Adam made peace with that. Adam wasn’t sure how to make peace with finding out he’d killed someone as a child, and no one told him. Adam tried to stuff it down but it never went away. His voice broke and he said hiding this information from him did him more harm than good. Chelsea thought Victor was trying to protect Adam, the same way Adam would go to extremes to protect Connor, and maybe he’d even protect Chelsea the same way, even though they weren’t together anymore.

Adam said he’d break any law for Connor and move a dozen bodies for him. He’d probably move a couple of bodies for Connor’s mother, too. Chelsea hoped it didn’t come to that. Adam said even when Victor did something decent it came with a price. Chelsea said, as someone who went to the mental hospital instead of jail because of Victor, she was well aware of how he operated. Adam said Victor would never apologize, and it was time someone forced his hand, here and now. Adam had the power and evidence to do it.

Chelsea had been there. She said Adam wanted justice and he’d go to dark places to get it. Adam denied that this was dark – he said he was trying to bring the truth to light. Chelsea said if Adam tried to hurt Victor, Victor would go after him. She thought Victor was like Adam in that regard. She said that Connor loved Adam and Victor, and he’d be hurt in the fallout. She told him to beat Victor by being a better dad and to stop holding grudges. “Beat Victor by letting go,” she advised. Adam said Chelsea wasn’t the first person to tell him to break the cycle with Victor. He said Jack offered him a job. She thought that would be a good fit, and she was disappointed when he told her he turned it down. He noted that they both had a history of making the wrong choices in life. She admitted that was true. She said she’d felt like she was starting fresh, and it felt good, then the podcast ended. He said they called people like them coolers at the blackjack table. She marveled that they didn’t hate each other after all they’d been through together. He rubbed her back and said he was glad they’d gotten to a place where they could support each other emotionally. She initiated a hug, and Sally walked up and saw Adam and Chelsea holding each other.

Traci noticed Jack humming to himself when he walked into the living room. She wondered what made him so happy. She wanted to scrutinize his mood, like he was a character in one of her novels. He said he wasn’t in her novel, he was her brother. He was thrilled Kyle, Summer and Harrison were back, that exciting things were happening at Jabot, and his family was at peace. They marveled that the family was at peace while Diane as in town. He was also grateful Kyle was healing.

Traci asked if Jack was in the process of forgiving Diane. He wasn’t sure that was the right word. She asked what forgiveness would look like for him and Diane. Before he could respond, Allie and Noah came in holding hands.

Allie had great news – Noah found the perfect location for his club. Noah said the Glam Club would be opening at The Grand Phoenix as soon as Chancellor Winters’s purchase was finalized. Allie said Noah pitched the idea to Lily, and she loved it. Jack decided this called for a celebration – lunch at Society.

Diane’s face fell when she walked into Society and saw Nikki. Diane went over and said hello, and she seemed caught off guard when Nikki was polite to her. Nikki said that Summer told her Diane was doing a wonderful job at Marchetti. Diane wondered where Nikki’s seemingly laissez faire attitude was coming from. Nikki said she’d decided it was easier to ignore Diane than to engage, though it was harder when Diane approached her. Diane was sure that if she’d ignored Nikki, Nikki would’ve come to her. Nikki said Diane wasn’t worth her energy – she had a full life to live. Diane made a snide comment about all the upheaval at Newman. Nikki said the company was thriving, so Diane only needed to be concerned about Marchetti. Diane said it was doing well, thanks partially to her son’s leadership. Nikki was sure her granddaughter had something to do with that too. Diane agreed that Summer was a wonderful leader. Diane appreciated that Summer kept an open mind and didn’t just accept everything Phyllis and Nikki said about Diane. Nikki was confident Diane would sabotage herself and leave town in disgrace without any help from anyone. In the beginning, Nikki felt compelled to push the process along, but now she realized it wasn’t worth her time, because she knew Diane was capable of blowing up her life on her own. Diane invited herself to sit with Nikki. She said that Phyllis also talked about letting go, but she’d taken a job at the same place Diane worked. It was clear to Diane that something was going on.

Diane asked what Nikki and Phyllis had up their sleeves. “Diane, you deluded narcissist, not everything is about you, dear,” Nikki said in a cloying tone. Nikki asked if it ever crossed Diane’s mind that Phyllis wanted to work with Summer, just as Nikki loved working with Victoria and Nick, and Diane presumably loved working with Kyle. Diane knew Phyllis loved the hotel. Nikki said Phyllis had never been successful at holding onto anything, like careers, or men. Diane thought Nikki was insulting Phyllis to try and prove they weren’t working together. Nikki suggested all that time in hiding made Diane paranoid. Diane said Nikki was trying to put her on the defensive. Nikki said she was just concerned for Diane. Diane scoffed that Nikki being polite and considerate was the biggest red flag of all. Nikki said being civil was less exhausting, because everyone had grown bored with Diane’s drama. Diane called Nikki and Phyllis were the drama queens of Genoa City. Nikki said Diane had to accept the fact that the novelty of her return had worn off, and no one was thinking of her at all.

Jack and Traci went to Society. they saw Diane and Nikki and knew that couldn’t be good. They went over to say hello, and he asked what was going on. Nikki said she was finishing her lunch at her table for one. Jack asked Diane if everything was alright. Nikki was annoyed, and Diane smiled broadly. Noah and Allie came up outside the restaurant and were concerned to see Diane and Nikki. Allie said Jack was trapped in the middle. Noah thought his grandma would win. Allie said Diane was sneaky though, and she wouldn’t count Traci out either. Allie asked Noah to promise that no matter how hostile things got, it wouldn’t spoil their amazing day. He agreed, and they kissed.

Nikki said she was minding her own business when Diane appeared, and Nikki had been very civil. Diane agreed, adding that Nikki had been bizarrely even-keeled. Nikki was heading out when Allie and Noah came in. Noah introduced Allie to his grandmother. They greeted each other warmly, and Nikki said she hoped they could spend some time together soon. Allie agreed, and Nikki left. Jack admitted he’d jumped to the conclusion that Nikki was harassing Diane. Diane said it wasn’t a bad guess.

Diane learned about the celebration and asked what the occasion was. Allie said they were celebrating her boyfriend’s new club. Jack asked Diane to join them. Diane declined because she had to get back to work. She congratulated Noah and left. Traci gave Jack a knowing look. Later, Jack noted that the kids left as soon as they ate. He knew what it was like to be that age, though – young and in – “Lust,” Traci interjected. Jack said that was his granddaughter they were talking about. Traci laughed. She also felt Jack was prematurely putting himself and her out to pasture. She thought that they would both find someone special. He hoped they weren’t circling back to Diane. He said Diane wasn’t a special person in his life. Traci wasn’t pushing Diane and Jack together, but she thought it was interesting that Jack wanted to spend a lot of time with her when he hadn’t forgiven her.

Allie and Noah went to the Abbott house. He wanted to give her credit for helping with the pitch that landed him the spot for the club, but she said it was all him. She did love getting to be there for the meeting with Lily. They kissed passionately, and she started to pull him toward the staircase. He asked if she was sure about this. She was. They rushed up to her bedroom.

Phyllis visited Talia at her hotel room, in The Grand Phoenix. Talia didn’t realize until recently that Phyllis owned it. Phyllis said she just sold because she worked at Marchetti now. Talia didn’t think it was a coincidence that Phyllis went to work where Diane worked. Phyllis revealed that she and Nikki had a plan. Phyllis said that you had to be crafty with Diane, so Talia should stick with the cover story about doing a piece on Ashland Locke. Talia asked what was going down with Diane. Phyllis said Diane was going to get in trouble at work, not because of anything Phyllis did, but because Diane was in way over her head.

Talia asked why Phyllis was rooting for Diane to fail. Phyllis was sure Talia did her research and also read the article in Restless Style. Phyllis said that was the tip of the iceberg. That surprised Talia, because the stories in the article were out there – home-wrecking, arson, sperm stealing. Talia wanted to hear everything. Phyllis asked where Talia wanted to start – multiple blackmails, child abandonment, faking her death…

Talia couldn’t believe one person could do so much in one lifetime. Phyllis thought that if someone were to remind the world of Diane’s past deeds, she might go back to the person she was. Phyllis said it would prove to certain people that Diane hadn’t changed. Talia was open to exploring Diane’s life, but she didn’t want to report on a story that had already been done. Phyllis thought that there were things in LA that hadn’t been uncovered. Phyllis offered to give Talia some juicy details that weren’t in the Restless Style story for Talia to publish while investigating Diane’s activity in LA. Phyllis smiled as she imagined it’d be the story of the century.

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Y&R Update Friday, August 26, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victor was happy to see Victoria back in her element. She said she was back on her game, and he didn’t have to worry about her anymore. Ashland was in the rearview mirror, and she was focused on moving the company forward. She wondered if he saw the conference video call with the division heads. He did, and he found it was very impressive. He fully supported her wanting to buy more companies, but he thought she should be careful. She’d carefully considered ever acquisition she wanted to make, and they were all good business. He wanted her to consult with him as she continued. She fully intended to, as he was her greatest counselor. Nick came in, and Victoria left for a meeting.

Victor asked what Nick thought of what Victoria was doing. Nick thought Victoria was strong and focused, but she was a little overzealous in her desire to remove any stain Ashland left on her or Newman. He understood though. He said Ashland humiliated Victoria more than once, and she got some payback by getting Victor’s money back, but she did love Ashland. Victor sighed that Victoria’s taste in men had always been her Achilles heel. Victor wished they’d been able to get Ashland out of town before his demise, but things were as they were. He was fine with Victoria proving herself.

Chance arrived for the meeting with Adam at the park. Chance, who was fed up with Adam fishing for information on Ashland’s death, said he was done playing games. The investigation was closed, Chance said, and he stated that Adam needed to move on. Adam couldn’t, because he saw incriminating evidence that Chance obviously chose to ignore. Adam said it’d look bad if it came out that Chance covered up a crime as a personal favor to his father in law.

Adam said this didn’t need to get adversarial, but he was curious why the DNA and fingerprint evidence wasn’t followed up on. Chance asked how Adam came by the information. Adam said maybe he found a police issued laptop on a bench. He didn’t think that was relevant how he came into the information, though. He knew Chance couldn’t be bought off, so he asked if Victor intimidated him into dropping the investigation. Chance stated that no one intimidated him, and he wasn’t going to be intimidated by Adam right now. Chance made a judgment call, and he stood by it. Adam thought it seemed like Chance lost his way. Chance said Adam was headed down a dangerous path.

Adam stated that he wasn’t anywhere near Ashland or his body the night he died. Chance said Adam knew what he was talking about. Chance was disappointed Adam was falling back into his self destructive ways in the name of vengeance. Chance said Adam alienated his family, pushed Sally away, saying he’d gotten his hands on a police issued laptop, and now he was threatening a cop who used to be his friend. “You hate your father that much?,” Chance asked. Adam said his father deserved to be punished for manipulating his family. He also maintained that the truth was important. He noted that Chance used to believe in the truth.

Adam showed up at Sally’s office. She wondered if she should call security. He said he was there to apologize. He said he shouldn’t have been so indirect with her. She said he’d been manipulative. She told him he wasn’t good at it, and she saw through it. He admitted he’d met his match with her. He was hoping things could be a little less hostile going forward. She didn’t think she was ever hostile. He agreed that was true. He suggested he and Sally understood each other deep down, regardless of what was being said. He still felt like she was the only one he could open up to. She appreciated that, and she said he could confide in her.

Adam stated that he was fortunate enough to stumble across a police report. Sally asked how one could stumble across a police report. He glossed over the answer to that question. He told her the police report included a lot of evidence against Victor that needed to come out, and Chance ignored. Sally was annoyed, because up until now, she thought Adam was being sincere and straightforward. She said he didn’t need a sympathetic ear, he needed help taking Victor down. She accused him of using their history to work her over again. He admitted he’d needed her to listen long enough for him to tell her what was going on. He said that didn’t change the fact that this was a goldmine of a story that could make a young media mogul’s career – he was going to give her this information and all she had to do was publish it.

Sally said if she published the story, it was the end of her career at Newman Media. Adam asked if Sally really wanted to work for a man who staged a car crash to cover up the fact that his favorite son killed his sister’s ex husband. Sally didn’t believe Nick would murder Ashalnd. Adam said it was an accident – Ashland was threatening Victoria. Sally knew Nick hit Ashland, but she thought it was as far as it went. Adam said apparently Nick inherited their dad’s boxing skills because one hit was all it took. Sally asked why Victor would cover up a clear cut case of self defense. Adam said the chess master couldn’t resist playing the game

He said this was all Victor – his siblings had nothing to do with it, and the story should reflect that. Adam thought this was a potentially award-winning story and other companies would be dying to hire her if she got fired. She was skeptical anyone would hire someone who went after their own boss. He thought people would respect her for doing the right thing. She wasn’t sure it was the right thing. He was adamant that Victor should face repercussions. Sally asked what about Chance. Adam gave Chance to opportunity to rectify this and he refused. She said Chance became someone else to throw under the bus in his battle against Victor, like he did with her. Adam countered that he didn’t toss Sally aside; he saved her job, and he protect her by keeping h+er out of the war he was about to start. She noted that he finally admitted the truth.

Now that Sally knew the truth, she didn’t know why she wanted to know. Adam said he didn’t want to hurt Sally. She said he couldn’t trust her enough to let her all the way in. He asked if she would’ve gone along with his plan or tried to talk him out of it. She didn’t see what difference it made now. He said she told him that their relationship was more important than this job, so he couldn’t take the risk. She contended that this meant he didn’t respect her priorities. He noted that she was afraid to publish his dad’s cover up because she might lose her job. He though that showed she realized being CEO was an opportunity of a lifetime. She thought he was being patronizing and smug. She asked if he expected her to thank him. He pointed out that she’d wanted the truth, but now she was mad at him for telling the truth. She’d thought the truth would bring closure, and she’d wanted to believe what they had was special. He was honest and said he thought it was special too. She once thought they could come back from this, but she didn’t think so anymore, because vengeance always came first for him. She said she never wanted his protection, she just wanted his trust, but he couldn’t risk losing his chance at vengeance by confiding in her. He wanted to say something, but she told him there was nothing he could say that would change anything. She understood he had one single goal – going after Victor. She thought it’d be his downfall. She bitterly thanked him for the scoop, but she made him no promises, because the days of doing what he wanted were over. She did what she wanted now. She left.

Sally went to Victoria’s office. Victoria thought the video conference went well. She asked if Sally was on board with the plan. Sally said she’d already started working on the things they discussed. Sally was there about Adam. Victoria asked if Sally was dating him again. Sally said that wasn’t happening. Sally stated that Adam claimed to have some information about Ashland’s death that wouldn’t show the Newmans in a favorable light. Victoria looked concerned, and she used the button to close the door. Sally said Adam wanted her to run a story on it. She noticed Victoria didn’t seem very surprised. Victoria had dealt with her brother long enough to expect him to attack sooner or later. Sally was sorry. Victoria said if Adam risked showing his hand, he was being careless – either he wanted the information to be out there, or he was so wounded he didn’t care anymore.

Victoria thanked Sally for the heads up and said it wouldn’t be forgotten. Victoria didn’t think Sally should trust anything Adam said anymore, because he was out for revenge and willing to use anyone to get what he wanted. Victoria asked where Sally left things. Sally said she thanked Adam, called him a bastard for what he put her through and didn’t mention that she was taking this news to Victoria. Victoria asked if Sally turned down the proposition to publish the story. Sally said she was pretty adamant about it in the moment, but she didn’t say the exact words. Victoria said if Sally didn’t shoot down the idea completely, this might be useful.

Chance ran into Nick at Crimson Lights on the patio and told him that Adam had the police report.

Victor and Nick tracked Adam down at Society and sat down at his table. Both stared at Adam with serious expressions. Nick said they knew Adam had come across some information. Adam asked them to be more specific. Nick told Adam to cut the crap and tell them what he wanted. Nick asked if Adam wanted to be CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor said that wasn’t going to happen. Adam said Victor yanked the CEO seat from him again, and this time he didn’t even have the job. He inferred that Victor liked to toy with him. Victor thought Adam knew that wasn’t true. Victor said no matter how far he and Adam had come, Adam always managed to dredge up something to make himself the victim, when in reality, Adam was the one making the threats. Adam said he didn’t threaten anyone – yet. Victor said he took a risk and protected Adam’s siblings, just as he protected Adam when he accidentally killed AJ Montalvo. “You didn’t save me. You ruined me,” Adam contended. Victor and Nick thought Adam had come to terms with that. Adam asked if Nick came to terms with all the ways Victor protected him. He asked how Nick was coming to terms with taking a man’s life. Adam said Nick was a grown man, not a little kid. Adam told Nick those feelings weren’t going to go away. Things still triggered the memory in Adam, and he’d feel guilt and shame and he’d wonder if he really killed AJ on accident or if he meant to kill him. Adam said Nick would deal with that for the rest of his life. Adam didn’t want Victoria’s job, maybe he just wanted to see justice be served. Victor told Adam he was playing a dangerous game. Adam left.

Devon and Nate were outside of Lily’s office, both offering to step back to let the other enter first. Lily urged them to both come in. She wanted to have a chat and make sure they were all on the same page. Nate had something important to discuss, but he asked if they should wait for Billy. Lily said Billy wouldn’t be joining them, because he was wrapping up his final podcast. Devon thought Billy and Chelsea had found a groove. Lily said it was Billy’s choice, and she was glad. Nate had done some research about what it’d take to run their own music festival, and it was promising.

Devon said that running a music festival wasn’t the right move right now. Nate protested that Devon hadn’t even seen the research. Devon didn’t need to see it to know it’d take up a lot of their cash. Lily knew it’d take a significant amount of capital, but she thought the idea was interesting. Devon thought so too, and he’d said as much when Lily pitched it to him. He said Chancellor Winters was a new company, and they needed to save their money for any bumps in the road that they encountered instead of pouring it into starting a music festival from scratch. Nate thought that stance was unnecessarily defensive and too conservative, but he conceded it was Devon’s call. Nate had somewhere to be, so he left.

Devon said his opposition to the music festival had nothing to do with the issues between him and Nate. He said he’d also told Lily he was concerned it’d stretch the company too thin. She agreed, but she also said he’d suggested they explore it more, and that was exactly what Nate did. She asked if he could at least look at the data. He said he would. He was adamant that this wasn’t an attack on Nate – it was just business. The company was stable, and Devon wanted to keep it that way instead of risking it all by exceeding their grasp.

At Society, Nate told Elena that Devon just couldn’t help himself. If Nate said A, Devon said B. it was frustrating because Nate couldn’t figure out why Devon was being so antagonistic. Elena didn’t understand why Nate was so angry. Nate said he’d been looking forward to this new chapter – joining the family business was going to be his second act, but it was just trouble and conflict. Elena said maybe Nate should just walk away. He wasn’t ready to do that. He made a commitment to his family. He asked where he’d go if he walked away. She suggested medicine. He said he’d closed that door. He wanted a career at Chancellor Winters. It was off to a rocky start, but he wasn’t giving up.

At the recording studio, Billy pulled out of the kiss Chelsea planted on him and said he was sorry if he gave her the wrong impression. Chelsea was apologetic and said she didn’t know what came over her. He said it was okay. She wanted to pretend this never happened, and she began to record the podcast. The theme was goodbyes. Chelsea mentioned that this wasn’t the first time she and Billy said goodbye. He didn’t think they had to get into that. Chelsea thought the audience would be intrigued to know she and Billy were an item once upon a time. Billy said it was a long time ago. He said when there was a goodbye, there was a loss, but there were also new beginnings. Chelsea stared sadly at Billy as he said goodbye to the audience.

After the recording, Billy asked if he and Chelsea were okay, and she said they were. She didn’t want to bring this up again. He said they’d been so great at being open and honest on and off air that he wasn’t sure this was the way to handle it. She said it was. She wished him the best of luck at his COO position. He said he’d send the recording equipment to her. She didn’t want to do the podcast without him. It wouldn’t be the same. He asked what she’d do next. She wasn’t sure.

Billy went to Lily’s office. She was there alone. He told Lily he and Chelsea got their wires crossed, and she kissed him, but he set her straight. He thought Chelsea was feeling lonely. Lily asked if she should be concerned. He said it reinforced his decision to leave the podcast. He said Chelsea might feel lost – he understood that because he felt lost before Lily came into his life. He asked what he’d missed as COO. She told him about the meeting and tension between Devon and Nate. Billy saw Devon’s point. Lily saw Nate and Devon’s point, but she thought a festival was a good idea.

Chloe ran into Chelsea at Crimson Lights. Chelsea had a hard day and didn’t have the energy to get into it with Chloe. Chloe just wanted to talk. Chelsea didn’t want to go into detail, but she messed up and she felt stupid. Chloe was sorry things had been strained between them. Chloe still loved Chelsea and was there for her. Chelsea said it felt like she couldn’t catch a break lately. There was nothing anyone could do to help.

Adam and Chelsea both ended up at the park, and they saw each other.

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Y&R Update Thursday, August 25, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis met Summer at Society. Summer had realized she recognized the journalist she saw Phyllis and Nikki with last night. Talia Morgan was based out of LA. Summer thought this was about Diane, not Ashland, as Phyllis and Nikki had claimed. Summer knew Talia was staying at the Grand Phoenix with no check out date on record. Summer said Phyllis had better not use this journalist to do a hatchet job on Diane. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to do that. She stated that she’d been a model employee at Marchetti, but Summer countered that Phyllis hadn’t even been there long enough to collect a paycheck. Phyllis insisted that she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her dream of working with Summer.

Summer was skeptical. It didn’t make sense to her that Talia would want to talk to Phyllis about Ashland’s death, when she barely knew him. Phyllis said she begged Nikki to let her go to the meeting with Talia. Summer asked why. “I did it for you,” Phyllis said. Phyllis lied and said she wanted to make sure Talia’s story on Ashland wasn’t going to throw Summer, Kyle and Harrison under the bus. Phyllis insisted she only cared about being a good mom to Summer and a good grandmother to Harrison.

Summer really hoped Phyllis was telling her the truth. Phyllis promised everything would be okay. Billy walked up and asked if Phyllis got the paperwork on the final sale of The Grand Phoenix. She had, and she’d looked it over already. It looked fine. He told her to sign in when she was ready. He walked away. Summer knew how much the hotel meant to Phyllis, and she asked if Phyllis was really ready to say goodbye to it. Phyllis looked at Chancellor Winters’ offer. She said all the hard work she’d done at the hotel boiled down to numbers on a screen. Summer encouraged Phyllis to take some time to think this through, but Phyllis signed the tablet and made the sale official.

Phyllis went to Billy and told him it was done. He was surprised she did it so soon. She saw no point prolonging the inevitable. He asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. He felt there was more to the story. She said it was her chance to prove to the naysayers, once again, that there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Chelsea was dismayed to run into Sally at the park. They shot barbs at each other. Sally said this meeting was fortuitous because she’d been concerned about Chelsea. She mentioned that she saw Chelsea and Adam having a heated discussion at the rooftop bar. Chelsea said it was none of Sally’s business, but she and Adam were fine. She said they didn’t see eye to eye over something Connor-related, but they worked it out. Sally was glad, because Connor didn’t need to get involved in his parents’ issues. Chelsea said she, Connor and Adam and had an unbreakable bond. Sally made a snide remark about Adam and Chelsea’s relationship Chelsea admitted her story with Adam had painful chapters, but they’d healed, and in a way they’d always be together, because of their incredible history and their child. She crowed that there was nothing stronger than the bond she and Adam shared.

Sally agreed that Chelsea and Adam had a history, keyword: history, since there was no going back. Chelsea said Sally was also history where Adam was concerned. Chelsea minimized Adam and Sally’s relationship, stating that it didn’t last long, and it wasn’t very deep. She said it was admirable that Sally and Adam had moved past it. Sally insisted that what she and Adam once had was passionate, real and incredibly strong. It was so strong that Adam put her best interests first. She said the only reason he broke up with her was to support her dreams, and there was only one word for that sacrifice – love; extraordinary love. Chelsea was in the process of making a snippy comment, but Sally interrupted. Sally said Adam still cared about her. While Sally conceded that Adam also still cared about Chelsea, she accused Chelsea of pretending there was more to her relationship with Adam than there still was. Billy summoned Chelsea to the recording studio. Chelsea said Sally might think she understood Adam and knew everything about Chelsea, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Chelsea met Billy at the recording studio, and she was hopeful that his message meant that he listened to what she said and decided not to quit the podcast after all. Billy hadn’t changed his mind. He wanted to support Lily and he made a commitment to Chancellor Winters. She decided to just accept it instead of trying to convince him to stay. He thought they could do one last podcast where he passed the torch to her. She wasn’t sure, because she was so new to podcasts. He said he didn’t know anything about podcasts when he started either. He said she turned this dour boring podcast into something that sparkled, just like she did, and he was grateful she came into the picture. Chelsea and Billy kicked around ideas for their final episode. He thought she’d do great at running the podcast solo, but she said it was because she had him to banter with. He agreed that they were good together, and he said their relationship was unlike any other he had in his life. She suddenly kissed him.

Diane came into Jack’s office to get his take on some work she’d done before she showed it to Mariah. Jack thought Diane needed to trust her own judgment. She valued his opinion, and she wanted to capitalize on his vast experience. He said if she was going to succeed, she had to own her decisions and rise or fall with them. Kyle was out in the hall and he saw Diane go around the desk and lean in close to Jack as he looked at her work. Kyle rushed into the office, and he told Diane there was a pressing matter they needed to discuss. Once he got her outside, he asked her what she was doing with his dad.

Diane said she was just getting Jack’s advice on her work. Kyle countered that she worked for Marchetti, not Jabot. She said it was easier for her to take advice from Jack. She wanted Kyle to be proud of her. She promised she’d go to Mariah next time. He didn’t believe that was the real reason she was in Jack’s office. He accused her of flirting with his father, and he demanded that she stop. She told him he was misreading the situation – she and Jack were just friends. He hoped so. She walked away.

In his suite, Adam was pleased that the thief who stole Kevin’s laptop was also technically savvy enough to hack into it. The guy said it was going to cost double. Kevin showed up and banged on the door. Once the laptop and messenger bag were out of sight, Adam opened the door. He acted like he didn’t have the computer and claimed he was in a business meeting. Kevin accused the thief of being a thief, and the guy took offense and stood up, showing he was much larger than Kevin. Kevin said there was nothing on his computer worth seeing, besides, his files were well-protected. In the course of the discussion, Kevin mentioned that Adam was trying to get something on Victor. Kevin said he wouldn’t press charges if Adam just gave him back his laptop.

Adam noted that Kevin had no evidence that he stole the computer. He asked if Kevin had a warrant. Kevin didn’t, so Adam showed him out. Adam asked the goon if he’d be able to get to the files. The man didn’t think it’d be an issue. However, now that he knew that the target was Victor Newman, he wanted more money. Adam balked about the constant fee increases, but he promised to make this worth the guy’s while.

Jack texted Adam and asked to meet. Just then, the guy accessed the files. Adam read the police report. He learned about the unidentified driver found in Ashland’s car. The man wanted his money, and he left after receiving a thick envelope from Adam. Adam concluded that Victor staged the crash and Chance looked the other way.

Kevin went downstairs and talked with Chloe on the phone. He brought her up to speed on the laptop situation and told her he was totally screwed.

Sally went to her office and told Chloe she ran into Chelsea. Chelsea assumed they got into it instead of walking away. Sally said she couldn’t help it because Chelsea rubbed the end of her relationship with Adam in her face. Chloe snapped that she was sick and tired of hearing Adam’s name every damn day. Sally said this wasn’t about Adam – it was about Chelsea and the way she treated Sally. Sally said it wasn’t her fault Chelsea couldn’t rekindle her failed relationship with Adam, and it wasn’t Sally’s fault that Chelsea left a lucrative career to babble into a microphone with Billy, Chloe thought it was a two way street. Sally admitted she gave as good as she got, but she pointed out that Chelsea didn’t like her. Chloe said Chelsea and Sally were both hurting, and they needed to chill out. Chloe said, thanks to Adam, she was dealing with a much bigger issue than Sally’s little squabble with Chelsea.

Chloe said she and Kevin thought Adam stole Kevin’s laptop. Sally learned this was about Ashland’s death, and she said Adam had been obsessed with Chance’s investigation. She was sorry Kevin got dragged into this. Sally said she wouldn’t ask what was on the computer that had Kevin so worried. She said if Adam found what he was looking for, what was he going to do with it?

Adam met with Jack at Jabot. Jack just wanted to know if Adam was interested in being his co-CEO. Adam appreciated Jack even making the offer, but he declined because he had another project he was working on. Jack was worried Adam’s project had something to do with his animosity toward his father. Jack urged Adam to use his energy to get the happiness and success he deserved. The support and friendship meant a lot to Adam. Jack said he’d leave the job open, in case Adam changed his mind. Kyle walked in and Adam left. Kyle was unhappy when he learned Jack had offered Adam the role of co-CEO, then he was relieved Adam declined. Kyle was sorry – he knew Jack was fond of Adam, but Jabot didn’t need him or his baggage. Jack said Adam might change his mind. Kyle hoped not – there were a lot of personalities to manage in this building. Jack was displeased with Kyle for the thing with Diane earlier.

Jack told Kyle to stop babysitting him. Kyle said he was just looking out for Jack. Jack said he could look out for himself. Kyle hoped Jack knew Diane was becoming attached to him. Jack didn’t know that for sure, and he said Kyle didn’t either. Jack acknowledged the there was a growing trust between him and Diane, but he had no intention of having a romantic relationship with her. Kyle was glad to hear that, but he’d noticed Jack and Diane spending more time together lately. Jack said they were acting as parents and grandparents. Jack said he was being polite, and at times friendly with Diane, but he was always on guard where she was concerned. He knew the damage Diane could do, and he wouldn’t let it happen again. He told Kyle to stop looking for trouble where there was none and focus on his beautiful wife, amazing son and tremendous new job. Kyle said Jack was right, as usual.

Later, in the hallway, Summer walked up to Kyle and asked why he was so preoccupied that he didn’t even see her. He said he saw his mom flirting with his dad, and when he confronted her, she denied it. Then he’d gotten scolded by Jack about it. Kyle said he realized his dad was right. He noted that Summer had been spending a lot of time worrying about their parents too. Summer said they had to protect the company. He said their parents were adults, even if they hated each other. He didn’t think they should spend their days keeping an eye on Diane, Jack and Phyllis. Summer wanted to believe her mother, but she got the feeling Phyllis wasn’t being honest with her. Kyle understood, because he sensed his mom wasn’t being honest with him. He said their moms hadn’t done anything wrong, that they knew of, and so they had to stop hovering. Summer agreed it was time for her and Kyle to step back and let go.

Adam went home and called Chance to set up a meeting.

Phyllis said goodbye to The Grand Phoenix, slowly walking around and taking it all in. she called Talia and asked if they could meet to talk about Diane.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Victoria’s, Nikki asked about the agenda for the video conference. Victoria said she planned to grow Newman and make it more powerful. She had her eye on five or ten acquisitions. Nikki looked concerned, and Victoria assured her she was thinking about smaller acquisitions, not something the size of the Newman Locke merger. Nikki saw the logic, but she was concerned about the timing. Nikki thought that Victoria was going at a 100 mph instead of processing things, like the closure of the investigation into Ashland’s death. Victoria said the company lost opportunities because she had to focus on Ashland, and that ended today.

Nick went to Sally’s office and told her they closed the case on Ashland’s death. Sally said the Newmans must be relieved. Sally was glad Newman Media wouldn’t have to navigate the moral minefield between what they owed the public and what was best to keep quiet for the good of the parent corporation. She knew he’d been worried about the impending media firestorm. He was glad he was wrong about that, and he appreciated her discretion and understanding. He said someone with fewer scruples could’ve exploited this.

Sally warned Nick that Adam approached her more than once fishing for information on Ashland’s death and Chance’s investigation. Nick asked how Sally responded. She said she told him she didn’t know anything. Nick said thanks. Sally said she didn’t do it for Nick, she did it because she was disgusted Adam tried to play on her feelings and tried to make her complicit in whatever move he was planning against Victor. He was sorry Adam put her through that, but he wasn’t surprised, since everyone who got involved with Adam got a rude awakening. Sally said Chloe had constantly warned her about Adam’s past. Nick had to go to his office for the video conference. Sally said he wouldn’t make it in time, so she suggested he stay and watch it with her.

Victoria started the conference, and she introduced Nick, who spoke glowingly about Victoria, the company and the division heads, from Sally’s office. Victoria stated that the company faced some challenges, but they were strong and resilient and ready to reap the rewards of their hard work. Sally played a role in the meeting – she’d be collaborating with another division head. The conference was a success, and Victoria ended the call. Nikki said Victoria was right about this video conference, and she was totally in her element.

Sally told Nick that Victoria was so poised and polished. Nick said she was a lot like Victor – her kids were her priority, but she was laser focused when it came to business. Sally wasn’t sure she could soldier on like that after breaking up with a lying bastard who suddenly died. Nick said Victoria was extremely resilient, and sometimes Nikki had to push her to take care of herself instead of just focusing on the business. Sally felt bad because she believed Adam when he painted Victoria as a spoiled pampered princess. She was embarrassed. Nick said Adam had a way to getting people to share his distorted view. Sally said it was clear after that call that Victoria wasn’t a princess – she was a warrior, a leader, and it inspired Sally to want to make Newman Media a success. Nick had no doubt Sally would, and he was glad she was on their team.

At the ranch, Victor commended Chance for closing the investigation into Ashland’s death. Chance said it wasn’t necessary. He did this to avoid putting Victoria through more turmoil, and because he thought Nick acted in self defense. However, he didn’t condone what Victor did. He said filing a false police report and obstruction of justice were crimes. He conceded that there were extenuating circumstances this time, but Victor couldn’t act outside the law with impunity. “The next time you cross the line I will be there, and I will make sure you are held accountable,” Chance stated.

Victor thought Chance should’ve issued that warning to Ashland while he was alive. Chance said they arrested Ashland for violating the restraining order, but his behavior didn’t change. Victor thought Ashland got what he deserved, but Chance felt that the end didn’t justify the means. It bothered Chance that Victor didn’t think he did anything wrong. Victor said he protected his family, and he’d do so again. However, he understood the conflict Chance felt. Victor promised he wouldn’t cause that kind of conflict again. “I’m not worried about you, Victor. I am worried about the rest of our family. Abby, Nick, Victoria, Nikki. Even Adam. Everyone adores you,” Chance said. He was sure they’d all be crushed if Victor was arrested. Victor said he’d been in jail before. Chance knew, and Abby had told him how tough that was for the family. Chance stated that Victor had more grandchildren now, and they looked up to him. Chance looked up to Victor too. He advised Victor to think about them. Victor snapped that he thought about them all the time. Chance said he wouldn’t cover for Victor again. Victor gave Chance a terse goodbye and asked him to show himself out.

Nick tracked Victoria down at the park and asked if she was avoiding the office. She kind of was, because she didn’t want to have to field questions about Ashland. He said if Sally was any indication, the department heads were willing to follow Victoria into battle. She showed him a list of all the companies she wanted to acquire. He was surprised she wanted all of them. He thought they were biting off more than they could chew. She saw his perspective, but she thought this was the time to be bold. He was concerned about the finances. She’d worked it out already. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with slowing it down and getting a feel for he landscape. He felt something was going on. She said she felt extremely confident in her position because she knew he’d always have her back after what happened that night. She thought she might have been killed if he didn’t show up. He didn’t want her thinking that way, but she said it was true – he saved her. She thought he was the best brother and colleague anyone could ask for. She had this idea that there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish together, and she intended to put that theory to the test.

Nikki told Victor that Victoria put to rest any concerns the department heads may have had about her ability to lead. She’d mapped out a ten year plan. Victor knew. He was on the call, but he didn’t put his camera on. Nikki asked what Victor thought. He said Victoria was wonderful, and he couldn’t have been happier with what she said. He’d been afraid Ashland shattered Victoria’s confidence, but it was clear she’d fully recovered. Nikki said these were aggressive moves, much like Victor might make. She thought Victoria was trying to prove that Ashland couldn’t defeat her and no one would. Victor said there was nothing wrong with that. He said he’d do the exact same thing Victoria was doing. He couldn’t be prouder.

Victor liked the way Victoria, Nikki and Nick worked together in the conference, like a well oiled machine. He felt that Victoria unified the Newman family. Nikki was thrilled to be working with Victoria and Nick. She was glad Ashland didn’t succeed in driving a wedge between all of them. Victor lamented where things stood with Adam. Nikki was sorry, for Victor’s sake, that Victoria and Adam didn’t reconcile. Victor said it was a problem he tried hard to solve for several years. He said Adam still held a grudge against Victor because Adam had been raised on a farm in Kansas without a father. Victor said it wasn’t his fault. He’d wanted to raise Adam in Genoa City, but Adam’s mother didn’t want that. Victor shifted gears and said they’d celebrate Victoria. “The Newmans are back,” he crowed.

At the park, Adam predicted that Kevin was going to get blamed for a negligent investigation and a sloppy cover up. Kevin didn’t buy it. Adam said he was just trying to help Kevin get clarity. Kevin said he didn’t need clarity. Adam said it wasn’t like the old days when Michael was the DA and could get Kevin out of jams. Kevin said even if there was a cover up, he wouldn’t be responsible, because he wasn’t a cop. Adam warned Kevin that Victor wasn’t going to protect him. Kevin theorized that Adam was looking for payback after Victor removed him as CEO. Kevin refused to help Adam.

Adam predicted Kevin would need an expensive lawyer. Kevin said that had never been a problem for him. Adam noted that Michael worked for Victor, which was a conflict of interest, so he wouldn’t be able to come to Kevin’s rescue this time. Kevin said that Adam wasn’t going to scare him. Kevin said there was no cover up – Chance went by the book, as always. He told Adam to let this go. Kevin left. Adam called someone and said he had a job for them.

At the rooftop bar, Chloe asserted that Chelsea was falling for Billy. Chelsea said Chloe was overreacting, just like she did about Rey. Chloe said she saw Chelsea interacting with Rey, and she knew how hard Chelsea took his death. Chelsea was adamant that Rey was just a friend, and she got defensive about it. Chloe apologized and said she was just worried when she saw Chelsea talking to Billy, and she was trying to be a good friend. Chelsea asked if a good friend would accuse her of trying to break up Rey’s marriage. Chloe clarified that she never said Chelsea was trying to break up the marriage. Chloe also wasn’t judging, she just saw a spark between Chelsea and the wonderful, forgiving and super-hot Rey. Chelsea smiled. Chloe said Rey was Chelsea’s knight in shining armor, and they spent all that time in Minnesota, so it was only natural for her to develop feelings for him. Chloe said Chelsea was on the rebound, and the Evil One was finally out of her life, and now that Rey was gone, she was lonely. Chelsea was fed up with Chloe calling her lonely, on the rebound, desperate and needy.

Chloe said Chelsea was pulling her words out of context. Chelsea said she was capable of making her own decisions – Billy was a friend and colleague. Chloe added that Billy was an ex and Johnny’s father, and it was easy for the lines to get blurred. Chloe knew from experience that Billy turned on the Abbott charm, and made you lose perspective. Chloe said Billy could make you feel special without being trying. Chelsea was offended Chloe was implying she was desperate. Chloe explained that she wasn’t calling Chelsea desperate, but vulnerable. Chloe thought Chelsea needed a sane, objective point of view to keep her from jumping off the edge.

Chelsea was pretty sure Chloe just called her crazy. Chelsea acknowledged she had a history of losing touch with reality, but she said Chloe did too. Chelsea said she didn’t throw Chloe’s mental struggles in her face every other day. “Just let me live my life, please!,” Chelsea snapped. Adam was walking in, and he saw Chelsea. Chloe tried to change the subject, but Chelsea wouldn’t allow it. Chelsea said she was an adult who was in control of her emotions, and she didn’t need a baby sitter. Chelsea was sorry – she didn’t mean to jump down Chloe’s throat, but she didn’t appreciate the insinuation. Chloe blamed herself for her imagination running away with her. Chloe had to leave, and she suggested they talk when things cooled off.

After Chloe left, Adam walked up to Chelsea and commented that her exchange with Chloe looked intense. Chelsea said good friends argued sometimes, not that Adam would know. He said she was being defensive. She asked how long he’d spied on her, and she took another shot at him about not having a job. He heard her podcast, and he enjoyed her poking holes in Billy’s over inflated ego. She replied that she had a lot experience dealing with arrogant men. She mentioned that Billy didn’t have time for the podcast anymore.

Adam said Chelsea could do her own podcast. She explained that Billy told her Chancellor Winters was willing to keep her on. Adam thought that sounded great – someone else would be putting up the money, and she wouldn’t have to deal with Billy anymore. Chelsea thought the podcast was good because of her banter with Billy. She said no one wanted to listen to her drone on and on, not even her. Adam said that he knew how much Chelsea loved the sound of her own voice. She laughed. He told her to get a co-host or bring on a weekly guest. She didn’t think that was a bad idea. She’d felt so inspired by the podcast, and it made her feel less invisible. He understood. He hoped she wasn’t talking like this around Connor, though. She was caught off guard and offended. She asked if he was saying she was an unfit mother if she wasn’t cheery all the time. He didn’t mean that, but he said Connor was a sensitive kid who picked up on their emotions. Adam tried not to talk to Connor about family issues for the same reason. She grudgingly said she’d put on her game face. Sally walked in and she left when she saw Chelsea and Adam. Adam got a call, and he rushed off.

Chloe went up to Kevin at Crimson Lights. He was on the phone reporting a theft. His car had been broken into, and someone stole his messenger bag, that was a gift from Chloe, and in the bag was his GCPD laptop.

A guy showed up at Adam’s hotel suite with Kevin’s satchel. He grumbled that Adam should pay him extra for having to steal from someone who worked for the GCPD. Adam took Kevin’s laptop. The thief really liked Kevin’s black leather messenger bag, so Adam let him keep it. Adam smiled triumphantly.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Victoria came downstairs into her living room, and she remembered the pep talk Billy gave her the night before. She also recalled that Billy had told her he was thinking about making some changes in his life. Nikki came over, and they chatted. Nikki was glad to hear Victoria slept well. Victoria felt like she’d stepped into her new life and was ready to plan for life after Ashland. Nikki said Ashland met with a violent untimely death. Victoria thought he brought it on himself. She stated that the real tragedy was what Nick was going through. She thanked God Nick was there to save her. Nikki thought Victoria should take some time to deal with the fact that Ashland wanted to do her harm. Victoria said she already dealt with his lies, and now that he was gone, she wouldn’t wallow into how everything went so wrong. She’d already dug deep and mourned Ashland, and now she felt free. Nikki thought that was wonderful. Nikki was less pleased when Victoria said she had a drink with Billy of all people.

Victoria was about to go on a video call about her plans for Newman’s future. She was in a great mood, and Nikki told her to consider the optics, since as far as the rest of the world knew, Ashland had just died in a car accident. Victoria said she’d acknowledge her late ex spouse briefly, noting the irony that Newman Enterprises wouldn’t be the company it was without his dedication to growing the company’s reach. She was also going to put an end to the rumors and speculation about the company. Nikki said there were a lot of employees who were still loyal to Ashland. Victoria would make it clear that they were free to leave, but no other company would offer them the opportunity that Newman Enterprises would.

Nikki suggested they go to the office for the video conference, so Victoria would look more polished. Victoria didn’t think that was necessary. Nikki offered to take down some notes for Victoria to reference during her speech. Speaking to Nikki as her co-CEO, not her mother, Victoria said she needed to know Nikki trusted her. Nikki said of course she did. Nikki thought it was wise of Victoria to get ahead of the internal issues and make a show of strength. Victoria said her true leadership at Newman was about to begin.

Nick went to the ranch to talk with Victor. Nick was still grappling with causing Ashland’s death. Nick said he’d thought he’d killed a man, then because of Victor’s decision, he thought that he didn’t kill Ashland, then later, he realized that he did. Victor maintained that Ashland caused his own death. Nick said that was true, in the big picture, but he’d been forced to lie to the police, thanks to Victor. Nick had struggled to do what was best for Victoria, her kids, his own kids and his parents. After some time and distance from the situation, Nick understood Victor was just trying to be a good father. Victor appreciated that. Nick acknowledged that Victor and his security team had no idea what happened in the house when Victor decided to stage the accident. Nick said Victor acted on instinct, and at his core, he was predictably protective, and he’d do anything to protect his children. Victor said that would never change. Nick admitted Victoria came to this conclusion faster than he did. Nick though that Victoria was more like Victor than any of the other children were.

Nick thought Victor was lucky Chance closed the case. Victor was grateful to his son in law. Nick was surprised and relieved Chance didn’t continue the investigation. Victor was surprised his team had been so sloppy – they’d been fired. Nick asked what if Chance had kept the case open. Victor said that he would’ve handled it. Nick was troubled by how nonchalant Victor was about how close he came to going to jail. Nick wanted Victor to stop taking these risks. Victor said he’d never stop protecting his kids. Abby came over, and they all acknowledged what Chance did. Abby said he’d been right to close the case. Nick said he’d always be grateful, and he left for work. Abby was glad this was over and nothing bad happened to Victor. He intended to thank Chance later. She didn’t think that was a good idea. Abby said Chance had a strict sense of right and wrong. Victor was adamant that Chance did the right thing, but Abby said he didn’t see it that way. She said Chance was used to seeing things in black and white, and this was a gray area for him. Victor felt that, as a husband and father, Chance should know that it was always right to protect your family.

Billy brought Lily’s coffee to the office. He’d planned to give her breakfast in bed, but she’d left the house early to catch up on the stuff she missed while she was on her business trip. He talked about balancing the podcast and being her right hand. He’d figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up. He thought he’d spent time recording to avoid some issues, and that wasn’t fair to Lily or the company. He’d found a replacement. Lily was caught off guard by this sudden news, because she thought that he was quitting as COO. He said he’d found a replacement host for The Grinning Soul. He was walking away from both podcasts and focusing on her and Chancellor Winters. He said they could turn the recording studio into a meditation room. She asked if he really wanted this or if he was saying it because he thought it was what she wanted to hear.

Billy said of course Lily factored into his decision because he loved her. He realized the podcast was taking up too much space in his life, and he’d promised not to let that happen. He wanted to be a man of his word, and he’d told his mother that he wouldn’t let her down after what happened at ChancComm. Lily inferred that Billy was doing this because it was demanded of him. He said he was saying he wanted to be someone with integrity. He didn’t want to do a half-assed job while everyone else was putting their blood sweat and tears into the company. She asked if he was sure, because she didn’t want him to resent her. He didn’t like the feeling that something was changing between them, and he didn’t want to take advantage of her. He said this was where he wanted to be and where he belonged.

Chelsea ran into Adam at the rooftop bar and asked why he was reading the Newman Media website. He said he was trying to stay abreast of the investigation into Ashland’s death. Chelsea assumed Adam’s family was relieved to be done with Ashland. Adam said they hoped. She asked if there was something else about Ashland’s death that was being kept under wraps. He didn’t know. He found out about his family the same way the other lowly non-Newmans did – he read about it. Chloe came up. Adam hoped Chloe and Chelsea became a dynamic duo again. He left.

Chelsea liked Chloe’s dress. Chloe said it was Chelsea’s design. Chelsea knew, but she said it wouldn’t have gone into production if it weren’t for Chloe. Chloe heard the podcast. Chelsea said it was fun, and she faced criticism from the listeners, but she got to give it back to Billy. Billy was the best, according to Chelsea. She said doing a podcast felt like walking on a tightrope, but she felt safe with him, because if she was about to fall, he’d fall first to take the pressure off her. She used to edit herself, but now she felt like she could say how she felt. Chloe felt kind of jealous that Chelsea could let loose with Billy in a way she couldn’t with Chloe. Chloe was really happy Chelsea had this opportunity that was exactly what she needed. Chelsea said she really needed this job – it pulled her out of her own head. Chloe knew Chelsea wasn’t having it easy at Fenmore’s, and she understood why she had to go on hiatus from designing. Chloe thought Rey would be proud of Chelsea, almost as proud as Chloe was. Chelsea could tell something was off with Chloe.

Chloe admitted she was dealing with a lot and some days seemed bigger than others. Chelsea asked if Chloe was afraid to spill because of the animosity between Sally and Chelsea. Chelsea confessed that Chloe was right not to badmouth Sally to her, because if she did, Chelsea would later throw it in Sally’s face. Chloe said she and Chelsea did know each other well. Chelsea thought Chloe was the smartest most intuitive hardest working person, and Sally was lucky to have her. Chloe said her issues were just growing pains, and maybe one day she’d be in a position like the one Chelsea landed in. Billy came up and pulled Chelsea aside.

Billy informed Chelsea that he was leaving the podcast. He thought she should take over. She called that the worst idea he’d ever had. He had faith in her ability to run the show without him. She questioned him walking away, just like that from something he clearly loved. He said the podcast had been a distraction from his commitments. She thought he was saying it was a distraction from his real job, and she said he’d never been more real or more alive than when he was behind that microphone. She said the whole point of doing this was she was doing it with someone who really got her and was really fun. He enjoyed working with her, but he made a commitment to Chancellor Winters. It didn’t make sense to her that he was in a rush to get back into a world that he’d admitted he didn’t belong in. He said he had to show he belonged there and see this through. She vowed to say “I told you so” when he inevitably realized he made a mistake. He left.

Billy went back to work and gave Lily a yin yang necklace. She thought it was beautiful, and she asked if it was because they were opposites. He said it was like them – two central parts that were stronger together. They kissed.

At the park, Kevin was eager to hear how the DA reacted when Chance handed them the evidence of the cover up. Chance said he concluded there was no probable cause. Kevin protested, and asked if this decision came from Paul. Chance said it was his decision. Kevin didn’t understand Chance’s reasoning. He thought Chance had more than enough evidence for the DA to get a conviction. Chance said he made the right choice. Kevin said Chance could keep telling himself that, and whether he pursued the case or not, the evidence still existed. Kevin said there could be serious blow-back for both of them if the evidence came to light.

Chance said the conclusion from the investigation was in the police report, and some of it had been redacted, so it wouldn’t be publicly available. Kevin pointed out that several people knew Victor covered up how Ashland died – he and Chance knew, the Newmans knew, and so did the so did Victor’s security guys. He said the truth always had a way of coming out. Kevin’s mom and brother had played fast and loose with the law and it came back to bite them. Kevin had made mistakes, and he’d worked hard to turn his life around, and he made a commitment to Chloe and his kids. Chance said he did a full investigation and he put everything in the report.

Adam was coming into the park and he saw the discussion. Kevin asserted that Chance would pursue the case if it involved anyone besides Victor. Chance said he didn’t do this for Victor. Adam stepped behind a pillar and listened in. Chance denied that he was protecting his father in law. Kevin said anyone on the outside would say “There go the Newmans again, standing shoulder to shoulder against all foes,” Kevin said. Kevin stated that Chance was a Newman, so people would think he was ignoring the facts. Chance said Ashland showed up at his ex’s wanting revenge, and his death was unintentional, whether it was caused by a car accident or someone protecting his sister. Chance thought it was best not to drag the family through whatever charges the DA might file, because it could be a scandal for the real victim, Victoria. While Kevin fully agreed, he said it was the DA’s call, not Chance’s.

Kevin said this wasn’t like Chance. Chance was adamant that justice was done. He’d run it by the chief, and he agreed. Kevin asked if Victor was just going to get away with this like he did everything else. Chance said that for everyone in the room, justice was done. Kevin pressed the issue, and Chance got frustrated and shut it down. Chance was grateful for Kevin’s help on this job, but it was time to move on. Chance left. Adam walked up and said he overheard everything.

Kevin pretended not to know what Adam was talking about. Adam said he’d heard that someone made a judgment call without thinking of how it’d affect Kevin. Kevin claimed he was fine. Adam said that was true for now, but Chance was a Newman by marriage, and Victor’s newly anointed family hero. Adam thought it was convenient for Victor to have a son in law on the force. Adam said he’d seen this play out before – Victor was going to do everything in his power to make sure Chance stayed squeaky clean, so he could fix all the Newman’s legal problems, and Chance would have no problem hanging Kevin out to dry. Kevin knew Chance was a good man who wouldn’t do that to him. Adam didn’t think Kevin should be so sure about that. Adam told Kevin that the smart thing to do would be to get out in front of this.

Chance came to the ranch at Victor’s request. Chance didn’t realize Abby would be there. Victor said Abby had been adamant that Victor didn’t call Chance. He asked why, and she said she just thought he was busy. She left to relieve the nanny. Victor thanked Chance, man to man. Chance said he didn’t want or need it.
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Y&R Update Monday, August 22, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Crimson Lights and told Sharon that Chance was going to report that Ashland died in the car crash. Sharon thought the family must be relieved they could put the nightmare behind him. Nick was still livid with Victor, because of his constant need to control every situation. Nick had been kept up at night worrying about what would happen to Victor if Chance made a case. Sharon asked if Nick had a chance to talk to Victor. Nick said Victor blamed Nick for pressing him to admit to covering up Ashland’s death. Nick said he had to let go of the aggravation and take a deep breath. Sharon was glad Nick was feeling some relief, but she knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid dealing with having killed a man, even someone as horrible as Ashland.

Sharon thought Nick used what Victor did to distract himself from his feelings about causing Ashland’s death. He admitted that was true. She was here when he was ready to explore those feelings. He admitted he’d hated Ashland and wished him dead at times. He didn’t know how to deal with knowing Ashland was dead at his hands. He couldn’t help wondering what would happen if things had been different. She said that he didn’t intend to take Ashland’s life, even if he’d thought about killing Ashland in the past. She noted that he’d been defending his sister and protecting himself as well. Sharon said Chance was as honorable as they came, and the fact that he’d let this go proved he believed Nick was innocent.

Abby ran into Chance at Society. She could see he needed to talk, so she decided to close the restaurant. After she locked up, she sat with him and said she knew something was eating away with him. She asked if Victoria pressured him earlier. He said no. Chance said Kevin came to him with some evidence. He said he put it in his official report that Ashland died in the car accident. Abby was relieved her dad was innocent and that he didn’t stage a cover up. Chance clarified that he did have inconclusive evidence that Victor was behind the crash. Abby sighed. She’d hoped that her father hadn’t gone rogue for once. She asked if Chance closed the case because he couldn’t prove his theory. He thought he could’ve eventually found enough evidence for a conviction, but at the end of the day, Ashland’s death was an accident, so he made a judgment call. Abby asked why Chance wasn’t more relieved the case was over.

Chance was relieved he made his decision. He believed Abby’s dad orchestrated a cover up, but he didn’t have the evidence to prove it. He’d asked himself what he was accomplishing if he continued to expend department resources on this when there were so many other things crying for his attention. She knew he meant closing Rey’s cases. He said there was also a human element to consider – after everything Ashland did to Victoria, was it right for Chance to drag them through more hell. He knew no one meant to kill Ashland. He believed Ashland died as a result of the confrontation and that Victor made an ill advised decision in the moment. He said Nick would have to come to terms with killing Ashland, Victoria would need time to heal, and he assumed Victor was celebrating. Abby said she’d never be able to thank Chance enough for choosing to protect her dad and her and Chance’s family. Chance snapped that he’d made a choice, and he’d appreciate it if Abby stopped acting like it was the right one just because he came down on the Newman side of things.

Abby didn’t mean to make Chance more upset. Chance was drawn to the military and law enforcement because there were rules – right and wrong – legal and illegal. Abby apologized because she told Chance this was his decision, meanwhile she forced this family-first idea on him. She wanted to be there for him, even if he was feeling disillusioned with her family and with her. Chance apologized. He appreciated all her support and he knew he put her in a bad spot. He believed he made the right decision, and he hoped Nick and Victoria could move on.

Adam went to the ranch to get some of his things, and he dropped by the main house to visit Victor. He said he’d move out if he preferred, so Victor could give Victoria the place Adam had been living. Adam griped about being second to Victoria in Victor’s eyes. Victor said Victoria’s kids were upstairs asleep, and Victoria was at home right now and planning to move back.

Adam mused that Victoria was following her usual pattern of sucking up Victor’s hospitality then heading home. He asked if there was a reason Victor thought Victoria shouldn’t go. Victor thought Adam knew the trauma Victoria had gone through, due to Ashland. Adam couldn’t help feeling Victor had something to do with Ashland’s death. Victor wondered if Adam was trying to goad him. Adam wasn’t looking for a fight – he just didn’t want to be accused of slinking on and off the property without saying hello. He was going to leave, but Victor asked him to stay for a drink.

Adam said Connor was learning coding. Victor said he and Nikki missed Connor. He was sure the kid would be successful. Adam thought Victor was implying that Connor would be a success unlike his dad, a serial failure. Victor noted that he never said that. He said that Adam wouldn’t be able to goad him into getting angry tonight. Adam asked what major win Victor scored now. Victor said he was happy because his family was happy. Adam said the latest threat to the Newmans was Ashland Locke. Victor said Ashland was dead, and any investigations into the circumstances of his death were closed. Adam suspected Victor did something, then he got the investigation shut down.

Adam said he’d talked to Chance and others and he’d heard some things, and he didn’t think Ashland died in a simple car crash. Adam knew the ravine wasn’t near Ashland’s place, but it wasn’t too far from Victoria’s. He asked why the cops would look into Ashland’s death if it was just a car crash. Victor pretended to have no idea. When Adam was going to leave town, Chance told him to stay in case his family needed him. Victor asked where Adam intended to go. Adam said it didn’t matter. Adam also saw Sharon metaphorically talking Nick off a ledge. Victor said for someone who claimed he wanted to leave the family, he seemed very interested in their business. Abby told Adam that she thought Chance was hiding something. He also thought Sally knew more than she was saying, but she was asked not to publish anything negative. Victor told Adam to stop beating around the bush and ask his question. Adam asked if Victor covered for Nick or Victoria, how Ashland really died and how Victor convinced Chance to look the other way.

Victor didn’t mind Adam attacking him, but he said to leave Chance alone because he was an honest man. Victor said Ashland became violent with Victoria, Nick protected her, and Victor protected them. Chance decided to lay the investigation to rest, because that was what family did in a crisis. “You however, decided to leave us all, leave Newman Media, and put in charge your former girlfriend, whom none of us trust,” Victor said. Adam snapped that Victor claimed to believe in family loyalty unless it went against his master plan. He contended that he’d been loyal and that Victor just didn’t see it.

Adam maintained that he’d done nothing but work to protect his sister and the family. He brokered the deal to get Ashland out of their lives, and Victor and Victoria undermined that when she took Ashland’s money and humiliated him and Victor barred him from seeing Harrison. Adam said he warned Victoria and Nick that Ashland was out for revenge. Adam said that if Victor had just trusted Adam’s original plan, Ashland would’ve taken the money and gotten out of their lives, and maybe he still would’ve been alive. Victor didn’t see how that would’ve been a good outcome. Adam was glad Victor was out from under Ashland’s influence, but he thought Victor should know better than anyone that there was always another shoe waiting to drop.

Victoria brought her suitcase inside of her house and stopped to stare at the spot Ashland died. A rapping noise on the window, apparently caused by wind, set her on edge, and she flashed back to the confrontation with Ashland and his death. Billy showed up. He was driving by, and he saw her lights on. He asked if it was her first night back since Ashland died and learned that it was. She said when she walked in, she was struck by the fact that nothing had changed, yet everything had. He hugged her.

Billy asked Victoria why she decided to come back tonight. He said she could’ve waited until the investigation was resolved. She said it was resolved. She told him Chance informed them that his official finding was that after the fight, Ashland drove off and died in a crash. Billy thought that “official finding” sounded like a euphemism. He believed there was more to the story than the public knew. Victoria swore Billy to secrecy, then she told him the truth about Ashland dying in her home and Victor having his team remove the body and stage an accident. Billy assumed Victor did it to protect Nick. Victoria said Victor didn’t know about the fight – all he knew was Ashland was lying dead on the floor, and he didn’t even know which child he was protecting. Victoria said Nick was furious and blamed Victor for making things worse, and Chance suspected Victor had covered things up. Chance closed the case, but Victoria got the impression it wasn’t easy for him. Billy could see this was upsetting for Victoria too. Part of her was glad she didn’t see Nick punch Ashland. She worried about Nick having to live with taking a man’s life.

Billy thought Nick was strong enough to get through this. Victoria wanted to be his sounding board. Billy thought it was a minor miracle that Nick and Victoria were so close again, after how far apart they were in Tuscany. Victoria said it was about Ashland. Billy wanted to put Ashland in the past. Victoria came home because the case was closed, and she wanted to get back to her life, but when she got here, all the memories came flooding back. She was glad Billy showed up when he did. Billy recalled Victoria saying their home looked the same as it did when they moved in. he corrected himself and said it was just her home now. She said not to apologize – it was her and Billy’s house once. He said it was an exact replica of the Father Knows Best house, just like she always wanted. She laughed about how the metaphor turned out and she recalled that her father immediately had her arrested on the front lawn after she and Billy said their wedding vows, and he hadn’t stopped guiding her since. She said Billy’s dark sense of humor still cracked her up for some reason. Billy said he wouldn’t shed a tear for Ashland, but he wanted to make sure Victoria was alright and ready to move on. She said she refused to let Ashland take her hope from her.

Billy suggested they talk about good times at the house. Water balloon fights and snowball fights with the kids. He playfully poked her arm and brought up burnt cookies. He said bringing Johnny home, and she brought up celebrating Katie’s christening. He thought it was only fair to talk about the tough times, like how difficult it was when she was trying to have a baby. She brought up Delia’s death. She said the darker memories brought her comfort too, because they made it through, and here they were together, talking and they were almost friends. She said if she could get through those difficult times and still feel at home, she could get through everything with Ashland. When she first walked in here, she thought about Ashland’s death, but now Billy made her feel like she should be toasting to the future. She wondered if that was insane. He said not at all. Wine was poured, and they drank to catharsis. He said she was at the place she always dreamed about being at – she was running the family business , and she was the best mother to the most amazing kids on the planet. He said they were moving away from whats-his-name, and there was nothing she couldn’t conquer. He thought she was amazing, and he was proud of her and a tiny bit jealous. She remembered that when they were at the Athletic Club, he felt a bit at sea lately. He said he was just thinking about making some changes. She was curious, but he didn’t want to discuss it now because tonight was about her.
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Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Nick told Sharon that Chance closed the case. They talked about Nick processing his role in Ashland’s death, and Sharon promised to be there for him. Chance told Abby about his decision to close the case. Abby was dismayed that her father had gone rogue, but she was appreciative that Chance protected him. Chance took issue with Abby framing this like he made the choice to protect the family, and they talked it out and made up. He seemed troubled, but he ultimately felt he made the right choice. Adam complained to Victor about the way he’d been treated by Victor. Adam argued that Victor and Victoria pushed Ashland over the edge. Adam asked about Ashland’s death. Victor said Nick protected Victoria from Ashland’s violence, then Victor protected Nick and Victoria. Victoria moved home and had flashbacks to the night Ashland died. Billy dropped by and Victoria told him that Nick accidentally killed Ashland and Victor covered it up. Billy helped Victoria feel better about living in the home again, and they reminisced about when they shared the house together.

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Y&R Update Friday, August 19, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Dive Bar, Billy was surprised when Chelsea said she thought he and Victoria brought out the best in each other. He asked if she was serious. She said that Victoria and Billy occasionally brought out the worst in each other too. He didn’t think he brought out the best in Victoria, but she often saved him from the worst of himself. He said everyone knew he was lucky to have found her. Chelsea asked what really went wrong between him and Victoria.

Billy asked if this was a therapy session he didn’t know about. Chelsea just thought they should be open and honest with each other, because that would help the podcast. He agreed that it would make for a better podcast. He said there was no one reason why he and Victoria didn’t work out, besides the fact that he’d never been able to hold onto a winning streak, but it was never Victoria’s fault. He said she did everything she could to keep him on the path, and he always slipped up. Chelsea said she thought Billy and Victoria brought out the extremes in each other, but now he was in control and more mature and he’d calmed his wild side. He thought she was calling him boring. She didn’t mean that, but she asked if he thought he was boring and if he missed the old Billy.

Billy didn’t think he was boring. He thought everyone of a certain age felt a little nostalgia for their youth, and he thought that trouble-making side was still in him. He said his brother and mom didn’t think he’d ever grow up, and they thought he’d always self sabotage himself. When he talked to his mom a few weeks ago, she said the podcast was a gateway to the old self-destruction. Chelsea said Jill wasn’t in town to see how much Billy had changed. She contended that Lily was the one whose opinion mattered. Billy didn’t think Lily’s opinion of him was much better. He thought Lily wanted him to quit the podcast.

Billy said Lily didn’t outright say he should quit the podcast, but it seemed like she’d be happy if he walked away from either the COO role, or the podcast. Chelsea said the podcasts were a perfect fit for Billy – he wasn’t a corporate guy. She said he was a spontaneous risk taker, like her. Billy said he trusted Lily, and she hadn’t steered him wrong yet. He said maybe Lily was right, and he should leave his position as COO. Chelsea thought that was sensible. She thought he kept going back to the c suite because that he was supposed to. She said podcast Billy was the real Billy, and The Grinning Soul was the real Billy. He denied being the Grinning Soul, but she told him she’d figured it out a long time ago, and she knew him better than he realized.

Billy admitted he was The Grinning Soul. Chelsea promised to keep his secret. She reiterated that she thought he was happier being a podcaster than in corporate. She thought he was secretly hoping Lily gave him an ultimatum. He didn’t know, but he hoped he could make a decision without Lily having to force his hand. Billy appreciated Chelsea giving him a lot to think about. Chelsea asked if Billy and Victoria talked about telling Johnny Chelsea was his birth mother. Billy said it wasn’t a good time. Chelsea felt like she was lying by omission to Connor. She thought finding out he had a brother could help Johnny cope with Ashland’s death. She asked him to help her convince Victoria. Billy said he’d talk to Victoria, but she needed some time and space.

At the ranch, Victoria told her parents that Chance was conflicted. Victor hoped Victoria made a strong argument for him to drop the investigation. She said she didn’t argue with him at all – she told him she respected that he had to do what he felt was right, but she made it clear she and her children were a lot safer now. Victor said whatever happened, they’d deal with it. He didn’t regret his actions that night – he’d protected his family. He said if Chance had enough evidence, he would’ve gone to the DA by now.

Victoria stated that she was ambushed tonight by Chelsea, who wanted to tell Johnny who his biological mother was. Victoria wasn’t sure what she was going to do – Johnny knew Victoria wasn’t his biological mother, but it was another thing to tell him who gave birth to him. Nikki said that wasn’t part of the agreement Victoria and Billy made with Chelsea. Victoria confirmed that the agreement stated she and Billy could decide whether they wanted to tell Johnny about Chelsea. Nikki said Chelsea wasn’t the same woman she was when she made that arrangement – she was no longer a con artist. She also thought that keeping information like that from a child could cause problems in the future. Victoria asked if Nikki thought she should tell Johnny now. Victor was adamant that she shouldn’t. He said Victoria was Johnny’s mother. Victor thought that telling Johnny about Chelsea would only confuse him. Nikki thought Victor, of all people, should know the importance of knowing where you came from and who your parents were. Victor said this wasn’t the right time for this. Victoria didn’t think it would be smart to pile this on Johnny while he was dealing with the loss of his step father.

Chance was at Crimson Lights. He had a series of flashbacks to his conversations with the Newmans about the investigation. Chance called Kevin. He apologized for the late hour, but he said he’d made up his mind about the Ashland case. At that moment, Nick entered. Chance said he wanted to sit down with Nick, Victoria and Victor in the morning about some new information in the case. Nick thought they should go right now, instead of dragging this out. Chance agreed.

Nick went to the ranch and told his family what was about to happen. Nick didn’t think this sounded good. Chance arrived and he said he only needed to speak to the people directly involved. Nikki asked if she was supposed to leave. Victor insisted that she stay. Victoria asked if they could begin the conversation. Chance said this wasn’t a conversation – he needed them all to listen. Chance went over the evidence he’d already shared with the family multiple times – the grainy security footage, the cigarette and the ring on Victoria’s floor. Nikki and Victor pointed out how flimsy all of it was. Chance said they found a bloody fingerprint in the car and the blood was Ashland’s, but the print wasn’t. Victor downplayed the evidence.

Nick blurted out that he couldn’t go on like this. Chance advised Nick not to talk without a lawyer. Victor asked if Chance had forgotten that he was a member of this family. Chance reiterated that this wasn’t a conversation and that he wanted them to listen. Chance said there were two scenarios here – Ashland drove himself into the ravine, or Nick inadvertently caused the fall that killed Locke, and without Nick and Victoria’s knowledge, Victor’s men removed the body and staged the accident. Chance theorized that Nick’s earlier outburst had been because the lie weighing on him. Victoria pointed out that Nick never said anything about a lie.

Chance completely believed that no one meant for Ashland to die and that Nick had been protecting his sister. Chance said Ashland put the family through hell, and he was a despicable human being. It was sad that he was dead, but not necessarily a crime. Chance thought, given more time and resources, he could find a conspiracy that covered up Ashland’s death, but there was no point to that. He said Ashland put the family through enough drama. He was going to present the first scenario as the official one – that Ashland survived the fall, got into his car and crashed into a ravine. Victor looked pleased.

Chance didn’t come to this decision lightly. He’d been thinking about Victor saying you did what you had to to protect the ones you loved. The law also meant a lot to Chance, and he thought that they found justice here tonight, even if it wasn’t by the books, he needed to believe they did what was just. Victor said Abby would be proud. Nick shook Chance’s hand and thanked him. Victoria walked Chance to the hall. She said she knew this wasn’t easy, but he protected the family. She started to say to let them know if he ever needed anything, but he cut her off and said not to make him that offer. He hoped she could find peace.

Chance left. Nikki and Victoria spoke approvingly about Chance coming through for them, but Nick worried they’d compromised the most moral man in Genoa City. Victor said Chance didn’t have enough evidence to hold up in court, and he didn’t want to lose at trial. Nick said it didn’t change what happened. Nikki thought Nick should be proud of saving his sister. Nick hugged Victoria goodbye and abruptly left. Everyone worried for Nick, and Victor said they had to support him.

Chance was at Society looking pensive.

Jack and Diane went back to his place after dinner. They looked in on Harrison and came downstairs smiling about the way their grandson was sleeping – arms and legs splayed. Diane said Kyle used to sleep just like that. Jack didn’t remember. Diane reminisced about it – Kyle would climb into her bed after having a bad dream, and there would be this little three year old taking up the whole bed. She realized Jack didn’t remember because that was the era when she’d taken Kyle and left town. She regretted that time – no wonder Kyle was having bad dreams, since she was keeping him from his father. She admitted it wasn’t fair. Diane said history was repeating itself – Kyle missed out on the first few years of Harrison’s life. Jack said that was a fairly different situation, then he clarified that he wasn’t trying to badmouth Diane.

Jack thought he and Diane had spent enough time and energy on past resentments. She appreciated the kinder gentler approach he was taking tonight. He didn’t want to sweep the past under the rug. She agreed. She said so many people in the town wouldn’t let her forget the past, but he’d found a way to rise above the pettiness. In the past, she was fueled by her grudges. Now she was having a life she could’ve only dreamed of. She still had regrets – Kyle’s pain topped the list, but she was connected with her son and grandson and she had a job. It was unreal, almost as unreal as sitting here with him tonight. He said it was pretty amazing. He asked what she wanted.

Diane asked what anyone wanted – health, happiness, peace, to be a productive member of society and a welcome part of her son and grandson’s life. Jack thought that was a picture perfect answer, like she was a contestant in a pageant. He was hoping she’d dig deep and tell him what was really going on, since they were in a different place than they were a few months ago or a few weeks ago. She agreed that the wall of animosity between them was gone. He wanted to know what she was thinking and where she thought this was going.

Diane asked what Jack to clarify his question. He was asking about what she was hoping for from this tenuous relationship the two of them had. Diane admitted her feelings for Jack went beyond friendship. She said as conniving as she was in the past, she’d never been able to hide her emotions. Her feelings were fun and terrifying. Her heart had been shut down for so long, and she didn’t feel like she deserved affection, but now her heart was opening up, and it felt so good to be alive in that way again. She knew in the end, there would be some pain, because she knew he’d never feel the same way about her. She’d wanted to delay this conversation, so she could pretend there was still hope. Jack admitted he had some feelings, and they kissed.

In the next scene, Jack was calling Diane back to reality. Everything that transpired after he asked where she thought this was going had been her fantasy. Jack asked where Diane drifted off to, and she blamed the wine. Jack repeated his question. Diane asked what Jack meant. He was wondering about her plans for her life. He said she couldn’t live in the Athletic Club forever. He asked what was next for her. She said she hadn’t given much thought to her living arrangements. She was taking a come-what-may approach to life. She’d found that if you planned too much for the future, you didn’t have a chance to dream. Diane was on her way out, and a concerned Jack offered to drive her home or call her a car. He wasn’t sure she was safe to drive after the way way she zoned out earlier. She said she was fine and that it was nice that she cared.
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Y&R Update Thursday, August 18, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria was in her office. She texted Chance and set up a meeting with him in 30 minutes. Chelsea showed up and hoped she wasn’t intruding. Victoria noted that Chelsea just dropped in unannounced. Chelsea decided she should go since it clearly wasn’t a good time, but Victoria stopped her and asked why Chelsea thought so – did Victoria look upset? Chelsea knew that Ashland’s death must be taking its toll, even though he and Victoria weren’t together when he died.

Victoria said she heard Billy and Chelsea’s podcast, and Chelsea had livened things up. Chelsea said she’d shed a lot of tears lately, and the podcast was a nice change of pace. Victoria wondered why Chelsea came. Chelsea said she brought up something to Billy earlier, and she decided to just come to Victoria about it. She asked if Billy mentioned anything. Victoria hadn’t spoken with him. Chelsea said she was hoping to arrange a get together between Johnny and Connor. Victoria asked what Chelsea was really asking her. Chelsea wanted Connor to know he had a biological sibling. She thought it would be really good for Johnny too. Victoria thought she had a handle on what her son needed. Chelsea said Johnny was older than Connor, and he’d be mature enough soon to understand. Victoria stated that this was a call for her and Billy. Chelsea just thought it’d be good for both boys. Victoria reminded Chelsea of the original agreement.

Victoria always intended to tell Johnny the while truth at some point. He already knew she wasn’t his biological mother. “He doesn’t know that I am,” Chelsea said. Victoria asked what the sudden urgency was. Chelsea said things were happening that reminded her that tomorrow wasn’t promised, and keeping secrets wasn’t the answer. Victoria said she wasn’t keeping some nefarious secret. Chelsea agreed, but she said the longer this went on, Connor and Johnny would think that this was kept from them on purpose. Victoria said she just told the kids their stepfather died and they were still processing that. Chelsea worried Johnny would resent them. She asked what would happen when they boys found out they weren’t cousins, they were brothers. Chelsea said Victoria was Johnny’s mother, and she’d done an incredible job raising him. She wasn’t trying to pretend she was Johnny’s mom, she just wanted to tell the boys the truth so they didn’t feel like they were kept in the dark this whole time. Chelsea said they both knew how secrets could destroy a family .

Chelsea didn’t mean to spring this on Victoria – Billy had said he’d mention it, then she realized she should just talk to Victoria instead of unfairly making Billy the go-between. Chelsea knew it was a big ask and they had to handle it with care. Victoria appreciated Chelsea coming to her. Victoria thought Chelsea was right that secrets kept in kindness could do a lot more damage than anyone expected.

Abby was at Society with Chance. She said this was still his investigation and his decision, but she spoke with Victoria and learned all the harrowing details of the night Ashland died. Abby said it was heartbreaking, and Victoria just wanted to put this behind her. Chance asked if Victoria tried to get Abby to influence him. She said of course not, but she could see the impact that this nightmare had on Victoria. Abby asked what kind of impact this was going to have on her dad. He said he couldn’t just stop doing his job because people he cared about were involved. He said he took an oath. She said if his theory about her father was true, did it change the fact that Ashland died or why. She knew he had a strong sense of duty, and she loved that about him, but now she was wondering about his duty to his family.

Chance thought it’d be the height of hypocrisy for him to be in law enforcement if he put his family above the law. Abby said Chance didn’t let her finish. She wasn’t just worried about Victoria, but she was also worried about the stress this investigation was putting on him and on their family, not just the Newmans. She could see the conflict this investigation put on him, and she said he’d been working day and night. He said these were unusual circumstances, and he’d been busting his tail to close Rey’s cases. Rey was one of the most upstanding guys Chance had ever known, and he was trying to live up to that legacy. How could he do that if he ignored facts in a case to protect her family. She thought he was just as upstanding as Rey ever was, but there was more to life than work. According to Abby, the other day, Dominic said bye-bye to her, and Chance missed it, because he missed family dinner again. Chance hated missing milestones like that, but Abby had a job, and Devon spent a lot of time with Dominic. He asked if it was really fair to expect any of them to be there for every special moment Dominic had. He felt like this was about something else.

Abby said Chance was right – there was a lot more going on. She thought he needed to take a cold hard look at the pressures of this case. He said everyone wanted him to do the right thing, but he was torn on what the right thing was. He said every single one of her relatives were pressing him, including Adam. Victor asked what he would’ve done if Abby had been forced to accidentally hurt Stitch. Abby was sorry. She had no idea. Chance said he wasn’t immune to the pull of family loyalty, and as much as Abby insisted this was his decision, he couldn’t help but feel she had an opinion. She said his opinion was the only one that mattered. He hoped that was true. Victoria arrived and asked for a moment with Chance. Abby said they were in the middle of something. Chance said it was okay, because he and Victoria prearranged this. Abby left.

Victoria wanted to talk about the footage Chance found that he thought supported his theory that Victor had some involvement what happened. She didn’t see how a grainy video of a guy getting into Ashland’s car with a cigarette was solid proof of anything. Chance agreed. Victoria knew Chance would do what his conscience dictated and no one would ask him to do otherwise. He said that the Newmans were masters of indirect pressure. He was waiting for a desperate plea or a veiled Newman threat from her. She said that wasn’t going to happen. When she was with with Abby earlier, she wasn’t aware of the new evidence. Victoria admired she may have insinuated that Abby should lean on Chance for Victoria’s benefit, and that wasn’t fair. Victoria admired Chance’s sense of right and wrong. She thought he was a good person and she’d never want to push him to do something against his instincts. However, she reiterated that Ashland came after her with violent intentions, and he was stopped, and now her family was safe. She thought the outcome was best for everyone involved. She left.

Kevin went to Chance with good and bad news. They got DNA off the cigarette, but Victor’s security team had disappeared, so they couldn’t subpoena them. The good news was there was a bloody finger print inside Ashland’s rental car. The blood was Ashland’s and while the print was partial, making it hard to match, it was clearly not Ashland’s. Chance said the car was a rental, so there should be lots of prints that weren’t Ashland’s. Kevin said they hadn’t found any other prints in the car. It was meticulously wiped clean. They realized this could be the chance to prove Victor’s security guards moved Ashland’s body and staged the accident. Kevin asked if they should set up the time and manpower to find the missing security guards, or if Chance already had enough to take the case to the DA.

At Crimson Lights, Devon said Lily pitched him ideas that Nate brought to her before bringing them to Devon. Nate said that wasn’t what happened. Devon imagined that Nate thought that he could go around his back and get Lily to approve his ideas. Nate insisted Devon had things all twisted. Nate stated that he wasn’t trying to pull anything. He brought his ideas to Lily because she actually wanted to hear what he wanted to say, unlike Devon. Devon said he never had a problem listening to what Nate had to say, but Nate had a problem listening to his critiques or advice. Nate said he was open to criticism, but that was all Devon seemed to have for him. Devon said all he’d told Nate was that he lacked experience and could use a mentor. Devon didn’t understand how he and Nate were meant to work together when Nate got sensitive about everything Devon said. Nate didn’t understand how he was supposed to do his job if he had to run everything by Devon. “You’re my COO. You run things by me. Okay. I feel like cause we’re family you think you can just disregard the chain of the command at the company,” Devon contended.

Nate understood the chain of command, and he noted that Devon took every opportunity to remind him. Devon wished he didn’t have to keep bringing it up, but it seemed like Nate wasn’t getting it for some reason. Devon stated that he and Lily were the CEOs, Billy was her COO, and Nate was his. “You work for me. It’s not the other way around,” Devon said. “I’m not your equal but I’m also not your intern and I don’t appreciate being treated that way. It’s like you don’t want me to have any ideas of my own,” Nate replied. Nate kept getting the message that Devon wanted him to be seen and not heard. Devon distinctly remembered encouraging Nate to speak up. Nate said Devon wanted him to adhere to the company hierarchy, and he did – he brought his ideas to Devon’s co-leader, as she requested. Nate thought that Devon could learn a thing or two from Lily if he weren’t so bullheaded and egotistical.

Devon asked what leadership qualities Nate admired so much about Lily that Devon apparently lacked. Nate said she clearly knew how to lead a team and delegate, she was willing to listen to others and let them run with good ideas. Devon asked what Lily said when Nate told her about his ideas. Nate revealed that Lily said his ideas were worth considering. Devon said that wasn’t exactly a green light. Devon asked if Nate just assumed he’d smooth this past Lily, then start creating a music festival and change their streaming strategy on his own, because if so, that wasn’t how things worked. Nate said Devon’s obsessive need for total control was stifling.

Devon thought Nate couldn’t handle being inexperienced at something. Nate said the excuse starting to wear thin. Devon said it was true that Nate didn’t have a lot of business experience. Devon felt it was like ever since things turned out in Nate’s favor at the launch, he thought he could do whatever he wanted without following the rules. Nate grumbled that Devon’s rules seemed to be the only ones that mattered. Devon said that was true, because Nate was his COO. Things had gotten more heated, voices were raised, and Nate asked if Devon was going to punch him again. Devon said it was clear that this was about more than work. He told Nate to figure himself out before they talked again, and he left.

Devon went home and got Dominic, then he and Abby met at Crimson Lights for the custody exchange. Devon always hated saying bye to Dom, but it was probably for the best today. Devon thought Dom could sense that he was worked up. Abby said they had a sensitive little boy who picked up on all the moods around him. Devon said working with family was difficult. Abby asked if it was Lily, and Devon said it was Nate – he was trying to do too much too fast and he didn’t want to listen to advice. Abby said that didn’t sound like Nate. Devon had never seen this side of Nate before they started working together. Devon thought it was like Nate wanted to be an instant success and launch all these initiatives without learning the ropes. Devon said it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. Abby said when work and family mixed, things could get complicated.

Abby felt Devon’s pain – family turmoil could be overwhelming. She woke up every morning praying for peace, but she knew it would probably never happen because her husband was a police officer. Devon didn’t see how working at the GCPD could be worse than when everyone thought Chance was dead. Abby said it wasn’t worse, just stressful. She wasn’t thrilled about Chance going back to work, but it seemed to be helping him deal until Rey’s death. She said Chance had been overcompensating, trying to close all of Rey’s cases and working long hours. Now he had a case that put him in a moral quandary, and it was putting stress on everyone. She couldn’t go into detail, but it was about Ashland’s death.

Devon asked why Abby didn’t put her foot down. Abby didn’t think now was the time to put demands on Chance – sometimes people needed to make their own decisions and mistakes. She suggested he could let Nate take some risks, and if things blew up in his face, he’d have no one to blame but himself. Devon didn’t think he was as evolved as Abby. Abby realized her advice was easier said than done. She admitted she’d just tried to guilt Chance into doing what she wanted him to do instead of just being direct with him. Devon and Abby realized neither of them were perfect and they didn’t practice what they preached.

Abby loved that she and Devon could call each other out on their bad behavior with no hard feelings. He wished he and Nate could get to that place. She said it wasn’t easy finding people you could be totally honest with without them taking offense. She wondered why it was so difficult to do that with the very people they should be able to do that with. She said maybe they should try harder. Devon said Abby and Chance could do that. Abby wondered if the same could be said about Nate. Nate was having a drink at Society, while Devon said in a voiceover that it felt like Nate was fighting him at every turn, and maybe it was a sign of bigger problems.

Billy went to Lily’s office and apologized for missing the meeting. She was frustrated he wasn’t there, and she wanted an explanation. He said he and Chelsea were working on a podcast that ran over. He asked if she forgave him. She said of course she could forgive him. He said this was the first time he dropped the ball as her COO. She said it wasn’t the first time he’d been late or distracted because of the podcast. She’d warned him that the podcast could take away from the real work he should be doing. He didn’t appreciate the implication that it wasn’t real work. She said it was real work, but it was secondary to his primary job of being COO. She felt like the podcast was taking precedence in his life. He said she was making it sound like he didn’t like his job, which wasn’t true. He noted that the podcast platform was his idea, and it was a major generator of his success. She said he never let her forget how popular the podcasts were, and he was always begging her to listen to the latest episode. He asked if that was too much to ask, and she said it was right now when she was trying to deal with the merger and the tension between Devon and Nate. She could really use some support from her COO, and she asked if that was too much to ask.

Billy promised Lily could count on him, but he didn’t want her to accuse him of not caring about his job, because he did. She said this wasn’t about him missing a meeting – it was about where his passion lay. She thought he was more exuberant about the podcast than he was about the corporate world. He didn’t think it was a fair comparison – the podcasts were a creative and emotional outlet, but they were still his job, and the COO job was grounding and stabilizing. Shse asked if he meant boring. He didn’t, and he asked her not to misrepresent his feelings. She said she understood if that was what he wanted, but if he did, he had to own it. He said it was like she was asking if he wanted to quit.

Lily wasn’t suggested Billy quit, but she thought it was interesting that his mind went there. She asked if that was what he wanted. He didn’t want that. He thought he just missed her and he’d spent all his spare time in the studio while she was out of town. He got caught up, and it wouldn’t happen again. They both said they didn’t want to fight. She opened the gift he’d left for her earlier. They were air pods. She seemed kind of let down. He got them because her old ones were failing. She thanked him and said that it was a practical gift. She did think he needed to seriously think about what he wanted.

Victoria went to Dive Bar, and Billy was there. She said wherever she went, she kept running into reminders of her messy life. Billy had thought he’d worked his way back into her good books. She said that was before she got sandbagged by Chelsea. She sarcastically thanked him for the head’s up. He was sorry. He’d planned to tell her, but he didn’t think it was the right time, with all she had going on. Victoria said she didn’t disagree with telling Johnny the truth, but he was dealing with Ashland’s death. Billy said the older Johnny got, the harder it was to justify not telling him. It was a red flag to Victoria that Chelsea was suddenly so urgent about telling Johnny. Billy said he wasn’t pushing to tell Johnny right now. Victoria just wanted to relax and be able to get some sleep tonight. He said he’d buy her a drink and bore her senseless about his podcast, and she’d sleep like a baby.

Victoria was thinking of taking the kids somewhere before school started. For a while she wasn’t sure she wanted to send them back to boarding school, but maybe away was the best thing for them right now. He agreed, since the kids would be away from any publicity about Ashland. She said the kids deserved to be away from real-world problems. He’d love to have the kids stay home, but he thought she was right. She asked where Lily was, and he said she was working. She asked what was wrong. He felt like he should have a better handle on his life. He still felt like he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. She said she’d heard that from him before. He said he was very consistent. She told him he was still able to get her out of her own head and make her laugh. Chelsea was lurking in the background, and she saw Billy and Victoria.

Victoria thanked Billy for the chat. It helped, and she thought she might actually be able to get some sleep. She appreciated his friendship. He said he’d remind her of that the next time she told him to leave her alone. She said she knew. She left. Chelsea joined Billy and said it was impressive that Billy and Victoria were friends. In some ways, she always thought he and Victoria brought out the best in each other.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nikki summoned Phyllis to the ranch to get an update on her first day at Marchetti. Phyllis said she handled it masterfully, and no one there knew she had a secret plan to sabotage Diane. Nikki asked if Phyllis had taken steps to damage Diane’s reputation yet. Phyllis said it was the first day, and the plan would take time and finesse. Phyllis stated that she was in the trenches while Nikki was home, sipping tea and not furthering their cause. “That’s where you’re wrong,” Nikki replied. Nikki had a meeting with an LA based investigative reporter. The reporter reached out to Nikki, because she was thinking of doing a story on Diane. Phyllis asked to meet the journalist too.

Kyle and Summer went to Dive Bar to get some time alone. They decided not to talk about their moms tonight and to focus on each other. He had a surprise, and he guided her through the establishment with her eyes closed to a table with Italian drinks. It was to remind her of their favorite rooftop bar in Milan. Summer was happy to be back in Genoa City, but there were moments when she missed Italy. Kyle felt the same way. They reminisced about dancing on a rooftop in Italy, then going home and holding each other while they watched the sun rise. Summer listed off the ingredients in the drink and said she wasn’t sure she’d like that combination of tastes together, but she did. “Things that don’t seem to go together, but somehow do,” Kyle said, clearly referring to more than the drinks. Kyle suggested they go home for a swim, and since no one was around, they could skip the swimsuits.

Summer spotted Nikki and Phyllis at at table and pointed out how odd it was, since her mother and grandmother barely gave each other the time of day. Kyle said setting aside old grudges and rivalries was the new trend, but Summer was sure something was up. Kyle said Phyllis and Nikki’s meeting wasn’t really any of their business. He reminded her tonight was supposed to be about them. She said he was right.

Talia, the reporter, joined Nikki and Phyllis. Nikki made introductions. Talia said Phyllis’s name had come up in her research. Nikki said Talia first contacted her wanting to do an article about Ashland’s death and how it affected the Newmans. Nikki convinced her that the better story would be about Diane. Talia hoped to speak to Jack at some point. Nikki said that could be arranged. Talia was curious about Diane’s time in LA. Phyllis found it hard to believe Diane was living a quiet life in LA and just stumbled across Jack’s granddaughter. Talia did think that was an unlikely coincidence. Nikki said she had people in LA digging around, but they hadn’t found anything. Phyllis asked if Nikki mentioned that Diane had sent Jack a bunch of cryptic texts to get him to come to LA. Nikki rolled her eyes. She didn’t think that was worth exploring because Diane already acknowledged that she did that to become sympathetic in Jack’s eyes. Phyllis thought the investigative reporter should be the one to decide. Nikki didn’t want to waste Talia’s valuable time. She said it would behoove all of them for Talia to publish her story quickly. Phyllis said she and Nikki had full access to Diane, so they could help with the investigation.

Talia said her goodbyes. While Kyle attempted to make small talk, Summer was watching Phyllis and Nikki across the room. Kyle realized Summer wasn’t going to be able to relax, so he sent her to the table. Summer went over and asked her mother and grandmother who that woman was that they’d been talking to. Nikki said she had to go, but she and Phyllis were meeting with a reporter who wanted to do a story on Ashland. She left. Phyllis said it was funny how a common enemy, even a dead one, could bond two people. Summer didn’t believe Nikki’s story.

Diane visited Jack in his office. He noted it was after-hours, and she said she just popped in to say goodnight. His dinner meeting just got canceled, and he was dismayed because he’d been craving Society. She said they could go to together. Diane had some questions about her job performance. He suggested she ask Kyle, but she thought their son would take a soft approach on her, and she knew Jack would give her the cold hard truth. She said she needed to do well with the job and prove herself worthy of the second chance Kyle gave her. He agreed to dinner, and she smiled.

At Society, Diane explained she was trying to find a balance at work her first few days. She didn’t want to come off too strong, but she also didn’t want to be invisible. Jack said Diane was a smart resourceful woman, and she should trust her instincts. Diane felt like a neophyte after her first visit with Mariah. Diane thought she’d be able to work really well with Mariah, but that young woman really knew what she was doing. Jack said Kyle recruited Mariah – she had no background in cosmetics or marketing, and he knew she was the right person for the job. Jack thought it showed Kyle had an eye for talent, and it was obvious that Kyle hired Diane because he believed in her abilities, not just because she was his mother. To Diane, it was humbling reporting to someone young enough to be your daughter. Jack said Diane should see it as another stepping stone. He noted that she’d been a model, architect and Realtor, and she’d climbed the ladder in so many different fields. Diane had a confession to make.

Diane knew she’d projected confidence, but in reality she’d been nervous about starting over with Kyle and starting a whole new life here. Right now she felt excited to have so many firsts at this stage of her life. Starting with being a respectable and upstanding member of society. Being a grandmother had been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life, and her job was exciting, but having Phyllis join the Marchetti team threw her off her game. She could imagine Jack understood her reluctance to trust Phyllis. She was determined to take the high road at work, even if Phyllis didn’t.

Jack toasted to Diane and Phyllis surviving as co-workers. Diane said even if Phyllis did try to undermine her, Diane was on the lookout. Diane refused to get worked up about it. Diane didn’t want Phyllis to know this, but in a way, Diane empathized with Phyllis. Diane said she came back into Phyllis’s life in a way that felt intrusive. Diane thought Phyllis felt threatened and displaced. Diane said she was getting to spend so much time with Harrison, Summer and Kyle, and now she was here with Jack. She thought that must really get to Phyllis. Diane said she wasn’t trying to take anything from Phyllis. Diane stated that Summer adored Phyllis, and Harrison was so loving that Phyllis didn’t have to worry about Diane lessening Phyllis’s connection to him. Diane said Jack and Phyllis had such a deep bond, that he might let her into his heart again.

Jack shut down that line of conversation. Diane was sorry. She just meant there was enough love, family and friendship to go around. She hoped Phyllis would stop letting the jealousy and resentment control her, because, as Diane knew, that was a terrible way to go through life. Jack was relieved, surprised and appreciated Diane’s candor and insight. Diane shifted to a lighter subject – dessert.

Elena bumped into Devon in the hallway of Chancellor Winters. She wanted to see Nate, but he wasn’t there. Devon officially welcomed Elena to Chancellor Winters, and he noticed she didn’t seem excited about it. Elena was grateful for the opportunity to work here, and even thought the hospital was her priority, she loved that she’d get to reach more people. She guessed she was just still coming to terms with the reality of Nate’s job here. She admitted she felt she and Nate were drifting apart; she thought they’d be okay, but it was a reminder that things didn’t always go as expected. He knew what she meant. Devon said no matter what professional issues he and Nate had, they would always be family. Devon considered Elena family too, and he thought it was nice that she was literally across the hall. Devon didn’t want the tensions of the job to affect Elena’s home life with Nate. She thanked him and decided to leave.

Nate met with Lily at Crimson Lights on the patio. He congratulated her on knocking it out of the park on her trip. She was glad to be home. He assumed she spoke with Devon. She did, and she thought it would be good if she and Nate discussed it away from the office. Lily knew the transition would be a challenge. She said she went from running a media division to this huge entity, and it was the same for Devon, and Nate had an even bigger career shift. She wasn’t looking to place blame; she just wanted Nate’s take on the tension between him and Devon at the office. He asked if he was talking to the co-CEO of Chancellor Winters or to his cousin. She thought that if they were going to fix this, he had to be as open with her as possible.

Nate admired Devon and respected his experience, but he thought Devon had been autonomous for so long, he’d forgotten how to collaborate. Lily said that wasn’t her experience with Devon. Nate said that could be because Lily and Devon were equals – co-CEOs and siblings. Nate thought Devon was being inflexible and egotistical. He said Devon refused to accept any of Nate’s good ideas. Nate conceded he’d made some missteps, but he was motivated to make the company a success. He felt Devon was holding him back. Lily asked for an example. Nate wanted to broaden the talent pool of the acts then run their own showcases across the country to showcase the talent. Lily liked the concept, but there were logistical issues. Nate said even if it wasn’t viable, they could expand their streaming platform to appeal to a wider audience. He said Devon was too selective, and he picked acts based on personal taste. Lily thought that set the company apart. Nate thought that was fine for a boutique company, but a place like Chancellor Winters should be thinking of global conquest. Nate thought that Devon only had problems with the ideas because they were Nate’s.

Lily appreciated Nate’s candor, and she thanked him for sharing his ideas with her, because she though they were worth considering. She asked how he saw things moving forward with Devon. She didn’t think all the tension was coming from Devon. Nate apologized for his part in that tension and said this discussion made him wonder where he went wrong with Devon. After talking with Lily, Nate truly felt he and Devon could find their footing. He told her she was pretty good at this whole leadership thing. Lily wanted to have a talk with Devon.

After Lily left, Elena met Nate. He greeted her with a kiss, and she told him about going to the office to see him. He explained that Lily had wanted to meet at Crimson Lights to talk, so they wouldn’t get interrupted by Devon. Elena asked if it was a rough conversation, and Nate said just the opposite. Nate said Lily got what was going on with Devon, not that she let Nate off the hook either. Lily made it clear she thought it was a two-way-street, but she understood Nate was doing what he could to make Chancellor Winters better, sometimes in spite of Devon. Nate said once Lily backed him up, Devon would have no choice but to stop instantly squashing Nate’s ideas. Nate was confused that Elena didn’t seem happy about this.

Lily met with Devon in her office. She pitched both of Nate ideas as if they were her own. Devon thought the idea of running their own festival was pretty ambitious, and he was worried they’d get stretched too thin, but if they could pull it off, it’d be pretty damned cool. He said they should get everyone together and have a meeting about it. That’s when Lily revealed that these were Nate’s ideas. He asked if Nate put her up to this to try and trick him. She said Nate shared his ideas, and she chose to pitch them to Devon. Devon asked why his COO was bringing his ideas to Lily before bringing them to Devon. Lily said she asked to meet with Nate and encouraged him to open up to her. Lily asked if Devon changed his opinion of the ideas now that he knew they were Nate’s. He said no, but he thought that she’d gone about this in an underhanded way. She was sorry, but she suggested he might have bias against Nate. She wanted to solve this before it got out of hand. Devon said this was between him and Nate. He left.

Back at Crimson Lights, Elena wanted things to turn out the way Nate wanted them to. He said he wanted Chancellor Winters environment to be a better environment for Elena too. He hoped that Lily could get Devon to understand they were all on the same side. Elena really thought Nate needed to manage his expectations when it came to Devon, because he might push back harder than Nate thought. Elena got called into the hospital. She and Nate agreed to talk about this later, and she left. Devon walked in and confronted Nate. “Would you like to tell me what you’re trying to pull?,” Devon said.
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Y&R Update Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Lily went to her office and was touched to find a card and gift box from Billy to welcome her home. She called and left him a message saying thanks. Devon dropped in. she asked about Amanda and Dom. Amanda was in Virginia, and Dom spent the night with Devon last night. PR told Lily about the double-booked act, and she asked about it. Devon said it had been fixed. Lily wanted details. Devon said Nate went ahead and made a decision without getting it approved first, and he got sensitive when Devon called him out. Devon thought Nate was struggling with not being the head guy, like he was at Memorial. He said Nate was angry and offended when Devon suggested he needed a mentor. Nate had accused Devon of being threatened by him.

Lily said they had to resolve this tension because they were family. Devon agreed, but he didn’t think Nate would be reacting this way if his boss wasn’t his cousin. Lily wondered if Devon was overstating things, because a double booking could be a simple mistake. Devon said this was the second time Nate made a move without getting Devon’s approval. Lily surmised that Devon didn’t think Nate was showing him enough respect. Devon didn’t think Nate was respecting him, the company or their artists. Lily sensed this was mainly about Devon. Devon asked if Lily thought he was threatened by Nate. She didn’t. He said this wasn’t about him. He thought Nate had great ideas, but very little business experience. He wished he’d considered that before he went along with her idea to hire Nate and hand him all this responsibility. She said they’d figure it out. He said they had to because things couldn’t go on this way.

Billy and Chelsea were in the studio. Their shared desk was getting a little messy, thanks to Chelsea. When he started cleaning, she teased him about becoming so fastidious. He said he kept it neat on purpose, so it’d be free of distraction. She purposely tossed a handful of popcorn at him and said he was the buttoned down guy you bring home to mom. He didn’t see anything wrong with maintaining professional atmosphere. She called him grandpa. He said he usually crossed the line and got into trouble. She said that was kind of how got tricky with Victoria back in the day. He had his regrets about that. She thought he was a little uptight these days. He wondered if she was saying he’d become boring and predictable since he started dating Lily. She didn’t blame Lily for this.

Billy asked why Chelsea wanted to work with him if he was so uptight. She said podcast-Billy was witty, charming, thoughtful and irreverent. She was relieved he hadn’t lost that side of himself. He said it was all about balance, because problems happened when he went too far in one direction. She said he didn’t have to monitor himself. She thought he needed to relax and breathe a little. He was ready to change the subject to her and her issues. She said she’d had plenty of therapy, so bring it on.

Sally ran into Chance at Crimson Lights and asked if he believed in serendipity, because she was the man he wanted to see. He said last time they spoke, she helped Abby pick out a wedding dress. He congratulated her on her promotion. She asked when they could expect an official update on the Ashland investigation. Sally said she wasn’t offended by Chance’s refusal to discuss Locke’s death, because she knew he understood the position she was in. He understood she ran a media company and Ashland’s death was noteworthy, and since she was new at this, she might feel like she had something to prove. She said he really knew how to read people, and he was polite not to bring Adam into the discussion. She said Adam was another reason she felt the need to prove she was up to the job – he elevated her to CEO, told her he believed in her, then he broke up and walked away. Chance thought Sally was better off. She said she told herself they were a good fit, due to their checkered pasts, and that she’d be the one to make Adam feel accepted, safe and loved. Chance said Adam was good at letting people down. Sally said at least she didn’t have to take a bullet for Adam before she found out what he was all about.

Sally said she and Chance both tried to reach out to Adam and help him change his life, and they both got burned. Chance asked what Adam told her about their relationship. She knew that he and Adam were buddies in Vegas, while Chance was undercover, and when they returned to Genoa City, Chance couldn’t deal with the crap Adam pulled, so the bromance ended, but Chance still took a bullet for Adam. Sally felt like she also took metaphorically took a bullet when she temporarily lost her self respect and begged Adam to say he still wanted her. Chance guessed he and Sally did have some things in common. Sally said Adam kept approaching her and asking her to validate the rumor that Victor was involved in Ashland’s death. She thought that was ridiculous. Chance didn’t think it was fully ridiculous, since she worked at Newman, and people talked. Sally said she’d like to keep her job, so she wasn’t going to go around questioning the Newmans about Ashland. She didn’t want to believe there was truth to the gossip, unlike Adam, because the Newmans had already been through so much. She thought Chance’s silence spoke volumes, and she wondered if that was his way of saying things were going to get more difficult. He said that he was thinking he needed to leave. After Chance was gone, Adam popped out from around the patio door and said he overheard Sally trying to wheedle information out of Chance.

Sally questioned why Adam was complaining that she was doing the job he got her and helped her keep. He said she was a CEO, not a reporter, and that was good since she had no luck getting Chance to open up. She asked if he was enjoying giving her a hard time. He didn’t. He’d actually decided to take her deal and share her his true feelings about the break up in exchange for learning what she knew about the night Ashland died. After seeing her with Chance, he realized she didn’t actually know anything about it. She told him he was wrong. She said she wouldn’t share what Nick told her with the detective investigating her. He smirked and said if they were going to trade secrets, she’d have to go first.

Sally thanked Adam for reminding her it was better that they were apart. He asked what he did wrong. She accused him of treating this like a game. She said talking about how he made her feel and their break up was funny to him, apparently. He reminded her she set the terms of the deal. She said she was looking for a scrap of validation, but she shouldn’t have to beg and barter to get him to treat her with basic human decency. She said he was right – Nick didn’t tell her anything about the night Ashland died, and she didn’t know anything. She was sure he was relieved, since that meant he wouldn’t have to eke out a few kind words for her. She was starting not to give a damn about this anymore anyway. She left, and he looked troubled.

Adam saw Chance at Society. Chance said he still wasn’t going to join forces with Adam to investigate Victor. Adam said that Chance couldn’t stop him from going solo. Chance told Adam to let it go. Chance heard Adam was badgering people and trying to implicate Victor. Adam said he saw Chance with Sally earlier. He said he knew what made Sally tick, and he could help Chance win her trust so he could find out if she knew anything. Chance called Adam a piece of work. Adam said he’d been called worse. Chance said they wouldn’t be collaborating on this or any investigation. He also thought it was pretty lousy of Adam to break up with Sally then try to manipulate her for information. Adam didn’t realize Chance knew Sally. Chance said they didn’t. Adam guessed Sally must’ve made quite the impression. Chance wasn’t naive – he knew Sally was working him for information, but it was clear to him that everything she said about Adam was sincere. Adam said relationships ended – they couldn’t all have what Chance and Abby had. Adam said he was probably not cut out ofr a lifetime commitment. Chance accused Adam of wallowing in his character flaws. Adam said he was being realistic about who he was. Chance told Adam to get a life, find a new path, a better direction. Chance was pissed off that Adam was falling into old habits, because he had it in him to be better than this. Chance thought if Adam wouldn’t do it for himself, he’d at least do it for his son. Adam said this was as good as he got.

At the ranch, Victor told Victoria, Nikki and Nick that Chance’s team recovered some video footage from the gas station where Ashland parked his car. They asked what was on the tape. He said that a man got into the car and drove away. The video was grainy, so they couldn’t tell who it was, but it clearly wasn’t Ashland, because this guy had a cigarette, and Ashland didn’t smoke. Nick said all they had to do was run a DNA test on the cigarette. Nikki said that would connect the dots back to all of them. “Back to me,” Victor corrected. Nikki was appalled someone on Victor’s staff could be so careless. This was just what Nick was afraid of. He challenged Victor to tell him what the plan was now.

Nikki knew it would be a nightmare once the media found out they were involved. Nick thought they needed to get out in front of this and hire a crisis PR firm. He thought they should also get Michael on this. Victor said Michael was busy. Victor thought they should just observe things for now. Victor said he went to Sally this morning and asked her to tamp down news about Ashland’s death. Nick took that to mean Victor intimidated Sally. Nick told Victor that he was just making things worse. Victor didn’t understand why Nick had a problem with him talking to Sally. Victor pointed out that Nick had also asked Sally to tamp down on the news about Ashland. Nick said he didn’t use coercion; he told her they’d respect the firewall between the owners of Newman Media and the people making editorial decisions. Nick said Sally promised him she’d wait until she had more information about that night. Nick asked them to think about how it would look if all the other outlets ran stories about the night Ashland died, and Newman Media didn’t cover it. Nikki and Victoria realized it’d look like they had something to hide. Nick said it could damage Newman Media’s reputation for journalistic integrity. Victor didn’t care. Victoria started to feel stressed, so she went outside to check on her kids. Victor snapped that this discussion was over, and he left.

Nikki made Nick drink tea, because she thought they all needed to calm themselves. He knew he was adding to her stress, but he said the family hadn’t faced anything this big in a long time, and Victor though they could tough it out, but… Nikki knew Victor could go to prison. Nick, confident that his father would listen to his mother, implored Nikki to have Victor meet with Michael to go over his legal options. Nick also maintained that it would be bad for the company if they prevented Newman Media from running the company. Nikki thought Newman Media should practice some editorial discretion.

Nikki got the impression that Nick wanted to publish the details before another outlet got hold of them. She didn’t think Newman Media needed to break the story. He said she wanted to wait and see, like Victor did. She thought that was the sensible option. She felt that Newman Media could be truthful in reporting without crossing the line into self incrimination. He thought she was saying the family intended to exert influence over the nature of the coverage. “Well yes, of course,” she replied. She didn’t think anyone would be surprised or offended if Newman Media’s coverage of the Newman family was respectful. He sighed as he realized no one supported his belief that the family needed to get out in front of this. He gave up and said he’d go tell Sally that she needed to curtail their coverage.

Victor ended up at Society, where he ran into Noah. Noah asked why Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s death the other day, when he and Noah met to talk about the club. Noah thought that would’ve come up, unless there was a reason for it not to. Victor said Noah was very intuitive, and his instincts were right. Noah sensed something was coming, and he dreaded it, but Victor said it’d be okay. Victor said he’d do anything to protect his family and that Noah could come to him any time. Noah was worried about Victor. Victor asked if Noah trusted him. “With my life,” Noah said.

Victoria bumped into Nate at the park. She thanked him for the voice mail he left after the news broke about Ashland. She was sorry she didn’t respond – she wasn’t sure what to say. He understood. He told her he was there if she wanted to rant about what a bastard Victoria was. She didn’t plan to vent, because she’d decided to move on from that chapter of her life. She asked how things were going at Chancellor Winters. He said they were really good; it had its challenges, but nothing without a challenge was worth doing. She knew Ashland had his own selfish reasons for wanting to recruit Nate for Newman, but she’d always think of him as the one who got away.

Victoria was sure Nate was happy working with his cousins. He said there was a challenge to working with family. Victoria could relate – her mother, the co-CEO nagged her for not resting. Nate said that was exactly it – family treated you differently than they would any other colleague. Victoria said there were growing pains in new situations, and they’d adapt. She thought Nate had a bright mind and a lot to offer, and she was sure Devon and Lily realized how lucky they were to have Nate on board.

Victoria was at work when Victor dropped in to check on her. She told him Newman beat revenue predictions. He wanted to see how she was doing. She said she felt calmer after seeing the kids. She thought that since the family survived Ashland, they could get through anything. He was glad to hear her say that. He hoped her brother felt the same. She was worried about Nick. Victoria said Nick didn’t get a chance to process what he did for her, and now he was worried about what would happen to Victor and Nikki if Victor got arrested. Victor said it wouldn’t happen. Victoria said Nick inherited Victor’s protective nature, and he wanted to fix things but there was nothing he could do. Victor said sometimes it was best to be patient and do nothing. Victoria said that had never been Nick’s strength.

When Sally went to her office, Nick was waiting for her. He said they had to talk about how Newman Media was going to handle Ashland’s death, because more information was likely to come out soon. She assumed this was making him sick. He said he didn’t want to get into details, but his entire family could get dragged through the mud. He knew he’d told her it was up to her how she handled this story. “Let me ease your mind. Newman Media is not touching this story,” she said.

Nick assumed Sally was backing away because of his father’s visit. He heard Victor visited her, or more accurately, pressured her. She said Victor lacked subtlety, but that wasn’t why she was backing away from the story. He said she didn’t strike him as someone easily intimidated. She said she wasn’t doing the story because she was fed up with people who pried into everyone’s personal lives to exploit them for personal gain. It was disgusting, sensationalist, and she wanted no part of it. He appreciated her attitude, but sometimes she’d have to publish stories that people considered an invasion of privacy. She said if this news was as monumental as he claimed, they’d have to cover it, but she assured him it wouldn’t be in the headlines day after day – they’d publish the facts and move on. He asked if she was prepared for criticism for that approach. She teased that this would be a totally new experience for her. He smiled and said this conversation didn’t go the way he’d expected it to. He’d been expecting some push-back, but she was on the same page as the family, and that was cool. She said they were all on the same team. She wanted to make a name for herself, but not at his family’s expense. She said Ashland had taken so much from them, and enough was enough.

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Y&R Update Monday, August 15, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the ranch, Nick told Nikki that he and Victoria were stonewalling Chance’s investigation. Nick didn’t feel good about it because Chance was a good guy and he was family. Nikki said that Victor’s act didn’t change the fact that Nick killed Ashland in defense of Victoria, and he didn’t do anything wrong. Nick said he didn’t have anything to hide until Victor did what he did. Nick was frustrated that Victor wouldn’t discuss Nick’s concerns about that night. He said they were all complicit, and this could harm the two things Victor cared about the most – his family and the company. Nick thought Victor made a huge mistake creating an elaborate cover-up without talking to him and Victoria first. He believed Victor would get hurt. At that moment, Victor entered the room.

Victor was upset Nick was burdening his mother with this. He was confident he had it under control. Nick was about to protest when he got a text about a deal hitting a snag. He said it was all part of the Ashland fallout, and he stepped to the other side of the room to take care of it. Nick played hardball with the caller. Victor was impressed with the way Nick handled business in the midst of a family crisis. Victor said Nick had grown, and he hoped Nick wouldn’t let his usual self-righteous indignation interfere with things.

Abby brought a care package of food to Victoria’s office. She said she worried about her big sister. Victoria was so sorry she’d been so overwhelmed the times Abby called. Abby said there was no need to apologize. Victoria chattered about her kids, but Abby wanted to hear how Victoria was. Victoria admitted she felt like she could breathe again now that Ashland was gone. She wasn’t waiting to see what new lie would surface, or how he’d retaliate against her or her loved ones. She said if there were any decency in Ashland, she might mourn the fact that he didn’t have a shot at redemption, but there wasn’t any. She was happy to feel safe again. Abby said she was sorry about all Ashland put Victoria through. Victoria thought Abby knew what else happened that night.

Abby didn’t mean to pry. Victoria said Abby was in an awkward position, being married to the cop conducting the investigation. Victoria was grateful she could speak openly with Abby. Abby said Victoria could tell her everything. Victoria said Ashland showed up and caught her off guard. She thought they could have a rational conversation, and she could let him know there was no future for them, but he wasn’t rational, and he said some awful things. She explained that Ashland implied he was going to kill her, and Abby gasped. Victoria believed Nick saved her life. She said Ashland came after her, and Nick intervened and punched Ashland, who fell and hit his head. Victoria was shaken thinking about all the blood. She said it was a nightmare. She explained that she called Chance, and she and Nick went outside, and when they returned, Ashland was gone. She said the police found him in the ravine. She tearfully asked why Chance wouldn’t put a stop to the investigation.

Abby said Chance hated having to keep looking into the accident. She hoped this was all over soon. Victoria appreciated that. Victoria said even with Ashland gone, it felt like he’d trapped them. Victoria understood Chance had to be thorough, but she and Nick told him everything that happened and they wanted to put this horrific experience behind them. She hoped Abby could help her husband understand.

Kevin met with Chance on the Crimson Lights patio. Kevin had recovered and rebuilt the missing security footage from the gas station. He played the video. They saw Ashland’s rental car and someone getting behind the wheel and smoking a cigarette. The video wasn’t clear enough to identify the man, but it was obviously not Ashland. The video showed the car’s license plate, which matched Ashland’s. Chance said this was confirmation that Ashland’s car was definitely at the gas station. Kevin added that one of Victor’s bodyguards was a smoker.

Mariah and Faith walked into Crimson Lights with shopping bags full of new things for Faith’s dorm room. Sharon laughed and asked if they’d bought out all the stores. Tessa walked in with a big smiled on her face. The doctor had cleared her to talk, but just a little. Sharon saw Kevin and Chance striding purposefully out of the restaurant. Mariah told Tessa that this was incredible. Tessa had to go to Jabot, and she asked Sharon and Faith to look after her lovely wife. Sharon asked if it was a wise decision for Mariah to stop working remotely right now. Mariah had to go back to work – she just became the head of PR, so she was running marketing and publicity too. Sharon congratulated Mariah. She said her team would be doing PR for Marchetti as well and working with the new hires, including Diane. Sharon was surprised because she thought Diane was an architect. Faith had heard rumors about Diane and her grandma Nikki.

Mariah and Tessa talked in private. Tessa really wanted Mariah to take the day off so they could celebrate her being allowed to talk. Mariah wished she could, but she was swamped at work. Mariah suggested Tessa take this time to think about Kyle and Summer’s offer. Mariah knew the surgery and recovery had been hard, but Tessa was already in the next phase, and they’d handle it together. They hugged, and Mariah left. Tessa went back to the table, where Faith was telling Sharon about all the organizers she bought. Sharon thought that was Mariah’s influence, since Faith wasn’t a neat organized person. Faith realized she needed to take charge, since she wouldn’t have Sharon around to pick up after her. Sharon was proud. Moses texted, so Faith left.

Tessa asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon said she was excited for Faith, but it would take some time getting used to a quiet house. Sharon asked how Tessa was. Tessa was scared she might not sing again. Sharon understood. She suggested that Tessa could use this time to explore other things. Tessa said Mariah approached Kyle about Tessa doing some modeling, without asking her first. She said Summer and Kyle wanted her to be the face of Marchetti. Sharon said the new name for that was brand ambassador. Sharon used to do that for Jabot way back when. It was fun, exciting and rewarding. Tessa was worried it was a sympathy job for if she never sang again. Sharon said Mariah may have been motivated by giving Tessa something to focus on during her recovery, but there was no way Kyle and Summer would give Tessa this important job because they felt sorry for her. Sharon said Tessa’s fans would bring a desirable demographic to Marchetti, so Kyle and Summer weren’t strictly acting out of the goodness of their hearts. Sharon said that if Tessa became the face of a big brand, it would bring a lot more people to her concerts and give her more downloads and album sales. Sharon said Tessa would be working for Kyle, Mariah and Summer, which were a great set of teammates. Tessa said when it was presented that way, she’d be an idiot to turn it down.

Tessa called Sharon the best mother in law ever. Mariah texted to make sure Tessa wasn’t talking too much. Sharon suggested Tessa go upstairs to get some ice cream. They hugged, and she left. Nikki and Nick came in and ordered lattes. Sharon stepped over to the counter. Nikki asked how much Sharon knew. Nick said she knew it all, and Nikki was dismayed he shared family business with outsiders. He trusted Sharon, and he needed someone on the outside to talk about this. He said they were all so focused on Victor that something had gotten lost – Nick being responsible for a man’s death.

Nikki said Nick didn’t do anything wrong. Nick said he coulnd’t process things because Victor made them all accessories to his crime, and for what?

Chance took the security footage to the ranch and showed it to Victor. He pointed out that the man behind the wheel of Ashland’s car threw his cigarette butt on the ground. Chance had the cigarette butt, and they were going to check it for DNA. It was the same brand Victor’s security guard smoked. Unfazed, Victor said that his security team had been watching Victoria’s house for weeks. He was sure that they frequented the gas station, and they could’ve discarded the butt at any time. Chance said it hadn’t been on the ground for long.

Victor said Chance was a good cop, but wasting his time. Chance didn’t think uncovering the truth was a waste of time. Victor posed a hypothetical question to Chance. He noted that Abby had faced danger while Chance was abroad instead of being home with his family. Chance though the fact that he was overseas was irrelevant, since had no choice. Victor asked how Chance would feel if Abby had killed Stitch in self defense and Victor covered it up to protect her.

Chance refused to answer the hypothetical, because he didn’t think it was relevant. He said he took an oath with this job, and he couldn’t switch it off because it was inconvenient. He thought Victor needed more faith in the legal system and in Chance. Victor thought Chance needed to be there for his family when they needed him, and not just when it was convenient. He told Chance not to point fingers at his father-in-law. Victor told Chance good day and sent his love to his daughter.

Victor summoned Nick, Victoria and Nikki to the ranch. He announced that Chance made a discovery, one for which his security team would pay dearly. Nick asked how close Chance was to proving what really happened.

Summer and Phyllis were at Society having a business lunch. Phyllis called Summer boss, and Summer laughed. Phyllis was going to pick up the check, but Summer said it was going on the expense account. It was Phyllis’s first day at work, and after this, they planned to go to her new office. Phyllis thanked Summer for bringing her up to speed on the job. Summer said she wanted Phyllis to flourish, so she reminded her to stay away from Diane.

Phyllis hoped she didn’t have to say this again, but she was going to give Diane a wide berth, and she’d be professional if they had to work together. She claimed she planned to make this a successful, long lasting endeavor. Summer was glad. Phyllis was optimistic about the accomplishments she and Summer would have working together, and she said she wouldn’t let back-from-the-dead-zombie-trash ruin it. She was adamant that Summer and Kyle had nothing to worry about.

Diane and Jack were at the park watching their grandson play. Jack had brought a ton of toys, and Diane thought that it was more important for Harrison to engage in creative play was important at this age. She pointed out that he was having fun with the sand, sticks and leaves. Jack went over to do something with Harrison. Kyle walked up and saw Diane smiling. She said it was thanks to him letting her back into his life. Jack returned. Kyle was still getting used to seeing Harrison’s grandparents watching him. Linda, the nanny arrived. Kyle and Harrison were going to leave for work, and Jack had something to do before he went to the office.

Diane, Kyle, Summer and Phyllis all bumped into each other in the hallway of Jabot. Phyllis and Diane played nice. Mariah walked up and learned that it was Phyllis’s first day. Phyllis said she wanted a new challenge, and she was excited to working closely with her brilliant daughter. Mariah congratulated Phyllis, and Diane hoped it was everything Phyllis hoped for. Phyllis had every intention of making it that way. Mariah and Diane stepped away for their meeting. The others entered Jack’s office. Kyle thanked Phyllis for the effort she’d been making with his mom. He believed they could make this work. Phyllis had a clear view of what she planned to accomplish here. Kyle said that was great. Summer needed to talk to Kyle outside, so they left. Phyllis texted Nikki and Ashley that it was time to get the party started.

Chance walked through Chancellor Park and looked like he was deep in thought.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 15, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Nick and Victor were at odds over Victor’s scheme to make it look like Ashland died in a car accident. Abby visited Victoria and learned she was having a hard time healing, due to Chance’s investigation into Ashland’s death. Victoria told Abby everything that happened the night Ashland died. Kevin recovered the missing security footage from the gas station. It proved that Ashland’s car had been in the gas station the night he died and that someone who wasn’t Ashland had driven the car away and thrown a cigarette outside the vehicle. Chance took the video to Victor, who brushed it off. Victor asked what Chance would think if Abby killed someone in self defense and Victor covered it up. Chance refused to entertain the hypothetical. Chance thought Victor should trust in law enforcement. Victor thought Chance should be loyal to the family.

Mariah helped Faith shop for college. Tessa got the all clear to use her voice sparingly. Mariah was promoted to head of PR at Jabot, which meant she had to stop working remotely and go back to the office. After a heart to heart, Sharon convinced Tessa to take the job at Marchetti. Nikki was upset Nick confided in Sharon about Ashland’s death. Nick said he trusted Sharon. Diane and Jack spent time with Harrison. Phyllis started her first day at Marchetti, and she and Diane promised Summer and Kyle that they would get along. Phyllis texted Nikki and Ashley and let them know the plan was underway.

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Y&R Update Friday, August 12, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Chelsea went to Lily’s office to see Billy and ask if they could go over some podcast ideas. He was working on the podcast now, and he was using Lily’s office since she was still in LA. Chelsea said he had a different energy in this room – more corporate. They exchanged banter, and she smiled. She asked when they were going to get the boys together for a playdate. He wouldn’t commit to a concrete plan, but she wouldn’t let it go. He said he had to talk with Johnny’s mother, once she had the bandwidth for the conversation. Chelsea said it was just a play date – the boys knew each other. He noted that their sons hadn’t spent time together in awhile. She didn’t see why that mattered, since Johnny and Connor got along great. Billy didn’t understand why Chelsea was being pushy about this. Chelsea felt like Billy was never going to change his stance about her when it came to Johnny.

Billy said that he wasn’t trying prevent Chelsea from seeing Johnny. He explained that his kids were having a to deal with Ashland’s death. She thought that this was all the more reason that Johnny should play with Connor. He asked her to accept it wasn’t the right time, and she said no. A few weeks ago she would’ve respected his response, because she’d been trying to make everyone else happy and she was just glad people were putting up with her, but now she was putting her wants first. He said he was on her side, and he reminded her that he brought her into the podcast. Chelsea was near tears. Billy said he and Victoria had raised Johnny the way Chelsea had said she wanted him to be raised. She said Johnny was her biological son, and she never got to see him or spend time with him. Billy reminded Chelsea that she was the one who made that choice not to be involved in Johnny’s life, and this agreement had worked for many years. He asked her what changed.

Chelsea said she had a different outlook on life since her recovery from what her mother called a huge emotional breakdown. She said she’d always been an outsider, and everyone viewed her with suspicion because of her past. She didn’t blame people for that, and she used to revel in it. She lost her sense of self worth after she poisoned Rey. When she came home, she begged Adam to take her back. “What was I thinking?,” she asked. He was sure she was glad Adam didn’t take her back. She said that it was hard to get some people out of your system, like Victoria and Billy. Chelsea said when she was in a dark place, Rey was the only one who reached out to her, and when he died, she felt like the rug was ripped out from under her, and she held onto things that made her feel safe, like her partnership with Chloe. It didn’t make her happy, though. She had an epiphany that she deserved to be happy, and working with Billy was a big part of that. She felt confident now. For so long, she felt like she didn’t connect with anyone, and now there were people on the internet who said what she said resonated with her. She realized she wanted to be open to letting other people into her life, and she thought Johnny was a big part of that. He wasn’t sure why she felt that way.

Chelsea said Johnny already knew Victoria wasn’t his biological mother. Would it be so bad if Johnny learned that Chelsea was his biological mother, she asked. Billy brought up the agreement again. Chelsea felt Victoria and Billy had done an incredible job with Johnny, but Chelsea wasn’t the same person she was when she signed that agreement years ago. She thought kids deserved to know the truth about their birth. She believed Johnny and Connor deserved to get to know each other and bond. Billy said he’d talk with Victoria. Chelsea was ready to discuss the podcast now, but Billy didn’t want to work on an empty stomach, so he said he’d take Chelsea to lunch.

Elena and Nate had a meal at Society. She thought it was weird that it was taking so long to get her out of her contract with Newman. He knew she was frustrated, but Imani was working on it. She said she wasn’t frustrated, it was just taking forever. Nate saw Sally walk in, and he called her over. Nate explained that they wanted to negotiate Elena’s departure from AskMDNow. He was sorry it had taken so long to reschedule the meeting, but the heads of their legal team had a family emergency. Sally didn’t know anything about a meeting. Nate said Imani arranged a dinner for the three of them, and Sally canceled at the last minute.

Sally looked through her planner, and then she told Nate there was never a meeting with her, him and Imani on the books. Nate figured there must’ve been a scheduling mix up. Elena congratulated Sally at taking the reins at Newman Media. Nate knew from experience that career changes were tough, but rewarding. He told her that Elena wanted to work at Chancellor Winters. Elena was appreciative of her time at Newman Media. Sally said AskMDNow was doing very well, so she could see why Chancellor Winters wanted to poach Elena. Nate said it wasn’t poaching, but Sally disagreed. She didn’t see why she’d let Chancellor Winters lure away Newman Media’s talent.

Elena had compiled a list of replacement doctors. Sally asked if Elena was unhappy at Newman Media. Elena enjoyed her time there. Nate said that, as the original face of AskMDNow, he was impressed on how Elena stepped into the format seamlessly, and he was sure any of the replacements on the list could do the same. Sally said there was a drop off in the audience when Nate left, and Elena had an intangible quality that not everyone had. Nate wrote a figure on a paper and showed it to Sally. A financial incentive to release Elena. Sally looked at the paper and seemed shocked by the number. She took the offer and said she’d be sad to see Elena go. Nate and Elena thanked Sally. Sally hoped this worked out for Elena, because she was a real talent.

Elena and Nate went to Chancellor Winters. He was surprised she wasn’t more happy about getting out of her contract. She said she was pleased. It was clear something was bothering her, and he asked what he missed. She couldn’t believe she had to explain this to him. She said the reason Sally couldn’t remember canceling the meeting with Nate and Imani was because she was never invited. Imani had planned an intimate night for herself and Nate.

Nate didn’t think there was anything nefarious going on. Meetings got canceled all the time. He said Elena had it in for Imani, and it was clouding her mind. She contended that she had a very clear view of this situation. She wondered if the reason he didn’t see what Imani was doing was because he didn’t want to. He asked if she was accusing him of being attracted to Imani. She wasn’t saying it was sexual, but she was sure Imani’s fawning was an ego boost. She said he just told her that Imani had been fueling his frustrations with Devon. She wondered if Imani was pushing Nate to be more aggressive. Nate said he didn’t need his ego boosted. He said Imani noticed that Devon tried to hold him back sometimes – the same thing that happened with Imani and Amanda. He said it was nice to have someone at work who supported him. “Oh, as opposed to your girlfriend who couldn’t comprehend? What because I’m not an executive?,” she said. He told her she’d been there for him every step of the way. Annoyed, she said he didn’t think she understood what was really going on, at least not the way Imani did.

Nate felt like Elena took Devon’s side whenever Nate talked to her about the dynamic. He noted that she kept saying Devon had more business experience. She didn’t know why the truth offended him. He said it felt dismissive. She said that you needed experience in an ER, so and she didn’t see why it would be different at business. He said he had a business education, and he ran a hospital department. She felt like he was saying he wasn’t supporting him enough or not the same way Imani was. She wasn’t sure of Imani’s motives, but Imani was trying to be his champion. He thought she was blowing it out of proportion. She respected him, so she was trying to tell him the truth. She thought Imani was telling Nate everything that he wanted to hear – a beautiful woman stroking his ego, and what could be more enticing than that?

Chelsea and Billy arrived at Society, and she made her way to Sally, who was sitting at the bar. Feigning sympathy, Chelsea said she felt so bad about the way Adam just dumped Sally. Chelsea thought Sally seemed to be doing better than she was the other day, when she’d chased after Adam. “Not particularly dignified,” Chelsea said. Sally asked how many times Chelsea and Adam broke up – five or six? Sally added that Chelsea and Adam had a kid, and they still couldn’t make it work, which was such a shame. Chelsea excused herself and went back to Billy.

Chelsea came up with the idea to do a true crime episode. She said the Grinning Soul hit a goldmine when they uncovered the Ashland Locke secret. He said he really respected the host of The Grinning Soul. Narrowing her eyes, Chelsea said she was sure the host respected Billy too. Billy said the host was impressed with Chelsea. Chelsea kept thinking about the scams she and Anita pulled. He thought that the audience would eat that up. She said he had an entirely different energy when he talked about this stuff, and it looked good on him. He said he loved riffing on topics and observing people. It was nice to be out of the corporate arena, he said. She asked why he kept going back to the corporate world.

Chelsea said she’d known Billy a long time, and she’d seen the scenario play out time and time again with his family. She said he thought he needed to act a certain way and live up to certain expectations, and he did for a time until the real Billy came out. She said he didn’t fit into the Abbott box, and he rebelled. He said he was in a really good place right now, and he thought he was past the need to rebel. She asked if he felt fulfilled being part of Chancellor Winters. He said it was difficult to answer honestly. She thought that meant the answer was no.

Kyle brought Summer to Dive Bar, and she noticed he was being mysterious about something. She wondered if it was about their moms. He said he had a great idea for Marchetti that had nothing to do with their mothers’ feud and it could help people they cared about. Kyle told Summer about Tessa having to put her career on hold. He said Tessa was going to tough it out and not tell people who frightened she was. Summer said that was how she’d handle it too. Kyle laughed and said he loved Summer, but she wasn’t the tough stoic type. He told her about Mariah’s idea to make Tessa a model at Marchetti’s print campaign. He said Tessa had the look they wanted, and her fans were Marchetti’s demographic. Summer liked the idea, but she was hesitant about Mariah’s involvement, and that always turned into a whole thing. He said Mariah would be on her best behavior. He thought Mariah had changed, and when she gave Summer a hard time now, there was no animosity to it. Summer countered that Mariah called her Snowflake for years. Kyle said Mariah was genuinely happy Summer was at the wedding. He said Mariah had her hands full at Jabot, so she didn’t have time to play showbiz wife to Tessa.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah brought Tessa tea the way she liked it. Mariah suggested they have a picnic by the lake to cheer her up. Tessa, who still wasn’t allowed to talk after her vocal cord surgery, wrote she was fine, on her white board, all caps. Mariah said she and Tessa’s connection was like a sixth sense, or even a seventh sense. She said when she was abducted by that maniac, Stitch, Tessa could tell she was scared. Mariah said it was pointless for Tessa to try and keep things from her, because she could feel what Tessa felt. Mariah wanted to help Tessa carry what she was feeling. Tessa admitted that not being able to do what she loved was making her crazy. Mariah suggested the picnic again. Tessa still didn’t think that would help. Mariah was sorry – sometimes she felt like she was making things worse or getting in the way. Tessa used text to voice on her phone to say that Mariah was wonderful. Mariah said they should find another outlet for Tessa’s creative energy.

Summer and Kyle walked into Crimson Lights. Mariah was sheepish because she was supposed to be at work. Summer and Kyle said they were here to see Tessa. Kyle asked Tessa to be the new face of Marchetti. Mariah acted shocked. Summer said Tessa looked elegant, sophisticated and fun. They liked the photo of Tessa on the album. Tessa was flattered by the offer, but it was a reminder of what she might be losing.

Mariah said that Tessa wasn’t going to lose anything, because she’d be able to sing again. They all encouraged Tessa to take the job. Mariah said Tessa would be expanding her fanbase for when things got back to normal. Tessa thanked them for the offer and apologized for the pity party. Tessa said it might be perfect, especially now. Mariah noted that they all thought Tessa would be an amazing model. Summer marveled at her and Mariah agreeing on something. Summer and Kyle left.

Tessa saw Mariah and Kyle conspiring yesterday, and she knew this was Mariah’s idea. Mariah continued to deny it. Tessa wrote on the whiteboard about their seventh sense. Mariah admitted it was her idea. She said selfishly, she wanted to see her beautiful wife’s face in magazines and on billboards. Tessa was too in love to be mad at Mariah. They kissed.

Sally went back to work and texted Adam that she’d tell him what she knew about Ashland if he told her the real reason he broke up with her.

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Y&R Update Thursday, August 11, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Adam approached Abby at Society and said it’d been awhile. She noted that he was here yesterday, and he said he meant it had been awhile since they talked. She was surprised he was supporting Society since he’d cut ties with anything Newman. He loved the food, and he said that his issues with their father had nothing to do with him and her. She agreed, and she offered him food on the house. He asked her to join him for a conversation. She knew all along that he had an agenda in starting this discussion. She asked what he wanted to talk about, and he said Ashland’s death.

Abby sat with Adam at the bar. He asked what she knew about Ashland’s death. She didn’t know much more than anyone else. Adam said he’d suspected something terrible could happen, but he didn’t expect Ashland to die. Abby didn’t shed tears for Ashland. She just hoped Victoria got closure. Adam did too. He hadn’t talked to Victoria, because he didn’t think his condolences would be welcome. He asked Abby if their sister seemed okay. Abby only talked to Victoria over the phone, but it had been rough. Adam noted that Victor didn’t seem too broken up over it. Abby didn’t expect Victor to mourn Ashland after what he put their family through.

Abby didn’t want to ever hear Ashland’s name again. Adam thought that was unlikely since Chance was investigating his death. He guessed that put her in a difficult position. She asked why he’d say that. He told her that he’d talked to Chance, and he knew Chance had his doubts about the so-called car accident. She asked for more details on what Chance said. Adam stated that Chance had been tight-lipped, but to Adam, it was telling that Chance was even investigating. He told her that Chance brought Kevin into the investigation too, so she wouldn’t be betraying any confidence by admitting there was more to the story. She reiterated that she didn’t know much. Adam claimed that, like Abby, he was worried the nightmare of Ashland wasn’t over for the people she loved. Abby told Adam that she could see he was fishing for information, and she wasn’t going to give it to him. Adam got the feeling that no one in the family had told Abby anything. “You’re just as much on the outside as I am,” Adam contended. He told her that they should team up and pass on anything they heard to each other. He asked if it was a deal, and she didn’t reply.

Victoria and Chance bumped into each other at Crimson Lights. They talked, and he asked how her night was. She said she and the kids couldn’t sleep. He was sorry. He was sure the kids were feeling the loss of Ashland. He said when you were investigating a death, sometimes you forgot how many people it affected. Victoria said Ashland wasn’t well-liked, and he left behind a lot of grief and pain, which Chance’s investigation wasn’t helping. He knew it might seem heartless, but he was just doing his job. She understood and said she wasn’t intimidated by him. Nothing would make him feel better than to close the investigation. She asked why he didn’t do so, then.

Chance said he couldn’t just drop an investigation. Victoria said Chance had this notion that Victor orchestrated a fake car accident. She claimed she had no idea why Victor would do that. She noted that Chance had done a lot of work to support this theory, but he had no evidence to back it up. She wondered where this was headed – if Chance thought Ashland was dead before he got into the car, did he intend to go after Victor for obstruction, or was he disputing Nick’s account that he hit Ashland in self-defense? She theorized that Chance couldn’t accept that Ashland’s death was an accident. Victoria asked if Chance was planning to charge Nick with murder. Just then, Nick walked in.

Victoria brought Nick up to speed. She said Chance claimed he was on their side, but now it seemed like he was trying to prove a crime was committed. Chance believed Victoria and Nick were acting in good faith when they called him that night. He also believed that Nick never intended to harm Ashland and that whatever happened was an accident. Chance said the more defiant Nick and Victoria were, the more certain he was that they knew what happened and they were covering for their father. Nick said no one wanted Ashland to die, but he wasn’t a good person, and he set this all in motion when he terrorized Victoria. Nick was glad he was there that night to protect his sister – Abby’s sister, and he’d do it again in a heartbeat. He said when he and Victoria heard about Ashland being found in a ravine, they had no reason to believe he didn’t get up and drive away. Nick said Ashland’s death was accidental. Abby called Chance and they agreed to meet up at the park. After Chance left, Nick said he had nightmares about Ashland every night. He thought it was like Ashland’s final revenge. Victoria thought Chance wanted to help them. Nick was skeptical, and Victoria explained that Chance had seemed more sympathetic before Nick arrived. She believed Chance would do the right thing, which was to side with the family. Nick wasn’t so sure. He thought they should go to the ranch and tell Victor about their run in with Chance.

Sally had a firm discussion with an employee by phone. She needed some data to show the big advertisers she was meeting with next week. She insisted that they get her the numbers ASAP. When she looked up, she saw Victor standing in her office. Sally was surprised it took him so long to stop by. He’d been preoccupied. She knew he wished this office was Adam’s. He was disappointed she wasn’t able to convince Adam to stay on board. She’d hoped Adam would stay on too, but he made it clear this job wasn’t a good fit, and he felt the same way about their relationship. She was grateful Victoria and Nick gave her a chance. She was determined to prove she deserved the opportunity.

Victor was pleased with how Sally handled the Ashland Locke story. He assumed she knew more details than were included in the police report. He said she’d handled the story with great restraint and discretion, and he encouraged her to follow those instincts. He said she had the opportunity to build something – businesses weren’t just about money and power. She thought those things were important. He agreed, but he said he didn’t build businesses just for money and power – he also built them for a lasting legacy. He stated that she had some important decisions to make in the future, and he hoped she’d prove herself and stay in this position. She said thanks, but then she asked if that was a compliment or warning. He smiled and left.

Adam showed up at Sally’s office, and she asked if he’d reconsidered cutting ties with Newman. He said absolutely not. He was hoping to find out what trouble Victor had gotten the family into with regard to Ashland. Sally aid she hadn’t heard anything about Victor being involved the accident. She theorized that he was jumping the gun because he wanted to paint his father in the worst possible light. She found it presumptuous of him to ask her to help. He asked if she was siding with his dad because he signed her checks. She said there were no sides, there was just the truth. He told her she already admitted she had insider information about the crash from Nick. He asked if she’d like to share that with him. She reminded him she already turned down that request. She was glad that he put her in the position to tell him he was pathetic for trying again. He conceded that he hurt her, but he said their relationship had run its course. He thought she should be grateful he ended things, since she got to keep her job. She reminded him that she said she didn’t want the job if that was how she needed to get it.

Adam offered to pay Sally for her intel. She said she had plenty of money now that she was the CEO. He suggested he give her a favor. She said she’d tell him what he wanted to know if he finally admitted the sole reason he broke up with her was to get her the job and that he still loved her. He told her that was ludicrous. Chloe walked in and was unhappy to see Adam. Chloe had something important to discuss with Sally, so Adam said he’d be in touch, and he left. Chloe was disgusted by the hope and longing she saw in Sally’s eyes. Sally didn’t apologize for having feelings. Chloe noted that they’d just talked about how Adam didn’t deserve Sally’s emotional bandwidth. Chloe asked why Sally would sacrifice a drop of success for another chance with Adam.

Sally said she and Adam were just having a business negotiation. She shared the details with Chloe. Chloe thought Sally was playing with fire. Sally said she was in control, and she wasn’t ignoring how Adam broke her heart. She wanted the truth from Adam, and she wanted to know she wasn’t crazy to think they had something real. Chloe understood Sally wanting closure. Sally said wasn’t trying to get Adam back, she just wanted to relieve herself of the self doubt. Chloe asked about Sally’s willingness to sell out Nick. Sally said she was planning to lie to Adam, once he came clean, and say that she didn’t know anything about Ashland. Chloe was glad she came in before Sally had a chance to set that plan in motion. She said Sally couldn’t lie to Adam about that, because he’d be furious, and he’d make it his life’s mission to make Sally regret it. Sally thought Chloe was exaggerating.

Sally said that after what Adam did to her, he’d have no right to be mad at her for playing him. Chloe said Adam wasn’t a rational person. Sally said Chloe had a history with Adam, and she’d always see him through a certain lens, but he’d changed. Chloe said Adam appeared to have changed, but he’d done it before, and he always reverted back to who he was. Chloe knew Sally heard the stories, but she said until Sally experienced Adam at his worst, she’d never truly understand what he was capable of. Chloe told Sally to forget Adam stopped by, forget this dangerous plan, forget Adam all together.

At the park, Chance asked Abby what was going on. She knew he wasn’t supposed to talk about ongoing investigations, but she needed to know what was going on with Ashland’s accident. She said that Nikki acted weird yesterday, she hadn’t been able to reach Victor, and Nick and Victoria weren’t telling her anything. Oddly enough, the only member of the Newman family who’d have a real conversation with her was Adam. He promised to tell her everything as soon as they closed the case. She begged him to tell her something now. She had a sick feeling in her stomach. He was sorry he’d upset her. He didn’t want to burden her while he was piecing things together, but he was at a crossroads now. He decided to share some confidential information with her, and he warned her it wouldn’t be easy to hear.

Chance told Abby his theory that Nick killed Ashland in self-defense and Victor took it upon himself to cover it up with a staged car accident to protect Nick and Victoria. Chance said that he thought Victoria and Nick later found out what Victor did, and they were protecting him. Abby said this was unbelievable. Chance asked if it really was. Abby admitted this was a move out of Victor’s playbook, but she reminded Chance that he said he didn’t have concrete proof. He was sure he could find something if he kept digging. She asked if he was going to to that. He told her that Victoria said the same thing – that he could walk away and close the case. Chance said Victor committed a crime, and he couldn’t just let a criminal walk away. But he knew this wasn’t just another case, because this was Abby’s family. He asked her opinion on what he should do.

Abby stated that Ashland was a monster who wreaked havoc on the whole town and who may have killed Victoria if Nick didn’t stop him. She didn’t condone what her father did, but she understood it. He asked if she wanted him to back off. She thought that was a decision he had to make on his own. She didn’t want him to come to resent her for convincing him to close the case. He loved her and how open and honest they could be with each other. Adam came up and saw Abby and Chance kiss. Abby had to go, because she and Dominic had a Mommy and Me class. As soon as she left, Adam went up to Chance. Adam offered sympathy about the difficult position Chance was in, caught between his wife’s family and his need to uncover the truth. Chance wanted Adam to get to the point. Adam said Victor was skilled at cover-ups, so Chance would have a hard time getting the facts of the case. Adam knew all Victor’s tricks, and he said he’d help with the case, if Chance let him into the investigation.

Nick and Victoria went to the ranch, and they were surprised when it seemed like Victor had been expecting them. He said he had an interesting conversation with Nikki last night, and she told him about Ashland’s body being moved from Victoria’s house and ending up in the ravine. Only about a half a dozen people knew about this, and he didn’t want Nikki to find out about it. Nick noted that Victor had tried to keep all of them in the dark. Victor said he’d been trying to protect them all. He said Nikki never would’ve known if Victoria didn’t tell her. Victoria contended that Nikki already knew Victor was hiding something. Victor maintained that Victoria shouldn’t have told Nikki. Furthermore, he felt that Nick was wrong to tell Victoria. Nick said Victoria had a right to know. Victoria said Nikki did too. Victor said Nick, Victoria and Nikki were all in danger now because they’d become accessories to the crime. Nick argued that Victor should have thought of that before he put this plan in motion. Victor told Nick not to be a wise-ass. He said he did what he did on the spur of the moment to protect his family. He griped that he was being attacked instead of appreciated.

Victoria said no one was attacking Victor – they were all just trying to get on the same page. Nick said they had a run-in with Chance and he wasn’t going to let it go. Victoria said Chance’s theory was pretty close to the truth. Victor didn’t give a damn about Chance’s theory, since there was no way he could substantiate it. Victor said Ashland died in the ravine, period. Nick asked what they should do. Victor said they were to do nothing, just present a united front. He thought that Chance would eventually move on, and they could put this tragic chapter behind them.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Abby went to the Ranch looking for Victoria, and Nikki said she was still at work. Abby had reached out to Victoria several times since Ashland’s death, but she hadn’t gotten much of a response. Nikki said Victoria had been busy with Newman Enterprises, but she’d been very strong. Abby wasn’t surprised. Victoria was the toughest person she knew. Nikki said Ashland’s death was a shock, but she didn’t think many tears would be shed. Abby wished Chance wasn’t so determined to cross every T and dot every I. She was sure this investigation would end soon. Nikki asked if Chance said what he was investigating. Abby didn’t know specifics, but she guessed Chance was being thorough because of all Ashland’s lies. Nikki thought that the longer this went on, the more difficult it would be on Victoria. She thought it would be best for everyone if Chance backed off.

Devon was at work. He called Amanda just to check in. The call ended, and he saw that Elena was there. She had a personal question about Nate. Devon didn’t think he was the best person to discuss Nate with right now. Elena was trying to get a sense of the work dynamic here, because she could tell Nate was having a hard time, and she knew he would hate her broaching the subject with Devon. Devon thought that was all the more reason not to have this conversation. Elena was concerned though, and she guessed Nate felt touchy about discussing work things with her, due to her history with Devon. She knew it wasn’t her place to interfere, but she cared about the relationship between Devon and Nate, and she felt regret about the damage she caused his family. She asked if there was anything she could do to help fix things.

Devon said what was going on between him and Nate had nothing to do with Elena. She sighed in relief. He said work didn’t change the way he felt about Nate as family, but as a C-suite executive, Nate had created a few issues. Devon took some of the blame for not easing Nate into a high level position instead of just throwing him in the deep end. Elena knew Devon had business experience, and he’d been guided by Neil, but she said Nate wasn’t a recent college grad, just starting out in the world, and he probably shouldn’t be treated as one. She asked if Devon had put up defenses when it came to Nate. He said no, all he’d done was clearly lay out how he believed the hierarchy should work. Nate’s reluctance to embrace it made Devon wonder if it was a mistake to bring him on board.

Devon and Abby ran into each other at Society. she thanked him for the picture of Dominic. He was using it on his phone lock screen. Abby said Chance had made it his lock screen too. He asked if Chance would be coming here. She didn’t think so – he’d been working crazy hours tying up loose ends on the Locke car crash. She had a feeling Chance was keeping something from her, because her family was involved, and that couldn’t be good. Devon said Abby could trust Chance to do the right thing. She knew that, but she was worried about her sister.

Abby asked about Devon and Amanda. He told her about Naya’s coma. Amanda was in Virginia with her mother, and Devon wanted to go, but Amanda said it was fine. He said things had been tense at Chancellor Winters. Working with family had complications. That was why Abby was glad she had Society – her own special place without judgment or interference. She said the place was a big success thanks to Devon and all the advice he gave her. She said he’d been instrumental in two out of the three loves of her life – her work and Dominic. He said at least he’d done something right.

Imani saw Nate at Crimson Lights. He was surprised she wasn’t on her way to see her mom. Her flight wasn’t until tonight. She was an emotional mess. He offered some encouraging words, and she said he always knew how to make her feel better. She’d miss not being able to lean on him while she was gone. He said she’d have Amanda to lean on. She felt conflicted about leaving the job in the lurch. He said the company was built on family, and they were supposed to stick by each other. Imani didn’t think it sounded like Nate’s family was sticking by him.

Nate didn’t want to burden Imani with his troubles, but she said she could use the distraction. He said Devon was worried Nate was a liability at Chancellor Winters. Nate said there was a slight misunderstanding that he fixed as soon as he found out there was a problem, but now Devon wanted to give him a mentor. Imani scoffed that Devon didn’t even give Nate a chance to prove himself. Nate said Devon was determined to see him as a screw up. Imani suggested Devon felt threatened by Nate’s potential. Nate also felt that Devon was holding him back, but he admitted Devon could be right – maybe Nate overstepped a few times, but out of enthusiasm, not malice. Nate said maybe he needed to learn the game better. Imani didn’t agree with that strategy. It was clear to her that Devon wanted to be the only one in full control.

Imani understood Nate wanted to see the best in his cousin, but she didn’t think he was looking at the full picture. She said he should turn up the heat, not give in. He didn’t want to create more conflict. She said Devon didn’t value what Nate was bringing to the job, and slow and steady wasn’t going to convince him otherwise. She reminded him of how he took the bull by the horns at the launch and people responded positively. She thought he needed to do something like that, but bigger and bolder that would demand attention and respect.

At Crimson Lights, Diane approached Summer. She was surprised about Phyllis’s gigantic career move, but it wasn’t going to be a problem, at least for Diane. Summer was glad to hear that, because she and Kyle didn’t intend to tolerate any turmoil at Marchetti. “Don’t you suspect that your mother’s sudden and massive career move is directly tied to her hatred of me?,” Diane asked. Summer said of course she did, and she gave Phyllis the same warning Diane received from Kyle. Phyllis had assured Diane there wouldn’t be any problems. Summer hoped Phyllis meant it, because this would be an amazing opportunity for her and her mom to work together, just as it was for Diane and Kyle. Diane said she wanted this to work out, and she’d love it if Phyllis forgave her.

Diane said she and Phyllis might be able to bond. Summer thought Diane was laying it on a little thick. Diane said Kyle forgave her, and Jack seemed to be on the verge of doing that. Summer thought that was a tall order for Jack to forgive Diane. Summer thought Diane was wonderful with Harrison, but it didn’t erase her history. Diane realized that, and she realized she had a lot more work to do in that regard. Summer echoed that Diane had a lot more work to do. Summer said Jack was working to keep the peace for Kyle and Harrison. She stated that she’d give Diane the same warning she gave Phyllis – don’t attempt to manipulate Jack the way she had in the past. Summer warned that she was just as protective of Jack as she was of Kyle, and if Diane pulled anything, she’d have to contend with her.

Kyle spent time with Mariah and Tessa at Dive Bar. Tessa was having to use a computer automated voice to communicate, because she had to rest her voice after surgery. Mariah said the voice was starting to sound sexy. Kyle complimented her on keeping her sense of humor, and she said if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. Mariah asked about Harrison. Kyle said he was handling Ashland’s death well, but he didn’t seem to understand what happened. Mariah asked how Kyle was, and he started talking about the Marchetti relaunch. Tessa told Kyle not to change the subject. Kyle admitted he had a lot on his plate. He was trying to help Harrison through the loss of his father, and now his mom and Summer’s mom were going to work together, which could start world war III. Mariah asked if she could help. He thought he had to handle it on his own.

Mariah sent Tessa to grab the drinks, then she told Kyle she had to ask him for a really big favor. He asked what she needed. Mariah was worried about Tessa, who was really bummed about missing her tour. She’d been trying to think of a way to boost Tessa’s spirits. She thought Tessa might love a job at Marchetti. Tessa was a huge fan of Marchetti, and she was passionate about fashion. Mariah was sure Marchetti would need models, and who better to team up with than than a singing star, like Tessa.

Kyle was intrigued. He recalled Summer mentioning they needed a fresh face for the new fashion line. He’d have to talk to Summer before he committed to anything. Mariah was just happy Kyle didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand. She asked him not to say anything to Tessa before it was a done deal, so they didn’t get her hopes up. Tessa returned. Tessa could tell something was going on with Kyle and Mariah. They pretended they were just chatting. Summer walked up, and Mariah said hi, then she announced that she and Tessa had to go.

Summer and Kyle were now alone. She told him about his mother’s fantasy of bonding with Phyllis. He said that would never happen. She wondered if they were asking for trouble expecting their mothers to peacefully work together. He said if they rescinded a job offer from either one of them, it could spawn an all out war.

At Society, Billy told Jack that it was a bad idea to hire Adam at Jabot. Billy thought other Abbotts would agree. Jack believed in Adam. He was also going to be watching Adam’s every move. Jack said Adam turned Newman Media into a profitable enterprise, and his tenure was devoid of scandal. Jack said Adam would still be there if Victor didn’t jerk him around. Billy said Adam had an ax to grind. Jack thought Adam wanted a fresh start somewhere that he wouldn’t have to compete with Victoria. Billy asked how Ashley would feel. Jack said she’d eventually be fine with it – she spent most of her time in Paris, and when she was here, she was in the lab, which was out of Adam’s purview. Billy said that Adam would take the company. Jack said he’d offered Billy similar lifelines in the past. “And how many of those have worked out? And I’m your brother,” Billy replied. Jack said Billy felt fine giving Diane another chance. Billy felt that some people deserved another chance, while others didn’t. They looked up and saw Phyllis come in.

Billy knew there was nothing he could say to talk Jack out of this. He just warned him that Adam’s fangs were sharp and poisonous. Phyllis walked over and Jack said he was leaving. She said she came to discuss Lily’s offer to buy the hotel with Billy. Jack left. Billy noticed that things had gone south between Jack and Phyllis again. Billy was glad that it wasn’t his fault this time. Phyllis said she’d moved past that. She added that she was going to work with Summer at Marchetti. Billy was surprised Phyllis would be working with Diane.

Phyllis said she and Diane weren’t in the same department. Billy didn’t think Marchetti was big enough for the two of them. She said he underestimated her. He hoped that this would work out, for Jack’s sake. She said she wouldn’t let her daughter down. He thought she could only suppress her feelings for so long until she exploded. She asked why it was that he got to turn his life around and be an upstanding executive, and she couldn’t. He said he liked his colleagues. She said it was unfortunate that he was just working with his buddies and girlfriend. She stated that the Grand Phoenix was a huge moneymaking endeavor; it wasn’t like some podcast. He said his podcast was popular, and he should have her on. She replied that she was all booked up. She didn’t think she could handle Marchetti and running the hotel, and that was why she wanted to talk to Lily. Billy said he’d been confident that Phyllis wouldn’t sell. “That’s how little you know me, Billy,” Phyllis replied. Billy said either Phyllis was a fool, selling her hotel to work with Summer, or she had a plan for Diane. He’d never known Phyllis to be a fool. She said he was right about that. He said she’d made some spectacular mistakes, but she was as savvy as they come. He bet she had a plan to hurt Diane in some way.

Phyllis thought it was annoying that everyone in the town thought she had a nefarious intention. Billy said Phyllis was selling her prized possession out of the blue to go work with her sworn enemy. She said she was going to work with her daughter and helping her attain her vision. He said she was casting herself in a supporting role, but that wasn’t her – she was the queen bee. She said she loved a challenge, and she’d be overseeing the home design division at Marchetti – it was a huge position. He conceded that this sounded like a cool gig. She said she’d risen above her hatred for Diane, a hatred that cost her her relationship with Jack. The sort of happiness she was afraid she’d never get again. “You are definitely up to something,” Billy said.

Phyllis asked why Billy couldn’t believe her heart was in the right place. He asked her to stop the phony denials. He was speaking to her as an ex-lover and semi friend. He asked her to let go of whatever she had planned for Diane. Even if she won, and he thought she would, she’d still lose in the end. She asked what made him think she’d lose. He said there was always collateral damage in the war, and the damage would be Summer. “Summer won’t be near the line of fire Billy… if there was a line of fire, which there is not,” she said. He informed her that Jack offered Adam a job at Jabot, as co-CEO.

Phyllis was alarmed that Adam would be placed in a position of power. She said Adam got an umpteenth chance to redeem himself in Jack’s eyes, just like Diane, but he wasn’t giving Phyllis the same opportunity. Billy said throwing Adam into any mix was a recipe for disaster. Phyllis asked if Billy thought Jack would involve Adam in Marchetti. He didn’t know, but if Adam got involved, he’d take Diane’s side. Phyllis agreed that Adam would side with Diane, and she predicted that Jack would just follow along and give Diane the benefit of the doubt. Billy asked if Phyllis wanted to be the one responsible for throwing oil on the fire. Nikki called Phyllis wanting to meet.

Phyllis went to the ranch. Ashley wasn’t there, because she was out of town on business. Phyllis complained that Ashley was useless. Nikki said Ashley was committed to the plan, but she was concerned about Phyllis’s sabotage idea. Nikki called Phyllis here to get the details on her next move. Phyllis asked if Nikki didn’t trust her. “In a word, no,” Nikki said. Phyllis said she didn’t trust Nikki and Ashley either. Nikki said that the reason she didn’t trust Phyllis was somewhat of a compliment. Nikki was concerned Phyllis might back down, to protect Summer. Nikki was also protective of her kids, but the best way to protect Summer and her family was to get Diane out of town for good. Phyllis agreed. She didn’t appreciate Nikki’s backhanded compliment, especially since she was the only one in this triumvirate that was really doing something. “You have worries, you have concerns. I get it, but until you really contribute, keep your opinions to yourself,” Phyllis said.

Diane’s face lit up when she saw Jack come into Crimson Lights. He was glad he ran into her. He said that he’d been reading the books she bought Harrison about loss, and he could tell they were helpful. He thanked her for the thoughtful gift.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria closed a deal, and Nikki wanted to take her to Society for a reward. When Victoria wasn’t receptive, Nikki pushed the issue, because she wanted to leave the office and talk about Ashland’s death. Nikki had the feeling that Victor had a secret about Ashland. Victoria told Nikki the truth about Victor having his men stage the car accident. Nikki wasn’t surprised, since this was so similar to what Victor did for Adam when he was a child. Victoria said she and Nick weren’t kids, and Victor didn’t have to go to this extreme. Victoria said Chance was suspicious, but thankfully he didn’t have much in the way of evidence. Victoria said she and Nick covered, but if the truth came out, they would have damaged their credibility. Nikki got worried because Chance was at the ranch when she left. She was sure Victor held his own, but she had to get home now.

Nick met Sharon at Crimson Lights. He said he told Victoria the truth about what happened to Ashland. He thought she would rather he’d kept his mouth shut, but he thought she had the right to know. He didn’t think Victoria suspected there was a cover up until he told her the truth. Sharon guessed Victoria was shocked to find out what Victor did. Nick said yes and no – Victoria had dealt with something like this before. Sharon knew Nick meant the time she, Victoria and others tried to hide JT’s body. Nick said Victor’s first instinct was to protect them, but now they had to protect him, unless he came clean.

Nick said that Chance didn’t buy the cover story about Ashland at all – he thought Victor had Ashland’s body removed. Sharon said Nick was in a difficult position, but it wasn’t the first time he had to decide whether or not to cover up Victor’s shady choices. Nick said Victoria had been in that position too, and the only one new to this was Chance. Sharon thought Chance was a lot like Rey, in that it was his job and in his nature to find and expose the truth, but in order to do so, he had to put his own wife’s family in jeopardy.

Nick predicted Chance was going to keep digging, and Victor was going to keep denying, and sooner or later, something was going to have to give. Nick admitted he’d he set this whole thing in motion by calling Chance that night. Sharon thought Nick was right to call Chance. She wished they’d contacted the authorities the night JT seemingly died. She couldn’t believe Victor didn’t learn his lesson from what Victoria and Nikki went through with JT. Nick said Victor couldn’t help being protective, and there was no point at being mad at him for who he was. She asked if he wasn’t angry with Victor anymore. Nick was mad, and he’d come close to telling Chance the real story. He just didn’t know what to do. She thought he was having a normal conscientious reaction to what he did and that this wasn’t completely about Victor.

Nick admitted Sharon was right – this was more about him than it was about his dad. Nick was upset he let his anger get the best of him. He said Ashland pushed him too far. Sharon understood. She was there the right Nikki thought she killed JT. According to Sharon, Nikki had been completely in the right, but it was still devastating for everyone to watch. Nick finally understood what they all went through that night. Sharon said their first instinct was to cover up JT’s death, but it backfired spectacularly. She hoped history wouldn’t repeat itself. Sharon thought Nick should take a break from all this, even if it was only for a little while. He didn’t think that would be possible.

Sharon invited Nick to go to dinner with her, Noah and Allie. He asked if Noah and Allie were getting serious. Sharon hoped so, because she thought it’d be good for Noah. He agreed. He said it’d been a long time since they’d seen Noah in a healthy happy relationship, and Allie seemed great. Nick declined the invitation. He didn’t think he’d be able to shake his scowl, and he didn’t want Noah or Allie thinking that it had something to do with Allie. He said he’d go for a run, and maybe watch cartoons with Christian. She reiterated that he wasn’t responsible for Victor’s choice.

At the Ranch, Chance laid out his theory that Ashland died at Victoria’s house, and someone disposed of the body to protect her and Nick. Victor asked if Chance had any proof to back up his supposition. Chance tried to corroborate everyone’s initial story, that Ashland left the house of his own volition, but there was no evidence of that. Chance found that strange. Victor told Chance not to fill the holes with conjecture. Chance said there was footage of Ashland’s car, and it looked like there could be more than one person in the car. They also found a cigarette butt that may have belonged to one of Victor’s security guards. Victor dismissed those things. Victor felt like Chance was conducting an excessive search for information. He said Ashland died in a car accident, and the events that lead up to it weren’t important.

Chance wasn’t going to drop the investigation. He took his job seriously. Victor admired Chance’s sense of duty, but he thought the effort would be better spent elsewhere. Chance didn’t think Ashland would agree. Victor didn’t think Ashland’s feelings mattered, since he was dead. Victor contended that Ashland realized he was a fraud, and he decided to drive into a ravine. Chance said Victor covered up a fatal accident in the past involving one of his children. Victor said the incident with Adam happened decades ago. Victor said the more information you had about the case, the more it obscured the truth. Chance didn’t agree, and he said he wasn’t going to stop investigating. Victor didn’t give a damn. He’d said all he had to say.

As a father, Chance understood the instinct to be fiercely protective of your children, but Victor’s kids weren’t in danger anymore. Chance said Victor was taking a risk by stonewalling the case. Victor claimed he had nothing to atone for. Chance admired Victor and respected that they were family, but he wasn’t going to back off. Victor knew. He told Chance to go home to his beautiful wife and son and sleep easy knowing Ashland was dead and not a danger to anyone.

Chance went back to Victoria’s office because he left his phone there the last time he was there. She asked how things went with her father. He said Victor essentially took the fifth. Victoria said it was like Chance already made the assumption of guilt. Chance thought they both had a pretty good idea what happened that night. She said he had a theory, and she saw no point in him running around making these accusations unless he was assuming they were going to crack under the pressure. “You? Never,” he replied.

Victoria said Ashland was charming, intelligent and manipulative, and he couldn’t handle it when things didn’t go his way. She said she would’ve been in serious trouble if Nick didn’t show up that night. Chance didn’t doubt that. She didn’t understand why he was wasting time and energy investigating a man no one would miss – Ashland wasn’t worth it. Chance didn’t prejudge who was worth it. He wasn’t doing this for Ashland, he was doing this for Rey. He was trying to live up to Rey’s extremely high standards. He knew that was a high minded approach to the world they lived in, but they created the world they lived in by the choices they made. Victoria said someone like Ashland came along and stripped people of any notions they had of things like truth and honesty.

Nikki went home and told Victor that Victoria had been forthcoming with her about about the night Ashland died. Victor pretended not to know what Nikki meant. “Victor, you know exactly what I mean. You had your security team move Ashland’s body and make it look like he died in a car crash,” Nikki said. Victor assumed Nikki now understood why he didn’t want to drag her and Victoria into this. She did understand, but she wondered when he’d understand that she had his back. She said he should’ve told her the truth from the beginning. He admitted she was right. She asked what Chance said.

Victor said Chance didn’t like his answers. Victor had wanted to tell Nikki the truth, but he didn’t want to drag her into this. She said she’d done the same thing to protect him, but it was always a mistake – they should rely on each other because they were stronger together. He agreed. He said it was important for them to stick together as a family.

At Newman Media, Chloe came to Sally with a business idea inspired by Kevin’s love for superhero movies and video games. The subject caused Sally to zone out and flash back to the night she and Adam watched movies on New Year’s Eve. She also flashed to other happier times with her ex, like him promoting her to her current position. Chloe noticed Sally wasn’t listening and called her out. Chloe recognized the signs, thanks to her time with Chelsea. She said they needed an exorcism to get Sally’s mind off Adam. Chloe thought Sally was devoting energy to Adam that she should be putting into Newman Media. Sally worried that she couldn’t do this job without Adam. Chloe said Adam may have gotten Sally the job, but Nick and Victoria kept her in the chair because of her determination and brilliance. Chloe said she wouldn’t have taken this job if she didn’t think Sally knew what she was doing. The pep talk worked, and Sally appreciated it.

Sally made arrangements for Newman Media to make a movie, video game and TV show based off a comic book. The call ended, and Sally was triumphant. Chloe smiled because Sally had just been doubting herself a minute ago. Sally marveled at how much influence this company was going to have over the public – so much more than when she and Chloe were working in fashion. Sally told Chloe that her ideas for the entertainment division were really great. Sally moved on to the news division and said she wanted to beef up their reporting department. Chloe was on board with that. Sally wanted to change their approach to the Ashland story. Chloe was afraid that would endanger their jobs, since they were on probationary status with the Newmans. Sally said their probationary status ended when she informed Nick that she knew he punched Ashland the night he died. Sally didn’t think the Newmans would cut her and Chloe loose now that they had this little nugget of information.

Chloe hoped Sally didn’t threaten Nick. Sally said of course she didn’t. Sally was grateful to Nick and Victoria for the opportunity. She assumed they were grateful she kept what she knew about Ashland out of the news, and that gave her and Chloe a certain amount of job security. Chloe didn’t understand why Sally was going to keep digging into the story, then. Sally figured that someone was going to break the story at some point, and when that happened, she wanted Newman Media to be prepared with a story about exactly what occurred that night, in vivid detail. Sally just wanted to keep the article on file, not publish it unless someone else published one first. She said they’d make sure the article was sympathetic to the Newmans’ point of view. Sally asked Chloe to ask Kevin for an update on the investigation. Chloe didn’t want to do anything that would put his job at risk. Sally understood. She asked how well Chloe knew Chance. Chloe said she and Chance were engaged a million years ago, but they hadn’t talked in a long time, and even if they had, he’d never leak anything about an ongoing investigation to the press. Sally said there had to be another way for the to get the rest of the pieces of the puzzle.

Adam went to Society and approached Jack. He wasn’t sure if Jack heard what was going on in his life. Jack had heard about Adam stepping away from Newman Enterprises, and he found it surprising. Adam asked if Jack was really surprised, because if past predicted the future, it was probably inevitable. Jack knew things between Adam, Victor and the rest of the family things didn’t work out long term in the past, but there was always hope. Adam had finally given up on that. Jack asked about Adam’s plans for the future. Adam didn’t have any. Jack said when Adam wasn’t focused on the future, he was almost always stewing with resentment, and that always ended badly.

Adam admitted he was bitter about Victor’s latest rejection. He was also mad at himself for not seeing it coming. Jack wondered if Adam had been more hopeful because of Sally’s support. Adam admitted he may have gotten caught up in Sally’s relentless optimism, but deep down, he knew this stint with Newman Enterprises would end the way it always did – in a smoking pile of ash. Jack asked why Adam kept going back. Adam said some part of him might keep seeking punishment for what he’d done as a kid. Jack understood that Adam thought eh had to earn back Victor’s respect and admiration, but he thought that was too pat an answer. “Maybe you’re not looking for forgiveness. Maybe you’re looking to forgive,” Jack theorized.

Adam knew that letting go of the anger and rage he felt for Victor would be therapeutic, but it was easier said than done. Adam said his psyche saw Victor as the enemy. Jack used to see Victor as a nemesis, but he learned from painful experience it was better to channel his energy as something positive. Jack said Adam could reinvent himself. Adam said he’d been reinventing himself his whole life, first as the perfect son to his mother, then as the Harvard Business school graduate, then as the anti-Newman. Jack said Adam forgot Spider, the man of mystery from Vegas. Jack thought it could be time for Adam to let all of that go and just be Adam. Jack thought Adam was a brilliant hard worker. He offered him a job at Jabot.

Once Adam found out Jack wasn’t just joking, he said he was a little wary of family companies because he’d been thrown over too many times by the boss’s son or daughter. Jack said it wouldn’t be an issue at Jabot, because Kyle stepped away to work at Marchetti with his wife. He noted that Summer was a Newman who took refuge at Jabot to avoid the family drama at Newman Enterprises. Adam asked what Kyle and Summer would think of this. Jack said they’d just hired Diane Jenkins, arguably the most unpopular person in Genoa City. Adam asked about Diane’s role. Jack said she was in PR, and her path wouldn’t cross Adam’s, if that was an issue. Adam said it wouldn’t be.

Jack didn’t want to get so involved in work that he’d miss out on watching Harrison grow up. He needed someone to help him steer the ship. Adam needed to think about it, but it meant a lot to him that Jack offered him this job. Billy walked up and saw Jack and Adam shake hands. Billy commented on Jack making a deal with the devil. Adam said Billy was intruding. Billy stated that he wanted to say hello to his brother. Adam made a comment about Billy’s podcast and him loving the sound of his own voice. Billy said yes, he had two jobs, and Adam had zero. Adam left. Billy asked Jack what the hell was going on.

Billy was shocked and disapproving about Jack offering Adam a job. Billy said Adam tried to undermine Victoria as a CEO. Jack said Adam could use a fresh start. Billy said Adam couldn’t be trusted. Jack felt he was offering Adam a lifeline when he needed one. Jack said Billy published an article about a monster, and he didn’t look beneath the surface. Jack saw a human behind all the bitterness and resentment, and he thought Billy might be wise to take a second look too.

Adam tried to go into Crimson Lights, but the door was still locked because of Nick and Sharon having a private chat inside. Adam looked in the window and saw them together.
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Y&R Update Monday, August 8, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Chance went to Victoria’s office and asked why she looked so upset. She pretended a deal fell through, and she tried to leave, but he said that he needed to talk to her about Ashland’s death. Exasperated, Nick asked how many times they had to go over this. Chance said as many times as it took to find out what really happened. Chance said something with Ashland’s death didn’t sit right with him, and he thought Victoria and Nick agreed with him. He said Victoria and Nick were convinced Ashland was in no shape to leave the house. Victoria noted that they’d already been through this before. She felt that they had to conclude Ashland left the house, unless Chance had other evidence. He said two witnesses saw a car consistent with Ashland’s rental car at a gas station near Victoria’s property. Victoria didn’t see why it was important that they found out where Ashland parked his car that night. Chance had just come from Victoria’s place, where he walked the distance between her back door and the gas station. It was a half a mile, through the woods. Chance thought it would’ve been tough for Ashland to traverse that path on a windy night while weak with head trauma. Victoria said she was sure Ashland was full of adrenaline that night, like she and Nick were. Chance said he’d feel so much better if he could prove Ashland walked to the gas station.

Nick asked what Chance would need to satisfy him. Chance said physical evidence would be nice. He revealed that the gas station security footage was blank at the times Ashland would’ve been there. Nick said that wasn’t evidence of anything. Chance stated that they checked some other cameras in the vicinity and they found one that showed Ashland’s car heading toward the accident site. The footage was grainy, but it appeared that there could’ve been more than one person in the car. They found indications of more than one person standing in the spot where Ashland parked at the gas station – more than one set of footprints and a cigarette butt. Victoria said that another customer could’ve done that. Nick asked what Chance didn’t believe about their account.

Chance said he was on Nick and Victoria’s side. He knew that they weren’t trying to cover up killing Ashland, because Victoria called Chance that night, and Nick turned in the ring. The mystery of how the ring got on the floor was gnawing at Chance, and he knew that Victoria and Nick didn’t have firsthand knowledge of the answer, because they weren’t in the room when it got on the floor. Victoria sensed that Chance was saying Ashland died at her house and someone moved the body. She asked who would do that and why. “Your father. To protect you both,” Chance said.

Nick said that was one hell of a supposition, and Chance countered that everyone knew what Victor was capable of and how protective he was of his family, and he was willing to act illegal when he deemed it necessary. Nick thought that if Chance had questions for Victor, he should be interrogating their Victor. Chance planned to do so, but he wanted to give Nick and Victoria an opportunity to come clean. He said if they were aware of anything covert Victor set in motion the should say something now, because they’d be accessories after the fact. Victoria said Chance had no proof to make these accusations against their father. Chance was extremely sorry for what Ashland put Victoria through. Chance didn’t know everything Ashland did, though he’d like to, but he knew Ashland was evil. Victoria said Ashland was gone, and she was grateful, and his death weighed on her and Nick. Chance said he was giving Victoria and Nick the opportunity to tell him if there was anything else he needed to know. “I told you everything that I knew that night,” Nick said. “Interesting turn of phrase,” Chance sighed, then he left.

Nick griped about Victor putting him and Victoria in this position. Irritated, Victoria said Victor would’ve taken the secret to his grave if Nick didn’t force his hand. Victoria said Nick just had to confront Victor, and now Nick didn’t even have plausible deniability, and neither did Victoria, because he told her what happened. Nick thought Victoria would want the truth. “I hate what Dad did, not that he told me,” Nick said. Victoria was upset about both things. Nick said, as usual, Victor’s obsessive need to control everything came back to bite him. Victoria didn’t think Nick was being fair to their dad. He said he was worried about their dad because Chance wasn’t going to let this go. Victoria didn’t think Chance would go after the family, since he was married into it. Nick said Chance put honor and duty above everything else, and when Victor moved Ashland’s body, he broke the law, putting himself, Nick and Victoria at risk.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki talked about how adorable Johnny and Katie were. The kids were off horseback riding. Nikki had noticed they were a bit subdued, and she said no matter what the adults thought of Ashland, he was the kids’ stepfather. Nikki thought Victor seemed triumphant every time Ashland was brought up, like he seemed to be taking credit for his demise. Victor said he had nothing to do with Ashland’s demise – it was Ashland’s own fault. Victor was glad Ashland was gone, though. Nikki said Newman was stronger than ever, thanks to the merger with Ashland’s company. Victor said Ashland tried to take everything from him. Victor felt Ashland was where he belonged – in the morgue, waiting for a pauper’s burial.

Nikki was relieved they didn’t have to deal with Ashland anymore, but she wasn’t ready to dance on his grave. She said there was a time they welcomed him into the family and trusted him with Victoria’s future, and he was deceiving them the entire time. Victor said he knew the moment he met Ashland that they’d be involved in a high stakes chess game. He said the family took Ashland down together. He added that the family was almost united. Nikki knew Victor was talking about Adam. She said there was no family unity if Adam was included. Victor knew, but it broke his heart to think of giving up on Adam. Nikki thought that, for Victor’s sanity, he had to put this dream behind him. Victor thought they should leave the topic of Adam for another day, and Nikki agreed.

Ranch staff let Victor know that Chance was on the premises. Victor gave them permission to let him come up to the main house. He told Nikki what was going on. She seemed unimpressed by how thorough Chance was being. Victor said it was routine and nothing to worry about. Nikki had an appointment to get to. Victor said that this would all end soon, and she’d celebrate then. After Nikki left, Chance entered and accepted Victor’s invitation to sit at the chessboard with him. Chance was certain Victor knew more about the night Ashland died than he was admitting.

At the park, Jack cheered when Harrison scored a goal at soccer. Traci came up, and Jack said he was thinking of coaching Harrison’s team. Traci asked Jack about him spending more time with his grandson than at work. He asked if she was accusing him of neglecting the family business. She wasn’t – she just wondered how this was going to work. He said his executive team knew they could reach him anytime. He acknowledged he’d made Harrison a priority. Harrison scored another goal, and Traci cheered. She said it was too bad Diane had to work and couldn’t be here to watch him play. She thought Diane had been good with Harrison. Jack wondered what Traci was alluding to.

Traci just thought Diane was a good grandmother. She suggested there was a reason that Jack read more into her comment. Jack was happy Diane had connected with Harrison, because it was good for him, and she’d been a source of support for Kyle too. Traci asked if Jack thought Diane changed. He wasn’t sure. He said Diane was reasonable, calm and levelheaded, but she still had the spark in her. He said some people couldn’t change, and that made the people who could all the more impressive.

Kyle and Summer were at Society. They talked about Harrison losing Ashland. Kyle was glad that Jack and Diane were there for Harrison. Summer said it was a relief to know Harrison was being well taken care of when she and Kyle couldn’t be there. Summer broached the possibility of hiring Phyllis at Marchetti. He asked if she seriously thought wise for their mothers to work together. Summer suggested that working together would force their moms to be on their best behavior. She said Phyllis really regretted turning down the marketing position Summer offered her. Kyle asked why Phyllis suddenly wanted the job when she didn’t before. Summer said this job was in Genoa City, and the last one was in Milan. He brought up the hotel. She repeated what Phyllis said about the hotel running itself and about someone making an offer to buy it.

Summer said her mom was a talented business with exquisite taste. Kyle hadn’t thought about it from that angle – he guessed Phyllis was qualified. Summer said hiring Phyllis wasn’t an act of charity – she’d work her tail off and she’d bring an enormous amount to the table. Summer conceded that this could be the worst idea in the world, though. Kyle said it could be one of the best. He said Phyllis could be an asset, and she had talent, but they had to keep her from becoming a liability. He wanted Phyllis to work side by side with the two of them to make sure she didn’t have an agenda to cause trouble with Diane. Summer didn’t want to offer Phyllis a job under false pretenses. Kyle said they’d tell Phyllis up front that they didn’t trust her when it came to Diane. He said Phyllis would have to agree to stay away from Diane unless they needed to collaborate on a project. Summer suggested that Kyle give Diane the exact same message, so she knew she’d be fired if she tried to bait Phyllis or make her look bad. She said their mothers would know that they’d both received identical warnings. Kyle told Summer it was a deal.

Diane went to The Grand Phoenix to use the gym. She and Phyllis needled each other. Diane mentioned spending time with Harrison, and Phyllis alluded to Diane abandoning Kyle. Diane boasted that she was working at an invigorating job, with her son, and her life was better than she ever imagined. Diane got a text from Kyle wanting to meet. She mentioned it to Phyllis, saying that it was probably about Marchetti or Harrison. She added that Phyllis was here, alone, watching the world go by. Phyllis said she felt like there was a spectacular change on the horizon in her life. Summer texted her asking to meet, and Phyllis shared this with Diane.

After Diane left, Summer arrived at the hotel and asked Phyllis to oversee the launch of Marchetti Home, their new home décor and furnishings line. Phyllis was ecstatic, and they hugged. Phyllis said she oversaw every aspect of décor in this hotel, and that was one of the reasons it was so successful. Summer said there was one rule – Phyllis had to play nice with Diane. Summer said that this role was important so there would definitely be overlap with the publicity team. Phyllis crowed that Diane would be fielding offers from her. Summer said she and Kyle didn’t want Diane and Phyllis to do this sort of constant competitive infighting and general bitchiness. Phyllis promised there wouldn’t be any bitchiness. Summer said her first instinct was not to hire Phyllis, because it could create a volatile situation. Phyllis said she was just joking, she promised not to provoke Diane, and she offered to even sign a contract saying so. Summer said she and Kyle were going to be keeping an eye on their mothers. She admitted she and Kyle didn’t trust that Phyllis was capable of not stirring the pot.

Phyllis commented on the lack of confidence in her. Summer said she and Kyle were confident Phyllis could succeed in the job. She added that Kyle was giving his mother this same warning. Phyllis claimed Summer’s worries were unfounded. Summer didn’t agree. She noted that Phyllis had let Diane’s return ruin her relationship with Jack. Phyllis wanted to put the past behind her and focus on this new chapter in her life. Summer really looked forward to it as long as Phyllis was on the level. Phyllis was sorry about the jokes she made earlier. She promised she wouldn’t let Summer down and said she had Summer’s back. Phyllis accepted the offer, and Summer was delighted. They hugged, and Phyllis looked troubled.

Diane met Kyle at Society. She choked on her drink when he told her about Phyllis’s new job. Recovering, she said that was really nice, because she saw Phyllis today, and she’d seemed very lonely. Kyle knew Diane couldn’t care less about Phyllis’s well being. He wanted her to be open and honest with him about how she felt about this. She was alarmed when he said she and Phyllis would have to work together sometimes. Diane thought Phyllis was doing this to try and sabotage her.

Kyle said Diane and Phyllis were a match and gasoline, but just like it was important to him to work with Diane, it was important to Summer to work with her mother. Diane asked if Phyllis would have the power to fire her. She was relieved when he said Phyllis would be in a different division. He said Diane and Phyllis would have to interact sometimes though. Phyllis was getting this same warning from Summer, so that meant Diane and Phyllis would start out on equal footing. Kyle said if Diane couldn’t be civil, there would be consequences. Diane thought it was suspect that Phyllis suddenly wanted to work at Marchetti. She said Phyllis had a cushy job at the hotel, and she’d turned down Summer’s previous offer to work at Marchetti. Kyle pointed out that the previous job was located in Milan. He added that Phyllis was thinking of selling the hotel.

Diane was really worked up. She hoped Kyle could at least see that Phyllis was being the aggressor. She said Phyllis wouldn’t give up the business she owned and take a job where she had to answer to her daughter and son in law unless she had ulterior motives. “Even if that is true, and I’m not saying it is, she can only mess things up for you if you let her,” he said. “Oh, so if she attacks me, do I at least have the permission to defend myself?,” Diane huffed.

The short answer is no, Mother,” Kyle said. He told her no fighting, no instigating and no escalation if provoked. He said he and Summer wouldn’t stand for any trouble. Diane wondered if this was a test to see how she handled herself under the worst possible conditions. She asked what would happen if she failed. He told the panicked Diane to take a breath, and he gave her a pep talk. He believed she could do this. He said he let her into her life, hired her and told Harrison she was his grandmother, and he didn’t see a way to make it more clear that he had a confidence in her. He said if she could peacefully coexist with Phyllis, it would prove she changed and that she was healthier and stronger than she used to be.

Nikki met Phyllis at The Grand Phoenix to ask about the plan to take down Diane. She was glad to hear Phyllis got the job at Marchetti. Nikki wanted to call Ashley with the news, but Phyllis stopped her and told her about Summer’s ultimatum. Nikki asked if Phyllis was having second thoughts about their plan. Diane was 100% committed to burying Diane. She said she didn’t just get a job, but a high level job. She’d be heading the home fashion division. Nikki was impressed. Phyllis said she’d be calling the shots in an executive suite while Diane was toiling in her junior publicist position. Phyllis planned to milk that. Nikki didn’t think it was necessary for Phyllis to milk it. She said just the thought of this would be enough to send Diane into orbit, and she’d self destruct even if Phyllis didn’t lift a finger. Phyllis planned to lift ten fingers, clandestinely, of course. “We’re gonna get this bitch out of town,” Phyllis said.

Summer and Kyle met at Society again and talked about how their mothers took the news. Kyle said Diane was a lot more upset than he thought she’d be. He said it didn’t help hearing Phyllis would be joining the company at a higher level and that Diane thought Phyllis would use her position to help get Diane fired. Kyle thought his mom was past all this petty completion, but the news seemed to trigger something in her. Summer wondered if this was a big mistake. Kyle suggested that this would help their mothers get past their feud. She loved his optimism. She said he saw the best in people, and his outlook had rubbed off on her. She hoped that would happen to their mothers too. They kissed.

Jack saw Diane at Crimson Lights and knew something was wrong. She brought him up to speed, and she said there was no doubt this was part of a calculated plot against her by Phyllis. “Possibly. So what? Do the work. Steer clear of her,” he said. She wished Kyle could see this for what it was – a well timed conspiracy to destroy everything that I have worked so hard to rebuild. Jack knew that look on Diane – she was feeling cornered and was thinking of a preemptive strike. She said if she did, she’d lose her job. He said she’d also lose the good will she’d built with Kyle and the rest of the Abbotts. He told her not to give in to her insecurities, because it would only hurt her. She promised not to let that happen.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 8, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Chance told Victoria and Nick that he thought Ashland died at Victoria’s house and Victor covered it up. Nick and Victoria kept Victor’s secret. Nick worried about Victor and was angry that he took the law into his own hands. Victoria was angry Nick forced Victor to tell him the truth and that he then told her, making them accessories after the fact. Nikki noticed Victor seemed triumphant every time Ashland was brought up, like he took credit for Ashland’s demise. Victor was glad the family banned together to take Ashland down, but he wished Adam was part of the united family. Chance came to ask Victor about Ashland’s death. Jack talked to Traci about Diane. He wasn’t sure Diane changed, but he found it impressive that some people could change, since a lot of people couldn’t. Summer talked Kyle into hiring Phyllis as the head of the home fashion division at Marchetti. Kyle and Summer both warned their mothers that they were not to feud or scheme at work, or they’d be fired. Diane told Kyle that Phyllis took the job as part of a plot to sabotage her. Kyle told Diane he believed in her. Diane vented to Jack about Phyllis’s job, and he told her not to give in to her insecurities. Phyllis told Nikki that the plan to sabotage Diane was still on, despite Summer’s warning.

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Y&R Update Friday, August 5, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Billy went to Victoria’s office. He cut his business trip short after he heard about Ashland, because he wanted to be there for the kids. Victoria asked if Lily was okay with that. He said Lily was a mom, so she understood kids came first. He asked how Victoria was, and she told him about a work project. He thought she was burying herself in her job to ignore the pain. She claimed she was fine. He asked what happened. Victoria told Billy how Ashland grabbed her after she refused to rekindle their romance. She said she found something to defend herself. Billy called Victoria tough, but she said she wasn’t – she’d been scared. She said Nick showed up, and while she left the room to get her phone, he and Ashland got into it. Victoria said Ashland attacked Nick, who punched him. She said Ashland fell and hit his head and died, or so they thought. She told him all about calling Chance and Ashland disappearing from the house and being found in the ravine.

Victoria said she didn’t even have time to process Ashland’s death before she had to go get the kids. Billy had gotten a dangerous vibe from Ashland, and that was why he didn’t want to go to LA. She said he was right to worry. He told her how he ran into Nick and gave him a head’s up about Ashland. He said Nick had a very uncharacteristic Victor-like response. Nick had Billy that this was none of his business and that Billy didn’t need to be Victoria’s protector anymore. Billy told Nick that he’d have to protect his sister. Victoria was near tears, because she said Nick came over right after that, and possibly saved her life, because of Billy.

Billy guessed it was kismet that he ran into Nick before he left for LA. Billy asked about how the kids were handling things. As well as could be expected. He said he’d come by tonight to be with them. Victoria appreciated that. She said being out of town with the kids helped, because it gave her some time and distance. Billy guessed it was poetic justice that Ashland died in a car crash, the same way the Ashland identity was born. Billy was glad Ashland wasn’t on earth anymore. Victoria said you weren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead. Billy made an exception because he knew what Victoria went through because of Ashland. He was in awe of her fortitude, stubbornness and grace. She said she told him to go to LA and not to worry about her, but he didn’t listen. He said there was nothing that could stop him from looking out for her. She hugged him.

Nick went to Crimson Lights, and he looked upset. He was the only customer, and he asked Sharon to lock the door so they could talk. She closed up shop and sat with him. “I killed Ashland Locke,” he said. He told her how Victor’s team put Ashland in his car and staged the crash. Sharon said she was so sorry. Due to the fact that there were no eyewitnesses to Ashland’s death, and the Newmans were known to hate Ashland, Victor had been concerned about how the investigation would play out, so he decided to cover things up to protect Nick and Victoria. Sharon said Victor loved his kids and thought he was helping. Nick didn’t regret protecting his sister, but he never intended to kill Ashland. Nick felt that he was now complicit in Victor’s crime of covering things up, and he wasn’t happy about it. Nick felt terrible when he realized he’d made Sharon complicit by confiding in her. She assured him she could take care of herself. She was glad she came to him. He promised he’d never let her get in trouble over this and said he wouldn’t ever tell anyone he talked to her about it. She wanted to focus on him, and she asked what he was going to do.

Nick didn’t want to report this to the police, because that would be hard on Victoria, but he also didn’t like Victor taking things into his own hands. Sharon said Victor always had to try and control things, and he didn’t consider how it would affect Nick. Nick lamented causing a man’s death. Sharon said it was an accident and that Ashland was the one who put himself on this collision course. She stated that he showed up at his ex-wife’s house uninvited, hellbent on revenge. Sharon was glad Nick was there, and she thought he should be grateful to whatever higher power put him there when Victoria needed him. She dind’t want him to ever doubt that he did the right thing. She was glad he and Victoria were okay. He said he got lucky. She said he acted in self defense, and what Victor did afterward didn’t change that. He hoped Chance felt the same way, because he clearly suspected there was a lot more to the story.

Nick had been open and honest with Chance, because he didn’t think there was anything to hide. It was obvious to Nick that Chance wasn’t satisfied with her answers. Sharon said that Chance informally questioned her about what Nick told her. Nick said Chance wasn’t going to let this go, and that put Victor in a very difficult position. Sharon said that was on Victor, and she added that Nick didn’t hide anything from the police. “Until now,” Nick said.

Nick went to work and talked with Victoria and Billy. She said she told Billy everything. Nick said he went to Victoria’s house because of his conversation with Billy. Billy was glad Nick showed up when he did. He wished he could give Nick a reward. Nick was sorry if it seemed like he was blowing Billy off that night. Nick told Victoria they had a work issue to discuss. Billy thanked Nick and said he was glad Victoria was okay. He left. The siblings hugged, and he asked about his niece and nephew. They were good, and she and the kids were staying at the ranch.

Nick let Victoria know the truth about Ashland’s death and Victor’s cover up. Victoria thought maybe Victor did the right thing. He was shocked she felt that way. She said Victor had no idea what happened, and he could’ve thought she killed Ashland. She said their dad was trying to protect htem. Nick said Victor could’ve talked to them instead of going behind their backs. Victoria said Victor did what he needed to do to end the chaos Ashland caused in their lives for the last year and a half. Nick said there were a million ways this could go wrong and now their father had put them in a position where they were forced to lie to the cops. Victoria realized Nick was right – they were complicit in a cover up. She wanted to go talk to Victor. When she opened the door, Chance was there. She asked how long he’d been standing there, and he said he just arrived. He asked why she looked so upset.

Nate went to Lily’s office looking for Billy. He wasn’t there, but Devon was. Nate had hoped to get some pointers from Billy about how to be a COO, unless Devon had a problem with that. Devon didn’t have a problem with it. Devon said Nate was probably one of the smartest people he knew, and he could handle this job. Nate was sorry he double booked the artist. He said he should’ve cleared things with Devon. Devon said this error wasn’t going to happen again. Nate said this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t tried to do Devon a favor and lighten his load. Devon was sure this job was an adjustment, since Nate was probably used to people reporting to him at the hospital. Nate said it had been awhile since he had to get approval for everything he thought was necessary. From here on out, he was focused on being the best number 2 he could be. Devon appreciated it. Sometimes he worried that he’d thrown too much at Nate too soon. Nate was sure he could handle it. Amanda came in crying and said her mom was in a coma.

Amanda said Imani took the red-eye back to the facility Naya was in. Imani felt responsible, and Amanda was blaming herself for leaving too. Devon and Nate were supportive. Nate assured Amanda that it was not her fault. Amanda worried she’d never talk to her mother again. Nate explained that there were plenty of patients in similar situations who regained consciousness. Devon asked how he and Nate could best help Amanda. She didn’t know. She said she and Imani couldn’t both leave work. Devon said they could.

Amanda still wasn’t comfortable just leaving work. Nate said they could delegate to the staff, and if they needed Amanda, she could handle it remotely. She didn’t want to leave them in the lurch. Devon said he and Nate could handle things. He told her Naya needed her. Nate said research showed comatose patients could hear everything going on around them. Amanda asked Nate what to do for her mom. He said to talk to Naya and make a playlist for her to listen to. She started crying because she didn’t know Naya’s favorite songs, and she possibly never would. She realized Imani would know. Devon took Amanda’s hand and told her to hold her mom’s hand. She just wanted to get to Naya as soon as possible. He let her use his jet. They hugged.

When Elena came by the office, Nate was there by himself. She wanted to know how things were going with breaking her Newman Media contract. He shared the news about Naya. He said he tried to give Amanda some hope, but he and Elena both knew this was a bad sign. He said Devon gave Amanda and Imani an indefinite leave of absence. Selfishly, Nate would miss having the ladies around. He said Amanda was an excellent lawyer, and Imani had been an ally who understood what he was going through with Devon. Elena took that to mean that Imani was fueling the tension between Nate and Devon.

Nate knew Imani wasn’t Elena’s favorite person, but it was ridiculous to blame her for his issues with Devon. Elena wasn’t solely blaming Imani, but she didn’t think it was helping the situation if Imani was in Nate’s ear telling him he was right and Devon was wrong. Nate told Elena that it seemed like she didn’t care about Imani’s situation. She said of course she cared, and she was heartbroken for the sisters’ situation. He said that they should be helping Amanda and Imani through this – nothing else.

Devon and Amanda were at Crimson Lights. She said she didn’t know what was harder – having a parent or growing up without one. Devon experienced both, and he thought it was always better to know where you came from. Amanda had kept telling herself she and Naya just had to get through the rough spot before they got to the good stuff, like family dinners etc. She sobbed that it was like something was always taking Naya from her. Devon comforted Amanda and offered to go to Virginia with her. She composed herself. She said she’d be okay – she had her sister now, and they’d support each other through this. He told her to call if she changed her mind, and he’d drop everything to be there with her. She thanked him, and he said that wasn’t necessary. She wasn’t sure when she’d be back. He told her to focus on her mom and take all the time she needed, and he’d be here waiting. She said she’d be missing him, and they kissed.

Abby and Chance had breakfast at Society, but he was distracted by the case. She thought Ashland’s car accident seemed opened and shut. Chance said he just had to cover all the bases and talk to Victoria. Abby didn’t understand why Chance had to question Victoria now, unless he thought there was more to the story. He claimed the case was routine, but she didn’t buy it because he’d been so preoccupied about it. Kevin ran up with news, but Chance signaled him not to say anything. Abby asked if this was about the accident that killed Ashland. Chance promised to tell Abby everything after the investigation ended. He and Kevin left.

Chelsea went to Society and chatted with Abby. They talked about their sons, and Chelsea mentioned she’d made some bold changes, and she felt like her life was finally back on track. Billy showed up and asked why Chance was investigating Ashland’s death. He didn’t see what there was to investigate – a dangerous person lost control of his car. She said Chance didn’t share details of his investigations with her. He said Chance was a man of integrity. Abby went to place Chelsea’s order. Chelsea had some ideas for the podcast. Abby returned and heard about Chelsea’s new job. Chelsea said this new gig with Billy came at the right time.

Kevin and Chance went to the park to chat. Kevin scanned the security footage for the gas station where someone had seen Locke’s rental car. The section of video that should’ve shown Ashland’s arrival and departure were blank. The gas station manager said that happened to the security footage sometimes, so Kevin didn’t know if there was a glitch or if someone tampered with the video.

Kevin had pulled up street surveillance cameras, and he found footage that looked like there may have been more than one person in Ashland’s vehicle that night, but the video was too grainy to see who it was. There was also evidence that there was more than one person in the spot where the car was allegedly parked – there were sets of footprints and a recently smoked cigarette butt. Chance remembered one of Victor’s guys was smoking during the police interview. Chance said it was suspicious, but not proof. He assumed Ashland parked his car at the gas station and walked to Victoria’s. Maybe, if Ashland went to the house with malicious intent, he disabled the videos so there wouldn’t be evidence he went to the house. Kevin thought that was unlikely, and Chance agreed. The autopsy said Ashland died of a head injury, like the one you’d get hitting your head on a fireplace. Kevin noted that Ashland could’ve also hit his head in the car accident. Chance skeptically questioned if Ashland could’ve gotten back up after that head injury walked through the expanse of heavily wooded property and to his car.

Kevin thought Ashland had to have walked to his car, since he ended up in it. Chance’s expression signaled he was considering an alternative. Kevin said it wouldn’t make sense for Victoria and Nick to call the police, then move the body. Chance suggested they called him, then they got scared that this wouldn’t look like self defense. He said if Ashland did walk out, how did the ring fall out of his pocket? Kevin played Devil’s advocate and said Ashland may have fallen on the way out the door, due to his head injury, and the ring could’ve slipped from his pocket. Kevin said Nick came to Chance right after he found the ring, and that didn’t sound like someone who was trying to cover things up.

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Y&R Update Thursday, August 4, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At her office, Sally asked if Nick was really going to let her make a decision about whether to cover this story, or if he was sending her a message to look the other way. He assured her the decision was hers, but he wanted a head’s up so he and Victoria could be prepared. As far as Sally knew, no other news outlet knew Ashland showed up at Victoria’s house and had a confrontation with her and Nick. Sally wanted to inform the public, but she thought it might be a little premature.

It was important to Sally that what Newman Media put out to the public was rock-solid, and she didn’t have the whole story yet, so she wasn’t going to include anything about Ashland’s whereabouts before the crash in the article the company ran. But once she had the relevant details, she was going to do what she had to. Nick thought that was smart, and he really appreciated the way Sally was handling this, and he wouldn’t forget it.

Nikki found Victor in Victoria’s office staring up at he portrait. “I’m worried about her too,” she said. Victor wasn’t sorry that bastard was dead, but he was concerned about Victoria’s reaction to it. Nikki just talked to Victoria – she’d told Johnny and Katie about Ashland, and it went as well as could be expected. Nikki said Nick was upset and confused too, and he didn’t know what to make of Ashland’s death. Victor was sure Nick would be okay. After Nikki left, Nick went to Newman Enterprises and spoke to Victor, who relayed what Nikki had said about Victoria. Victor said Nikki was going to make the official statement about Ashland, on behalf of the company. Victor asked if Sally and Newman Media were on the same page. Nick brought Victor up to speed. Victor said Sally might not be the liability he’d thought she’d be.

Victor said that now that Sally wasn’t involved with Adam, she’d become a team player to keep her job. Nick wasn’t going to speculate on that, but he said there was more to Sally as an executive and a person than Victor thought. Nick shifted gears and said he couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t know what took place last night, when Ashland died, but he got the sense that Victor did know. Victor maintained that Nick had nothing to do with Ashland’s death. Nick countered that Ashland didn’t have a pulse, and even if it had been too weak to find, how did he have the strength to leave the house? Victor didn’t know, but he said Ashland had a history of surviving calamitous situations. Nick said there was no trail of blood, and the ring was left on the floor. There were too many things about last night that didn’t make sense to Nick. Victor said Nick always had a deep sense of morality, but there was nothing to worry about.

Nick said Victor couldn’t preach that they were a family unit then also freeze him out. Nick was finished with Victor’s games. Victor said he wasn’t playing a game – he was trying to help Nick. Nick yelled at Victor to stop trying to control reality. Victor asked Nick what the hell was wrong with him. Victor said the facts were that Ashland was dead, and Victoria was safe at home with her children, and Nick was alive and well and should be home with his son. Nick was sure Victor was hiding something, and he didn’t know how he was supposed to trust Victor. Victor came clean. Ashland died at Victoria’s house, and Victor’s security team took care of things.

Nick sank into a chair and asked for all the details. Victor said after Nick and Victoria left, his team went in and found Ashland dead on the floor. They removed the body, put him in his car and staged the accident at the ravine. Victor was adamant that Nick didn’t do anything wrong and that he’d saved Victoria’s life. Victor said it was an accident and Nick didn’t mean to kill him. Victor yelled that no one cared that Ashland was dead – he was a fraud who did so much damage to the family. He was adamant that the police weren’t going to find anything, and they were going to move on. He told Nick to forget this ever happened and to remember that Victor did this to protect Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Chance asked Sharon how she was handling all the news about Ashland’s car accident. She found it upsetting, not that she was fond of Ashland. It brought up memories of Rey’s death for her and how Ashland wasn’t able to save him, but somehow managed to save himself and Victoria. She spoke to Nick about it, and he’d been a great comfort, thought he was still trying to wrap his head around the whole situation. Chance assumed Nick told Sharon the whole story. Sharon only said that Nick told her Ashland was dead. She added that she wanted to be a support to Nick, the way he’d been for her after Rey’s death. Chance was curious about Sharon thinking Nick needed support. Covering, Sharon said all the Newmans needed support, then she made a hasty retreat to the back room, claiming that she’d left something in the oven.

Kevin was leaving Society when Adam approached and asked what the rush was – did he have some hacking to do? Kevin said he worked for the GCPD, so Adam would have to go elsewhere if he was looking for someone to blackmail into being his minion. Kevin stated that he had a great job, great relationship and great family, while Adam was striking out on all three fronts. Adam didn’t think gloating was a good look. Kevin accused Adam of putting him through hell, and Adam was unapologetic because Kevin was no innocent. Kevin said he did his best to change, while Adam was wallowing in his bad habits. Adam asked what Kevin knew about it. Kevin heard things from Chloe, the love of his life, and she’d shared some things Sally said about him. Adam asked what. Kevin said he had to go because Ashland died. Adam said it sounded like an open and shut case, yet Kevin was working on it after-hours, so what was really going on? Kevin said that Ashland’s case had drawn a lot of interest because he was a public figure, and there was pressure from up top to thoroughly investigate his death. Adam was skeptical. Kevin said that, as someone who’d been arrested so many times, Adam should understand how this worked.

After Kevin left, Sally showed up. Adam hoped Sally didn’t hunt him down. She said she came to get takeout. She didn’t want things to be weird every time they crossed paths. He said he didn’t either, but it was up to her. She said she realized he was right – they were better off apart. She said she couldn’t keep fighting for a relationship neither of them wanted. He was relieved. She revealed that she kept the job, because no man was worth giving up the opportunity of a lifetime for – not even him.

Adam told Sally that she made the right call keeping the job. She said she had a little help coming to her final decision. He guessed she got it from Chloe. Sally said Chloe spoke her mind, but Nick also made a strong argument for her to stay, and she was glad he did, because she could see they were going to have a strong work dynamic. He asked what brought her to that conclusion. She said she and Nick just had a meeting on how they were going to cover Ashland’s death. She knew it was complicated for Adam’s family, but she had a pretty good grip on how she was going to handle things.

Adam felt that the whole battle with Locke should’ve ended when he accepted his payout and agreed to annul his marriage to Victoria. Sally remembered how optimistic Adam was about his plan to pay Ashland off. He said unfortunately, Victoria wouldn’t settle for anything other than Ashland’s complete destruction. Sally thought it was hypocritical of Adam to criticize someone else for wanting revenge. Adam commented that, now that he and Sally were through, she was telling him what she really thought of him. She said she always did, but now she wasn’t taking pains to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t hurt his feelings, since he certainly didn’t spare hers. She knew he contemplated partnering with Ashland before he died. He said that was when he thought Ashland was going after Newman. He wanted no parts of it when he found out Victoria was Ashland’s target. Sally remarked that Adam still had a few boundaries. Adam was creeped out by his last encounter with Ashland, and he’d warned Victor and Victoria about him. He said he had a bad feeling things were about to spiral, and he didn’t want to see anyone get hurt. He never imagined Ashland would meet his end in a simple car crash. Sally said Adam didn’t know the half of it. She wouldn’t say more, and he tried to get details out of her. She said she wasn’t feeling magnanimous after he called her pathetic and broke her heart. He started to say something, but she wasn’t interested. She said whatever reason he had to want to end things, he hurt her in order to get it, and they had to live with the consequences of that. Her loyalty had to be to Newman Media, she said, and she left.

Kevin went to Crimson Lights to talk to Chance. He said that they got a tip that a car matching the description of Ashland’s was seen at a gas station on a road that ran behind Victoria’s property. Chance said they’d have to get security footage from the gas station and the surrounding area to find out how Ashland got from Victoria’s house to the ravine.

Jack saw Ashley leaving the house and asked if she was going out. She asked if he was checking up on her like he did when they were teens. He felt that they’d grown out of that now that they were old enough to be grandparents. He was reading the lab report she’d asked him to look over. She said they could discuss it when she got home. Diane showed up, and Ashley said maybe she should stay and keep tabs on Jack. She opened the door and demanded to know what Diane was doing here. Diane brought something for Harrison. Jack mentioned that Ashley was just leaving. Ashley pointedly said she’d be back really soon. She left. Diane had brought some age-appropriate books on loss and grief for Harrison to read, with Kyle and Summer’s approval.

Diane knew that Jack was thinking what Phyllis had voiced today – that she could swoop in to help Harrison through his grief, but it wouldn’t make up for the pain she caused Kyle when he was young. She said she left Jack to guide Kyle through the most devastating experience of his life. She could imagine he didn’t feel she’d earned the right to be there for their grandson. Jack admitted that was how he would’ve reacted a few weeks ago, but when he heard about the books she got, his first reaction was to wonder why he didn’t think of that. Diane felt like this was a big step forward for them. Jack didn’t question Diane’s feelings for Harrison or how quickly she connected to him, because the same thing happened to Jack. Jack said the family needed to be there for Harrison right now. Diane was touched to be considered family again. She tearfully promised she’d never let Harrison down, the way she did Kyle. She vowed to always be there for her grandson and her son.

Diane felt guilty being happy about the progress she made when it had been such a sad day for so many others. Jack thought that the only person who’d grieve for Ashland was Harrison. Diane thought that to leave behind so little love was a terrible way to end a life. Jack asked if Diane was thinking about the legacy she left behind. She couldn’t help compare the situation to her own, but it was the past, and unlike Ashland, she’d been given a second chance. She didn’t take it for granted. She hoped he believed that.

Jack was impressed and touched with the amount of thought Diane put into choosing these books, and he thought that they would help Harrison. Jack was thankful, and he knew Summer and Kyle would be too. Diane thanked Jack for the way he shut Phyllis down at the park. He said there was no need to get into that. Diane said there was no reason to be uncomfortable. She wasn’t going to condemn Phyllis for what she said. She was used to Phyllis’s dynamic with her, and she admitted she probably deserved it sometimes. She appreciated the way he handled it. He said he was mostly looking out for Harrison. She knew, but if there was a tiny part of him that was looking out for her, she was grateful. She said it had been a long time since they were on the same side – it had been a long time since anyone was on her side. She left.

Phyllis and Nikki met at The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis gave Nikki points for being dedicated enough to come in light of Ashland’s death. Nikki said none of them were shedding tears over him. Phyllis said some people were better off dead, like Diane. Ashley showed up and agreed that they were all happy when they thought Diane was dead. Ashley was late because Diane had come to the house. Ashley complained that Diane was using Ashland and Harrison’s situation to insinuate herself into their lives. Ashley apologized to Nikki because she didn’t mean to minimize what happened to Harrison and how this was affecting the Newmans. Nikki wasn’t offended. They all vented about Diane, then Nikki and Phyllis revealed that they had a plan.

Ashley thought the three of them were supposed to be a team. Nikki said that Ashley couldn’t make the last meeting, and two out of the three of them agreed on this path. Ashley said they were a democracy. Phyllis said if it was a monarchy, they’d all want to be queen. They shared their plan to create a situation where it looked like Diane was sabotaging Marchetti for her own gain. Phyllis said she’d be the inside person at Marchetti to set Diane up. Ashley thought that was a horrible idea. She wouldn’t allow Marchetti to be jeopardized, especially when it was under the Jabot umbrella.

Nikki said they’d harm Diane, not Ashley’s family company, or Summer or Kyle. Ashley brought up the time Gloria tainted the Jabot face cream, and while she claimed she meant no harm, it was a huge blow to the company. “Please tell me you’re not comparing us to Gloria,” Nikki replied. Phyllis said it wasn’t like they were going to poison the resort-wear. Phyllis said their plan would be nuanced. Ashley thought people would be suspicious when Phyllis wanted to work at Marchetti. Phyllis already ran it by Summer. Summer had accused her of having ulterior motives when it came to Diane, but Phyllis handled it. Ashley wasn’t sold.

Now that tensions were high, Phyllis told Ashley she needed to work on her discretion, because Summer almost saw Ashley’s text about taking down Diane. Ashley thought Phyllis should work on where she put her phone. Ashley said they couldn’t afford for Phyllis to fail. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to fail and no one was going to get hurt except Diane. Phyllis likened Diane to a ticking time bomb. Phyllis was just going to slightly pull out the pin. “Ka-boom,” Nikki said, and they all toasted.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Amanda and Devon waited for Nate. Devon wasn’t sure Nate would come, since he’d been pretty annoyed with Devon. Amanda thought they needed to take Nate at his word when he said he wanted to work this out. She felt they should have this meeting out of the office, because the guys would be less likely to get heated in public. Just then, Nate came in yelling at someone on the phone and refusing to give a comment. The call ended and Nate apologized to Devon and Amanda. The reporters had been hounding Nate, Ashland’s best man, to comment on his death. It wasn’t public knowledge that Nate and Ashland fell out, and Nate was glad, because he didn’t want everyone to know that Ashland played him for a fool and made him an unwitting accomplice. He guessed it was good he left medicine, since no one would ever trust him to make a diagnosis again. Devon said Nate wasn’t Ashland’s doctor. Nate thought the whole situation with Ashland made his judgment look bad. He was afraid it’d reflect poorly on Chancellor Winters if it ever got out. Amanda said The Grinning Soul already exposed Ashland’s cancer lie, and since it was a Chancellor Winters podcast, they’d never mention Nate’s name. She thought that right now, all anyone cared about was how Ashland died. Devon knew Ashland’s death must come as a shock, and he offered to let Nate take some personal time. Nate didn’t need it. He was sorry Harrison lost his father, and as a physician, he valued all human life, but he didn’t mourn Ashland. Nate just wanted to get past the disagreement with Devon.

It seemed that Lily and Billy were crushing it in LA. Amanda said that when you were brashly overconfident, like Billy, you could get into every room and meet with big companies. Devon and Nate were happy about how things were going. Amanda was glad Devon and Nate were on the same page. She asked if Nate had a chance to talk to Newman Legal about Elena’s contract. Nate said when he talked to Imani earlier, she said she forwarded the files to Amanda. Amanda didn’t realize Nate was in touch with Imani about this.

Amanda had assumed Nate was going to reach out to Newman Media, not her sister. She said she could call her sister herself. Nate explained that he and Imani were already in touch about Naya’s rehab, and then they discussed Elena’s contract. Devon said the rehab facility was nice. Amanda thanked Nate for recommending it, and she said she’d look at the documents Imani sent her. Devon shifted gears and asked what the PR team was doing about the double booking issue. Nate said they were taking care of it. Devon stated that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss exactly how the problem was being fixed and what Nate was going to do to make sure it never happened again.

Nate bristled at being micromanaged. Devon didn’t think asking a question was micromanaging. Amanda decided to leave them to hash out their issue. Devon asked if Nate had a problem. Nate said he was just trying to do the job Devon hired him to do. Devon asked why he couldn’t ask questions about the job he hired Nate to do. Nate said Devon delegated the authority to handle this double booking to him. Devon asked if Nate never asked another doctor about their patients. Nate said he did so all the time, but he didn’t pester them or jump into the middle of their surgery. Devon said this was the first time he asked Nate about this. Devon said that if there was a problem, he could help Nate fix it. Nate was offended Devon said he needed help, and maybe even a mentor. Devon noted that he didn’t bring up the mentor. He didn’t understand why Nate was taking this so personally.

Devon suggested that Nate was overreacting because he was second guessing his career change. Nate said he wasn’t insecure about his decision to switch careers – he was a surgeon who couldn’t perform surgery anymore, and he needed a change. Devon thought Nate was being sensitive. Nate said he knew what it meant when people said he needed a watchdog to look over his shoulder. Devon didn’t think Nate needed a watchdog, but this was a crucial time, and they needed to be sharp. Nate knew. Devon had a lot invested in the company. Nate stated that he had a lot invested too. Devon said it was different for him. Nate knew Devon had a lot of money in this. Nate was trying to add value to the company. Devon said Nate was new to the business world, and he was out of his element, and it took time and learning. Devon knew the feeling of making a sharp turn in a career – he did the same thing with music, but he found his path, and he was trying to do the same thing for Nate. Nate felt stifled. He said Devon was used to calling the shots, and it seemed like he wanted it to stay that way. Devon was sorry Nate felt that way. Devon also didn’t think it would be a bad thing for Nate to have a mentor, or at least get some media training. Nate scoffed and said he was going to go home and spend time with Elena.

Devon went back to work and told Amanda that Nate was being too sensitive to talk to. She wondered if the dynamic between them would ever be fixed. He said it was a good question, and he didn’t know. He thought maybe he pulled Nate into the business world too fast for his own good. Maybe it was a mistake to give Nate such a high level position. Amanda said that Nate was chief of surgery, so Devon had to offer him a senior position to make it worth his while. Devon said this was such a big career change, and he should’ve known there would be issues in the beginning. Amanda suggested Nate needed a little guidance. Devon said Nate didn’t think he needed it, and Devon didn’t have time to guide Nate. Devon had been lucky enough to have Neil, but Nate didn’t have anyone like that. Amanda thought this was just a learning curve, and despite what Nate said, she thought Ashland’s death rattled him. Devon said things weren’t exactly smooth before Ashland died. Devon wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know if Chancellor Winters would ever turn into the cohesive family working environment it was meant to be.

Summer and Phyllis went to Dive Bar. Phyllis forgot how great this place looked in the daytime. Summer told Phyllis not to get ideas about a rooftop pool for her hotel, because she couldn’t afford it. Phyllis said she had other plans for the Grand Phoenix. She changed the subject to Harrison and said Summer had to protect him from the bad press about Ashland. Phyllis was sure the media would say things about Ashland dying in shame and faking cancer, and they’d want quotes from Harrison’s parents. She said all hell would break loose.

According to Summer, the press had already been a nightmare. She hoped they’d soon stop talking about Ashland’s heir apparent, but in the meantime, the family had done a good job shielding Harrison from the press. Summer said no one was stepping forward to claim Ashland’s body, which meant she and Kyle might have to do so, for Harrison’s sake. Phyllis didn’t think Ashland deserved the respect of a proper burial. Summer agreed, but she thought it would mean a lot to Harrison when he got older. Phyllis said it would be like Diane’s funeral – not a tear was shed, and it turned out they didn’t need a funeral, because she wasn’t dead. Summer noted that Phyllis just turned this conversation to Diane. Phyllis was proud of the way Summer stepped up and became a good mom. Summer said it wasn’t easy, but she was trying her best. Harrison kept asking questions about Ashland. She and Kyle were trying to reassure Harrison, but she could tell he was really affected. Summer said they all had to be there for Harrison, including Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t think Diane should be there.

Summer brought up Phyllis seeing Jack and Diane in the park. Phyllis abruptly decided to go get a refill, and Summer called her out on trying to avoid the discussion. Summer rehashed things – Phyllis told her Jack admitted he was still in love with her, then he walked up on Phyllis yelling at Diane in the park. Phyllis said Jack acted exactly how she’d think he’d act. Summer thought that was bad timing for Phyllis. Phyllis said it was great timing for Diane. Summer didn’t think Diane set Phyllis up, since Diane had no way of knowing Phyllis would be at the park. “Maybe Diane didn’t set the trap, this time but she took advantage of the situation, knowing that Jack was there in the park,” Phyllis contended.

Summer asked what happened with Jack at the park. Phyllis didn’t want to burden Summer with her problems. She shifted gears and said she wanted to work at Marchetti. Summer said there was a traumatic situation, and she didn’t think this was the right time to broach the subject to Kyle. Phyllis understood. She noted that she was currently wearing Marchetti. She said to tell Kyle she had a tremendous work ethic. She added that Lily offered to buy The Grand Phoenix, and she was thinking of selling. Summer was surprised because she knew how much the hotel meant to Phyllis. Phyllis said Summer meant more to her.

Summer loved the idea of working with Phyllis, but she thought Kyle would object because of Diane. Phyllis said she wouldn’t let Diane jeopardize her relationship with Summer. Summer said Kyle might not see it that way, and he might even think Phyllis wanted to come work at Marchetti because of Diane. Phyllis said that was ridiculous – she didn’t even like Diane. Summer knew, but she said Kyle might be suspicious of the sudden career change. Phyllis said she’d had a lot of jobs. She added that Kyle got to work with both his parents, and the Newmans worked together, and so did the Winters. Phyllis wanted to work with her family too – she needed it. Summer noticed that Phyllis got a text. Phyllis saw it was from Ashley, wanting to meet tonight to talk about taking down Diane.

Phyllis lied to Summer and said the texts were about repairing an elevator. She wouldn’t miss those problems. Summer said they had elevators at Jabot too. Phyllis said she wouldn’t have to deal with fixing them. Summer said she’d talk to Kyle about Phyllis when the time was right. Phyllis said no hard feelings if she couldn’t work there, but it would be amazing if she could. Summer knew Phyllis would do an awesome job. Phyllis said it’d be life-changing.

Chloe walked into Sally’s office and ranted about the people. Sally hoped Chloe didn’t mean the Newmans, who signed their checks. Chloe found the Newmans annoying, but she was talking about the parasites from the press who just wanted the scoop on Ashland’s death. Sally pointed out that Newman Media was part of the press. She said the other platforms weren’t evil, they were just trying to find an angle. Chloe doubted the rest of the media would find out that Nick punched Ashland the night he died. Sally was intrigued. Chloe wasn’t privy to all the details, but she knew there was a heated situation at Victoria’s house and Nick had to step in. Chloe had gotten this from Kevin. She decided to disclose this to Sally because they worked at Newman, and there could be some blow back. Chloe told Sally that this stayed between them. Sally said Nick told her about arguing with Ashland, but he didn’t mention the fight. Chloe said if half the stories they heard about Ashland were true, it sounded like he deserved a sock in the jaw.

Sally was interested in breaking the story on Ashland’s death. She wondered why none of the news outlets were discussing the fact that Ashland was at Victoria’s house that night. Chloe suggested that whatever went on between Ashland and the Newmans had nothing to do with the car accident. Sally thought it spoke to Locke’s state of mind – maybe he was so distracted he ended up in the ravine. Chloe said it could’ve been the windstorm, but Sally thought if that were the case, there would’ve been a lot of serious accidents last night.

Sally thought everything they knew pointed to the fact that this was more than an ordinary accident. She wondered if the Newmans convinced the police to keep quiet. Chloe said that wasn’t Chance’s style. Sally said he was married to Abby Newman, but Chloe said Chance was kind of a boy scout, and he couldn’t be pressured. Sally thought that the public had a right to know about the events leading up to the accident. Sally told Nick she’d only publish the facts, but now that they had this information, they were compelled to put it out there. Chloe said they had to be careful. Sally claimed she was always careful, and Chloe scoffed, so Sally said she was learning to be careful. After issuing her warning, Chloe left.

Sharon met Nick at the park. He told her that the office was crazy with the press hanging around outside. Sharon noticed that the press didn’t know about the confrontation at Victoria’s house before the accident. Nick felt responsible for Ashland’s car accident. She asked if he’d talked to Victor. He hadn’t, but it was driving him crazy wondering if his father was lying to his face. She wished she could tell him not to worry, but she knew it was possible that Victor was pulling strings and hiding things. She said he had been known to go to extremes for his children. Nick said there was a precedent for this situation. Sharon knew he meant when Adam killed that man as a young boy, and Victor covered it up. Adam still bore the psychological scars. Nick said he was no scared little boy and he wasn’t going to let history repeat itself.

Sharon thought Nick needed closure. Nick knew Victor well enough to know there was more going on. Sharon said Victor might mean well, but it wasn’t helpful to make Nick question his reality. Sharon suggested that Ashland really did get up, get in his car and crash into the ravine. Nick wished that were the case, but Chance was questioning the story too. Sharon theorized that this was a similar situation to Rey’s, where it took awhile to discover he’d died of a heart attack. She noted that Ashland had heart issues. Nick thought Rey’s case was unusual, and he highly doubted something like that happened again. He got a text from Sally saying she needed to talk about him punching Ashland the night he died. Nick told Sharon someone else was digging. She wanted to know more, but he didn’t want to drag her into it. She assured him she was there when he was ready to talk. He thanked her for always being there for him, and he left.

Nick went to see Sally, and she thought the fact that he immediately showed up meant there was something to this rumor. He asked where she got her information, and she kept it vague. He said he told her about his confrontation with Ashland. Sally said it was clear that there was more to it – why was Ashland at Victoria’s house, and how did Nick fit into it? Nick asked Sally to slow down. She asked if he’d rather talk to a reporter, and he said no. She wondered if he regretted convincing her to keep working there. He was starting to. He needed her to stop making assumptions. Nick said the source was right – he punched Ashland. He did it because Ashland got violent with Victoria. Sally understood that. She fantasized about having a brother to defend her. Sally asked what happened next – did Ashland leave to avoid getting into a bigger fight? Nick said not exactly. He didn’t know how the crash happened. All he knew was later that night, Ashland was found in a ravine. Sally said that Newman Media could beat everyone to the punch revealing this. Nick didn’t think that was a good idea. Sally said that ChancComm racked up huge numbers covering Ashland, and Chancellor Winters was going to do the same. She thought Newman Media could out scoop everyone and publish the real story about the final moments of Ashland’s life.

Nick understood the value of beating the competition, but he was still reeling from this. He said Ashland got violent with his sister. Sally was sorry. He said it was way harder on Victoria, and if the story followed her, the torture continued. Sally didn’t want to start her leadership this way – covering a big story on the Newmans, but if they didn’t do it, someone else would. She said it would look like Newman Media didn’t know what they were doing, or like they were covering something up, and she didn’t want to start her tenure this way either. He understood. He said the story was in her hands, and he asked what she was going to do with it.

Nate went to Crimson Lights and ordered a couple of coffees for himself and Elena. Sharon hoped Elena would stop in sometime, because it’d be nice to see her. Nate mentioned that he made the mistake of cutting his evening with Elena short to go back to work. Nate went to the condiment bar and began to fix up his and Elena’s drinks. He texted Elena that he was leaving work so he could see her. She sent back a heart. Imani called. He thanked her for sending the files to Amanda, but he said she shouldn’t be working while her mom needed her. Naya was asleep, and Imani wanted company. Nate sat down and prepared to chat, taking one coffee cup with him and leaving the other at the bar.

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